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Here is a story of someone who took advantage of online marketing 5 years ago...

John Smith owned a 3 branch furniture store called In-Line Furniture in San Francisco. He had 3 main competitors who all had furniture retail stores in the same city.

John had been competing for years for the same customers. From big newspaper ads to summer sales and price cuts, he spent a lot of money trying to get the customers to come to him instead of his competitors.

One day John was looking for a gardening company for his house and he did what 90% of people do when looking for a service; he Googled “Gardening in San Francisco�.

He selected one of the first 3 links listed and then called the listed gardening store.

While doing this he though to himself; what if someone Googled “furniture San Francisco” would my company In-Line Furniture come up? He tried it…

To his horror his company, which was one of the leading furniture stores in the city was not listed anywhere! He was amazed. He had a nice looking website, so why was it not listed?

He then checked how many people in San Francisco had Googled “furniture San Francisco� in the last month and found that a staggering 72,000 people had done so only to be passed onto a company other than his.

Almost 50% of all potential customers start their search online by using Search engines like Google. He was losing customers and money every minute! He had to act fast.

John went to a Website development Company called Traffic who explained that although John had a good looking website it was not helping generate new customers because it is not designed to be highly visible to Google, MSN & Yahoo and become a lead generating website.

Traffic built John a new website to be highly visible to Google. But building the site was only half the job. To place it on the top of the first page of Google John needed ongoing search management from Traffic called “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO”.

With this service John’s company site was then on the first page of Google for many search words… and all of his stores noticed a substantial growth in new customers, and leads to his business increased by almost 50%

Web traffic to John’s website was growing every week with no extra cost. People that intended to move to San Francisco from other states were finding John’s furniture company before even moving… …because it was easy to find globally on the internet.

After about 8 months of running his new Power Site, John sat back with a virtual monopoly on internet leads for furniture in San Francisco. He was amazed that none of his 3 main competitors had even realised that this treasure chest of web leads existed.

What made it so satisfying was that he had not increased his costs. To pay for the new website and ongoing management he simply transferred 10% of his newspaper market budget to the web. His overall marketing cost didn’t increase but he had almost 50% more leads to his business!

Johns’ business pulled far ahead of his competitors….

A few months later Fresh Furniture, one of John’s main competitors realised how important Google leads were and they launched a site of their own. But because John had started first Fresh Furniture found it very difficult to achieve the same search ranking.

It really paid to be the first to start.

Now that traffic to John’s website increased he started adding new features to his site. He started listing his furniture on his site and created a credit card purchase shopping cart so that people could buy directly without having to go to one of his stores.

Within 6 months he found that he was selling more furniture direct from his website than 2 of his stores combined‌ All for 10% of the cost of running one store!

With the large number of visitors to Johns’ website he realised that other companies may want to place banner advertisements on his website – and pay him for it! Traffic built a display advertising system into the website and within months fabric, linen and crockery manufacturers were buying advertising space on John’s website.

The website had become a profit centre.

Over 3 years all of John’s main competitors started their own Google search initiative and 2 of them even built the online shopping features that John had. But because they had started late John was able to stay one step ahead. And he still remains the market leader today.

This same scenario exists in Dubai and the GCC today.

In the furniture industry no single local company has had the realisation of the importance of Google leads and the web commerce environment. Try searching furniture in Dubai and you will see what we mean – None of the 3 leading local furniture companies are even listed. None of them need to spend any more money or hire any other staff‌they just need to realise the importance of online search.

Whichever one of those 3 companies realises this first and acts will most likely be the market leader in the future.

But the furniture industry in not alone. Almost every industry; Insurance Pest Control Landscaping Restaurants Electronics White Goods Legal services Opticians

Car Sales/Car Rentals Hotels & Resorts Book stores Food Delivery Real Estate Entertainment Services Pharmacies Virtual Offices

Banking & Finance News Services Maintenance Services Travel & Tourism Telecoms PR & Advertising Government & Social B2B Services

‌and many more. They are all at a turning point where whoever harnesses the web today will most probably be tomorrows’ market leader. And it costs nothing but the decision to act!

Traffic is here in Dubai and servicing the Middle East Call us now on +971 (0)4 446 2629 We will change your business forever.

SEO Advantages  
SEO Advantages  

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