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Cool Video Editing

Video editing is a broad field and there are many video production companies out there, but at the end of the day, it’s always y cool. Some parts p of video editing g are cooler than others, though, and the most fun I’ve ever had in video production is in special effects ff development and processing.

Perhaps unfortunately, special effects can be kind of hard to get the hang of – it is its own field, after all – but that doesn’t mean it’s completely p y inaccessible. Today, we we’ll ll look at two of the most useful video production techniques that result in some of the coolest video edits you’ve ever seen – guaranteed.

ď śChroma Keying ď śChrome is a technique we use to eliminate a certain color from a shot. While that sounds useless useless, in practice, practice it gives us a host of cool effects. One of the most common of these is to use the green screen, key the color green, and then replace that removed screen with a b kd backdrop we choose. h Ever E wanted t d to t walk on the moon without a space suit? This is how. how Need a desert landscape for your video project? Chroma key it in.

Setting up chroma isn’t too hard, but it does require a few special pieces of equipment. You’ll need a green screen, for one. While in theory y you y could use anything that’s green, you definitely want a specially made green screen, as these are designed so as to display minimal shadow and keep their shape. Y ’ll also You’ll l need d a software ft capable bl off keying a color; for this, use Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Pro

Once that’s in place, just set your subjects against the screen; film; key the color in your software; and replace the ‘key’ y with your y image, g , or video. Easy y as pie, and a great way to add some spice to your video production.

Duplicate Someone  Sometimes, you need one actor to appear twice in a shot shot. You have two options: Clone him, or duplicate the image. Since II’m m not a scientist, II’ll ll teach the latter. 

It’s really easy, actually, and uses the setup we had above. above First, First shoot the backdrop, and then film the actor doing his two p parts against g the g green screen,, (not at the same time, of course), key out the green from both videos, and then set them against your backdrop. That way, you’ll have your actor and her d doppelganger l iin th the same shot h t – no cloning necessary. http://www phink tv/ 

Cool Video Editing  

Video editing is a broad field and there are many video production companies out there, but at the end of the day, it’s always cool.

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