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Biography Bi h off Alfred Alf d Habdank H bd k Skarbek Korzybski by

ď śAlfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski is famous for being a Polish theorist and scientist from Warsaw who was known mostly y as the man who is responsible p for his Theory of General Semantics in language. ď śThis theory stated that what man knows about the world is restricted by his nervous system t and d the th way language l is i structured. That meant that people learn about their world through mostly non verbal gestures and experiences.

ď śKorzybski Early Years ď śKorzybski was born in Warsaw, Warsaw Poland July 3, 1879. His parents and relatives before him had been people who worked in math, science, and engineering. His father was Ladislas Korzybski y and his mother was Countess Helena Rzewuska. He also had a sister who was two years older ld th than hi him. He H ttraveled l d with ith his hi parents all around the world when he was young. young

ď śAs a boy, he learned four languages: Polish French Polish, French, German and Russian. Russian Korzybski got his training during his years at the Warsaw University y y of Technology, where he studied to be a chemical engineer.

ď śDuring War War I ď śHe was also an intelligence officer during World War I for the Russians. During the war he was shot in the leg and ended up in America in 1916 where he helped coordinate shipments p of weapons p back to the front for the Allies, as well as lecturing on the war and selling war b d bonds.

ď śHe met his wife, American Mira Edgerly, after the Armistice and they were married January 1919. She was a painter. When the war ended,, he chose p to stay in the U.S. and eventually became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1940. ď śBesides his writing and teachings, he had h bbi h hobbies he shared h d with ith his hi wife, if including i l di working and making things using leather, metal and wood. metal, wood

Korzybski’s Books and Other Works Korzybski wrote several books and the first, printed in 1921, and was entitled, “Manhood Manhood of Humanity, Humanity ” where he wrote about mankind being a class of life that is controlled by y time. This is also part p of his theory of general semantics, which he also wrote about another book, entitled, “S i “Science and d Sanity” S it ” in i 1933. 1933

ď śHis works were said to influence many others such as science fiction authors Frank Herbert and Robert A. Heinlein, as well as the actor Steve Allen,, and several fellow scientists. His works also factored into other scientist’s theories, such as the Gestalt Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and Neuro-linguistic programming which is said to be able to programming, trace its roots to his own theory of general semantics.

Korzybski’s Accomplishments Korzybski founded the Institute of General Semantics in 1938 and was its director until he died Jan. Jan 3, 3 1950 at the age of 70. His death was sudden and was caused by y a clot in his stomach that burst. He had been active in teaching classes and lecturing until his death.

He believed in a philosophy of what he called "II don't called, don t know; let's let s see see," as a way to test out the things we see or know about in the world of science. This is just j one of the phrases he is famous for uttering.

Another famous incident is that his followers said that he didn didn’tt like the phrase, “to be.” It was said that this was because Korzybski y acknowledged g “to be” words with a form of identity and believed that people formed their own thoughts about whether something “was” or “was not” and that the verb was at fault in the way people used it because it caused limits in language and should only be used to show something existed or to show where something was at.

He also was a lecturer at Yale in the 1940s and then went on to influence many nlp training courses in London. All in all, all he is seen from many angles as a scientist, writer, philanthropist, soldier, husband and sometimes, a very y complicated man, but all in all, a wellknown and now famous person. 

Biography of Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski  

Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski is famous for being a Polish theorist and scientist from Warsaw who was known mostly as the man who is resp...

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