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Ways to Explore WE INVITE YOU TO SEE AFRICA THROUGH OUR EYES AND EXPERIENCE IT IN A WAY OTHER TRAVELLERS CAN’T, AS PART OF OUR FAMILY. FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR HOMELAND AND LEAVE A PART OF YOURSELF ON ITS RICH SOIL, TAKING WITH YOU TREASURED MEMORIES AND A DEEP CONNECTION WITH THIS MESMERIZING LAND. Whether you want to know the ins and outs of a single country, exploring Hidden Gems far off the beaten tourist trail or travel through an entire region, celebrating its diversity, our passion and personal connection to each element of our trips ensure a truly unique experience that takes you to the heart of the people and places you visit. As a family and as a company, our journey began in Africa, and that journey

lives on in each guest with whom we can share the enchantment of this magical continent, our home. Choose the holiday you most desire with Trafalgar. Whether you want to explore the diversity of a region during your trip or scratch beneath the surface and enjoy an in-depth encounter in one country, Trafalgar has a Travel Style created with our guests’ personalised needs in mind.

C  ountry Explorer For: Unlock one destination in great depth. What you get? One country, explored in depth. With less distance to cover, you’ll have the luxury of time to really get to know the destination from the perspective of a local, covering both The Icons and the Hidden Gems.

City Explorer For: Those who want to uncover the secrets of a city. What you get? Based in one city for your entire stay, your Travel Director will unlock everything for you from the icons to city secrets.

R  egional Explorer

Safari experience

For: Gain insights into the diversity of a particular region.

FACT The Green Way to Travel When you choose to travel by coach you are choosing a greener way to travel ≈ 85% less CO2 per passenger kilometre than car and air travel. ≈ 40% less CO2 per passenger kilometre than rail travel.

Trafalgar, as part of The Travel Corporation, run a zero tolerance policy on single use plastic in all offices, globally. We take plastic pollution and our respect for the planet seriously. We recommend that our guests pack a reusable water bottle for destinations where tap water is safe to drink. Our trips run plastic bottle free.

What you get? Connect with the people, places and experiences of one region and explore its diverse history, culture and scenery along your journey.

Mini Stays For: Those who want to extend their African adventure. What you get? Add on an optional short excursion to your holiday, focusing on one particular icon or region so you can leave feeling as if you’ve left no stone unturned.

What trip? On all of our trips. 12

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