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BodyBugg B d B Review R i | Your Y Personal Calorie Management System

 Welcome to my BodyBugg review website, where you will find everything you need to know about this incredible wireless pedometer and personal calorie management system.  My name is Stefan, and I’ve been a proud owner of BodyBugg for several years now. On this website, I will be sharing with you all of the benefits and features that I’ve y personally gotten out of owning a BodyBugg, as well as how it can help you to lose weight, weight have more energy, energy and sculpt the body you deserve.

ď śWhat Is BodyBugg? ď śThe Bodybugg calorie management system is one of the most recognizable brands in health and fitness tracking on the market today. As featured in the hit reality y series, The Biggest gg Loser, the BodyBugg system is a proven solution to losing weight effectively and having i improved dh health lth and d energy.

ď śIt works by simply keeping an accurate daily record of calories that you you’ve ve consumed versus burned throughout the day, y, making g it as straightforward g as possible to stay informed and make decisions more effectively to lose weight.

ď śRecently released has been the new BodyBuggSP system, system which allows you to see your results and calories tracked on your smart phone y p (iPhone ( and Android). If you don’t have a smart phone, then you can still monitor your results by using the optional digital display that comes with version 3 of BodyBugg. BodyBugg

How Does It Work? I’ve included a video below that will explain to you exactly what is BodyBugg and how the system works. works But first first, let me explain a few things about how the Bodybugg y gg system y tracks calories and will help you manage your weight more effectively.

ď śThese are certain parts of the process that measures calorie burned,, which is based on: ď śMotion: There is an armband that comes with BodyBugg that measures your motion levels from multiple perspectives.

Steps: It comes with an accelerometer which tracks all of the steps that you you’ve ve taken throughout the day from walking or running. g Galvanic Skin Response: It measures your sweating y g activity, y which is based on how electrically conductive your skin becomes when sweating and exercising.

Skin Temperature: It measures your temperature from the armband, armband which has a thermometer. Heat Flux: It measures the heat produced in your muscles through your movement, with the armband. Take a look at the image to the right to learn more about how BodyBugg works. Also, be sure to check out the video below to learn more as well.

ď śThe BodyBugg Web-Based Data Application ď śThe BodyBugg system provides a webbased data application application, either through your smart phone (iPhone or Android), as well as the digital g display p y that comes with version 3 of the your device. This application really makes it very easy, simple i l and d straightforward t i htf d to t track t k your caloric data.

If you own a computer, you’re able to easily upload this data onto it and track it with the BodyBugg web-based application. pp This will let y you know how many calories you’ve burned and exactly how active you were throughout the day. You can also track and monitor how many foods you’ve consumed that day as well by entering the caloric data well, data. This will provide you with detailed information on how many calories you’ve you ve consumed versus burned.

If you’re a BodyBugg version 3 user, then you’re you re also able to view this data on the digital display, which is sold separately. p y On this website,, you’ll y be able to find the best BodyBugg discount, as well as where to buy BodyBugg at the best prices available.

 The smartphone feature is primarily available with the BodyBuggSP system. That means you can get instant feedback on your smart phone throughout the h day, d and d don’t d ’ need d to upload l d the h data d to a web-based application to view it BodyBuggSP is currently compatible with it. the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 3GS, and now the iPhone 5. It also is compatible with the iPod touch (2nd and 3rd generations) and with Google Android devices running OS 2.0 and higher. higher

ď śOnline Subscription ď śWhen you purchase BodyBugg online, online you will receive a free 6-month subscription to the web web-based based application. Unfortunately, after that they y make you y pay p y $9.95/month or $49.95 for 6 months, or $79.95 for 12months. But, once you have used it for th those first fi t 6 6-months th you will ill wonder d how h you ever lived without it.

ď śMany personal trainers that you may hire at a gym will cost you upward of $80/hour, whereas this device is something g that will become y your new friend and personal trainer, rather inexpensively.

I personally don’t mind paying the monthly fee to use the web web-based based service, as the benefit that I’ve received from my y BodyBugg y gg has easily y been worth the investment. My health, energy, and well-being has transformed. I feel better than ever. I’m happier. Iff you want to learn more about my personal experience with this device and about the many other features of this calorie management system, then read my BodyBugg review for more.

Additional Benefits And Features If all of this wasn’t enough enough, I’ve included even more of the benefits and features of this personal calorie management system that you can check out below: It uses specialized sensors that tracks calories burned. g y your calorie consumption p with Manages use of a web-based application (first 6 months FREE).

Track your steps and daily activity with a built-in built in pedometer. pedometer Includes phone coaching sessions to help you get started (FREE). (FREE) Compatible with PC and Mac. Runs on a re-chargeable battery (lasts a very, very long time).

ď śAs you can see, there are many incredible benefits and features to this product. But more importantly, the biggest gg one is that it will help py you get g RESULTS. That’s what you want it for, right? The results you will experience are:

Immediate weight loss from increased activity. activity Have fun exercising and using your body more. more Increased energy levels and vitality. Get rid of stress and improve mood. mood

Studies show increased movement makes you live longer. longer Better sex life and hormonal function. More self-esteem self esteem and self-confidence. self confidence Much, much more!

Where To Buy BodyBugg? At this point, point you’re probably wondering where to buy BodyBugg and how you can start using this system immediately. immediately The best place to purchase BodyBugg is online, as y you’re able to find better deals and discounts that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

On this website, I’ve provided some of the best deals available on the internet and I’m constantly updating it. You won’t be able to find these anywhere y else. Not only that, but with some of these deals that are available you are able to receive FREE SHIPPING and additional bonuses as well.

I’ve provided a link below that will direct you to one of the best websites currently to purchase BodyBugg online. Click below for more.


BodyBugg Review Your Personal Calorie Management System  

Welcome to my BodyBugg review website, where you will find everything you need to know about this incredible wireless pedometer and personal...

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