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A Ten Point Guide to Giving the Perfect Best Man Speech

Psychiatrists say that one of the most stressful things in a person person's s life is being asked to give a speech in public. Certainly giving the best man’s man s speech at a wedding can be very daunting. But don't despair, p this step-by-step p y pg guide will show you how to make the perfect best man’s speech.

Remember the three key words to making a great best man’s man s speech: “preparation, preparation, preparation”. 1. Remember that the speech should have a beginning, g g middle and end. 2.Remember the best speeches should last between 5 to 8 minutes

ď ś3. Do however remember that your listeners at a wedding will comprise many age groups with various sensibilities. So do not use words which might offend. If in doubt, err on the side of caution.

4.Make a list of the points you are going to talk about in your speech by following this outline  a. a Thank the previous speakers speakers.  b. Tell the audience when and how you first met the groom and in particular how old you were at the time.

ď śc. Add in one or two humorous stories about the groom. groom People expect the best man to talk humorously about the groom, and in my experience p there will be always y be some humorous event that took place in the groom's life which you can refer to. If you don't know any then it's a good idea to speak to his friends who you can be sure will be only too pleased to regale you with embarrassing stories about the groom.

 d. Talk about the time when the groom first met his wife-to-be and his reaction – was he starry-eyed or did he look like a rabbit caught g in the g glare of headlights? g  e. Talk briefly about the bride. Refer to her in glowing terms, but do remember that your speech is about the groom.  f. Remember to toast the bride and groom at the end!

5. Now that you have your points in a logical sequence it it’s s time to flesh out those points.  6. At this stage, more is better than less as it is easier to cut down a speech than add to it.

ď ś7. My recommendation is to write the speech out in full and say it out loud just so you know how long the speech will take. It will also enable y you to iron out any superfluous words, poor phrasing and any parts of the sentences that jar. Furthermore it will enable you to edit down the speech so that it runs for between 5 to 8 minutes. minutes

ď ś8.Once you are happy with the length and wording of the speech practice reading it out aloud, several times if p possible. ď ś9.Go through the speech and underline or highlight the key words and phrases which will remind you of the gist of the sentence and which words you want to stress.

ď ś10. Write out those key words and phrases on index cards cards. There should be a maximum of four key words or phrases to a card. Number those cards in sequential order and practice your speech just using the cards to jog your memory to remember what you want to say.

ď śThis does take a little practice but when you come to the big day you will find that the speech will be more fluent and better received than if y you read it from a piece p of paper. ď ś

A Ten Point Guide to Giving the Perfect Best Man Speech  

Psychiatrists say that one of the most stressful things in a person's life is being asked to give a speech in public. Certainly giving the b...