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Holiday Barter Expo Guide Date: Saturday December 3, 2011 Time: 11 am- 5 pm

Location: Phoenix Convention Center South Building (See Map) 33 S. 3rd St., Hall G Phoenix, AZ 85004-2231

Before you Arrive: Plan on spending the day at the Barter Expo because there is so much to see and purchase. Ask your friends and family to join you. It’s no fun to shop alone! Bring plenty of cash to pay sales tax on product purchases (tax rate is 9.3%). Wear comfy shoes because you will want to make sure to visit each Vendor Booth. Consider bringing a truck or van so that you can store large purchases such as furniture and bikes. Email or call us as soon as possible if you plan to provide trade credits for your employees, friends, children or business associates, so that we can have Authorization Stickers ready to hand out to your guests. Remember that your account will not be charged until your guests purchase. Bring plenty of Business Cards so that you can network at the Barter Expo. Print this Guide so that you can refer to it throughout the day! Bring a Referral: This year, we are offering a Five Harkins Tickets and $100 trade credit to you, and a FREE Membership and instant Line of Credit to your Referral who signs up with Tradesource. Who do you know who could benefit from trade like you do? Getting to the Expo: Arrive early! Bring your Holiday Barter Expo Invitation Card to get FREE PARKING at the Jefferson Garage. Some street parking is available. Jefferson Garage: located south of Jefferson between 3rd and 4th Street Entrances: 3rd Street south of Jefferson Street, Jackson Street OR 4th Street Highlights of the Expo: Head to the Tradesource Registration Desk where you will be given Pre-Approved Authorization Stickers which represents your trade availability. You will use these stickers and apply them to the Trade Vouchers based on the amount you purchase. Keep them safe! Look for the Package Check area where you can store your purchases throughout the day. Visit the Business Services represented at the Expo this year. Consider purchasing these services this year so that you can deduct the expenses on your taxes for 2011. Attend the Live Auction at 1 pm. We will auction quality consignment items, products and services. Refuel at the Cash Concession Stand which will be open during the Barter Expo. Remember that the Barter Expo will be open through 5 pm this year! Leaving the Expo: Go to the Package Check area to claim your stored purchases. We will arrange to have them delivered curbside on 3rd Street so that your packages can be easily loaded into your car. Return any unused Authorization Stickers to a Tradesource Representative before you leave. Congratulate yourself for attending the Holiday Barter Expo. Go home, kick off your shoes and relaxxxxxx! Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Barter Expo Guide 2011  

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