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Get into solar with the team at In2Solar Twelve months ago, Ian Bray from Ian Bray Electrical and Trent Slater from Plumbwise, brought together their plumbing and electrical trades and started In2Solar, providing domestic and commercial solar power and hot water to the Bundaberg region. With more than 30 years’ experience between them, Ian and Trent, along with Trent’s wife, Emma, guarantee to deliver a professional service that you can trust. The team at In2Solar will personally assist you every step of the way, from onsite appraisals, to sales and finally installation. There is no jumping from one person to another and your requests getting lost in translation, as Ian and Trent will be there from beginning to end. In2Solar offers various solar power and hot water solutions for domestic, commercial and rural use and is committed to supplying products that will maintain performance, work efficiently and stand the test of time. Grid Connect PV Systems offer a basic installation of PV (photovoltaic) panels and inverter to convert DC power from the panels to AC power for your home. The system operates during daylight hours only and only when the supply authority’s Grid power is connected. Power produced from the system is consumed within the home and any excess power is exported to the Grid.

Grid Back-Up has all the benefits of Grid Connect, plus seamless change over to a battery back-up system during power outages. Fully programmable, switch the Grid to off, start a generator and be fully automated. Become selfsufficient and still take advantage of Ergon’s Nett


Feed-in Tariff. In2Solar also provides Stand Alone systems which will allow you to be completely self-sufficient with your energy needs. Solar Hot Water Systems There is a wide range of hot water systems to choose from, which will help you use less energy and save money. The Australia, State and Territory Governments are working together to phase out electric hot water systems. Well that’s a basic run down on the solar power and hot water options that In2Solar offers, but their newest solar product available is air-conditioners.

The Solakool Hybrid air-conditioner has the ability to both cool and heat your home throughout the year without the huge running costs. The benefits of a solar air-conditioner is that no direct sunlight is required, operating for up to 15 hours after only four hours of daylight exposure, saving you big money. To find out more on how you can go solar and save money in the long run, give the team at In2Solar a call on 1300 132 046.