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2 Sun Sea Salt Nothing says paradise like Salty’s Tiki Bar and Beach Lounge 6 Beach Flow Discover the benefits of yoga on the beach 8 Meet Splash Dog Superhero And learn about Southeastern Guide Dogs’ community sculpture fundraiser 12 Eat Like a Local Enjoy a taste of the history that’s shaped our unique dining scene 16 It’s all sun, sand and smiles... A look at our unrivaled beach playground for kids 20 Together is our favorite place to be. Tips for making your next family trip your best ever 24 Heat meets Sweet Meet some of our chefs and their irresistible creations 28 My Way or the Skyway Get the scoop on Sunshine Skyway Bridge fun



32 Love in Bloom One of our favorite local florists explains her tips for wedding flower success 34 Getting Crafty at RumFish Grill Follow this journey through Florida’s Craft Beer Capital 38 Leaving Footprints on the Sand Learn about our new TradeWinds Eco Team 42 Gatherings to Remember Ideal settings abound, from grand galas to intimate celebrations 44 BlueGreen Vacations Learn more about the perks of this exceptional vacation ownership program 46 Letting Go Through Our Guests’ Lens! See some of our favorite guest pictures throughout the year 49 Discounts and Rewards Contest winners, seasonal packages and more GETAWAY magazine is produced and published by the Marketing Department of TradeWinds Island Resorts. Editor in Chief | Lynda Waters Creative Director | Angela Mitchell Art Director | Terri Rickman Staff Photographers | Wendy Yoder Cover: Steve Widoff Photography


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SUNSHINE SERVED DAILY Living here in the idyllic place that averages 361 sunny days a year, and holds the Guinness Book of World Records with the most consecutive sunny days (an astounding 768), it came as a bit of a shock to me when I looked at the national weather news in September. My entire state was shown under the swirling mass of clouds of a hurricane. Hurricane Irma was indeed massive, and intense, and caused much destruction throughout the Caribbean and south Florida. Here on St. Pete Beach, we fared amazingly well. While the barrier islands were under an evacuation order, the beaches here were relatively free of debris immediately after the storm. Thanks to our dedicated TradeWinds team who put in many stressful hours clearing the beach and entire resort of anything that could blow around - and then putting it all back together again - we were back in business the day after Hurricane Irma passed through the area. Our welcome mat is out. The sun is shining daily, the skys are blue, and our “pumpkin spice sunsets” earn us the reputation of The Sunset Capital of Florida. It’s the perfect time to discover all that our two resorts have to offer. Where else can you stay at one beach hotel, play at two Florida resorts, wine and dine at 14 restaurants and bars, and enjoy endless activities? I’d like to share a word about making your reservations. Booking directly with TradeWinds has its advantages. If you book direct, you will save up to 12% off our best available rates; off any and all of our hotel rooms and suites. Your reservation vacation concierge is right here on site, and can help you navigate through all our accommodation styles, make recommendations for the days with the best rates, and tell you what’s happening here at the resorts. But you must book directly with us, either online at JustLetGo.com or by calling us at 877.386.7089 (ask for Book Direct and Save Discount). Find your moment in the sunshine at TradeWinds! Sunny regards,

Keith Overton, CHA President, TradeWinds Island Resorts





sun sea salt



The new Salty’s Beach Lounge




othing says “paradise” like the new addition to Salty’s Tiki Bar! It’s so easy to picture yourself sipping on a tall cool umbrella drink with your toes in the sand.

Salty’s now spills from the tiki bar on the adult pool deck at Island Grand, right out into the beach. With serpentine sofas surrounding fire tables, hooded chaise lounges, Adirondack chairs and plenty of umbrellas, there’s no better place to kick back and relax.



Music drifts out from the stage, which has been opened up so you can enjoy it from any angle. Live entertainment is featured each afternoon and evening, and there are always sunset drink specials from a half-hour before sunset to a half hour after. Salty’s Beach Lounge is sure to heat up after the sun goes down, so grab your favorite frozen beverage and enjoy a world-renowned sunset with an unobstructed view! If you crave a little more action than just kickin’ back, then drum up a little friendly competition with our ring game. Also called Tiki Toss, Bimini Ring Game, Ring on a String, and even Ringing the Bull, it’s a game that’s about as laid-back as you can get. But, at least until you hear that satisfying metal clink of success, you’re hooked!

THE ISLAND ESCAPE What’s the most popular drink at Salty’s Beach Lounge? According to Jerry the bartender, the Island Escape is their signature drink, and requested most often. Starting with your basic piña colada flavors, he adds banana liqueur, melon liqueur, light rum and Chambord for a soothing, satisfying trip to the tropics!



Beach Flow Performing yoga at the beach pairs the sights, sounds, and smells of saltwater to naturally improve your mood. Developed thousands of years ago, yoga is known as a complete body workout with such benefits as:

• Increases range of motion and flexibility • Strengthens joints and ligaments • Corrects muscle balance with improved posture • Energizes the body with less mental and physical • Enhances concentration

• Improves bone health, reduces the risk of osteop

• Performing yoga on an uneven surface, such as sa helps build secondary muscles in the hips and kn



By Mary Scourtes Greacen



and, nees

Patti Bluhm likes that Matthew McConaughey is a role model for practicing yoga on the beach.

Bluhm. The breath and meditation allows the body to rest, recover and re-energize.

She welcomes the actor to join her sessions anytime.

She loves meeting people from all over the world, especially the international clientele.

Bluhm, a passionate yoga practitioner, has taught dolphin poses, fish poses and other similar poses / asanas at Saturday classes at TradeWinds Island Resort since 2003. She has taught 1,000 classes, ranging from octogenarians to youngsters.

“It is definitely an exciting and educational element,’’ adds the enthusiastic, encouraging teacher.

One mother brought her six-month-old and put him on his belly in a circle of exercisers. As the guests twisted and turned, the baby seemed to mimic their movements. Mom also lifted the baby where poses permitted, showing that yoga also provides strength training along with stretch and cardio.

It’s not unusual for large groups to book short or long, private, stretching classes, she adds.

“It was an inspiration to other new mothers that you can still keep a healthy lifestyle and bring your baby to class,’’ she says. Weights are added for more dimension, along with partner poses and more vigorous cardio movement. She meets curious newbies to experienced yogi. One man, who returns every year, likes to show off his different alignments.

Assistant Activities Director Alexis Hoffstadter has noticed how more guests pack fitness clothes to start vacation with a work out.

Yoga instructor Cheri McNally loves how the gulf breezes and the sounds of seagulls add atmosphere. “What I love about teaching on the beach is being outside and disconnecting from the business of life... computers and cell phones,’’ says McNally. She tailors stretching and strengthening boat poses, tree poses or other balance moves. “When I meet guests who say this is their first yoga class, I tell them they’ve come to the right place,” as she shares yoga benefits to help gain a relaxed mind and body.

“He did headstands and coaxed the teacher to take his photograph,’’ remembers Bluhm.

A recent dad suffering with back pain told the physical therapist assistant that he was intimidated by the extreme yoga poses in magazines. She adds:

“The importance of yoga is in the breathing exercises and micro movements and there are many different types of techniques,’’ says

“He felt so much better from the stretching, he was encouraged to go home and find a class to attend regularly.’’







ou’ve seen the cows, the turtles, the dolphins and manatees: crazy painted animals, showcasing a community’s local artists and raising money for a good cause. But nobody had life-sized, four-legged caped superheroes until now, with Superheroes on Parade! When Southeastern Guide Dogs began their community sculpture fundraising campaign, TradeWinds Island Resorts jumped at the chance to get on board. Located just across the Skyway Bridge, this amazing nonprofit agency has a national reach, and operates without any government funds. Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs, serving those who cannot see, and those who have seen too much. These services and superhero dogs are offered at no charge.

About the Artist: Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr Considered a modern landscape artist, Elizabeth’s acrylic paintings are unified by her rich colorful palette and expressionistic style. She receives her inspiration from nature but paints a landscape birthed from her own imagination. Her studio is at Santaella Studios for the Arts and she shows locally and nationally.

Guide dogs give people with vision loss the independence they need to live life to its fullest. Service dogs give veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder the help they need to emerge from seclusion and overcome anxiety, and serve veterans with other challenges such as balance issues, seizures, and hearing loss. These Labradors, golden retrievers and goldadors are like elite athletes prepared for the challenge. They are smart, fit, highly trained, and they love people, love to learn, and live to please. Find out more at guidedogs.org.

All of the St. Pete Superheroes, and the artists who brought them “to life”, were revealed to the owners (sponsoring businesses) at the unveiling event at TradeWinds Island Resorts. Light appetizers, cocktails and fun was had by all.



PET TRAVEL TIPS Please note: many of these are appropriate for traveling with children, too.

OVERPACK. Pack all the toys and chew treats that you think you’ll need, then double or triple it. Her favorite toy yesterday may not be her favorite today. PROPER ID. Tags should have the dog’s name, your name, and your mobile phone number. Add the name of the place you are staying if possible. Have a photo with you or on your phone in case he bolts. ADORABLE ALERT. Though most everyone will “ooh” and “aahh” over your pet, some may actually consider her annoying. Try to steer clear of those people, just for everyone’s comfort. Cats seem particularly drawn to these people, however. GO HI-TECH. Utilize a pet GPS device, a water safety monitor if you’re going to a dog beach, and for sure, microchip your pet. SHARE YOUR SPACE. Dogs seem to know they can get away with a little more than normal on vacation. (Ummm, kinda like kids.) So give him some extra love, and be prepared to share the couch or the bed with your furry friend.



sit. stay. play.


Pet-friendly suites, leash-free pet play zone, doggie drinking fountain and designated walking zones mean Fido can come and play, too. “Sit. Stay. Play. Package” is available at both Guy Harvey Outpost and TradeWinds Island Grand.

JustLetGo.com/fido or call 855.429.1557 JUSTLETGO.COM


Pia’s Trattoria


Red Mesa Cantina Photos courtesy of Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater



Dining is one of the best things about Tampa Bay, offering a mouthwatering menu of diverse cuisines. Here’s a taste of the history that has shaped our unique dining scene, along with a few suggestions for you to eat like a local. Enjoy! by Angela Mitchell

THE CIGAR CAPITAL OF THE WORLD Ybor City, Tampa’s historic Latin quarter, earned this designation in the early 1900s at the peak of its cigar production days. It all began with Don Vicente Martinez Ybor, a Cuban expat and prominent cigar manufacturer, who moved his business from Key West to Tampa. Spanish cigar manufacturers followed suit and thousands of workers from Cuba, Spain and Italy poured into the area to work in more than 200 cigar factories. Tampa grew from 800 residents in 1880 to more than 15,000 in 1900. These immigrants brought their native cuisines with them – and they’re still delighting diners today. The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City, which opened in 1905 and is now run by the 4th and 5th generation founding family members, is one of many local restaurants serving authentic Spanish, Cuban and Italian fare. A few to try nearby are The Bodega and Red Mesa Cantina in downtown St. Pete and Pia’s Trattoria in Gulfport.



THE SPONGE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD Tampa Bay’s other claim to fame in the early 20th century involved the city of Tarpon Springs and its illustrious sponge industry. The key to the prolific production was a Greek diving method introduced by John Cocoris in 1905. Spongers from the Dodecanese Islands were recruited, resulting in 1,500 Greek immigrants calling Tarpon Springs home in the following years. Greek restaurants, bakeries, coffee houses and other Greekinspired businesses sprang up along Dodecanese Boulevard to serve this growing population. Today, this charming sponge district hasn’t changed much. If you want to take a break from the beach to experience some bona fide Greek culture and food, it’s sure to be a delicious outing.



Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish

THE SEAFOOD CAPITAL OF THE WORLD Okay, so maybe this has never been an official title for the Tampa Bay area, but it might as well be. Seafood is just a part of life here – one of the best parts! It’s front and center in the area’s culinary cultural fusion (fish tacos, seafood paella, lobster ravioli just to name a few) but it’s also served up in good ol’, non-pretentious Florida style at area raw bars, fish houses and crab shacks. Fresh local catches on area menus include delectable grouper, hogfish, snapper, Gulf pink shrimp, stone crab claws and bay scallops. One old school fish house is Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish, established in 1951 in South Pasadena, just over the bridge from St. Pete Beach. Smoking fish dates back to the area’s earliest locals of all, the Tocobagan Indians, as a way of preservation. Ted Peters carries on that tradition today to produce the tastiest smoked fish spread around. Eat like a local and give it a try!










The KONK (Kids Only, No Kidding!) Activities Center offers daily crafts, not to mention fun drop-off camps and hourly care.

It’s hands-on learning fun at our Touch Tank.

On a boogie board, laughter comes in waves.

We’ll keep your kids happily entertained with tons of fun activities. The only thing you have to do is relax!

The surf’s always up on our Surf WipeOut ride.

Your kids will love the High Tide Slide, a three-story-tall favorite.

A ride on the Extreme Zone Bungee Trampoline is one they won’t soon forget!





Together is our favorite place to be. By Lynda Waters




ver the river and through the woods is not how you get to grandmother’s house these days. She may live in a big city high rise or in a tiny town across the country with little airport access. So going somewhere together on vacation may be the best way to connect with family we don’t see very often… except on skype or facetime. But what kind of vacation? Are Nana and Pop really up for a nonstop theme park, multi-day experience? (No, she cannot stand in yet another line to see one more princess, and he absolutely refuses to get on another one of those thrill rides.) Are the grandkids up for sitting on a balcony and looking at that beautiful scenery? (“We’re bored, there’s nothing to do.”) Traveling with multiple people can be challenging, and when the ages range from three to seventy-three, it can become downright daunting. But sharing a variety of adventures with the ones you love are worth it. And the Shutterfly® book that someone will put together after the trip is priceless!




Plan ahead: There is often one person in the family who really likes to do all the surfing online and plan things out. Appointing one or two people do this with a list of options can at least limit the choices for all to consider. Having one home base surrounded by lots of recreational options helps. Define restrictions: Are there kids who need a nap in the afternoon? Anyone with walking difficulties? Dietary needs? There’s no sense planning an afternoon at a seafood festival if half the group is allergic to shellfish. Split up: Everyone doesn’t have to do everything together all day long. Morning might be a visit to an art museum for Nana and Mom, a dolphin watch excursion for Pop and the budding marine scientist, while the rest of the clan plays at a water park. The Tampa Bay area has such a wide variety of places to explore (in less than a couple of hours) that it’s easy to accommodate a lot of preferences. Come together: Gathering around a campfire, roasting s’mores and just sharing stories about “the best thing I did today” makes for rich family memories.

Be a kid again: being around the grandkids often gives grandparents permission to do things they haven’t done in a while. Build a sandcastle or plunge down a waterslide; even a walk on the beach in the company of a 5-year-old brings back that childlike perspective and wonder.


Looking for a way to bridge the gap between generations? Did you ever? You can play in a car or around the dinner table, and share personal stories with an off-the-wall question. Did you ever win a prize? What was your funniest pet? Did you ever eat a grasshopper? Do you have a secret talent? Two truths and a fib: Each person tells two things about them that are true, and one thing that is not; each person guesses which one is the fib. Tried and true: 20 Questions; Animal, Vegetable, Mineral; and Categories are all games that work well for young and old.




Sweet M EETS

Cagey coastal cooks create a culinary crossfire that take you to the moon and back. By Mary Scourtes Greacen




xecutive Chef Justin Harry is skillfully nuanced and extraordinarily surprising. He and his culinary team at TradeWinds Island Resorts have a strong reputation for excellence and dish up a diverse menu of robust and attractive standbys along with innovative standouts.

Overseeing all the resort restaurants as well as the banquet kitchen, he is a master at balancing flavors. You needn’t worry that your scalp will erupt or throat close up when savoring dinners spiced with Scotch Bonnet, habanero and other peppers. Chef Justin, who is a bit of a chili head himself, likes the jaunty combination of spicy habanero bacon dipped in Valrona chocolate. “It’s a nice little surprise,’’ he says. For snacking, roasted nuts with cinnamon, coriander and cayenne pepper, enlivened by candied maple syrup, offer pleasantly spicy, crunchy results.

Chef Thomas Mandzik of Bermudas Steak & Seafood restaurant loves to create a harmonious balance between opposing flavors. The chef pairs chopped, smoked jalapeños with a swoosh of Florida honey to create mellifluous harmony. “Just like Mariah Carey’s song ‘Opposites Attract’, these ingredients should marry,’’ says Mandzik. Homemade smoked bacon, for instance, starts with a fat pork belly that he cold smokes, seasons and glazes with honey and chipotles. You’ll almost get giddy when tasting. Guests enjoy the heady aroma of a Thai shrimp appetizer cooked with a little sweet sizzle. Caribbean chicken offers an interplay of explosive flavors when pineapple meets jalapeños. “It gives enough pop, but it’s not unbearable,’’ adds the chef. Then there is a little jolt from the Sriracha peppers that permeate mangoes in a finishing sauce that helps Bermudas’ barbecued chicken, pork and sausage rise above the competition.



From vacationers to conventioneers, the resorts’ travelers reflect a polyglot audience from across our country and far beyond. These guests can easily be oriented to Florida by the bewitching world of the sea contained in the panoramic, 33,500-gallon aquarium at RumFish Grill located in front of Guy Harvey Outpost. Aaron Schweitzer, chef de cuisine of RumFish Grill, has previously worked in the restaurant kitchens of New Orleans and Charleston. Needless to say, he knows his spices. Grilled Jerk Swordfish, enhanced by habanero pepper, green onion, allspice, cinnamon and cloves, is treated to a miso glaze, and then adorned by pineapple salsa, papaya rum butter, coconut rice and beans. Robust pork, embellished by habaneros and a sweet coffee reduction, redolent with star anise and coriander, is yet another gem at RumFish Grill.



Patrons gathering to catch a game on the bar’s big screen can’t get enough of the restaurant’s fried chicken wings with such standout heat from scorpion, habanero and ghost peppers, napped by a tangy strawberry sauce. Happy hour on the patio is even happier with wings slathered with guava barbecue or the Carolina Reaper marmalade. You’ll forget about Buffalo-style chicken wings (though staunch traditionalist will find them here) when the ying and yang of habanero, scorpion and Scotch bonnet peppers within a fresh orange marmalade, awaken the taste buds. As borders continue to blur, the American palate shifts. Adds Chef Aaron, “the influence of guava, sour sop, papaya, mango and other fruits balance so well with hot chillies.’’ Life in the hot sauce lane continues to get fired up.




Photo courtesy of Chris Sanchez



T H E S K Y WAY SKYWAY FUN Just a short drive from TradeWinds, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge is a majestic landmark that graces Tampa Bay. Simply driving over it is an unforgettable experience, but here are some other ways to enjoy this aesthetic marvel.



DROP A LINE AND ENJOY THE SCENERY. Before the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was built in 1987, an older bridge stood in its place to connect St. Petersburg to Bradenton. Instead of tearing the old bridge down completely, it was turned into the Skyway Fishing Pier State Park and became the longest fishing pier in the world. Besides being a great place to catch fish, this pier provides some pretty amazing sightseeing. You’ll have an almost otherworldly view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge along with spectacular sunrises and sunsets. You’ll also see plenty of marine life. Pelicans and other shore birds hang out here, and schools of dolphins and stingrays are common sights. Not to mention that prize catch! Get your camera ready.

FANTASTIC FISHING FOR SERIOUS ANGLERS AND ROOKIES ALIKE. Fishing at this colossal pier is basically the next best thing to going out on a fishing boat. You’re pretty much guaranteed to catch something. If you have your own gear, you’ll appreciate being able to park right next to your fishing spot. If you need gear and assistance, you can rent a pole and buy bait at the on-site bait shop – the attendant will set you up with what you need – and the park admission fee covers your fishing license. For directions and details, visit FloridaStateParks.org/Park/Skyway.

A GREAT SPOT FOR WATER SPORTS. You can also enjoy swimming, shelling and water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing and kiteboarding. Several local outfitters such as Elite Watersports (EliteWatersports. com) use the beaches around the Sunshine Skyway Bridge as launching spots. On windy days when kiteboarders are out in force, colorful kites whipping through the air and their breathtaking moves add to the phenomenal scenery.

SWIMMING ON HORSEBACK? YES PLEASE! This area also offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience: a horseback ride where the horse actually swims with you on its back! C Ponies offers this unforgettable adventure with rides on their Drum and Gypsy Vanner horses, rare breeds with beautiful flowing manes and serene dispositions. The experience of swimming with them near the iconic Skyway, well, that’s one for the bucket list. Learn more at CPonies.com.

Photo courtesy 30 of CPonies.com TRADEWINDS


SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE FAST FACTS Year built: 1987 Cost: $245 million Height: 193 feet

GYPSY VANNER & DRUM HORSES The Gypsy Vanner Horse is a beautiful breed originating from the Gypsies of Great Britain. This horse was selectively bred for over half a century from a vision to create the perfect horse to pull the Gypsy caravan (hence the name “vanner”). The Gypsy Vanner is often referred to as a “people-sized” draft horse. The genetic origins of the breed include the Shire, the Clydesdale, and the native British ponies such as the Dales. It is a body type with heavy bone and broad body like a draft horse, but with the majority of the breed standing 14-15 hands at the withers. (Clydesdales, made famous to the general public by Budweiser, stand 16-18 hands). The Gypsy Vanner can be any color or pattern. The first characteristic often noticed is the abundance of feather flowing from behind the knees and hocks, as well as the long free-flowing mane and tail. Gypsy Vanners possess a temperament that is friendly and engaging.

Length: 4.14 miles – the world’s longest cable-stayed concrete bridge Daily traffic: 50,500 Accolades: Multiple awards including a Top 10 Bridge in the world by Travel Channel and the 1988 Presidential Award through the National Endowment for the Arts Also noteworthy: In 2012, the U.S. Postal Service featured it on a $5.15 Priority Mail stamp

These horses are now being used in all disciplines. You will see them pulling carts and carriages, ridden in the dressage ring, as jumpers and as a western pleasure horse. It is a wonderful family horse and is popular as a trail or therapy horse due to its unflappable nature. For more information, visit the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society at vanners.org. The Drum Horse is an important member of the Queen of England’s Band of the Life Guards. These horses carry two large solid silver kettle drums, plus a fully outfitted rider, through crowds of thousands during the Queen’s processions. They must remain calm and sensible in crowded, noisy environments. In America, Drum Horses are being redefined for use in various riding and driving disciplines. Photo courtesy of Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater



Love in bloom 32



o brides who marry at the beach want exotic tropical flowers and sea shells? According to Izabela, Floral and Design Director of Iza’s Flowers, that is actually fairly unusual. Brides tend to make their choices based on what’s trending and it’s no surprise that every one of them has her own vision of what their wedding should be. Planning a wedding from a distance presents challenges, and Pinterest boards and emails keep everything moving forward. However, for that vision to come to life requires something more. A floral designer must create a bond with their client; one who is a good listener, one who understands exactly what the bride is envisioning. Personal phone calls (not voice messages) are a must!

Photos courtesy of VRVision Photography









ust because their name starts with ‘rum’, doesn’t mean that’s all RumFish Grill serves. They also take pride in offering a diverse array of craft cocktails and beers on their carefully compiled drink menu. That’s why, when given the golden “hopportunity” to draft some new craft beers to their tap lineup, two managers took it upon themselves to look local. They hit the streets of St. Petersburg, sampling craft beers of all different varieties from some of Tampa Bay’s most beloved breweries. Believe us, this was no easy feat considering Tampa Bay’s “Gulp Coast” is considered Florida’s Craft Beer Capital!



Knowing that they needed to brew up a little diversity, the two intrepid tipplers first selected breweries that were best recognized for certain types of craft brews. And what better place to start than at Cycle Brewing for their awardwinning Cream and Sugar, Please coffee porter. Brewed with chocolate and dark chocolate malts, it is finished with coffee from Mazarro’s Italian Market (another local favorite!) to create a beer with a silky mouthfeel and rich flavor. After that first sample, they knew they were on the right track. They headed to 3 Daughters Brewery where they knew they could find a refreshing break from the sun with a cold Key Lime Cider. The sweet apple flavor of this cider is nicely balanced by the tart, zesty key lime juice. Rod Bender Red Ale (even the names reflect the Florida lifestyle!) made the final cut, as did everyone’s favorite, Beach Blonde Ale. This bombshell of a brew is easy on the tongue, refreshing and bright, and finishes with a satisfying hint of citrus. It was a no-brainer to include Cigar City Brewing’s Jai Alai. This India Pale Ale is sadly all that remains of the fast-paced Basque game of Jai Alai in the Tampa Bay area. It pairs well with deviled crabs, beef empanadas and other spicy dishes,



and you’ll find a few cans in almost every beer drinker’s fridge in the area. Polishing off the trip, the dynamic duo ubered to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, choosing their APA Reef Donkey. This dry-hopped American Pale Ale has a lemon/lime aroma with citrus and slight tropical fruit flavor. Though classified as an APA, it drinks more like a session IPA perfect for a day on the boat fishing. By the way, Reef Donkey is slang for the Greater Amberjack, a gamefish which inhabit our coastal wrecks and reefs. Finally, exhausted but definitely well hydrated, the two felt their local craft beer list, as carefully cultivated as the hops featured on it, was ready for its debut. This labor of love will never be complete, but that doesn’t bother these two happy taste testers. They’re always searching for the best beers to bring back to RumFish Grill. If you’ve got a favorite draft or bottle that didn’t make their first cut, stop by any time, ask for the bar manager, and give him an earful while he fills your glass!

CRAFT LINGO “It is indeed bad to eat apples. It is better to make them all into cider.” – Benjamin Franklin

ABV stands for alcohol by volume. Beer can range from 2% to 12%, with most lagers falling in the 4-6% range. ALE is the style of brewing that has been around since Babylonian times. It utilizes fermenting yeast that converts sugar to alcohol quickly and at higher temperatures. This often leads to beers that may have a less refined taste and finish, and higher ABV, than lagers. AMERICAN AMBER ALES have a medium bitterness derived from American grown hops. They are usually darker in color which comes from the addition of darker caramel malts and typically have more body than pale ales. IPA stands for India Pale Ale. While its country of origin is not India, it is an important standard reference for this 175-year-old brewing process which typically produces ABVs above 6%. Imperial IPAs are generally above 8%. This process produces a very strong, bitter and hoppy taste in most of the beers. SESSION IPA is another style that produces a more modest flavor profile and is not as bitter or hoppy as a full blown IPA or Imperial IPA. Generally, the ABV is less than 6% for this style of beer and can be an all-day drinking beer. PORTER is a brewing process that involves mixing styles of ale and adding dark, thicker, and more robust roasted or chocolate flavors. CIDER is made from crushed and fermented apples. Ciders are technically considered wine, and can be classified from sweet to dry. When the Romans invaded England in 55 BC, they found the locals drinking cider. The Pilgrims brought apple seeds and cider making tools with them on the Mayflower.

Photos courtesy of Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater





As a designated Green Lodge, TradeWinds Island Resorts has long been a friend of the environment, promoting a variety of guest programs such as the Swim with the Fishes program, turtle walks and educational signs throughout the properties. In an effort to go beyond the guest experience and become true stewards of the environment, a group of resort employees have formed the new TradeWinds Eco Team.




he Eco Team’s mission is to raise awareness about the effects of the “human footprint.” The team hosts special eco-events sponsored by the TradeWinds Island Resorts and through other education, local outreach and conservation efforts. The team holds monthly meetings with guest speakers from local organizations such as Secrets of the Sea, Tampa Bay Watch, Turtle Trackers and Clearwater Marine Aquarium. These speakers lead the group in topic-related activities and issue an eco-challenge for the group to take on that month. In addition, the Eco Team participates in activities such as monthly beach cleanups, inviting local residents and guests to join in. Team t-shirts help spread the word. “We’ve always prided ourselves on our commitment to the environment here at the TradeWinds through our guest education and conservation programs,” said Keith Overton, president, TradeWinds Island Resorts. “For our employees to become personally invested in this cause this way is something we are especially proud of.” Eco Team members can earn prizes for participating in various activities in the “Starfish of the Month” program. Local charities win as well: each team member can select their favorite eco-related program and at the end of each year, TradeWinds will donate money based on the number of points that member earned.



NESTING SEA TURTLES Sea turtle nesting season runs April through the end of October. This year, both the Eco Team and Guy Harvey Outpost adopted turtle nests near the resort. One hatched on May 21 with 109 hatchlings and 61 hatchlings emerged from the second nest on June 22. Loggerhead turtles comprise 98% of the nesting turtles here on Florida’s West Coast. After making their way safely to the water, the baby turtles find relative safety in floating Sargassum seaweed in the Gulf of Mexico. The Sargasso Sea, circulating along currents in the North Atlantic basin, will be their primary home for many years until they reach maturity, when females return to the beach of their birth to repeat the cycle.

“Turtle Joe” Widlanski of Sea Turtle Trackers gives complimentary turtle talks every Tuesday at Guy Harvey Outpost to help educate our guests on the habits of sea turtles and best practices to help protect them. For more than 35 years, this organization and their volunteers have been devoted to protecting sea turtles on St. Pete Beach and Shell Island. You can help support them through the Amazon.Smile program; check out their website at SeaTurtleTrackers.org.

HOW LONG ’TIL IT’S GONE? Estimated Decomposition Rates of Common Marine Debris Plywood 1-3 years

Styrofoam Cup 50 years

Photo-Degradable Holder 6 mo.

Wool Socks 1-5 years

Tin Can 50 years

Plastic Bottle 450 years

Cigarette Butts 1-5 years

Aluminum Can 200 years

Disposable Diaper 450 years

Plastic Grocery Bag 10-20 years

Plastic 6-Pack Drink Holder 400 years

Fishing Line 600 years



Gatherings to remember



Discover the perfect place to hold conferences, company picnics and corporate celebrations. The events held at TradeWinds are as varied as the venues available to host them. Fund-raising galas with the ballroom decked out to the nines, beachfront company picnics with steaks sizzling on the grill, intimate cocktail parties, private birthday celebrations‌ there is so much more than meetings and conferences happening at TradeWinds.



Bluegreen Vacations & TradeWinds ÂŽ

The Perfect Vacation Combination Bluegreen Vacations invites you to return time and again to TradeWinds Island Resorts to experience all the resort has to offer. We also invite you to discover how the Bluegreen Vacation ClubÂŽ can help you achieve the vacation lifestyle you deserve.



Christmas Mountain Village™

The Hammocks at Marathon™

Solara Surfside™

About Bluegreen We believe in the power of vacationTM. We believe vacations make people happier by sharing time together, smiles and memories. Founded in 1966 as Patten Corporation, Bluegreen Vacations has created the perfect way to share happiness through our Bluegreen Vacation Club®, a vacation ownership program that offers: •T  he choice of many different destinations and unique vacation experiences, with over 60 Bluegreen resorts around the country and more than 4,000 resorts available via exchange programs •T  he flexibility to craft vacations that fit your lifestyle

Vacation is where our heart is, and the resorts, destinations and experiences available through Bluegreen Vacations have won the hearts of over 195,000 owners and counting. Stop by the Member Services Desk to learn more about Bluegreen Vacations, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

•T  he quality of service and resorts to ensure your vacations meet your every expectation • …and so much more!








Erica Thelen





Michele Willman



2017 was an action-packed and sun-soaked year for our guests, as seen through their camera lens! Between photo contests and social media posts, they were not shy about sharing their favorite TradeWinds moments with us. Many pictures were so good we had to share them with you too! See some of our favorite guest shots gathered throughout the year (you may even see a familiar face or two!) and make sure to show us how you #JustLetGo on your next trip!


Cathy Holsomback

Kilee Canestraro

Adria Venger


Dana Esker


Christy Kalous

Debby Nystrom




to TradeWinds!

Whether it’s a beautiful sunset, splashes along the shoreline or a fruity frozen cocktail, we love seeing all of our guests’ TradeWinds memories on social media. That’s why we were inspired to ask our guests to show us how they ‘Just Let Go’ in not one but two photo contests in 2017. Out of thousands of entries, two lucky winners won a return trip to TradeWinds to create even more vacation envy!


Stephanie R.



Sensational sunsets, laughter with loved ones, and unforgettable moments. So many memories and so many ways to Just Let Go. Connect, engage and share your moments with us. #TWResorts or @TWResorts



Seasonal Packages

TradeWinds has packages packed with savings and extras: and all of them include the Resort Amenity Fee!

Packages through Dec. 26, 2017

Members Get More. The TradeWinds loyalty program is free. It’s easy to join. And you get extra benefits and rewards. Earn Points. Get fun stuff. What’s not to love? Find out how at JustLetGo.com/Rewards

Busch Gardens Stay & Play

Seven Suite Nights

Friends Getaway Sunset Romance

New Year’s Eve Toast by the Coast (12/30-1/1)

Go Get Out There

Visit JustLetGo.com/Package

Book Direct and Save on Your Getaway! Our friendly vacation advisors work right here at the resorts and are experts on all our many different accommodations and activities. They can help with the best dates for the best rates, and you always get an extra discount when booking direct!

Call 877-386-7089 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. ET Book online: JustLetGo.com Promo Code PClub16 JUSTLETGO.COM


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Getaway Digital New Guest 2017