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ADHD Statistics

ď śADHD is a disorder that deals with the brain. brain ď śIt can be found in children an recently adults seem to suffer from it.

ď śFind more about ADHD and read the ADHD statistics below. below ď śThis disorder is characterize by hyperactivity, inability to maintain focus.

The statistics say that 1-5% of he children in the US suffer from ADHD and it effects boys more than girls. ADHD facts describe the six types of the disorder: Classic ADHD, Inattentive ADHD, Overfocused ADHD, Temporal ADHD, Limbic ADHD, The Ring of Fire.

In children it can affect their behavior and memory, memory some of them will carry these symptoms into adulthood. In adults it is said that 4% of the population between 18 18-45 45 years suffers from ADHD. 

ADHD Statistics  

ADHD is a disorder that is found in many children and has just recently been discovered in adults as well. If you are looking for more ADHD...