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Mirra速 Chairs

The Mirra Chair

Natural. Effortless comfort, fit, and ergonomic support. Friendly. Colorful. Versatile. Easy to use. Responsible. A model for sustainable design.

Sometimes we at Herman Miller wonder if we ask too much of our designers. For example, we asked Studio 7.5 for a simple, good looking, versatile, highly ergonomic, and eco-friendly work chair that does more for people while requiring less of them. And to our delight, they brought us the Mirra chair. Studio 7.5 achieved our goals by using innovation to unite seemingly incompatible concepts. High art and pure science. Less material and more support. Inclusive fit and minimal adjustments. Superior performance and attractive price. They made it all come together in Mirra. Clearly, it wasn’t too much to ask.

A product of imagination




Support from Top to Bottom We told Studio 7.5 that Mirra needed a one-piece, frameless backrest that uses less to do more. They came back with an idea that’s full of holes—but in a good way. They perforated a polymer material with 567 geometric shapes engineered to create three flex zones. Each zone has a different level of pliability to provide the proper level of ergonomic support and natural adjustment. The base of the backrest features a PostureFit® contour to prevent slouching when you sit forward doing computer work.

Custom Comfort The seat of Mirra adjusts itself the moment you sit down. The woven polymer combines with the suspension design to conform to your contours and distribute your weight evenly. The breathable material is engineered to maintain its strength, shape, and responsiveness for many years of continual use.

A Balanced Ride The tilt is like the brain of a work chair. So we used precision German engineering to make a really smart one. Mirra’s patented Harmonic™ tilt lets your body pivot naturally at the ankles, knees, and hips as you recline. And the mechanism provides consistent resistance throughout the recline range. It knows just what to do for a smooth, even, effortless ride.

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12-15 year use

The Earth in Mind Mirra meets our rigorous standards for sustainable design. It contains no PVC. It is 96 percent recyclable and is made of 42 percent recycled content. It is easy to disassemble for local recycling. Its Latitude™ upholstery is foam-free and 100 percent recyclable. Beyond adhering to our standards, Mirra also meets those of the industry. It is McDonough Braungart Cradle to Cradle certified and GREENGUARDŽ certified and may contribute to LEED credits. SM

Versatile Style With 11 seat colors, 8 back colors, and 17 Latitude upholstery colors to mix or match, Mirra can blend in, add contrast, or make a design statement. Its light scale and see-through back lend a subdued presence that coordinates with just about any environment and cultural preference, giving it universal appeal.






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Low-Height-Range Model

Standard-Height-Range Model

Extended-Height-Range Model

17 - 19 15 - 19 1⁄2 27 41 3⁄4 max 19 3⁄4

17 - 19 16 - 20 1⁄2 27 42 3⁄4 max 19 3⁄4

17 - 19 16 - 211⁄2 27 43 3⁄4 max 19 3⁄4


Armrest Adjustments

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Seat Depth

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Lumbar Height and Depth

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Seat Height

Great for One, Great for Many



When you sit in Mirra, it immediately adjusts to your body with no effort from you. If you like, you can fine-tune the fit and feel with a few simple adjustments— lumbar, for example, or the innovative FlexFront® seat edge that adjusts seat depth without a sliding seat pan. This unique combination of passive and active adjustments lets Mirra fit 95 percent of the world’s population.

Versatile comfort

The design team at Studio 7.5 in Berlin, Germany, brings together engineering excellence with a passion for innovation and a keen sensitivity to how people interact with design. They understand the science of seating and strive to take it to the next level. That’s where they took Mirra. From left, Nicolai Neubert, Claudia Plikat, Roland Zwick, Berkhard Schmitz, and Carol Zwick.

Easy Options capability SM

Our versatile, flexible products give people real choices. If they need something extra, we can do that, too, from modifying existing products to developing new ones. For more information on our Easy Options capability, please visit

Warranty Mirra chairs are durable for a long life and carry Herman Miller’s comprehensive 12-year, 3-shift warranty.

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The Designers

Mirra Chair  

Mirra Chair da Herman Miller. A Tradesign é distribuidor autorizado Herman Miller. Juntamente com a poltrona Aeron a Mirra faz toda a difere...

Mirra Chair  

Mirra Chair da Herman Miller. A Tradesign é distribuidor autorizado Herman Miller. Juntamente com a poltrona Aeron a Mirra faz toda a difere...