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A look at the best nurse practitioner careers today d

ď śThe field of nurse practitioner has become so popular in the last decade that many of their graduates are now pursuing p g specialized p careers in healthcare that are often overlooked by other recent graduates.

Their years in patient care, while pursuing their Master’s Master s and Doctorates may have played a factor in their choice of specialization, p , but it all worked out for the best because it also helps reduce the overall shortage of trained medical professionals f in this country. Today’s best nurse practitioner careers i l d those include th iin emergency and d trauma, t oncology and research, gerontology, occupational health health, obstetrics and mental health.

ď śTrauma center and emergency care ď ś ď śWith trauma centers closing across the country due to rising costs, costs more and more states are finding that they do not have access to as many experienced trauma and emergency care physicians as they once did.

ď śThanks to the specialty training available to nurse practitioners, practitioners one of the rising career choices is now to serve in these deprived p areas,, reducing g the deaths caused by unnecessary travel times to larger metropolitan hospitals.

ď śOncology as a best nurse practitioner career ď ś One of the most popular career choices that nurse practitioners are now making upon graduation is to serve as researchers in critical medical fields, especially oncology. The long fight against cancer, in all of its forms, has prompted t d a rise i in i research h fellowships f ll hi begun by nurse practitioners, especially by those who have worked with critically ill patients in the past.

Gerontology  Another field that is gaining in terms of nurse practitioners acting in both as a healer, and as a researcher, is gerontology. The many mysteries surrounding diseases like Alzheimer’s, and its ensuing dementias, have inspired many a doctoral candidate to carry on the search of answers.

ď śWith the last generations of the baby boomers currently reaching the aging majority, the need for more qualified caregivers g and researchers in gerontology will only grow greater.

Occupational health  Nurse practitioners specializing in this field research and evaluate recurring health hazards in some work environments, and work towards finding ways to eliminate unnecessary illnesses and deaths.

ď śThe growing number of accidents and disasters surrounding the employment fields of mining, oil refining and nuclear energy gy has recently y caused a surge g in this form of specialization, especially on the international level.

Obstetrics  A large number of nurse practitioners have taken their previous work as midwives and obstetric nurses to the next level, and have begun working as the primary caregivers in women’s clinics everywhere.

ď śNeonatology and pediatric nurse practitioners are included in these specialized career centers, as well as research opportunities pp involving g birth accidents, improved prenatal care, learning disabilities and the continuous search for f the cause off autism.

Mental health  The mental health field has long been one that has inspired those whose passion leads more towards helping society’s forgotten injured, those who are in long g term care facilities because of physical and mental disabilities. Here, they act as counselors, primary care physicians, h i i and d advocates d t for f the th rights i ht of all those who cannot otherwise help themselves. themselves 

A look at the best nurse practitioner careers today  

The field of nurse practitioner has become so popular in the last decade that many of their graduates are now pursuing specialized careers i...

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