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Make Travel Matter

A decade ago, The Travel Corporation (TTC) founded a not for profit foundation to ensure future generations could enjoy the beauty of travel. This became TreadRight. Thereby ensuring that they too have the privilege of experiencing one of life’s most powerful gifts: the gift of travel. Travel has the ability to open our eyes to the unique cultures and spellbinding beauty of our world. TreadRight's vision is a clear and simple mission to have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit, to protect wildlife and marine life, and to care for the planet we call home. Simply put, making travel matter. Today, TreadRight has supported over 50 sustainable travel projects around the globe. In 2009, Trafalgar launched JoinTrafalgar, powered by TreadRight’s philosophy and expertise, with the goal to add the positive power of travel to make a difference for a sustainable future on our trips. Together, these allow our guests to give back and leave a lasting legacy for the betterment of people, places, wildlife and the planet. Here are a few examples of what we do:

Boulders Beach, South Africa

Helping People

Preserving Places & Wildlife

Caring For The Planet

We help support artisans, farmers, families, & invest in micro enterprises.

We help protect & maintain the diversity of wildlife, cultures and traditions.

We help reduce our footprint & protect the environment.


PROTECTING THE RHINO POPULATION TreadRight helped protect the native rhino population by helping fund the purchase of aircrafts used for anti-poaching operations.

Together with Me to We, we have built four schools and two water wells across Kenya, India, Ecuador and China, providing clean water to over 3000 people and classrooms for over 300 students. Volunteer with ME to WE in Araveli on India’s Golden Triangle with Varanasi

THE CAPE LEOPARD TRUST TreadRight supports the Cape Leopard Trust, which uses these funds to assist in the protection of the endangered Cape Leopard.

THE AMY FOUNDATION We are one of the largest supporters of the Amy Foundation, which fights to develop and empower underprivileged youth in our home country, South Africa.

THE WILDERNESS WILDLIFE TRUST Support from TreadRight enabled the Wilderness Wildlife Trust to build three research camps in Botswana, one of Africa’s last remaining wild ecosystems.

THE TOLLMAN AWARDS FOR VISUAL ARTS To help support promising young South African artists hampered by limited resources, we created the Tollman Awards for the Visual Arts in 2003 which awards recipients a grant of R100 000.

SAVE THE PENGUINS TreadRight contributed to the conservation of the endangered African Penguin through its sponsorship of the Burgher’s Walk Restoration Project at Boulders Beach, South Africa.

GOODBYE TO SINGLE-USE PLASTICS We’re setting our sights on a single-use plastic free future by 2022. In 2019, we are eliminating plastic water bottles from being sold on our coaches in Europe, North America and Asia. And in destinations where tap water is safe to drink, we encourage our guests to bring or buy their own reusable water bottles.

ONE TREE PLANTED In 2018, we offered our guests the opportunity to choose paper free documentation, resulting in over 70% of our guests opting for this environmentally friendly option. And to thank every guest who chooses e-documentations, we plant a tree in their honour. Together with our partner One Tree Planted, we have already reforested 150 acres of devastated land in places such as Tanzania.


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