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Are You Selling Or Attracting Business? 5 Steps To Become An Attraction Marketing Professional

I have been online marketing for over three years. I have also been training with Ann Sieg and her excellent daily marketing coach program for the past four months. She has an intensive coaching program called the Total Funnel Immersion.

I want to share with you the steps to becoming an attraction marketing magnet. I’m going to outline how to build a marketing funnel and become an attraction marketing online professional in five steps.

First Step To Attraction Marketing – Find Your Niche! Ideally, you want to find a niche where you can contribute your knowledge, talents or expertise. Write a unique selling proposition. Write about what makes you uniques and sets you apart from the crowd.

What special talents do you bring to this group and how will you help individuals who join you. Find a target audience, identify their age range, where they hang out and situate yourself as an expert within this group. 

Second Step to Attraction Marketing – Blog! Your blog should be the central hub of all of your marketing campaigns. It should consist of three major components – Content, Offer, and Lead Capture. Start with three pages – about me, work with me, and contact me.

You should also add a video to the about me and the work with me page to give it up more personal affect. Your offer, is what we call an “Ethical Bribe.” Have a free offer like an e- book or video series in exchange for your prospect’s name and email.

Your offer must be attached to an autoresponder like Aweber. You will also need to write a series of emails to get your prospects to know, like, and trust you. This is the foundation of your attraction marketing funnel. Depending on how much time, effort and commitment you have to your business. This could take you from two weeks to two months to complete.

Third Step To Attraction Marketing Funnel – Information Provider! You must learn to become an information creator and content provider. Learn about search engine optimization, keyword research, and how to structure a blog post.

Research, what your target audience needs, wants and is interested in knowing. Give you audience valuable content and resources to fulfill their needs and wants. Don’t sell, attract people to you through your informative content and valuable resources. 

Forth Step To Attraction Marketing Funnel – Lead Generation! This is the life force of all marketing – lead generation! In addition to getting people to your blog through your content creation. You must attract people to subscribe to your list through social media, press releases, solo ads, banner ads, article marketing and your personal networking.

Another crucial aspect of lead generation and network marketing is building an email list. The best way to market to your prospects and to get people to know, like and trust you is through email communication. It is vital that you create and build a large email list.

Fifth Step To Attraction Marketing – Conversion!

It is vital that you track of the results of your efforts. You should know how many people are landing on your website.

Where they’re coming from? How many are signing up for your offer? Do you need to tweak your offer or make a better one? Be aware of your metrics – what’s working, what’s not, what needs to be changed.

Working online could be a very lonely and isolating experience. As an online entrepreneur you spend hours on the computer, on your blog, on the internet “socializing,” advertising and building your business. It’s very important that you interact, communicate and mastermind with like minded people.

I have found some great leaders working with Ann Sieg and her Daily Marketing Coach training program. These people are experts in their fields in the five skills you must acquire to create a successful online business. If you want to become a part of supportive online training community?

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5 steps to become an attraction marketing professional  

I’m going to outline how to build a marketing funnel and become an attraction marketing online professional in five steps.