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Electronic Cigarettes g Overview — A Quick Guide To Familiarize Yourself With The World Of Electronic Cigarettes

ď śElectronic cigarettes are the latest in the long evolution of the art and craft of smoking. ď śThese new age devices are designed to d li deliver pure puffs ff off full f ll bodied and flavorful nicotine vapor without the thousands of other harmful chemicals that burning an average cigarette g p produces

How It Works: Electronic Cigarettes change liquid nicotine in to vapor clouds instead of smoke clouds. There is absolutely no burning involved. An e-cigarette will typically contain:

ď śA battery for providing the power. Variation in voltage changes the amount of vapor produced per puff. The usual range is 1 1.5v 5v - 3v but there are modified devices that have voltage ratings as high as 5v and above. These are usually done by hobbyists y who modify y the power p delivery with high-voltage power supply. Most batteries are of the lithi lithium-ion i ttype.

ď śAn Atomizer that contains a heating element that comes in contact with the liquid and vaporizes it. ď śThis needs changing after a while b because it wears outt through th h continued ti d use.

A container for the nicotine liquid — usually a cartridge or a built in containment tank. The container has a ‘wick’ that acts as the contact point for the liquid to be vaporized. vaporized The liquid is what decides the ‘strength’ strength and ‘flavor’ flavor of the nicotine. You get traditional tobacco flavors along with exotic ones like caramel and banana

More recently, the cartridge and the atomizer have started to be combined in to single unites called ‘cartomizers’. ‘cartomizers’ Note: Some e-cigs are disposable, which means they function as normal e-cigs but can’t be reused or refilled.

E-Cig accessories generally consist of a combination of the following: USB Charger/Wall Charger or both Spare Batteries Box Chargers (special carry boxes with built in batteries for on the go charging. E.g. — the one that comes with Blu E E-Cigs), Cigs), Catridge(s)/cartomizer(s) Atomizer(s), Mouthpiece(s)

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Electronic Cigarettes Overview — A Quick Guide To Familiarize Yourself With