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20 Valuable Shaving Tips Style statements can be made in a variety of ways, from the way you wear your hair to the way you tie your shoelaces. When it comes to male fashion, nothing is more appealing than a well groomed face. Whether you prefer a close smooth shave or you simply like to shape up the strays on your moustache, following the tips below can save you precious time and effort and help you to avoid unsightly shaving mishaps. Tip #1 Don’t Even Touch That Razor Yet One of the most underrated shaving techniques is adequately preparing your face. Think of your face as a landscape and your razor as a lawnmower. Isn’t it always easier to mow the grass after you pull out the weeds? The same is true when approaching facial hair. Taking a hot shower and applying a high quality shaving soap will not only smooth out the surface of your skin, it will also help soften those rough whiskers and promote a closer, smoother shave. Tip #2 Know Your Skin Type

Identifying your personal skin type will help you to choose shaving products accordingly. If you have oily skin, powder based products might be more your speed. If you have sensitive skin, be careful of harsh chemicals and overwhelming lotions. If you have acne prone skin, avoiding brushes with extremely stiff bristles is in your best interest.

Tip #3 Calculate the Costs of Shaving Carefully A cheap razor doesn’t necessarily save money in the long run, especially if you consistently have to replace the blades. You also run the risk of ending up with an uneven shave, causing you to have to shave more frequently in the future. Investing in a durable, high profile brand will save you money in the long run; there are some really great safety razors from quality

brands, e.g the Merkur razors or the Edwin Jagger ones. At any rate, it will definitely allot you a closer, cleaner shave. Tip #4 A Clean Shave Starts with a Clean Razor Once you’ve adequately prepared your face for the ultimate smooth shaving experience, apply that same diligence to the blade on your razor. The cleaner the blade is, the cleaner your shave will be. Tip #5 Throw in the Towel A warm or hot towel is great for your razor and your face. The steam from a hot compress will leave pores open and keep the skin relaxed and ready to go. Tip #6 Get a Grip If you shave with a shaky hand, you’ve already lost the battle between you and your stubborn stubble. Relax, take a deep breathe and keep your hand steady. If keeping a firm grasp is a problem for you, it’s possible that you have chosen the wrong razor. A nice solid handle is easy to grab, so choose one you can easily hold on to. Tip #7 Don’t Go Against the Grain Always shave in the direction the hair grows in, even if your instincts suggest differently. Shaving in the correct direction will help you to avoid ingrown hairs and shameful razor bumps. Tip #8 Remember That You Have Two Hands Resorting to a one handed shave is a sloppy shortcut and that’s exactly what it will look like. Even if you are pressed for time, remember to hold the razor with one hand and your face with the other. Pull your skin tight for the closest shave possible. Tip #9 Buy Products That Match Your Razor Be certain that the products you buy compliment the razor you’re using. An easy way to do this is to purchase a razor kit, rather than making individual purchases. Tip #10 Don’t Shave in the Shower

No matter what anyone tells you, running a blade over your face while submersed in water and standing on a slippery surface is a terrible idea. It is also impossible to see yourself in a foggy mirror. Tip #11 Know Your Shaving Products There’s no shame in researching the products you place on your face. In fact, it’s recommended. Knowledge of each product’s purpose and ingredients will help you to avoid major mistakes, such as shaving with something you’re allergic to or using aftershave before you’ve started. While it may sound comical, there are plenty of people who started shaving the wrong way years ago and continued the process due to lack of knowledge. You might recognise them by the band aids and stubbly ingrown hair.

Tip #12 Don’t Shave in Front of an Audience Shaving while distracted can cause you to leave out important details. Shaving should be a personal and private matter if you expect the best results. Tip #13 Remain trim Those pesky little stray hairs that seem to come out of nowhere should be demolished on sight. Examine your face throughout the day rather than waiting until it is time to shave. Keeping your face trim at all times will make your shave look flawless 24 hours a day. Tip #14 There’s a Shaving Tip Right under Your Nose Shaving isn’t limited to beards in today’s world. Your nose should be trim as well. If you have a moustache, be certain it is a well groomed moustache that’s easy on the eyes. If you are without a moustache, you should still keep nostril hair trimmed down and your upper lip hairless and smooth.

Tip #15 About that Upper Lip This is a tricky area because it’s so close to your mouth. Pulling the skin as firm as possible and shaving in sections should help to avoid knicks and cuts. Tip #16 Tilt Your Head When shaving, tilt your head from side to side for the best possible view of your progress before, during and after the shave. Tip #17 Find Suitable Storage A razor is a tool that comes in close contact with your face each day so be certain to store it someplace clean and out of the way of harmful contaminants that could damage the razor or break out your face. Tip #18 Go Heavy on the Vitamins Vitamin rich facial treatments promote a glowing skin tone that will nicely compliment your new shave. Tip #19 Try a Trial Shave If you are gearing up to try out a new razor, cream or lotion, or if this is your first shave, test everything out on a small patch of skin and wait 24 hours before you continue. Tip #20 Always Accessorise Don’t leave your razor alone in the bathroom or shaving will seem like a chore. Matching brushes, combs and storage cases will give you a well needed boost of confidence and lead to an incredible shave.

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