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Does Plaque Attack for Dogs Really Work

ď śThe short answer to the question posed in the title is, is "Yes Yes." It works, works and it works well. ď śWhat is Plaque Attack for dogs, how does it work, and how does it compare to other means of tartar removal for dogs?

ď śPlaque Attack for dogs is an all-natural oral care spray for your pets. pets It is formulated to remove plaque buildup safely y and gently, g y, without brushing g or scraping. ď śAll ingredients are human grade, so there is no question about their safety and purity.

ď śTo use it, spray on your dog's teeth daily, taking care to hit the larger tartar buildups. Your dog will lick his lips, which helps p mix the ingredients g with his saliva and insure that his teeth and gums are coated evenly. ď śThe best time to spray is just before bedtime so that it has a chance to work overnight. i ht If you mustt spray during d i the th day, it's best to withhold food and water for about 30 minutes after spraying to prevent dilution.

ď śAfter two weeks, you should start wiping your dog dog's s teeth before spraying spraying. This will remove any loosened plaque. This important p step p is often overlooked. ď śTartar is filled with bacteria, so you want to minimize the amount of loosened plaque your dog swallows to prevent this bacteria from getting into your dog's system.

ď śSome owners who didn't wipe their dogs' teeth have reported their dogs having mild digestive problems from the swallowed plaque. p q

ď śAfter a month, you can reduce applications to a couple of times a week. week This will prevent the re-appearance of tartar buildup. p It is important p to continue this maintenance routine. q Attack for dogs g is not a one-shot ď śPlaque deal. Just like with humans, a regular oral maintenance program will prevent f th tartar further t t problems. bl

ď śThe primary alternative to Plaque Attack for dogs is professional cleaning by a veterinarian. Your dog must be put under anesthesia for the cleaning. g ď śThis involves the risk, however slight, that y your dog g may y die. The risk is higher g in small dogs, older dogs, and dogs with health issues. The cost is not insignificant either. ith

ď śCleanings can run several hundred dollars and vets recommend that a dollars, cleaning be done twice a year.

ď śBy contrast, contrast a six month supply of Plaque Attack costs about $20.

ď śPlaque Attack for dogs is easy to use, effective and inexpensive. effective, inexpensive ď ś Do the research yourself, yourself but at the end of the day, you will find that it is the best method for controlling tartar buildup in your dog.

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Does Plaque Attack for Dogs Really Work