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T R ADE S of Hope Fall 2012

More than beautiful

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The Artisans

The women artisans of Mumbai are being empowered to be self-reliant. They are able to stay out of the sweatshops and avoid the indignity of the sex trade. The old, conservative mindset that has given women a lesser value in India is being challenged as these women’s handcrafts are finding a market through Fair Trade. These women are stepping out and earning respect in their villages.


The India Collection a. Nina Necklace JNS201


A glass and brass seed beaded necklace with a resin buckle clasp

b. Nina Earrings JES202


Brass rectangles in burgundy and tangerine

c. Brass & Copper Leaf Bangle JBS108 $24 Beautiful tri-colored bangle

d. Zulfa Spiral Cuff JBN151 $22

lace Nina Neck -u Close p!

Swirls of brass bring hope of a brighter tomorrow

Out of the slums comes the beauty of change! $26 Sold as a set - you get a gold and silver pair!

a. Mumbai Earrings JES179

These products go beyond helping Indian women escape poverty by providing job training. These accessories help support a school for 165 underprivileged children, many of which belong to the artisans. They especially target girls to educate, because so often only boys are given an education. This school even has a toy library, so the children can enjoy a new toy each week on loan.

Helping never looked so good.


Home Decor with Heart c

b. The Potters Candle Holder HDT123 $18 This terra-cotta candle holder is

handmade by Bangladeshi artisans and inscribed with the story of the master potter. He is now teaching his daughters his craft. 5Dx4H $32 Spiraling patterns in an earth tone basket made by Ugandan women, many of who are effected by AIDS. Natural and dyed raffia palm leaves, woven around banana fiber. 13Dx3H

c. Uganda Basket BKT025

$22 This unique journal is crafted in India and is filled with handmade paper with pressed flower petals. Truly beautiful inside and out! 6x11

d. Paisley Journal NBN120 b


The Peru Collection

Made by artisans who live in the beautiful Urubamba Valley of Peru, famous for its Inca ruins and artistic talent. a. Luz Chandelier Earrings JEW135 $24

Hand-beaded, champagne pink

b. Black Twirl Earrings JEW134 $24 Black onyx drops of elegance

c. Azul Hoops JEW178 $24


Natural sodalite stones - total length 3.5in

d. Peruvian Circle Earrings JEW177 $22 Natural chrysocolla stone - total length 2in

e. Peru Knot Cuff JBW150 $22 An alloy, non tarnishing metal cuff with a turquoise stone accent


c d


Beauty that is helping families in Peru!

Hope Blooms Scarf

The Kari Collection

a. Kari Necklace JNS203 $38 b. Kari Earrings JES202 $24

Woven with copper, brass and silver metal to create this statement necklace and earrings by impoverished women in India. Now these women are stepping out and earning respect in their villages!

The Kari Collec Close-up tion !



Freedom from the sex trade in Kolkata c. The Freedom Tote

BGF208 $26 This bag is made of organic cotton. Sonagacchi is the largest and most infamous sex trafficking district in Kolkata, India. For many, it is the sound of their children’s hungry cries that drive them to sell their bodies. Other girls and women are stolen or even sold. These women are now finding hope for a brighter future as they are trained in new skills, empowering them through jobs that bring freedom and honor.


One of the ladies that makes the Flower Bowl!


Home Decor from women in India These wire bowls are crafted by women in a cooperative in India that are working their way out of poverty, breaking the cycle for their children through a steady income. The co-op also helps to provide health care, clean water, and education opportunities to surrounding villages.

a. Flower Bowl HDN180 $32 12.5in b. Love Bowl HDN119 $24 11in


Hope and Healing

for those scarred by leprosy

b c

Even though it is curable, people with leprosy are often rejected by their villages and even their families. Because of the visible signs that label them as “lepers,� they usually end up as beggars on the street, often with their children at their sides. It is a life of loneliness and sorrow. Bethany Leper Colony has changed this lonely lifestyle for many, offering a place of love and dignity, where they can take pride in their beautiful work. Each artisan has their own land and home on the colony and has started a new life filled with hope. $48 Heavy woven cotton with zipper

c. Sonia Bag BGL147 d

d. Blue Bengal Bag BGL148 Heavy woven cotton with snap


Creating change in the Philippines!


c $20 Black feathers, painted on both sides of the white capiz

a. Capiz Feather Earrings JEY131

$20 Hand-painted on capiz shell in the Philippines

b. Peacock Earrings JEY132

$20 Cream colored toasted capiz with black metal - very light weight

c. Inverted Capiz Earrings JEY133

Hope Inspiring in India!

d. Pacific Blue Necklace JNS137 Silver tones with blue glass beads. 38in


Poverty is a widespread issue in India. Many families are drawn to city living as they believe the city will provide more jobs. This co-op allows families to live and work in healthier rural areas. They also help with medical care and education. Stepping out of poverty toward hope!





What’s “hot” right now? Helping.

Women are earning a fair income from these products and are able to provide for their families. They are gifts that give twice!

a. Satin Grace Scarf SCS197 $32 14x72inches

b. Indian Elegance Necklace JNN138 $28 c. Radiance Scarf SCS198 $24

Poly-blend 12x70 inches



From amoungst the Himalayas, of Nepal

carf ua S rap q A W a li Nep ganda s U l & race et B


a. Copper Wire Bird Trio HDT170 $24 Hand made in Nepal, the wire is wound around clay forms, then soaked in water just leaving the bird shape. 3Lx2.5H

b. Nepali Aqua Scarf SCM064 $26

Hand-loomed silk and cotton. Made by women striving to be entrepreneurs to feed their families. 70Lx20W

c. Recycled Silk Scarf SCM063 $26

Gathered from the silk factories, the women of Nepal weave scraps into beautiful scarves. 57Lx7W


d. Kancu Leaf Journals NBM121 $26 Sold as a set of 2. One black and one pink. Hand constructed, 5x6 inches. This group is educating women out of poverty in Nepal. Each journal is 5x6 inches.



A bit of sprakle can make many futures bright!

A woman from the artisan group in India. a. Sona Crystal Necklace JNN212 $22 b. Sona Crystal Earrings JEN213 $18 Sona Crystal Set (a&b) JSN214 $36 Gold toned pieces with little clear, cut beads make up this delicate set of jewelry.

Something more than beautiful! $36 Smoky blue glass beads on golden linked chains. 34in

c. Nila Necklace JNS199


b a

Guatemalan Artisans

A group of women artisans make these bracelets in Guatemala. They work together, weaving a new future for themselves and for their family. Through their work they obtain income which allow them to cover many necessities, including keeping their children in school. Some of them are widows, young mothers and single mothers. Through their abilities they have found a new way of life.


$26 Hundreds of tiny glass beads are woven to create this Pelusa (Fuzzy/Fluffy) Bracelet. Hours of work and great skill are evident in this mid-night blue, toggle bracelet. 3 different options for sizing through the toggle hoops.

a. Pelusa Bracelet JBM153

Gifts that

Options for working Moms!

The women at Noah’s Ark Mission are able to work from home, rather than have to work for the many sweatshops that exist in India, which work employees 12-14 hours a day. This allows these women to be at home, spend time with their families and make a fair wage! $24 Three strands of silver and white beads make up this light, feminine necklace, perfect for any occasion.

b. Silver Lining Necklace JNN175

c. Strand of Purple Necklace JNS142 $22


Silver metal and purple glass beads. 40in


Silver Lining Necklace

keep on g iv


Haitian Tin Art - Trash to Treasure

a. Freed to Fly Cross HDA191 $38 The art of using old oil drums began from the need of the poor to mark the graves of their loved ones with primitive metal crosses. The skill has been developed in the town of Croix-des-Bouquets so artisans now create beauty from metal while providing for their families!

a The Signature Collection b. Haiti Signature Bracelet JBA095 $18 c. Haiti Signature Earrings JEA139 $16 d. Haiti Signature Necklace JNA094 $48 All of these pieces vary in color and design.

c b

Beads, Changing Lives in Haiti This is Rose and the youngest of her 7 children at Apparent Project in Haiti. Rose is able to provide for her family now by making cereal bead jewelry!

Used cereal boxes are cut into long strips, rolled onto bamboo skewers and then sealed to create this life-changing jewelry. The mission of this group is to keep families together!


b a a. Family Tree Trivet HDN209 $22

Pewter with rubber feet on each corner. 6.5x7.5 inches

b. Mango Double Trivet HDN309 $20

The Mango and Shesham trivet that can be used as one or two trivets! 8 inches square

c. Runner of Gold HDS196 $42

This is a gorgeous heavy cotton table runner that has been block printed with a lovely golden paint in India by the women of Asha. It is a large 18x58 inches.

d. Onyx Candle Holders HDT182 $32


Made in workshops that are scattered throughout Pakistan and employ artisans of different religions and creeds who work together in cordial relationships. Luxuriously grained onyx stone in a reversible barrel-shaped candleholder. One side holds a tea light; flip it over to the other side to hold a taper candle. 2Dx4H inches

The color of these candle holders vary from light greens, pinks and browns. Natural beauty!


A Cu f and E f, Ring arring s!


Changing Lives in India! a a. Indian Plaid Scarf SCS130 $26 Pink and green light weight, cotton

b. Offer of Hope Cuff Set JSN149 c. Silver Princess Bracelet JBS111 d. Metallic Scarf SCS129 $26

$32 $24

Multi-colored cotton woven with metallic highlights e. Kala Glass Necklace JNN143 $26


f. Kala Glass Bracelet JBN144 $22




Treasures from India and Bangladesh a. Tri-Leaf Earrings JES136 $22

A top seller at Trades of Hope! Silver, Copper and Gold toned leaves. Crafted in India.

b. Hope Blooms Scarf SCS193 $24

Light weight and will bring a splash of color to any outfit! Poly-blend 13x72in c. Sacred Mark Soap Set SPS124 $36 These 100% natural soaps are hand-crafted by women in the red-light district of Bangladesh. This allows these women to provide for themselves in a way that brings them pride and respect. d. Sunrise Necklace JNS141 $22 Glass beads. Made by women in rural areas of India. 40L


Rescuing women from the sex trad e!




Tri - Leaf Earrings & Sunrise Necklace

Helping Women in America

a. Set of 4 Lip Balms LBF127 $22

All natural - Made by women in Tennessee who have survived lives of violence, prostitution and addiction. They have been wounded and hurt, but are being offered a new life. The women working in the Thistle Farm’s job training program are proving that “Love Heals.”


e Seen on th ! er cov

Sometimes accessories make all the difference! b. Deep Aqua Layered Necklace JNN140 $26

A top selling necklace! Light-weight layers of glass beads in sea green - blues, cream, brown and gold. 30L

c. Pitala Multi-Strand Necklace JNS200 $42 b


Strands of brass metal beads, with a comfortable wrapped brown cord. Created in India. 56L

Shown with 2 Aqua Layered Necklaces, The Pitala Necklace, Uganda Wrap Bracelets & many Haiti Bracelets

Opportunity looks good on everyone! $24 Indu is derived from the Hindi word moon and means “bright drop.” Colors vary in shades of green due to the natural stone. Created in India. 2in long

a. Indu Earrings JES192

$32 Originally given as a gift to founders of Trades of Hope from the artisan group, this cotton scarf brings hope to many mothers in India. 18x70in

b. Shades of the World Scarf SCS176


Women helping women. It’s a thing of beauty. b


g Chan Ugand ge in a!

$24 Beads of love and change from Uganda, Africa! Created from magazines. More children are going to school and mothers can feed their children. This ministry is changing one community at a time, offering hope through these handmade recycled paper wrap bracelets!

Uganda Wrap Bracelet JBK157

One of the artisans in Uganda

The Crimson Collection

a. Crimson Necklace JNN209 $28 b. Crimson Bracelet JBN210 $22 Crimson SET (a & b) JSN211 $45

Impoverished women in India creating change for themselves and their children! c. Inspiration Earrings JES205 $18



d. Shandi Fringe Set JSN215 $36

Created and assembled by women in India, this is more than a fashion statement. It is a way out of poverty for families! Light weight and silver finished. Adjustable in length.



Sometimes ac cessories make all the dif ference!

Women who have been acid attacked now have a chance for a fresh start! This is a message from an Artisan, Jariya, to the women of Trades of Hope. Her permission was asked before we shared her story. “My name is Jariya. Acid was flung in my face, burning me and dissolving my skin as it ran down my body. I have endured surgeries to attempt to re-make my feature/ face to be normal again. I live with the scarring of my face and body and also my heart. I have been the subject of mockery, hatred, rejection and curiosity, but rarely compassion.

Jariya’s hands knitting. She does not wish to show her face.

I am rebuilding my life and it gives me courage to know that I am not alone. I am starting this business so that women like me, many of whom are left to raise their children on their own, can have the chance to earn their own living in safety!” Jariya is a courageous women!

Sometimes change is a “must-have.” a. Cambodian Beret SCC206


Soft white acrylic yarn with a coconut accent button $28 3 pair per order. 2 red and 1 white. Perfect for anyone’s tree this year! Each mitten measures about 3x4 inches

b. Cambodian Ornaments SEA207


Women Empowering Women!


A note from the founders:


It is due to women like Jariya that we continue to work everyday at Trades of Hope. Job creation is key to real opportunity and allowing women to provide for their families, but we also believe that one of the first steps to change in the world is awareness. We want every women to be the hero of her own story! Thank you for being a part of Trades of Hope! Gretchen, Holly, Elisabeth and Chelsie

Gifts of Hope

Trades of Hope considers it a privilege and a blessing to be able to give back through the sales of our products and home parties! In the past year Trades of Hope has given support to several successful programs, such as sheep to women like Janet in Ghana. (pictured on the left) A meeting was held between the women that create our Uganda wrap bracelets, and they determined that a piglet program would be very helpful and profitable, so Gifts of Hope sent financial support throughout the year to help these women purchase baby pigs. Financial donations were given for sewing machines to a women’s ministry and to support a breadfruit tree project that promotes family farming in Haiti. The mission of Trades of Hope is to empower women so they can better their lives for themselves, their families, and their communities today and for generations to come. Trades of Hope is looking forward to seeing more women helped out of poverty. Thank you for changing the world with us!

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Women Helping Women out of poverty!

*For each $100 in guests sales beyond $1000, Hosts earn an additional $20 in Host Dollars. *All items subject to tax and shipping on full retail.

Become a Compassion Entreprenuer, and be on a World Changing Team!

You can earn an income while helping others around the world. Do you want to make a difference? Not only in the world, but in your own life? Trades of Hope gives you the opportunity to earn an income while selling beautiful Fair Trade products made by women around the globe. Sadly, many of these women have simply been born into very poor families, in desperately poor countries. They don’t want charity, but they would love an opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of their families. And you can give it to them. Become a Trades of Hope Compassion Entrepreneur and you become more than a successful business woman, you help other women become successful, too!

Fall 2012 Catalog  

Trades of Hope Fall Catalog

Fall 2012 Catalog  

Trades of Hope Fall Catalog