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Ever move out of your house and have a troubling move that made you never want to move again? Well, I have. It all started 3 Months ago when I was moving from Mississaugato Toronto, Canadafor the summer. I got a very good deal on a house for rent for the summer and started to pack my things. I searched around and around for good local public storage facilities and found one just 2 blocks from my home. When I went to check it out further, I spoke with the sales rep at the front and got a very good deal for some storage units that would last me 3 months. Everything was great, the spacethat came with them and the affordable price. After feeling really good about getting a good deal on the new home, a great deal on the public storage, well this is where it started to go downhill. After arriving in Toronto and seeing my new home. I realized how much of a junkyard it was! My girlfriend found the home and told me it was very elegant and new. Boy was she wrong! This place looked like it was made 100 years ago. If it was up to me, I would go live in the self storage before living in this junk! Guessyou can’t win them all eh? It’s too late to cancel or search for another place so it looks like we’ll just have to make the best out of it. Seeyou in 3 months Mississauga!

Self Storage Facilities in Mississauga  

How to get the best self storage facilities for your money.

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