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3 “Must Have” Functions for your Online Web Store Builder

ď śMore and more people these days are becoming increasingly attracted to the idea of running their own business through the use of a reputable, online web store builder. ď śAnd why not? Having your own website seems like an easy way to sell your own products to a global audience. Or you can choose to become an affiliate, selling products that are designed and created by someone else.

You’ve tried Other Options  WordPress is free, but who can keep up with all of those plug-ins and widgets? You can always hire a website designer to build your online store, but how do you know who is experienced enough to design a site that will actually function properly and be secure? This is why many new entrepreneurs are opting to choose a uniquely innovative, digital program called “online store builder software”.

There are many different types of this software available online. Each brand of software has their own unique combination of special features. So, much like in the case of choosing the perfect website designer, how do we know which brand of online web store builder software to buy? There are three “must have” functions and capabilities that consumers should insist upon before purchasing any type of web store builder program.

 1. Shopping Cart Capabilities  Think of it this way. When you go to the grocery store, you rarely walk inside with the idea of purchasing only one item. It happens, but it’s rare. You grab your shopping cart, and then you browse through the aisles.

ď śThis is why you need shopping cart capabilities offered through your online store builder software. And this is why people love Amazon. Customers can surf your website, grab a product, and toss it into the shopping cart without being booted off their current viewing page, the webpage that might also be offering 25 of your other product that they originally found just as equally appealing. Keep their attention. Give them a shopping cart.

Payment Processing Capabilities  Your online web store builder will be more highly profitable if you are able to accept a wider variety of payment methods. Being able to process a Visa or MasterCard is simply not enough these days.

ď śWith the rising role that PayPal and eChecks is playing in the global marketplace, it is almost essential to have these types of payment processing capabilities conveniently located on your checkout page. ď śAlways look for an online store builder software that offers as many of these payment methods as possible.

3. Transactions Security  This is perhaps the most important “must-have” of all. In order for your online web store builder to provide you with long-term financial success, make sure that it offers a significant amount of protection for all types of transactions that occur on your site, including all the options mentioned above.

This is critically important, especially if you plan on storing your customer’s credit card information online. If customers are not able to trust the security of your website, then your business can implode almost overnight.

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3 must have functions for your online web store builder  

More and more people these days are becoming increasingly attracted to the idea of running their own business through the use of a reputable...

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