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During November of 2013 Formento + Formento embarked on their firstjourney through Japan, photographing their latest series, The Japan Diaries. This series focuses on cultural ambiguity and eroticism in Japanese culture, seen through their eyes. They captured powerful lasting images in their signature cinematic lens that exudes a sense of quiet unease and melancholy. “It is fascinating to immerse oneself in this ancient culture that has only been open to the rest of the world since the 1850’s. Many underlying tones, subcultures and characteristics are unique to Japan and its people. We found ourselves in a floating world of emotional, psychological and physical potential, eager to express our interpretation as foreigners in a very foreign land. “ —BJ Formento They draw their inspiration from 1950’s Japanese cinema, Akira Kurosawa, Araki and Moriyama, as well as Edo woodblock prints and erotic imagery of Ero Guro paintings. The Japan Diaries is an ongoing series.

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Formento + Formento —The Japan Diaries