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Diversity and open education for all now the focus of East C Coast boarding b di schools

ď śEast Coast boarding schools carry with them not only a long tradition of providing a quality education for their students,, but also a long g list of myths y that other parts of society have created about them over the years. ď śIt is high time that a long hard look is taken at some of these myths, and explain l i th the truth t th behind b hi d the th rumors. You Y might just be surprised at how many you have heard yourself, yourself as well as what reality has shown to be false.

The changing face of boarding schools everywhere If the new millennium has taught us anything fear of the unknown can run anything, out of control if you only believe rumor and innuendo instead of cold, hard facts. East Coast boarding schools have suffered from these myths more than most, primarily because when you think of the term, boarding school, a picture of an elitist private school from that region is the first that springs to mind.

ď śThe reality of the last decade has been that even the most traditional schools have needed to adapt in order to survive. ď śWhat might have been unthinkable for a school to add to their curriculum a decade ago, is now required in order to keep enrollment numbers high.

ď śWhat might have been considered unreachable or unattainable by the average student in society, has now been opened p as far as admission is concerned. ď śThe prestige and prejudices of the past is now firmly behind these schools, as they should be, to better serve future generations to come.

ď śMyth: You cannot attend boarding school unless you are wealthy ď śThis first myth has long been applied to schools all around the East Coast, Coast as well as in others like Pennsylvania boarding schools. The truth is that this p practice is one of the past, and will continue to be false in the future. More schools are opening i th their i d doors tto students t d t across all ll socioeconomic conditions, and even New York boarding schools are now offering scholarships for students in need.

Myth: Boarding schools lack diversity Also false, false the level of diversity in today’s boarding schools has been steadily growing over the last few years. years Boarding schools are now actually more diverse as far as their student population p p is concerned than most public schools. This is especially true when it comes to i t international ti l students, t d t and d it iis th the perfect environment for any student to expand their world view. view

Myth: Boarding schools are only for troublemakers While there are specialized boarding schools that cater their curriculum to help students at risk, this statement is not true for the majority j y of today’s y boarding schools. There are strict rules of conduct and deportment, and if a student d does have h iissues, the th open environment i t of a boarding school might help them in ways that a public school could not possibly address.

ď śSpecialist schools are designed to handle emotional and physical issues, issues and learning disabilities, helping them break barriers,, and making g them feel a part p of the process, and not a target. ď ś

Diversity and open education for all now the focus of East Coast boarding schools  

East Coast boarding schools carry with them not only a long tradition of providing a quality education for their students, but also a long l...