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10 Photography Tips for Couples

ď śEver wondered what you should be looking out for when selecting a wedding photographer? ď śOr what you should expect to pay? How can you help your photographer to get the best p possible shots of y your big g day? y If so, then read the following 10 tips:

ď ś1. Be realistic about your budget There's There s an old adage that still holds true (for the most part): 'you get what you pay p y for!'. Whilst it's true that there are some perfectly good wedding photographers available for smaller fees, generally speaking iff you want quality photographs and albums, from a reliable, well trained photographer you will have to pay for it.

ď śMy advice is to think about your wedding photos as an investment investment, not a cost. cost Your wedding photos are the one thing you get y g to keep p as a record of your y emotions on your wedding day. ď śAnd lets not forget, once your weddings over, you can't re-run it!

ď śLet me ask you a question - If your house was on fire and you had 2 minutes to rescue your most treasured possessions,, what would you p y take? ď śMost people would say their family photographs. Please don't make the mistake of hiring a sub-standard photographer.

ď ś2. Be realistic about timings on the day In our experience weddings rarely run exactly to time, which is totally fine. It is always y a good g idea though g to build a bit of 'fat' into your timings. you think you y need 40 minutes for ď śIf y your formal group shots, plan in 50 minutes! It will mean you can relax more, and d reduce d any unnecessary stress t on the day.

ď ś3. Find out the kind of style you like There are so many different photographic styles around it can be really confusing ((believe me we know). ) Do p plenty y of research online, and look through lots of different photographers' websites in your area. You will get a definite f instinct about the kind of style you like. Trust that instinct!

ď ś4. Please, not too many group shots! Yes I know this is controversial! Yes, Personally we don't shoot weddings with more than 7 or 8 g group p shots. In our experience they take up a lot of time, and can be boring for guests, who have to hang around. You should be able to get all the combinations you really need in those 7 or 8 formals. formals Like I said... said controversial!

ď ś5. Don't be too prescriptive - Now this advice only applies if you are keen on getting lots of documentary/candid shots which seems to be the trend at the moment. If you give a photographer a list of 150 shots that you must have, its unlikely they will have time to shoot any reportage style shots. Like all things in life its about getting the right balance. life, balance

ď ś6. Make sure you like your photographer - Yes, Yes this may seem like an obvious point, but its as important that you like your photographer y p g p as a person p as much as loving their photography. You will be spending a fair amount of time with your photographer on your wedding day, so you'll want to feel relaxed in their company. company

ď ś7. Want beautiful getting ready shots? A great piece of advice if you want beautiful bridal 'getting ready' shots is to make sure that y you are getting g g ready y in a clean, uncluttered room. Trust us, it makes for much better photographs than a cluttered, untidy room.

ď ś8. View a whole wedding - When meeting and vetting photographers make sure that they show you albums that display a whole wedding g from beginning g g to end. Look out for consistently high quality coverage and photos throughout the day. Anyone can grab one or two good shots during the course of a wedding. Good photographers will consistently capture great images throughout the day.

9. Nervous about being photographed? Ask your photographer for a pre pre-wedding wedding shoot. Its a great way to get used to being g in front of the camera before y your big day. Trust us, it will make you feel much more relaxed about being photographed on your wedding day itself. f 10. Finally, above all, relax and have fun! Read more about couples photography by Matt Foden Photography here: 

10 Photography Tips for Couples  
10 Photography Tips for Couples  

Ever wondered what you should be looking out for when selecting a wedding photographer? Or what you should expect to pay? How can you help y...