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Arizona Mesothelioma Treatment And Compensation Laws Hard Put To Provide Aid For Generations Of Victims

ď śIn 2007, the United States Geological Survey office of the Interior issued a report that listed more than a hundred sites where asbestos naturally y occurred throughout Arizona. ď śMost of them were for the mineral known as chrysotile asbestos, one of the many types of asbestos banned from use in the U it d States United St t during d i the th 80s. 80

Regardless of the bans, people who worked in, in or lived around any of these sites, including the over forty mines still around,, are now filing g for their rights g under the Arizona Mesothelioma treatment and compensation laws.

ď śThe Wide Ranging Effects ď śEven though the majority of the mines were shut down by the late 80s, 80s the damage was already done to the people, and to the environment.

ď śThe owners of the mines, and other industries that used asbestos primarily because of its abundant sources all over the state,, followed the letter of the laws banning its use and cleaned up what they could, unfortunately involving the further exposure to the raw minerals in greater numbers in their haste to clean up their acts The result of all this was to further acts. spread the dust into the atmosphere surrounding the plants, and into the soil and groundwater as well.

ď śA lot of this went undiscovered until Mayo Clinic opened up an Arizona Mesothelioma treatment clinic and research facility. y Their research showed that even though only 200 deaths were reported since 1980, the potential for continued growth in malignant and nonmalignant cases was still viable, having successfully charted a growth chain for the disease that ranged between 15 and 50 years before the disease fully matured, and tumors began to grow.

ď śThis meant that generations exposed in the areas surrounding the most critical offenders in the state, the mines themselves,, the power p plants p and the copper mines that also used the mineral in production and mining, would most likely be the source for f the next rise in cases being filed under Arizona Mesothelioma treatment and compensation laws.

ď śLegal Rights Under Arizona Mesothelioma Treatment And Compensation Laws ď śIn general general, Arizona residents have a two year statute of limitations during which Arizona Mesothelioma compensation p attorneys can file a lawsuit against an employer on behalf of their clients. This covers any work-related k l t d di diseases or physical limitations imposed by the development of those diseases, diseases primarily the cancer known as Mesothelioma.

ď śWhat it does not restrict is that those suits be confined to the state of Arizona alone. Asbestos companies, like ASARCO, one of the biggest gg offenders,, have set up p a multimillion dollar trust fund for compensation claims, and it allows Arizona Mesothelioma compensation attorneys to file on behalf of their clients in federal court, court instead. instead

ď śThe Arizona Department of Environment Quality worked hard over the last thirty years to ensure that companies were held strictly y to EPA standards on asbestos emissions. Future lawsuits under Arizona Mesothelioma treatment and compensation laws may come from f the one area not covered, tribal lands. That was left up to the tribal council and federal government officials. ď ś

Arizona Mesothelioma Treatment And Compensation Laws Hard Put To Provide Aid