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She is Cuba

Artist Statement: In our series, “She is Cuba,” we explore a sense of sadness and waiting. Through the streets of old Havana, amongst the crumbling walls of colonial architecture, abandoned casinos, hotels and cinemas, we found memories of all that glory that once was. The open-ended drama is played out by our Cuban heroine. And, the mise-en-scene captures the twilight of the Castro era, the slow but sure imminent change, the struggle, anxiety and hope for a new future. — BJ and Richeille Formento BJ Formento was born in Hawaii and grew up in the Philippines. After receiving his BFA in Photography from the Academy of Arts Universtiy of California, he moved to New York and studied with Eugene Richards and Arnold Newman, and assisted Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, and Annie Leibovitz. Since 2001, he has shot for a host of publications and advertising clients while continuing to develop his personal work. Richeille Formento was born in London and attended the prestigious Central St. Martins College of Art before working as an art director and designer in the fashion industry.

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Formento+Formento-She is Cuba, 2014