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Choosing A New Purse That Flatters Your Body

ď śWhen it comes to buying clothing and accessories men and women differ greatly. As long as men are comfortable in their clothes they y are generally g y happy. ppy They use very few accessories when compared to women. ď śFinding clothes that flatter the figure is the main concern for women when they b buy b both. th Even E when h choosing h i a new purse consideration should be given as to how it will look. look

ď śIf you are one of the ladies that have not put much consideration into the sizes and styles of handbags and how they accent your body, y y, then you y should start right g now. ď śLots of women choose bags based on how cute they are or on how much they can hold. One thing that you should know is that your handbag can flatter your figure if you choose the right one. one

ď śEvery woman should seriously take their time when they shop for a bag. bag Your handbag can draw attention away from problem areas of y p your body y by y bringing g g the focus toward it. You do not have to be stuck with the same boring black bag either. The shape off the handbag you wear can alter your appearance if you use one the opposite of your body type. type

ď śIf you have a round figure, then a handbag that has clear lines will be best. best A rectangular or square bag would be perfect. Using p g a relaxed style y bag g will enhance your round appearance. A bag that contrasts your body type is the key to making you look your best.

ď śWomen with a tall and thin frame need handbags that have smooth rounded and relaxed edges. A hobo style bag is a good choice. It is free flowing g g and will make a good contrast to a tall frame. Bags with straight edges will tend to make you look even taller so they should be avoided.

ď śThere is another factor other than shape that will affect how you look with a handbag. The scale of the purse is an important p consideration as well. Tall women should never carry small bags. Small bags add to size, and that is not what you want to do. Larger handbags that are more proportionate to your size will look best best. If you are short in stature you would want to get a smaller bag so it would not make you look smaller than you actually are.

Choosing a new purse should take the same amount of consideration as you would any type of clothing. Stand in front of the mirror and see if it compliments p your look. If not, then try another one. g Find out more about velvet bags, vintage handbags and purses here: 

Choosing A New Purse That Flatters Your Body