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How to Get the Smoothest Shave Possible

There’s nothing quite like a close, smooth shave to start your morning. A close shave means your skin is smooth and isn’t dry, itchy or flaky. It also means you will look pulled together and sharp, whether you are headed out the door to work or are just enjoying a day off.

Using an old-fashioned razor and shaving cream can actually be more affordable than using an electric razor, which requires expensive refill blades. If you’re the type that likes to implement green activities in your day-to-day life, wet shaving is the way to go because it saves power and is more environmentally friendly.

Despite what some people think, using a traditional razor, instead of an electric razor, can actually give you a better shave too. But, if you are a fan of wet shaving, you know that it’s not always easy to get the perfect shave.

Replace Razor Blades Often Dull razor blades won’t help you get the best shave and can actually lead to nicks and cuts. When your razor is dull, it won’t be able to cut through facial hair quickly and smoothly, and instead could tug at the hairs and nick your skin.

There isn’t a certain amount of time each blade will last, it will depend on how often you shave, how coarse your hair is and what kind of razor you use. When you notice you aren’t able to shave smoothly or cut as close to your skin as you would like, it’s time to replace your razor blade.

You should never use a broken, rusted or extremely old razor, as they can be dangerous and carry germs.

To browse our extensive collection of safety razor blades, please follow the link below: Start by Washing Your Face Many men skip this step, but it’s an important one. Before you shave, wash your face with warm water. This serves two purposes. First, it will clear your skin of dirt and oil, which can get in the way when you shave, making it harder to get a smooth shave. Second, warm water helps to open your pores and soften your whiskers to make shaving easier. This simple step will make your shave noticeably better.

Use a Moist, Rich Shaving Cream When you add shaving cream or soap to your face, it should be moist and rich. A good cream will protect your face and skin so that you won’t accidentally cut it with the razor. The soap needs to be moist enough that your blade can cut through it and it won’t stick to your face. Another reason shaving cream is important is that it hydrates your skin so that it will be moist and supple after you shave. There are all kinds of shaving creams to choose from, so find a type that you feel moisturises your skin and is easy to work with.

Whether you go with a canned shaving cream that is ready to use right away, or the type that needs to be worked into a

lather is up to you. Regardless of which kind you use, keep it moist on your face and use a shaving brush to add water to the cream as needed while you shave to keep it smooth and workable.

Use the Right Angle and Pressure When you start to shave, hold the razor at about a 30-degree angle from your face. This allows for optimal shaving and will help you prevent cuts. Every brand and style of razor has a different kid of handle, so pay attention to the blade as you shave. The handle may be at a completely different angle, but the blade needs to be at about 30 degrees from your face. If you are shaving correctly, you will have to apply little to no pressure. Doing so could lead to cuts. If you feel your razor isn’t doing a good job, don’t press harder; replace the razor. Never Shave Dry Spots You already know you shouldn’t shave without shaving cream, but while you are shaving, don’t stray out of the lathered skin onto a dry spot. It can be easy to accidentally go over an area that hasn’t been covered with shaving cream, but this will not only give you a bad shave, but can also cause nicks or irritate your skin. While shaving, take the time to stop and cover bare spots with shaving cream before you cut across them. This will pay off big time and make your shave much smoother.

Pay Attention the Direction Your Whiskers Grow One of the best things you can do to make sure you are getting the closest shave possible is pay attention to the direction your whiskers grow. If you aren’t sure which way they grow, let them grow out for a few days and then look closely at them in the mirror. When you shave, first pull the razor across your face with the grain, or in the same direction your whiskers grow. Then, come back and cross over the same section across

the grain and then again against the grain. This technique allows you to cut the whiskers as close to your face as possible, giving you the perfect, smooth shave. You shouldn’t cross over the same spot on your face more than two to three times at a maximum. When you shave over the same area too many times, your skin will become dry and irritated and you increase your chances of nicking your skin.

Rinse Your Skin and Use Aftershave When you are done shaving, rinse your skin with cool water and use an aftershave. This is another step many men skip, but when you use aftershave, your skin will stay smooth and healthy.

Aftershave is designed to hydrate your skin and to keep it healthy, so it feels and looks good. Dry, irritated skin can be itchy and uncomfortable and even look red or flaky. Another major reason to use aftershave is to keep your skin moisturised so shaving every day is easy. When your skin is healthy, it is easier to get the perfect shave and avoid irritation. When you use the right tools and techniques, it’s possible to get the perfect shave. When your face is smooth and soft, you’ll be more comfortable and look sharp, no matter what you wear.

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How to Get the Smoothest Shave when Wet Shaving  

A practical guide to help you go through the process of wet shaving, while having fun and enjoying pampering yourself!