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Diabetes Control

ď ś Total diabetes control is something commonly overlooked by the media, media doctors, dietitians/nutritionist, etc. ď śSee there are many different facets to controlling diabetes and eliminating diabetic complications-psychological, p p y g diet and nutrition, exercise and physical activity, medications and other accessories, i and d medical di l care/treatments.

ď śAll too often one component of diabetes control is focused on while the others lay waist side instead of all the components p being g focused on simultaneously. ď śThis is when an individual with diabetes will have a real chance preventing diabetic complications and reversing many off the th other th complications li ti associated with diabetes.

ď śWhen all areas of diabetes control are being implemented implemented, it creates a synergistic effect more powerful than one or two areas alone. ď śI know it is easier said than done for most p people. p Controlling g diabetes for some people goes way above just changing their diet and being more active. ti

ď śA lot of people suffer from mental and emotional addictions to food. food Some people have mental roadblocks setup about exercising. g Some p people p are jjust plain afraid to do anything. your mind is not right g then you y are not ď śIf y going to take action on the advice your doctor gave you about exercising, the di titi dietitians di diett plan, l or ffollow ll any plan l ffor that matter.

ď śThe simple fact is diabetes is an emotional journey as much it is a physical journey. ď śPeople need help in all areas in order to make their diabetes control efforts a success and so that they can continue on their path of living a long healthy life.

ď śSteps You Can Take to Gain Control of Your Diabetes ď śGet Your Mind Right!-talk to positive and supportive family, family friends, friends or spouses. spouses Notice I said supportive and positive, yes, not all family y y and friends will steer you in the right direction. Also consider a therapist (aka shrink), they can help you work k through th h some off your internal i t l issues that may be preventing you taking action or staying on track. track

ď śSupport & Help-this again goes back to positive and supportive family, family friends, friends and a therapist. Also you can consider using g online communities and forums as great places to meet and share your situation with other like you. ď śThis can only build your confidence and your mental muscle to help you do what you need d to t do. d

ď śHave a Plan.-A man with a plan, well is just a man not doing anything! Start small, set 1-3 month goals and then weekly y and then daily y goals. g ď śToo many people set these big yearly goals that the mind cannot grasp at that moment, especially if you have a ways to go.

ď śBe specific in your planning-what date, what time time, where where, with whom, whom etc etc. Another thing to mention, think about WHY y you need to do some of these things (e.g. to feel better, to get of medications, stop worrying about my health, to look better, etc.)

Think about emotions you will feel once you reach a goal goal. How will it feel to lose 20 lbs? (e.g. satisfaction, accomplishment, p , relief,, happiness, pp , etc.)) Also think about the “what if I don’t” (e.g. If I don’t lose 20 lbs I will have to stay on these expensive medications, I will fell horrible, my blood sugar levels will be horrible)

Proper Nutrition-it is not so much about dieting because let dieting, let’s s be honest diets really don’t work and hardly anyone ever sticks to them in the long-run. g Eliminate processed and simple carbs, restrict complex carbs, and beef up on the protein, enjoy healthy fats, f plenty off vegetables and occasional seasonal fruits Allow for food vacations-holidays, fruits. vacations holidays birthdays, and other special occasions. But don’t don t go crazy on these days.

ď śExercise and Physical Activity-not that hard my friend just get up and move move. Do things you like-walking, swimming, tennis,, weight g training, g, aerobics,, etc. There are dozens of things you can do to get that heart pumping, just choose one or two and then mix other activities in down the road. Again start small-15 minutes 3x/wk then as you progress add minutes and add more days.

ď śMedical Care/Treatment-get to your doctor for regular check check-ups ups and blood work. It is the only way to know if you are improving. p g You may y need medications adjusted or discontinued if you are following your plan. You may need referrals f to other specialist and many other things that your doctor can do for you in caring for your diabetes. diabetes Just make sure your doctor is knowledgeable in proper diabetes management and care. Not all are!

ď śMedical Accessories/Tools-things like a quality blood glucose monitor monitor, diabetic socks, blood pressure monitor, etc. Any equipment q p or tool that y you specifically p y need to monitor, prevent, and improve your health. ď śDiabetes control does not have to run your life but it is all about changing the way you d do littl little thi things in i your lif life. It is i all about taking small steps to achieve a big goal which is better health. health ď ś

ď śIf you are ready to finally gain control of your diabetes and eliminate the worry of diabetic complications then click here Stop p messing g around with y your health and take action now. g dietitian ď śDaniel Solomon is a registered and expert in diabetes nutrition and diabetes control who has help countless di b ti with diabetics ith th their i blood bl d sugar control. t l ď ś

Diabetes Control  

Total diabetes control is something commonly overlooked by the media, doctors, dietitians/nutritionist, etc. See there are many different fa...

Diabetes Control  

Total diabetes control is something commonly overlooked by the media, doctors, dietitians/nutritionist, etc. See there are many different fa...