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The Celle Chair Inspired. An innovative design for day-long comfort. Inclusive. An ergonomic fit for nearly every body, everywhere. Down to earth. Recyclable, durable, safe.

When Jerome Caruso came to Herman Miller with his vision for the Celle chair, we knew he was on to something. It was obvious Celle would fit right in with our work chair family. By combining Jerome’s innovative concept with Herman Miller’s four decades of ergonomic learning and leadership, we achieved a level of sophistication and performance unprecedented in economical, eco-conscious seating. That’s the long way of saying something very simple: Celle’s a great chair at a great price.

Giving support

An Idea Takes Off When Jerome Caruso imagined Celle, he envisioned something brand new— intelligently pliable seat and back surfaces that know how to respond properly when you sit down, work, and move. Caruso patented his innovation and named it Cellular Suspension™ because the surface is composed of small pads, which he called cells. He connected the cells with springy loops. Caruso likens the suspension’s effect to buoyancy. Water supports you as you float, forming and reforming as you move.

High Flex

Medium Flex

Low Flex


Targeted Flex By varying the loop depths, we engineered different levels of flex throughout the seating surface. That let us target different areas of a person’s body with the right amount of give. And no two of Celle’s 1,578 cells are alike. Each is contoured to follow the chair’s healthful curves, including a passive PostureFit‚ for exceptional lower-back support. We accomplished all this with the simplest of materials: polypropylene.

Comfort In Motion To complement the natural support of the Cellular Suspension, Celle incorporates Herman Miller’s patented Harmonic™ tilt. The synchronous, calibrated mechanism lets you move naturally through the chair’s wide, 28-degree recline range. Without effort, you stay balanced and feel in control.






For People Everywhere For such an economical chair, Celle offers a wealth of adjustments with generous ranges: pneumatic seat height, tilt tension, lumbar support, seat depth, arm height/width/pivot, tilt limiter, forward seat angle. One chair size fits the 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male. And Celle is a global chair, meeting ergonomic standards and codes worldwide.

a b c d e

Low-Height-Range Model

Standard-Height-Range Model

High-Height-Range Model

15 1⁄2 - 18 15 - 19 29 1⁄2 43 1⁄2 max 20

15 1⁄2 - 18 15 1⁄2 - 20 1⁄4 29 1⁄2 44 max 20

15 1⁄2 - 18 16 1⁄2 - 21 1⁄4 29 1⁄2 45 max 20


Green Initiative We made Celle good for the sitter. We also made it good for the earth. Like every product we develop, it meets our demanding environmental protocol: Recyclable—99 percent; optional Latitude™ fabric, 100 percent Disassembly for recycling—Takes less than 5 minutes Safe materials—33 percent recycled content; Greenguard certified Waste minimization—Manufacturing is ISO-14001 certified Packaging—All reusable or recyclable MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle certified

Fitting right in With its transparency, color range, and uncluttered form, Celle blends in. It lets other furniture and architecture have the spotlight. So Celle works throughout office, healthcare, and learning settings.

Innovation at work

Celle is the perfect embodiment of Jerome Caruso’s design philosophy. Like all products he creates in his studio in Lake Forest, Illinois, Celle combines his love for invention and art with an equal appreciation for function and manufacturability.


The Celle chair is covered by the Herman Miller Warranty. This 12-year, 3-shift, labor-inclusive warranty covers all standard elements, including pneumatics.

For more information about our products and services or to see a list of dealers, please visit us at or call (800) 851 1196. © 2007 Herman Miller, Inc., Zeeland Michigan Printed in U.S.A. on recycled paper with soy-based inks O.CJ2300 (Attached “Color” book O.CJ2300-A) ® L, Celle, and PostureFit are among the registered trademarks of Herman Miller, Inc. ™ Cellular Suspension, Harmonic, and Latitude are among the trademarks of Herman Miller, Inc.

The Designer

Celle Chair  

Celle chair da Herman Miller. A Tradesign é distribuidor autorizado Hermann Miller

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