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Websites are built from contents. The basic rule of building a high-traffic website is having valued contents. The value of contents in your website is subjective to every traffic or visitor, but one thing for sure is that visitors appreciate contents that are original and written from your own point of view. Regardless of whether they are accurate or not, having a unique website with original content is an attraction of its own to visitors. In order to gain more traffic from your website, you can follow these simple tips: 1. Build relationship with your visitor. When a visitor reads your website, they will eventually want to know what kind of person is writing the website. It is not a bad idea to post something related to yourself in your website, maybe a short biography, some personal stories, or things that can make your visitors know you more as a person. Having a genuine communication or interaction with your traffic can lead to better connections which means more traffic eventually. If you build a website that's based on intimacy and friendship with your visitors, they will in time give you more credit and respect you on the highest level. 2. Write honest thoughts. If you want to have high-traffic website, write something that you feel is true for yourself, even if it goes against your social conditioning. Be honest about something and dare to face the consequences. Don't mind the public opinion, you have the right to express your thoughts in any way possible, and don't let that stop you. In fact, writing about something controversial is not a bad strategy in getting high-traffic. But please remember to also respect other people's opinion and not to show any form discrimination while you're at it. 3. Treat your visitors like real human beings. Real human beings helping real human beings is ultimately what traffic growth is all about. That's precisely what a link or a referral is. If you align yourself with the intention of genuinely helping people because you care, you'll soon find yourself with an abundance of traffic. 4. Don't do it for money. Many websites are made for the purpose of money. Monetized websites are sometimes rather untrusted by visitors. In order to build high traffic, try giving away a particular product or service from your website for free. If you do that, word of mouth will spread the news taking more traffic to your website. On this condition, you will soon have sufficient enough traffic to monetize your products or service. That way you already have trusted and targeted traffic.

5. Focus on genuinely helping people, and the rest will take care of itself. Having a website is like a public forum where you can spread your thoughts and knowledge freely. If you were to gain a big traffic, focus on giving thoughts and knowledge that helps people. A site that is focused on helping people, rather than money will make more quality trusted traffic. Do your best to help your visitors out of genuine concern for their well-being, and they'll help you build your traffic and even generate a nice income from it.

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==== ==== How To Create A High Traffic Website ==== ====

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