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Izak the Artist Over the last two decades Izak has forged a reputation

Limited, Virginia Slims, WE Channel, Woolite and Vera

as one of the globes most prolific fashion illustrators.

Wang. Izak has also worked with many of the worlds

His love of women, fashion and style icons such as

leading fashion publications including, American

Audrey Hepburn and Ines de la Fressange inspire his

Vogue, French Vogue, Vogue Spoza, Vogue Bambini,

whimsical and enchanting view of life. Whether his

Australian Vogue, English Vogue, Vogue Nipon, German

distinctive characters are meeting for cocktails with

Vogue, Cosmo Girl, Elle, Essence, Self, Brides, Gotham,

girlfriends, taking a stroll through the park or shopping

Marie Claire, InStyle, Fidget, Mme Figaro, New York

with their puppies in tow, each vignette boasts Izak’s

Times Magazine, New Yorker, Town and Country, Wall

optimistic and confident vision of the world.

Street Journal, Officiel, Ophrah, and Travel & Leisure.

Izak has lent his colorful and fresh fashion authority to

His continuously growing catalog of books include

a diverse range of advertising, promotional and editorial

Billy Joel’s “A New York State of Mind” by Scholastic;

clients across the globe. Some of these illustrious clients

Bohemian Manifesto by Bullfinch Press; Cooking For

include, Sephora, who is going into the third season with

Mr. Latte, a Crimson Books series by Amanda Hesser;

an IZAK capsule collection of branded cosmetics bags

Harlequin, a six book series by Carole Matthews; The

and accessories, Celine, whom Izak worked closely

Nanny Diary series, Parachute Publishing; Princess

with to produce a series scarves; Guerlain, who created

by Francesca Castagnoli, Broadway Books, Mommy

a limited edition Valentine’s fragrance with Izak, and

Needs a Time Out and Mommy Needs a Martini by

perhaps most notably, after 15 years of collaboration,

Julie Klappas, 2 Lilly Pulitzer books and calendars on

Izak continues to dazzle shoppers as the face of Henri

lifestyle and entertaining. Izak is the featured artist

Bendel, New York’s premier source for cutting edge

in the just published, “How to Become a Fashion


Designer,” by Wiley & Sons.

Izak started his career working for Chanel fragrances, so

The fashion world is excited about Izak’s forthcoming

it was with great pleasure for them to work together again

coffee table book that is slated for publication in the

in 2012. Izak created an exciting instore promotional

spring 2014.

campaign for Chanel beauty. And not least, Lancome continues to see Izak as their illustration ambassador featuring his work worldwide in their gift with purchase and promotional programs. Clients






Malandrino, Coty, Crimson Books, Domino Magazine, Harlequin Books, John Lobb, Laura Mercier, Lilly Pulitzer, L’Oreal, Revlon, Rizzoli, Scholastic, Sephora, Target, The

Izak the Brand

For years IZAK’s witty, whimsical illustrations have taken fashion to new places. His work, long associated with exclusive brands and high-end publications, instantly conveys a breezy, fashionable style and fresh, enchanting view of life. His women are attractive, optimistic, confident, charming, feminine and modern – exactly how women idealize themselves. IZAK’s colorful world is now a lifestyle of its own, lending a fun fashion authority wherever he puts his brush. And just as we have come to trust IZAK’s work to direct us to what is trendy and of-the-moment in other brands, we can now rely on Izak himself to do that with his own line of products.

Izak products are currently carried by Target, Sephora, Apple, At&t and Verizon stores, Macy’s, Dillards, and specialty gift stores across the country. Brand Positioning: The brand’s positioning is light hearted, fun and all about style. It is neither serious or selfimportant. The brand motto is “smile.” The smiley swoosh under the logo reinforces this positive spirit. The brand’s target market is age 14-35 fashion oriented women with products targeted to mid-tier department stores and mass-market retailers. As a lifestyle and accessories brand, IZAK focuses on product categories that appeal to its young female fashion oriented demographic. The products stand out on their own, while also work in harmony with existing more neutral product designs already in the marketplace, giving a fun twist and color to life. While they are affordable they embody good taste and design.

Copyright Notice: This book and all of its contents/images is copyright of Izak Zenou © 2012. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited and punishable by law.

Licensing It should be no surprise that the areas Izak has developed through licensing are those he knows best, and those most intimately associated with an exciting, sociable, effervescent lifestyle. When women want to project a fresh, fashionable attitude – when they want to show that they get it – Izak is the one to help them do it. Izak has collections in the following categories: Custom Social Stationery…for the little notes and invitations that make life fun. Back to School and Everyday turn the everyday into a charming adventure. Accessories, including Totes, Handbags, Wallets and Cosmetics Bags…because everyone wants to look good and feel young. Tech Accessories…to help us stay fashionably connected. Bank Checks…because, who wouldn’t want even the most mundane aspects of life to bring joy... Izak is looking for licensees in the follow-ing categories to complement his existing range of products currently selling at retailers around the world: Watches and Jewellry Luggage and Travel Accessories Tabletop and Home Décor Wallpaper Bedding and Bath Décor Intimate Apparel Footwear Beach Accessories (Beach Totes, Towels, Umbrella, Beach Chair, etc.) Pet Accessories ...and anything else you might imagine!

Henri Bendel



Henri Bendel

have it all!

New products, new ideas. Fresh work for each. Cu concept and what makes the product succeed.

ustomized to fit. This is what brings excitement to a

NEW YO RK DELI CANVAS SIZE: 13 TOTE .25”w X 15.25”h X 3”d


ROC SIZ KER C E: 8 HIC ”w X 4 PRINT .5”h E X1” D NYL d O

NVA I CA ”d DEL ”h X 2 K OR X 10 Y NEW : 9.5”w SIZE











YLON SH INTED N CHIC PR R E ”d K 5 C .2 O 4 R X 7.5”h X SIZE: 9”w







LO NY ED T RIN .5”d IC P X 4 CH 17”h R CKE w X RO : 16” E SIZ

ROC SIZ KER C E: 1 H 4.2 IC PR 5”w I X 1 NTED 2”h N X 6 YLON ”d HO B


Checks in the Mail!

Mugs and more gifts...

Watch Out!

Double Layer Strap Watch

Working Girl Ceramic Watch

Hanging Charm Strap Watches

Ciao Bella Roma Plastic Watches

My Paris

Large Cuff Watches

Floral Cuff Watch

Decal Girl

Tablets & Reader

Mobile Phones & Media Players

Laptop & Netbooks

Get Uncommon !

Wrap it up

Izak t-shirts

Currently in-store @ Macy’s New York

Social Stationery

Discerning customers know that the most indulgent accessory of all is a handwritten note sent to a girl’s best friends, just because. Izak custom stationery is available through We are still seeking a licensing partner where Izak’s world willcome to life with enchanting notecards, gift wrap and desk sets.

Back to School

Gift Bags

Pa P


aper Products

Izak @ Sephora

Fig. 1

Brand Design Guidelines IZAK signature must always be used in its full form. (fig. 1) All illustrations must have Izak signature. IZAK logo must be used on all licensing products. (fig. 2) Logo must be black, with minor exceptions. IZAK hang tag must be used on all licensing products. (fig. 3) Any alterations to illustrations must be approved by Izak. Fig. 2 Brand Fonts: Trade Gothic Light Trade Gothic Medium Trade Gothic Bold No. 2

Gotham Light Gotham Book Gotham Medium

Use Izak handwriting and hand drawn elements to enhance layout. Such as for use on headlines and tag lines.

Fig. 3 pg. 1 Front

pg. 1 Back

pg. 2 Front

pg. 2 Back

Izak’s Handwriting and alphabet will be provided for custom use.

Use handwritten copyright text when appropriate.

Size 1.6 x 3.3

Hangtag - 2 options Izak Charm and Button must be used as a round flat shape with either Izak Signature or Izak Brand Logo (fig. 4) All licensing products must use circular shape motif of the Izak Signature and Brand Logo when appropriate (fig. 5) Fig. 4

Correct use of shape Fig. 5

Incorrect use of shape

Correct use of shape

Commercial Work Ann Taylor

Harlequin Publishing


Harper Collins

Bath & Body Works


Bravo TV

Lilly Pulitzer


Marie Claire

Bulfinch Press

New York Times Magazine

Carlyle Hotel Catherine Malandrino Celine Chanel Clairol Clarins Council of Fashion Designers Crimson Books Elle Magazine Guerlain Henri Bendel Instyle John Lobb Frenchway Travel

Runaway Runway Los Angeles, CA

Oprah Magazine Parachute Publishing Paul Smith Penguin Books Rizzoli Scholastic Press Target Travel & Leisure Virginia Slims Vogue Sposa W.W. Norton & Co Woolite Vendome Press and many more... Marie Claire Japan



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Lancome 2009-2014

is your special someone a bendel girl? treat her to the ultimate indulgence: a private party at henri bendel.

Henri Bendel Advertising, print promotions, in-store branding and product licensing 1997-2013

IZAK for Henri Bendel Hampton Jitney Summer 2012

The New Beauty Secrets Laura Mercier Atria Publishers, 2009

“Cooking for Mr. Latte”by Amanda Hesser W.W. Norton & Co 2004-2006

Guerlain Fragrance 2009 Princess: You Know Who You Are Broadway Books 2004

Bohemian Manifesto Bulfinch Press 2005 Clairol Ad Campaign 2004

Woolite Print &TV Campaign 2003

Frenchway Travel Advertising, promotions, website 2004-2012

2 Lilly Pulitzer books and calendars on lifestyle and entertaining Harper Collins 2004-2006

The Carlyle Hotel 2010 A New York State of Mind Collaboration with Billy Joel Byron Preiss and Scholastic Press 2005

The Fashion Show Bravo, 2009-2010

Vera Wang Princess Interactive Website 2007-2009

Chanel Allure Eau de Parfun Illustration Edition 1997

French Tourist Board 1998

Illustration by Izak Zenou represented by

Illustration by Izak Zenou represented by

Zitomer Catalog 2009

Vogues 2013

Where Destin Comes Alive! Bass Pro Shops • Belk • Rave Motion Pictures abercrombie • Abercrombie & Fitch • Ann Taylor Loft • Banana Republic* • Blue Point Fish Club • Brighton Collectibles★ Brookstone • Build-A-Bear Workshop • Caché • Carlyle & Co. • Chico’s • Hard Rock Cafe • Hollister Co. Learning Express Toys • Lucky Brand Jeans* • Maui Nix Surf Shop • Panera Bread • Sigrid Olsen • Starbucks Coffee • Talbots Talbots Petites* • Tony’s Ristorante • Victoria’s Secret • White House/Black Market • Williams-Sonoma★ • And Over 80 Other Stores * Opening Soon ★ New Stores

Corner of Mid-Bay Bridge and Highway 98, Destin, Florida 850.337.8700

Destin Commons 2009-2011

Where Destin Comes Alive! Bass Pro Shops • Belk • Rave Motion Pictures abercrombie • Abercrombie & Fitch • Ann Taylor Loft • Banana Republic* • Blue Point Fish Club • Brighton Collectibles★ Brookstone • Build-A-Bear Workshop • Caché • Carlyle & Co. • Chico’s • Hard Rock Cafe • Hollister Co. Learning Express Toys • Lucky Brand Jeans* • Maui Nix Surf Shop • Panera Bread • Sigrid Olsen • Starbucks Coffee • Talbots Talbots Petites* • Tony’s Ristorante • Victoria’s Secret • White House/Black Market • Williams-Sonoma★ • And Over 80 Other Stores * Opening Soon ★ New Stores

Corner of Mid-Bay Bridge and Highway 98, Destin, Florida 850.337.8700

Illustration by Izak Zenou represented by

Lancome 2009-2013

Shopping • Dining • Entertainment • Office Bass Pro Shops • Belk • Rave Motion Pictures Abercrombie & Fitch • American Eagle Outfitters • Ann Taylor Loft • Banana Republic • bebe • Bluepoint Fish Club • Books A Million Brighton Collectibles • Buckle • Build-A-Bear Workshop • Caché • Carlyle & Co. • Chico’s • Francesca’s Collections* • Fresh Produce Godiva Chocolatier • Hard Rock Cafe • Hollister Co. • Lucky Brand Jeans • Maui Nix Surf Shop • Michael Stars • Red Brick Pizza* Soma Intimates • Starbucks Coffee • Talbots • Talbots Petites • Victoria’s Secret • White House|Black Market • Williams-Sonoma • The Zoo Gallery *Coming Soon

New Stores


Ricola 2013

Contact: Julie R. Newman President Jewel Branding & Licensing 1117 Antioch Dr. NE Atlanta, GA 30319 Tel: (404) 303-1872 Email: To see Izak’s work online go to vand Follow Izak on Facebook and Pinterest

IZAK Zenou Brand Book 2014  

This is a compilation of work and products that are in Izak's brand. Fresh new work to share with potential licensees.

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