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Electronic Cigarette How Does It Work

™Electronic cigarettes - also known as ecigarettes or vaporizer cigarettes - are one of the fastest growing trends among the tobacco smoking community tobacco-smoking community. While more and more people have heard about them, few know very much about how they work. ™This article offers a brief summary of how electronic cigarettes provide users with a safer and cheaper smoking experience.

™Almost all e-cigarettes are made out of three basic components: a mouthpiece, a heating element and a battery/wiring. The mouthpiece (or cartridge) is a replaceable piece which is typically made out of plastic. plastic ™It is designed to fit comfortably in the user's user s mouth while smoking, with an opening to allow the vapor to flow out of the device.

™ It also is the part which holds the liquid nicotine mixture. There are a wide variety of these mixtures, with nicotine levels varying from none and low to medium and high. ™They also come in an assortment of flavors, such as menthol and cherry. When the cartridge runs out, it is easily replaced for continued use.

™The heating element (also known as the atomizer) is located adjacent to where the mouthpiece is inserted. This vaporizes the liquid creating the nicotine vapor that is liquid, inhaled. ™ They can be activated in several ways, ways often with buttons or through systems which detect when there is air being sucked out of the mouthpiece.

™These are also replaceable, but last much longer than the disposable cartridges often somewhere between 3 - 6 months depending on the model and the frequency of use.

™The last component is the battery and wiring, which is housed at the tip of the ecigarette. Many models use lithium-ion batteries which have a long life and can be recharged. The rechargeable batteries can be plugged into wall outlets outlets, and many models also come with a USB charger that is convenient for use on the go. g ™The heating element is inserted into the section containing the battery and wiring, and this provides power to the atomizer

™The main draw of e-cigarettes is that they deliver nicotine in a vapor solution rather than actual smoke. ™This means that using them is not only significantly i ifi tl safer, f b butt also l th thatt they th can be smoked almost anywhere.

™This feature is particularly attractive, given the increasingly strict laws which limit where traditional cigarettes can be smoked. smoked ™For example, ™F l New N York Y k City Cit recently tl made d it illegal to smoke cigarettes in public parks. parks

™Additionally, e-cigarettes can save smokers up to thousands of dollars per year. The government is continually raising the taxes it charges on each pack of cigarettes, making it a very costly habit to indulge in. in ™ A single disposable cartridge is roughly equivalent to two packs of cigarettes, and can cost as little as $2 or less each.

™With average cigarette prices ranging from $5 - $8 per pack, this means that an individual cartridge can save between $8 and $14. $14 ™This quickly ™Thi i kl adds dd up, especially i ll ffor heavy h smokers.

™The best part is that many companies offer a free electronic cigarette starter kit to new customers. ™With all of these benefits and no financial risk, what have you got to lose? ™

Electronic Cigarette - How Does It Work  
Electronic Cigarette - How Does It Work  

Electronic cigarettes - also known as e-cigarettes or vaporizer cigarettes - are one of the fastest growing trends among the tobacco-smoking...