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F R EE !ver! s d A o cos t e


Ph: (03) 9008 9850 29th November to 5th December 2012

Vol 3 -­ Edition 48

Vettel Fast Tracks to Third F1 Championship


CHICKEN  FEED 40kg   bags   of   wheat   $16.50,   $16.50   Each,   Phone   0487388894,   AH   0401150599,  LARA


Hen  2011,   Kakariki   Pieds   heavy   &   light   cinamon   &   normals,   1   pair   all   yellow  will  split,  Phone  0412874666,   CRANBOURNE COCKATIELS x3   with   round   bird   avairy,   $250   obo,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   HEIGHTS COCKATIELS  MALE  & Female,  only  young  $20  each,  Phone   0404031581,  DROUIN ECLECTUS  -­  HAND  REARED

BV  home   on   1260sq   mtrs,   all   services,   5   bedroom,   study,   billiard   room,   kitchen,   meals,   lounge,   central   bathroom,   sep   shower   &   toilet,   laundry,   large   entry,   lockup   JDUDJH ZRUNVKRS FRQFUHWH ÀRRU  power,   colourbond   fencing,   lots   of   fruit  trees  &  grape  vines,  all  facilities   walking   distance,   $338,000,   Phone   0427486719,  CASTLEMAINE CHARLTON  2  BDRM  HOUSE house   in   charlton   2   bdrms   on   3/4   acre   town+tank   water   shed   carports   walking   distance   to   shops   schools,   $75,000,   Phone   0434626614,   WEDDERBURN DENILIQUIN 1  bedroom  home  unit  w/land,  split  RC   air,   sun-­deck,   carport,   built   in   robes,   rear  court,  like  new,  $59,000  or  offers,   Phone  0488622542,  DENILIQUIN DIGBY  7  ACRES Old   solid   5   bedroom   Miners   shack,   sheds,   gorgeous   creek,   many   established   trees,   heaps   of   wildlife,   needs   work,   $58,000   ono,   Phone   55700579,  DIGBY


house,  11   plus   acres,   solar   power,   mains   water   tank,   shedding,   3   dams,   private   seller,   $250,000   ono,   Phone  0428638400,  DUNOLLY

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Nissan Unveils the 2013 Nissan Altima V8 Supercar RANGE  ROVER  1988 Hi-­Line  immac  cond,  sheepskin,  seat   covers,   all   round,   long   reg,   $4,750,   Phone   0408510509,   REGO   RIG536,   METCALFE RANGE  ROVER  1993 3.9L,  bullbar,  driving  lights,  side  steps,   towbar,  tyres  80%,  serial  no.5552818,   $3,500,   Phone   0412992092,   MARYBOROUGH SSANGYONG  ACTYON  4D  WAGON   2007 4x4,   Low   Kilomtres,   European   Engine,   Auto,   Cruise   and   More,   $13,970,   Northern   Ssangyong   LMCT9711,   Phone   03   9466   9422,   REGO  UWS211,  BUNDOORA SUBARU  BRUMBY  1992 white,   man,   354,000kms,   no   reg,   no   RWCert,   alum   builders   racks,   EA81098957,   $1,000,   Phone   0400737677,  COLAC

TRAILER 6x4,  all  steel  box  can  lift  out  and  drop   on   when   you   need,   open   side/and   rear,  lockable,  spare  &  jockey  wheel,   $800,   Phone   0429859936,   PORT   MELBOURNE TRAILER   6x4  all  steel  box  can  lift  out  and  drop   on   when   youy   need   open   side   and   rear,   lockable,   spare   &   jockey-­wheel,   $800,   Phone   0429859936,   PORT   MELBOURNE TRAILER   to   suit   4   wheeler   or   ride   on   mower,   2ft7inx4ft   tipping,   $80,   Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL TRAILER   to   suit   ride   on   mower   3ftx5ft   steel   IUDPH ZRRG ÀRRU  VLGHV QHDU warragul,   $30,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN  BULN

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CABIN,  EILDON 2  bdrm  cabin,  full  decking  overlooking   bushland.   Kitchen,   ensuite,   dining,   lounge,   comes   complete,   tv   ,fridge,   f’ture.In   quiet   park,   annuals   only,   $43,500   ONO,   Phone   0412943522,   LANGWARRIN CARLTON Lygon   St   Carlton   1   bedroom   appartment,   $232,000,   Phone   0402699547,  ELSTERNWICK

$3.00 inc GST



Eclectus  Parrots   -­   hand   reared   from   3   weeks   of   age   by   reputable   breeder.  weaned  -­  great  diet,  $1,000   Each,   Phone   0412369391,   AH   0421010900,  MORNINGTON ELECTUS  PARROT Male,  hand  reared  baby,  very  friendly,   big  bird,  $1,000,  Phone  0400055198,   CORONET  BAY FINCHES :HDUH¿QFKEUHHGHUVDQGKDYHVRPH young   ones   for   sale.   Painteds,   Red   stars,   Cutthroats,   Cubans,   Cordons,   Orange   breast,   Blue   face.ect,   Phone   0407595974,   AH   0351924741,   TOONGABBIE


Breeder  has  lots  of  birds  for  sale  incl,   Jacarinis,   Strawberries,   Red   Faced   3DUURW ¿QFKHV DOVR 3LHG SDUURW ¿QFKHV )LUHV 2UDQJH %UHDVWV King   Quail,   Plum   Heads,   Sydney   Waxbills,   Green   Singers,   Double   Bars,   Cubans,   Cinamon   Stars,   Cut   Throats,  Silver  Headed  Nuns,  Saint   Helena,  Diamond  Fire  Tail,  etc.  Call   John,  Phone  94084758,  EPPING

reg:  XFC542,  12mths  reg,  6  cylinder,   66,000klms,   auto,   leather   seats,   sat   nav,   reversing   camera,   extra   12volt   plug,   fold   down   back   seats,   c/control,   EC,   RWCert,   $33,000,   Phone  54533838,  BARHAM

approx  7ftx5ftx5ft  with  lockable  rear   doors,   built   by   Forward   Trailers,   VGCond,  jockey  wheel,  spare  wheel,   FKHFNHUSODWH ÀRRU VXLWDEOH WR FDUU\ camping   gear,   motorbikes,   furniture   etc,  $1,575,  Phone  51277211,  MOE

TRAILER  &  STOCK  CRATE 10x6   new   all   galvanised   with   alum   FKHFNHUSODWHÀRRUK\GUDXOLFEUDNHV LED   lights,   sliding   gate   &   open   back  on  crate,  silver,  $6,200,  Phone   SUZUKI  STOCKMAN 4WD   Corolla   motor,   5spd   box,   runs   0407828390,  CAMPERDOWN well  no  rego  SN  4418378,  $850  ono,   TRAILER  5X3 Phone  0408172105,  BENDIGO caged,   jockey   wheel,   spare   tyre,   LEDs,   toolbox,   jerrycan   holder,   rod   SUZUKI  VITARA  1992 Soft   Top   4x4,   tow   bar,   nudge   bar,   holder,   beautiful   orange   coloured,   good  tyres,  unreg,  eng:  G16B508322,   $700,   Phone   0419579681,   SOUTH   MORANG $1,400,  Phone  54734400,  YAPEEN TRAILER  5X8 new   paint   plus   lights,   $900,   Phone   SUZUKI  VITARA  JLX 1991  soft  top,  auto,  4x4,  2  door,  towbar,   0403418458,  WERRIBEE reg  Jan  2013,  no  RWC,  red  RRH942,   TRAILER  6FTX4FT $1,600   ono,   Phone   93278833,   AH   $OO VWHHO FKHFNHUSODWH ÀRRU  0402696210,  LAVERTON Phone  94703095,  RESERVOIR


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you can now own a JCB 531-70 telehandler.* Compliant with Australian Standards AS1418.19

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BUSINESS  &  SHOP  EQUIPMENT Business  For  Sale  ...................................................... 9 Business  Miscellaneous  ........................................... 10 2I¿FH)XUQLWXUH (TXLSPHQW  ................................... 10

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SPORT  &  LIFESTYLE Bicycles  .....................................................................11 )LWQHVV 6SRUW(TXLSPHQW  .......................................11 $GYHQWXUH &DPSLQJ(TXLSPHQW  ............................ 12 Fishing  &  Hunting  ..................................................... 14 Golf........................................................................... 14

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Arts  &  Craft............................................................... 19 Sewing  ..................................................................... 20

MUSICAL  INSTRUMENTS *XLWDUV (TXLSPHQW  ................................................ 20 Pianos,  Organs  &  Keyboards  ................................... 20 Drums  &  Percussion  ................................................ 20

'- %DQG(TXLSPHQW  .............................................. 20 2WKHU,QVWUXPHQWV (TXLSPHQW  ............................... 20

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AUDIO  &  VISUAL CDs,  DVDs,  Videos,  Records  &  Tapes  .................... 21 Video  &  Computer  Games  ....................................... 22 Cameras  &  Photographic  Accessories  ..................... 22 Video  Cameras  &  Accessories  ................................. 22

Stereo  &  Sound  Systems  ......................................... 22 TVs,  DVD  &  VCR  Players  ........................................ 22 Portable  Audio  .......................................................... 22 Projectors  &  Home  Theatre  ...................................... 22

ANTIQUES  &  COLLECTABLES $QWLTXH)XUQLWXUH...................................................... 22 Reproductions  .......................................................... 23 Collectables.............................................................. 23

Memorabilia.............................................................. 24 Books  &  Magazines  ................................................. 24

HOME  &  GARDEN Complete  Kitchens  ................................................... 25 Bathroom.................................................................. 25 Furniture  &  Furnishings  General  .............................. 26 Lounge  Suites  .......................................................... 27 Dining  Settings  ......................................................... 27 Bedroom................................................................... 28 Homewares  .............................................................. 28 Electrical  &  Whitegoods  ........................................... 28 Fires  &  Heaters  ........................................................ 29

Air-­Conditioning  &  Cooling  ....................................... 29 Alternative  Energy  .................................................... 29 Mowers  &  Garden  Tools  ........................................... 29 Garden  &  Outdoor  .................................................... 30 Plants  ....................................................................... 31 Sheds,  Garage  &  Cubbies  ....................................... 31 Water  Tanks  &  Storage  ............................................ 31 Pumps  ...................................................................... 32 Renovation  ............................................................... 32

TRADE  &  INDUSTRY Timber  &  Hardware  .................................................. 33 7RROV :RUNVKRS(TXLSPHQW  .................................. 34 Industrial  Machinery  ................................................. 35

Forklifts..................................................................... 37 (DUWKPRYLQJ(TXLSPHQW Â ........................................... 37

RURAL  &  FARM Tractors  .................................................................... 38 )DUP0DFKLQHU\ (TXLSPHQW.................................. 38 Farm  &  Commercial  Sheds  ...................................... 39

Livestock  .................................................................. 39 Clearing  Sales  .......................................................... 40

AUTOMOTIVE Cars  Up  To  $1,000  ................................................... 42 Cars  $1,001  -­  $5,000  ............................................... 43 Cars  $5,001  -­  $10,000  ............................................. 45 Cars  $10,001  -­  $15,000  ........................................... 49 Cars  $15,001  -­  $20,000  ........................................... 50 Cars  $20,001  -­  $30,000  ........................................... 50 Cars  Over  $30,000  ................................................... 50 4WDs  ....................................................................... 50 People  Movers  ......................................................... 53

Sports  &  Performance  Cars  ..................................... 53 &ODVVLF 8QLTXH&DUV  ............................................. 53 Utes  &  Panel  Vans  ................................................... 54 Commercial  Vans  ..................................................... 55 Trucks  &  Buses  ........................................................ 55 Cars  Damaged  ......................................................... 56 Parts,  Accessories  &  Service  ................................... 56 Wheels  &  Tyres  ........................................................ 60 Aircraft  ...................................................................... 62

HUGE  GARAGE  SALE  !!!! vintage   ,   collectables   furniture,   bric   brac  .Vintage  shop  closing  down.  also   VKRS¿WWLQJV0$5.(767.<1(721 Phone  0434285488,  KYNETON MOVING  HOUSE  SALE Assorted   items   see   Clearance   Sales   Section,   Phone   0468930196,   JAM   JERRUP RESERVOIR   37   Churchill   Avenue,   Sat   1st   Dec   9   till   4pm,   clothing,   Xmas   decoration,   wheels,   couches,   kids   toys   prices   starting   at   $1,   Phone   94020015,   RESERVOIR SEAFORD  PARK  PRIMARY Saturday   1st   December,   141   East   Road   Seaford,   11am-­3pm,   FAMILY   FUN   MARKET/CARBOOT   DAY   Heaps  of  stalls  and  rides  for  the  kids,   Antiques,  baby-­goods  etc,  SEAFORD

THE  CHRISTMAS  FAIR Sandown   Racecourse,   Princes   Hwy,   Springvale.   Sunday   9th   December,   9am-­3pm.   Shop   till   you   drop!   Great   chance   to   pick   up   some   real   bargains.   One   stop   shopping   for   all   your   Christmas   gifts.   Bring   your   shopping   lists.   Get   your   Christmas   VKRSSLQJ ¿[ KHUH :LGH YDULHW\ RI vintage,   retro,   modern   collectables,   memorabilia   &   nostalgia   for   sale.   China,   glassware,   jewellery,   books,   vinyl  records,  comics,  all  trade  cards,   PHGDOV EDGJHV FRLQV WR\V 6FL¿ DFWLRQ ¿JXUHV GLHFDVW PRGHO NLWV trains,   Beanie   Kids,   dolls   and   heaps   more.  FREE  parking,  with  train  station   next   door.   Be   sure   to   visit.   For   more   EMPLOYMENT information   visit au.   All   Events   Victoria,   Phone,   All   BRICKLAYER  WANTS  WORK Events   Victoria,   Phone   95688441,   4XDOL¿HG %ULFNOD\HU 6XEFRQWUDFWRU SPRINGVALE looking  for  work,  houses,  extensions,   fences   etc.   Available   November,   GARAGE  SALES Decembert,  Quality  work,  competitive   prices!  Call  Mick,  Phone  0419303227,   BAYSWATER   MONTROSE Saturday   1st   December,   53   marlborough   Road,   9   am-­3   pm,   EARN  MONEY No   Early   Birds,   Most   items   are   50c   earn   2000   x   month   with   internet,   seriously!   Shoes/clothes/books   etc.   Phone  03/93184792,  AH  0468426443,   Everything   else   going   really-­cheap,   MAIDSTONE BAYSWATER EXPERIENCED  SALESMAN would   like   a   job   full   time   or   part   BIG  GARAGE  SALE! 146,   Cadles   Road,   Carrum   Downs,   time.   Call   for   more   details,   Phone   3201.   Lots   of   Variety   Shop   Goods!   98361943,  CANTERBURY Up   to   50%   off!   Sat   8am   to   7pm,   LEADERS/ENTREPRENEURS Phone   0468327905,   AH   9782   8988,   Currently   looking   for   Leaders   that   CARRUM  DOWNS can   work   unsupervised,   like   to   BLACKBURN  NTH   meet   targets,   are   approachable,   Saturday  1st  December,  98  Koonung   punctual,   open   minded,   coach-­able   Road,   9AM-­4PM   No   Early   Birds,   DQG FRQ¿GHQW ,I L FDQ¶W JHW WR P\ Books,  Home  mags,  Kitchenware,  eg   phone,   please   leave   a   message.   Estelle   sâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;pans,   Baking   pans,   Dinner   Australia   Wide,   Phone   0405   399   sets,   Manchester,etc,   BLACKBURN   390,  CHRISTIES  BEACH NTH PART  TIME  JOB  WANTED BRIGHTON  EAST   Saturday   1st   December,   66   Comer   looking   for   part   time   job   during   Street,   8:00am-­2:00pm   No   Early   school   holidays   and   weekends   must   Birds,   scooter,   bricabrac,   games,   be   in   silvan   monbulk   area,   Phone   white   goods   music,   miscellaneous,   0487904739,  SILVAN etc,  BRIGHTON  EAST PERSON  WANTED in   Moorabin   proximity,   to   take   phone   DEMOLITION  SALE Wrecking   Edwardian   House.   messages  @  home  with  some  peace   Everything   for   sale   from   Wednesday   work   at   home   also,   mature/reliable,   17th   October.   Any   enquiries   ring   clean/dry  garage  4peace  work,  Phone   Frank  for  details  0408  861  992,  Phone   0412282087,  NOBLE  PARK 0408861992,  MURRUMBEENA HIRECOMPANY  CLEARANCESALE Excess   Builders   Equipment;;   compressors,   generators,   tarps,   spray   guns,   tile   cutters,   cramps,   WANTED  TO  BUY drills,  sanders,  jacks,  pumps,  ladders,   vibrating   plates,   mowers,   trimmers,   ACCESSORIES  TO  BUILD Call   for   price,   Bulldog   hire,   Phone   trailer,   assorted   stuff,   springs,   lights,   03   93111755,   AH   0407655123,   hitchings,   elec   or   cable   brakes,   etc,   SUNSHINE Phone  0403447370,  WANGARATTA


AIRCONDITIONER  SAMSUNG Airconditioner   Samsung   R.C.   Split   System   2.5hp   model   sh24ta8d   approx,9yrs  outdoor  compressor  must   be  in  g,w  order  wish  to  buy,  Phone  03   9789  2915,  AH  -­,  LANGWARRIN


Woodworking  tools.   Hand   Planes,   Chisels   etc.   Collector   and   user   of   ¿QH ROG WRROV +LJKHVW SULFHV SDLG Phone   Steve,   Phone   0408330201,   AH  59674502,  MELBOURNE ALL  TOOLS  WANTED CASH   PAID   for   unwanted   tools   from   hand   and   power   tools   to   machinery   no   matter   how   big   or   small   call   now,   Phone   0411652295,   CAROLINE   SPRINGS ALUM  BOAT  WANTED stessl   tri   hull   6Mtr   with   or   without   motor   or   trailer,   damaged   or   not   or   K\GUR¿HOG3KRQHLARA AMERICAN  BASKETBALL cards   not   commons   albums   or   collection   any   era,   Phone   0423658920,  SWAN  HILL


Pencils,  Ballpoints,   Ink   Bottles,   Desk   Sets   Or   Any   Spare   Parts   for   Above.   In   working   Condition   or   Not.  Will  pay  cash  will  buy  1  or  100.   Phone   Johnno   or   email   casper_,   John,   Phone   0431462113,  TAYLORS  HILL


Hand  tools,  power  tools,  lathe  tools,   mechanical,   plumbing,   carpentry,   workshop   &   estate   lots,   buyer   will   travel   phone   Michael,   Phone   0412604183,  MELBOURNE AUSTRALIAN  1966   50   cent   coins   buying   for   $10   each,   Sovereigns   from   $330   each,   $200   gold   coins   pay   from   $440   each,   pay   cash,   Phone   0429132936,   SEBASTOPOL AVAIRY  SUITABLE  FOR  CATS preferably   with   2   sections   in   good   cond  and  good  size,  Phone  97821424,   SKYE BACKPACK  &  DAYPACKS wanted,  Canvas  any  brand,  Australian   made  prefered  etc,  Phone  93913767,   AH  0401236104,  NEWPORT BALLARAT  AREA  CARAVANS trailers,   boats,   tools   any   condition   cash   buyer,   Phone   0435944322,   BALLARAT BANJO  CASE  &  BOOKS about   playing   the   Banjo,   anyone   ZKR KDV RD ROG FDVH RU HYHQ D ¿[HU upper   banjo   w/case/books,   Phone   0401698085,  WANGARATTA BATTERIES  CAR  OR  TRUCK will  pay  $2  or  $3ea  Bayside/Peninsula   area   John,   Phone   0457047164,   FRANKSTON

ULTIMATE TRADIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PACKAGE @*(:/ -(*;69 <4),9: 5 ,+ )(*23040;





TRAILERS,  CAMPERS  &  CARAVANS Trailers  ..................................................................... 62 Caravans  &  Camper  Trailers  .................................... 63 Motorhomes  &  Campervans  .................................... 69

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12

Mobile  Homes  .......................................................... 70 Parts,  Accessories  &  Service  ................................... 70



inc gst

MOTORBIKES  &  ATVS Scooters  ................................................................... 71 Go  Karts  &  ATVs  ...................................................... 71 Mini  Bikes  ................................................................. 71

Trail  Bikes  ................................................................ 71 Road  Bikes  ............................................................... 72 Parts,  Accessories  &  Service  ................................... 72

MARINE Power  Boats  ............................................................. 73 Jet  Skis  &  PWC  ........................................................ 76 Yachts  &  Sailing  Boats  ............................................. 76 Outboard  Motors  ...................................................... 76

Houseboats  .............................................................. 76 Canoes  &  Kayaks..................................................... 78 Parts,  Accessories  &  Service  ................................... 78

TRADES  &  SERVICES Boat  &  Marine  Services............................................ 78 Bricklaying  &  Paving  Services.................................. 78 Bridal  &  Wedding  ..................................................... 78 Building  &  Construction  ............................................ 78 Concreters................................................................ 78 Electricians  ............................................................... 78 Garden  &  Landscaping  Services.............................. 78

Housekeepers  .......................................................... 78 Lawn  Mowing  ........................................................... 78 Painter  &  Decorating  Services  ................................. 78 Party  Hire  ................................................................. 78 Pest  Control  ............................................................. 78 Plumbers  .................................................................. 78 Security  Services  &  Systems  ................................... 78

TraderTAG -­  ©  Copyright  information Copyright  of  the  content  of  this  publication  is  owned  by  TraderTAG. This  publication  is  produced  for  reference  purposes  only,  and  must  not  be  used  for  any  other  purpose.   No  part  of  this  publication  may  be  reproduced,  communicated,  published  or  distributed  for  any  purpose  without  our  prior  written   permission,  unless  this  constitutes  a  fair  dealing  for  the  purposes  of  the  Copyright  Act  1968  (Cth). This  publication  is  not  be  used  or  reproduced  in  whole  or  in  part  for  commercial  purposes  or  for  commercial  gain.

Petrol Package $186 per week Diesel Package $196 per week

No deposit, monthly repayments over 60 months, conditions apply

Toro  Mini  Loader  Victorian  Distributor DAWN  MOWERS

0401 226 405 Free  Demo  Available

TraderTAG -­ The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850  

29/11/12 -­  05/12/12  

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(WLH) 40 x 56 x 40 (cm)





ST BE UY (WLH) 40 x 65 x 43 (cm) B



BONUS 240V Adaptor valued at $70

with every




1 2 3


70 Ltr + 40 Ltr + 12 Ltr RRP $787

FREE delivery within VIC COMBO


80 Ltr + 40 Ltr + 12 Ltr

RRP $767

FREE delivery within VIC COMBO

Techni Ice Reusable Dry Ice Packs valued at $75

$30 $30



Even Stands a 2Ltr Coke and Wine bottles Upright



RRP $837 $887


RRP $887



Heavy Duty  190T  PVC  Coated  Base   64  cm  x  197  cm  x  6  cm  (WxLxH) FREE delivery within VIC

0°C XL Sleeping Bag


RRP $159

190T Rip  Stop  Fabric 100%  Flannel  Lining 150g  /  sqmtr 240  x  100  cm Zips  open  to  become  a  doona Comfort  Rating  0°C FREE delivery within VIC

43 x 57 x 38 (cm) (W x L x H)

RRP $349 50.5 x 63x 45 (cm) (W x L x H)



RRP $982 $887



150 Ltr + 40 Ltr + 12 Ltr

FREE delivery within VIC


200 Ltr SQR + 60 Ltr + 12 Ltr

RRP $1132

FREE delivery within VIC


RRP $1318




Techni Ice Reusable Dry Ice Packs valued at $40

200 Ltr LNG + 70 Ltr + 12 Ltr

FREE delivery within VIC





Techni Ice Reusable Dry Ice Packs valued at $40

“Just got back from a camping trip and there was still ice in the Icebox after 9 days” Michael.S NSW

FREE delivery within VIC

FREE delivery within VIC

HEAVY DUTY 15 OZ Rip Stop Waterproof Canvas

Self-­Inflating Mattress (Double) Double RRP $199 (Single) Single RRP $90


RRP $299

120 Ltr + 40 Ltr + 12 Ltr

FREE delivery within VIC


40 Ltr

60 Ltr

100 Ltr + 40 Ltr + 12 Ltr

FREE delivery within VIC

4 5 6 7



YEAR Stainless Steel  Liner WARRANTY 3  Stage  Automatic  Battery  protector Childproof    Temp  Setting 2  Minute  Start  Delay  to  avoid  voltage  overload  and  surges 240V  Adaptor  Included




(WLH) 86 x 215 x 80 (CM)


(WLH) 110 x 215 x 80 (CM)



(WLH) 145 x 215 x 80 (CM)



Heavy Duty  190T  PVC  Coated  Base   120  cm  x  205  cm  x  6  cm  (WxLxH) FREE delivery within VIC

-­6°C XL Sleeping Bag


RRP $199

230T Rip  Stop  Fabric 100%  Flannel  Lining 400g  /  sqmtr 240  x  100  cm Zips  open  to  become  a  doona Comfort  Rating  -­6C FREE delivery within VIC





Front &  Top  entry Thick  Egg  type  foam  mattress No.10  coil  heavy  duty  zips

Foot Window  for  greater  ventilation Sandfly  proof  High  Quality  Mesh 4  inside  pockets  for  phones,  torch  etc


YOU MUST BE CRAZY TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE 14, Tooyal  Street,    Fantastic  Frankston,  VIC  -­  on  East  Link Order  online    -­  or  Call  -­  0397831922



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Heavy Duty  Polyprop  Case Fully  insulated  body  &  lid Italian  Designed  Domus  Compressor   Removable  Basket  with  adjustable  divider Plugs  into  Lighter  Socket  or  Home  Power  Point Reaches  -­25  C  at  the  Plate!  




Plus $35 reg delivery anywhere in VIC



Techni Ice Reusable Dry Ice Packs valued at $40

valued at $99

valued at $150


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Pick up a copy from Your Newsagent every Thursday! ONLY

0 0 . $


Available every Thursday in over 4000 retail outlets Victoria wide!

Call: (03) 9008 9850

BICYCLES ladies  bicycle   24in   or   26in   no   gears,   back   push   brake   in   good   cond,   reasonable   price,   Phone   59793686,   HASTINGS BLACK  GLASS  OR   black   coloured   wood,   DVD   stands,   must   be   in   EC,   send   pic   if   possible,   Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO BMW  SEDAN  6CYL man  with  rego  and  RWC,  will  pay  up  to   $4000  for  right  car,  Phone  55927281,   NOORAT BOAT  TRAILER   suit   12ft   punt,   reasonable   condition,   Phone  0418532485,  TOCUMWAL BOBCAT  WANTED consider   anything   not   too   pricey,   Phone  0422284827,  LARA BOWLING  BALL 15   or   16   pound,   Sumo   also   Ninja   in   good   condition,   Phone   97052597,   NARRE  WARREN BRIGGS  &  STRATTON  MOTOR or   similar   with   3/4in   threaded   shaft   for   water   pump   or   complete   unit   reasonable  price,  Phone  0419100795,   NOBLE  PARK  NORTH BRISBANE  BEARS  TV  REPLAYS looking  for  old  brisbane  bears  replays   1987-­1989   in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,  SPRINGVALE  SOUTH


29/11/12  -­  05/12/12


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roof  iron,  cliplock,  timber,  rabbit  proof   fence   netting,   Victa   lawn   mower,   free   standing   indoor   wood   heater,   EXTRACTORS  SUIT  1979 Phone   0458181145,   TERANG   Cleveland   351   pay   approx   $100   to,   WARRNAMBOOL  AREA $150,   Phone   0423658920,   SWAN   HILL BULKY  TABLE   Legs   Wanted,   Phone   97426428,   FARMALL  TRACTOR  PARTS Farmall   Tractor   parts,   Phone   WYNDHAM  VALE 54611956,  MARYBOROUGH BULL  BAR  5  POST Steel   for   1999   model   Troopy,   FIBREGLASS  HARD  LID must   be   suitable   for   winch,   Phone   suit  79  F100  SWB  any  colour  pay  up   to   $500,   Phone   0423658920,   SWAN   0439205832,  BAROOGA HILL FIBREGLASS  HORSE  WANTED CARAVANS  &   Fibreglass   horse   wanted,   Phone   TRANSPORTABLE Relocatable   mobile   homes,   1970â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   0412768314,  BROADMEADOWS to   2000   models,   any   condition   FIRST  EDITION ¿QH FDVK SDLG FDQ SLFNXS 3KRQH Biggles,   Jennings,   William   books,   in   good   cond   also   Wings   Paul   0418990346,  CRANBOURNE McCartney   memborabillia   or   Club   Sandwich   magazines,   will   collect,   CARAVANS  WANTED Mid  70s  -­  Mid  80s.  Cash  Paid,  Phone   Phone  59623235,  HEALESVILLE 0397075584,   AH   0407861134,   FOOD  OR  COFFEE  VAN I   would   love   an   old   coffee/food   BERWICK caravan   to   make   my   own   takeaway   CARLTON  VFL  REPLAYS   van,  to  get  started  up  to  $800,  Phone   looking   for   Carlton   football   replays   0477670907,  WANTIRNA for   home   and   away   games   only   FOOTBALL  CARDS  VFL/AFL 1981-­1989,   any   condition,   Phone   prefer   pre   1980   Scanlens,   Allens,   0418227736,  SPRINGVALE  SOUTH Hoadleys,   Kornies,   WEG,   Mobil   or   CHAINSAW  WANTED cigarette   cards,   especially   interested   Echo   280   E   alive   or   dead   for   parts,   in   Geelong   will   pay   post,   Phone   please  phone  if  you  can  help,  Phone   0432596265,   AH   54952937,   ST   0402867759,  ELLIMINYT ARNAUD FOOTSCRAY  VFL  TV  REPLAYS CHEAP  FORKLIFT looking  for  Footscray  tv  replays  1981-­ just   rented   factory   need   2   1/2   tonne   forklift,   Phone   0413343613,   1989  home  and  away  games  only,  in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,   LAVERTON  NTH SPRINGVALE  SOUTH CHEV  1959  SEDAN ute   or   convertible,   prefer   in   good   FORD  3000  TRACTOR ocnd,   but   not   essential,   also   1959   parts   for   Ford   3000   selectomatic   or   Ford  Star  model,  Phone  0427044029,   will   consider   whole   tractor,   Phone   0405333776,  LEETON LAKES  ENTRANCE FORD  F100  F250  F350 CHEVROLET  1956  BEL-­AIR H/Top   green/white   1:18   scale   1973-­1979   WANTED   V8   or   6   cyl   (170mmL   x   100W)   by   Franklin   Damaged/not   going   rusty   any   mint,   Erte   brand   ,licensed   by   GM   condition   considered   and   later   Corporation,   Phone   0421453025,   ST   models,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0413   421  190,  ST  ALBANS ALBANS FORD  XC  BODY  SHELL COLLINGWOOD  VFL  REPLAYS ORRNLQJ IRU &ROOLQJZRRG YÃ&#x20AC; UHSOD\V with  as  minimal  rust  as  possible  after   1981-­1989,   home   and   away   games   4pm,  Phone  94664560,  LALOR only,   in   any   condition,   Phone   FORD  XD  OR  XE 0418227736,  SPRINGVALE  SOUTH with  reg  or  without,  must  be  cheap  for   son   to   work   on,   Phone   0413582505,   COMICS   Prince   Valiant   original   series   from   MITCHAM 1954,   condition   not   overly   important,   FRONT  BUMPER  BAR suit   79   F100   with   overiders   GCond,   Phone  0412402984,  PAKENHAM Phone  0423658920,  SWAN  HILL COMMER  TRUCK wanted   sunvisor   to   suit   Commer   GEELONG  VFL  TV  REPLAYS or   Dodge   cabover   truck,   Phone   /RRNLQJ IRU *HHORQJ YÃ&#x20AC; WY UHSOD\V for   home   and   away   games   only   0405333776,  LEETON 1981-­1989,   in   any   condition,   Phone   COPPER  BOILER anyone   giving   an   old   copper   0418227736,  SPRINGVALE  SOUTH boiler   please   phone   Gayle,   Phone   GOLD  WHEEL  KEENIE or  any  other  make  or  model  working  or   97426428,  WYNDHAM  VALE not,  Phone  0450567916,  GEELONG DAVEY  FIRE  PUMPS for  parts  model  no.81,  and  model  No   GREY  FERGY  TEA-­20  TRACTOR 8101,  also  suction  hose  to  suit  same,   I   am   wanting   to   buy   a   Ferguson   Phone   0419100795,   NOBLE   PARK   TEA-­20   (Grey   Fergy)   Tractor   in   any   condition   for   restoration,   Phone   NORTH 0408531508,  MORWELL DIESEL  INJECTOR  PUMP Massey   Ferguson   3cyl   diesel,   GREY  FERGY  TRACTOR  PARTS Phone   0427988444,   AH   59988348,   I  am  wanting  to  buy  any  Grey  Ferguson   tractor  parts  &  3pl  Implaments,  Phone   CARDINIA 0408531508,  MORWELL DINNER  SET   HARLEY  DAVIDSON   bought   at   Dimmeys   16yrs   ago   want   to   ad   to   it,   made   in   West   Germany,   Vintage   motorbike   for   restoration,   Feltmann   Weldon,   white   w/tiny   pink   any   year,   condition   unimportant,   or   parts,   Phone   Ã&#x20AC;RUDO ERUGHU 3KRQH  complete   0407055508,   AH   94626564,   FRANKSTON  STH COBURG DISPLAY  UNIT for   model   cars,   must   be   in   EC   and   HAWTHORN  VFL  REPLAYS reasonable  price,  Phone  0458698926,   looking   for   hawthorn   replays   from   BENDIGO 1980-­1989,   home   and   away   games   DODGE  D2F  TRUCK or   reserves   or   night   series   only   part  for  Dodge  D2F  with  361  V8  motor   QRQ ¿QDOV 3KRQH  or   will   consider   whole   truck,   Phone   SPRINGVALE  SOUTH 0405333776,  LEETON HEART  RATE  MONITOR DOG  TRAILER  TURNTABLE Cattye   handheld   monitor,   will   pay   Wanted   to   buy   trailer   turntable   for   initial  cost,  Phone  0428132442,  AH  03   a   dog   trailer,   Phone   0403447370,   97350375,  CHIRNSIDE  PARK,  Phone   WANGARATTA 0428132442,   AH   03   97350375,   CHIRNSIDE  PARK DRAGWAYS   and  Centrelines  for  HQ  or  HJ,  Phone   HELP  INDICATORS 0402699547,   AH   0414979640,   Help   rectangular   indicators   to   suit   Dodge  or  Inter  trucks  new  if  possible,   ELSTERNWICK Phone  0405333776,  LEETON EARLY  MATCHBOX  LABELS And   match   booklets,   preferably   HILUX  1998 Australian  any  amount,  I  have  155  &   side   steps   and   tonneau   cover   for   interested   in   building   my   collection   dual   cab   4x4,   Phone   0417745987,   help,   Phone   0421453025,   ST   TARADALE ALBANS HOLDEN  RODEO  4EZ1  ENGINE wanted  a  rodeo  4ez1  engine  in  good   ESSENDON  VFL  TV  REPLAYS   looking   for   Essendon   tv   replays   for   condition,  Phone  5668  2380,  AH  0409   1981-­1989   home   and   away   games   706  882,  MIRBOO  NORTH RQO\  QR ¿QDOV LQ DQ\ FRQGLWLRQ HOME  GYM Phone   0418227736,   SPRINGVALE   total  home  gym,  will  pay  $100  GWO,   Phone  0422141853,  GARFIELD SOUTH

HOUSE  ON  VENDORS  TERMS or  rental  in  Maryborough  area,  Phone   54479279,  BENDIGO HYDRAULIC  CRIMPING  TOOLS farm  mechanic  requires,  new  old  stock   or  recycled  from  upgrades  price  neg,   Phone  0403447370,  WANGARATTA ICE  CHEST Anyone   giving   away   old   ice   chest,   Phone  97426428,  WYNDHAM  VALE INSTRUCTION  MANUAL for   Brother   electric   typewriter  AX300,   Phone  59623235,  HEALESVILLE INSTRUCTION  MANUAL for  Brother  Industrial  Machine  walking   foot   machine   no:   LT2B838,   Phone   58315628,  SHEPPARTON JCB  3D  MK2 FEL/backhoe,  spare  parts  and  books   for   its   engine,   Leyland   498   diesel,   Phone  0403447370,  WANGARATTA KELLOGGS  CEREAL  TOYS Wanted   -­   CEREAL   TOYS   -­   KELLOGGS   PREMIUMS   -­   any   condition   Help   me   collect,   Phone   0408  013  010,  NARRE  WARREN LADIES  MOUNTAIN  BIKE newer  bike,  in  EC,  everything  working   on   it   at   reasonable   price,   send   a   pic   if   possible,   Phone   0458698926,   BENDIGO LAND  IN  BENDIGO  AREA to  buy,  nothing  under  7  acres,  private   buyer,  Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO LAWN  MOWERS  WANTED Broken   Mowers   Wanted   Cash   Paid   Thanks   upto   $30   a   mower,   $30,   Phone   0406574584,   FERNTREE   GULLY LOAD  BINDERS  FOR   side  tie  rail,  wanted  to  buy  dise  tie  rail   attaching   load   binder   any   condition   considered,   Phone   0403447370,   WANGARATTA LOOKING  TO  ADOPT   a   large   dog   to   be   carers   dog,   Phone   0422717786,  RAINBOW MANUAL  BOOK  FOR  FORD   Transit   Bus   12   seater,   2003   model,   Phone   0487399867,   EASTERN   SUBURBS MARQUEES  WANTED   peg   &   pole   type.   Call   for   more   information,   Phone   0418141360,   VICTORIA MELBOURNE  VFL  TV  REPLAYS looking   for   Melbourne   tv   replays   for   1981-­1989   home   and   away   games   only,   in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,  SPRINGVALE  SOUTH MERCEDES  BENZ  1987 420   SEL   workshop   manual   required,   Phone  94493650,  HILLSIDE MERCEDES  BENZ  330  1981 ECond,   BMW   or   Holden   ute,   Merc   is  reg  &  RWC,  with  AMG  kit,  $4,000,   Phone  0447068175,  STANHOPE MINE  LAB  COIN And   Relic   detector,   Safari   or   E   Trac,   Phone  58590282,  TONGALA MOBILE  PHONE  F165 Telstar   phone   also   cradle   for   handsfree,   Phone   0427146682,   EUROA MOTOR For  a  LJ-­80  Suzuki  4WD  or  complete   vehicle,   Phone   0488080771,   MILDURA MOTORBIKE/DIRT  BIKES wanted  for  adult  or  kids  dirt  bikes  for   family,  willing  to  pay  small  amount  or   free,  Phone  0477670907,  WANTIRNA MOTORBIKES  WANTED All   motorbikes   wanted,   running   or   not   running,   complete   or   incomplete,   cash  paid  phone  or  text,  Motorcycles,   Phone  0412107905,  BORONIA MOTORBIKES  WANTED not  going  in  need  of  repair  unwanted   or   for   parts,   cash   on   pickup,   Phone   0439828509,  LILYDALE MOWER  PARTS   for  Scott  Bonner  Queen  24in  cylinder   mower,   Phone   0417527017,   AH   57969130,  SEYMOUR NIGHT  GRAND  FINAL  1977 hawthorn   v   carlton   played   tuesday   DXJDWYÃ&#x20AC;SDUNQHHGDIXOOFRS\ of   this   game,   Phone   0418227736,   SPRINGVALE  SOUTH NISSAN  UD  ENGINE FD6   turbo   in   good   condition,   Phone   0417392291,  BALLARAT

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12  

TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850  

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NOW RECRUITING ENGINEERS. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s never been a better time to be an Engineer in the Australian Defence Force. The Australian Defence Force is continually looking for undergraduates and qualified Engineers to fill exciting positions across the Navy, Army and Air Force. There are a diverse range of engineering professions including Aeronautical, Armament, Avionics, Electrical, Electronics, Marine, Mechanical, Software and Weapons fields. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll enter as an Officer which means youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be charged with management responsibility, oversee a team and work alongside mentors to make sure you are able to maximise your own professional development. Not only rewarding on a personal level, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll also enjoy job security, work with the most high-tech equipment available and have the chance to travel. Plus youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll receive an unbeatable package including free healthcare, subsidised accommodation and much more. To find out more about a great job as an Engineer in the Navy, Army or Air Force call 13 19 01 or visit



Wanted  any  description,  10ft,  20ft  &   40ft.  Will  pay  cash.  For  us  to  inspect   please   call,   Phone   0411190981,   MELBOURNE SLIDE-­ON  CAMPER 8S WR IW IRU Ã&#x20AC;DW WRS 3KRQH 97028845,  HAMPTON  PARK

SMALL  MOTOR  OR  CHAINSAW For   my   daughter   to   use   in   bike   frame,she   is   doing   it   for   school   auto   priject.Free   or   pay   small   amount,   Phone   0437987262,   FRANKSTON   NORTH SOUTH  MELB/SWANS  REPLAYS looking   for   old   South   Melbourne/ Sydney   Swans   replays   1980-­1989,   home   and   away   games   only   in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,   SPRINGVALE  SOUTH ST  KILDA  VFL  TV  REPLAYS looking  for  st  kilda  tv  replays  for  1981-­ 1989  home  and  away  games  only,  in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,   SPRINGVALE  SOUTH STATESMAN Wanted   vr   statesman   caprice   grille   and   vs   statesman   clear   blinkers   the   ones   in   the   bumper,   nill,   Phone   0478199403,  BALLARAT STEEL  ENGINE  GANTRY Ideally   on   wheels,   block   &   tackle   not   necessary  prefer  not  too  high,  Phone   0438393866,  SUNSHINE STEREO  CARDS and   viewers,   private   collector,   Phone   0413343613,  LAVERTON  NTH SYD  SWANS  V  HAWTHORN looking   for   r10   1982   game   televised   live   into   melbourne   by   ch   7,   in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,   SPRINGVALE  SOUTH SYD  SWANS  V  HAWTHORN r20   1984   game   televised   live   into   melbourne,   full   game   preferred,   in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,   SPRINGVALE  SOUTH TACHO  FOR  DASH mount,   large   type   suit   V8   good   working   cond,   Phone   0423658920,   SWAN  HILL TAPE  RECORDER Phillips   model   4408   working   or   not   will   consider   other   brands,   Phone   0419138356,  PASCOE  VALE TEA  CUP  POODLE Wanted  ring  Pat,  Phone  0405574547,   AH  58313066,  SHEPPARTON


Technicolour  VCR   micro   video   cassette   recorder   model   212E,   with   accessories   incl   AC   power   adaptor,   Phone   51551877,   LAKES   ENTRANCE TENT  QUICK  PUSH  IP needed   for   mature   age   lady   must   be   easy   to   assemble,   Phone   0419445697,  ALEXANDRA TOOLS  WANTED All   Tools   Wanted,Cash   Paid   for   unwanted   tools.Please   call   0411652295,   Phone   0411652295,   CAROLINE  SPRINGS TOW  TRUCK   tilting,   car   license   to   drive,   dead   or   alive   reg   cash   buyer,   Phone   0422284827,  LARA TOWBAR  COMMODORE SOXVZLULQJORRP¿WWHGSD\FDVK Phone  97700993,  FRANKSTON TOYOTA  CROWN  1980 Super   Saloon   2600,   wanted   front   bumperbar   &   indicators,   Phone   97860858,  FRANKSTON TOYOTA  HILUX  2000 Tray   2WD,   bullbar   to   suit,   Phone   0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE TRACTOR  INTERNATIONAL (Farmall)   all   super   A   1945   approx   or   any   parts,   Phone   54611956,   MARYBOROUGH TRACTOR  SMALL to   medium   size,   slasher   6ft   plus   Kubota   tractor   and   any   farming   implements,   Phone   0422284827,   LARA TRAILER  CANOPY  6  X  4   wanted  trailer  canopy  for  6  x  4  trailer   ph   0448-­986367   bendigo,   $200,   Phone  0448986367,  BENDIGO TRAILERS single  or  tandem  in  need  of  extensive   repair,   Phone   0448575999,   AH   54232287,  CASTLEMAINE TRAIN  SET anyone   giving   away   electric   train   set   for  5yr  old  boy,  we  would  appreciate  it,   Phone  97426428,  WYNDHAM  VALE TRUCK  TYRES  700X20 must  have  good  tread  and  be  able  to   pass  roadworthy,  Phone  0405333776,   LEETON

TUCKFEILD  TEA  CARDS SWAPPING FDWV GRJV Ã&#x20AC;RZHUV DQG UG LVVXH of   animals   in   approx   1980,   Phone   COMMODORE  VK  4DR 0413358706,  BOX  HILL petrol/gas,   reco   308   blk   motor,   TUCKFIELD  TEA  CARDS gas   heads,   ready   to   paint,   very   All   issues   &   all   front/back   variations   clean   will   swap   4   reco   Chev/rotary   1960-­2006,  Phone  0413358706,  BOX   BVK055313A-­no-­reg,   $5,000,   HILL Phone   0488035716,   AH   52358481,   GELLIBRAND TUCKFIELD  TEA  CARDS 1st  print  run  plus  32  birds  issued  early   F100  1979 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   also   Kankara   and   copper   auot   351,   tub   SWB   Cleveland   kettle  bird  cards,  Phone  0413358706,   dual   fuel,   elec   dist,   reg   WIV468   for   Commodore   ute   to   the   value   of,   BOX  HILL $5,500,   Phone   0423658920,   SWAN   TURNER  5SPEED HILL Overdrive   gearbox,   Phone   FORD  EXPLORER  LIMIT  ED 0417193524,  RUSHWORTH V6   1998,   ECond,   for   6cyl   BMW   to   same   value   and   age,   $6,500,   Phone   TYRES  &  RIMS 10inch,   5   stud,   aluminium,   suitable   0447068175,  STANHOPE Holden   hubs,   Phone   54611956,   HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VS 1997,  nice  hot  car,  auto,  metallic  pearl   MARYBOROUGH green,   YGS139,   lots   of   extras,   will   UTE swap  for  a  BMW  or  a  dump  car,  Phone   Wanted   cheap   vn   vr   vs   or   4x4   any   0470133173,  NARRE  WARREN condition   must   be   in   running   order,   HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VT   nill,  Phone  0478199403,  BALLARAT auto,   p/s,   white,   cloth   trim,   towbar,   CD   player,   WLX561   $2500   ono   for   VERTICAL  GRILL Malleys   in   good   condition   pay   motorbike,   Phone   0419222299,   up   to   $80,   Phone   98743525,   FOOTSCRAY NUNAWADING HONDA  CR80RB  2001 recent   full   engine   rebuild,   rider   VHS  TAPE  RECORDER or   DVD   recorder   in   good   cond,   must   outgrown,   great   bike   for   10-­14yo,   be  able  to  record  from  digital  TV  and   swap  for  1970â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Falcon  sedan  or  p/van   resonably   priced,   Phone   87741118,   in  running  order,  Phone  0437064118,   ECHUCA HAMPTON  PARK M.O.H  SWAP  WANGARATTA   WANTED  45MM  DCOE n/e   vic   to   melb   2   b/r   brand   new   webber   carby,   Phone   51766086,   unit   closed   in   back   yard,   Phone   TRARALGON 0423478050,  WANGARATTA MACK  TIPPER WANTED  ELECTRIC  WINDOW Control   to   suit   93   model   BMW   535I   motor  needs  attention,  1996  Fleetliner   400-­E7   13spd   Eatons   on   airbag,   car,  Phone  55927281,  NOORAT ring-­feeder   swap   for   motorhome,   WANTED  FERTILE  GAME  EGGS value   of   approx   $20,000,   no-­reg   Wanted  Fertile  eggs,  California  Quail,   6fm617j34atbo3483,   $20,000,   Phone   Pheasant,  Partridge,  Grouse  and  rare   0439636850,  VERVALE Duck   breeds.   Email:   bj-­sullivan@ MARSHALL  HDFX  100W,   Phone   0427533243,   half   stack,   seven   pedals,   Boss   w/ BITTERN Ibanez   dual   humbucking   centrepull   electrics,   all   cases,   leads,   stand,   WANTED  FORD  CORTINA MK1   and  Anglia   K5E   want   for   parts,   HDD,   CD   burner/mixdesk,   swap   Carquip,   Phone   0408333651,   for   roadbike,   Phone   0421826190,   NORTHCOTE COBURG  NORTH NEW  CAR WANTED  HOLDEN  VP-­VT pick  your  new  car,  we  pay  for  it  limited   Looking   For   Holden   VP-­   VT   In   City   offer,   $,   Phone   03/93184792,   AH   Of   Knox   and   Marondah  And   Monash   0468426443,  MAIDSTONE Areas   Must   Be   Unregistered   and   Run,   $300,   Phone   0406574584,   PAJERO  V6  1996 3.5.   7seater,   5spd   diff-­lock,   cruise,   FERNTREE  GULLY a/c,   alloy-­bullbar,   sidesteps,   new   WANTED  RACING  PIGEONS! tyres  OTO434  $3000  or  swap  for  reco   any  racing  pigeons  you  want  to  get  rid   350   chev,   Phone   0488035716,   AH   of  will  be  much  appreciated.  will  pick   52358481,  GELLIBRAND up,  Call  for  price,  Phone  0487388894,   PEUGEOT  306 AH  0401150599,  LARA black   convertible   swap   for   HQ   or   HJ   ute   or   sedan   registered,   Phone   WANTED  SIBERIAN  HUSKY AH   0414979640,   Male,   medium   breed,   Phone   0402699547,   ELSTERNWICK 0448300329,  VICTORIA SWAP  4X4  FOR  8  SEATER  VAN 97   explorer,   reg,   dash   dvd,   full   WANTED  URGENTLY PP PRYLH ¿OP SURMHFWRU VWDQGDUG electrics   want   to   trade   for   8   seater   and   super   8   with   B&C   connector   auto   people   mover,   $5,000,   Phone   to   connect   to   VCR,   Phone   0413862125,  CAPE  WOOLAMAI 0427220924,  WANGARATTA TOYOTA  LEXON  1991 red,  auto,  260,000kms,  very  reliable,   WANTED  WHIPPER  SNIPPER WDJ-­215,   close   to   roadworthy   parts   or   whipper   snipper   not   working   $1000   or   will   swap   for   a   smaller   Kaaz   V20   or   Kaaz   V35,   Phone   auto   car   in   good   condition   1998   or   95513640,  DINGLEY  VILLAGE later  will  pay  cash  difference,  Phone   0421331426,  AH  57972937,  YEA WANTED  XH  FALCON   Utility   mechanical   condition   un-­ important,   Phone   0421548211,   PRESTON

LEASEHOLD  BUSINESS Renowned   Fish   &   Chip   shop   in   the   Lake   Eildon   region.   Secure   lease   &   3   bedroom   residence.   call   today!!,   $120,000   ONO,   Phone   0357732293,   AH  0407866371,  THORNTON MORNINTON  FREEHOLD  SHOP Great   Tentant   beachside,   $350,000   ONO,   Phone   0425743438,   MORDIALLOC POST  OFFICE  GEN  STORE 3RVW RI¿FH JHQHUDO VWRUH IRU sale   ,mail   contract,   2   bedroom   residence   attached,   Freehold   Quiet   country   village   11/2hrs   Melbourne   $210,000+SAV,   Phone   0357985200,   AH  0429194817,  LONGWOOD

SMALL  CABIN  AND   storage   area   fully   furnished   30K   nth   of   Bendigo   suit   single   or   business   traveller,   ref   required   $190   PW   neg,   Phone  54322258,  GOORNONG ST  KILDA  -­  HUGE  F/F  ROOM   ST  KILDA  sharehouse  2  x  extra  large,   fully   furnished   rooms   now   available   From   $195pw   Phone   0412   072   672,   $195,   Phone   0412   072   672,   AH   0412072672,  ST  KILDA



Commercial  Business   Zone   1.   606   Sq.   Metres.   15.2   x   40   m2.   Prime   Location   -­   Major   Road   Frontage.   20   mins   CBD.   Unique   Industrial   Property.   View   -­   232   Sussex   St.   Pascoe  Vale.  Melbourne.  Melway  17   -­   E7.   Enquiries.   More   Info   -­   Email.   propertydevelopment@   hotmail.   W/B   House   for   Demolition.   Private   Sale   by   Owner,   $680,000   ONO,   Phone   03   -­   8300   7580,   PASCOE  VALE

REAL  ESTATE  FOR   RENT FOR  LEASE  GEELONG 3bedroom   1bath   1living   +carport/ garage   freshly   painted   thruout   quite   court   location   on   big   block,   $250,   Daves   all   purpose   solutions,   Phone   0421495797,   AH   0421495797,   NORLANE HOLIDAY  RENTAL

FRASER  ISLAND.   Three   bedroom.   Self   contained.   24   hour   power.   Sleeps   12.   Linen   supplied.   BBQ.   Fridge.   Freezer.   Pizza   Oven.   Wheelchair   Access.   Outside   Fire   Ring.   Normal   rates   are   $950   per   HOUSE  REMOVAL week.  SPECIAL  in  February,  March,   COTTAGE May,   June   and   November   will   be   1   bedroom,   self   contained,   in   $700  per  week.  This  property  is  also   Endeavour   Hills,   18yrs   old,   VGC   for   sale   POA,   Phone   0428303514,   make   us   an   offer,   Phone   97544456,   FRASER  ISLAND AH   0401520465,   ENDEAVOUR   REDESDALE-­  UNIT  FOR  RENT HILLS Redesdale,   unit   for   rent,   includes   HOUSE  FOR  REMOVAL 3br,  large  lounge,  kitchen  &  living  ring   water  in  rent,  in  town,  relaxing  country   for   details,   Phone   0407340445,   AH   atmosphere  yet  close  enough  to  town,   $280,  Phone  0427686542,  KYNETON 0417440445,  WOOMELANG RENTAL  NEAR  BEACH 3   bedroom   house   with   a   study   &   1   INDUSTRIAL  &   bathroom.   5   minutes   from   school,   COMMERCIAL transport  and  shops.  $350  per  week,   Phone  0409196269,  AH  0395443064,   FACTORY CLAYTON 2   Factorys   1   Title   lge   yard   owner   SELF  STORAGE  SHED tired.30   X   40FT   40   X   80FT   with   for   rent,   secure   3Mx6M   shed   West   RI¿FH7ULSSOH,QWHUVHSWHUSLW3KDVH Footscray   area,   available   2nd   Oct   power   RING   OWNER,   $220,000   2012,   $70ono   per   week,   terms   and   ONO,   Phone   0417378584,   AH   conditions  apply,  Phone  0417365616,   0417378584,  BAIRNSDALE FOOTSCRAY

2  acre   property   with   4bdrms   +   study   ,2   bthrms,2   living   rooms   ranch   style   north-­facing   house,   15   minutes   from   Benalla,   35   mins   to   Wangaratta,   2   hrs   from   Melbourne.   Fully   fenced,unlimited   water,   well   established   with   shade   trees,   fruit   trees   and   vege   gardens,   all   hard   work   done,   school   buses,   bitumen   to   front   gate,   good   neighbours,   property   well   maintained,,   no   industrial   pollution.   2   new   sheds,   x2  undercover  parking.  Much  more.   Bargain   priced   Ring   03-­57666207   for   more   details,   $300,000,   Phone   57666207,   AH   03-­57666207,   BENALLA 5  ACRES  BLOCK  FOR  SALE 5   acre   block   for   sale   Yalourn   North   area   (Gippsland)   build   your   dream   home   with   beatiful   views,   $180,000   ONO,   Phone   0438320665,   TRAFALGAR BAIRNSDALE   3   bedroom   home,   new   carpet   and   reverse   cycle   aircond,   b/r,   large   block,  bus  passes  door,  15min  walk  to   shops,   $189,000,   Phone   51525527,   BAIRNSDALE BEAUFORT  20  ACRE native  bush  block,  70G  Stockyard  hill   Road  or  $90,000  with  building  permit,   $67,000   ono,   Phone   0401210471,   BEAUFORT BLOCK  OF  LAND


WEST  COAST  EAGLES  REPLAYS looking   for   west   coast   eagles   games   from  1987-­1989  only,  in  any  condition,   Phone   0418227736,   SPRINGVALE   SOUTH WHITTLESEA  AREA wanted   half   an   acre   in   Whittlesea   area,   Phone   0452610050,   SOUTH   MORANG WOOD  FIRED  STOVE older  style  large  free  standing  in  good   working   condition,   Please   call   Tom,   Phone  0438134380,  BALLARAT WORLD  OF  SPORT  EPISODES   looking   for   old   episodes   of   world   of   sport   from   1980-­1986,   full   episodes   preferred,   in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,  SPRINGVALE  SOUTH YOUNG  DWARF  LOP  FEMALE. Looking   for   a   female   mating   partner   for   our   male   dwarf   lop,   ONO,   Phone   0413779313,   AH   0432183914,   GREENVALE

Freehold  block   of   land   Main   Street   Broken   Hill   NSW,   12mtsx36m,   water  &  sewage  connected.  (weeds   are   free).   Ring   owner   after   6pm,   $15,000,   Phone   0880872224,   BROKEN  HILL


farming  plus   aquaculture,   3bdrm   Besser  brick  home,  4hrs  drive  nth  of   Brisbane  2hrs  Nth  of  Sunshire  coast,   300  acres,  prime  undulating  grazing,   pasture  improved,  laneways,  yards,   big   sheds,   permanent   creek,   big   storage   dams,   54   DPi   approved   ponds,  5  hectares  currently  growing   ¿VK DQG UHGFODZ VZDS IRU KRXVH or   property   same   value,   $800,000,   Phone  0354809983,  MOAMA

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NTH  MELB  V  HAWTHORN   looking   for   ch   7   footage   of   r10   1979   nth   melb   v   hawthorn   played   at   scg,   Phone   0418227736,   SPRINGVALE   SOUTH NTH  MELBOURNE  VFL  REPLAYS looking  for  North  Melbourne  tv  replays   for   1981-­1989   home   and   away   games   only,   in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,  SPRINGVALE  SOUTH NUMBER  PLATE  LIGHTS   complete   suit   79   F100,   Phone   0423658920,  SWAN  HILL OLD  CAR  BATTERIES radiators   etc,   free   pick   up   anywhere,   Phone  0477279805,  FRANKSTON OLD  CARAVANS  WANTED any   type   or   condition   to   do   up,   up   to   $500,   Phone   0412718101,   WANTIRNA OLD  HAND  TOOLS and   shed   lots,   deceased   estates   in   Western   Suburbs,   Phone   0413343613,  LAVERTON  NTH OLD  HIFI  STEREO  EQUIPMENT Looking   to   buy   50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   and   80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   HIFI   equipment   (stereos   WXUQWDEOHV UHFRUG SOD\HUV DPSOL¿HUV Speakers)   Working   or   not,   Phone   0412511720,  BORONIA OLD  PHOTOGRAPHS Black   &   white   photos,   old   negatives   for   early   history   Rosebud,   Sorrento,   Portsea,   early   ferries   will   pick   up,   Phone  95841661,  CHELTENHAM OLD  TRAILERS  WANTED DQ\ W\SH RU FRQGLWLRQ WR ¿[ XS up   to   $200,   Phone   0412718101,   WANTIRNA OUTBOARD  15HP forward   control   with   electric   start,   Phone  0408612621,  AH  0269557053,   LEETON OVERHEAD  CONSOLE For   1999   Landcruiser   Troopy,   Phone   0439205832,  BAROOGA PACK  RACK chrome   pref,   approx   1Mx1M   screw   down   to   carry   spare   tyre   on   a   roof,   Phone  0423658920,  SWAN  HILL PADDOCK  TO  AGIST Bendigo   area,   for   1-­2   horses   at   reasonable  price  ref  available,  Phone   0458698926,  BENDIGO PEUGEOT  505  DIESEL   starter  motor,  and  parts  for  505  price   negotiable,   Phone   0403447370,   WANGARATTA PICKET  FENCING   approx   4   1/2ft   high   for   pensioners   front   fence,   cheap   or   free,   Phone   97743233,  CHELSEA PLAY  PEN Need   a   babies   play   pen   for   my   1yr   old   urgently.   Will   only   pay   for   VGC-­ GC   at   reasonable   price,   Phone   0415736097,  CHELSEA PLAYSTATION  II Final  Fantasy  no  10,  Strategy  Guide,   Phone   0478166202,   RINGWOOD   EAST RADIATOR  AUTO   VXLW  ) *&RQG ¿EUHJODVV sheet  or  roll  8x7ft,  Phone  0423658920,   SWAN  HILL REEL  TO  REEL   tapes   pre   recorded   for   track   7.5   IPS   stereo,   Phone   98038609,   BLACKBURN  SOUTH RICHMOND  VFL  TV  REPLAYS ORRNLQJ IRU ULFKPRQG YÃ&#x20AC; WY UHSOD\V for   1981-­1989   home   and   away   games   only,   in   any   condition,   Phone   0418227736,  SPRINGVALE  SOUTH ROOM  FOR  RENT  OR house   sit   wanted,   have   a   security   background,   very   reliable   with   beautiful   golden   retreiver,   Phone   0487399867,  EASTERN  SUBURBS ROUEN  DUCKS 2   female   Rouen   ducks   for   breeding   wanted,   Phone   0478275177,   AH   50273181,  WENTWORTH SET  OF  CHROME  MAGS 8in   minimum   or   chrome   Sunraysias   suit   79   F100,   Phone   0423658920,   SWAN  HILL

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Item 4. Heading: ......................................................................................................... Text: (25 Words Max) .......................................................................................... ......................................................................................................................... ......................................................................................................................... ............................................................. Colour:.............................................. Applicable to motor vehicles - BY LAW ALL vehicles advertised MUST have VIN or Registration number listed in the text.

Registration/VIN: ........................................................................................... Price: ................................ Category: .......................................................... Item 5. Heading: ......................................................................................................... Text: (25 Words Max) .......................................................................................... ......................................................................................................................... ......................................................................................................................... ............................................................. Colour:.............................................. Applicable to motor vehicles - BY LAW ALL vehicles advertised MUST have VIN or Registration number listed in the text.

Registration/VIN: ........................................................................................... Price: ................................ Category: ..........................................................

Payment Options Please find my cheque to TraderTAG enclosed Please charge my credit card a total of Visa




Name on card: ............................................................................................... Signature: ................................................... Expiry Date: .............................

Please Note:-

C%&):-764A)>)14)*4-<78:1>)<-;-44-:;+755-:+1)4),>-:<1;-:; please call 1300 98 40 19. C ),>-:<1;16/1;;=*2-+<<7'-:5;76,1<176;&--8)/-

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T he Po wer of P ri nt a nd Onl in e

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Turn your unwanted ed items in to cash by over the state of Victoria Call us now on them to readers all over o online online onl line in ne to to ww w ww.trad w trad ra adertag ert ag com ag co om au to au to pl p lace ace ace (03) 9008 9850 or go place your ad...TraderTAG

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Terms & Conditions GENERAL INFORMATION TraderTAG does not participate in, nor is it a party to, any classifieds transactions, nor does do we review, endorse, guarantee or authenticate all listings offered for sale or trade. Therefore, users of this service should be aware that: >(//(45$1'%7;(45$4(&203/(6(/;4(53215,%/()24924.,1*2766+( sale and exchange of goods or services >(//(45$1'%7;(45$4(4(53215,%/(,14(52/8,1*$1;',5376(56+$6 0$;$4,5()420&/$55,=('564$15$&6,2156,5,03246$166275(&$4( throughout your dealings with other users in TraderTAG. TraderTAG &$1126$1''2(5126&21=40($&+$1'(8(4;75(43743246(','(16,6; >(//(45$1'%7;(45$4(4(53215,%/()244(5($4&+,1*$1'&203/;,1* 9,6+$1;$33/,&$%/(/$954(*7/$6,215244(564,&6,21521,6(05 5(48,&(5240$11(42)5$/(24(:&+$1*(6+$60$;3(46$,162 transactions in which they participate. >!3216+(&203/(6,212)$5$/(5(//(45$1'%7;(45$4(4(53215,%/()24 6+(,42913$;0(165+,33,1*&2565$33/,&$%/(6$:(5$1'$1;26+(4

costs incurred by participating in TraderTAG

82,',1$334234,$6($'&216(16"270$;126/,1.62325624,1&/7'( >124'(462.((3&216(167362'$6(3$,'$'50$;%(4(028('$)6(4  $'8(46,5(0(165)24*22'52426+(40$6(4,$/56+$6$'(5&4,%(,6(05 245(48,&(56+$6;27$4(1265(//,1*,1 4$'(4 24%;27'2126 9((.59+(4(12126,&(+$5%((14(3246('2)<2$/(? +$8(4,*+662/,1.6224,1&/7'("27$/520$;126,1&/7'($1;&216(16 >$4(21/;$8$,/$%/(6234,8$6(5(//(45 24,0$*(5,1;274$'6+$6$4(2%5&(1(2))(15,8(+$40)7/620,1245 SELLING ,18$5,8(2)$1;21(534,8$&;2426+(49,5(,1$334234,$6( //5(//(450756 $8(6+(4,*+6562$1'3255(55,212),6(0"270$;1262))(4$1; ,6(0)245$/(64$'(24$'236,216+$6,5126,1;2743255(55,21;27'2 203/;9,6+$33/,&$%/(/$95"270$;1262))(4)245$/(64$'(24 126+$8(6+(4,*+6625(//2464$'(,6(056+$6'2(5126(:,56$66+(6,0( $'236,21$1;,6(05245(48,&(562%7;(45,1$-74,5',&6,219+(4( of the ad. 6+(,6(05(48,&(246(4052)6+(5$/(8,2/$6($33/,&$%/(/$9524 4(*7/$6,215"27$/520$;1262))(4)245$/(64$'(24$'236,21$1;

/$&(,6(0,16+($334234,$6(&$6(*24;"270756/,56;274,6(0,16+(  $334234,$6(&$6(*24; 4$'(4 4(5(48(56+(4,*+6624(/2&$6( ,6(0245(48,&(6+$68,2/$6(5 4$'(4 532/,&,(5$5'(5&4,%('%(/29 $1$'6+$6,5'((0('62%(,1$1,1$334234,$6(&$6(*24; ,1<42+,%,6('6(05$1'(48,&(5? 428,'($1+21(564(34(5(16$6,212);274,6(0)245$/($1',1',&$6,1* 428,'($&&74$6($1'7362'$6(,1)240$6,21"270756$&&74$6(/; ,);274,6(0,575('4()74%,5+('24$4(3/,&$2)6+(24,*,1$/ '(5&4,%(6+(,6(0;27$4(5(//,1*64$',1*242))(4,1*)24$'236,21 "270$;126,1&/7'($1;/$1*7$*(,1;274$'9+,&+0$;0,5/($' 7. By placing a free or paid ad in TraderTAG you agree to receive potential buyers or cause your ad to be included in search results to 0$4.(6,1*&20071,&$6,215$1'2))(45716,/;276(//756+$6;2734()(4 which it is not responsive. 1264(&(,8(57&+&20071,&$6,215

Call: (03) 9008 9850

'8(46,5(716,/52/'#3$,'$'59,//$33($4,1;2745(/(&6(')240$6)24 $0,12) (',6,2159+(4(6+(1 4$'(4 +2/'56+(4,*+662&+$1*( )240$66,//,6(05$/(6$.(53/$&(

PROHIBITED ITEMS AND SERVICES 6,56+(4(53215,%,/,6;2)%26+6+(5(//(4$1'6+(%7;(462(1574(6+$66+( ,6(05245(48,&(5/,56(')245$/(64$'(24$'236,21$4($334234,$6()24 sale, trade or adoption under all applicable laws and regulations.

INDEMNITY "27$*4((62,1'(01,); 4$'(4 $1',65(03/2;((5)420$1'$*$,156 $1;$1'$//&/$,050$'(%;24/,$%,/,6,(562$1;6+,4'3$46;4(57/6,1*)420 $1;$&6,8,6,(5&21'7&6('71'(4;2740(0%(45+,324;27475(240,575( 2)2745(48,&(5 +,5,1&/7'(5%76126/,0,6('6257%0,66,1*&216(16 (16(4,1*,16264$15$&6,2159,6+26+(40(0%(45&216$&6,1*26+(45 3(46$,1,1*626+(,4$'5,1)4,1*,1*$6+,4'3$46;5,16(//(&67$/3423(46;24 26+(44,*+65)$,/,1*62'(/,8(4*22'5243$;0(16$)6(4$5$/($*4((0(16 2426+(49,5($4,5,1*2762);274%4($&+2)6+,5*4((0(16

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Puzzle Session! 1








12 14 17

















31 32



35 36






NOVEMBER 29 - 2012 2





29/11/12 -­  05/12/12

1 6 8 11 12 14 17 19 21 23 25 26 28 29 32 33 34 36 37 39 40 41 42 43


Hotel room. (13) Rock singer, Billy ______. (4) Hollandaise-based condiment. (6,5) Scottish island. (4) Michael Caine movie, ___ Carter (1970). (3) Confuse. (6) Unbiassed. (9) Resound. (4) Rim. (4) Exhibitions. (14) Immune. (6) Bottle stopper. (4) Newspaper caricature. (7) Unable to be contacted. (13) Culinary herb. (5) Concurring. (8) Pre-dinner prayer. (5) Outdated computer operating system. (3) Best. (7) Timid. (3) Chat. (4) Celebration. (7) Self. (3) Sweet potato. (3)

1 Not quite right. (5) 2 Major town. (4) 3 US Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, Norman ________. (6) 4 Hitchcock movie, _____ M for Murder. (4) 5 Problem solving. (15) 6 Frozen water. (3) 7 Musical instrument. (4) 9 Cash dispensing machine. (3) 10 Lettuce variety. (3) 13 Duo. (3) 15 Beyond compare. (9) 16 Spookier. (6) 18 Person’s natural disposition. (11) 20 Female domestic chicken. (3) 21 Sight organs. (4) 22 Salutations. (9) 23 Pots used for cooking stews. (5,5) 24 Fragaria. (10) 27 Australian sheepdog. (6) 30 Property protection device, burglar _____. (5) 31 Spots on a peacock’s feather. (6) 35 Seekers member, Athol ___. (3) 36 Deoxyribo nucleic acid. (3) 37 Star Wars character, Ben ___-Wan Kenobi (3) 38 Anger. (3) 39 Agent. (3)

40 41

Crack the Codeword

Sudoku 1 - Easy

In this puzzle each number represents a different letter of the alphabet. Work out which number stands for which letter. We have given you 3 to start you off. Can you decipher the rest?


Sudoku 2 - Hard



3 1



All the letters of the alphabet have been included.

7 9 2 1 7 3

4 3 7 4

8 6 2 1 2 8

4 6 8 5



2 7 6 3 5 1 2 4 7 8 8 9 3 6 7 9 1 5 8 4 3 5 6


6 4



©Crosswords for Fun –

©Crosswords for Fun –

Mystery Word Trivia Quiz

Decode the mystery word by answering each question and take the first letter from each answer. __________“And licked the soup from the cooks own ____” Robert Browning The Pied Piper of Hamelin __________Billy Joel wrote the song Scenes From An __________ Restaurant. __________To which genus does the cranberry belong? __________The ossicle is a bone in which part of the body? __________What is the former name of Ho Chi Minh City? __________Which Australian state is home to the Bellerive Oval? __________What is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet? __________What is the name given to the flower bud of the shrub Capparis spinosa, which is pickled and used as a garnish? __________Which New South Wales town is home to the Three Sisters rock formation?

Mystery word _____________________________________________



1 14

2 15

3 16

4 17

5 18

6 19

7 20

8 21

9 22

10 23

11 24

12 25

13 26










Sudoku 2

Sudoku 1 9 2 4 1 3 8 5 6 7

5 3 6 2 4 7 9 8 1

8 1 7 5 6 9 3 2 4

7 8 2 3 5 4 1 9 6

1 4 9 7 2 6 8 3 5

3 6 5 9 8 1 7 4 2

6 9 3 4 7 5 2 1 8

Crack the Codeword

4 7 1 8 9 2 6 5 3

2 5 8 6 1 3 4 7 9 1





2 7 4 5 3 9 8 1 6 2












5 6 3 1 8 7 4 9 2

8 1 9 4 6 2 5 7 3









4 2 7 9 5 6 1 3 8 7




1 9 5 8 2 3 7 6 4 8




6 3 8 7 4 1 9 2 5 9




9 8 2 3 1 5 6 4 7 10 23



3 5 1 6 7 4 2 8 9 12






Solution: Waikato; Interpol; Zero; Archaeologist; (George) Raft MYSTERY WORD: WIZARD


Mystery Word Trivia

Become a member of the puzzling community.

7 4 6 2 9 8 3 5 1

Solve Free ery Day! Puzzles Ev



TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850  

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12   CABIN,  EILDON 2  bdrm  cabin,  full  decking  overlooking   bushland.   Kitchen,   ensuite,   dining,   lounge,   comes   complete,   tv   ,fridge,   fâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ture.In   quiet   park,   annuals   only,   $43,500   ONO,   Phone   0412943522,   LANGWARRIN




CARLTON Lygon  St   Carlton   1   bedroom   appartment,   $232,000,   Phone   0402699547,  ELSTERNWICK CASTLEMAINE

10minutes  walk   to   beach,   two   bedroom   units   with   lock   up   garage   $157,000   32-­42   Ullathorne   Rd   Inverloch   50years   and   over,   Site   fees   $174.50   per   fortnight.   No   hidden   costs!,   Sunny   Sand   Residential   Village,   Phone   56741446,  INVERLOCH RIVER  FRONTAGE

BV  home   on   1260sq   mtrs,   all   services,   5   bedroom,   study,   billiard   room,   kitchen,   meals,   lounge,   central   bathroom,   sep   shower   &   toilet,   laundry,   large   entry,   lockup   JDUDJH ZRUNVKRS FRQFUHWH Ă&#x20AC;RRU  power,   colourbond   fencing,   lots   of   fruit  trees  &  grape  vines,  all  facilities   walking   distance,   $338,000,   Phone   0427486719,  CASTLEMAINE

DENILIQUIN 1  bedroom  home  unit  w/land,  split  RC   air,   sun-­deck,   carport,   built   in   robes,   rear  court,  like  new,  $59,000  or  offers,   Phone  0488622542,  DENILIQUIN DIGBY  7  ACRES Old   solid   5   bedroom   Miners   shack,   sheds,   gorgeous   creek,   many   established   trees,   heaps   of   wildlife,   needs   work,   $58,000   ono,   Phone   55700579,  DIGBY


house,  11   plus   acres,   solar   power,   mains   water   tank,   shedding,   3   dams,   private   seller,   $250,000   ono,   Phone  0428638400,  DUNOLLY ELPHINSTONE  HOBBY  FARM Modern   3br   home,   10   acres,   large   GDP ¿VK RUFKDUG QG GZHOOLQJ DOO amenitites,   3kms   from   Elphinstone,   20min   to   Bendigo,   $345,000,   Phone   0428125930,  CASTLEMAINE

Stunning  Lifestyle  Property.  Situated   on   1.2   acres.   State   Forest   at   rear   of   property.   Sealed   ashphalt   road   at   front.   Very   private.   Huge   125m   frontage.  Short  walk  to  CBD.  200mt   to   Latrobe   River   and   Noojee   Pub.   10   mins   to   Tooroongo   Water   Falls.   30   Mins   to   Mt   Baw   Baw   Snow   Resort.   Great   Trout   Fishing.   Crabs   also.   The   5yo   Double   Story   home   has   3   bedrooms,   2   bathrooms,   2   Toilets.   Polished   Timber   Jarrah   Ă&#x20AC;RRUERDUGV 2SHQ 3ODQ /LYLQJ Coonara.  Kitchen  with  2  pack  paint,   ceramic  marble  benchtop  with  touch   electric   hotplates.   Alfresco   living   which   takes   in   stunning   panoramic   views.   Underneath   is   the   ultimate   manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   retreat   which   includes   4   car   dual   access   garage,   seperate   Kitchen  and  lounge,  Toilet,  Shower,   Coolroom,   Wine   Cellar,   Alfresco   and  Workshop  with  3  phase  power.   With   27   Angelina   Plum   Orchard   trees,   30   other   various   fruit   trees   including   Apples,   Peaches,   Cherry,   Apricot   and   Grape.   4000   gallon   Water   supply   to   Garden   and   4000   gallon   water   supply   to   house.   Woodshed.   Machinery   and   Direct   access   to   Tracks   and   Trails   behind   property.   This   Beautiful   Property   will  sell  quickly.  Call  Matt,  $360,000   MORDIALLOC  PROPERTY   Phone   0437129156,   AH   56289718   NO  AGENTS  Great  investment  parks/ 97047709,  VIC,  Phone  0437129156,   beach/shops   transport   renovated   AC   AH  56289718  97047709,  NOOJEE To  much  to  mention  leave  A  message   ONO,   $315,000   ONO,   Phone   0425743438,  MORDIALLOC NTHRN  WATERFRONT  LAND  

EVERTON  GARDENS  CARAVN  PK 64  sites  own  ensuites  quiet  next  to  rail   trail,   wineries,   $600,400,   Phone   03   57270365,  EVERTON GUNBOWER  1  ACRE

Gumbower  house   &   property   located   35   minutes   from   Echuca,   2   living   rooms,   new   dishwasher,   stove,  2  Split  systems,  woodheater,   1Meg   water   right   solar   hot   water/ power,  12â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;  shed  19â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x31â&#x20AC;&#x2122;  outdoor   patio,  new  carpet,  $210,000,  Phone   0437526828,  GUNBOWER HORSHAM/GRAMPIANS district  3  acres  great  shed/weekender,   services   available,   perf   block   for   ÂżVKHUPDQ RU OLIHVW\OH ODNH 7RRORQGR at  back  door  Horsham  close,  $63,000,   Phone  53904200,  BRIM INDIANA  USA  SOUTH  BEND

Located  in   New   Zealand   Lot   3,   4721m2,   180,000   Lot   4   6663m2   199,000.  Fabulous  coastal  views  of   Taipa   and   Doubtless   Bay,   services   to   boundry,   private   road,   Phone   0437272354,  GLADSTONE

NINETY  MILE  BEACH The   Honeysuckles   Private   Sale.   Beach   Block.   Minute   walk   through   dunes   to   fabulous   90   Mile   Beach.   Phone   for   more   information.   REDUCED   FOR   QUICK   SALE,   $69,000,   Phone   0402895660,   GIPPSLAND

Scarce  Nth  Facing  Vacant  Land.  10   mins  drive  to  Internationally  famous   PI   GRANDE   PRIX   RACE   TRACK   located   100mtrs   from   secluded   north-­facing   beach   and   short   walk   to   the   Newhaven   Marina,   boat   ramps   &   licensed   supermarket.   469m2   Vacant   Allotment   including   common   driveway   has   all   services   connected   to   the   block   opposite   the   unspoiled   foreshore   of   Forrest   Avenue.   Beautiful   Location.   Call   for   more   details,   $345,000,   Phone   0416530651,  NEWHAVEN QUEENSTOWN  TAS 2  blocks  of  land,  1951sq  metres,  lot  7   506sq  M,  lot  8  645sqM,  neighbouring   forest,  can  sell  sep  reduced,  $22,000   for   both,   Phone   93127777,   AH   0419677444,  SUNSHINE


2BR  home   has   a   long   term   tenant,   agent   in   his   early   60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   who   pays   $525  on  time  each  and  every  month.   There   is   a   good   property   manager   in  place  to  make  this  a  hassle  free,   high   yield   investment,   $20,000,   Phone  0414910353,  USA KYNETON  -­  NEW  HOUSE Kyneton   3bdr   house,   with   ensuite,   double   garage,   like   new,   ready   to   move   in,   bluestone   rise   estate,   $399,000,   Phone   0427686542,   KYNETON LAND  100+  ACRES  ARARAT Great   to   build   on,   close   to   town,   Phone  0438389622,  ARARAT LIFESTYLE  FARM  -­  YANAKIE 8.6   acres   Wilsons   Prom   peninsula.   Search   ID:   7462123.  SOLAR  2  storey  5  bedroom   house,   walk   BEACH,   $590,000,   Phone  0356620922,  AH  0402940320,   YANAKIE

Your  feedback  is   important  to  us.  Good   or  bad  we  want  to  hear   it  all.  Free  Ads  and   great  content  is  what   TraderTAG  is  all  about... email: Mail:  Po  Box  11140 Frankston  3199

FISH  &  CHIP  BUSINESS Well   established,loyal   solid   trade. Fresh   layout.Long   lease.Training   SURYLGHGFDQ SURYLGH \WG ¿JXUHV Owners   relocating,no   tyre   kickers   !,   Ill   health   forces   this   double   block   $75,000,   Phone   0403700947,   AH   high   rise   sight   to   be   reduced   0351345811,  MORWELL by   $2   Million   situated   on   main   st   Tweed   Heads,   100mtrs   from   Tweed   Heads   Bowls   Club   &   GENERAL  STORE/NEWSAGENT   Tweed   Heads   Hospital,   all   offers   considered,  Phone  0411987409,  AH   0408363533,  TWEED  HEADS WANTED  BUSH  BLOCK 10   to   100   acres   with   shack   or   shed   Meredith   area   phone   Alan,   Phone   97416406,  WERRIBEE WONTHAGGI beautiful   new   3br   BV   townhouses   approx  22sqrs,  8ft6in  celings,  ensuite,   wir,   double   showers,   double   garage   w/remote,   beautiful   tiling,   wheelchair   For   Sale,   good   lease,   Take   Away   friendly,   $395,000,   Phone   56722381,   and   Residence.   POA   plus   stock,   WONTHAGGI Phone   59673210,  AH   0418533866,   LAUNCHING  PLACE WONTHAGGI/DALYSTON  AREA  

Spectacular  location,   approx   1   hour   from   Adelaide.   Various   outbuildings  included.  Original  Ferry   Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   cottage-­circa   1850(needs   restoration).   Build   your   dream   home   or   develop(STCA).   Bargain,   $290,000,   Phone   0437460162,   BLANCHETOWN

GLASS  &  GLAZING  BUSINESS Bairnsdale   for   sale   due   to   ill   health,   $50,000   ono,   Phone   0413578958,   BAIRNSDALE


Bacchus  Marsh   in   Prime   Location,   annual   takings   150K   approx,   low   RYHUKHDGV H[FHOOHQW SUR¿WV :RUWK a   look.   $55,000   WIWO   For   more   information  call,  Phone  0421604154,   AH  94493410,  BACCHUS  MARSH

ROSEDALE,  VICTORIA Land   1,012   m2   Bargain   buy!   110   Princes   St,   Must   sell,   $65,000   ONO,   Phone  51571958,  ROSEDALE SMALL  FARM  FOR  SALE


BOOLGUN  MAGGEA  is  situated  35   kms   south   of   Waikerie   SA,   27   kms   from   the   River   Murray   less   than   2   hours  from  Mildura,  Vic  or  Adelaide   SA.  This  is  a  cropping  and  Livestock   property,   total   area   of   property   is   763   ha,   river   water   to   property,   underground   water   for   stock   only   with   near   new   s/s   pump,   2   stand   shearing   plant   and   shearing   shed,   small  cattle  yards,  pig  stys,  shedding   includes   large   machinery   shed   and   2   smaller   sheds   for   storage   and   equipment.   House   is   solid   stone   partly   renovated,   insulation   in   ceiling,   split   system   air   conditioner,   dishwasher,   satellite,   internet,   2   car   garage   with   2   storage   rooms   attached.   Please   phone   John   08   85407038  or  0427  407038  or  Email:,   $535,000,   WAIKERIE



Danas,  Hampton   Park   Shopping   Centre,   very   busy   centre,   $36,000   plus   stock,   Phone   0408691367,   HAMPTON  PARK


Planned  created  with  peace  &  style.   This   elegant   3BR   2   bathrooms,   2   toilets,   2   living   areas,   chefs   kitchen   with  quality  furnishings.  Zoned  for  2   families.  2  split  systems,  dishwasher   brand   new,   5   ceiling   fans,   security   phone,  secured  yard,  2M  front  deck,   3M   back   deck,   full   width   house.   (QG RI RXU VWUHHW FDWFK ¿VK ZDON onto   the   surf.   Fantastic   investment,   lifestyle   or   retirement.   Bonus   near   4year  builders  warranty.  Local  shop   &  buses  end  of  street.  Regretful  sale   moving   closer   to   family.   Genuine   enquiries   only.   Drastically   reduced   with   6-­7mths   settlement   was   $350,000   now   $330,000,   Phone   0419775199,   AH   0428109159,   DALYSTON


MARKETING  TOOLS  BUSINESS ORZ FDSLWDO KLJK SUR¿W FDQ EH operated   from   home,   $120,   Phone   0447236342,  ROCKHAMPTON


Bargain  Price   For   Sale   with   work,   over   20   years   old   on   Mornington   Peninsula,   has   some   customers.   Truck  &  skips.  Call  for  more  details,   Phone  0414811128,  MORNINGTON   PENINSULA



3  dble  brm  house  on  approx.  1/2ac.   includes  1/4ac  paddock  suitable  for   Hotel/Motel  can  be  turned  into  B&B,   hobby,   pony,   business   or   granny   up   to   7   bedroom,   ensuite,   3   titles,   cabin.  Freshly  painted  inside  &  out.   good   location   on   main   highway   New   carpet   t/out.   Rev.   cycle   a/c   x   40   mins   from   Grampians.   PRICE   2.   Multiple   shedding.   Quiet   setting   ATTRACTIVE,   Phone   0412054381,   in   township   with   job   opportunities   VICTORIA all   around.   PRICE   REDUCTION,   $154,000,   Phone   0439508565,   BE  YOUR  OWN  BOSS Butcher  Shop  for  Sale  $250,000  neg,   SPRINGHURST Phone  0425227864,  GEELONG SPRINGVALE  3BR  HOME Central   Springvale   zone   2,   close   to   shops,   schools,   station.   Room   upstairs.   Large   block.   Double   car   garage,   $800,000   ono,   Phone   85027430,   AH   0425832142,   SPRINGVALE

Promise  big   return,   safe   for   you   &   new   customer.   Before   you   starting   you   become   already   wealth   of   new   money.   No   opposition.   Big   market.   Selling   due   to   ill   health,   $40,000,   Phone  0414443062,  VICTORIA

Newsagency,  plus   Tatts.   A   great   opportunity   to   purchase   one   of   the   pivotal  businesses  in  town.  Business   sale  $250,000  (plus  SAV)  and  option   to  buy  freehold  (shop  +  house).  Buy   yourself  a  job  and  enjoy  the  country   life,   Phone   0356681522,   MIRBOO   NORTH


BUSINESS  CONSULTANT TATTS,   POST,   NEWS,   BUYING   OR   SELLING   any   retails   business,   12   years   exp.,   Each,  Phone  0400988402,  TARNEIT

BUTCHER  SHOP  FOR  SALE   Butcher   Shop   for   sale   in   Sunbury   all   equipment   included   located   in   busy   Main   Street   priced   to   sell,   Call   SWAN  HILL neat   2   BV   house   sunny   Swan   Hill,   for   price,   Phone   0434220894,   AH   near  Murray  River,  all  work  is  done  for   0419890659,  SUNBURY you,  worth  a  look,  price-­on  inspection,   COFFEE  VAN   Phone  50330095,  SWAN  HILL TIME  SHARE Whitecliffs   beach   Resort   Rye   RQH ZHHN Ă&#x20AC;RDWLQJ WLPH VOHHSV  maintenance   fees   paid,   ill   health   must   sell,   $1,500,   Phone   97239951,   CROYDON TIMESHARE Golden   Leaf   Caloundra,   1wk   Ă&#x20AC;RDWLQJ WLPH %5 SOXV  ZHHNV banked   $1500,   Phone   0420350257,   Good   Cash   maker,   good   returns,   HAZELWOOD all   equipment,   new   approved   van,   just   hop   in   and   run   lots   of   fun,   will   give   training   to   make   coffee,   call   TIMESHARE  1  WEEK must   sell   because   age/sickness,   Chris   after   2pm   week   days   on,   price   negotiable,   Phone   56111292,   $19,000   Neg,   Phone   0400339785,   BALLARAT WARRAGUL

FREEHOLD  &   BUSINESS   in   well   established   18   unit   Freehold   Motel   in   Western   Victoria.   Picturesque   setting  on  3  acres  (approx)  including   inground   pool   and   BBQ   area,   superb  4  bedroom  residence,  guest   pool   room,   kitchen   &   laundry.   All   rooms  are  in  top  condition,  Excellent   turnover,   boosted   by   good   tourist   trade   &   long   established   National   Company   Clients.   Freehold   and   Business   Price,   $735,000   +SAV,   Phone   0429388776,   WESTERN   VICTORIA

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CHARLTON  2  BDRM  HOUSE house   in   charlton   2   bdrms   on   3/4   acre   town+tank   water   shed   carports   walking   distance   to   shops   schools,   $75,000,   Phone   0434626614,   WEDDERBURN

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Combine  Lifestyle   with   Businessâ&#x20AC;?.   Unique   opportunity   to   secure   an   established   3-­4   bedroom   brick   veneer   home   on   generous   block.   Great   potential   for   Solicitor   or   Accountant   to   work   from   home.   Huge   exposure   passing   trade.   This   dwelling   is   currently   used   as   a   home   and   music   teaching   studio   ideally   suited   to   a   teacher/musician   to   continue   with   trade   stock   and   existing   clientele.   Only   2-­5   minutes   from  secondary  and  primary  schools   and   handy   to   Medical/Professional   rooms   and   Rosebud   Shopping   Plaza.  Features:  Entry  area,  ensuite   and  built  in  robes  to  main  bedroom.   )RUPDO ORXQJH ZLWK JDV ORJ ÂżUH reverse   cycle   air   conditioning.   Well   ÂżWWHG NLWFKHQ PHDOV DUHD  JDV wall   heater,   second   family   living   room   with   adjoining   professional   room   with   separate   entry.   Second   bathroom   and   toilet,   laundry   -­   double   linen   and   broom   cupboard.   Together   with   double   carport   and   ample   onsite   car   parking.   Land   Size:743sqm.   Inspection   Welcome!   Call   David   Short,   $420,000,   Phone   59868188,  ROSEBUD  WEST


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TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850  

CASH  REGISTERS  (2) National   early   60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   elsewhere   $999   these   $750   each   or   both   for,   $1,400,   Phone  0407240001,  ALBURY CLOTHES  RACK height   adjustable,   chrome,   suit   shop   or   home,   $40,   Phone   0401934286,   RESERVOIR COLLECTABLES  SHOP   shutting   all   stock   must   go   Seaford   between   10am   &   6pm,   Phone   87531186,  SEAFORD COMMERCIAL  ROTOBIC Lifestyle   Business   Opportunity.   suction   polished   machine   400mm   10   spacious   units,   1.5   acres,   pool   brush   works   well,   $600,   Phone   &   gazebo.   2-­3   bedroom   owners   0416055874,  BENDIGO residence,  good  consistant  turnover   EX  FLORIST  GIFT  SHOP situated  in  the  Historic  Country  Town   of   Rainbow   this   easily   run   Motel   glass  shelves,  vases,  iron  pedestals   would  suit  a  husband  &  wife  team  or   glass  tops  (5),  boxes,  ribbons,  cards   young   family.   Freehold   &   business   &  stand  etc,  snow  branches,  call  for   priced,   $310,000   ONO,   Phone   more   details,   Phone   0404529343,   TEMPLESTOWE 53951060,  RAINBOW MOTEL

MOWING  EQUIPMENT   8x5   custom   box   trailer   with   cage   hedger   brushcutter   chainsaw   blower   honda   mower+42inch-­22hp-­ride   on   mower   (8   customers   extra),   $9,000,   Phone  0432490171,  BERWICK MOWING  RUN  PLUS  EQUIPMENT per   cut   is   8   clients=$365+8x5   custom   box   trailer   with   cage   hedger   brushcutter   chainsaw   blower   honda   mower+42inch-­22hp-­ride   on   mower,   $12,650,   Phone   0432490171,   BERWICK NEWSAGENCY  &  GENERAL store,   Wedderburn   in   Golden   Triangle,  busy  store,  regular  clientelle   &   travellers,   lends   itself   to   any   retail,   eg   bakery,   Phone   54943800,   WEDDERBURN

EX  FLORIST  SHOP Candelabras,   (30)   one   candle,   very   cheap  brand  new,  paid  $25  each  will   sell   for,   $5   ea,   Phone   0417310958,   RESERVOIR FLOOR  POLISHER/SCRUBBER commercial   type,   $250,   Phone   0412533949,  LAVERTON FROZEN  BEVERAGE  UNIT frozen   beverage   unit   2   barrel   frozen   unit   drink   dispenser   very   good   condition   new   compresor   installed,   $9,500   ONO,   Phone   93648660,   SUNSHINE GLASS  DISPLAY  CABINET As   new,   suitable   for   shop   display,   1500x   900Hx   600W,   glass   shelving,   alum   frame,   $600   ono,   Phone   0402816020,  ROSEDALE GLASS  SHOP  COUNTER Claw  Foot,  mirror  backed  doors,  6ftLx   3ft2in   Hx22ins   deep,   $1,500,   Phone   5496388,  BENDIGO HAIR/BEAUTY  WORK  STATIONS 4   x   Black,   Full   length   mirror,   wall   mounted   hair/beauty   work   stations   all   with   bench   and   hair   dryer   holder,   $250   Each,   Phone   0437909840,   BACCHUS  MARSH HAIRDRESSING  BASINS two   ceramic   head   basins,   with   mixer   and   washing   hose,   white,   $130   ea,   Phone  0418575131,  MULGRAVE HAIRDRESSING  PEDESTAL Dryer,   new   professional   dryer   made   in   Italy,   Cerlotti   brand,   black,   $150,   Phone  97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH HAND  DRYER JD   McDonald,   Applause   automatic   electric   hand   dryer,   Aussie   made   brand  new,  stil  in  box  AP52321,  $200,   Phone  0459218750,  MORWELL MARKET  ITEMS bulk  perfumes,  hair  access,  childrens   games,   new   $20ea   or   bulk,   makeup   and   more,   also   Kung   Fu   panda   scooters   $50ea,   after   6pm,   Phone   93317192,  KEILOR  EAST METAL  HALIDE  GLOBES 400w   brand   new   never   used,   still   in   packaging  more  than  5  available,  $50   ea,  Phone  0459218750,  MORWELL NOTICEBOARD  LARGE 1.2M   x   2.4Mx50mmD,   $950,   Phone   0408581301,  CARNEGIE POSTAGE 100x60c   stamped   envelopes   at   half   price,  $30,  Phone  93981831,  ALTONA RECOVERY  UNIT vac   pump   gauges,   test   equipment,   POA,   Phone   0418350657,   FRANKSTON RUG  STANDS 4   complete   stands   with   20   arms,   $1,400   lot   ono,   Phone   0401519560,   RESERVOIR SECURITY  BARS   heavy   duty   removed   from   jewellery   shop  windows,  4  are  1950mmx910W   2   are   1630x805W   1x   1050x760H,   $800,  Phone  95684714,  OAKLEIGH TREATMENT  CHAIR/TABLE suit   massage,   beautician,   tatooist   or   other   modalities,   white,   perfect   condition   coverts   easily   from   table   to   chair   very   sturdy,   fully   adjustable,   $250,   Phone   98089882,   BOX   HILL   SOUTH VENDING  MACHINE (Saeco)   dispenses   both   drinks   &   snacks,   3yrs   old   in   good   condition,   $500,   Phone   0408022487,   EAST   GIPPSLAND

BOOKCASES  (2) Beech   colour   7ftHx   3ftL   x1ftW   with   5   shelves,   beech   colour,   GC,   $80,   Phone   0429001867,   CHIRNSIDE   PARK BOOKS books  for  sale  for  all  age  in  very  good   quality   call   for   prices,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0415   469   020,   AH   0426   083   961,  MEADOW  HEIGHTS CANON  PRINTER  COPIER 2yrs   old   needs   clean   &   adjust,   $20,   Phone  95306847,  ELSTERNWICK


CASH  REGISTERS   CLEARANCE   Get   the   best   Deal.   New   in   BOX   $245  Comes  with  12  mths  Warranty.   FREE   Delivery   Metro   area.   We   sell   all   Major   Brands   of   Cash   Registers   &  Scales.  â&#x20AC;&#x153;We  COME  TO  YOUâ&#x20AC;?.  All   Suburbs,   $245,   Retail   Edge   Cash   Registers,   Phone   0394719123,   AH   0439300134,  MELBOURNE

OFFICE  CHAIR black   material,   plastic   &   metal   2I¿FHZRUNV FKDLU RQ FDVWRUV adjustable   up   and   backwards   with   armrests,   $40,   Phone   98993030,   BOX  HILL  NORTH

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12


OFFICE  DESK steel   frame   &   solid   timber   with   inlaid   leather   top   and   3drws,   1400x700   in   ECond,   $90,   Phone   93918327,   NEWPORT


OFFICE  DESK timber,  leather  top,  138x81  3drws  RH   side,   GCond,   $50,   Phone   97871737,   FRANKSTON NEED   3   PHASE   FOR   YOUR   REFRIGERATION?   Run   your   machinery   now   with   AustraliaĂ­s   smartest   and   most   successful   range   of   Single   to   3   Phase   Power   Converters.   Convert   Single   Phase   240v   or   480v   into   3   Phase   415v.   SECURITY  DVR  16  CHANNEL For   sale   is   a   Dallmeier   Dvr   16   ch   (IÂżFLHQW  UHOLDEOH JHQXLQH  with   a   1t   HD   with   bonus   see   online   Phase   Power.   Any   machine,   any   WIDE,   info,  $750  ONO,  Phone  0448910849,   application...AUSTRALIA   Power  Innovations  (2),  Phone  1300   BUNDOORA 137  510,  LONGWARRY SHOP  CLOSING  DOWN  !!!! AIR  CONDITIONER Shelves,   clothing   racks   ,dress   forms   Commercial   Air   conditioner,   $   5   each,   glass   stand   slat   walls   and   test   pressure   360max   150   low.   accesories,   security   system   ,all   must   compressor  400  volts,  3  phase.  never   go!,  Phone  0434285488,  KYNETON used.   pick   up   only.   best   offer,   Phone   0458830707,  BOTHWELL STATIONARY  CABINET steel  2  door  with  shelves  adjustable  in   AS  CHEAP  AS  CHEAP height,   $85,   Phone   0477333203,  AH   All   types   of   commercial   refrigeration   equipment.  2  door  glass  door  fridges,   97896037,  LANGWARRIN freezers,   underbench   cabinets,   etc   Very   competitive   prices!,   Cool   STATIONARY  CABINET Refrigeration,   Phone   Black  in  colour,  low  unit,  $100,  Phone   Solutions   0413542472,  MARYKNOLL 0419373843,  BAYSWATER AS  CHEAP  AS  CHEAP All   types,   commercial   refrigeration   STATIONARY  CABINET Woodgrain,   low   unit,   $100,   Phone   equipment.  2  door  glass  door  fridges,   freezers,   underbench   cabinets,   0419373843,  BAYSWATER etc   Very   competitive   prices!,   Cool   Solutions  Refrigeration,  Phone  Darren   SUSPENSION  FILES box   of   100   some   with   plastic   labels,   0413542472,  MARYKNOLL $40  lot,  Phone  93918327,  NEWPORT BAIN  MARIE New  element,  heater,  lights,  plenty  of   trays,   6   feet   long   on   portable   trolley   TIMBER  SHELF unit   grey   900wX450Dx1200H   with   2   with   bench   for   serving,   $400,   Phone   adj  shelves,  $20,  Phone  0477333203,   51460647,  LOCH  SPORT AH  97896037,  LANGWARRIN BERZEDA  SLICER Full  size  manual,  very  good  condition,   TIMBER  VENEERED  DESK   not   used   last   8   years,   suit   deli   GC,   165x89cm,   with   rhs   double   or   takeaway,   $1,100   ono,   Phone   shelved  return,  and  2drws  LHS,  $50,   0418554953,  ROCKBANK Phone  97921386,  DANDENONG BULK  FOOD  REGENATOR Good   condition,   works   well,   freeze/ TYPEWRITER   Silver   Road   EZ20   professional   cook/defrost,   3   phase,   $600   ono,   self   correcting   with   14   new   printer   Phone  0438932931,  MORWELL cartridges   &   vinyl   cover,   brand   new   BUTCHERS   cond,   $180,   Phone   93918327,   hamburger  press  s/steel,  VGC,  $200,   Phone  59885542,  ROSEBUD NEWPORT BUTCHERS  BARNES TYPEWRITER electric   band   saw   exc   cond,   $800,   Remington  standard  30â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  or  40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,  $80,   Phone  0424489408,  COBURG Phone  0403739447,  WANGARATTA BUTCHERS  SAUSAGE  FILLER big   capacity   water   or   air   operated   TYPEWRITER  BROTHER very   good   condition,   $700,   Phone   electronic   AX325   bouhgt   new   never   0402385692,  DANDENONG used,   $150,   Phone   0469372708,   CAKE  DISPLAY  CABINETS  X2 TRARALGON H125cm   x   L148cm   x   D72cm   1   refrigerated,   1   non-­refrigerated,   TYPEWRITER  BROTHER   electronic   AX-­250   very   little   use,   in   curved   glass   front,   sliding   doors,   excellent  order  with  users  guide,  $10,   display   top,   lights,   three   shelves,   $2,000,   Phone   Phone  87963820,  CARRUM  DOWNS operational,   0400845250,  YINNAR CAKE  DISPLAY  FRIDGE WHITEBOARD with   alum   shelf   across   lower   edge   1.2Mhx500W   GCond,   $200,   Phone   1800x900   with   timber   edging   &   57801371,  YEA hanging   rings,   complete   with   duster   CANOPY  STAINLESS  STEEL &   bottle   of   cleaner,   $450,   Phone   PWUV FRPSOHWH IDQ  Ă&#x20AC;X 93918327,  NEWPORT excellent   condition,   $2,000,   Phone   0439436291,  BURWOOD WHITEBOARD white   board   90   x   120,   $25,   Phone   CATERING  EQUIPMENT 0423444691,  RESERVOIR OFFICE  DESK  &  RETURN 1800x900   with   r/h   drawers   and   LH   500x450   return   w/3   drws,   walnut   ZRRGJUDLQ ÂżQLVK LQ (&  3KRQH 93918327,  NEWPORT

COMPUTER  DESK slide   out   keyboard   shelf,   hard   drive   disc   rack,   H136xW74xD57,   $50,   Phone  95607778,  WHEELERS  HILL COMPUTER  DESK one  shelf  above  and  pullout  keyboard   shelf   beige,   $60,   Phone   95463114,   MULGRAVE COMPUTER  DESK 2ft4x   4ft8L   x6ft2H,   incl   hutch,   beech   colour,   plenty   of   shelves,   new   condition,   $200,   Phone   0429001867,   CHIRNSIDE  PARK COMPUTER  OFFICE  DESK in   two   parts,   forming   L   shape   part   1   width   87cm   Height   73cm,   L180cm,   part   2   W48cm   H72cm   L110cm,   grey,   PARTNER  REQUIRED $15,  Phone  0433255682,  MITCHAM Take  Away  Fast  Food  Yarra  Ranges.   COPIER  PRINTER  SCANNER Call   for   more   details,   Phone   little   used   copier   printer   scaner   0449596255,  YARRA  RANGES (Lexmark),   $40,   Phone   0412444210,   SUNBURY PIZZA  &  KEBAB  TAKEAWAY DESK opened   just   over   a   year.  Already   a   WLPEHUODPLQDWHRIÂżFHGHVNZLWKUHWXUQ good  customer  base  with  potential  to   4  drawers,  plus  shelves  as  new,  $200,   build  alot  more,  has  2  ovens,  dough   Phone  0404813941,  COCKATOO mixer,   long   lease   with   only   $1200   DRAWING  BOARD per  month  rental,  1  kebab  burner  &   with   base   with   T   ruler,   $150,   Phone   electric   knife,   2   fridges,   2   freezers,   0419581324,  DEER  PARK business   in   the   nice   little   shopping   strip  near  Sunshine  with  bottleshop,   DRAWING  BOARD   Newsagent,   Chemist   &   a   very   drafting   board   (eng)   professional   busy   Laundry   shop   selling   WIWO,   eng   board,   $80,   Phone   0412444210,   $75,000  ONO,  Phone  0406192172,   SUNBURY WEST  SUNSHINE DRAWING  BOARD professional   architect   drawing   SANDWICH  BAR/TAKEAWAY borad   in   very   good   condition   tracker   Industrial  Estate,  5  day  week,  good   adjustable  tilting  pedal  excellent,  Call   opportunity  for  growth,  rent  $400  per   for   price,   Phone   0415   469   020,   AH   week  incl  GST  6am-­3pm  (5  days  pw)   0426  083  961,  MEADOW  HEIGHTS 97395675,   $75,000   walkin/walkout,   ELECTRIC  TYPEWRITER Phone  0421215056,  LILYDALE Brother   AX250,   excellent   cond   with   SPANISH  PAELA spare   unused   cassette   ribbon   and   Pan   Cooking   unique   business,   paper,   $60,   Phone   0488440231,   FDVK Ă&#x20AC;RZ 7R\RWD  +LDFH YDQ BENALLA all   equipment,   help   with   cooking,   FAX   call   Terry,   $19,500   NEG,   Phone   fax  machine  canon  brand  very  cheap   0418116862,  PARADISE  POINT call   for   price,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0415   469   020,   AH   0426   083   961,   TAKE  AWAY  SHOP MEADOW  HEIGHTS Induatrial   area   Thomastown,   long   lease,   cheap   rent,   open   5-­days,   FILING  CABINET selling   $37,000   or,   $35,000   metal   4drw   $30,   2drw,   $20,   Phone   WIWO,   Phone   0433287834,   97162186,  WHITTLESEA THOMASTOWN FILING  CABINET Namco   brand   4drws,   VGC,   $30,   TIMBER  STAIRCASE Phone  0412803208,  CHADSTONE Manufacturer   &   Installation,   FILING  CABINET   traditional  &  modern,  35  year  same   2drws,   inserts   and   folders,   $25,   location,   4   lane   signage,   plant,   Phone  97664740,  SEAFORD power   tools   &   sundries,   room   to   expand,   present   owner   operator   FILING  CABINET 45   years   Staircases   only.   Willing   to   4   drawers,   high   strength   steel   stay  on  as  long  as  required.  Honest   with   key,   132Hx62Dx46W,   can   be   persons   only,   $48,000,   Phone   delivered,   $75,   Phone   0423454380,   97614204,  BAYSWATER BOX  HILL FILING  CABINET TRAVEL/MONEY/LIFESTYLE model   1990â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   4drws,   Brownbuilt,   ECond,  lockable,  size  1330x620,  $49,   WAREHOUSE Phone  0409136783,  CARNEGIE FILING  CABINET   4drw   132chH,   $60,   Phone   FURNITURE  MOVING  BLANKETS 0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL as  used  by  the  removalists,3.40m  X   FILING  CABINET  STEEL 1.80m  Protect  furniture  &  equipment   Namco   4   drawer   beige   colour,   with   etc   during   transport   or   storage.Top   suspension   folders,   $75,   Phone   quality,â&#x20AC;?Brand   Newâ&#x20AC;?,   $15   Each,   0477333203,   AH   97896037,   Phone   0397969023   0419668981,   LANGWARRIN NARRE  WARREN  NORTH FILING  UNITS  4  DRAWER  X2 %LJ)RRG2XWÂżWVPDNHWKHELJEXFNV Grey   in   colour,   $179   each,   Phone   PLASTIC  PALLETS Ready   to   go   anywhere   in  Australia.   0419373843,  BAYSWATER 5  grey  plastic  pallets,  1100x1100,  $40   View   website   www.beanabout. HEWLETT  PACKARD lot,  Phone  0418490239,  KILMORE   Huge   Reduction   Bargain   photocopy   machine,   copies,   prints,   at,   $165,000   contact   Col,   Phone   scans   and   does   CD   copies,   full   box   WINE  RACKS  DISPLAY 0428306436,  NELSON  VIC A4   size   photo   paper   &   pack   500   copy   paper,   $100,   Phone   59713225,   WESBURN  3799 FRANKSTON Hairdressing   Salon,   Well   established   business,  3  years  trading,  established   LOCKER  STORAGE  CABINET clientelle   base,   main   road   access   steel   2dr,   18in   x   3ft   7ft3in   high,   &   passing   trade,   walkin   walkout,   $40,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   LARGE $27,000   ono,   Phone   0412775205,   WARRAGUL RANGE OF WESBURN MANAGERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  CHAIR SECONDHAND Archer   high   back   push   chair   with   BUSINESS   luxurious   soft   feel   upholstery   and   IN STOCK padded  armrest  in  new  condition,  $60,   MISCELLANEOUS Phone  0423454380,  BOX  HILL WE BUY AND SELL double  sided  steel  holds  270  bottles,   APPROX  500  PLASTIC  HANGER OFFICE  CHAIR approx   500   plastic   hangers   very   2   available   $440   each,   delivery   EODFN VZLYHO EDVH RIÂżFH FKDLU ZLWK Ă&#x20AC;H[LEOH DQG WRXJK JUHDW IRU VKRS possible,   Phone   0412011100,   highback   as   new,   $50,   Phone   B&R STORAGE SYSTEMS $100  ONO,  Phone  0416180055  after   BULLEEN 9791 3666 - 20 Kitchen Rd, Dandenong 0404813941,  COCKATOO 3pm,  DANDENONG ASSORTED  NEW  ITEMS OFFICE  FURNITURE  &   bits  and  pieces  of  everything  suit  stall   EQUIPMENT holder,  10  boxes  full,  $100  lot,  Phone   SHELVING 93062451,  GLENROY     

200 x 150 x 50 ABE  POWDER  TYPE.      BEAUTY  SALON NOW Fire   Extinguisher.10   to   choose   from   1   spray   booth,   1   stand   up   tanning      DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T PAY $299 booth,   2   sunbeds,   one   black   1   silver   at   $20.00   each,all   with   wall   brackets       Sunbreeze   5000   phone   for   more   With   service   maintenance   record,    200 x 200 x 60 info,   $6,000   ono,   Phone   51977228,   $20,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG NOW ARCHITECTS  CHAIR TRARALGON DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T PAY $480 WORK BENCH or   computer   chair,   ergonimically   CANTERBURY  COMMERCIAL MORE DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T PAY $299 240 x 240 x 60 Polishing   Machine   with   300mm   height  and  foot  rest  adjustable,  gas  lift   STYLES NOW NOW BLE brush,   good   condition,   $300,   Phone   chrome  and  black  vinyl  swivel  castor,   AVAILA DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T PAY $629 $40,  Phone  93142843,  YARRAVILLE 0416055874,  BENDIGO Unit 1, 25 Westwood Dr 162 Cheltenham Road CASH  REGISTER BOADROOM  TABLE 17 Fordson Rd (Caroline Springs) Casio   TK   1300   &   books   good   Woodgrain,   oval   shape,   6   chairs,   ex   DANDENONG Campbellfield O Online Onli Onl n ne. Deer Park order,   $400,   Phone   0400821072,   condition,   $600,   Phone   0419373843,   03 9792 0650 03 9357 2166 www.lifespanonline ww www www. lifespanonl e 1300 766 469 STRATFORD BAYSWATER


$179 $249 $349

FREE  LOCAL   SAME   DAY   DELIVERY  Largest  Range  -­  Lowest   prices,   Phone   1800-­466-­606   Springvale   &   West   Footscray   www.   West   Footscray   now   open   Saturdays   9AM-­1PM,   Brayco   Stainless   Australia,  SPRINGVALE

COMPLETE  FURNITURE bric   a   brac   from   hotel,   call   for   more   information,   Phone   0401519560,   RESERVOIR CONDENSOR and   evaporator   to   suit   coolroom   2400x2400x2400,   underbar   3000L   st/steel   with   splashback   canopy   3ML   cheap,   Phone   0403411363,   DANDENONG COOLROOM 12  volt  coolroom  motor  to  suit  3Mx3M   area,   $500   ono,   Phone   0409873925,   RYE COOLROOM   drop   in   Kirby   single   phase,   coolroom   motor,   twin   fans   in/out   of   room   model   KSC2900,   $3,200   ono,   Phone   0409389095,  YARRA  VALLEY  AREA COOLROOM   4000x2400x2400H   few   months   old   as   new   incl   mechanicals,   coolroom   3000x3000x2400   EC,   Phone   0403411363,  DANDENONG


Kirby  drop   in   motor,   18mths   old,   disasembled   excellent   condition,   $2,500,   Phone   0412424016,   AH   0412424015,   NORTH   MELBOURNE COOLROOM  DOORS 10XCoolroom   glass   doors   EC   520X1650,10xCoolroom   glass   doors   EC   510X1580,   3XCoolroom   glass   doors   520x1530,   2xCoolroom   glass   doors   720x150,   Rob,   -­,   Phone   0401914831,  DANDENONG COOLROOM  PANELS   2.4L  3.0L  5.0L  plenty,  mobile  coolroom   as   new   6x4,   Phone   0403411363,   DANDENONG COOLROOMS

BUY  DIRECT   FROM   MANUFACTURER   -­   CFM   offers   a   range   of   services   including   on   site   measuring,   cool   &   freezer   room   installation.   Servicing   all   areas.   Choose   from   a   wide   selection   of   standard   kit   format   cool   rooms   or   custom   made   solutions   to   suit   your   space.   Call   us   for   a   quote   today,   TBA,   CFM,   Phone   03   9543   1611,   CLAYTON

COOLROOMS Coolrooms  built  to  your  requirements   for  shop  or  mobile  including  service   repairs   to   coolroom   doors   and   panels,   -­,   Phone   0403411363,   AH   97958685,  DANDENONG



CHICKEN  CUTTER single   phase,   stainless   steel,   $350   ono,  Phone  0413161453,  COBURG CHICKEN  ROTISSERIE st/steel   3   rotisseries   1.0M   long,   display   glass   broken,   Rotachic   by   Semak,   $300,   Phone   0429859936,   PORT  MELBOURNE CHIP  BIN   stainless   steel,   1055mmx400mmx355mmH,   $80,   Phone  0428379051,  WARRAGUL

COOLSTORE  3MX3M Plus  new  spare  motor,  drop  in  type  will   cool   to   zero   degrees,   $3,800,   Phone   59674265,  HODDLES  CREEK CUTLERY  CAFE  STYLE Knives   and   forks   only,   approx   50   settings,  in  very  good  condition,  $50,   Phone  87963820,  CARRUM  DOWNS DEEP  FRYER Veus  electric,  double  bowl,  bench  top,   2  baskets,  $160,  Phone  0417322602,   MELBOURNE DELI  CLOSING  DOWN all   equipment   3mths   old,   displays   X3,   slicer,   wrapper,   freezer,   chairs   &   tables,  all  must  go  POA  call  for  prices,   Phone  0450900939,  KEILOR Importers of Commercial DISPLAY  FREEZER VGC   suit   icecream   shop,   deli   or   Refrigeration butcher,  $350  ono,  Phone  93114382,   More Features, Better SUNSHINE Quality, Best Prices! DISPLAY  FRIDGE Drink  display  fridge  for  sale  3  shelves   1800 813 987 excellent   condition,   $400,   Phone   View Our Stock On Your Mobile 0432055331,  RICHMOND EUROLAB  ICE  CREAM  MAKER SMS: Austwide small   size   new   also   electric   Mezzo   sandwich   maker   new   sell   together   To: 0451 266 666 or   spe,   $1,500   lot,   Phone   93142843, YARRAVILLE Lots   of   catering   equipment   for   sale   to   much   to   to   list   please   call   and   ask   for   what   you   need   EG   pizza   fridge,deep   fryer,glass   w a s h e r , d i s h w a s h e r , b u t c h e r   chopping   board,s/s   benches,tables,chairs   etc   reasonable  offers  will  not  be  refused,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0412049350,   AH  0423576487,  BUNDOORA

TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850  

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12   EXHAUST  FAN/CANOPY Very   good   condition   working,   $500   neg,  Phone  0423657271,  MELTON FOOD  WARMER   Nacho,  chips,  melted  cheese  warmer   &  heater,  excellent  cond,  $200,  Phone   0419440009,  BACCHUS  MARSH FREEZER drop   in   Kirby   single   phase,   freezer   motor,   twin   fans   in   and   out   of   room,   model   KSF2000,   $3,200   ono,   Phone   0409389095,  YARRA  VALLEY  AREA FRIDGE  NOT  WORKING double  fridge  with  double  glass  doors,   needs   gassing,   huge,   $100,   Phone   0458698926,  BENDIGO FRYMASTER  GAS  FRYER needs   some   work   or   good   for   spare   parts,   $199,   Phone   0418366588,  AH   94594547,  VIEWBANK HAM  MEAT  SMOKER ZRRG Ă&#x20AC;DPH EUDQG VWVWHHO FUDWH  trays,   cast   alloy   case   etc,   new   never   used   cost   $480   sell,   $240,   Phone   0414400510,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS HOBART  MIXER   3   gears   &   variable   speed   and   front   gear,   s/steel   bucket   20L   240V,   4.2amps,   all   attachments,   safety   shut   gear,   VGCond,   $1,500,   Phone   0404646500,  CAROLINE  SPRINGS ICE  CREAM  FREEZER 6   basket   2   sliding   tops   excellent   working   order,   $500,   Phone   0400821072,  STRATFORD

SANWICH  BAR  (COOLANT) Length:   120cm   Width:   90cm   Height:   120cm.   Good   working   condtion,   but   needs   gas.   Email   for   pictures,   $750   ONO,  Phone  03  93085305,  AH  0437   128  864,  ROXBURGH  PARK SERVING  PLATTERS stainless  steel,  oval  650x450  aprox  3   only   will   sep   VGC,   ideal   glazed   ham   dressed   turkey   etc,   $35   ea,   Phone   87963820,  CARRUM  DOWNS SERVING  PLATTERS stainless   steel,   oval   540x340   approx   3  only  will  sep  VGC  ideal  sandwiches,   IUXLW ¿QJHU IRRG HWF  HD 3KRQH 87963820,  CARRUM  DOWNS SHOP  CLOSED  DOWN All   equipment   to   open   a   new   shop   Pizza,   Chicken,   Fish   &   Chips,   many   items   fryers,   pizza   oven,   microwaves,   pizza   tables,   fridges,   Bain  Marie  plus  more.  Call  Frank  for   more   details,   Phone   0403667797,   BALLARAT ST/STEEL  BENCH   3000L   with   splashback,   cake   display   with  extra  refrigeration  either  end  EC,   Phone  0403411363,  DANDENONG STAINLESS  BENCHES



Closing  down.   Gas   Grill   600mm   $1200.   Gas   Grill   900mm   $1200. Gas  Grill  Charcoal  1200mm  $2600. Gas  Stove  2  burner  600mm  grill  with   oven   $2200.   Gas   Stove   4   burner   cooktop   $800.   Gas   4   burner   with   oven   $1200.   Gas   Stove   6   burner   with   oven   $1800.   Gas   Stove   8   burner,   2   ovens   Goldstein   $3600.   Gas   Stove   6   burner   600mm   grill   2   ovens   $3800.Combi   Steamer   10   trays   electric   $3200.Gas   stove   6   burner   cooktop   Comcater   ex   cond   $1600,   Dishwasher   Hobart   AM12   passing  through  $1800.  Drink  Fridge   1  door  $1000,  2  door  $1200,  3  door   $1800.   Storage   Fridge   upright   2   door   $1200.   Sandwich/Deli   Fridge   2400mm   $3800.   Cake   Fridge   2000mm   $3200,   Under   Bar   Fridge   1800mm   like   NEW   $2100,   Under   Bar   Fridge   2300mm   4   door   $1800,   Under   Bar   Bottle   Fridge   5   doors   3L]]D JDV RYHQ ÂżW  ODUJH pizzaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  ex  cond  $4800,  Pizza  Oven   Starline   electric   conveyor   50   large   pizzas  per  hour  $4800,  Pizza  Oven   Vip   like   new   50   pizzas   per   hour   electric  $5200,  Cappuccino  machine   Rancailo   3   groups   fully   automatic,   can  see  working  ex  cond  $3200.  ALL   Equipment   can   be   seen   working,   Can  send  photo,  Kosta,  Phone  0401   692  639,  CAMPBELLFIELD

FREE  LOCAL   SAME   DAY   DELIVERY   Affordable,   modular   range   of   cabinets.   Suitable   for   Indoor   and   Alfresco.   For   fast   friendly   service   call   1800-­466-­ 606   Springvale   &   Footscray   www.   West   Footscray   now   open   Saturdays   9AM-­1PM,   Brayco   Stainless   Australia,  SPRINGVALE

BICYCLES AVANTI  ROAD  BIKE Sprint  model,  52cm  frame,  in  as  new   condition,   cost   $1200   sell,   $800,   Phone  0407883220,  SUNBURY 2008  ORBEA  ROAD  FRAME green  blue  carbon  zeus  forks  and  rear   stay  post  and  selle  italia  seat  exellent   cond,   $400,   Phone   93038440,   AH   0403386452,  CRAIGIEBURN ATB  LADIES  BICYCLE Steel   frame   construction.   18-­Speed   Gear.  All  Terrain  Knobby  Tyres.  Brand   new  and  installed,  $125  Each,  VSTN,   Phone   0410631061,   BOX   HILL   NORTH ATB  MENS  BICYCLE Steel   frame   construction.   18-­speed   .   Brand   new   in   a   box,   $125   Each,   VSTN,   Phone   0410631061,   BOX   HILL  NORTH AVANTI  MONTARI white/blue   alevio   shimano   good   cond,   $300,   Phone   93038440,   AH   0403386452,  CRAIGIEBURN AVANTI  MOUNTAIN  BIKE slightly  used  only  for  6  months,  $100,   Phone  0428752477,  SALE BICYCLES  CHILDS 8,  12,  and  16in  wheels,  $10  ea,  Phone   97924370,  DANDENONG BIKE  RACK Fits   car   tow   bar,   $50   ono,   Phone   95706783,  BENTLEIGH  EAST BIKE  RACK   to   carry   3   bikes   on   towbar,   Repco   brand   as   new,   $50,   Phone   0447401812,  WERRIBEE  SOUTH BIKES  8  OF   to  suit  boys  and  girls  6  to  12  some  with   new   tyre   &   tubes,   people   with   tight   budget,   $10   ea,   Phone   94653747,   LALOR BLACK  HAWK  MOUNTAIN bike   10spd   gears,   Knobby   tyres,   shock   absorbers   front   susp,   $95,   Phone   97290506,   BAYSWATER   NORTH BMX  BIKE GCond,   tested   with   brakes,   $25,   Phone  59762530,  MORNINGTON BMX  BIKES  X3 slightly  used  for  6  months  only,  $300   Each,  Phone  0428752477,  SALE BOYS  BIKE black  blue  orange  pattern  sonic  boom   Southern   Star   suit   8yo,   $20,   Phone   93075231,  TAYLORS  HILL BOYS  BIKE suit   upto   10yo,   as   new,   light   front,   blinkers   light   at   back,   $40,   Phone   93389572,  TULLAMARINE BOYS  BIKES   2x,   suit   ages   3   to   7   includes   helemts,   $15   ea,   Phone   97814126,   FRANKSTON CHOPPER  WESTCOAST   brand,   Jessie   James   edition,   bought   9yrs   ago   new   not   used,   some   assembly   required,   chrome   frame,   black  20in  wheels,  tank,  $300,  Phone   98775540,  BLACKBURN  SOUTH CIRCUS  BIKE custom   made,   double   height   BMX   IUDPH ORZ UDWLR VSURFNHWV ¿[HG rear   wheel,   front   brake   only,   custom   seat,   red,   $500,   Phone   99740609,   WERRIBEE CYCLOPS  MOUNTAIN bike   womens,   new   only   been   ridden   twice,   grey/blue,   $90   ono,   Phone   93317192,  KEILOR  EAST

STEEL  TANKS 44   gallon   food   grade,   900mmHx550mmW   sealed   tops   with   58mm   bung,   $10   ea,   Phone   0414439681,  KEYSBOROUGH


STOVES 2x  8  burner  stove/1  or  2,  ovens,  VGC,   $3,500   ea   neg,   Phone   0411553510,   KEILOR WANTED  CATERING  EQUIPMENT We   will   buy   your   old   equipment,   coolrooms,   stoves,   canopies,   motor   benches,   sinks,   underbars   and   any   bakery   equipment,   -­,   Phone   0403411363,  AH   97958685,   DANDENONG


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1418A Centre Rd

03 9543 1611

DRAGSTAR  1972  GIRLS 20in  wheels  red  with  back  seat,  rubber   pedals   GC,   $450,   Phone   95684714,   OAKLEIGH DUNLOP  PRIMO  BIKE great  for  boys,  men,  works  well  must   be   sold,   $150,   Phone   0401784087,   MOOROOPNA GENTS  MOUNTAIN  BIKE motorised,   new   motor   petro,   26in   18spd   gears,   hand   clutch   operated   fast,  price  very  economical,  $480  ono,   Phone  59793686,  HASTINGS GENTS  MOUNTAIN  BIKE goes   well,   $25,   Phone   59762530,   MORNINGTON GIANT  MOUNTAIN  BIKE Mongoose   Giant   crossway   mountain   bike,   21spd   Shimano   gearing,   front   and   rear   quick   release   wheels,   $60,   Phone  0402335309,  RESERVOIR GIANT  MOUNTAIN  BIKE (Rin   Con)   good   cond   15   gear,   red,   $150,  Phone  97637770,  KNOXFIELD GIANT  TCR1  COMPOSITE  BIKE Ridden   just   once.   Full   Ultegra   gears.   Perfect   con.   Call   for   more   details.   Suit   new   buyer,   $2,199,   Phone   0428331211,  LANGWARRIN GIRLS  BIKE SXUSOH JUHHQ ZKLWH Ă&#x20AC;RZHU SDWWHUQ with   helmet   suit   14   year   old,   $25,   Phone  93075231,  TAYLORS  HILL GIRLS  BIKE pink   27in   in   EC,   $15,   Phone   95306847,  ELSTERNWICK GIRLS  LARGE  BIKE Malvern   Star,   extra   thick   cross   bars,   has   basket,   compass,   gears,   bell   tail   light   (Jim),   $30,   Phone   0417566878,   BALWYN GRAECROSS  10SPD racer   excellent   cond,   high   frame   suit   very   tall   person,   $180   ONO,   Phone   98031352,  MOUNT  WAVERLEY KONA  DAWG  DUAL  SUSPENSION 2009   Kona   Dawg   -­   17â&#x20AC;?   Dual   suspension   Mountainbike   MTB   like   new   hardly   used   call   for   pictures/ more   information,   $1,400,   Phone   0412827828,  KEILOR  DOWNS KONA  STAB  DELUXE 6in  disc  rotors,  26in  rims,  colour  grey,   9spd,  $450  ono,  Phone  0419473326,   WOODEND LADIES  BIKE as   new   Repco,   $120,   Phone   0431235500,  SUNSHINE LADIES  BIKE Need  to  sell,  $20,  Phone  0402818196,   MOE MENS  BIKE   Apollo   Eclipse   good   condition,   $50,   Phone  93140060,  KINGSVILLE MENS  BIKE Southern   Star   18spd,   26in   wheels   &   Shimano   gears,   VGC,   $30,   Phone   94593624,  HEIDELBERG  WEST MENS  MOUNTAIN  BIKE Kent   Blue   Thunder   mountain   bike,   dual   suspension   21spd   Shimano   gearingm  SAS  HP3  high  performance   forks,   $75,   Phone   0402335309,   RESERVOIR MENS  MOUNTAIN  BIKE Cyclops   Lexicon   18spd   with   front   suspension,   kick   stand,   $75,   Phone   52432407,  HIGHTON MENS  RED  BIKE mens   red   bike   Cyclops   brand,   mountain   series   15spd   index   shifting   VGC,   $79,   Phone   0411412704,   FLEMINGTON MONGOOSE  TEOCALI  SUPER MTB   27sp,   full   Shimano   XT,   Easton   Comp   disc   brakes,   full   suspension,   Trigger-­lockout,   Fox-­Shock,   new,   1/4   orig  price,  $800,  Phone  96873518,  AH   0423361912,  WEST  FOOTSCRAY MOTORISED  PUSH  BIKE 26in,  new  engine,  less  than  an  hours   use,   $350,   Phone   0423691520,   HADFIELD MOUNTAIN  BIKE elec,   dual   batteries   &   spares,   $200,   Phone   0412905492,   BRIGHTON   EAST MOUNTAIN  BIKE  DUNLOP 26in   16   speed,   blue   &   white   stripes   GC,   $120,   Phone   0431304856,   THORNBURY MOUNTAIN  BIKE  MALE Huffy  24in,  fork  susp,  dual  suspension,   quick   sadle   release,   forward   arm   ext,   velo   shift,   DND   gears/brakes,   pr   internal   tyre/helmet,   $85,   Phone   0415670266,  BOX  HILL OFFBEAT  BIKE Offbeat   Bike,   big   frame,   16â&#x20AC;?   wheels,   single   speed,   looks   alien.   Easy   and   comfortable   to   ride.   Front   and   rear   suspension,   $80,   Phone   03   59791367,  HASTINGS RACING  BIKE full   size   rear   rack,   white   wall   tyres   8   gears,   $90,   Phone   0477410523,   FRANKSTON SCOOTERS  X3 slightly  used  only  for  6  months,  $150   Each,  Phone  0428752477,  SALE SHOGUN  LADIES  27IN Bike   12   speed,   lights   excellent   condition   (no   rust),   $200,   Phone   53483071,  DAYLESFORD SOUTHERN  STAR  18SPD motorised  push  bike,  brand  new,  used   once,   works   well,   $500   ono,   Phone   0401784087,  MOOROOPNA

180 - 184 McIntyre Rd


03 8312 1600

AB  CIRCLE  PRO Brand  new,  used  twice,  $200,  Phone   0415426045,  BENDIGO AB  CIRLE  PRO   brand  new  in  box,  digital  counter,  $90,   Phone  0487390892,  COWES AB  KING  PRO EC   hardly   used,   $50   ono,   Phone   0458698926,  BENDIGO AB  KING  PRO hardly   used,   $150   leave   message,   Phone  97900524,  DANDENONG


workout  system   â&#x20AC;&#x153;As   Seen   On   TVâ&#x20AC;?   with   adjustable   speed   control,5   function   computer,DVD,diet   plan   etc   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Brand   Newâ&#x20AC;?   in   box   never   used!,   $95,   Phone   0397969023,   0419.668981,   NARRE   WARREN   NORTH AB  TWISTER  PRO Very   good   condition,   $25,   Phone   97642909,  KNOXFIELD AERO  PILATES  XP stand   only,   brand   new   in   box,   $70,   Phone  0487390892,  COWES AIR  HOCKEY  GAME in   as   new   condition,   grey   colour,   $500,   Phone   93584104,   CAROLINE   SPRINGS BADMINTON Yonex   ARC   Saber   carbon   Nanoture   b/new,   carbon   squash   racquets,   $50   ea,   Phone   0467468859,   HOPPERS   CROSSING BASKETBALL  RING free   standing   basketball   ring,   8   foot   high   with   adjustable   heights,   plastic   base,   $35,   Phone   0402335309,   RESERVOIR BOXING  GYM ĂŚ   boxing   ring,   all   full   equipment,    KHDY\ ER[LQJ EDJV  Ă&#x20AC;RRU WR ceiling   boxing,   speed   balls,   all   gloves   &   headgear,   $3,000,   Phone   0412792587,  CRAIGIEBURN CELSIUS  MINI  TRAMPOLINE 36   inch   heavy   duty   mini   trampoline.   Ideal   for   low   impact   cardio   workout.   Like   new,   $55   ONO,   Phone   0408548696,  YARRAVILLE CRICKET  BAT John   L   Newbery   handmade   bat,   MJolnir   brand   used   once   only,   $30,   Phone  98362191,  SURREY  HILLS CRICKET  KIT new   Genesis   6000   bat,   Kookaburra   pads,  gloves,  thick  pad,  helmet,  $210,   Phone  87877207,  CARRUM  DOWNS CRICKET  UNIFORM   pants,  vest,  shirt,  all  new  never  been   worn,  bargain,  $15,  Phone  97720616,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS CROCKET  CLUB   Crocket   club   as   new,   $35,   Phone   59713225,  FRANKSTON CROSS  TRAINER  MANUAL solid  good  cond,  $250  leave  message,   Phone  97900524,  DANDENONG ELECTRIC  TREADMILL  22SPD   6.5Hp   Gym   Electric   Treadmill   22KM/H,   20   Incline,   Max   220KG,   Pulse   counter,   Mp3   Plugin,   over   20   programmed   workouts,   $500   ONO,   Phone  0417327174,  AH  0437915451,   YARRAM ELLIPTICAL  MAHINE Brand  new,  $800,  Phone  0428752477,   SALE EXCERCISE  BIKE Vulcan   mag   cycle;Íž   digital   reader,   heavy  duty,  VGC.  PH  0425759430  St   Kilda,   $50,   Phone   0425759430,   ST   KILDA EXERCISE  BIKE Reebok   brand,   low   resistance.   Call   any   time!,   $30,   Phone   0412739553   ,   PRAHRAN EXERCISE  BIKE York   with   speedo,   pulse   display,   electronic   pedal   straps,   large   saddle   VGC,   $450,   Phone   0477410523,   FRANKSTON EXERCISE  BIKE stationary   Malvern   Star   good   FRQG ZLOO NHHS \RX ÂżW  3KRQH 95463114,  MULGRAVE EXERCISE  BIKE   for  arms  and  legs,  only  8mths  old,  $80,   Phone  0400854572,  CRANBOURNE EXERCISE  EQUIPMENT Magic   circle   glide   by   leg   new   3   avail   $50ea,   bicycle   womens   new,   $70,   Phone  93317192,  KEILOR  EAST EXERCISE  MACHINE Proteus   with   electronic   readings   EC,   $50,  Phone  0404031581,  DROUIN

FOOTBALL  BOOTS Asics   size   13â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   $150,   Phone   0408850830,  GEELONG FULL  HOME  GYM  SET Includes  full  set  of  free  weights.  Great   condition.  Four  years  old,  hardly  used.   Buyer   to   dismantle   themself,   $1,800   ONO,   TIGANI,   Phone   0437182019,   OFFICER GYM  BENCH incline/decline   lat   pulldown   plus   attachments   g/cond,   $250,   Phone   93038440,   AH   0403386452,   CRAIGIEBURN GYM  EQUIPMENT 6x   Olympic   Melb   Co.   spin   lock   dumbells,   dumbell   bench   press,   strongly  built  includes  incline  function,   ab   roller,   5spd   medicine   ball,   $120,   Phone  57223574,  WANGARATTA HEART  RATE  MONITOR Cattye   handheld   monitor,   will   pay   initial  cost,  Phone  0428132442,  AH  03   97350375,  CHIRNSIDE  PARK HENSELITE  BOWLS set   of   and   carrybag,   $20,   Phone   59867438,  ROSEBUD  WEST HOME  GYM   Home  gym  ECond  $100,  Cross  trainer   GC,   $50   ono,   Phone   0438371502,   SOMERS HOME  GYM  YORK seated  leg  and  arm  exercises,  as  new,   $100,  Phone  56292849,  GARFIELD HUFFY  SPORT Basketball   hoop   &   stand,   portable,   height   adjustable,   EC,   $100   ono,   Phone   0408520720,   ASPENDALE   GARDENS KARATE  SUIT mens   size   white   VG   quality   and   condition,   $18,   Phone   93067628,   GLENROY LAWN  BOWLS 2   sets,   size   5,   both   sets   in   boxes,   $60   ono,   Phone   0400854572,   CRANBOURNE LAWN  BOWLS Drakes   Pride   double   O,   good   cond   suit   beginner,   $250   obo,   Phone   97770262,  LILYDALE LAWN  BOWLS  AND  BAG Hensilite,   ABT   2000   4   heavy,   good   cond,   $300   obo,   Phone   97770262,   LILYDALE MENS  SNOWBOARDING  GEAR Burton   board,   bindings,   boots   &   gloves,   Electric   goggles,   Rogue   Status   x   Grenade   Jacket   +   Kilgore   pants.  AS  NEW,  $2,000  ONO,  Phone   0488295500,  SPLITTERS  CREEK MULTIPLE  HOME  GYM  MACHINE Cal   for   more   information   or   pictures   must   sell,   $200,   Phone   0412827828,   KEILOR  DOWNS NIKE  ZOOM  BASKETBALL   These  are  a  Youth  US7  Yellow,White,   small  mirrors,  used  indoor  games,  as   new,   $83   ONO,   Phone   0449909384,   MARSHALL QUICKSILVER  SURFBOARD Brand   new   never   been   used.   Quick   silver   surf   board,   6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;.0â&#x20AC;?   .   19â&#x20AC;?   .23/8â&#x20AC;?   Shaped   by   Christiaan.   Balin   bag,   $550   ONO,   Phone   03   55615470,   WARRNAMBOOL REPCO  ERGOMETER exercise   bike   EC,   $45,   Phone   94692104,  RESERVOIR RIP  CURL  WEST  SUIT   9mm   thick   $300,   Phone   5496388,   BENDIGO ROLLER  BLADES Kids  adjustable  12-­1  G/C  $25  Ladies   size  8  used  once  $40.,  Mens  size  us   13.   used   once   $40.   or   offer,   Phone   0427845872,   NARRE   WARREN   NORTH ROWING  MACHINE Torpedo   brand   with   reset   and   mode   new,   $95,   Phone   95706783,   BENTLEIGH  EAST ROWING  MACHINE   ECond   Body   Sculpture   with   comp,   $90,   Phone   98031352,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY SALAMON  SNOWBOARD black  and  gold  design,  length  1262cm   EC   used   once,   Salamon   bindings   black/gold  silver  spike  stoppers,  brand   new   paid   $1500   sell,   $900   -­   $850,   Phone  0415064076,  GRANTVILLE SALOMON  SNOWBOARD boots,   mens   black   &   gold   size   11-­12   EC   paid   $500   sell   for,   $300,   Phone   0415064076,  CRANBOURNE


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WE  WILL   BEAT   ANY   PRICE   BY   6%   FREE   LOCAL   SAME   DAY   DELIVERY   Largest   Range   -­   New   Kebab   Machines,   Natural   Lowest   prices.   For   fast   friendly   gas   &   LPG,   $1,000   each,   Phone   service   call   1800-­466-­606   0405121261,  ROXBURGH  PARK Springvale   &   West   Footscray   www.   West   MIXER  50KG Footscray   now   open   Saturdays   s/steel,   tilt,   on   wheels,   single   phase,   9AM-­1PM,   Brayco   Stainless   EC,   $4,500,   Phone   94089271,   Australia,  SPRINGVALE EPPING OPEN  DISPLAY  FRIDGE This   is   a   16Ft   open   dispay   fridge.   Ideal   for   vegetable   display.   Fridge   is   made   in   Italy,   $9,000   ONO,   Phone   5428  2211,  GISBORNE STAINLESS  STEEL  CABINETS PIZZA  OVEN  PRO  SEAL 6x4ft   3   phase   excellent   working   order,  with  accessories,  $550,  Phone   0400821072,  STRATFORD REFRIGERATED  DELI  COUNTER H102cm  X  L240cm  X  D77cm  4  door,   glass   front,   counter   top,   lights,   two   shelves,   fully   operational,   Henry   Benny   &   Co,   $1,000   ONO,   Phone   0400845250,  YINNAR


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Page  12   SET  OF  ADJUSTABLE   hand   weights   with   separate   weights   4x1.25kg,   4x   .5kg,   OK   cond,   $50,   Phone  95981993,  SANDRINGHAM SKI  BINDINGS Tyrolia   790   raised   racing   bindings,   $100,   Phone   0412402984,   PAKENHAM SKIS  SNOW new   Rossignol   S80   175cm   look   bindings   never   used   new   $1400   sell,   $895,  Phone  0435617693,  TORQUAY SKITTLES set  of  9  with  three  four  inch  balls,  $25,   Phone  97876159,  MOUNT  ELIZA SNO  SKIS  ATOMIC  OSE   series   200,   Fischer   C4   special,   $40,   Phone  0469372708,  TRARALGON SNOW  GLOVES  2  PAIRS 1   pair   mens   medium   black/brown   drop   other   GMC   Sno   medium   grren   black,   yellow   male   female,   new   paid   $400sell,   $180,   Phone   0415064076,   CRANBOURNE SNOW  JACKET ZRPHQVEODFNVL]H/VOLJKWO\ÂżWWHG in   1   type   plus   waterproof,   windproof   and  breathable  (brand  new)  paid  $385   sell,   $150   ono,   Phone   0438230230,   PARKVILLE SNOW  SKIISâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; KR615   competition   snow   skiis   with   poles,   good   condition,   $50,   Phone   0411150806,  ST  ALBANS SNOW  SKIS   Snow   skiĂ­s   approx.   5   pair,   $50   lot,   Phone  54611956,  MARYBOROUGH SNOW  SKIS  DYNAMIC 185   in   bag,   Norvik   cross   country   in   bag   both   with   poles,   $40,   Phone   0469372708,  TRARALGON SOFT  BALL  GLOVE Black   A2000   soft   ball   glove   never   used.   $120.00,   Phone   0427845872,   NARRE  WARREN  NORTH SPALDING  BASKETBALL  RING -­Never   been   usesd,   5/8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;   heavy   duty   solid   steel   ProSlam   rim,   height   adjustable   from   7.5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;   to   10â&#x20AC;&#x2122;,   $400,   Phone  0428752477,  SALE STEPPER  CRANE   VSRUWV SRZHU ÂżW VWHSSHU JRRG cond,   $25,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,  BERWICK STEPPING  MACHINE electronic,   ECond,   $100,   Phone   0404031581,  DROUIN SURF  SKI Piping   Hot   with   cover   to   suit,   Ultra   light,   hardly   used   EC,   white,   cost   $2000   sell,   $1,150   ono   Terry,   Phone   0407474062,  RYE SURFBOARD Mini  Mal  made  by  Stone  Surf  Designs   from   Geraldton   WA.   legrope   Dakine   padded   cover,7â&#x20AC;&#x2122;5â&#x20AC;?L   21.5â&#x20AC;?W   2.6â&#x20AC;?D   7ULSOH ÂżQ JRRG FRQGLWLRQ  ONO,   Phone   610401154377,   AH   610401154377,  WANGARATTA SURFBOARD  9FT6 Gun   Hawaiin   shaped   never   waxed   as   new,   $995,   Phone   0435617693,   TORQUAY


Malibu  9ft6   Fireball,   used   once   excellent   condition,   $650,   Phone   0401730016,  BALNARRING SURFBOARD  TRIGGER  BROS IW RU IW  UHDU ¿QV WKH WRS RI board  is  very  good  bottom  end  a  few   dents,   $120,   Phone   0407534658,   PEARCEDALE TABLE  TENNIS  TABLE folding,   $50,   Phone   98019656,   WANTIRNA  SOUTH TABLE  TENNIS  TABLE full   size   9x5   EC,   $30,   Phone   95306847,  ELSTERNWICK TABLE  TENNIS  TABLE fold  up  includes  bats  etc,  $50,  Phone   0469744734,  RESERVOIR TABLE  TENNIS  TABLE 4   bats,   ping   pong   balls,   net,   good   cond,   $55,   Phone   0422916120,   BAYSWATER TRAMOLINE medium   size   rectangle   trampoline,   $150   ONO,   Phone   53686775,   AH   0437476292,  DALES  CREEK TRAMPOLINE 1x   13   ft   round   trampoline   rated   for   adult   and   child   to   use,   $110   ONO,   Phone   53686775,   AH   0437476292,   DALES  CREEK TRAMPOLINE Hills   trampoline   1400mm   x   2600mm.   Great   condition.   Not   used   anymore,   $180,   Phone   0413439378,   AH   97765051,  LANGWARRIN TRAMPOLINE   rectangular,   good   condition,   $50,   Phone   0408367275,   MOOROOLBARK TRAMPOLINE original   oblong,   $50,   Phone   0409366446,  KEALBA TRAMPOLINE  MINI with   handle   and   computer   $80   ono,   Phone   98031352,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY TREADMILL York   Pacer   2200   electric   works   well,   $100   ono,   Phone   97959756,   ROWVILLE TREADMILL York   runner   programmable   also   set   programs   incline   options   heart   pulse   monitor   safety   cut   off   very   good   condition,   $650,   Phone   0439091933,   MOOROOLBARK TREADMILL  YORK 2500   excellent   condition,   $300,   Phone   93694612,   AH   0421220634,   LAVERTON TRIM  RIDER by   Bollinger   120kg   maximum   weight,   $50,   Phone   93901420,   TAYLORS   LAKES TRX  SUSPENSION  TRAINER   BRAND   NEW   includes   Suspension   Trainer,   workout   DVD,   Door   Anchor,   Storage  bag  ,Quick  start  guide.  I  CAN   DELIVER   FOR   FREE,   $120,   Phone   0412821809,  NARRE  WARREN

TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850   VIBRATION  PLATFORM CardioTech   VT-­12.   As   new.   Assists:   ÂżWQHVV VWUHQJWK LQMXU\ UHFRYHU\ circulation,   weight   loss,   reduce   FHOOXOLWH LQWHQVLÂżHV H[HUFLVH 3LFN up   only,   $450   ONO,   Nil,   Phone   0408501539,   AH   0352331475,   COROROOKE WEIGHT  SET barbell,   2   dumbells   and   50lbs   of   weights,  $80  lot,  Phone  0424056763,   DOVETON WETSUIT  STEAMERS  (4) All   size   large   &   all   4/3â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   brands   include  Quiksilver,  Billabong  &  Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neil   sell,   $50   each,   Phone   0424065525,   ANGLESEA WINDSURFER  BOMBORA 0EOXHSODVWLFWULÂżQ7\URQVHDVDLO 4.1M  f/glass  mast,  harness  plus  spare   board,   $250,   Phone   0469372708,   TRARALGON WINDSURFER  CORNISH Wave   slalem   2.8   f/glass   board,   VLQJOHÂżQ0IJODVVPDVW*ROGVWUD sail   2.1M   boom,   $200,   Phone   0469372708,  TRARALGON WINDSURFER  TRIGGER  BROS IJODVV VLQJOH ÂżQ 0 0 ERRP Surfco   mast   base-­no   mast,   Jaap   Vooco  sail,  Bear  &  Co  harness,  $200,   Phone  0469372708,  TRARALGON YORK  RUNNER  TREADMILL Treadmill   solid   construction   set   programs   &   programable   incline   option   heart   rate   monitor   safety   cut-­ off  very  good  condition,  $625,  Phone   0439091933,  MOOROOLBARK

ADVENTURE  &   CAMPING  EQUIPMENT BACK  PACK med   size   lightweight   as   new,   $50,   Phone  59713225,  FRANKSTON BACK  PACK One   Planet   Tom   Thumb   60   short   plus   small   back   pack   included   EC,   used  one,  $300,  Phone  0408504566,   BALLARAT BACKPACK  75L mountain   climbing,   showroom   cond,   never  used,  was  $80  sell,  $40,  Phone   0406732647,  BAYSWATER BUNK  BEDS double   bunks   with   safety   rail   Wild   Country,   $85,   Phone   0428428004,   TULLAMARINE BUSH  BOY 97Ltr   12V   240V   fridge   freezer,    ¿UP 3KRQH  BOOLARRA CABIN  TYPE  TENT 8   person,   4.21Lx3Mw,   with   1.8M   verandah,   zippered   doors   &   window,   plus   extra   camping   gear,   used   twice   as  new,  $750  lot,  Phone  0418532485,   TOCUMWAL CAMP  OVEN stainless   steel,   camp   oven   by   BBQ   Galore  LPG,  $75,  Phone  0419373051,   AH  97075480,  BEACONSFIELD CAMPING  GEAR   miscellaneous   $80,   Phone   0409028833,  DONCASTER CAMPING  GEAR 2burner   Primus   stove,   BBQ   plate   to   suit,   gas   bottle,   stove   stand,   Primus   gas  lamp,  2folding  tables,  4xsleeping   bags,   5   stools,   $85   lot,   Phone   95893973,  BEAUMARIS CAMPING  TENT high   country   12x15   canvas,   2   large   rooms   used   twice   green,   $700   ono,   Phone   0428358544,   PARADISE   BEACH CAR  FRIDGE  MOBILCOOL (Waeco)   3   way   absorption   cooler,   35Ltr,   $150,   Phone   98733504,   VERMONT CARAVAN  WATER  TANK 90Ltr   each   near   new,   $60   ea,   Phone   0419373051,   AH   97075480,   BEACONSFIELD DOMETIC  FRIDGE/FREEZER 40ltr,   Chescold   Explorer   3   way,   as   new,   used   once,   with   regulator   and   full   bottle   gas,   no   further   use,   $700,   Phone  0409093926,  WERRIBEE DOMETIC  PORTABLE Toilet   976   Euro   brand   new   never   used,   $140,   Phone   0428428004,   TULLAMARINE DREAMPOT   comes   with   two   saucepans   and   cookbook   hardly   used   below   half   price,   $100   EC,   Phone   0419893494,   MANSFIELD ELECTROLUX  3WAY  FRIDGE 40L   12v,240v,lpg   gas,   $300,   Phone   0418730018,   AH   0359778911,   SOMERVILLE GAS  COOKER   portable,   3   burner   ideal   for   camping,   $45,   Phone   0428568420,   AH   59568420,  COWES GENERATOR Stanley   2000W   digital   invertor   generator,   as   new,   $450,   Phone   0402750363,  PAKENHAM GENERATOR  4  STROKE 2200W,   2   plugs,   built   in   battery   charger,  large  tank,  used  twice,  $250,   Phone  0409138815,  MACLEOD GENERATOR  BOX insulated   sound   proof   generator   box,   with   exhaust   fan   and   castor   wheels,   cost  $1600  to  have  made  1cm  marine   ply,   $600   ono,   Phone   0438932931,   MORWELL GENERATOR  KIPOR Digital   Inverter,   G.S.770,   new   still   in   box,   great   for   camping,   $300,   Phone   0409093926,  WERRIBEE GPS   Garmin  ETrex  10,  new  paid  $150  sell   $100,  Phone  58590282,  TONGALA HIGH  COUNTRY screen   tent   unused   3Mx3M,   $60,   Phone   0419373051,   AH   97075480,   BEACONSFIELD

HIGH  COUNTRY  TENT 12x15   canvas,   2   rooms   only   used   twice,   ideal   for   camping   family,   green,   $500,   Phone   0428358544,   PARADISE  BEACH JACKEROO  GAS  STOVE Two   burner   with   2kg   gasmate   LPG   bottle,  used  once,  VGC,  like  new,  $65,   Phone  (03)  97812818,  FRANKSTON JERRY  CANS good  cond,  $25  ea,  Phone  54296645,   ROMSEY JERRY  CANS   black   plastic   used   2x20ltr,   $20   ea,   Phone   0419373051,   AH   97075480,   BEACONSFIELD OZTRAIL  CABIN  TENT ZLWK VXQURRP  Ă&#x20AC;RRU H[FHOOHQW condition,   15ftx12ft,   $800,   Phone   0449969758,   AH   0414664407,   ROSEBUD PICNIC  BASKET cane,  with  red  tartan  ribbon  trim,  $15,   Phone  93062451,  GLENROY PORTA  POTTI HOHFWULF Ă&#x20AC;XVK  3KRQH 0412905492,  BRIGHTON  EAST PORTA  POTTI  345 Brand  new  never  used  also  next  size   up   available   for   160,   $150,   Phone   0408012483,  MT  ELIZA SNOW  SKIS 3pr   Skis,   Dynastar,   Head,   Dynamic,   1pr   poles,   ladiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   boots   size   8,   1pr   menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   boots   size   12,   all   in   G-­VG   condition,   $80,   Phone   0402326135,   ALTONA SWAGS  2  SINGLE HD   canvas,   1   with   mattress,   1   with   QHZ VOHHSLQJ EDJ DQG VHOI LQĂ&#x20AC;DWLQJ mattress   Shepparton   area,   $60   ea,   Phone  0418820348,  MOOROOPNA TABLE   with  folding  legs,  1800x750  grey  solid   top,   $15,   Phone   0477333203,   AH   97896037,  LANGWARRIN TENT tent  &other  camping  equipment,  $450   ONO,  Phone  (03)503  22  908,  SWAN   HILL TENT  12  PERSON excellent   condition,   $90,   Phone   0425551097,  FITZROY  NORTH TENT  2  MAN Heavy   Duty   canvas   dome   tent,   9ftx9ftx6ft   High,   quality   netting   on   windows   &   door,   PVC   waterproof   Ă&#x20AC;RRU KHDY\ GXW\ ]LSV XVHG RQFH cost   $1200   sell   $500,   Phone   0466996264,  PORT  MELBOURNE TENT  2  PERSON Otway   specialist   ultra   &   lightweight   2.2kg,   225x160x110cm   as   ewn,   $80,   Phone  95474137,  NOBLE  PARK TENT  3MX6M 2   room   tent   not   dome   tent,   as   new   top  quality,  $350,  Phone  0412402984,   PAKENHAM TENT  4  MAN ,JORR ZLWK Ă&#x20AC;\ H[FHOOHQW FRQGLWLRQ with   canvas   shower   bucket,   1   rollout   mat,   $80,   Phone   0411279667,   BAYSWATER TENT  4  PERSON 260x260x165cm  double  skin  with  two   air   mattresses   in   GC,   $95,   Phone   97952384,  DANDENONG  NTH TENT  COT Used   only   couple   times,   excellent   condition,   like   swags,   $120,   Phone   0417032950,  BERWICK TENT  POLES   wooden,   2   piece   from   a   canvas   auto   tent,   $2   ea,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,  BERWICK TENT  SOUTHERN  CROSS Tent   2.7x2.7   Southern   Cross   Tourer   with   windbrake   &   canopy   Excellent   Condition,   $850,   Phone   0409028833,  DONCASTER TENT  SOUTHERN  CROSS large   family   canvas   tent,   2.950Mx3.530M   1.8M   walls,   2.3M   ridge  +front  veranda  under  same  roof   with   full   surround   walls   1.9Mx3.3M,   $750,   Phone   0410043780,   MONTROSE TORCH  MAGALITE 378mmL   black   in   colour   takes   4   batteries  can  see  working  hardly  used   as   new   cost   $95   sell,   $25,   Phone   0412803208,  CHADSTONE TRAILBLAZER 100ltr   12   volt   240   volt,   new   $2300   IULGJH IUHH]HU  ÂżUP 3KRQH 0427648332,  BOOLARRA TWO-­MAN  DOMED  TENT Never   used,   heavy   duty,   PE   bucket   Ă&#x20AC;RRU H[FHOOHQW URRI YHQWLODWLRQ green,   $15,   Phone   98441748,   WARRANDYTE


upright  compressor  refrigerator,  perf   running   order   VGCond,   HDC   190L,   7yo,   incl   12V/240V   transformer,   $1,200,   Phone   57942837,   NAGAMBIE WAECO  FRIDGE  DIGITAL CF40  hardly  used  with  insulated  cover   cost   $1139   for   both,   sell   $580,   3   1/2   years  warranty  left,  grey,  $580,  Phone   0415565777,  FERNTREE  GULLY WATER  BLADDERS x3  100Ltr  each  near  new  suit  4WD  or   camping,  $70  ea,  Phone  0419373051,   AH  97075480,  BEACONSFIELD WATER  BOTTLES  X6 20  litres,  $50  lot,  Phone  0419373051,   AH  97075480,  BEACONSFIELD WATERLESS  TOILET suitable   for   small   family,   Phone   0428515689,  INGLEWOOD YM  400  GENERATOR YM  400  350watt  petrol  generator  Very   small   300mm   cube,   $100,   Phone   0408598990,  MACLEOD

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12

Results from the weekend

A-LEAGUE 2012 - WEEK 8

Sydney FC v Adelaide United FC............................................................................. 1-2 Melbourne Heart FC v Newcastle Jets FC ............................................................... 3-3 Western Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory FC .......................................................... 0-2 Perth Glory FC v Wellington Phoenix FC ................................................................. 1-1 Central Coast Mariners FC v Brisbane Roar FC ...................................................... 2-1

A-LEAGUE 2012 - WEEK 9

Fri 30 Nov 2012 Melbourne Victory FC v Perth Glory FC..........................................AAMI Park 7:30PM Sat 1 Dec 2012 Central Coast Mariners FC v Adelaide United FC........... Bluetongue Stadium 5:30PM Brisbane Roar FC v Newcastle Jets FC............................... Suncorp Stadium 6:45PM Sun 2 Dec 2012 Wellington Phoenix FC v Western Sydney FC .....................Westpac Stadium 4:30PM Sydney FC v Melbourne Heart FC .......................................... Allianz Stadium 5:00PM


1st: Jenson Button 2nd: Fernando Alonso 3rd: Felipe Massa 4th: Mark Webber 5th: Nico Hulkenberg 6th: Sebastian Vettel 7th: Michael Schumacher 8th: Jean-Eric Vergne 9th: Kamui Konayashi 10th: Kimi Raikkonen

Driver Points

1st: Sebastian Vettel 281 2nd: Fernando Alonso 278 3rd: Kimi Raikkonen 207 4th: Lewis Hamilton 190 5th: Jenson Button 188 6th: Mark Webber 179

2012 AUSTRALIAN MASTERS (4, COMPLETE) Australia v South Africa South Africa in Australia, 3 Test Series - 22 Nov to 26 Nov 2012 Australia drew with South Africa AUS 1st Inn. 550 Michael Clarke (C) 230, Michael Hussey 103. SA 2nd Inn. 388 Graeme Smith (C) 122, Faf du Plessis 78 AUS 3rd Inn. 8/267 Michael Clarke (C) 38, Michael Hussey 54 SA 4th Inn. 8/248 Faf du Plessis (not out) 110, Jacques Kallis 46


Series: Sheffield Shield Domestic - 15 Four Day Date: 23/11/2012 Venue: Melbourne Cricket Ground Status: Complete Victoria v South Australia 1st Innings: 346 443 2nd Innings: 132 1/36 Highlights: White 88 Hastings 5/66 Hughes 158 Putland 7/64 South Australia won by 9 wickets


Hawks 74 def. Tigers 66 Wildcats 68 def. Crocs 63 Kings 83 def. Taipans 76 in Overtime Wildcats 89 def. Breakers 64


Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion ....................................................................... 2-4 Everton v Norwich City ............................................................................................. 1-1 Wigan Athletic v Reading ......................................................................................... 3-2 Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers............................................................ 3-1 Stoke City v Fulham ................................................................................................. 1-0 Aston Villa v Arsenal ................................................................................................ 0-0 Swansea City v Liverpool ......................................................................................... 0-0 Southampton v Newcastle United ............................................................................ 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United ................................................................... 3-1 Chelsea v Manchester City ...................................................................................... 0-0

29/11/12 -­  05/12/12  

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November 29 - 2012

Vettel Fast Tracks to Third F1 Championship

AFL: Whitfield’s No. 1 Reason to Smile There has been a strong sense of inevitability to these compromised drafts, with the Gold Coast Suns and more recently the Greater Western Sydney Giants hogging the blue-chip picks. And with the Giants having the first three picks in last week’s national draft, crowning the No. 1 overall has more of a ceremonial air to it than anything else. But never the less, like Jonathan Patten and David Swallow before him, Lachie Whitfield became the 27th No. 1 pick in AFL history. The Mount Martha-born 18-year-old comes from a cross-country background, and has been compared to fellow No. 1 pick and now teammate Tom Scully in this regard. He has a lot of muscle to put onto his 77-kilogram frame, but as draft scouts sometimes credit a fully-developed body as a negative to his ‘upside’, there is a positive to Whitfield’s lack of physical maturation. Whitfield is expected to grow into his body in the next couple of years, and produce his best football into Leon Cameron’s reign, the coach-in-waiting at the Giants who takes the helm from Kevin Sheedy in 2014. The Giants also added Calder Cannon teammates with the second and third picks, midfielder Jono O’Rourke and dashing halfback Lachie Plowman, both of which are said to be close friends with Whitfield.

Cricket: Number’s Up for Ponting’s Fall Four and 16 are pretty damning figures, and could indicate that the great career of Ricky Ponting is at an end. Despite Australia’s relative resurgence in the second test in Brisbane, spearheaded by captain Michael Clarke, Ponting continued to struggle and fell twice via cheap dismissals. He has now scored 156 runs in his last nine test innings, averaging a mere 17. The 38-year-old Ponting needs a Steve Waugh-esque innings to fend off his growing doubters, just like the New South Welshman’s famous century at the SCG in 2003’s fifth Ashes test, which revived Waugh’s career and allowed him to retire on his own terms. The only problem for Ponting is that, as of now, his form may not be enough to warrant him that opportunity. Chairman of Selectors John Inverarity may be forced to pull down the curtain on the legend’s career himself, should Ponting not be willing to make the call himself, as he did last year when he relieved himself of Australian captaincy. Waugh may be a perfect, and rather dignified, example for Ponting to follow as he is to make his exit. Unlike Ponting, Waugh didn’t see a need to overlap into his successor’s career as captain. Waugh left when he still felt he had something left to give, as Ponting undoubtedly still thinks he does now. The big question is, however, whether Inverarity and his band of selectors think the same thing. Such are his recent struggles, that the final word on Ponting’s career is unlikely to be his own.


Ponting’s woes dominating the is one man who is benefitting from Ricky Cricket’s Double-0 Agent: If there ey. Dismissed for a duck in both Quin Rob rian Victo y surel is it ss, succe headlines, despite modest Australian high score of nine in his two-test mate, the 30-year-old has posted a innings of Australia’s second test stale n career of Quiney, with Cricket Gree y Bagg the for ,’ s all she wrote career. Sadly, it could be a case of ‘that’ Quiney. With James Pattinson on call tough the make Inverarity set to arm bowling workhorse Australia Chairman of Selectors John rightthe to left be er with a rib injury, it could also set to miss the rest of the summ this Australian team. Peter Siddle to represent Victoria in fans as the man who ended r Ricky Hatton, known to Australian Boxe rn: Retu after Hatton Left Hurting in 2005, fell short in his world the of super-lightweight champion ed against Kostya Tszyu’s seven-year reign as half years of inactivity, Hatton return a and three After . week last bid vicious body a with round much published comeback ninth the in ster Arena, only to be knocked out the Vyacheslav Senchenko at Manchche e,” the 34-year-old Hatton said after failur a not I’m , ghter fi a of pion shot from the Ukranian. “I’m a cham my career should end.” It was the how not that’s s, thing t abou think a fight. “But I have to sit down and have third loss of his career. 50-year-old former superRetired Boxer Hector Camacho, the ‘Macho’ Camacho Hears Final Bell: try of Puerto Rico after being coun home his in died , world the pion of featherweight and lightweight cham driver, Alberto Mojica Moreno, his and he both , Juan San r store in shot in the face. Waiting outside a liquo his family accepted his fate and e befor ort supp life the ital and put on were shot. Camacho was taken to hosp ified dead. The boxing world class cially offi was three days after he ordered the life support to be removed . mourns a true champion of the sport


er retired for the second time after -three-year-old Michael Schumach Schumacher Hits the Line: Forty previously. After capturing two times four won had he race a Prix, the season-ending Brazilian Grand Ferrari, Schumacher’s threeof horse cing pran c iconi the five with championships with Bennetton and in 2010 after a four-year rning Retu c. prolifi as near was nowhere of his career. As fellow year comeback stint with Mercedes act’ nd ‘seco the in nish fi a single podium er finished seventh in retirement, Schumacher made only mach Schu il, Braz in hip the Drivers’ Champions German Sebastian Vettel claimed g,” Schumacher said. his final race. “I think it’s a nice endin son pre-draft revelation was made of 18-year-old Josh Simp Much Dad: ome -at-H aide Power and Gold Fremantle’s Stay Adel Port , Cats old daughter. The Geelong nd that he is the father to a one-yearralian wingman, but requested seco Aust ern West dy spee the in st intere before. week a hter daug Coast Suns had all shown his of ation and the AFL released the inform interviews when his management ll, one before Collingwood’s d Simpson with the 17th pick overa Yet when the Fremantle Dockers picke as his young family, who are state same the in stay d woul son Simp first round trio of picks, it ensured ern Australia. located just out of Geraldton, West see it to believe it, and both Bryant and LeBron James need to You Can’t Defend Jack: Even Kobe night for Grinnell University. point 138r’s Taylo Jack d guar A of NCC requested video after news broke t 41 of his team’s total points all-bu d score r Taylo , them of making 52 d seven from 10 from Taking an enormous 108 shots, and adde and ters -poin three 27 ist Bible. He made LeBron James said stly,” in the 179-104 win over Faith Bapt hone ble, lieva unbe “It’s aking performance. .” the free-throw line in the record-bre game the see to to see the game. I want of Taylor’s performance. “I would like

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By now, the ‘youngest ever’ title is like an old friend to Sebastian Vettel. And when the 25-year-old German won his third Formula One championship, it was there once more — he is now the youngest ever three-time champion in Formula One history. Vettel’s sixth placing in the year-end Brazilian Grand Prix was enough to hold off double world champion Fernando Alonso of Ferrari, who fell agonisingly short of the victory that would have propelled him to his third world championship, finishing second behind the winner, McLaren’s Jenson Button. “For all of us in the team and also myself it is unreal,” Vettel said. “To win that third title here, where one of my greatest idols Ayrton Senna was from [is something special].” Senna, too, won three world titles — before his tragic death in 1994. Equalling Nelson Piquet, Niki Lauda, Jackie Stewart and Australia’s Jack Brabham with the three crowns, Vettel now trails only Alan Prost (with four), Juan Manuel Fangio (with five), and his fellow countryman, the recently retired Michael Schumacher (with seven). While there is a long way to go, at this pace Vettel is on pace to pass them all and potentially be hailed one day as the greatest Formua One driver in history. While Mark Webber was long rumoured to join Alonso at Ferrari in a bid to double-team on Vettel, the 36-year-old Australian pledged his loyalty to Red Bull — who gave him the elite car he so desperately craved earlier in his career — in July. By signing another two-year deal, Webber’s elusive world title bid now rests on him beating Vettel from within his own stable. Yet he may now concede it his best shot at winning a title has passed, as Red Bull continue to favour Vettel more with each passing season. “He’s in a club on his own now,” Webber said after the Brazilian Grand Prix. “Very, very special to do it three times in a row. Last year was a little more straightforward, but this year was a bit more difficult, as was 2010… I congratulate him, it’s a great effort.” Like all number one picks, there is a mountain of expectation on Whitfield’s young shoulders. The Giants will just be hoping he’s more Adam Cooney than Clive Waterhouse.

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Page  14   FISHING  &  HUNTING


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late  model   electric   complete   with   charger   as   new   condition,   $4,500,   Phone  0418968104,  NOBLE  PARK GOLDEN  BEAR black   golf   bag   only   brand   new,   zip   pockets,  plenty  of  them,  cover  zipped   on   top,   $200,   Phone   97862527,   SEAFORD GOLF   Top   Flite   golf   carrier   plus   6   diff   golf   irons   as   new   EC,   $35   lot,   Phone   93981831,  ALTONA GOLF  BAG ProTech  red  canvas  bag  with  zippered   pockets/cover   plus   RH   clubs,   7   woods,   9   irons,   inc   sand   wedge,   putter,   $45   ono,   Phone   97876159,   MOUNT  ELIZA GOLF  BAG Precept   brand,   no   clubs,   excellent   condition,   $40,   Phone   0411279667,   BAYSWATER GOLF  BALLS   best  brands  on  the  market,  for  sale  in   ECond,   priced   from   $1   to,   $3   each,   Phone   0433772230,   FRANKSTON   NORTH GOLF  BALLS good   quality   practice   100   B,   $10,   Phone  97959756,  ROWVILLE GOLF  BALLS quality   brands   in   superb   condition   50B,   $60   neg,   Phone   97959756,   ROWVILLE GOLF  BALLS   top  of  the  line,  near  new  Pro  VS  and   more  20B,  $30  neg,  Phone  97959756,   ROWVILLE GOLF  BALLS Practice   golf   balls   100,   $25,   Phone   95558753,  HAMPTON  EAST GOLF  BALLS top   brands   Titleist   PV1,   Callaway,   Nike,  Srixon,  A1  cond,  70c  each  1000   to   choose   from,   70c   each,   Phone   98087358,  BLACKBURN  SOUTH GOLF  BALLS 2   dozen   Srixon,   2   dozen   Titleist,   2   dozen   Callaway,   can   mis   $12   for   2   dozen,   Phone   98087358,   BLACKBURN  SOUTH GOLF  BUGGY 1   MGI   electric,   complete   with   Umbrella   holder,   battey   charger,   need  new  battery  black,  $100,  Phone   51262252,  MOE GOLF  BUGGY electric   with   battery   charger,   Cretec   4th  whhel  added  for  steep  uphill  use,   $200,  Phone  59863752,  ROSEBUD GOLF  BUGGY Pilgrim  with  bag,  manual,  $20,  Phone   59863752,  ROSEBUD GOLF  BUGGY  ELECTRIC Electric  golf  buggy  in  good  condition  &   includes   battery   charger,   $65,   Phone   (03)   9645   1014,   AH   0414645100,   PORT  MELBOURNE GOLF  CAR Yamaha   petrol   1998   model,   lots   of   extras,   EC,   $3,400,   Phone   0409366026,  BROADFORD GOLF  CLUB   3   wood   Acer   XDS   graphite   hsaft   s/ steel  head  new  12  golf  Prostaf  new  in   box   will   sep,   $35,   Phone   95706783,   BENTLEIGH  EAST GOLF  CLUB  L/H  SET includesbag  /buggy  3/5  srixon  woods   black   shark10dgree   driver   green   dot   irons   white   hot   odyssey   putter   ring   for   details,   $700   ONO,   Phone   0406533184,  DRYSDALE GOLF  CLUBS full  set  of  clubs  in  PGF  bag  with  balls   and  tees  ready  to  golf!,  $100,  Phone   0477059444,  FERNTREE  GULLY GOLF  CLUBS Complete   set   clubs,   all   in   VG   condition,   with   bag   &   buggy,   $60,   Phone  0402326135,  ALTONA GOLF  CLUBS full   set   RH   golf   clubs,   w/bag   and   folding   buggy   $60,   1/2   set   left   hand   clubs   with   bag   &   buggy,   $30,   Phone   0428568420,  AH  59568420,  COWES GOLF  CLUBS   /+ 1LNH VT VĂ&#x20AC;H[ PD[ VSHHG black   driver,   $180,   Taylor   made   5  ZRRG VĂ&#x20AC;H[  EUDQG new   condition,   $360   lot,   Phone   0417376463,  HAMILTON GOLF  CLUBS MacGregor   deriver   NVG2   10.5   &   11.5   draw   $55ea   MacGreggor   hybrids   17o   (2   iron)   28   (3iron)   23o   (4iron)   26o   (5iron)   RH,   $35   ea,   Phone   0416934222,   ASPENDALE   GARDENS

GOLF  CLUBS full  set  of  Cleveland  hi  bore  irons,  3  iron   to  sand  iron,  10  clubs,  $260  RH  steel   shaft   GC   etc,   Phone   0416934222,   ASPENDALE  GARDENS GOLF  CLUBS left   hand   mens   set   silver   cats,   made   in   USA   with   pro   bag,   10   irons,   2   wwods,   $150,   Phone   97953175,   DANDENONG  NORTH GOLF  CLUBS IXOOVHW EDJ,QÂżQLW\PHQV5+PHWDO woods,   1,3,5   irons   2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9   VDQG LURQ ZHGJH SXWWHU ,QÂżQLW\ EDJ $300,  Phone  59863752,  ROSEBUD GOLF  CLUBS numerous   clubs,   hybrids,   woods,   &   drivers,   brand   McGregor,   Wilson,   exotics,   Nickent,   Cleveland,   prices   from  $30  to,  $65,  Phone  0416934222,   ASPENDALE  GARDENS GOLF  CLUBS  BROSNAM Recovery   3   &   4   as   new   with   covers,   $60,   Phone   95706783,   BENTLEIGH   EAST GOLF  CLUBS  RH full   set   Tommy   Armour   845   Silver   Scot   plus   putter,   odd   extras   clubs,   10in  golf  bag  and  choice  two  buggies,   $220,   Phone   96469593,   PORT   MELBOURNE GOLF  MAT golf   range   quality   mat   1.5Mx1.5M   EC,   worth   over   $350   new   sell,   $120,   Phone   0416934222,   ASPENDALE   GARDENS GOLF  NET commercial   quality   golf   net   3Mx3M   w/overhead   net,   fully   enclosed/ reinforced   net   at   back,   see   erected   worth   over   $500   new   sell,   $160,   Phone   0416934222,   ASPENDALE   GARDENS GOLF  PRACTICE  NET 12   golf   balls,   400   tees   all   brand   new   spike   tool   with   handle,   $50,   Phone   54605005,  MARYBOROUGH GOLF  SET Daiwa   Golf   Set,   3   woods,   8   irons,   putter,   golf   bag,   buggy,   umbrella   golf   balls   and   other   accessories.   $300   ONO,   $350   ONO,   Phone   98274952,   AH  98274952,  SOUTH  YARRA GOLF  SETS  COMPLETE mens   Brosnan   ladies   MacGregor   in   excelllent  order,  steel  shafts,  including   bags,   buggies,   all   you   need   to   start   playing,   $300   lot,   Phone   95893973,   BEAUMARIS GOLF  SHOCKS  PUMA Gore-­Tex  size  7  1/2  used  once  in  box   with   guarantee   &   extra   studs   plus   free   putter,   $40,   Phone   95706783,   BENTLEIGH  EAST LADIES  GOLF  SET Max-­Fli  Lady  Jorja,  12  clubs,  5  clubs   only  used  a  few  times,  7  never  used,   $150,  Phone  97254042,  KILSYTH LADIES  GOLFS  CLUBS Arnold   Palmer   set   of   golf   clubs   plus   Hybrid   no   4   putter   in   new   golf   bag,   $250,   Phone   0400072973,   CHIRNSIDE  PARK MOTORISED  GOLF  BUGGY With  battery  &  charger,  Powa  Kaddy   $130,   Driver   Cleveland   Launcher   R/H   as   new   $140,   Odyssey   Putter   Dual   Force   $90   will   sep,   Phone   0411212654,  FERNTREE  GULLY NICKENT  4DX Evolver   driver   10.5o   $65   Nickent   hybrids   5Dx   2   iron   &   3   rion   (17o   &   20o   all   RH   reg   shaft   EC,   $45   ea,   Phone   0416934222,   ASPENDALE   GARDENS PILGRIM  GOLF   Buggy   fold   away,   blue,   $50   ono,   Phone  95706783,  BENTLEIGH  EAST PING  I10   irons   for   sale   4   iron   to   gap   wedge,   8   irons   in   great   cond,   cost   $1100   sell,   $600,   Phone   0433772230,   FRANKSTON  NORTH PROLINE  WEATHERPROOF jacket   and   trousers   size   M   as   new,   $100,   Phone   54605005,   MARYBOROUGH SET  OF  RH  TOURMASTER g/clubs   with   bag   and   about   600   practice   balls,   $150,   Phone   0437015675,  CLYDE SHORE  SHOT  GOLF  GPS fully   loaded   with   golf   courses,   $220,   Phone   0424063838,   ST   ALBANS   PARK TITLEIST  SCOTTY  CAMERON   scotty   cameron   newport   2   putter   replica..   great   heavy   head   feel   ,,   ex   cond,   $90,   Phone   0411880625,   NOBLE  PARK X  RIDEON Yardman   rideon   deck   removed   new   PXIĂ&#x20AC;HU  SDLQW MRE LGHDO IRU JROI buggy,   $450   ONO,   private,   Phone   00355992044,   AH   0409672414,   MORTLAKE

POOL  &  SNOOKER ACCESSORIES   Accessories   for   billiard   table   combination   wall   rack   with   kews   &   kew   rest,   books   &   chok   holder,   holds   8   kews,   $100   ONO,   Phone   0433452697,  DELAHEY ALCOCK  FULL  SIZE   Billiard   Table   12ftx6ft,   not   very   old,   turned   legs,   2in   slate,   good   rubber   &  cloth,  can  deliver  &  install,  $8,500,   Phone   0418574811,   AH   87114009,   BAYSWATER  NORTH BILLIARD  TABLE 8x4   c/w   cues,   balls,   quantity   rack/ score   board   &   top   for   table   tennis   &   HTXLSPHQWDTXDOLW\RXW¿WKDOISULFH $2,500,  Phone  59674265,  HODDLES   CREEK


29/11/12  -­  05/12/12 OUTDOOR  SPA 6-­7  seater,  heater,  pump,  blower  incld,   in   decking   above   ground   and   cover   in   good   condition,   $2,200,   Phone   0458698926,  BENDIGO


POOL  FENCE   with   gate,   $200,   Phone   97896793,   CRANBOURNE

graphite  cushion,   extremely   fast   cushion   response,   minimum   5   run   guaranteed,   built   to   worlds   highest   standards.   1pc   3/4in   slate,   fast   cushion  rubber,  complete  hardwood   construction,   moulded   leather   pockets,   gold   club   6811   English   strachan  30OZ  directional  nap  cloth,   2.5in  hardwood  cushion  face,  middle   cross   support   under   slate   bed,   8in   hardwood  hand  carved  turned  legs,   4x3.5in   adjustable   feet,   $2,500,   Phone  0457735113,  KYABRAM BILLIARD  TABLE  8X4 slate   top,   253Lx133W,   $390   NEG,   Phone   0405594608,   MOOROOLBARK

POOL  SLIDE approx   2   mt   long.   needs   UH¿EUHJODVVLQJ Q UHSDLU 1RW XVDEOH in  current  condition,  $60,  Phone  9700   Everswim   Swim   Spa/Swimming   5330,  LYSTERFIELD 3RRO LQFOXGHV VWHHO IUDPH ¿OWUDWLRQ system,   heater,   super   swim   pole,   POOL  TABLE  7FTX4FT Duratek   cabinet,   length   4280mm/   slate,   large   turned   legs,   2sets   balls   width   3070mm/   height   1380mm,   (pool/snooker),   4cues,   triangle,   Sports   Series   Only   $20,990   cue   stand,   scoreboard,   much   more   Australian   made,   Open   7   Days   A   GCond,   $600,   Phone   0435738653,   Week,   Spa   NOBLE  PARK Pools  Melbourne,  Phone  97204461,   PORTABLE  SPA BAYSWATER  NORTH 5   person   Signature   all   electric,   good   cond,   with   cover   and   chemicals,   $2,500,   Phone   0439325782,   FRANKSTON ROUND  SWIMMING  POOL Approx   4.5   x   0.9   metres.   With   DTXDVZLP 7 VDQG¿OWHU GDLV\ solar   pool   blanket   and   accessories,   $500,   Phone   0355918266   after   8pm,   LAANG


BILLIARD  TABLE  9X4FT6 slate  based  with  turned  legs,  Snooker,   Pool   &   Billiard   balls   with   cues   &   scoreboard   inclusive,   A1   condition,   $2,200,   Phone   97643429,   AH   0403571263,  ROWVILLE BILLIARD  TABLE  XPUB 1250x2300   approx,   coin   operated   turned  legs,  green  felt  GC  set  of  balls   with  cues,  $850,  Phone  0416179329,   WHITTLESEA POOL  TABLE fold   up   2.2Mx1.1M,   $100   complete,   Phone   0449985513,   NARRE   WARREN POOL  TABLE Quality   Alcock   Italian   slate,   competition   size,   7ftx3ft6,   incls   overhead   lighting,   4   new   &   4   as   new   cues,   as   new   pool   balls,   used   snooker   set,   $1,950   ono,   AH   97379324,  SILVAN

SPA  JROG¿WWLQJVEHLJHFRORXUYHU\YHU\ good   condition,   never   been   used,   $300,  Phone  59852014,  MCCRAE SPA  &  BATH  PUMPS 8   Seater   Octagonal   Spa,43   jets,   2   Speed   pump   underwater   light,3kw   heater   hardcover,white   in   colour,   AUSTRALIAN   MADE   WAS   $10950   now   only   $8500,   Carribean   Spas,   Phone  94606012,  THOMASTOWN

AUTOMATIC  POOL  CLEANER â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kreepy  Kraulyâ&#x20AC;?  style  fully  automatic   pool   cleaning   system,suits   above/ inground   pools,Includes   10m   of   hose,â&#x20AC;?Brand   Newâ&#x20AC;?   in   box!   can   arrange   postage,   $159,   Phone   POOL  TABLE  2.2X1.18 0397969023,0419668981,   NARRE   nice  neat  table  pick  up  only,  $150,  kail,   WARREN  NORTH Phone  0429371034,  APOLLO  BAY POOL  TABLE  2200X1130MM slate   base   turned   wooden   legs,   all   accessories,   $300   ono,   Phone   0402128772,   AH   59976273,   GRANTVILLE

Spa  bath   1hp   hot   pump   $399   Circulation   Pump   $249   Single   Speed   3HP   $399   2   Speed   3HP   $499   Suits   all   spas   including:   Designer,  Bullfrog,  Oasis,  Signature,   &\FORQH ,Q¿QLW\ 0RQDUFK 0DD[ Endless  and  more.  Includes  2yr  wty,   we   can   arrange   installation   or   do   it   yourself,   Sparite,   Phone   97204461,   BAYSWATER


POOL  TABLE  7FTX4   with  cues,  6  folding  legs,  good  cond,   $200,  Phone  0438540904,  LILYDALE

SPA  RELOCATION   0411   287   566   Spa   Relocation   and   Delivery   Service   Victoria   Wide   Call   Steve,   Phone   0411287566,   RINGWOOD


folding  legs,   good   condition,   cues   &   2   sets   of   balls,   $150,   Phone   98793595,  RINGWOOD  EAST POOL  TABLE  8X4FT slate   base,   turned   legs,   green   upholstery   plus   all   accessories,   $750,   Phone   0407683483,   BEACONSFIELD POOL  TABLE  SLATE Base   with   turned   legs,   7ft6x3ft6,   access  included,  pool  cues  &  2  sets  of   balls,  GC,  $550,  Phone  0402321837,   HODDLES  CREEK

6KHOO RQO\ ¿EUH JODVV VKHOO ZLWK 10year  warranty.   Australian   made   4280   x   3070   x   1380mm.   Excludes   equipment.   Open   7   Days   www.,   $9,990,   Spa   Pools   Melbourne,   Phone   97204461,   BAYSWATER  NORTH

AMR HYDROMATT POOL SOLAR HEATING Factory Direct Sales KITS FROM $1099 Easy to install, Expert Advice Installation Available AUSTRALIAN MADE

POOL  TABLES  FOR  SALE x2  smaller  size  both  in  OK  condition,   $100   each,   Phone   0433772230,   OUTDOOR  SPA 7-­8   seater   in   EC,   dark   blue/marble   FRANKSTON  NORTH colour   includes,   pump,   blower   &   heater   everything   works,   $1,500,   SNOOKER  BALL  SET, {2â&#x20AC;?},   billiard   ball   set,   3x   triangles   and   Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO hardwood   &   brass   scoreboard.   all   VGC.   $50,   Phone   0429622100,   AH   03  58622100,  NUMURKAH SUZUKA  8  HOURS  2 excellent   working   order,   54333706,  HEATHCOTE

Phone Â

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:#!"  :"!" !"  :&" '"!"! : ' " 


Pool  and   Spa   Springwater,   Top   XS DQG ¿OOV *UHDW 3ULFHV GHOLYHU\ Melbourne   and   Western   Suburbs,   Mick,  AH  0448300100,  ST  ALBANS

Shop 4-115 Canterbury Road , Kilsyth VIC 3137

03 9728 8438


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NOW $8,680 4m Diameter

Multiple seating and massage experiences - now at a budget price!


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was $18,735

NOW $14,055

6 x 4 x 2.3m Shop 3 / 200 Canterbury Road, Bayswater VIC 3153 View My Stock On Your Mobile Ph: 03 9720 4461 SMS: Spas BRING THIS IN TO REDEEM OFFER To: 0451 266 666 32/<'20(6 AUSTRALIA

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Excellent  condition,Salt   water   Outdoor   Swim   Spa.   bought   last   year   at   Endless   Spa.   still   under   warranty.   email   for   photos   to   siva61@bigpond. com,  $22,000  ONO,  Phone  97918000,   AH  0425838398,  DINGLEY  VILLAGE

SWIMING  POOL  LADDER   approx   4ftH,   3   steps,   $45,   Phone   93277864,  LAVERTON SWIMMING  POOL   Fibre   glass   swimming   pool,   pump,   ¿OWHU DQG FOHDQLQJ SROHV UHDG\ IRU removal   8m   x   3.5m   x   1.2m,   $5,800   ONO,  Phone  0407808875,  HADDON

SWIMMING  POOLS plenty   of   swimming   pool   parts   and   SHSH¿WWLQJV SXPSVPRWRUV OHIW over   from   pool   repair   set   up   price   to   be   agreed   upon,   Phone   87741118,   HAMPTON  PARK

Gas  lift   bed   barely   used   great   condition   adjustable   height   full   rotation   head   and   foot   rest   15   deg   tilt,must   sell!!!,   $500   ONO,   Phone   0415924172,  SKYE MASSAGE  CHAIR for   sale,   as   new   dark   brown   cloth,   $550,   Phone   97049277,   NARRE   WARREN  SOUTH MASSAGE  CHAIR Tapestry   recliner,   arm   covers,   head   cover,   vibrates   legs,   back,   heated,   does   everything,   $2,000   ono,   Phone   53677674,  BACCHUS  MARSH MASSAGE  CHAIR great   massage   chair,   only   a   couple   of   months   old,   received   it   as   a   gift   but   just   dont   have   the   room,   $1,200,   Phone   0418570210,   GLADSTONE   PARK


39  Airbag   massagers   are   located   throughout   the   massage   chair   in   the   arm,   leg   and   seat   areas   that   massage  muscles  in  synchronisation   with  the  quad  rolling  massage  hands   (this   gives   a   feeling   like   you   are   being   massaged   by   two   or   three   massage   therapists   in   different   parts   of   your   body   at   the   same   time),   $900,   Phone   0478674599,   DOVETON

Scooter,  as   new,   brand   new   condition,   used   only   3   times   with   carry   basket,   aerial,   charger,   blinkers,   lights,   horn,   will   suit   large   person   upto   175kgs,   new   price   $4200   sell,   $2,200   ono,   Phone   0425773430,   AH   93235464,   ZODIAC  HIDE  A  HOSE   for  pool  sinks  pool  cleaner  hose  to  the   GLENROY bottom   of   your   pool   new   still   in   box,   MASSAGE  TABLE   $45,   Phone   0413284222,   MOUNT   Foldaway   metal   legs,   $200,   Phone   ELIZA HEAD  SPA 97642909,  KNOXFIELD MOBILITY  SCOOTER   Mobility   scooter,   Fischer   &   Paykel,   HEALTH  &  WELLBEING $900   ono,   Phone   83603601,   LAVERTON MOBILITY  SCOOTER AAA  MOBILITY  EQUIPMENT. Invacare,   brand   new,   Auriga,   red,   4   PRIDE   MOBILITY   SCOOTERS,   wheels,  GC,  new  battery,  $850,  Phone   NEW   from   $1095.   Wheelchairs   98076996,  MOUNT  WAVERLEY from   $279,   also   walkers,   bath   &   MOBILITY  SCOOTER toilet  aids,  ramps,  lift  chairs,  walking   3   wheeler,   2yrs   old,   12V   battery   with   sticks  &  quad  canes  and  more  at  Mr   charger,   travel   range   on   full   charge   Mobility   P/L183   Sunshine   Rd   West   If  your  looking  for  an  amazing  piece   65kms,   cap   135kg,   40W   motor,   Footscray.   opp   Tottenham   station.   of   equipment   for   your   salon   or   shopping   crate,   $1,400,   Phone   Tuesday   to   Sunday   10am-­4pm.   spa,the  Headspa  is  pure  luxury,with   0410340877,  ROCKBANK   for   quality   lots   of   different   purposes,including   and  service  since  2001,  Mr  Mobility   hydro   and   light   therapy.For   more   MOBILITY  SCOOTER Pty.   Ltd.,   Phone   93149559,   AH   info,look   up   and   0407056960,  WEST  FOOTSCRAY look   for   Suzi   Headspa.Also   comes   with  a  full  size  gas  hotwater,training   and   parts,   Call   for   price,   Karyn   AIDQUIP  SUPPORT  CHAIR Wickes,   Phone   0409823705,   Kingston   Aidquip   padded   seat,   back   HORSHAM support,   arm   rests,   casers,   cost   $220,  EC,  call  arvo/eve,  please  leave   message,  $30  ono,  Phone  95553271,   MOORABBIN HEAT  LAMPS Pedestal   Octopus   infra   red   heat   lamps,   aluminium,   $50,   Phone   ARCHAIR Merits  Challenger  4  wheel.  New  batt/ electric   double   motor   blue   grey   97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH tyres.  Very  little  use.  Excellent  cond,   colour,  VGC,  $350,  Phone  54231361,   HIGHBACK  CHAIR $1,250   ONO,   Phone   0419561931,   Todds   chair   padded   back,   seat   and   BRAEMORE arm   rests,   adjust   seat   in   and   out   AH   0397756233,   CRANBOURNE   legs   adjust,   EC   blue,   $40,   Phone   SOUTH ASTHMA  NEBULISER  PUMP 0431030463,  BAYSWATER for  child  or  adult,  complete  with  maks,   MOBILITY  SCOOTER   bowl  tubing  &  access,  new  in  box  cost   HOSPITAL  BED over   $100   EC   new,   $45   ono,   Phone   Covered   latex   mattress,   hand   controlled   lift   tilt,   adjustable   lift   sides   93142843,  YARRAVILLE on   wheels,   overhead   pullup   bar,   perf   Cond,  white,  $850,  Phone  97231285,   BEDSIDE  COMMODE   CROYDON late   model   with   tilting   seat   and   HOSPITAL  BED removable   seat   top   EC   blue,   $40,   Electric   bed,   hand   controlled,   lift   tilt,   Phone  0431030463,  BAYSWATER plastic  mattress  cover,  perf  condition,   $1,200   ono,   Phone   94401070,   BUNDOORA CARE  QUIP  TREKKER  DUO   walker   rollator   8   inch   casters   ideal   HOSPITAL  BED for   larger   persons   basket   incl   dark   and  mattress,  hand  controlled,  lift  tilt,   red   in   colour,   $100   ONO,   Phone   03   storage  racks  underneath,  adjustable   never   used   half   price   $1345   can   53686775,  DALES  CREEK sides   on   wheels,   st/steel   &   chrome   deliver   to   trial,   Phone   0458500408,   GCond,   $690,   Phone   97542694,   WERRIBEE BELGRAVE CHAIR  AND  MATTRESS MOBILITY  SCOOTER water   proof   pads   all   brand   new,   $10   HOSPITAL  BED  &  MATTRESS ea,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   hospital   elec   tilt   bed   w/removable   VLGHV 3HDNFDUH VHOI LQÃ&#x20AC;DWLQJ DLU HEIGHTS mattress   to   suit,   prevent   bed   sores,   cost   $4500   sell,   $1,900,   Phone   DISABILITY  AIDS 97353693,  LILYDALE bath  board  p  up  stick  2x  bed  poles  long   handle  sponge  long  handle  shoe  horn   HYDRAULIC  DISABILITY  LIFT most   new,   $60,   Phone   0351276493,   Hydraulic   lift   to   suit   back   of   Van,   lifts   wheelchairs   into   van,   VGC,   AH  0402796186,  NEWBOROUGH $1,000,  Kosta,  Phone  0401  692  639,   CAMPBELLFIELD ELECTRIC  LIFT KARCHER  MOBILE  PATIENT Recliner   Chair,   black   leather,   brand   mover,   apparatise,   good   cond,   $100,   Merits  Challenger  4  wheel.  New  batt/ new,  never  used,  $1,600  ono,  Phone   Phone  0423957911,  MELTON tyres.  Very  little  use.  Excellent  cond,   0419037669,  MELTON $1,250   ONO,   Phone   0419561931,   KING  SINGLE  ELECTRIC  BED AH   0397756233,   CRANBOURNE   ELECTRIC  LIFT  CHAIR SOUTH Brand  New  Black  Leather  Electric  Lift-­ MOBILITY  SCOOTER  ELECTRIC Recliner   chair,   $1,600   ONO,   Phone   Pride  4  wheel,  red,  in  as  new  condition,   0411283740,  BROOKFIELD $1,800,   Phone   0401786542,   DANDENONG ELECTRIC  MASSAGE  PAD MOBILITY  SCOOTER  GASON ¿WV RQ DQ\ FKDLU PDVVDJHV EDFN has   steel   basket   on   front,   rack   for   and   lower   area,   excellent   condtion   walker,  2  new  batteries,  just  serviced,   Homemedic   brand,   $70,   Phone   EC,   $700   ono,   Phone   51278071,  AH   0419893494,  MANSFIELD 0402818196,  MOE MOBILITY  WALKER as   brand   new   hardly   used,   pure   Walker,  4  wheels.  Latest  Model.  Never   FISHER  &  PAYKEL dual   motor   for   sale   to   suit   disability   latex   mattress,   handheld   controls,   used,  still  in  wrapping.  Cost  $180,  sell   Gofors   also   seat,   tyres   and   wheels,   thermal   qualities,   hypo-­allergenic,   for   $80.   Ring   evenings,   $80   ONO,   $500   lot,   Phone   0427475878,   base  surround,  1  new  doona,  2  new   Phone  9783  7763,  FRANKSTON covers,   mattress   protectors   etc,   TATURA $2,000   ONO,   Phone   0416055328,   MOBILTY  SCOOTER mobilty   scooter   ,beautifull   red   NOBLE  PARK FOOT  SPA   color,bag   on   back   basket   on   portable   electric   brand   new   in   box   LIFT  CHAIR front,smooth  to  drive,very  good  cond,   never   used,   $30,   Phone   95809710,   green   good   condition,   $350,   Phone   $2,000,   Phone   0412006931,   AH   57972628,  YEA AH  0409509667,  MORDIALLOC 97379595,  MOUNT  EVELYN

Pride  Ultra   red,   4   wheel   electric   scooter,   in   good   cond,   $200,   Phone   88021100,  HEATHMONT OVER  TOILET  CHAIR or   free   standing,   with   accessories,   white,   new,   $60,   Phone   59814540,   SAFETY  BEACH OVER  TOILET  SEAT $70,   Bed   Stick   $35,   Shower   Chair   $50,   Green   4   wheeler   walker   $100   or   the   lot   $200   hardly   used,   Phone   0410279517,  DROMANA SHOPRIDER  3  WHEEL new   batteries,   charger   goes   well,   $1,000   ono,   Phone   0402091766,   MAIDSTONE SHOPRIDER  MOTORISED   scooter   second   hand   scooter   approx   4yrs   old   in   very   good   cond,   red   in   colour,  c/w  carry  basket,  $1,200  ono,   Phone  97442749,  SUNBURY SIMMONS  ELECTRIC  BED Excellent   condition,   remote,   alter   to   any   position,   also   has   massage   mode.   ph.   9am-­7pm,   $650   ONO,   Phone  0359673742,  AH  0359673742,   LAUNCHING  PLACE SPORTSWEAR Netball,  Football,  Cricket  &  Basketball.   Sublimation,  Embroidery  and  Printing   Available.   We   supply   most   brands   and  all  at  affordable  prices!,  Phone  03   5984  9906,  DROMANA TRIKE 3  wheeler,  Gomier  brand,  with  basket,   red,   $750   ono,   Phone   0427642742,   CASTLEMAINE WALKER   red   colour   fold   up   type   15cm   wheels   suitable   for   disabled   elderly,   $100,   Phone  98993030,  BOX  HILL  NORTH WALKING  FRAME $10,   four   wheel   walker,   $15,   Phone   93140060,  KINGSVILLE WALKING  FRAME  $35 bedside   commodre   $50,   folding   wheelchair   (new)   $250   all   in   EC,   Phone  54723667,  CHEWTON WEIGHT  BAR   comes   with   weights   as   new,   $45,   Phone   98031352,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY WHEELCHAIR 6  wheels,  good  cond,  electric,  battery   operated,   RRP   $5000   sell,   $1,200,   Phone   97418751,   AH   0415170218,   WERRIBEE


Brand  New   Wheelchairs,   Self   Propelled   and   Transit   options   available   from   $275.00.   Large   range   of   Mobility   Equipment,   Scooters,   Powerchairs   and   Patient   Lifters   available.   Call   Linds   Rehab   Equipment   today   to   arrange   a   free   in   home   trial   or   visit   our   showroom  at  58  Star  Cres,  Hallam.   Wheelchairs  from,  $225  Each,  Linds   Rehabilitation  Equipment,  Phone  03   9796  3399,  HALLAM WHEELCHAIR  BLACK folding   Medline   brand   in   full   working   condition,   $150,   Phone   0408388407,   TRARALGON WHEELCHAIR  RECLINING Back  &  neck  rest,  adjustable  leg  rests,   sheepskin  covers  on  foot  &  calf  plates   ROHO   10x10cell   seat   cushion   &   pump,   as   new   used   14mths,   $1,500,   Phone  95638864,  BENTLEIGH  EAST

BABY BABY  COT portable,   excellent   condition,   $100,   Phone  0430111334,  ST  ALBANS BABY  COT Wood   clear   stain,   foldup,   mattress   VGC,   $40,   Phone   0438804333,   IVANHOE BABY  LOVE   3   wheeler   pram/pusher,   Accessories   included   VGCond,   $120   ono,   Phone   0428353921,  BENDIGO BABY  REVERSABLE  CARSEAT Safe   n   Sound   reversable   carseat,gc,suit   nb-­3yrs,   $55,   Phone   0449909384,  MARSHALL BABY  SAFE  N  SOUND  CAPSULE Safe   N   Sound   babay   capsule   with   anchor  straps  and  gray  sheepskin  and   blanket.EC,  $85,  Phone  0449909384,   MARSHALL BABYCLUB  NAPPY  BAG EODFNJUH\ Ã&#x20AC;RUDO FRPHVZ FKDQJH mat   and   lots   of   room   space   to   put   bottles   and   nappies   etc   in   VGC,   $50   ono,   Phone   0403232191,   KEILOR   EAST BABYCO  ROCKER/CHAIR in   VGCond,   navy   blue   background   with   cream   colour   clothes,   ideal   girl/boy,   $15,   Phone   0411412704,   FLEMINGTON BERTINI  PRAM Bertini   Pram   with   Toddler   Seat   and   Cover.   Green   and   Blue   Tartan.   4x4,   $120,   Phone   0418598164,   AH   03   54282190,  GISBORNE BOORI  COT/TODDLER  BED white,   mattress   included   excelletn   pre   loved   condition,   $480,   Phone   0422127970,  BALLARAT

Boori  sleigh  cot,  converts  into  toddler   &  daybed,  storage  draw  &  waterproof   mattress,   excellent   pre-­loved   cond,   $500,   0,   Phone   0427871737,   ROCHESTER BOOSTER  SEAT Pooh   Bear   pattern,   $10,   Phone   97814126,  FRANKSTON BROWN  COT Brown   cot   and   mattress   G/C   $125   or   offer.   brown   draws   (8)   L116cm,   W45cm,   H78cm   $50,   Phone   0427845872,   NARRE   WARREN   NORTH CAR  SEAT   for   ages   4-­7   yrs   of   age   asking,   $50,   Phone   0412145047,   FRANKSTON   NORTH CAR  SEAT   Mothers   Choice   excellent   condition,   ages   6mths   and   up,   $70,   Phone   0422127970,  BALLARAT CAR  SEAT  VGC suit   child   from   6mths   to   3yr   old,   $30,   Phone   93371801,   AVONDALE   HEIGHTS CHANGE  TABLE   solid  wooden,  very  robust,  2  drawers,   ECond,   grandparents   special,   $50,   Phone  0438188468,  FRANKSTON CHRISTENING  GOWN very   pretty   with   bonnet   and   booties,   $60,  Phone  82010113,  BORONIA COT  HEIRLOOM  COLLECTION Wooden,  as  new,  c/w  mattress,  $380,   Phone  97967453,  BERWICK COT  WHITE incl   mattress,   suitable   for   grandparents   GCond,   $60,   Phone   98865525,   AH   0405927080,   GLEN   WAVERLEY COT  WHITE   excellent   condition,   $249,   Phone   0411605882,  BRUNSWICK COT  WOODEN plus   wooden   change   table,   1   drawer   &   high   chair   good   cond,   $100   lot,   Phone   93186454,   AH   0423948816,   MAIDSTONE ELEC  BOTTLE  STERILISER plugs   in   and   sterilises   baby   bottles,   $40,   Phone   0401034769,   MIRBOO   NORTH ELFIN  STROLLER/PUSHER by   Roger   Armstrong,   ECond   grandparents   special,   $20,   Phone   0438188468,  FRANKSTON FOLDING  COT wooden   large,   and   mattress   GCond,   $20,   Phone   98024510,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY GRACO  TWIN  PRAM   13   months   old   only   been   used   5   times,   doesnt   have   a   front   bar   or   cup   holder,   in   great   condition,   $250,   Phone  0481206263,  MORWELL GROBAG  SLEEPING  BAG pink   with   mouse   design   for   baby   girl   size   6-­18mths,   1.0   tog,   never   been   used,  brand  new  in  packet,  $50  ono,   Phone  0403232191,  KEILOR  EAST HI/LOW  HIGHCHAIR easy  clean  plastic  highchair,  converts   high  to  low,  $30,  Phone  0488770780,   BEECHWORTH HIBEBE  FETAL  HEARTDOPPLER Brought   online   from   sweet   beats   for   $219  in  April  used  6  times  in  exc  cond   ph   for   more   info,   $150   ONO,   Phone   0400029958,  NICHOLSON HIGH  CHAIR  PEG  PEREGO Prima   Pappa   EC   layback   positions,   height   settings,   tray   table,   lockable   wheels,   folds   away,   padded   chair,   easy   wipe   down,   $60,   Phone   57223574,  WANGARATTA HIGH  CHAIR  STEELCRAFT *RRG &RQGLWLRQ FZ DOO ¿WWLQJV  Phone   0418374356,   AH   87114906,   BAYSWATER HIGHCHAIR as   brand   new   only   used   once   very   sturdy,   $25,   Phone   85027430,   AH   0425832142,  SPRINGVALE HIGHCHAIR as   new,   strong   white   metal,   $15,   Phone  95038686,  BENTLEIGH  EAST HIGHCHAIR  BLUE very  little  use,  $40,  Phone  98865525,   AH  0405927080,  GLEN  WAVERLEY HIPOD  COLORADO  PRAM red/grey   suit   form   birth-­17   kilos,   ECond,   canopy,   big   spaced   basket,   see   through   window,   full   layback   position,   very   light,   $100   ono,   Phone   0403232191,  KEILOR  EAST KICK  START  PLAY  GYM Baby   kick   start   play   gym!   excellent   condition   and   great   way   for   bubs   to   strengthen   their   little   legs!,   $20,   Phone  0432763199,  CRANBOURNE MOTHERS  CHOICE  STROLLER in   red,   with   canopy,   foot   rest   and   brake   lock   in   EC,   $20   ono,   Phone   0403232191,  KEILOR  EAST PORTA  COT porta   cot,   $50,   Phone   98865525,  AH   0405927080,  GLEN  WAVERLEY PORTACOT   as  new  includes  detatchable  basinette   &   extra   mattress,   $40,   Phone   98793595,  RINGWOOD  EAST

duble  pram  new  brand  love  n  care  in   very  good  condition  very  light  fold  up   in   one   hand   very   easy   and   smooth,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0415   469   020,   AH   0426   083   961,   MEADOW   HEIGHTS PRAM  3  WHEELER Foot   rest   &   brake   lock,   navy,   $50,   Phone  0438804333,  IVANHOE PRAMS 3   wheeler   adj,   4   wheeler   stroller,   Bacino  rain  covers  all  accessories  all   $50   each   GC,   Phone   0403337355,   MULGRAVE PRELOVED  BABY   Clothing,   girls   &   boys   winter   &   summer,  limited  stock  00-­1,  tiems  $2   eac  buy  in  bulk  and  save  phone  quick,   Phone  0411412704,  FLEMINGTON ROCKING  CRADLE on   stand,   clear   stain   wood   with   mattress,   blankets,   and   access,   $60,   Phone   0414400510,   ENDEAVOUR   HILLS SAFE  N  SOUND baby/preschooler   seat,   ideal   to   seat   newborn   to   4yrs,   adjust   2   ways,   GCond,   ideal   boy/girl,   grey   colour,   great   2nd   seat,   $39   neg,   Phone   0411412704,  FLEMINGTON SAFE  N  SOUND baby   capsule   with   inserts,   never   been   in   accident,   $40   ono,   Phone   0434229272,  AMPHITHEATRE STROLLER  MOTHERS  CHOICE as   new   navy   (blue   trim),   $70,   Phone   94996601,  IVANHOE  EAST TRICYCLE old   fashioned   Cyclops,   carry   seat   passenger   collectable   ECond   for   pre   bike,   grandparents   special,   $30,   Phone  0438188468,  FRANKSTON VALCO  BABY  CARRY  AROUND cocoon,   red   very   compatible   to   carry   newborn,  EC  suit  from  birth  to  3/4mths   old,   $50   ono,   Phone   0403232191,   KEILOR  EAST VALCO  BABY  PRAM 3   wheel   pram,   comes   with   toddler   seat   add   on   and   shade   cloth.   Can   be   used   for   jogging,   $200,   Phone   0431399559,  CARRUM  DOWNS WHITE  BOORI  BABY  COT White   Boori   Country   Collection   Baby   Cot  in  great  condition,  coverts  to  single   bed.  Quick  &  easy  to  assemble,  $250,   Phone   0422334946,   CRANBOURNE   NORTH WOODEN  CRADLE $100,   Fisher   Price   Tropical   playmat   $35,  airwrap-­Cot  (safer  than  bumper)   $25,   1st   year   learning   clurve   sleeper   deluxe   as   new,   $50,   Phone   0417567536,  SUNBURY

TOYS BABY  BORN  DOLLS  AND  ACC 2  baby  born  dolls,double  pram  nappy   bag   with   change   mat,2   potties   pink   blue   1   rocker   and   acc,   $40,   Phone   0435990279,  MOUNT  ELIZA BRATZ  DOLLS   12   dolls   and   heaps   of   accessories   and   more,   $40,   Phone   0412803849,   WOODVALE BUILDING or   dolls   house   classic,   $150,   Phone   95841984,  MENTONE CHILDRENS  CHAIRS 2  white  and  2  yellow,  yellow  table  all   plastic,   $25   lot,   Phone   0428568420,   AH  59568420,  COWES CHILDS  WOODEN   folding   chair,   painted   dusky   pink,   folk   art,   teddy   bear,   EC,   suit   up   to   age   4yrs,   never   used,   $30,   Phone   59742583,  MOUNT  MARTHA COUCH  KIDS in   good   cond,   smaller   foam   fold   out,   $20,  Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO CRONER  TOYS  X2  VWLOO LQ ER[HV *ROGHQ *LUOV ¿UVW doll   is   Dragon   Queen   and   Vultura   doll,   $165   both,   Phone   0422621723,   FRANKSTON  NORTH DOLLS  HOUSE extra   large   pink   with   electric   lift,   comes   with   furniture   &   dolls   $120,   also   selling   dolls   and   dresses   for   dolls   various   sizes/prices,   Phone   93910661,  ALTONA FOOTBALL  GAME  4FTX2FT with   red   and   blue   players   on   10   movable  rods,  very  interesting  for  kids   and   adults   to   play,   $25   ono,   Phone   93142843,  YARRAVILLE GAMES  TABLE incls   billiards,   soccer,   air   hockey,   board  games  &  basket  ball  ring,  hours   of  fun  VGC,  $50,  Phone  0468574221,   ROSEDALE GOKART/BILLYCART strongly  constructed,  safety  a  feature,   with   brakes,   and   good   steering,   $25,   Phone  97259969,  CROYDON GOLDBUG  TROLLEY  COVER   Jungle   design   in   good   cond   hardly   used,   $15   ono,   Phone   0403232191,   KEILOR  EAST JAKAS  TOY  DOG white   with   Tan   short   tail   and   ears   11inL9inH,   very   cute   VGCond,   $15   PP,  Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE

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SWIMMING  POOL  LADDER stainless   steel   3   step   pool   ladder   suit   inground   pool,   $300,   Phone   0409002353,  DIAMOND  CREEK


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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12


Looking for love...


BEAGLE  /  MALE Hi  there,  my  name  is  Beagles  and  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m   IULHQGO\WRHYHU\RQH,PHHW,¶PEXUVWLQJZLWK personality!I  still  have  puppy  tendencies  and   ,¶PDOZD\VORRNLQJIRUVRPHRQHWRSOD\ZLWK





(03)  5561  2591 23  Braithwaite  Street,   Warrnambool  VIC  3280

(03)  5472  5277 24  Langslow  Street,   Castlemaine  VIC  3450

WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5143  2255 11  Hunt  Place,   Wurruk  VIC  3850

BULL  TERRIER  X  CROSS/     STAFFORDSHIRE  BULL   TERRIER Hi  there,  my  name  is  Jenna  and  I  am  active   DQGYHU\DIIHFWLRQDWH,DPWKHW\SHRIGRJ who  would  be  your  best  mate!



(03)  5441  2209 20  Pipers  Lane,   Bendigo  VIC  3550

(03)  5978  6706 1030  Robinsons  Road,   Pearcedale  VIC  3912



WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5472  5277 24  Langslow  Street,   Castlemaine  VIC  3450 DOMESTIC  MEDIUM   HAIR







(03)  5143  2255 11  Hunt  Place,   Wurruk  VIC  3850

(03)  5978  6706 1030  Robinsons  Road,   Pearcedale  VIC  3912


DOMESTIC  MEDIUM   HAIR ,DPPRQWKVROG Hi  there,  my  name  is  Bart  and  I   VWLOOKDYHNLWWHQWHQGHQFLHVDQG,¶P DOZD\VORRNLQJIRUVRPHRQHWRSOD\ with!Will  you  be  my  play  mate?Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve   JRWDORWRIORYHWRJLYH ,¶GORYHDJRRGEUXVKHYHU\IHZGD\V I  would  suit  a  home  with  primary   VFKRRODJHGNLGV


WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5523  4690 Darts  Road,   Portland  VIC  3305

Hi  there,  my  name  is  Ashley  and  I   am  a  really  lovely  girl  who  is  just  a   JUHDWFRPSDQLRQ

Hi  there,  my  name  is  Samson  and  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d   love  to  sit  on  the  couch  and  watch  TV   ZLWK\RX,¶GORYHWREH\RXUEHVWIULHQG



(03)  5441  2209 20  Pipers  Lane,   Bendigo  VIC  3550

(03)  5334  2075 115A  Gillies  Street  South,   Ballarat  VIC  3350


WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5561  2591 23  Braithwaite  Street,   Warrnambool  VIC  3280

WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5561  2591 23  Braithwaite  Street,   Warrnambool  VIC  3280


WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  9224  2222 3  Burwood  Highway,   Burwood  East  VIC  3151


WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5722  2874 1  Connell  Street,   Wangaratta  VIC  3677


WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5334  2075 115A  Gillies  Street  South,   Ballarat  VIC  3350





WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5561  2591 23  Braithwaite  Street,   Warrnambool  VIC  3280

WHERE  TO  FIND  ME (03)  5561  2591 23  Braithwaite  Street,   Warrnambool  VIC  3280

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12   LARGE  CARAVAN  FOR   Barbie  dolls  pink-­yellow  in  colour,  $20,   Phone  93075231,  TAYLORS  HILL

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TABLE  AND  CHAIRS plus   dolls   cradle,   $80,   Phone   0400854572,  CRANBOURNE TEDDY  BEARS  NEW Bride   &   groom,   new   barbie   and   accessories,   with   male   doll   (My   Scene)  scrabble  board  game,  $15  ea,   Phone  93062451,  GLENROY Pedigree   papers,   2M,   1F,   7   weeks   old,   reds,   parents   on   view,   981000300592149,   585885,   582737,  microchipped,  vet  checked,   vacc  c/w  puppy  kit,  reg  VCA,  $900,   Phone  52662073,  GEELONG  AREA

TOYS new  in   box,   girl   &   boy   dolls,   $20,   AUSTRALIAN  SILKY  TERRIER Phone  93062451,  GLENROY Lovely  pups.  Ideal  small  companions.   Vet   checked,   immunised,   VTECH  BABY  WALKER 956000008402449   VGC,   all   functions   work,   v.stable   microchipped.   $600   for   emergent   walkers,   activity   panel   956000008400362   detaches   for   sitters   multicolour,   $15,   0351942304,   $600   Each,   Phone   0351942304,  TRARALGON Phone  0429179292,  LILYDALE BLUE  ENGLISH  STAFFY  PUPS YOGI  BEAR large   stuffed   Yogi   bear   39in   (100cm)   12   wks   old,   Microchipped,   wormed,   green   hat   with   black   band   and   tie,   papers,   vaccinated,   vet   checked   EC,   $30,   Phone   59742583,   MOUNT   ,   4   generation   blue,   Registered   Breeder,   mum   on   show   Microchip   MARTHA numbers   are   956000008550122,   9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 5 6 1 7 0 9 ,   956000008541881.   Males   $2000,   Females  $2500,  Phone  0404262652,   CRANBOURNE BORDER  COLLIE   DOGS Chocolate   &   white   male   pup,   perfect   markings,   vacc,   vet   checked   &   microchipped,   982000167762761,   $650,   Phone   0466990949,   HEATHCOTE Microchip  details   BOXER 12   months   old,   male,   brindle,   must  be  included  in   956000001368566,   to   go   to   home,   $200   ONO,   Phone   all  dog  and  cat  sale   good   0434110228,  DONCASTER  EAST advertisements. BRAND  NEW  DOG  ENCLOSURE   BRAND   NEW   enclosure   1.850(H)   It  is  now  an  offence  to  advertise   x   4.200   (D)   x   2.500   (W)   zinc   sheet   the  sale  of  a  dog  or  cat  unless  the   metal   Free   part   roof,   $999   Each,   PLFURFKLSLGHQWL¿FDWLRQQXPEHU Phone  0409  006  419  ,  ROCKBANK of  the  animal  is  included  in  the   BRITISH  BULLDOG advertisement  or  notice. beautiful   red   and   white   puppy.   8   weeks   ,   full   reg.   vaccinated,   A  registered  domestic  animal   microchipped   ready   to   go!!   DAM   NZ   EXVLQHVVPD\XVHLWV&RXQFLO lines.982000190977032,   $3,000,   EXVLQHVVUHJLVWUDWLRQQXPEHU Phone  0354868308,  AH  0429458276,   as  an  alternative. ECHUCA BRITISH  BULLDOG  RARE Please  note  it  is  the   We   have   coming   avail   semen   from   responsibility  of  the  advertiser   to  comply  with  the  requirements   Rare   Chocolate   Tri   QUALITY   STUD   MALE.   Dare   to   Be   Different,   $4,000,   of  the  law,  please  see Phone  0354868308,  AH  0429458276,   â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sellersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  terms  &  conditions ECHUCA for  more  information. BRITISH  X  AUSSIE  BULLDOG   Male   90%   British   bulldog   puppy.   8   weeks   old   Vaccinated   micro-­ chipped   wormed   &   vet   checked   Breeder   number   33,   $2,000,   Phone   0351891354,   AH   0417403778,   CARRAJUNG BRITTISH  BULL  DOG  PUP beautiful   female   baby,   fawn/white,   full   pedigree   with   papers,   vacc,   A1  DOG  ENCLOSURE   wormed,   vet   checked,   microchipped,   956000008557831,   ready   to   go   16/11/12,  $3,500,  Phone  0408187389,   STAWELL


Pups  born  7/9/12,  7  males,  2  ruby,  3   blenheim,   2   tris,   vacc,   vet   checked   &  microchipped,  956000008899939,   8887279,   8887840,   8887041,   8888176,   887038,   89101054,   $750   each,   Phone   0359792200,   AH   0359787624,  PEARCEDALE CAVALIER  KING  CHARLES   Blenheim   female,   born   17/8/12   Reg   Dogs   Vic   (   main),   beautiful   happy   girl,  mc:  956000008560387,  vac,  pick   up   only,   $850,   Phone   0353415852,   ELAINE CAVALIER  KING  CHARLES  PUP 11   week   old   male   tri   puppy,   playful,   loves   cuddles,   kid   friendly.   $200   deposit   required.   Vaccinated   and   microchipped   956000008851572,   $600,   Phone   0429913590,   WILLOW   GROVE CHAMP  AMERICAN   Staffordhsire  dogs,  I  have  female  Am-­ Staff   who   needs   champ   bloodlines   sire   everyone   of   her   relatives   is   Australian-­and-­American   champ   from   reg   breeder   vic   dogs   reg   no   7100016838,   Phone   0415145643,   COBRAM CHIHUAHUA Purebred   chihuahua,s   1   white   male   short  coat.  9560000088513501  white   long   coat,   956000008825210.   vet   checked   vaccinated   micro   chipped.   toilet   trained,   no   papers,   $500   Each,   Phone  0402178540,  SMYTHESDALE CHIHUAHUA 1   tan   female   pup,   14wks   old,   vaccs,   wormed,   microchipped   (956000008826634),   $550,   Phone   56294367  AH,  MODELLA CHIHUAHUA  PUPPY Gorgeous   female   6   month   old   Sable/White   Longcoat   Chihuahua   from   registered   breeder.   Reg   Dogs   Vic,   vaccs,   wormed,   microchipped,   (956000008407930),   $800,   Phone   0351275155,   AH   0416219313,   NEWBOROUGH CHIHUAHUA  PUREBRED  PUPS

New  Galvanized   chain   mesh   KIT   FORM   3mL   x   1.6mW   x   1.9mH   as   picture,  $380,  Phone  59958485,  AH   0411273654,  CRANBOURNE


most  kinds   pay   cash,   no   microchipping  or  vacc  as  my  mobile   vet   will   call   &   provide   the   service,   Phone  0412000081,  MELBOURNE

8wks  olds,   2   females,   1   male,   brown   &   white,   vet   checked,   microchipped,   900012000947279,   947331,  947265,  $300  each,  Phone   0438349072,  BENALLA

HUNGARIAN  VIZLA Hungarian  Vizler  Puppies  born  on  the   3/11/2012  and  will  be  ready  for  pick  up   on   22/12/2012,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0409366532,  AH  51631489,  YINNAR HUNTING  DOGS   bull-­arab  2yrs  old  45kg  dog  stockproof   ex   pig   dog   airdale   -­   deerhound   bitch   10   months   old,   8853023,   95600000,   Call  for  price,  Phone  0437878525,  AH   03054533241,  KOONDROOK JACK  RUSSELL  X

ROTWEILLER  MALE 1yr   old   ped,   beautiful   markings,   lovely   temperment,   vacc,   wormed,   vet   checked,   microchip,   956000008282948,   $450,   Phone   0408187389,  STAWELL ROTWEILLER  PUPS   purebreds,   great   bloodline   &   have   amazing   temperament,   born:19/8,   ready:30/9,   M&F,   vet   checked,   ¿UVW YDFF¶V PLFURFKLSV SKRQH leave   message,   978102100046115,   982009106263018,   POA,   Phone   0418570762,  HORSHAM


9  months   old,   purebred,   pedigreed,   vet   checked,   vaccinated,   microchip   956000008214002,   toilet   &   lead   trained,   in   need   of   some   TLC,   fully   registered   with   papers,   $1,200,   Phone  0448334421,  STRADBROKE

Miniature  Fox   Terrier   1M   $350,   SILKY  OR  AUST  TERRIER 3F   $450,   982000167731673,   WANTED   for   elderly   couple,   Phone   43265,   31774,   28380,   wormed,   0431708679,  KOO  WEE  RUP vacc,   parents   on   view,   Phone   0427143245,   AH   0420294643,   DEVON  MEADOWS STAFFY  PUPS 2M,  2F,  8  weeks  old,  father  &  mother   KELPIE on   view,   vacc,   956000008387437,   males   females   vaccinated   very   8472214,   8448578,   8449881,   $400   energetic,  make  lovely  pets  or  working   each,  Phone  57991838,  SEYMOUR dogs   956000008909795   8909171   GERMAN  WIRE  HAIR  PUPS 8886341   8887577,   $350,   Phone   0403002552,  MOUNT  COTTRELL TOY  POODLE Apricot   and   white   1   yr   old   male.   LABRADOR  WANTED vaccinated,   2-­3yrs   old,   excellent   home,   good   Microchipped,   temperament,   pet   for   elderly   couple,   lovely   nature,   trained   and   very   smart.   Great   colour,   breed   or   buy  or  adopt,  Phone  94367286,  MILL   pet.900012000811761,   $800,   Phone   PARK 0417543246,  SALE LASSIE  PUPS 2   Scotch   collie   male   pups   (Roueh)   8wo,   vacc/vet   check,   m/c   95600 WANTED!!  DANE/BULL  ARAB  X 0 0 0 8 4 4 4 9 0 6 / 9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 4 3 0 8 4 0 Wanted:   dane/bull   arab   X,   or   ,   cute   and   friendly,   sable   and   white,   something   along   those   lines..   mastiff   x   great   dane   x   bull   arab   is   8   weeks   old,   F&M,   liver,   liver/ $550   ea,   Phone   0401412998,   preferred,   $700,   Phone   0424941371,   white,   vaccinated,   wormed,   PORTARLINGTON MOOROOLBARK microchipped,   956000008840678,   MALTESE  SHITZHU  M  &  F 9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 2 4 7 2 2 ,   9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 4 1 0 2 6 ,   8   weeks   old,   absolutely   beautiful,   WHIPPET  PUPS vet   checked,   Pure   Bred,   3M,   1F,   can   see   both   9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 2 3 8 5 8 ,   immunized,   vet   checked,   vacc,   9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 3 0 7 4 5 ,   microchopped   956000008850390,   parents,   956000008851897,   $500   each,   95600000870393,   689267,   696157,   9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 3 1 0 3 1 ,   Phone   97747599,   DANDENONG   67703,  $350  ea,  Phone  0400788587,   9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 3 1 3 0 3 ,   ELAINE 9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 3 0 4 7 8 ,   NORTH 956000008833378.   various   NEOPOLITAN  MASTIFF  PUPS prices.   MALES   $1000,   FEMALES   2   black   &   1   blue   female,   rego   WOLFHOUND  STAGHOUND X   Greyhound,   male,   VARIOUS   PRICES.   Registered   papers,   vacc,   microchipped,   with   VCA,   Phone   0429132347,   9 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 9 4 3 5 6 9   9500000008388015,   $250,   Phone   57962693,  SEYMOUR SEYMOUR 9 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 9 4 3 6 7 4 ,   900012000943682,   $3,000   each,   GOLDEN  LABRADOR  X 8   months   old   female,   vacc,   wormed,   Phone  (03)  5727  6258,  GLENROWAN CATS 956000008570114,   $300,   Phone   NEOPOLITAN  MASTIFF  PUPS 0470026302,   AH   97919647,   2   black   &   1   blue   female,   reg   papers,   vacc,   microchipped   EUMEMMERRING 900012000943569  900012000943542   GOLDEN  RETRIEVER  PUPS 900012000943610,  $3,000  ea,  Phone   57276258,  GLENROWAN PEKINGESE  PUPPIES Microchip  details   2F   black   $1200,   male   &   must  be  included  in   female   tan/silver   $1000,   vacc,   microchipped,   982000123115671,   all  dog  and  cat  sale   9 8 2 0 0 0 1 2 3 1 4 5 4 3 5 ,   9 8 2 0 0 0 1 2 3 1 0 1 3 7 9 ,   advertisements. 982000123117598,   Phone   It  is  now  an  offence  to  advertise   0488405599,  BACCHUS  MARSH the  sale  of  a  dog  or  cat  unless  the   POODLE PLFURFKLSLGHQWL¿FDWLRQQXPEHU apricot   6mths   old,   female   vacc   &   of  the  animal  is  included  in  the   microchipped   9560000008380693,   We   have   2   registered   buys   $370,  Phone  0448441939,  TATURA advertisement  or  notice. left   vet   checked,   vacc   &   microchipped,registered   ready   PUPPY  FOR  SALE A  registered  domestic  animal   to   go   956000008718826,   8  week  old  female  Dachound  x  puppy   EXVLQHVVPD\XVHLWV&RXQFLO 956000008718766,   $1,400,   slavin,   ZRUPHGÃ&#x20AC;HDGYDFFLQDWHGDQGPLFUR EXVLQHVVUHJLVWUDWLRQQXPEHU chipped   #956000008825958,   $400,   Phone  0458259850,  DALYSTON Phone   0435   937   738,   MEADOW   as  an  alternative. HEIGHTS GREAT  DANE Please  note  it  is  the   X   Mastiff/Dane   puppies,   PUREBRED  MALE  NEO  MASTIFF responsibility  of  the  advertiser   DOB:7/9/2012,   stunning   colours,   vacc   ,microchipped   VACC,   wormed,   978102100045372,   943094320116009   large   male   not   to  comply  with  the  requirements   49500,  49458,  42866,  49638,  50089,   GHVH[HGSULFHLV¿UPQRWLPHZDVWHUV of  the  law,  please  see 46195,   $450,   Birds   R   Us,   Phone   no  text  messages,  $2,200,  n/a,  Phone   â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sellersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  terms  &  conditions 0353891649,  DIMBOOLA 0457150712,  TOOBORAC for  more  information. GREAT  DANE   RHODESIAN  RIDGEBACK purebred   pups,   DOB:29/8/12,   beautiful  harlequins  and  blacks,  vacc,   2   Male   ridgeback   puppies   for   sale   wormed,   healthy,   978102100030296,   born   on   17/09/2012.   Fully   weaned,   52643,  55049,  54988,  54998,  55035,   wormed,   vaccinated   and   micro-­ 956000008660859,   54516,   54469,   55180,   $800,   Birds   R   chipped.   956000008640824,   Ready   for   Us,  Phone  0353891649,  DIMBOOLA new   homes   from   12/11/2012.   Both   GUARDIAN  DOGS Maremma   pups.   4   months   old.   parents   and   puppies   available   Vaccinated,   wormed,   microchipped,   for   viewing.   Please   call   Adam   DEVON  REX   vet   checked.Parents   working.   Pups   on   0418614398   or   Sharon   on   female  kitten  3  months  old  very  pretty,   spend  time  with  variety  of  farm  animals.   0418992851,   $800   Each,   Phone   full   of   personality,   good   with   other   981020005494209/6838/9054,   $600,   0418614398,   AH   0418992851,   dogs  &  cats,  vacc,  956000008637604,   YELLINGBO Phone  0458048542,  TALLANGATTA $400,  Phone  0434143891,  GEELONG


3  females,  2  shorthair,  1  tri,  1  black/ white,   1   longhaired   tri,   all   1st   vacc,   wormed,  microchipped,  ready  to  go   now,   9000088000432199,   431818,   431538,   longhaired,   shorthaired,   $550  each  neg,  Phone  0402313434,   WERRIBEE CHIHUAHUAS



GERMAN  SHEPHERD  PUPS 4  female,  3  male.  parents  on  property.   Born  12/5.  Vacc,  chipped,  vet  checked   25/6.   Long   and   short   hair   available.   956000008412972,   8411120,   8412368,   8412316,   8410553,   8410948,   8384235,   $400   Each,   Phone  57976267,  MOLESWORTH GERMAN  SHEPHERDS 3   pups   left   vet   checked   vacc   microchipped   900012000933890   9 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 9 3 2 1 0 7   900012000933820  pure  balck  &  black   and  tan  2  females  1  male,  $500  Each,   Phone  0423439905,  TARNEIT GERMAN  SHORT  HAIR  POINTER 18mths   old   male,   black,   excellent   quail   hunting   dog,   points,   retrieves   &   backs   up,   good   bloodlines,   956000008457985   call   for   price,   Phone  0432622322,  MELTON GERMAN  SHORT  HAIR  POINTER 7   weeks   old,   male,   microchip   978102100003150,   liver   &   white,   $700,   Phone   0418377448,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS GERMAN  WIRE  HAIR  POINTER Purebred   pups,   $300   each   6 w o , v a c c , w o r m e d , c h i p p e d :   956000008832017-­   30621-­   31447-­   31411-­   32119-­   31949-­   31505.   2Female   and   5Male,   $300   Each,   Phone  0428511712,  AH  0411421328,   MYRTLEFORD

1  Tan   male,   95600008570673   1   Tan   female,   95600008568300   born   10/7,   wormed,   vacc,   vet   checked,   $450   neg,   Phone   0431131525,   AH   97660522,  CARRUM  DOWNS COLLIE  PUPS   Expression   of   interest   for   pure   bred   scotch   collie   dogs.   Born   on   the   18th   of  September  2012.  Call  if  interested,   Phone  0401412998,  AH  03  52592552,   PORTARLINGTON DACHSHUND  X Male  5  Months  old.  Very  Friendly  and   she  loves  children.  Vaccinated  Micro-­ chipped   wormed   &   Vet   checked.   Breeder   Number   33,   $200,   Phone   0351891354,   AH   0417403778,   CARRAJUNG DANE  X  WOLFHOUND pups,   8wks   old,   vet   checked,   vacc/ wormed,   98100030058   2759   n(m)   8853   (m)   3662   (f)   well   socialised,   great   temperment,   black/white-­ markings,   $400,   Phone   0429420770,   KOONDROOK DOGUE  DE  BORDEAUX  X  NEO   male   10   mths   old   microchipped   900012000803277   &   vacc   he   needs   DQHZKRPHDVDSSULFHLV¿UP n/a,  Phone  0457150712,  TOOBORAC DOGUE  DE  BORDEAUX  PUPPIES Purebred,   registered   with   papers,   father  is  Aust.  Champion.  Beautiful  big   boned  solid  pups  with  alot  of  wrinkle.   9430943288679,   $2,500,   Phone   0413723173,  NARRE  WARREN ENGLISH  STAFFY  PUPS 2   males,   black   white   chest,   VACC,   microchip   956000008843112,   8840335,   $600   each,   Phone   57732510,  TAGGERTY FREE  TO  GOOD  HOME Labrador   X   Marimma,   approx   3   1/2yrs   old,   Male,   good   guard   dog,   really  good  with  other  animals,  Phone   0429383265,  YEA GERMAN  SHEPHERD purebred   pups   male   and   female,   vet   checked,   microchipped,   8wks   943094320361805,   956000008384016,   $600   ea,   Phone   0458186740,  ARDEER

RSPCA animals tick all the right boxes! Health checked Behaviour tested Hugs and kisses Find your pawfect match today!

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MECCANO  STORAGE  CASES six   of   4   of   black   &   grey,   2   of   black   &   gold,   42cmWx35cmDx10cmH,   2   tiers   new,   $70,   Phone   93376447,   Terrier   Pure   Puppies,   3   boys   ESSENDON 3   girls,   born   22.10.12,   black   &   white   fawn,   &   white   red   &   white.   MY  LITTLE  PONY theme   park,   teapot,   ponies   All   pups   come   VCA   registered   and   accessories,   $50,   Phone   microchipped   vaccinated   champion   bloodlines   Dam   Garwood   Lucy   sire   0412803849,  WOODVALE Gr   Ch   Yankstaff   Revengednerd.   PEDAL  CART Raised   in   a   fun   family   environment   Red   pedal   car.   Very   good   condition.   ready   to   go   Christmas.   Christine   Hardly   used.   Would   make   a   great   0429499040   Greg   0438886554   childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   toy   for   around   the   backyard,   genuine   interest   only   no   time   $100   ONO,   Phone   0402313577,   AH   wasters   please   from   $1200   -­   0402313577,  DANDENONG $1500.  We  can  ship  within  Australia   via   Jetpets   956000008843888   PUSH  A  LONG  TRIKE 9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 6 2 8 3 8   cost  $170  from  Toys  R  Us  only  18mths   9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 6 4 1 9 9   old,   green,   $60,   Phone   56289600,   9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 6 3 2 3 1   NOOJEE 9 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 4 9 1 3 3   956000008829656,   NARRE   SEE  SAW  AUSSIE  MADE by   Cyclops,   seats   3   very   stable   and   WARREN safe,   your   children   will   love   it,   $50,   AMERICAN  STAFFY   Phone  59889643,  BLAIRGOWRIE Available   for   Stud,   brindle   with   white   SLIDE chest,   white   paws   POA,   Phone   curved   slide   $300   &   smaller   slide   0411150806,  ST  ALBANS $150,   Phone   85027430,   AH   AUSSIE  BULLDOG   0425832142,  SPRINGVALE Female   Aussie   Bulldog.   7   Months.   Apricot/Brindle.   Vaccinated,   Micro-­ SMALL  FOOTBALL game   table   800mmx600mm,   $25,   chipped,   Wormed   and   Vet   Checked.   Phone   0449985513,   NARRE   Breeder   Number   33   .   Contact   for   info,   $800,   Phone   0351891354,   AH   WARREN 0417403778,  CARRAJUNG SURFBOARD  CHILDRENS AUSTRALIAN  CATTLE  DOG Super   soft,   no   injuries,   5ft   suits   3-­10yo,   $150,   Phone   0409308371,   HEIDELBERG  HEIGHTS

TOY  CARS many   cars   all   diff   new   large   small   metal   plastic,   some   old   very   collectable,   negotiable,   Phone   93981831,  ALTONA

CAVALIER  KING  CHARLES 1   beautiful   Blenhiem   girl.   Available   from   Sept   22.   Will   be   microchipped   and   vet   checked.   Register   your   interest.   956000008561004,   $500   Each,   Phone   0409974535,   AH   97452374,  BEVERIDGE

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BABY  RABBITS mini,   dwarf   &   full   lops,   variety   of   colours,  $25  each,  Phone  51457138,   STRATFORD BLUE  TONGUE  LIZARD Blue   Tongue   Lizard   approx   300mm   long,   inludes   stand   and   glass   tank,   $170  ONO,  Phone  0413  242  691,  AH   9759  5762,  ROWVILLE BUNNIES  MINI Lop   babies,   M&F   all   colours,   cute   &   healthy   $35ea   plus   hutches   to   suit   $90ea,   Phone   0403337355,   MULGRAVE BUNNY  BABY  MINI  LOP male  and  female,  5wks  old,  silver  grey   &  black,  $35  ea,  Phone  0403337355,   MULGRAVE CENTRALIAN  CARPET Python   adult   male,   2Mtrs   long,   beautiful   colours   very   healthy,   $250,   Phone   0423675518,   WARRACKNABEAL CHICKENS  &  DUCKS CHICKENS   -­   Vaccinated   and   Sexed,   REDS,   BLACKS   &   WHITES.   Day   oldes   -­   $3.50   through   to   layers   $17.00   Adult   Peakin   and   Khaki   Campbell   ducks   $10.   All   poultry   supplies   available,   now   selling   automatic   solar   powered   chicken   coop  doors,  open  8am  to  12  Monday   to   Saturday.   www.wagnerspoultry.,,   Wagner  Poultry,  Phone  97391460,  AH   0413309062,  COLDSTREAM




Parents  on   view,   all   female,   8   weeks   old,   vet   checked,   vacc,   981020005498929,   587541,   586304,   590246,   585583,   588320,   592403,   584587,   $500   ea,   Phone   52662073,  GEELONG  AREA

BIRDS AVAIRY  HQ   1600Hx910Wx710D,a   rhced   roof,   RQFDVWRUVSOXVDQFLOODU\¿WWLQJVVXLW parrot,   $370,   Phone   0416181280,   SPRINGVALE AVAIRY  STAINLESS  STEEL approx   2M   high   2M   long   1M   deep   full   stainless   steel   mesh   and   frame,   half   colourbond   roof,   $2,750,   Phone   0413343613,  LAVERTON  NTH AVIARY 185cmHx115cmLx86cmD,   nesting   boxes   included   suit   any   birds,   $150,   Phone  0413906944,  FLOWERDALE AVIARY  WALKIN 10ft   long   x7ft   high   x4ft   wide   with   20   black   masked   love   birds,   $1,000   lot,   Phone   0406008729,   KEYSBOROUGH BABY  BUDGIE 5mths   rare   colour,   starting   to   talk,   in   brand  new  cage  with  toys,  $40,  Phone   59775537,  SOMERVILLE BABY  COCKATEILS   just   from   the   nest,   limited   number   of   10   babies   ready   for   sale   now.   Baby  Cockateils  just  out  of  the  nest   ready   to   be   your   friend,   6wo   males   &   females   $80.   Ring   John,   Phone   94084758,  EPPING BABY  COCKATIELS  PIED ready  to  train  2  at  $50ea  plus  suitable   cages  from,  $10,  Phone  0403337355,   MULGRAVE BABY  INDIAN  RINGNECK Hand   raised   baby   blue   Indian   ringneck.   DNA   tested   female.   Ready   for   pick   up,   $260,   Phone   0407   610   301,   AH   0410   265   655,   WEST   WODONGA BABY  MALE  BUDGIES young   male   budgies   all   colours,   $5,   Phone  93112076,  ALBION BIRD  AVAIRY  LARGE can   be   pulled   apart   for   easy   moving,   $600,   Phone   0413343613,   WYNDHAM  VALE BIRD  AVIARY on   wheels,   with   nesting   box,   exc   cond  silver,  $70,  Phone  0404031581,   DROUIN BIRMINGHAM  ROLLERS birmingham   rollers   assorted   colours   all   good   health   good   bloodlines,   $10   Each,   Phone   94591580,   HEIDELBERG  HEIGHTS BLUE  INDIAN  RINGNECKS young  birds,  $80,  Phone  0428370677,   FLOWERDALE BUDGIES all   colours   young   and   adults,   $15,   Phone   0403285514,   BROADMEADOWS BUDGIES pieds   all   colours   young   birds,   $22   pair,   Phone   53675344,   BACCHUS   MARSH

Passion for Pets is the one-stop shop. Here youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find everything you could want for your pet. Grooming Available. Superstore At 544 Frankston/Dandenong Rd, Carrum Downs

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BUDGIES 100  quality   club   rung   English   birds   avail   adult   &   young,   most   colours   incl  pieds,  albinos,  lutinos,  spangles,   clearwings  etc.  Cocks  &  hens  priced   from   $30   each   call   John   11am   -­   6pm   7   days   a   week.   Also   budgie   nest   boxes   new   $10   each.   Carry   boxes   and   freight   boxes   available.   34   Severn   St,   Epping   3076,   Phone   94084758,  EPPING CALIFORNIAN  QUAIL full   colour   adult   pairs   ready   for   breeding   now,   not   incubator   bred   $160   a   pair.   Ring   John,   Phone   94084758,  EPPING CANARIES Over   200   quality   Canaries   mostly   bred   last   year   incl   50   Club   Rung   quality   German   Rollers,   Whistlers   $60   each,   limited   number   of   hens   in   a   variety   of   colours,   Dutch   Frills   $90ea   variety   of   colours,   40   quality   Red   Factor   canaries   priced   at   $70   each,   50   quality   Lizard   Canaries,   all   Club   Rung   from   $50   each,   Golden  Yellow  Border  Fancy  Hens  &   Whistlers  $60  each,  Yellow  Whistlers   $40  each  also  Young  Whistlers  and   Hens   from   $30   each.   Phone   John,   Phone  94084758,  EPPING

LARGE  BIRD  CAGE  COCKY Suitable   for   a   cocky   or   smaller   birds   IUHHVWDQGLQJZLUHZVOLGHRXWÃ&#x20AC;RRUDQG pitched   roof   fair   condiion,   $30   ONO,   Phone  0425  759  249,  ARARAT LUTINO  RAINBOW  LORIKEET Lutino  Female  Rainbow  Lorikeet  -­  12   weeks   old,   has   been   hand   reared   from   5   weeks   old.   Still   tamed,   $700,   Phone   0403127462,   AH   97900940,   MULGRAVE MUSCOVY  DUCKS   x  3  will  only  be  sold  to  a  home  as  pets   not   for   eating   $30   each,   $30,   n/a,   Phone  0457150712,  TOOBORAC OLIVE  LORIKEET 4mths   old,   tame   $100   plus   English   Budgies   various   colours   $20,   Phone   0410197441,  WATSONIA PARROTS   just  out  of  nest,  ready  to  train  Easton   Rosella   $80   &   pied   cockatiel   $50   plus  suitable  cages  from,  $20,  Phone   0403337355,  MULGRAVE PIGEONS top  Kings  and  Carneaus,  $100,  Phone   53678054,  BACCHUS  MARSH PIGEONS white   fan   tail,   $5   ea,   Phone   0409856042,  MORNINGTON

PIGEONS Turkish  Tumblers,   all   good   birds,   stock  &  young  birds,  all  colors  (15),   CHICKEN  FEED $50   each,   Phone   0468944351,   AH   40kg   bags   of   wheat   $16.50,   $16.50   97873202,  MOUNT  ELIZA Each,   Phone   0487388894,   AH   PIGEONS 0401150599,  LARA 2   carry   boxes   in   excellent   cond,   1@   60x36x28,  1@82x45x26  $165  the  pair   CINAMON  RED  EASTERN   Hen   2011,   Kakariki   Pieds   heavy   &   will   not   separate,   Phone   97621030,   light   cinamon   &   normals,   1   pair   all   THE  BASIN yellow  will  split,  Phone  0412874666,   PIGEONS white   racing   pgeons   young   birds,   CRANBOURNE just   out   of   nest   good   solid   birds,   COCKATIELS $10   ea,   Phone   93695509,   ALTONA   x3   with   round   bird   avairy,   $250   MEADOWS obo,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   RACING  PIGEONS HEIGHTS all  pure  white  family,  all  birds  brought   from  Keith  Saggerf  Hillview  Stud  Lofts,   COCKATIELS  MALE  & Female,  only  young  $20  each,  Phone   IDQWDVWLF Ã&#x20AC;\LQJ UHDOO\ ZHOO  HD Phone   59957636,   CRANBOURNE   0404031581,  DROUIN NORTH ECLECTUS  -­  HAND  REARED RED  SCARLET Chested   parrots,   males   only,   very   colourful  &  ready  for  breeding  $50each   or   $120   lot,   Phone   0411561418,   VERMONT  SOUTH REDTAIL  BLACK  COCKATOO PDWXUH DJH PDOH 0DJQL¿FXV OLFHQFH required,  $1,300,  Phone  0429824278,   DENILIQUIN ROOSTERS  $15 Roosters   $15   Cranbourne   East,   $15   Each,   Phone   0439546475,   CRANBOURNE Eclectus   Parrots   -­   hand   reared   from   3   weeks   of   age   by   reputable   SILVER  LACED  COCHINS breeder.  weaned  -­  great  diet,  $1,000   Siilver  laced  cochins,  very  rare,  great   Each,   Phone   0412369391,   AH   lacing,   and   feathering,   $100ea   Call   Chris   0427686542,   $100,   Phone   0421010900,  MORNINGTON 0427686542,  KYNETON SWAMP  GRASS ELECTUS  PARROT Male,  hand  reared  baby,  very  friendly,   We   have   bags   of   swamp   grass   for   big  bird,  $1,000,  Phone  0400055198,   sale.   $20   a   bag   can   post   at   extra   cost,   $20,   Phone   0407595974,   AH   CORONET  BAY 0351924741,  TOONGABBIE FINCHES :HDUH¿QFKEUHHGHUVDQGKDYHVRPH TURKEY young   ones   for   sale.   Painteds,   Red   male   i   allready   have   a   male   so   this   stars,   Cutthroats,   Cubans,   Cordons,   RQHKDVWR¿QGDQHZKRPHQD Orange   breast,   Blue   face.ect,   Phone   Phone  0457150712,  TOOBORAC 0407595974,   AH   0351924741,   YELLOW  SIDED  CONURES. TOONGABBIE Hand   reared   yellow   sided   and   pineapple   conures.   Raised   on   premium   formula   yellow   sided   $230   FINCHES Breeder  has  lots  of  birds  for  sale  incl,   Pineapples   $260,   $230   Each,   Phone   Jacarinis,   Strawberries,   Red   Faced   0438407270,  BENDIGO 3DUURW ¿QFKHV DOVR 3LHG SDUURW YOUNG  COCKATEILS ¿QFKHV )LUHV 2UDQJH %UHDVWV white   faced,   1   albino   with   red   eye,   King   Quail,   Plum   Heads,   Sydney   fully   tamed,   Phone   97471159,   Waxbills,   Green   Singers,   Double   ROCKBANK Bars,   Cubans,   Cinamon   Stars,   Cut   Throats,  Silver  Headed  Nuns,  Saint   OTHER  PETS Helena,  Diamond  Fire  Tail,  etc.  Call   John,  Phone  94084758,  EPPING RABBITS  LARGE  SIZE M   &   F,   mixed   colours   from   $15each,   GREEN  INDIAN  RINGNECKS Phone  93864163,  BRUNSWICK 2x   female   IRNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   quiet   but   not   tame,   beautiful   bright   green   colour   approx   BABY  BUNNY  RABBIT. 2yo   ready   for   mating,   $80   Each,    ZN ROG Ã&#x20AC;HPLVK FURVV IHPDOH Phone   0401034769,   MIRBOO   friendly   nature,   hand   raised,   good   with   children   &   pets,   affectionate,   NORTH fully   vet   checked,   Call   for   price,   INDIAN  RINGNECK Phone  0413779313,  AH  0432183914,   young   blue,   part   tame,   $100   ono,   HOPPERS  CROSSING Phone  97642909,  KNOXFIELD BABY  GUINEA  PIGS  X4 JARVA  SPARROWS   Baby   guinea   pigs   born   5/8/12,   $20ea,   Fisher   Love   birds   $20ea,   1pr   ready1/9/12   .Mixed   colours,sms/ Plum  head  parrots,  $160  pair,  Phone   calll,   $10   Each,   Phone   0449909384,   32828696,  IPSWICH MARSHALL

AQUARIUM wall  mounted  new  in  box,  A  designer   art   wall   aquarium   1195x685x140,   $300,   Phone   0424063838,   ST   ALBANS  PARK AQUARIUM  6X2X2FT Aquarium   with   stained   cabinet   and   hood,   comes   with   light,   pumps,   XQGHUJUDYHO ¿OWHU HKHLP FDQLVWHU ¿OWHUV [  MDJHU KHDWHU  212 Phone  0416751612,  GROVEDALE AVAIRY  STEEL powder  coated  frame,  1  side  and  back   enclosed,  2  front  opening  doors,  D&L   Classic,   W1400xD600xH1700,   $250   ono,   Phone   93243013,   AIRPORT   WEST BIRD  AVAIRY all   metal,   hexigon   shape,   6   side   panels,   1pce   conical   roof,   walk   in,   VXLWDEOH IRU ¿QFKHV RU RWKHUV  Phone   94571494,   HEIDELBERG   HEIGHTS BIRD  AVIARY steel   suit   large   parrot   or   cocky,   hexagonal   shape,   1800Dx2600H   plus   cone   roof,   $500   ono,   Phone   0402321837,  HODDLES  CREEK BIRD  AVIARY


Does,  all   ages,   all   colours,   nets   &   carrying  boxes,  also  ferrets  for  hire,   Phone  93599220,  GLENROY GUINEA  PIG  BABIES all   different   ages,   assorted   colours,   well   handled,   females   and   males,   $15   ea,   Phone   0400607140,   MOOROODUC GUINEA  PIG  BABYS  FOR  SALE 5   mixed   colour   guinea   pigs   for   sale   any   sex   male   female   avalable,   $20   Each,   Phone   0448459222,   BLACKBURN  NORTH GUINEA  PIGS 2   males   both   brothers,   approx   4wks   old   black   and   gold,   would   be   nice   if   they   went   together,   $10   ea,   Phone   98030356,  BLACKBURN  SOUTH GUINEA  PIGS Fluffy  male  babies.  Cream  and  white,   tri   colour,   black   and   white.   Ready   to   go   in   three   next   two   Weeks,   $10   Each,  Phone  0417543246,  SALE GUINEA  PIGS  BABYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S   Guinea  pigs  1week  -­3  month  old  short   &   spiky   haired.   Handled   from   birth.   Call  for  more  details  thanks,  $20  ONO,   Phone   97586036,   AH   0401599518,   UPPER  FERNTREE  GULLY GUINEA-­PIGS  BABIES Three   baby   guinea   pigs,   two   boys   and  one  girl,  multicoloured.  They  are   about   12   weeks   old,   $10,   Phone   03   97023678,  HALLAM GUPPIES  &  SWORDTAILS huge   assortment   of   guppy   and   swortail   fry,   3-­4   weeks   old,   mixed   colours.   male   and   females   are   both   available,   $3   Each,   Phone   0478087525,  NIRRANDA LAMS   Lams   for   pets   or   killing   discounts   for   bigger  lots  can  have  ready  for  spit  ask   how   much   can   drop   off,   $55   ONO,   Phone  0402547365,  CASTLEMAINE MINI  LOP  X  RABBITS Baby   mini   lop   x   rabbits.   Male   and   female   available,   various   colors.   Make   great   pets,   $30   Each,   Phone   0406489720,   AH   0352841579,   ANAKIE MITCHELLS  HOPPING  MICE Wildlife   licence   required   ph   0408011521,   $20   Each,   Phone   61408011521,   AH   61408011521,   LANGWARRIN NEW  ZEALAND  WHITE  RABBITS Large   new   Zealand   White   Rabbits   Only   does   4   months   old,   $30   Each,   Phone  0427040868,  FAIRFIELD RABBITS Assorted   colours,   approximately   2-­3   months   old,   $20   each,   Phone   93640079,  ST  ALBANS RABBITS  (LARGE) Large   rabbits,all   colours   male   and   females.Young   to   adults,   $30   Each,   Phone  0447638319,  CLUNES RABBITS  BABY  PUREBRED Sooty,   fawn,   lob   ears,   ready   to   go   now   $40   each,   Phone   97555325,   ROWVILLE ROXY  PET  FERRET 8mo   polecat.   Comes   with   complete   setup  (4  storey  cage)  She  is  desexed,   PLFURFKLSSHG Ã&#x20AC;HDGZRUPG IULHQGO\ &   playful,   $200   ONO,   Phone   0431399559,  CARRUM  DOWNS SHORT  NECK  BABY  TURTLES x2   With   large   tank   with   landing,   ¿OWHU EDVNLQJ ODPS XY ODPS ZDWHU heater,   aquarium   accessories,   great   setup!!!,   $600,   Phone   0413065707,   WANDONG

PET  ACCESSORIES A  FRAME   poultry  house  suit  bantams  or  4  large   hens,   $150,   Phone   0438631332,   EUROA A  NEW  STYLE  OF  PET  HOUSES Waterproof,   lightweight,   comes   with   carry  bag,  great  for  camping  or  pets  on   the   move,   $70,   Phone   0421986733,   CROYDON ALL  TYPES  OF   RXWVLGH FDQQLVWHU ¿OWHUV IRU ELJ RU small   aquariums,   second   hand   all   in   A1   cond   working   cond,   from   $40   to,   $80,  Phone  93142843,  YARRAVILLE AQUARIUM 2M   length   x   600cmHx500cmW   plus   JUDYHOOLJKWVKHDWHU¿OWHURUQDPHQWV and   wooden   cabinet,   $1,400,   Phone   53492343,  BEAUFORT

Brand  new,   custom   made,   1400x   600x   1500.   Cage   has   2   small   front   opening  doors,  1  side  opening  door,   2   pullout   trays   for   easy   cleaning,   $210,  Phone  93982694,  ALTONA BIRD  CAGE  LARGE square  good  condition  aft  7.30pm,  $50,   Phone  94397283,  MONTMORENCY BIRD  CAGE  LARGE as  new,  green,  suitable  to  medium  to   large   bird,   c/w   access,   $50,   Phone   0468574221,  ROSEDALE BIRD  CAGE  ON  STAND Large  size,  white,  excellent  condition,   $50   ono,   Phone   0413614001,   CARRUM  DOWNS BIRD  CAGE  ROUND On   hanging   stand,   good   condition   aft   7.30pm,   $40,   Phone   94397283,   MONTMORENCY BIRD  CAGES as   new   sizes   79cmHx39cmW   black   $45,   black   house   cage   51cmHx45W   $30,   white   63cmHx33cmW,   $25,   Phone  97862527,  SEAFORD BIRD  WIRE  NEW Square   galvanised,   1   roll   40Mx1.2M,   1roll   7.4x1.2M   $100   lot,   Phone   5496388,  BENDIGO BLACK  BIRD  CAGE on   stand,   with   wheels,   suit   small   birds,  ECond,  L45  W33  H84  pet  shop   $245  sell,  $100,  Phone  0425886867,   FRANKSTON CAGES   suit   animals   or   birds,   various   types   small   to   large,   good   clean   condition   from   $10-­$80,   $10,   Phone   0359773321,   AH   0417395883,   TYABB CAMPING  DOG  HOUSES   Lightweight  and  portable  pet  houses,   ideal   for   camping,   comes   with   carrybag,   marquee   material   used,   lightweight  steel  framing,  $70,  Phone   0421986733,  CROYDON CANNISTER  FILTER 5HQD )LOVWDU ; VXLW ODUJH ¿VK tank,   $120,   Phone   0427686075,   BUMBERRAH CARRY  CAGE  FOR  CAT or  small  dog,  never  used,  $15,  Phone   59775537,  SOMERVILLE CAT  LITTER  BOX with   door   and   lid,   $10,   Phone   97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH CAT  TOYS great  toys  for  your  cats  they  will  have   a   ball.   also   few   puppie   toys   call   me,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0413093185,   DANDENONG  SOUTH CAT  TOYS  NEW litter   tray,   bowls,   $50,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY CLIPPER  HONE   Foley   Belsaw   made   in   USA,   EC,   sharpen   your   own   clipper   heads   for   dog   &   horse   grooming,   DVD   instructions   incld,   $950   neg,   Phone   0408430222,  AH  56822490,  FOSTER DOG  CAGE  H/DUTY wire,   3ftx2ftx2ft   high,   with   door,   $80,   Phone   0468930196,   LANG   LANG   AREA DOG  COAT 1HZ ZDUP GRXEOH SRODU Ã&#x20AC;HHFH velcro   fastenings,   elastic   under   belly,   35cm,  suit  Maltese/Shih  Tzu  etc,  $15,   Phone  0458299688,  LONGWARRY DOG  KENNEL medium   size,   $50,   Phone   0458698926,  BENDIGO DOG  KENNEL large,   with   mattress,   great   cond,   $25   obo,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   HEIGHTS DOG  KENNEL  BRAND  NEW suit   large   dog   lift   up   roof,   carpeted   Ã&#x20AC;RRU ZRRGHQ  3KRQH 0468930196,  LANG  LANG  AREA DOG  KENNELS as   new   large   $25   small,   $20,   Phone   97664740,  SEAFORD DOG  OR  PET  TRAILER 6ftx4ft   with   many   extras,   good   for   small   car   towing   POA,   Phone   0427146682,  EUROA DOG  TRAILER 4   berth   dog   trailer   to   suit   medium   to   large   breed   dogs,   $2,200,   Phone   03-­97865929,   AH   0411-­708344,   LANGWARRIN

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12 EHEIM  CLASSIC  1500XL brand   new,   full   manufacturers   JXDUDQWHH FRPHV ZLWK ¿OWHU FRQWHQW ¿UVW UHDVRQDEOH RIIHU DFFHSWDEOH Phone  0425766851,  DANDENONG FIGHTING  FISH  TANKS DVVRUWPHQWV RI ¿JKWHU ¿VK WDQNV DQG accessories.  including  plants  +  gravel.   ¿VK QRW LQFOXGHG  (DFK 3KRQH 0478087525,  NIRRANDA FISH  TANK corner   piece   100x70x70,   everything   LQFOXGHG HYHQ ¿VK VW WR VHH ZLOO buy,   $470   lot,   Phone   0417487187,   EPPING FISH  TANK   [/[OWUZLWKOLJKWV¿OWHUJUDYHO YDULRXV WURSLFDO ¿VK  FDW¿VK EHVW offer  or  will  sep,  Phone  0459449729,   MERBEIN FISH  TANK  3FT Plus   pine   stand,   VGC,   $50,   Phone   0418372820,  FOOTSCRAY FISH  TANK  AND  STAND 200Ltr   Jebo   tank   RX390,   silver   IUDPH OLG ZLWK OLJKW  ¿OWHU PDWFKLQJ stand   with   cupboards,   $450,   Phone   0427686075,  LAKES  ENTRANCE GUINEA  PIG  CAGE brand   new   never   used,   very   strong,   easy   clean,   $30,   Phone   59775537,   SOMERVILLE GUINEA  PIG  HUTCH. Guinea  pig  hutch,  slightly  rusty  but  still   in  good  condition  with  inside  sleeping   area,   $40,   Phone   0413779313,   AH   0432183914,  GREENVALE HAY Good   quality   square   baled   hay.   Suitable   for   horse   and   other   pet   feed.   Can   deliver,   $7.70,   Phone   0417994882,   AH   59674524,   HODDLES  CREEK HUTCHES  SPECIALLY  MADE w/proof   sleeping   compartment,   wire   run,   lift   up   lids,   1300x400   plus   free   baby  bunny,  $90,  Phone  0403337355,   MULGRAVE KENNEL  LARGE  DOG colorbond   roof   gable,   treated   pine,   GC,   $100,   Phone   97896793,   CRANBOURNE LAMBSWOOL  PET  BEDS Set   of   5   beds   from   small   to   large   RRP   $200   But   this   offer   only   $55   for   the   lot,   $55,   Phone   0421986733,  AH   0421986733,  CROYDON LIZARD  TANK 2.4x450,   with   light,   $100,   Phone   56289600,  NOOJEE MEDIUM  SIZED  DOG Kennel   professionally   made,   pine,   VGCond   aft   7.30pm,   $50,   Phone   94397283,  MONTMORENCY PET  STEEL  ENCLOSURES 63x60cm,  good  for  puppies  and  small   dogs,   $50   ea,   Phone   93317192,   KEILOR  EAST PETSAFE  FENCE  SYSTEM Petsafe   radio   fence   system   brand   new,  includes  x2  Stubborn  dog  collars,   lightening  protector  kit,  covers  1  acre   area   instuctions/warranty,   $500   ono,   Phone  0417359916,  BEECHWORTH RABBIT  OR  GUINEA  PIG cage  5ft  high  4ft  wide  approx,  divided   into  4  levels,  all  steel  on  wheels,  $150,   Phone   98030356,   BLACKBURN   SOUTH REPTILE  VIVARIUM with   black   cabinet,   full   setup,   thermostat,   heater,   lights   &   access,   $300,  Phone  0459449729,  MERBEIN SECURE  OUTDOOR  CAGE Heavy  duty  metal,  with  roof  and  door.   Size   1500   x   1300   x   1200.   Suit   small   dog   etc,   $80,   Phone   98790199,   AH   0449508363,  WARRANWOOD


with  900mtrs  of  wire,  still  in  the  box,   never   used,   paid   $695   sell,   $450,   Phone  59643832,  WANDIN  NORTH

HORSES AGISTMENT Horse  agistment   Taradale   Private   paddocks   all   new   fencing.   Auto   ¿OO WURXJKV *RRG ULGLQJ WUDFNV RQ property.   form   $20   per   week,   Phone   0402112696,  MALMSBURY AGISTMENT 6   acre   paddock   with   stables,   town   water   avail,   electric   fnece,   ideal   for   2   horses,   Phone   0421516231,   MELTON  AREA AGISTMENT Wanted  for  2  horses  3  to  6  acres  free   RUORZIHHIRUSHQVLRQHULQ*DU¿OHG1WK areas  or  nearby,  Phone  0422141853,   GARFIELD ANGLO  ARAB  COLT  BUCKSKIN Available   on   weaning,   born   Oct   7th,   alleg   to   registration,   $1,000,   Phone   0423675518,  WARRACKNABEAL APPALOOSAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S   registered   new   in   yearling   gelding,   Palamino   spots   $1500.   2yo   chestnut   gelding   with   large   blanket   &   spots   $2500.   both   mature   to:14.3-­15HH,   well   handled,   Phone   53543264,   ARARAT ARAB  MARE approx  5yrs  old,  bay  colour,  with  white   blaze   on   her   head,   broken   in   but   has   not   been   ridden   in   2yrs,   $1,200,   Phone  0417104508,  ROCKBANK ARABIAN  STALLION  REG purebred   chestnut   with   blaze   and   4   stockings,   true   gentleman   great   to   ride,   15.1HH   12yo,   $4,500,   Phone   0448449420,  BALLARAT AUSTRALIAN  STOCK  HORSE Chestnut  stock  horse,  14.2  h  ,beautiful   color,,good   nature,we   havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   had   time   to   ride   him   so   regretfull   sale,   $1,700,   Phone   0412006931,   AH   97379595,  MOUNT  EVELYN BAY  GELDING  3YO mature   appox   16hh   lovely   quite   Ã&#x20AC;RDWV WLHV OHDGV KDG UROOHU RQ RQFH LOVESpeople   must   sell   (singleMum)   must   sell,   $800,   Phone   0423964439,   NYORA

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12  


truck,  6cyl   diesel,   power   steering,   10   spd,   plus   a   Gooseneck   trailer,   3   horse   angle   load   with   huge   living   section,   double   bed,   shower,   hot   water,   awning,   has   the   lot,   $36,500,   Phone   0488766635,   AH   0418380141,  YARRAMBAT HOLSTEINER  MARE  BAY

16.1HH,  brood  mare,  Sire  Idle  Rock,   broken   in,   would   suit   breeding,   eventers,   show   jumpers   etc,   Registered,   $2,000   ono,   Phone   0478145108,  BROADFORD HORSE  FLOAT  COACHMAN   Coachman,   double   re-­sprayed   re   padded  in  great  condition  12mth  reg,   $5,000   ONO,   Phone   0457980658,   HASTINGS HORSE  SIDE  LOAD  SEMI

Trailer  9   horse   semi   trailer   for   trucki   with   horses,   specially   built   to   transport   horses   in   the   most   comfortable   way   possible,   extra   height   &   room,   can   be   towed   by   any   prime   mover,   extra   strong   IUDPH ¿EUHJODVV FODG HDV\ WR FOHDQ and   also   would   be   easy   to   convert   to   caravan   and   still   carry   6   horses.   Must  be  sold  no  further  use,  all  horse   bays  can  be  adjusted  to  carry  mares   and   foals   etc,   fully   padded   and   rubberlined,  must  be  sold  in  next  few   weeks  make  an  offer,  $20,000  OBO,   Phone  0414743165,  CLYDE HORSE  TRAINING/RETRAINING Offering   horse   training   and   retraining   services.  lots  of  experience,  customer   reviews   can   be   given   aswell   as   SUR¿OHVFDOOIRUPRUHLQIR&DOOIRU price,  Phone  0423237395,  NOTTING   HILL HORSE  TRUCK Horse  truck,  4/5berth.1985  Mitsubishi,   rubber   lined   and   dividers.   Good   mechanically   reliable   truck.   12mths   rego   $20,000.   0411821274,   Phone   0411821274,  MILL  PARK

HORSE  TRUCK Toyota   Dyna,   3   horse   truck.   Rubber   Ã&#x20AC;RRU GLYLGHUV GRXEOH EHG IULGJH microwave,   enclosed   anex.   Reg.   April  2013,  drive  car  licence,  $10,000   ONO,  Phone  0414  245  733  ,  NYORA LIPIZZANER  STALLION Siglavy   Bonita   1   DOB   25/10/1995,   reg   LAA   DNA   tested,   microchipped,   $10,000   neg,   Phone   0408071378,   QUEENSLAND MINIATURE  HORSE VWDOOLRQ YHU\ ¿QH ZHOO PDUNHG EODFN and   white   no   vices,   a   real   character,   sire   multi   champ   sms   only,   $300,   Phone   0437090796,   CRANBOURNE   SOUTH MINIATURE  HORSE  STALLION 6yrs   old,   Silver/Chocolate   Brown   points,   Trios   Night   Rider   blood   lines,   FREE,   Phone   59622962,   HEALESVILLE MINIATURE  PONY rising   2yo,   bay   colt,   reg,   not   broken,   very   well   handled,   excellent   for   breeding   showing   or   pet,   c/w   rug,   $1,000,   Phone   0458698926,   BENDIGO MINIATURE  STALLION   reg  AMPS.  &  MHAA.84-­4  cm  high.His   sire   was   Rocky   Runs   JoJo.Chestnut   &  white  with  blue  eyes,  $450,  Phone   0408305693,  BEVERIDGE PAINT  MARE plenty   of   colour   14-­15   hands   tall   throws   lovely   foals,   $1,500,   Phone   0417104508,  ROCKBANK PALOMINO  QH  FILLY 3yo   approx   14.3HH   started   breaking   quiet   nature,   running   with   a   b/w   paint,   $2,500,   Phone   0448449420,   BALLARAT PERCHERON  WARMBLOOD Stallion,   10yo,   proven   Sire,   very   quiet   nature,   Negotiable,   Phone   0400988935,  GLENWOOD PONY  14MTHS  OLD FKHVWQXW JHOGLQJ ZLWK Ã&#x20AC;D[HQ PDQH &   tail,   blaze   &   socks,   mature:12HH,   well  handled,  $750,  Phone  53543264,   ARARAT PONY  BROOD  MARES 11hh   -­   13hh,   in   foal   to   registered   Welsh   A   $500-­$1000,   Phone   58552219,  MERRIGUM QH  FILLING mature   approx   14.3HH   avail   on   weaning   can   be   paid   off,   $1,200,   Phone  0448449420,  BALLARAT QH  GELDING  BAY 12yo   with   papers,   15HH,   $2,700,   Phone  0418567143,  LANG  LANG QH  MARE  5YO Unreg   with   a   colt   foal   at   foot   both   chestnut,  $1,800,  Phone  0448449420,   BALLARAT QH  REG  FILLY rising   3   mature   approx   14.3HH,   very   quiet,   green   broken,   $2,500,   Phone   0448449420,  BALLARAT QH  REG  PUREBRED mare   6yo,   15HH   green   broken   but   quiet,   8yo   girl   has   ridden   $3500   or   ZLWK 4+ ¿OO\ IRDO  3KRQH 0448449420,  BALLARAT QUARTER  HORSE a   purebred   QH,   light   paint   marks,   14.1hh   8yr,   needs   an   experienced   rider,   light   western   work,   great   trail   rider,   catch/swim,   $2,400,   Phone   54287382,  RIDDELLS  CREEK QUIET  STB  GELDING 12Yr   16Hh   solid,   broken   to   saddle   and   harness.   May   need   a   little   work   as  being  wasted  in  paddock,  $1,200,   Phone  03  51542151,  NEWMERELLA REDUCTION  DUE   to   property   sale,   prices   start   at   $400   broodmares,   yearlings,   TBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   and   coloured,   some   can   be   reg,   Phone   0409953345,  MANSFIELD REG.  ARAB/WELSH Clintana  Hot  Shot  (Bobby)  is  a  lovely   looking   10   yo   15h   Chestnut   gelding.   Great   to   c,s,f.   Suited   to   Intermediate   rider,   $3,500,   Phone   0409   518   571,   BALLARAT SHARED  PADDOCK   Cheap  aggistment  available  in  shared   paddock,   5   acres   just   outside   of   Epping  for  pony/horse,  Call  for  price,   Phone  0402121682,  WOLLERT SHETLAND  MARE Pretty,   black,   8y/o,   quiet,   good   to   OHDGWLH XSÃ&#x20AC;RDWWULP IHHW JRRG EURRG mare,   unbroken   but   would   be   easy   to   do,   $400,   Phone   0458299688,   LONGWARRY SHETLAND  PONY gelding   6   years   old   be   good   companion  pony  not  broken  in,  $250,   n/a,  Phone  0457150712,  TOOBORAC STOCK  TB   3   to   choose   from   stock   tb   and   pacer   all   broken   all   good   to   ride   $800   each   cheap   property   sold   must   sell,   $800   Each,   Phone   0411045074,   AH   0401214025,  MELTON  WEST TB  GELDING 13yrs   old   16.3HH,   needs   a   lot   of   work,   needs   very   experienced   horse   home,   free   lease   for   12mth,   Phone   0421967952,  GEELONG TB  GELDING  12YO ++VHPLUHWLUHG¿QHIRUZHHNHQG hack   out,   no   beginners,   to   approved   home,   $500,   Phone   0409953345,   WOORI  YALLOCK TB  MARE Suitable   for   beginner   $350,   Clydesdale  Mare  pure  bred,  broken  to   ride,   very   quiet   $1000,   $350,   Phone   51691646,  BOOLARRA TB  MARE   Chestnut  6yrs  old  has  raced,  16.1HH,   no  papers,  ride  or  brood  mare,  $750,   Phone  52661428,  GEELONG TB  MARE  BY  BELOTTO PTIF   to   Redente   due   late   August,   $3,500,   Phone   0409953345,   MANSFIELD


Closing  Down,   location   Emerald   Victoria,   Ponys   to   Horses,   from   $1000,   Phone   0428973986,   SOMERTON WANTED Horses   wanted,   Broken   or   unbroken.   14hh+   Preferably   Coloured.   No   location   is   too   far   for   the   right   horse,   $1,000   ONO,   Phone   qhcolour@,  MELBOURNE WANTED  GELDING/MARE broken  in,  15-­16HH  quiet,  green  going   to   waste,   must   have   no   separation   anxiety   from   others   under   13yo,   perfer  coloured  in  country-­Vic,  Phone   0434235770,  MOUNT  WALLACE WARMBLOOD  GELDING 16.3  -­  17hh  15yr  old  Warmblood  Bay   gelding.   Very   loving,   loves   people.   Requires  experienced  rider.  To  loving   home   only,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0431246826,  BERWICK


Bay  4   yo   13hh   section   C   mare.   Beautiful  rythmic  paces,  very  honest   ,  sound  with  loving  nature.  Suitable   for   pony   dressage,   show   or   PC,   $5,500  ONO,  Phone  56266244,  AH   0418549130,  BULN  BULN



Equu,  very   smooth   to   tow,   12   months   reg,   new   colorbond   panels,   very   clean   strong   unit,   $3,300,   Phone   0437114515,  AH   59432538,   OFFICER DRESSAGE  SADDLE   Collegiate  Post  Graduate  interchange   gullet,   mounted   17in   brown   hardly   used,   $850   will   post,   Phone   54846237,  KYABRAM DRESSAGE  SADDLE quality   Hubertus   16in   unmounted,   very  good  cond,  very  little  use,  $380,   Phone   0447401812,   WERRIBEE   SOUTH DRESSAGE  SADDLE  ISABELLE Wintec   17in   mtd,   Cair   interchange   gullet,   new   cond   will   post,   $850,   Phone  54846237,  KYABRAM FLOAT  DOUBLE  

ALAMO  16IN western   training   saddle,   good   condition,   $650   ono,   Phone   53457253,  NEWLYN ANGLE  LOAD  3  HORSE  

Rowville/Rice  with   stallion   divider   and   foal   protection   gates,   water   tank,   always   kept   under   cover,   good   condition,   $5,950,   Phone   0488148462,  DOREEN fully   optioned,   full   galvanised   frame,   Landcruiser   wheels,   full   colourbond,   rocker   suspension,   call   anytime.   Drive   Away,   POA,   Phone   0488766635,   AH   0418380141,   MELBOURNE BASS  HORSE  FLOAT  1993

tandem  axle,   straight   load   horse   Ã&#x20AC;RDW QHZ OHG OLJKWV PP KDUGZRRGÃ&#x20AC;RRUUXEEHUPDWWLQJWZR spare   wheels,   new   signwriting,   in   very   good   condition   ,   no   futher   use   as   horses   have   been   sold,   $6,750,   Phone   0411555595,  AH   59646456,   LAUNCHING  PLACE BATES  CAPRILLI all   purpose   saddle,   16-­1/2in   black   Cair   &   Easy   change   gullet,   leathers   and   peacock   stirrups,   long/short   girth   points   ECond,   $1,400,   Phone   54848277,   AH   0408329004,   NANNEELLA BATES  SHOW  SADDLE Black  16in  mounted  as  new,  min  use,   covered   buttons,   long   points,   caprilli   with   care   inter   gullet,   $1,500,   Phone   59622962,  HEALESVILLE BOOTS Brown,   short,   leather,   Saxon   brand,   ex   condition,   childs   size   5   or   6,   sole   measures   25   cm,   $25,   Phone   0458299688,  LONGWARRY BRAND  NEW  HORSE  RUGS For   Sale:   Winter   rugs,   doonas,   showerproof  rugs  all  sizes,  brand  new,   $70,  Phone  0421986733,  CROYDON BRIDLES  BREAST  PLATES cruppers,  saddle  bag,  various  stirrups   and  straps,  $300,  Phone  0427270240,   EVERTON BULLDOG  KINEAR  SADDLE VG   for   age,   needs   patch   on   lining,   $450,  Phone  0427270240,  EVERTON CHILDS  SADDLE all  purpose  14  1/2  inch  quality  made  in   Sweden,  FELS  bach  AG  unmounted,   very   good   cond,   little   use,   $250,   Phone   0447401812,   WERRIBEE   SOUTH COACHMAN  DBL  FLOAT exc  cond,  wrap  around  front  window,   2xsliding   side   windows,   2   rear   doors   top   padded,   head/centre   dividers,   UXEEHU WR Ã&#x20AC;RRU  3KRQH 97435605,  MELTON COLLEGIATE   Post   Graduate   dressage   saddle,   interchange   gullet,   black,   17in   mounted,  used  twice,  brand  new  cost   $1500   sell,   $900   will   post,   Phone   54846237,  KYABRAM DOUBLE  HORSE  FLOAT centre   and   Stallion   divider,   good   condition,   $3,300,   Phone   0407041074,  GIPPSLAND DOUBLE  HORSE  FLOAT new  paint,  new  tyres,  new  wiring,  new   lights/rubber   throughout,   no   centre   GLYLGHU PWKV UHJ VWHHO IUDPHÃ&#x20AC;RRU $8,000   ono,   Phone   0434235770,   MOUNT  WALLACE DOUBLE  HORSE  FLOAT 6WUDLJKW ORDGHU GRXEOH KRUVH Ã&#x20AC;RDW 2yo,   galvanized   frame,   hardwood   Ã&#x20AC;RRU URFNHU VXVSHQVLRQ VWDOOLRQ divider,  reg,  excellent  condition,  kept   undercover,  $9,000  ONO,  Phone  59   786052,  PEARCEDALE

HORSE  FLOAT single   older   style,   single   axle,   new   wheel   bearings,   jockey   wheel   lights,   reg   03/13   GC,   $1,000,   Phone   0424247861,  MOAMA HORSE  FLOAT Olympic,  4  mths  reg,  breaching  doors,   storm   cover,   new   tyres   and   wheel   bearings,   canvas   annex,   interior   FXSERDUGVJRRGVRXQGÃ&#x20AC;RDW Phone   0427648325,   MIRBOO   NORTH HORSE  FLOAT  DOUBLE New  front  window,  hyd  brakes,  spring   loaded   tailgate,   removable   divider,   good   tyres,   spare,   jockey-­wheel,   JRRG Ã&#x20AC;RRU  UHJ  RQR Phone   0417112785,   AH   52815596,   TEESDALE HORSE  FLOAT  DOUBLE old   needs   lots   of   work   but   suitable   to   restore   no   reg   SMS   only,   $500,   Phone   0437090796,   CRANBOURNE   SOUTH HORSE  FLOAT  NEW 10ft6in   extended   double   straight   load,   side   windows,   tarp,   spare   ZKHHOYHQWLQWOLJKW¿OOHGLQDIUDPH white,   stallion-­divider,   $8,999,   Phone   56292548,  GARFIELD HORSE  FLOAT  RANGER Extended   Float,   Excellent   Condition,   10mths  reg,  Vents  in  roof,  $6,400  ono,   Phone  0412775205,  WESBURN JINKER   to   suit   8HH   small   horse,   black/ silver   with   dark   timber   $500,   also   black   leather   full   single   harness   and   brass   new   in   bag,   $200   ono,   Phone   51580785,  MALLACOOTA JINKER  SPRINGS full   set,   2   shaft   springs,   rear   spring   and   bridge   shackles   and   forgings   1900s,   sanded   and   primed,   $450,   Phone  97435605,  MELTON JODPHURS  X2 1   new   sticky   bums,   black   size   large,   1   pair   near   new   lemon   size   M   sell   the   pair,   $20,   Phone   0458697366,   BENALLA KLIMKE  SADDLE 17   1/2   GP   saddle   used   once,   fully   mounted  in  as  new  cond  black,  $2,200,   Phone  0408187389,  STAWELL MENS  DRIZABONE Aust   short   coat,   size   5   M   105cm   used   once,   $100,   Phone   59713843,   FRANKSTON MILITARY  SADDLES  9HU\ JRRG  JRRG  SRRU ULÃ&#x20AC;H scabared,  bit  and  spurs,  $1,100  ono,   Phone  0427270240,  EVERTON NEXGEN natural   latex   rubber   dressage   saddle   pad   as   new   cost   $220   sell,   $160,   Phone  54532813,  KOONDROOK PANTON  HILL  2001  32FT

JRRVHQHFNÃ&#x20AC;RDWKRUVHDQJOHWDFN box,  rug  rack,  240V  &  12V  system,   gas   cookstop,   oven,   rangehood,   fridge,   microwave,   sink,   hot   water   system,  shower,  split  system,  queen   size   bed,   plenty   of   cupboards,   16ft   annexe,   caravan   door,   $43,500,   Phone  0411340241,  BALLAN PETRIE  RIDING  BOOTS size   8,   full   length   black   boots,   calf   34cm   length   49cm   as   new,   $300,   Phone  54532813,  KOONDROOK

PORTABLE  YARDS IRU KRUVH Ã&#x20AC;RDW [[ SDQHOV galvanised   RHS   good   cond,   $500,   Phone  0408576801,  KYNETON RDIING  BOOTS   black   leather   long   show   riding   boots   new   cond,   9.5   size,   also   heaps   of   show   gear,   $150   will   post,   Phone   54846237,  KYABRAM RIDING  BOOTS Short,   black,   PVC,   elastic   sided,   as   new  condition,  only  worn  once,  ladies   size   7,   $30,   Phone   0458299688,   LONGWARRY RIDING  BOOTS Aige  French  long  riding  boots  size  9.5   (40)   new   condition   $90   plus   heaps   more  show  gear,  $90  will  post,  Phone   54846237,  KYABRAM SADDLE HUBERTUS,   16inch,   all   purpose,   brown,  sound  but  has  some  cosmetic   leather   damage,   $80,   Phone   0458299688,  LONGWARRY SADDLE  -­  GENERAL  PURPOSE General   purpose   saddle,   VGC   suit   pony  club,  $300,  Phone  0417338807,   TOOLERN  VALE SADDLE  ALL  PURPOSE 17in   fully   mounted,   saddle   blacket,   bridle   and   6ft   canvas   rug,   $320,   Phone  56251219,  DROUIN SADDLE  CHILDRENS Western   leather   $150,   1   black   riding   $130,   assorted   sizes   kids   riding   helmets   $20ea,   horse   rug,   $20,   Phone  0407562077,  NOOJEE SADDLE  CIRCLE  Y Saddle,   Circle   Y   in   great   condition   hand   carved   leather   has   plenty   chrome,  price  reduced  for  quick  sale,   $2,000   ONO,   Phone   0438690523,   WOODSTOCK SADDLE  WESTERN Please   Show,   Alamo,   beautiful   condition,   plenty   of   silver,   $1,400,   Phone  0412775205,  WESBURN SADDLE  WINTEC Western   17in   EC,   $450,   Phone   0424489408,  COBURG SADDLES  (2) Leather  average  condition,  $75  each,   Phone  0468930196,  JAM  JERRUP STOCK  SADDLE Marshall   Poley,   17   inch,   fully   mounted,   Wintec   girth,   in   very   good   condition,   only   had   light   use,   $200,   Phone  0427648325,  AH  0427648326,   MIRBOO  NORTH SULKY  GIG  (2WHEEL) Pre   1927   built   by   LE   Cutter   Ballarat,   EC,   new   upholstery,   metal   mewly   chromed  rubber  on  wheels,  burgundy/ black,   $4,000,   Phone   58721262,   COBRAM SUPER  SCOOPER

HORSE  MANURE   SCOOP   The   Super   Scooperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   simple   5   step   conversion,   time   saver,   unbeatable   price,   dual   usage   &   contribution   towards   horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   health   makes   it   a   useful   addition   to   any   rural   property.   Attach,   scoop,   convert,   transport   and   dump.   Quick   &   easy   AUSTRALIA   WIDE,   Power   Innovations   (1),   Phone   1300   799   036,  LONGWARRY WINTEC   orig   elastic   girth   white   26in   -­   65cm   as   new,   $45,   Phone   54532813,   KOONDROOK

HOBBIES,  ARTS  &   CRAFT HOBBIES AGED  HARDWOOD  PALINGS for   wood   craft   in   packs   of   10   (1.5Mx100mm),   $5   per   pack,   Phone   94357105,  YALLAMBIE BEER  TEMPRITE   just   had   full   service,   regased,   c/w   beer   font,   couplers   &   many   other   extras,  great  condition,  $1,200,  Phone   0409184304,  BIRCHIP BIANTE  MODEL  CARS DQGVLPLLODU(I¿J\DQG%URFNPRGHOV plus   Monaros   $350   to,   $500,   Phone   0435617693,  TORQUAY BIG  TIME  MUSCLE die  cast  model  cars,  1/24  1/18  scale,   250   approx   plus   display   cabinet,   mainly  Amercian  muscle  from,  $30  ea,   Phone   53671644,   AH   0413379099,   BACCHUS  MARSH BINOCULARS  LAICA Made   in   Germany,   10x25   PDJQL¿FDWLRQ DV QHZ  3KRQH 93389572,  TULLAMARINE DULUX  ACRYLIC  LACQUER Tinting   system,c/w   rack,books,bench,cabinets   Tinting   system,   $450,   Phone   0412210725,   COBURG ELECTRIC  PLASTICS  SEALER Bosch   with   instruction   book   in   8   languages,  packaging  foods,  clothing,   clear   folders,   bookmarks,   etc,   $10,   Phone  98441748,  WARRANDYTE GOLD  DETECTOR   american  made,  and  all  equip  for  gold   prospecting,   survey   maps,   panning   gear/strainers,   offer   over,   $1,500,   Phone  0429966601,  MELTON GOLD  DETECTOR Mine  Lab  GP3000  excellent  condition,   extra  coil,  2  batteries,  $2,600,  Phone   0424364559,  BALLARAT

Page  19 GOLD  DETECTOR  GPX4000 3   coils   ext   Spencer   Enhancer   VGC,   $4,000,   Phone   0418119784,   EAGLEHAWK GOLD/COIN  DETECTOR Minelab   Sovereign   XS-­2   Pro,   auto   tuning,   hip   mount   or   hand   held   option,   c/w   charger,   instruction   man,   ECond,   $800,   Phone   94357492,   GREENSBOROUGH GOLDEN  SLUICE 2   tier   home   made   J   Bowman   design   WUDSV YHU\ ¿QH JROG  3KRQH 0450567916,  GEELONG HOME  BREW long  neck  brown  beer  bottles  cleaned   $15   a   dozen,   Phone   0439987391,   TOORADIN METAL  DETECTOR   &   3   gold   mining   pans   &   pump,   all   brand   new,   $150,   Phone   97271868,   MOOROOLBARK METAL  DETECTOR submersible   Whites   P.I.   2000   pulse   induction   with   headphones   &   digging   tool,   $350,   Phone   0427852119,   UPPER  FERNTREE  GULLY MINELAB  GP  EXTREME sought   after   serial   number,   sensitive/ deep,   found   nuggets,   backpack,   chargers,   coils,   EC   other   items   for   sale,   $2,250,   Phone   0415565777,   FERNTREE  GULLY MODEL  AEROPLANE Pohenix   models,   trainer   sport   40   Classic,  new  in  box,  1445  wing  span,   $50,   Phone   98362191,   SURREY   HILLS MODEL  RAILWAY Ho  transformer  2  controllers,  multiple   Ã&#x20AC;H[LWUDFN WXUQRXWVORFRVPXOWLSOH rolling   stock,   many   electrics,   many   accessories   will   sep,   $900   ono,   Phone  97443775,  SUNBURY RADIO  CONTROLLED  PARTS for   subaru   rally   car   DeAgostini   have   30  cost  $14.95ea  $10ea  or  lot,  $270,   Phone  94643330,  THOMASTOWN ROBILT  RYTIME GLDPRQGVDZSROLVKLQJRXW¿WWXPEOLQJ RXW¿W  ORW 3KRQH  FRANKSTON STAMPS  CARTON  OF from   four   continents   and   countries   deceased   estate,   rare   stamps,   $200,   Phone  93142843,  YARRAVILLE TELESCOPE black  with  adjustable  legs,  $20,  Phone   9700  5330,  LYSTERFIELD TELESCOPE  SELESTRON Power  Seeker,  127EQ,  c/w  4mm  eye   piece   x1.25,   20mm   eye   pc   x125,   full   DSHUWXUH VXQ VRODU ¿OWHU LQVWUXFWLRQ manual,   $370,   Phone   0439987391,   TOORADIN WINE  MAKING  EQUIPMENT grape   mincer,   2   big   casket,   wooden,   400ltr,  wine  press,  2x  barrel  woodemn   350L   and   10   italian   type   of   bottles   40-­45L,   Phone   94992408,   IVANHOE   EAST WINE  PRESS And   electric   squashing   grape   machine,   $350,   Phone   0409196269,   CLAYTON

REMOTE  &  RADIO   CONTROLLED BRUSHLESS  RC  3D  EPO  PLANE Never  used.  Brand  new.  Lipo  battery.   JK] (YHU\WKLQJ KHUH UHDG\ WR Ã&#x20AC;\ Purple   and   green   in   color.$320ono,   $320   ONO,   Phone   0468965003,   SEBASTOPOL FOR  SALE Kenwood   TS-­480HX   HF/50   Mhz   All   Mode  Transceiver  Vgc  Hardly  used  .  A   ham  operators  delight,  $1,400,  Phone   03   58292719,   AH   0407   263544,   SHEPPARTON  EAST MODEL  AERO  DUCTED IDQ PRWRU QHZ LQ ER[ PRGL¿HOG Mabuchi   380   motor,   $15,   Phone   98362191,  SURREY  HILLS MODEL  ARF   airplane,  Classic  sport  40  brand  new,   unopened   box,   1445mm   wingspan   rec   retail   $125   sell,   $60,   Phone   98362191,  SURREY  HILLS PICK  &  PLUCK  FOAM foam   for   storage   of   models   Warhammer  pieces  etc,  pick  up  foam   pieces   to   suit   your   equipment   shape   480x370x65mm,  Phone  0418466662,   HIGHETT RADIO  CONTROLLED   Boats   5   to   chose   from,   priced   from   $200ea,   Phone   0419297038,   AH   94651529,  LALOR SLOT  CAR  SET Carrera   Classic   Memories,   217cmx139cm,   4   cars   with   lights   see   working,   $250   ono,   Phone   0412533144,  AH  94316871,  ELTHAM TEAM  ASSOCIATED  TC3  1/10 2   speed   comes   with   venom   push   starter   holden   hsv   body   very   quick   good   cond,   $250,   Phone   93038440,   AH  0403386452,  CRAIGIEBURN

ARTS  &  CRAFT ASSORTED  BABY  WOOD Crafton   Nylon   ribbon,   $50,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY ASSORTED  WOOL mainly   8ply   bargain,   $50   lot,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY BOXES handmade   rectangular   screwed   in   swivel   tops,   wood,   $8   ea,   Phone   95841984,  MENTONE CERAMICS  KILN   1   dozen   moulds,   some   books,   very   good   condition,   not   had   much   use,   $800,   Phone   54336316,   HEATHCOTE DULUX  ACRYLIC  LACQUER Tinting   system,c/w   rack,books,bench,cabinets   Tinting   system,   $450,   Phone   0412210725,   COBURG

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BAY  PAINT  XSH ¿OO\ \UV ROG VROLG 4+ W\SH PDWXUH 15.2HH  well  handled,  ready  to  break,   $1,000   ono,   Phone   0418340759,   TRARALGON BAY  PINTO  MARE  5YO approx   14.3HH   running   with   qh   stallion,   $1,500,   Phone   0448449420,   BALLARAT BAY  QH  MARE \U ROG ZLWK D FKHVWQXW 4+ ¿OO\ DW foot,   $3,200,   Phone   0448449420,   BALLARAT BAY  TB  GELDING 17HH   15yo,   great   to   C/S/F   has   done   ARC,   trail   ride   alone   or   in   company,   loves   to   jump,   gentle   giant,   $2,000,   Phone   0407558619,   BEACONSFIELD  UPPER BEGINNERS  WELSH  PONY EULOOLDQW EHJLQQHUV SRQ\ Ã&#x20AC;RDW FDWFK swim,   PC,   ride   without   saddle,   8yr   JHOGLQJ++JUHDW¿UVWSRQ\ED\ handles   fabulous,   $3,000,   Phone   54287382,  RIDDELLS  CREEK BISCIUT  &  MOLLY  SHETLANDS EHHQ WU\LQJ WR ¿QG WKH ODG\ ZKR bought   biscuit   and   molly   (   shetland   ponies   )   please   call   me,   $600,   n/a,   Phone  0457150712,  TOOBORAC BISCIUT  AND  MOLLY  MISSSED EHHQ WU\LQJ WR ¿QG WKH ODG\ ZKR bought   biscuit   and   molly   (   shetland   ponies   )   please   call   me,   $600,   n/a,   Phone  0457150712,  TOOBORAC BUCKSKIN  PINTO ¿OO\ \R PDWXUH DSSUR[ ++ $2,500,   Phone   0448449420,   BALLARAT BUCKSKIN  QH  FILLY 1yo   mature   approx   14.2HH   can   be   reg,   $2,500,   Phone   0448449420,   BALLARAT CHESNUT  PINTO   ¿OO\ SDUW DUDE UHJ SLQWR ULVLQJ  mature   14.2HH   approx   green   broken   lovely   quiet   mature,   $2,200,   Phone   0448449420,  BALLARAT CHILDS  PONY  SHETLAND 3yo  broken  in,  very  quiet  pony,  ridden   by   kids   everywhere,   $1,000   ono,   Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO CONNEMARA  DRESSAGE pony   14HH,   7yo,   excellent   to   trim   &   Ã&#x20AC;RDW ORYHO\ PRYHPHQW QLFH WR ULGH stunning   little   boy,   very   solid   hunter   type,   $4,000,   Phone   0468439292,   HEATHCOTE

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DUNCAN  ELECTRIC Ceramic  &  Porcelain  Kiln  called  Artist   mdl   K,   kiln   sitter   auto   turnoff,   GWO,   $200   ono,   Phone   0411561418,   VERMONT  SOUTH EASEL Max   height   1750mm,   hardwood,   classy,   exc   cond,   $180,   Phone   0423967398,  SEAFORD FOOT  TREADLE  LOOM  WEAVING Edward   Worst   ,Foot   treadle   loom   weaving,   $10,   Phone   97131064,   DANDENONG HAT  BLOCKS  BY Blocks   By   Design,   never   used,   21-­ 3/4in,   stand,   2   brims,Colar   &   crown   for  pillbox  varying  sizes,  $200,  Phone   57443903,  YARRAWONGA HUON  PINE Slabs  &  logs,  suitable  for  coffee  tables   POA,  Phone  5496388,  BENDIGO LEADLIGHT  MATERIAL Small   amount   of   leadlight   coloured   glass   &   lead   strips   for   glass,   Castlead,   $100,   Phone   59622962,   HEALESVILLE LOOM  2  SHAFT $ IUDPH Ă&#x20AC;RRU VWDQGLQJ UXJ ORRP continuous  warp,  6  heddles,  100cmW   lovely   wooden   frame,   brown,   $300,   Phone  0419100821,  BLACKBURN MILK  CRATES  $10.00  EACH   colours   vary   from   yellow,   green,   grey   red/,   $5,   Phone   0412210725,  COBURG MOULDS many  many  dolls  moulds,  have  to  see   to   appreciate,   $3,000   the   lot,   Phone   0411561418,  VERMONT  SOUTH ORIGINAL  OIL  PAINTINGS Wooden   objects,   proto   type   designs   prices   neg,   Phone   95841984,   MENTONE TEACHERS  KILN lots   of   shelves,   props   and   stilts,   DURXQG  Ă&#x20AC;LSFDVWLQJ PRXOGV glazes   and   cones,   $1,000   lot,   Phone   97758564,  LANGWARRIN WEAVING  BOOK Peter  Collingwood  ,The  techniques  of   rugweaving,   $35,   Phone   97131064,   DANDENONG WOOD  LATHE Craft   Master   size   800mm,   $140,   Phone  54296645,  ROMSEY

RENT  &  SELL  SEWING Industrial   &   domestic   machines,all   fully   maintained   while   tuition,machine   repairs,   all   sorts   of   machines   available,   we   deliver!   Ring   Rosemary,   rent   &   sell   sewing,   Phone   97878133,   AH   0408105889,   FRANKSTON  SOUTH SEWING  MACHINE Elna   Lotus   complete   with   books   and   attachments,   just   serviced,   $225,   Phone   98019235,   WANTIRNA   SOUTH SEWING  MACHINE Lemair  compact,  similar  to  Lotus  Elna   suit   caravan   or   craft,   $110,   Phone   98019235,  WANTIRNA  SOUTH SEWING  MACHINE Singer   electric   with   manual   &   carry   case,   great   condition,   $50,   Phone   0420350257,  HAZELWOOD SEWING  MACHINES both   work   well,   Pfaff   set   in   cabinet,   drop  leaf  very  neat  piece  of  furniture,   dark   wood,   $85,   Phone   98441748,   WARRANDYTE SEWING  MACHINES  X2 both  work  well,  1  portable  in  wooden   case   Jones   sewing   machine,   $25,   Phone  98441748,  WARRANDYTE SINGER   sewing  machine  used  twice  EC,  $80,   Phone  93062451,  GLENROY SINGER  SEWING Machine   auto,   portable,   electric,   as   new  condition,  $60,  Phone  93389572,   TULLAMARINE SINGER  SEWING  MACHINE needs   some   attention,   $50,   Phone   97162490,   AH   0400113934,   WHITTLESEA SINGER  SEWING  MACHINE Excellent   Condition,   English   model,   $50,  Phone  97004919,  ENDEAVOUR   HILLS SINGER  SEWING  MACHINE antique   original,   needs   some   TLC   Price  Negotiable,  Phone  0410886303,   MEADOW  HEIGHTS TAILOR  DUMMY tailor   dummy   (1),   $100   ono,   Phone   51262252,  MOE VINTAGE  SEWING  BOX :RRGHQ VHZLQJ ER[ Ă&#x20AC;RRU VWDQGLQJ Folds   out   two   trays   either   side   and   one   large   tray   across   bottom,   $50,   Phone  03  87900343,  LANGWARRIN SEWING YAMATO  Z365 5   thread   industrial   overlocker,   made   ANTIQUE  SEWING  MACHINE heavy   duty,   $180   ONO,   Phone   in   Japan   in   EC,   $350   ono,   Phone   95603958,  GLEN  WAVERLEY 0429354050,  BALLARAT ASSORTED  ROLLS   of   fabric   including   stretch   &   many   other,   many   colours,   Phone   95115751,  GLEN  WAVERLEY BROTHER  INDUSTRIAL Overlocker,   2   needles,   safety   stitch,   GUITARS  &  EQUIPMENT 5   cottons   on   bench   &   motor   ECond,   books,  $750  ono,  Phone  0417586503,   B  C  RICH  MOCKINGBIRD Flame   Sunburst   colour,   2   Roctek   DROUIN Humbuckers,   no   marks,   perfect   CAST  IRON   singer   sewing   machine   table   with   FRQGLWLRQ ZLWK FRIÂżQ FDVH  granite  top,  cast  iron  orig  very  heavy   Phone  0402132307,  TULLAMARINE in   ECond,   $25,   Phone   0412803208,   BASS  AMP Laney   1x15â&#x20AC;?   100watt   Bass   Combo.   CHADSTONE Mint   condition.   Never   gigged,   $450,   CONSEW industrial   sewing   machine,   runs   with   Phone   0413439378,   AH   97765051,   oil  back,  $550  ono,  Phone  97722942,   LANGWARRIN BOSS  ME20 EDITHVALE effects   unit,   $170,   Phone   95042578,   DACRON  ROLL  OF Dacron   suitable   in   upholstery   work,   MALVERN  EAST $25,  Phone  0415441843,  PRESTON CIGAR  BOX  ELECTRIC  GUITAR frettless   3   string,built   in   pick   up,rear   DRESS  MATERIAL input,  very  good  condition,  no  marks,   very  large  box  of  dress  material  some   $150,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG girls,   $40,   Phone   53673556,   AH   CIGAR  BOX  ELECTRIC  GUITAR 0438365601,  BACCHUS  MARSH frettless   3   string,built   in   pick   up,rear   DRESSMAKING input,  very  good  condition,  no  marks,   Dummy  Aust   made   as   new   condition   $150,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG from  to  size  16in/45  1/2cm,  $100  ono,   CIGAR  BOX  ELECTRIC  GUITAR Phone  53483071,  DAYLESFORD frettless   3   string,built   in   pick   up,rear   HORN  SEWING  CABINET input,   very   good   condition,   no   Teak   Horn   Sewing   Cabinet   opens   marks,like   new   condition,   $160,   up   to   Sewing   Machine   /   Overlocker   Phone  0412210725,  FAWKNER compartments   included   Janone   Sewing   Machine   /   Overlocker   CIGAR  BOX  ELECTRIC  GUITAR EC,   $300,   Phone   0397581878,   frettless   3   string,built   in   pick   up,rear   input,  very  good  condition,  no  marks,   FERNTREE  GULLY $150,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG HORN  SEWING  MACHINE cabinet  folds  out  to  work  station,  also   CIGAR  BOX  ELECTRIC  GUITAR Elna   Contessa   410   sewing   machine,   frettless   3   string,built   in   pick   up,rear   Janome   overlocker,   sold   complete   input,   very   good   condition,   no   or   sep,   $400,   Phone   0449985513,   marks,in  new  condition,  $160,  Phone   0412210725,  FAWKNER NARRE  WARREN ELECTRIC&ACOUSTIC  GUITARS HUSQVARNA  DOMESTIC Overlocker,   1   needle,   3   cottons,   foot   Electric  and  acoustic  guitars  for  sale,   control,  VGCond,  fully  serviced,  $250   Fender,   squiers,   epiphone,washburn,   all   selling   at   the   best   prices,   bulk   ono,  Phone  0417586503,  DROUIN buyers-­more  discounts,  Call  for  price,   INDUSTRIAL  SEWING  MACHINE Phone   0419836048,   CAROLINE   Suits  upholstery  good  condition,  $850   SPRINGS ono,  Phone  94024829,  LALOR ELECTRIC/ACOUSTIC  GUITARS INDUSTRIAL  SINGER  SEWING New   and   Used   Electric   guitars,   machine   no   103   good   cond,   $500,   Amps,   and   Special   effects   for   sale   Phone  53592266,  MARNOO all   in   excellent   condition,   and   at   JANOME  16   bargain   prices,   Call   for   price,   Phone   fancy   stitches   excellent   cond,   had   0419836048,  DEER  PARK very  little  use,  $100,  Phone  59752984,   EPIPHONE  S6400 MORNINGTON cherry   red   Grover   tuners   set   neck   mint,  $270,  Phone  0419893350,  BOX   JANOME  HORIZON HILL  SOUTH Memory   Craft   7700   QCP,   2mths   old,   as   new,   with   extra   2   tables   &   EPIPHONE  SHERATON   all   accessories,   instruction   book,   Blonde   semi   acoustic   Korean   model,   receipts   available   Paid   $2999   sell,   gold   hardware   mint   with   hard   case,   $2,200   neg,   Phone   0419676963,   $750,  Phone  0419893350,  BOX  HILL   SOUTH DANDENONG FENDER  STRATOCASTER JANOME  SEWING  MACHINE Jimmy   Vaughan   signature   model   includes  button  hole  stitch  &  overlock   Sunburst   Tex   Mex   pickups   maple   stitch,   $70,   Phone   93277864,   neck,  vintage  hardware,  $800,  Phone   LAVERTON 0419893350,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH K6  INDUSTRIAL   FENDER  SUPERSONIC  2X12 sewing   machine,   long   arm   singer   K6   enslosure  120W,  Celestion  Vintage  30   sought  after,  ideal  for  canvas  &  shade   speakers,  birchwood  blonde,  Oxblood   cloth,   $1,500,   Phone   0412444210,   grill   cloth,   castors,   hardly   used   SUNBURY ECond,   $850,   Phone   0411219448,   MOUNT  WAVERLEY KNITTING  MACHINE   Memomatic,   1   ribber   with   knitt   radar,   GUITAR  ACOUSTIC 1  singer  model  313  knitting  machine,   Ibanez   and   hardcase   as   new,   $500,   stored  in  orig  boxes,  $250  ono,  Phone   Phone  0438631332,  EUROA 57989604,  EUROA GUITAR  ACOUSTIC PINNOCK  SEWMASTER   Crafter   elec   acoustic,   cedar   top,   made  circa  1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  in  Elizabeth  South   Rosewood   back   &   sides,   fretboard   Australia,   still   works   grey   case   and   &   Bridge   LR   Baggs   pickup,   Mother   instruction   manual,   $50,   Phone   3HDUOLQOD\VDVQHZÂżUP3KRQH 98030356,  BLACKBURN  SOUTH 53429820,  BALLARAT


GUITAR  ACOUSTIC  ELECTRIC Cort   solid   spruce   top,   VGC   &   hardcase,   natural   colour,   $450   ono,   Phone  59750663,  MORNINGTON GUITAR  FENDER  68 Mustang  duck  egg  blue,  a  rare  guitar   in  VGC,  $2,700,  Phone  0448204116,   BAIRNSDALE LANEY  EXTREME  AMP LX650   black   steel   mesh   front,   full   effects   built   in,   100W   speaker   made   in   England,   +   many   more   features/ ECond,   $400,   Phone   96873518,   AH   0423361912,  WEST  FOOTSCRAY MARSHALL  HDFX  100W half   stack,   &   seven   pedals,   Boss   w/ Ibanez   dual   humbucking   centrepull   electrics,  all  cases,  leads,  stand,  HDD,   CD   burner/mixdesk,   reliable,   $5,000,   Phone  0421826190,  NORTHCOTE MATON  GUITARS We  buy,  we  sell,  we  trade,  we  repair,   Upwey   Music,   Phone   97547261,   EASTERN  SUBURBS RANDALL  V2  AMP  STACK Head   &   Cab   Only   been   use   a   few   times   Includes   footswitch,   cable   +   manual   I   paid   $4900   a   year   ago,   $2,000   ONO,   Phone   0423   178   487,   GEELONG  EAST TANGLEWOOD  ACOUSTIC Electric   guitar,   solid   cedar   top,   with   builtin   tuner,   as   new   plus   hardcase,   Sunburst   colour,   $550   ono,   Phone   59750663,  MORNINGTON TANGLEWOOD  EVOLUTION electric  acoustic  black  with  hard  case   as   new,   $450,   Phone   0419893350,   BOX  HILL  SOUTH


Australian  made  Beale  restored,  14   piano   rolls,   original   stool   with   liftup   tapestry   made   lid,   $3,500,   Phone   53569108,  LANDSBOROUGH ACCORDIONS We  buy,  we  sell,  we  trade,  we  repair,   we   teach,   Upwey   Music,   Phone   97547261,  EASTERN  SUBURBS ALEX  STEINBACH  PIANO   Ex   Condition   Suit   Any   Player.Just   Contact  Us  If  You  Want  To  Look  At  It,   $2,300   ONO,   Phone   03   59967497,   AH  0408370555,  CRANBOURNE ELECTRIC  ORGAN   Yamaha  electone  call  for  more  details,   Phone  97292602,  BAYSWATER KEYBOARD  YAMAHA  PORTA Tone   PSR   4500   keyboard,   black,   excellent   condition,   $300,   Phone   97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH LOWREY  ORGAN   roll   top   model   (holiday)   nice   sounds,   nice   rythms,   in   good   order,   $150,   Phone  51344914,  MORWELL LOWRY  ORGAN   roll   top   model   126,   2   keyboards,   Magic  Genie,  auto  rythym  13  pedals,   9  learner  books,  EC  a  gift,  $90,  Phone   59864929,  MCCRAE PIANO  ALEX  STEINBACH

YAMAHA  KEYBORD good   cond   has   many   sounds   and   beats,   $120   ONO,   Phone   0413093185,   AH   0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH YAMAHA  ORGAN  CN70 single   keyboard   comp   with   stool   and   catalogue   as   new   many   rythms,   ring   Ross,   $350,   Phone   93981831,   ALTONA

DRUMS  &  PERCUSSION DRUMSTICKS   â&#x20AC;&#x153;   DRUMSTICKS   American   Hickory   Made   in   Australia   select   quality.   Wood   tip.   Rock.   Fat   boy   (Noisest   sticks   ever   made)   5A.   5B.   7A.   2A.   2B.   Marching   Sticks   S5   &   S2.   Nylon   Tip   sticks   7AN.   5BN.   5AN.   2BN.   Buy   factory   direct   try   them   and   you   will   buy   them.   $6.90   PP   plus   Courier   any   quantity   $6.50   per   delivery.   johnshine@bigpond. com   or   0359792756,   $6.90,   Phone   0359792756,  HASTINGS DRUM  KIT  5PCE blue,   complete   with   cymbals,   good   cond,   $250,   Phone   0416080726,   COBURG DXP  DRUM  KIT dxp   drum   ki   t5   peice   with   rmv   skins   made   in   brazzile.   with   hi   hat   and   cymblos.   paid   $1700,   $500   ONO,   Phone  0413093185,  AH  0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH LP  CONGAS (classic   wood;Íž   wine   red)   stands,   bags;Íž  1x  yamaha  MG8/2FX  mixer;Íž  3x   Shure  SM  57  Microphones;Íž  3x  LP  mic   claws;Íž,   $2,500,   Phone   0430398227,   AH  0430398227,  SOUTH  MORANG MAPEX  FULL  SET 2I GUXPV F\PEDOV SURIHVVLRQDO RXWÂżW near   new   cost   $1600   sell,   $600,   Phone  0427496550,  MAIDEN  GULLY POWER  BEAT  5PCE   drum   kit   red   complete   with   cymbals   good  cond,  $250,  Phone  0416080726,   COBURG PREMIER  XPK  DRUM  KIT Black/Gold  lugs.  8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;,  12â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;,  13â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;  mounted   WRPV œœ Ă&#x20AC;RRU WRP œœ 6QDUH œœ EDVH KDUGZDUH 8ÂżS F\PEDOV $1,100,   Phone   0430398227,   AH   0430398227,  SOUTH  MORANG ROGERS  DYNASONIC snare   drum   70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   model,   as   new   with   snare   guard   10   LUG   USA   custom   built,  $450,  Phone  0419893350,  BOX   HILL  SOUTH STAG NO  cracks  or  dints  in  metal.  Great  for   beginners   and   those   learning,   $50,   Phone  0434  817  879,  DROUIN

PIANO  PARTS &   accessories,   retired   Piano   technician   sells   alot   of   piano   parts   &   accessories,   Phone   95637783,   BENTLEIGH  EAST PIANOLA Pianola  Gulbransen  Rosewood  colour   rolls   and   stool,   $2,500   ono,   Phone   0429366219,   AH   53449219,   SNAKE   VALLEY SCANNER  SHEET  MUSIC 2   boxes,   old   time   American   songs   printed   on   plastic,   goes   well   with   Caseio   electronic   instrument,   20   songs,   $10   both,   Phone   98441748,   WARRANDYTE UPRIGHT  PIANO  BY +DDNH RI +DQQRYHU ¿JXUHG ZDOQXW JROG¿QLVKVWHHOIUDPH3KRQH 0421856441,  FRANKSTON

70(56:(3, 56>65 102 Bell St, Preston VIC 3072

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LADIES  CLOTHING very   good   quality,   new/as   new   sizes   12-­18,   coats/jackets   shirts   shoes   etc   call   for   more   information   &   prices,   Phone  98707161,  RINGWOOD LADIES  COAT reversible   Mohair   &   wool   overcoat,   size   12  camel   colour   1  side   brown   &   beige   check   other   EC,   $50,   Phone   95158237,  CLARINDA LADIES  DRESS Brand   new   Quba   LAdies   dress   Green   satin   Price   tag   of   $199   still   on   dress,   $50,   Phone   95696559,  AH   0415544585,  MURRUMBEENA LADIES  SIZE  10-­12  CLOTHES some  with  tags,  dresses,  tops,  shorts,   bags   etc   in   EC   2   bags   full,   $30   lot,   Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO LADIES  SUIT worn  once,  Mother  of  Bride,  Brocade   3/4   sleeve,   jacket   lined,   imitation   pockets,  pattern  material  very  elegant   $145,   matching   shoes/handbag/ fasinator  lot,  $245,  Phone  82010113,   BORONIA LEATHER  BIKE  JACKET Rivet   brand,   Ladies   Bike   Jacket.   Tassled  arms.  Black,  Size  12,  suit  10-­ 12.   Photos   can   be   emailed.   Can   be   posted,   $200,   Phone   0351861392,   YARRAM LEATHER  JACKETS  MALE blazer   style,   medium   size   Bordeaux   colour,  $80,  Bomber  jacket  med  size,   $80,  Phone  97866948,  SEAFORD MASSIVE  SALE  !!!! ladies,   men   and   kids   fashion   20   to   80%   off   retail   price.   sat   and   sunday   24   and   25   november   9   to4pm,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0434285488,   MALMSBURY

MENS  SPORT  JACKETS three   different   summer   winter   and   in   between,  perfect  hardly  worn,  size  95-­ CLOTHING 100cm   regular,   leave   message,   $30   ALPACA  GARMENTS  WHOLESALE ono,  Phone  94571462,  MCLEOD Want   o   start   own   business?   alpaca   MENS  SUEDE  JACKET garments   for   ladies   man   and   Medium   size   cost   $500   sell   $75,   childrens,   direct   from   southamerica.   Phone  93140060,  KINGSVILLE High   quality   .39   High   ST   Kyneton,   MENS  SUIT Phone  0434285488,  KYNETON new   size   40   Stout,   $30,   Phone   ANNA  BIAGINI  JACKET 100%   pure   Italian   Leather.   Bought   93140060,  KINGSVILLE for   £438   and   only   worn   once!   Dusky   MENS  SUIT pink   colour.   Size   10,   $150,   Phone   brand  new,  worn  twice  Peter  Jackson   0402592189,   AH   (03)   97839268,   VXSHU¿QH$XVWUDOLDQ0HULQRVL]H FRANKSTON short   96,   charcoal/blue,   2   buttons,   paid   $500   sell,   $375   ONO,   Phone   ASSORTED  LADIES  JACKETS assorted  new  ladies  summer  jackets,   97637653,  KNOXFIELD size   18,   $20   ea,   Phone   93062451,   MENS  SUITS GLENROY two   near   new   navy   pinstripe   and   BABY  BOYS  CLOTHES  000-­00 dark   grey   wool,   medium   build   97cm   DJ  &  BAND  EQUIPMENT EC   items:   singlets,   onesies,   tshirts,   trousers,   leave   message,   $30   ea,   pants,   heaps   of   items.   Bonds,   Phone  94571462,  MCLEOD DISCO  EQUIPMENT pumpkin   patch,   target,   kmart,   Can   High   powered   amp,   high   powered   make   a   deal,   $1   Each,   Phone   MENS  SUITS speakers,  disco  lights,  $2,500,  Phone   0437362352,  MARYKNOLL Designer   label,   Ted   Baker,   Rhodes   0413925395,  SUNSHINE  %HFNHWW &DYDOL +LO¿JHU =HJQD BLACK  PANTS very   soft   Australian   leather   lined,   Calibra,   some   new,   near   new   &   DJ  PACKAGE straight  leg  size  M,  side  pockets  very   ex-­demo,   current   &   classic   styles,   elegant,   $125,   Phone   82010113,   various   sizes   $100   each,   also   jackets,   jeans   &   shirts   such   as   BORONIA Boss,   Armani   etc,   at   a   fraction   of   BLACK  SKIRT very   soft   Australian   leather,   lined,   retail   (John),   Phone   0419844006,   size  M,  half  length,  slit  at  back,  $125,   RICHMOND Phone  82010113,  BORONIA MENS  TROUSERS BOOTS   6   pairs   different   97cm   waist   one   Dunlop   industrial   steel   cap   boots,   new,  others  hardly  worn  two  Fletcher   mens  size  6,  $15,  Phone  0438592503,   Jones,   leave   message,   $15   ono,   CHELSEA Phone  94571462,  MCLEOD CLOTHES  NEW   never   worn   &   alot   of   clothes   hardly   MINK  STOLE used   sizes   range   from   10   to   16   all   Rich  brown  with  collar  &  tail,  Seymour   cheap   too   many   to   mention,   Phone   furs,   $120,   Phone   56220602,   WARRAGUL 97720616,  CHELSEA  HEIGHTS

Excellent  Condition,   medium   size,   highly   polished,   must   sell,   $2,500   ono,   Phone   52513091,   CLIFTON   SPRINGS PIANO  ANTIQUE   needs   tuning,   $400   ONO,   Phone   0439987391,  TOORADIN PIANO  ELECTRIC 61   keys   with   stand   &   stool   both   collapsible   Crown   CK15,   18mths   old,   $250   ono,   Phone   97863623,   FRANKSTON  NORTH PIANO  MOREL walnut  colour  in  good  cond,  $600  ono,   Phone  55712934,  TARRINGTON

CLARINET B  Flat  Noblet  wood  hard  case,  extras,   pristine  condition  must  sell  can  assist   with   delviery,   $650   neg,   Phone   0429616007,  MULWALA DOUBLE  BASS  3/4 Franz   Josef   Cam,set   up   by   Atelier   Puglisi.   Comes   with   bow,   Safety   Cover   &   Pneumatic   Wheel,   $1,800,   Phone  0418  537831,  COLAC GUITAR  TUITION   Guitar  tuition  lessons.  I  come  to  you.   Affordable   rates.   Learn   classics,   theory  and  improvisation.  Call  Paul  on   0405   991   284,   Phone   0405991284,   MOUNT  WAVERLEY P  A  SYSTEM Yamaha   mixer   MX12/4   stereo,   Yamaha  power  amp  3500/4  (2x500w)   Alisis   equaliser   CM-­EQ250,   all   on   rack   system,   2   speakers   Peavy-­ 700W-­new,  $3,000,  Phone  95469475,   SPRINGVALE PIANO  ACCORDION Excelsior   120   Bass,   4   reed   black   professional   model   $2500.00ono,   Upwey   Music,   Phone   97547261,   UPWEY SAXOPHONE  -­  E  FLAT  ALTO. Excellent   condition,   hardly   used.   Encore   brand.   With   case,   $550,   Phone  0427542580,  BALLARAT SELMER  BASS  SAXAPHONE 1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   in   very   good   cond   silver   plated,  $15,500,  Phone  0425776893,   BLACKBURN  SOUTH STAGE/PLATFORM 9pce   dismantles,   uses   for   drums,   parties,  speeches,  functions,  aerobics,   exercises,   2.4M   widex600cm   height   &   h/duty   black   cloth,   $90,   Phone   0435670592,  DANDENONG

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12

Console  600mm   wide   x   1400mm   long   air   cooled   with   headphones   2   x   beltdriven   turntables   2   x   tape   decks  2  x  cd  players  DJ  mixer  Music   colour  2  x  Strobes  Mike  &  FM  Mike   All   Rope   Lights   Mirror   ball   Spots   work   from   Console,   $3,000,   Phone   0411   861069,   AH   03   9870   9307,   CROYDON PA  SYSTEM Ross   8   channel   mixer,   AM   Power   Amp  150W,  Slave  power  amp  2x15in   session   speakers,   2   speaker   stands,   1   microphone   sennhieser,   $1,500,   Phone  59626546,  HEALESVILLE ROADIE  BOX used,   but   still   in   great   condition,   medium   size,   black   and   silver,   $100   ono,  Phone  0438932931,  MORWELL YAMAHA  POWERED   speakers   &   subs,   2x18in,   2x15in,   brand  new,  5yrs  warranty,  comes  with   all  cords  &  skins,  still  in  original  boxes,   $5,000   ONO,   Phone   0400524474,   PRESTON

OTHER  INSTRUMENTS   &  EQUIPMENT ALTO  SAX Alto   sax   dolphan.   fantastic   cond,   hardly   used,   $200   ONO,   Phone   0413093185,   AH   0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH ALTO  SAX Encore  with  carry  case  &  accessories,   ECond,   $500,   Phone   0466778369,   BAKERY  HILL ALTO  SAX  KING ALTO   SAX   KING,   great   for   student   or   pro.   great   cond   made   in   usa   comes  with  stand,  $300  ONO,  Phone   0413093185,   AH   0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH BOSS  ME-­20 effects   unit   EC,   $170,   Phone   95042578,  MALVERN  EAST

CLOTHING  LADIES  NEW mainly  size  18,  long  pants,  etc,  $100   lot,  Phone  93062451,  GLENROY CLOTHING  WOMANS My   Big   Summer   clear-­out   Tops/ Slacks/Jeans/Twin   sets   /track   suits/   Tâ&#x20AC;?s   /woolens/leather   jackets   etc   etc   .new/near  new  some  with  labels/price   tags  size8/12/some14â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,  Call  for  price,   Phone  0352749067,  AH  0419359819,   NORLANE COCOONS  SUNGLASSES LIVE   EYEWEAR   COCOONS   OveRx   SUNGLASSES   Polarized   UV400   Polare   Lens,soft   touch   frame,C421G   Ivy  ML/Gray  colour,  Brand  New,never   used,  $40  ONO,  Phone  0358712808,   AH  0418151011,  COBRAM COLUMBIA  OMNI  TECH SRODUĂ&#x20AC;HHFH]LSXSVL]H;;/JUH\QHZ unworn   cost   $100   sell,   $30,   Phone   0434610981,  ROSEBUD  WEST CRICKET  UNIFORM pants,  vest,  shirt,  all  new  never  been   worn  bargain,  $15,  Phone  97720616,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS DENIM  BLUE   tencil   long   skirt,   size   12,   cost   $180   new   cond,   $50,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON DENIM  JACKET faux   fur   collar   and   cuffs   new   size   12,   $50,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON FOOTBALL  BOOTS Asics   size   13â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   $150,   Phone   0408850830,  GEELONG FUR  CAPELET Canadian   Silver   Fox   d/brown   lighter   tips,   C1950   good   cond,   $150   ono,   Phone  95553271,  MOORABBIN FUR  COAT Size   medium   ECond,   hardly   worn,   brown,   $300   ono,   Phone   97004919,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS JLO  WHITE  CARDIGAN A   JLO   Designer   Hooded   Cardigan   ,   Sizes   10-­12,   White   colour   and   VGC   .   worn   once   only,   $30   ONO,   Phone   0421606709,  HADFIELD LADIES  CLOTHING assorted,   size   18,   suit   stall   owner,   over  $1000  value,  camisoles,  t-­shirts,   jackets,  jumpers,  pants  etc,  $150  lot,   Phone  93062451,  GLENROY

PRELOVED  CHILDRENS   clothing   winter   &   summer   limited   stock,   boys   and   girls,   sizes   1-­12,   items   $2   each   buy   in   bulk   and   save,   Phone  0411412704,  FLEMINGTON PRELOVED  LADIES  CLOTHING winter   &   summer,   limited   stock   sizes   8   to   20,   items   $3ea,   buy   in   bulk   and   savew   phone   quick,   Phone   0411412704,  FLEMINGTON RACING  SHIRTS  (4) Ford   Shell   Helix   racing   new   still   in   packet,   large   size   Victoria   better   VB   Cabcharge   18   VB   super   cars-­Australia,   $20   ea,   Phone   98039626,  AH   0419335850,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY SHEEPSKIN  JACKET medium   size   ECond,   $40,   Phone   95558753,  HAMPTON  EAST SHINY  TRENCH  RAIN  COAT new  cond,  size  12  brown/beige,  $50,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON SKIN  PATTERN  TRENCH raincoat,  very  soft  size  12  as  new,  $50,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON SKIRTS 4  new  cashmere  wool,  fully  lined,  invis   zip,   size   12   (waist   78cm,   hips   98cm)   waist  to  hem  69cm,  made  in  Thailand,   $30   ONO,   Phone   03   5871   1208,   COBRAM SKIRTS  4  NEW Cashmere   wool,   fully   lined,   size   12,   waist  78cm,  hips  98cm,  waist  to  hem   69cm,   made   in   Thailand   $30ea   or   $100lot,  Phone  58711208,  COBRAM SOFT  SHINY  REPTILE look   trench   raincoat,   cost   $200   light   brown/beige   sell,   $50,   Phone   59734449,  MORNINGTON SOUTHAMERICAN  HANDICRAFTS Wholesale  southamerican  handicrafts. alpaca   garments   ,shawls   ,capes   jumpers,   childrens   clothing,bags   and   gifts   .wholesale   and   retail.   39   High   st   kyneton,   Phone   0434285488,   KYNETON STEPHEN  DATTNER Double   breasted   leather   coat   size   16   in   excellent   condition   and   Blue   in   colour,   $100   ONO,   Phone   0437987262,  FRANKSTON  NORTH

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12   URGENT  SALE  PRICE  SLASHED New   and   as   new   2nd   hand   stock,   excellent   clean   clothes,   shoes,   handbags,   as   new   linen,   beautiful   jewellery,   brand   name   cosmetics.   Great   selection   and   variety   of   best   selling  books,  kitchenware  including   double   deep   fryer,   never   used,   unique  ornaments,  DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,  toys  and   PRUH ([FHOOHQW SURÂżW SRWHQWLDO IRU astute   buyer   of   quality   2nd   hand   goods.  All  boxed  and  listed.  Bargain   $200  the  lot.  Must  pick  up.  More  info   pls  phone,  Phone  51671183,  MOE VINTAGE  SELL  OUT  !!! 60â&#x20AC;?70â&#x20AC;?S   80â&#x20AC;?   FASHION   retail   and   ,   dresses   coats   ,   fur   ,wholesale   .39   HIGH  ST  Kynetonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  54222940,  Phone   0434285488,  KYNETON WORK  CLOTHES all  brand  new  Hard  Yakka,  drill  pants   size   132ST   8pairs,   Hard   Yakka   SROR WRSV VKRUW VOHHYH Ă&#x20AC;XUR \HOORZ 6XLx3,   5XLx3,   $150   the   lot,   Phone   0417310958,  RESERVOIR



Emerald  cut   style   natural   party   colour   Sapphire   ring   6x8mm,   3.6grams,   written   valuation   $1385   sell  $700.  Also  9ct  Yellow  gold  oval   Citrine  ring,  yellow  colour,  2.3grams,   written   valuation   $995   sell   $500,   Phone  59978297,  HEATH  HILL

SHOES  &   ACCESSORIES 100S  OF  NEW  COSMETICS Selling   my   cosmetics   at   well   below   RRP   -­   $49   items   now   $15!   Prices   starting   from   50   cents,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0402592189,   AH   (03)   97839268,  FRANKSTON BACK  PACK Backpack  Finke  25  as  new  condition,   $35,  Phone  59713225,  FRANKSTON BLACK  LEATHER tote   bag,   Australian   made,   beautiful   plaited   heandles   details   please   call,   $250,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON BLACK  LEATHER  BIKE  BOOTS Tony   Mora   boots.   Great   Condition,   RRP   $500+   Size   37,   Style1195,   can   email   photos.   Postage   anywhere   $12.00,   $100,   Phone   0351861392,   YARRAM BLUE  VELVET  HEELS Size   8,   Brand   new   blue   velvet   heels   never   worn   as   they   are   to   big.   free   postage,   $80,   Phone   0448837910,   BROKEN  HILL BOAT  BOOTS mens  size  10  Burke  brand  knee  high   blue/white,  fair  cond  good  for  mowing   lawn,   $10   ono,   Phone   98089882,   BOX  HILL  SOUTH

BULK  LOT  50  NEW  COSMETICS Rimmel,   Revlon,   Maybelline,   Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Oreal,   MAC   &   more!   50   new   cosmetics   selected   at   random.   Easily   worth   $700!,  $200,  Phone  0402592189,  AH   (03)  97839268,  FRANKSTON BULK  SANDALS Bulk  of  20  sandals  ,shoes,some  new   in   original   boxes   .great   to   resell.$   5   each   .   39   High   st   Kyneton,   $100,   Phone  0434285488,  KYNETON COSMETICS! Heaps   of   new   cosmetics,   MAC,   Maybelline,   Rimmel,   Revlon,   Lâ&#x20AC;?real,   CoverGirl   and   more!   From   50c   each.   Save   up   to   80%,   $.50,   Phone   0402592189,   AH   (03)   97839268,   FRANKSTON FILA  CANVAS  CASUALS pale   blue/white   toe   seize   11   new   cond,   $40,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON FIORELLI   grey   patent   tote   bag,   mock   skin   pattern   on   front   unused,   $40,   Phone   59734449,  MORNINGTON GUM  BOOTS ladies/youths   size   4,   blue   with   red   sole   Bata   brand   VGC,   $5,   Phone   98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH GUM  BOOTS ladies   size   10,   beautiful   red   tartan   design,   solid   soles,   great   gift,   brand   new,   $50   ono,   Phone   54822973,   MOAMA GUM  BOOTS  BLACK   40/6,   $10,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON HUGE  LOT  OF  MAC  COSMETICS All   brand   new,   74   items!   Mascara,   foundation,   liners,   pigments,   nail   polish,   lipstick   and   glosses!   RRP:   $3000+,   $1,000   ONO,   Phone   0402592189,   AH   (03)   97839268,   FRANKSTON MARLEY  MAY   Melbourne,  black  leather  tote  bag  cost   $450   sell,   $250,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON NEW  LADIES shoes,   thongs,   etc   sizes   9   &   10   suitable   for   market   stall,   $50   lot,   Phone  93062451,  GLENROY PERFUME  ASSORTED bottles,   approx   30   bottles   perfume   some   full   some   half   full,   $50,   Phone   59647083,  LAUNCHING  PLACE PLUM  LEATHER  LOOK tote  bag,  cost  double,  new  cond,  $40,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON RETRO  HANDBAGS one   navy   blue   w/Mother   of   pearl   decoration   to   clasp   and   one   wine   colour   w/thin   shoulder   straps   good   cond,   $10   ea,   Phone   97542745,   BELGRAVE RUNNERS  CASUAL  SHOES black/patent   with   silver   toe,   size   40   cost  $140  sell,  $40,  Phone  59734449,   MORNINGTON SALVATORE  FERRAGAMO  SHOES 100%   Italian   leather.   Linda   T-­strap   sandal.   Buckles   at   ankle.   4â&#x20AC;?   covered   heel.  Size  8,  rose  colour.  RRP:  $550,   $150,   Phone   0402592189,   AH   (03)   97839268,  FRANKSTON SHOES  MENS good   quality   mens   shoes,   Phone   94992408,  IVANHOE  EAST STRAPPY  SHOES High   heels,   pewter   &   silver,   worn   twice,   size   38   (7),   $25,   Phone   97030262,  NARRE  WARREN SUITCASE Large,  purple,  brand  new  never  used,   lightweight,   $90,   Phone   97030262,   NARRE  WARREN TRAVEL  BAG heavy   duty   green   travel   bag   canvas   complete   with   keys   &   padlock   78cmx56Dx20cmW,   $25,   Phone   97162490,   AH   0400113934,   WHITTLESEA WESTERN  BOOTS Western  boots,  11  D  near  new,  $150,   Phone  54296645,  ROMSEY WOMENS  FLAT   sensible   shoes   hardly   worn   EG   Ecco,  timberland,  Propet  Earth,  Hush   Puppy,   Desert   boots   etc,   size   40   (9)   EC,  $10  pair,  Phone  98089882,  BOX   HILL  SOUTH

HF  RADIO Barret   950   radio   telephone-­ transceiver,   with   autotune   antenna   SS   whip   remote   head,   extra   speaker   never   used,   $2,000,   Phone   0428325902,  WENDOUREE POWERTECH  POWERSUPPLY mp   3088   25amp   0   to   20   v   g/ cond,   $150,   Phone   93038440,   AH   0403386452,  CRAIGIEBURN RADIO  FOR  SELL Brand   New   5   watts   200   channels   memories.   amateur   radio.   Quansheng-­tg-­uv2,   $69,   Btterom,   Phone  0431898508,  MULGRAVE UNIDEN  HAND  HELD UHF   (2)   radios,   17   chanel   with   repetitor   mode   and   charging   units,   new   rechargable   battery   power   pack,   $85,   Phone   0407345472,   WEDDERBURN YEASU  DTMF  MICROPHONE MH-­36E8J   brand   new   in   box,   $50,   Phone   93038440,   AH   0403386452,   CRAIGIEBURN


DELL  5.1  SURROUND  SOUND   Speaker   System   WL6000   JX427   Wireless   PC   Stereo   Multimedia   Speaker,plus   Dell   UltraSharp   1704FPVT   17â&#x20AC;?   LCD   Monitor,   $80,   Phone  0412210725,  COBURG FLAT  BED  SCANNER FDQQRQ Ă&#x20AC;DW EHG VFDQQHU DOO OHDGV inc   gwc,   $30,   Phone   0351276493,   NEWBOROUGH FLATBED  COLOUR  PRINTER lexmark   colour   printer/scanner   Ă&#x20AC;DWEHGDOOOHDGVLQFJZF3KRQH 0351276493,  NEWBOROUGH HARD  DRIVES  750GB-­1.5TB Hard   drives   1x   750gb   2x1tb   1x1.5tb,   $65,   Phone   0410505993,   AH   0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA HP  NOTEBOOK  POWER  SUPPLY new  90  watt  power  supply  $100  from   HP,   $30,   Phone   0410505993,   AH   0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA HP  OFFICEJET  6500A  E-­ALL-­ in-­One   Printer   in   VGC,   might   need   colour   cartlidge   replacing,   welcome   to   test,   $100,   Phone   0412210725,   COBURG

IBM  17IN   Ă&#x20AC;DW VFUHHQ PRQLWRU ZLWK EXLOW LQ BLACKBERRY  TORCH  9860 mobile   phone,   still   in   box,   unlocked,   speakers,   $60,   Phone   94042647,   never   used   unwanted   gift,   $350   ono,   MILL  PARK Phone   0403917937,   AH   96904154,   INK  CARTRIDGES ALBERT  PARK 110   boxes   of   micro   jet   P   T   I   ex-­ IPHONE  3G,   colour,   &   B&W,   8   gig   has   all   ass   in   box   hardly   used   shop   clos   down,   $210   obo,   Phone   call   for   details,   $150   ONO,   Phone   0431304856,  THORNBURY 0406533184,  DRYSDALE LAPTOP  BACKPACK   IPHONE  3GS   Apple   3Gs   only   5mths   old,   in   EC,   Genuine   HP   backpack   suit   up   to   17â&#x20AC;?   comes   with   new   Vodafone   sim   brand  new,  $20,  Phone  0410505993,   with   $30   credit   black,   $200,   Phone   AH  0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA 0433772230,  FRANKSTON  NORTH LOGITECH  DRIVING IPHONE  4 Force   Pro   Steering   wheel,   great  iphone  4  few  months  old  as  had   ECond,   manual   included,   PS2/ a   replaced   one   threw   insurance   up   PS3   compatible,   $100,   Phone   graded   to   the   iphone   5,   $400   ONO,   0417166884,  TRARALGON Phone  0413093185,  AH  0431233832,   NOTEBOOK  STAND DANDENONG  SOUTH 775Wx350Dx695-­1030H,   silver   IPHONE  CASES have   lots   of   iphone   cases   for   sale   ÂżQLVKPHWDOZLWKDWWUDFWLYHEODFNWRSV with   wallets   in   them   and   normal   adjustable   height   with   tilting   tops   silcone.   Have   screen   protecters   brand  new,  cost  $95  sell,  $25,  Phone   prices   start   $5,   $5   Call   for   price,   0412803208,  CHADSTONE Phone  0413093185,  AH  0431233832,   PRINTER/COPIER DANDENONG  SOUTH Canon  Pixma  MP  280  new  never  used   $40,  Phone  97004919,  ENDEAVOUR   LG  P350  TOUCH  PHONE new  in  box,  never  used,  very  easy  &   HILLS nice   to   use,   smaller   size,   unwanted   gift,   $50,   Phone   0415565777,   PRINTER/COPIER   HP   photosmart   full   pack   A4   paper,   FERNTREE  GULLY pack   A4   size   photo   paper,   pack   MOBILE  PHONE  HUAWEI 6x4   photo   paper,   new   in   box   never   XL   Touch   phone   new   still   in   box,   used,   $100,   Phone   59713225,   $40,   Phone   95510030,   DINGLEY   FRANKSTON VILLAGE SECURITY  DVR  16  CHANNEL NEW  F8  4G  MOBILE  PHONE   Brand   New   in   box   Iphone   4s   For   sale   is   a   Dallmeier   Dvr   16   ch   Lookalike.Free   delivery   postage   or   with   a   1t   HD   with   bonus   see   online   pickup,   $120,   Phone   0412821809,   info,  $750  ONO,  Phone  0448910849,   BUNDOORA NARRE  WARREN NEW  I  PHONE  4  32G new  i  phone  4  32g  black  nevear  uesd   call   chris   03   88029423   0429218301,   $500,   Phone   88029423,   AH   PH: 03 9807 1189 0429218301,  MOUNT  WAVERLEY AUSTRALIA WIDE DELIVERY OFFICE  PHONE  SYSTEM SHOP ONLINE: 12   Hybrex   25   lines,   &   5   Omni   16   WWW.PANDACOMPUTER.COM lines,   $500,   Phone   0418579958,   SPECIAL  OFFER WARRANDYTE PANASONIC  CORDLESS REPAIR LAPTOP SCREEN *$150 phone,   model   KX-­TC187AL-­W   with   $65 two   handsets   also   Telecom   monitor   REPAIR LAPTOP/PC 301   answering   machine,   GWO,   ONSITE SERVICE $70/Hr user   guide   included,   $60,   Phone   87963820,  CARRUM  DOWNS SAMSUNG  GALAXY  S114G   New  no  longer  required,  $480,  Phone   0427700063,  SOUTH  MORANG SAMSUNG  GALAXY  SII  4G   Samsung   Galaxy   SII   4G   GT-­I9210T   used  for  only  a  week  perfect  condition   comes   with   box   and   accessories,   $500,   Phone   0448837910,   BROKEN   HILL UNIDEN  WDECT  2355 Extra   handset   and   charger,   comes   with   manual   VGC,   $50,   Phone   (03)   97812818,  FRANKSTON WDECT  UNIDEN  2355 IntelÂŽ i3-350M, Extra   handset   with   charger,   comes   15.6â&#x20AC;? HD LED, with   manual   VGC,   $50,   Phone   (03)   500GB, 2GB DDR3, BRIDAL  &  FORMAL   97812818,  FRANKSTON WiFi, LAN, WHITE  IPHONE  4S  64GB   WEAR WebCam, Win7 H P Great   condition,   comes   with   cover   DEB  DRESS and   chargers,   $600   ONO,   Phone   AFTER CASH BACK size   10   worn   once,   in   EC,   $80   ono,   0433041298,  TRARALGON Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO DEB  DRESS IntelÂŽ i5-460M, 15.6â&#x20AC;? HD LED, COMPUTER   Size  14,  Worn  Once,  VGC  cost  $500   500GB, 4GB DDR3, WiFi, LAN, SOFTWARE,  PARTS  &   Sell,   $295,   Phone   (03)   97812818,   WebCam, Win7 H P FRANKSTON ACCESSORIES WEDDING  DRESS AFTER CASH BACK Wedding   Dress   White   Size   12,   AMPLIFIER/SURROUND   beaded   bodice,   off   shoulder   sleeves,   Sound   for   computer,   Logitech   X530.   PANDA i3 EZ long   train,hooped   pettiocat,   pearl   Subwoofer,  5  speaker  system,  ECond,   IntelÂŽ i3 3.06GHz drop  headpiece.  Still  in  box.  New.  Pls   $33,  Phone  0434026713,  PRESTON 2GB DDR3 call,   $500,   nil,   Phone   0409763484,   APC  BACK-­UPS  CS  500  UPS  -­ 300   Watt   with   battery..   in   VGC   like   ROWVILLE 500GB HDD new.and   portable   Lightning/Surge   WEDDING  DRESS ATX CASE 600W beautiful  handmade  full  length  dress,   Protection,spikes   and   even   lightning   VL]H(&ULQJIRUSKRWRVLILWÂżWV guaranteed,  $80,  Phone  0412210725,   youll   love   it,   ivory,   $150   ono,   Phone   COBURG 0427591686,  SALE APC  BACK-­UPS  CS  500  UPS  -­ 300   Watt   with   battery.   in   VGC   like   new.and   portable   Lightning/Surge   Protection,spikes   and   even   lightning   guaranteed,  $80,  Phone  0412210725,   COBURG CANNON  PIXMA  PRINTER   CB  RADIOS I   am   selling   a   Cannon   Pixma   IP   1300,   Colour   and   B&W   Printer   with   FOR  SALE Kenwood   TS-­480HX   HF/50MHZ   All   Instruction   Manual   and   must   Pick   Mode   Transceiver   VGC   Hardly   Used   up,   $45   ONO,   Phone   0421606709,   HP AIO Printer B109a....................... $75 Logitech MX5500 Cordless............ $159 still   in   original   box,  A   Ham   operators   HADFIELD delight,   $1,000,   Phone   0358292719,   COMPUTER  SCREEN PowerColor HD6870 1GB.............. $182 AH   0448042277,   SHEPPARTON   Dell  17in  swivel  base  stand  adjustable   Kingston 4/16GB Flash Drive........$7/29 never  used,  $75,  Phone  0477410523,   600W Power Supply.......................... EAST $29 FRANKSTON FT450/AT  YEASU  TRANCIEVER LiteOn DVD Writer.............................$29 HF&6m  all  mode.  unmarked  excellent   COMPUTER  TABLE cond   with   user   manual,   $950,   1200Lx750Hx600W,   CD   rack   on   top,   717  WARRIGAL  RD,  CHADSTONE Phone   93038440,   AH   0403386452,   also   printer   shelf,   $70   ono,   Phone CRAIGIEBURN 0400854572,  CRANBOURNE






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Your  feedback  is   important  to  us.  Good   or  bad  we  want  to  hear   it  all.  Free  Ads  and   great  content  is  what   TraderTAG  is  all  about... email: Mail:  Po  Box  11140 Frankston  3199 COMPUTER  SERVICES WIRELESS  CARD Wireless   PCI   card   for   Desktop   computer.   Connects   wirelessly   with   in   a   range.   For   Networking   and   all   your   computer   solutions,   $20,   Phone   0434387451,   AH   0353470330,   HORSHAM

COMPUTERS APC  BACK-­UPS  CS  500  UPS  -­ 300   Watt   with   battery.   in   VGC   like   new.and   portable   Lightning/Surge   Protection,spikes   and   even   lightning   guaranteed,  $80,  Phone  0412210725,   COBURG APC  BACK-­UPS  CS  500  UPS  -­ 300   Watt   with   battery..   in   VGC   like   new.and   portable   Lightning/Surge   Protection,spikes   and   even   lightning   guaranteed,  $80,  Phone  0412210725,   COBURG APC  BACK-­UPS  CS  500  UPS  -­ 300   Watt   with   battery.   in   VGC   like   new.and   portable   Lightning/Surge   Protection,spikes   and   even   lightning   guaranteed,  $70,  Phone  0412210725,   COBURG APC  BACK-­UPS  CS  500  UPS  -­ 300   Watt   with   battery..   in   VGC   like   new.and   portable   Lightning/Surge   Protection,spikes   and   even   lightning   guaranteed,  $80,  Phone  0412210725,   COBURG APPLE  COMPUTER  21IN which   you   plug   into   powerpoint   with   wireless   keyboard   &   mouse,   nothing   to   ad   or   update,   new   cost   $1400,   with   HP   wireless   printer   free   to   go   with   it   selling$800.   Blue   ray   Panasonic   disc   recorder   model   DMR.RWT800,   Viera   link.last,   new   $1400   one   year   old   $500,   Phone   0469350381,  KENSINGTON COMPUTER  SYSTEM 256mb   memory,   40gb   hard   drive,   colour   printer,   scanner,   photo   copier,   CD,   Word,   Excel,   Powerpoint,   Notebook,   user   text   book,   GC,   $150   ono,   Phone   97101847,   SMITHS   GULLY DELL  5.1  SURROUND  SOUND   Speaker   System   WL6000   JX427   Wireless   PC   Stereo   Multimedia   Speaker,plus   Dell   UltraSharp   1704FPVT   17â&#x20AC;?   LCD   Monitor,   $80,   Phone  0412210725,  COBURG HP  OFFICEJET  6500A  E-­ALL-­ in-­One   Printer   in   VGC,   might   need   colour   cartlidge   replacing,   welcome   to   test,   $60,   Phone   0412210725,   COBURG

LAPTOPS  &   NOTEBOOKS ACER  LAPTOP  CORE  I3 Acer   Core   i3   Grey   in   colour   10mths   waranty.   new   bag   and   ultimate   VRIWZDUH LQFOXGHG IUHH SRFNHW ZLÂż $420  ONO,  ooko,  Phone  0400286282,   AH  0397766734,  FRANKSTON IPAD  3 New   iPad   3   16GB   With   Many   Extras   Box,Books   Camera   accessories   Bluetooth   Keyboard,   Real   Leather   Case   ,2   Styluses,11   mths   warranty,   $524  ONO,  ooko,  Phone  03  9776  6734   ,  AH  0400  286  282  ,  FRANKSTON IPHONE.3GS iPhone   3GS   Box   Books,   Unlocked,   use   any   provider   as   new   has   all   books   box   and   sim   key   and   apple   sticker,   $245   ONO,   ooko,   Phone   03   9776   6734   ,   AH   0400   286   282   ,   FRANKSTON MAC  BOOK  PRO 15â&#x20AC;?   Mac   Book   Pro   Just   serviced   at   Mac  Alert  latest  version  XOS  wireless   Mac  mouse  excellent  condition,  $750,   Phone  0458661295,  NEWBOROUGH

AUDIO  &  VISUAL CDS,  DVDS,  VIDEOS,   RECORDS  &  TAPES ASSORTED  NEW  DVD unwanted   presents,   $2   ea,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY

ASSORTED  RECORDS 1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   era   offers,   Sanyo   radio/ cassette   player,   $20,   Phone   97162490,   AH   0400113934,   WHITTLESEA ASSORTED  VIDEOS assorted   videos,   100,   VGC,   $50   lot,   Phone  93062451,  GLENROY BEATLES  GOLD  BOX-­AUST  ED Limited  edition  -­  13  EMI  LP  records  as   new-­   box   has   slight   corner   damage.   Price   includes   postage,   $250,   Nil,   Phone  0408501539,  AH  0352331475,   COROROOKE BOX  OFFICE  MOVIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  25 Laser  Disc,  in  like  new  condition  and   all  with  tuff  clear  plastic  sleeves,pickup   Fawkner   3060   or   will   post,   $120,   Phone  0412210725,  COBURG BOX  OFFICE  MOVIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  28 Laser  Disc,  in  like  new  condition  and   all  with  tuff  clear  plastic  sleeves,pickup   Fawkner   3060   or   will   post,   $120,   Phone  0412210725,  COBURG BOX  OFFICE  MOVIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  25 Laser   Disc,in   like   new   condition   and   all  with  tuff  clear  plastic  sleeves,pickup   Fawkner   3060   or   will   post,   $120,   Phone  0412210725,  COBURG BOX  OFFICE  MOVIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  25 Laser  Disc,in  like  new  condition  and  all   with  tuff  clear  plastic  sleeves,$120.00   the   lot,or   $10.00   ea,   $120,   Phone   0412210725,  COBURG BOX  OFFICE  MOVIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  28   Laser  Disc,  in  like  new  condition  and   all  with  tuff  clear  plastic  sleeves,pickup   Fawkner   3060   or   will   post,   $120,   Phone  0412210725,  COBURG CD  CASSETTES  DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S vinyls   all   new   approx   700   units,   $2,500,   Phone   0400072973,   CHIRNSIDE  PARK CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  &  CASSETTES 600  all  new  some  box  sets  &  shrunk   wrapped,   $800,   Phone   0429001867,   CHIRNSIDE  PARK CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  X2   Enrique   Iglsias,   Cosas   Del   Amor   &   Vivir,  excellent  CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  only  played  once,   beautifully   encase   with   pamphlet,   lyrics   and   gorgeous   photo,   $15   for   2   will   sep,   Phone   0411412704,   FLEMINGTON CLASSIC  ITALIAN  VIDEO   LA   Sirenetta   (The   Little   Mermaid)   (2   Sirelle   In   alto   Mare)   Disney   Volume   6   runs   44min,   cartoon   animation   video,   $5,   Phone   0411412704,   FLEMINGTON COLLECTION  JOHN  WAYNE DVDs   (42)   &   (9)   Clint   Eastwood,   $500,   Phone   0452610050,   SOUTH   MORANG DVD  BURNER External   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lite   Onâ&#x20AC;?   burner   never   used,   $25,   Phone   59752984,   MORNINGTON DVD  CASES Total  135.  Hold  1=70,  2=55,  3=10.  $55   delivered  10  kms.  Selling  as  no  longer   needed.All   in   G.C.   Nth.   Dandenong,   $45   ONO,   Phone   97951230,   NTH   DANDENONG DVD  CREATION  OR  EVOLUTION Debate   is   evolution   a   reasonable   VFLHQWLÂżF WKHRU\" 606 \RXU DGGUHVV and   I   will   post   for   free,   $,   Phone   0411283106,  MARTIN DVD  PLAYER portable,   Phillips   model:TD7013/79,   current   model,   Paid   $249   ECond,   $110,  Phone  0434026713,  PRESTON DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S   loads   of   DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   assortment,   $1   ea,   Phone  0427212343,  WANTIRNA DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S 15  DVDx  must  buy  all  .50cents  each,   Phone  0401371965,  SALE ELVIS  PRESLEY   Treasure   LP   new,   contains   never   before   documents,   $100,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY LPS lots   of   LPs   all   types   as   new   various   prices,   $1   &   $2   each,   Phone   93981831,  ALTONA LPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S   approx  100  VGC,  Patsy  Cline,  Charlie   pride,   Elvis   Presley,   $50,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY MCLEODS  DAUGHTERS complete  set  1st  2nd  4th  series  VGC,   $60,  Phone  93062451,  GLENROY NEW  CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S assorted   unwanted   presents,   $2   ea,   Phone  93062451,  GLENROY

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BRIDAL  SET NEVER  WORN  9ct  White  Gold  Cluster   Bridal  Set.  0.80  Carat  Round  Brilliant   Cut.   Retail   $2499.00   Sell   $1800.00,   $1,800   ONO,   Phone   0411283740,   BROOKFIELD DIAMOND  RING  9CT its   an   engagement   ring   i   brought   for   $349   ring   size   is   L   can   resize   up   or   down,  $100,  Phone  0452644089,  AH   0400808563,  WYNDHAM  VALE DIAMOND  RINGS set   of   two   matching   rings,   18   carat   gold,   both   rings   together   have   18   diamonds,   unique   design,   $3,000,   Phone  0408501945,  CANADIAN ENGAGEMENT  RING 18ct   yellow   gold,   18   white   gold   diamond   set,   Princess   cut   on   angle,   VROLWDLUH ULQJ YDOXDWLRQ FHUWL¿FDWH $3650   sell,   $3,000   neg,   Phone   0468375036,  ROWVILLE MENS  9CT  2  TONE Gold  diamond  ring,  .2cts  of  brilliant  cut   diamonds,   diamond   matt   gents   ring,   never  worn,  valuation  $599  sell,  $500   neg,  Phone  0468375036,  ROWVILLE MENS  OMEGA  WATCH no  band,  De  Ville  white  face,  SS  back,   $200,   Phone   0423658920,   SWAN   HILL MICKEY  MOUSE  WATCHES 1   ladies   1   gents,   swift   movement   &   good   working   order,   $70,   Phone   59867438,  ROSEBUD  WEST PEARL  NECKLACE  GENUINE with   gold   clasp   superb   piece,   $500,   Phone  0438371502,  SOMERS PULSAR  WATCH yellow   face   chronograph,   in   ECond,   st/steel   plus   reg   post,   $100,   Phone   0427223130,  KYNETON SEIKO  DIVERS  WATCH 200MT   W/proof,   mod   7526   0029,   EC   plus   reg   post,   $200,   Phone   0427223130,  KYNETON

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Page  22   ON  THE  BUSES DVD   series   1-­7,   also   4hr   movie,   ECond,   $130   ono,   Phone   97951230,   DANDENONG REALISTIC  MICRO  1000 Microcassette   Dictating   Transcribing   System   Machine.   Made   in   Japan. hand   set/head   phones   /   power   supply   VGC,pickup   Fawkner   3060   or   will   post,   $50,   Phone   0412210725,   COBURG REALISTIC  MICRO  1000 Microcassette   Dictating   Transcribing   System   Machine.   Made   in   Japan. hand   set/head   phones   /   power   supply   VGC,pickup   Fawkner   3060   or   will   post,   $50,   Phone   0412210725,   COBURG REALISTIC  MICRO  1000 Microcassette   Dictating   Transcribing   System   Machine.   Made   in   Japan. hand  set/head  phones  /  power  supply   VGC,pickup   or   will   post,   $50,   Phone   0412210725,  COBURG RECORDS classical   assorted   box   of   50,   $25,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,   BERWICK RECORDS approx   100   VGC,   $50,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY RECORDS  50X  45RPM various   artists,   40   in   all,   Besatles   (6)   Elvis  Presley  (3)  VGC,  $25  lot,  Phone   54723667,  CHEWTON THE  WINDS  OF  WAR  DVD 6  disc  set  brand  new  unopened,  $30,   Phone  93096480,  BROADMEADOWS TIMELIFE  LOST   Civilizations  VHS  Videos  (25)  $5ea  or   $50  lot  urgent  sale,  Phone  97892314,   KARINGAL TV,  DVD  PLAYERS surround   sound   system,   5   speaker   DVD   player,   remote   Thompson   still   in   box,   black   in   colour,   $150,   Phone   0401786542,  DANDENONG UNDERBELLY  DVDS A   tale   of   two   cities,   The   Goden   Mile   etc,  11  discs  in  total  EC,  $40,  Phone   94593624,  HEIDELBERG  WEST VCR  OF   original  VCR  of  The  Royal  Wedding  of   Diana   &   Prince   Charles,   $15,   Phone   0409984330,  NARRE  WARREN  STH VCR  ORIGINAL of  Remembering  Marilyn,  $15,  Phone   0409984330,  NARRE  WARREN  STH VHS  MOVIES 1600+   for   sale   cheap,   Phone   0420711632,  WERRIBEE VIDEOS lots  of  titles  box  sets,  limited  editions,   all   new   too   many   titles   to   list,   offers,   Phone   0429001867,   CHIRNSIDE   PARK VIDEOS Videos   approx   100   EC,   $50,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY

VIDEO  &  COMPUTER   GAMES 2  XBOX  360  KINECT  + Kinect   Adventures   Game   +Wireless   Controller  Glossy  Black  For  Microsoft   Xbox   360,all   in   VGC,   $150,   Phone   0412210725,  FAWKNER ATARI  CONSOLE with   controllers,   paddles   &   heaps   of   games   21   games   like   new   1984,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   HEIGHTS COMPUTER  GAME-­  SIMS2 PC   CD-­ROM:   The   Sims   2   nightlife,   expansion   pack.   Brand   new,   never   used,   $15,   Phone   0413779313,   AH   0432183914,  HOPPERS  CROSSING COMPUTER  GAMES Guild   Wars   (2)   M,   $50   ono,   Phone   0481207605,  BURWOOD GAMEBOY  ADVANCED  SP   Good   Condition.   Comes   with   case   and   17   games.   Plus   the   charger.   Coloured   silver.   Phone   after   hours,   $60,   Phone   0400251439,   NARRE   WARREN  SOUTH IMAGINE  FASHION  DESIGNER. Imagine  fashion  designer  for  Nintendo   Ds.  Brand  new  game,  great  condition,   $20,   Phone   0413779313,   AH   0432183914,  HOPPERS  CROSSING LEAP  FROG  GS with  games  with  leap  pad,  $80,  Phone   0481207605,  BURWOOD NINTENDO  3DS   console   with   11   games   works   great,   all   in   original   boxes   make   an   offer,   Phone  0438532636,  GEELONG NINTENDO  DS  GAME  SIMS  2. Sims   2   game   for   nintendo   ds,   great   condition,   $20,   Phone   0413779313,   AH   0432183914,   HOPPERS   CROSSING NINTENDO  DS  LITE  ICE  BLUE Good   Condition.   Comes   with   case   and   18   games.   Plus   the   charger,   $60,   Phone   0400251439,   NARRE   WARREN  SOUTH NINTENDO  DS  PINK. Selling  original  Nintendo  ds,  pink  and   in   extremely   good   condition,   $80,   Phone  0432183914,  AH  0413779313,   GREENVALE PLAYSTATION  3 incls   assorted   games   $250,   Playstation   2   with   20   games   $150,   Phone   0419297038,   AH   94651529,   LALOR PS2  GAMES  &  CONTROLLER T.WoodsPGA   2003&2006-­RPonting   Crckt   2005-­W   S   Poker2008   &   Cordless   Controller,   $15,   Phone   0406616930,   AH   0396905008,   SOUTH  MELBOURNE SEGA  MASTER  SYSTEM  2 includes   1   control,   $35,   Phone   93277864,  LAVERTON SIMS  2  PETS  FOR  NIN  DS. Sims   2   pets   game   for   Nintendo   ds,   good   condition,   works   well,   $20,   Phone  0413779313,  AH  0432183914,   HOPPERS  CROSSING

TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850   SONY  PLAY  STATION  2   Excellent   condition,1   PS2   Remote   controller,3   Game   controllers,1   Futuretronics   game   controller,   3   Memory   cards(8GB   each),14   games.all   ages,   $200   ONO,   Phone   0358712808,   AH   0418151011,   COBRAM THE  SIMS  2-­  PC  GAME. PC   CD   ROM-­   The   sims   2,   Open   for   business,   expansion   pack.   Brand   new,   never   used,   $15,   Phone   0413779313,   AH   0432183914,   HOPPERS  CROSSING XBOX (not   360)   with   controller   and   17   games  inc  Halo,  star  wars,  spiderman,   furious   karting,   killer   app,   splinter   cell,   $99,   Phone   0354   226276,   AH   0407351562,  CARLSRUHE XBOX  360 black   2   controllers,   games   MW3   Saints  Row  3  Grand  Theft  Auto  IV  and   more,   $350   ono,   Phone   54237370,   KYNETON XBOX  360  KINECT used   twice   comes   with   2   games,   $260,  Phone  0419307895,  ROMSEY XBOX  360  KINECT  + Kinect   Adventures   Game   +Wireless   Controller  Glossy  Black  For  Microsoft   Xbox  360,  $150,  Phone  0412210725,   COBURG XBOX  360  KINECT  +   Kinect   Adventures   Game   +Wireless   Controller  Glossy  Black  For  Microsoft   Xbox   360,   $180   ONO,   Phone   0412210725,  COBURG XBOX  360  KINECT  + Kinect   Adventures   Game   +Wireless   Controller  Glossy  Black  For  Microsoft   Xbox   360,all   in   VGC,   $150,   Phone   0412210725,  FAWKNER XBOX  360  KINECT  + Kinect   Adventures   Game   +Wireless   Controller  Glossy  Black  For  Microsoft   Xbox   360,all   in   VGC,   $150,   Phone   0412210725,  FAWKNER XBOX  360  KINECT  +  2 Kinect   Adventures   Game   +Wireless   Controller  Glossy  Black  For  Microsoft   Xbox  360,  $150,  Phone  0412210725,   COBURG

CAMERAS  &   PHOTOGRAPHIC   ACCESSORIES CAMERA  DIGITAL Olympus   ST/800UZ,   as   new   18x150   zoom,   image   doublisation,   14Mega   pixel,  with  case  cost  $800  sell,  $300,   Phone  93389572,  TULLAMARINE CAMERA  DIGITAL  BATTERY Cannon   300D,   new   with   charger   PLUS   2X   256   MB   cards   ,   (camera   defunkt),  $100,  Phone  56780345,  AH   0411555500,  CORONET  BAY CAMERA  PENTAX  SF with   book   and   bag,   $750,   Phone   0404120137,  CRAIGIEBURN CANON  DVD  VIDEO Camera   Camcorder   never   been   used   $100,   Phone   0459588984,   GEELONG CANON  POWERSHOT 860  camera,  $65,  Phone  0411895019,   WILLIAMSTOWN EPSON  P5000  STORE/VIEW large  screen  with  speakers  80gb  hard   drive   card   reader   usb   rechargeable   battery,   $590,   Phone   0410505993,   AH  0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA LPL  ENLARGER  B&W  3300   (& ZLWK TXDOLW\ FRPSRQHQWV ÂżOWHU set;Íž  developer  tank;Íž  trays,;Ížchemicals;Íž   easel;Íž   photo   paper;Íž   lead   lined   bag   etc,  $40  ONO,  Phone  0425  759  249,   ARARAT NIKON  COOLPIX digital   camera   new   in   box,   never   used,  Hi  megapixels,  Hi  optical  zoom   lens   $435   new   sell,   $300,   Phone   0435617693,  TORQUAY PANTEX  SFX  35-­70MM  LENS plus   Vivitar   70-­210   auto   focus   zoom,   $200,   Phone   59713225,   FRANKSTON PENTAX  CAMERA   A3   program   70-­210   lens,   Takumar  A   =RRP  OHQV SOXV Ă&#x20AC;DVK  Phone  93117946,  SUNSHINE PHOTO  PAPER  HP  A4  GLOSS Completely   sealed   new   packs   of   50   A4   high   gloss   top   of   the   range   HP   photographic   paper,   $19,   Phone   0410505993,   AH   0410505993,   MOUNT  ELIZA PICK  &  PLUCK  FOAM foam   for   storage   of   models,   camera/ video   equipment   etc,   pick   up   foam   pieces   to   suit   your   equipment   shape   480x370x65mm,  Phone  0418466662,   HIGHETT REALISTIC  MICRO  1000 Microcassette   Dictating   Transcribing   System   Machine.   Made   in   Japan. hand   set/head   phones   /   power   supply   VGC,pickup   Fawkner   3060   or   will   post,   $50,   Phone   0412210725,   COBURG SIGMA  ZOOM  LENS 28/80mm  1.35-­5.6  macro,  suit  digital/ ÂżOPFDPHUD(&RQGRQR3KRQH 0434026713,  PRESTON TRIPOD/VIDEO   new   still   in   box,   60in/152cm   tall,   Ă&#x20AC;XLG KHDG WHQWLRQ FRQWUROV 3KRQH 0423967398,  SEAFORD VELBON  TRIPOD with   pan   handle   system,   suit   video   maker,   $50,   Phone   51343380,   MORWELL WACOM  GRAPHICS  TABLET Brand   new   never   used   in   box   large   A4  screen,  $595,  Phone  0410505993,   AH  0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA

VIDEO  CAMERAS  &   ACCESSORIES DIGITAL  MINI  PEN recorder,   working   biro   with   4GB   moview   camera,   near   new   all   attachments  with  voice  recording,  $35,   Phone  0407345472,  WEDDERBURN DVD Creation   vs   Evolution   Is   earth   6000   years   old   or   millions   of   years?   SMS   your  address  and  I  will  post  for  free,  $,   Phone  0411283106,  MARTIN TRANS-­VU   In   vehicle   surveillance   equipment   brand   new   still   in   box   paid   $3200   sell,  $2,800  ono,  Phone  0438932931,   MORWELL VIDEO  CAMERAS  (2) Panasonic   VGC,   Yashica   VGC,   both   in   carry   cases,   instruction   books   $50   ea   or,   $80   lot,   Phone   97004919,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS XBOX  360  KINECT  + Kinect   Adventures   Game   +Wireless   Controller  Glossy  Black  For  Microsoft   Xbox   360,all   in   VGC,   $150,   Phone   0412210725,  FAWKNER

STEREO  &  SOUND   SYSTEMS ALPINE  DVD  PLAYER in   dash   dvd   player   with   reverse   camera   iphone   plugs   touch   screen   fantstic   condition   paid   1500,   $400   ONO,   Phone   0413093185,   AH   0431233832,  DANDENONG  SOUTH AMP  PEAVY vintage   type   series   65,   (valve   amp)   200W   12in   speaker,   VGC,   with   new   remote   switch   pedal,   effects/reverb,   Ex  Thunder  Struck  band,  $650,  Phone   0414400510,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS AMPLIFIER Jade   sound   system   stereo   reverb,   $150   ono,   Phone   0425776571,   SAFETY  BEACH CAPACITOR stinger   and   areopro,   $100   Each,   Phone  0413093185,  AH  0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH CAR  AMPS pioneer   and   alpin   amp,   $150   Each,   Phone  0413093185,  AH  0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH CAR  STEREO pioneer  in  dash  cd  with  remote  good   condition   not   very   old   mp3   iphone,   $100   ONO,   Phone   0413093185,   AH   0431233832,  DANDENONG  SOUTH DIGITAL  CLOCK  RADIO Dab   &   FM,   RBS   digital   clock   radio   with   dock   for   Ipod,   remote   ECond,   $90   ono,   Phone   0429029455,   AH   94785657,  RESERVOIR JENSEN  SPEAKERS Floor   Standing,   QX   -­   45,   Pair,   2   Way   180   Watts,   As   New,   Cost   $900   Sell,   $550,   Phone   (03)   97812818,   FRANKSTON LG  SURROUND  SYSTEM 5.1  wireless  DVD  system,  plays  DVD/ audio   CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s/MP3   connection,   vertual   surround  Matrix,  easy  LG  TV  control,   make   an   offer   over,   $600,   Phone   0429966601,  MELTON NEW  SPEAKER  FOAM  SURROUND Kit   suit   15â&#x20AC;?   -­   5.25â&#x20AC;?   -­   4â&#x20AC;?.5   speakers,2   X  15â&#x20AC;?,  4  X  5.25â&#x20AC;?,4  X  4.5â&#x20AC;?  the  lot  $60,   $60,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG NEW  SPEAKER  FOAM  SURROUND Kit   suit   15â&#x20AC;?   -­   5.25â&#x20AC;?   -­   4â&#x20AC;?.5   speakers,2   X  15â&#x20AC;?,  4  X  5.25â&#x20AC;?,4  X  4.5â&#x20AC;?  the  lot  $50,   $50,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG OPTIMUS  TURNTABLE as   new,   $60,   Phone   97162490,   AH   0400113934,  WHITTLESEA PANASONIC  RADIO/CD stereo   system,   2   speakers,   silver,   $120,  Phone  0423967398,  SEAFORD PHILLIPS   2  speaker  table  model  radio,  records,   cassettes  &  radio  perfect  tone,  $100,   Phone  95788737,  CARNEGIE PHILLIPS  COMBINATION CD  radio  double  cassette  player  with   remote  and  handbook  twin  speakers,   faultless,   $55   ono,   Phone   94571462,   YALLAMBIE PIONEER  SPEAKERS+2X   TEAC   speakers+1x   Panasonic   subwoofer,Pioneer   3-­way   speakers   100watts   6ohms,TEAC   2-­way   speakers  40watts  6ohms  1  Panasonic   sub-­woofer   90watts   6ohms.VGC,   $70,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG PIONEER  SPEAKERS+2X   TEAC   speakers+1x   Panasonic   subwoofer,Pioneer   3-­way   speakers   100watts   6ohms,TEAC   2-­way   speakers  40watts  6ohms  1  Panasonic   sub-­woofer   90watts   6ohms.VGC,   $80,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG PIONEER  SPEAKERS+2X   TEAC   speakers+1x   Panasonic   subwoofer,Pioneer   3-­way   speakers   100watts   6ohms,TEAC   2-­way   speakers  40watts  6ohms  1  Panasonic   sub-­woofer  90watts  6ohms.all  in  VGC,   $70,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG PIONEER  SPEAKERS+2X   TEAC   speakers+1x   Panasonic   subwoofer,Pioneer   3-­way   speakers   100watts   6ohms,TEAC   2-­way   speakers  40watts  6ohms  1  Panasonic   sub-­woofer   90watts   6ohms.VGC,   $70,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG RECORD  PLAYER  AUTOMATIC AIWA   as   new   &   one   new   spare   QHHGOH \RX QHHG WR KDYH DPSOLÂżHU to   plug   it   in   to   play,   $100,   Phone   32888056,  IPSWICH RETRO  60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S UHFRUG SOD\HU $:$ WULÂż 6ROLG 6WDWH stereo  system  with  speakers  GC,  $30,   Phone  98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH SIGNAL  GENERATOR TF002   MF/HF   AM,   $25,   Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL SONY  AMPLIFIER Multi  Channel  AV  Receiver  Model  No.   STRDG510   with   instruction   manual   and   remote.   Hardly   Used,   $225,   Phone  (03)  97812818,  FRANKSTON

SPEAKERS Jamo  Sat   500   shelf   speakers,   50-­ 70wts   EC   8   OHM,   $120   ono,   Phone   97959756,  ROWVILLE SPEAKERS  Ă&#x20AC;RRU VWDQGLQJ %DQJ  2OXIVHQ speakers   80w,   2   Bang   &   Olufsen   speakers   35w,   sony   speaker   120w   Sony   subwoofer,   $200   ono,   Phone   51262252,  MOE STEREO  TURNTABLE Cassette   Unit   Kriesler   disco   type,   bought   1976,   instruction   book,   not   working,   plays   radio,   records   &   cassettes,   $40,   Phone   97004919,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS SURROUND  SOUND  PACKAGE Sherwood   amp,   Euros   tower   speakers,  Powered  Euros  subwoofer,   Toshiba   Dvd   Player   and   all   cables.   Paid   $1899   Sell   $650   ono,   Phone   0417032868,  NAGAMBIE TECHNICS  TUNER  AMP  &   Tape  deck,  new  turntable,  Lowie  CD,   in  glass  cabinet,  3  way  speakers  $200   will   sep,   Phone   0403903428,   AH   97234367,  KILSYTH TV  TCL LQ Ă&#x20AC;DW VFUHHQ /&' ZLWK remote   perfect   cond,   $80,   Phone   0469372708,  TRARALGON WALKMAN  PANASONIC RQCW01  cassette  player,  mega  base,   $4,  Phone  0434026713,  PRESTON

TVS,  DVD  &  VCR   PLAYERS AUDIOSONIC  2  CHANNEL  DVD   player   in   box   with   remote   VGC,   $15   ONO,  Phone  0425  759  249,  ARARAT AWA  CASSETTE   Recorder   suitable   spare   parts   or   handyman   may   convert,   cannot   record  digital  Free,  Phone  97951230,   DANDENONG BETA  VIDEO Recorder   Sanyo   5300   P-­IIN   Best   Offer,  Phone  98087358,  BLACKBURN   SOUTH DIGITAL  COMBO  TV   antenna   as   new,   $50,   Phone   0459932128,  NYAH  AREA FLAT  MONITOR   Style   TV   brand   new   cond,   needs   to   EH Âż[HG ZDV  VHOO  3KRQH 0406732647,  BAYSWATER FREE  TELEVISION 1970â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   push   button   good   natural   colour,  works  well,  26in  FREE,  Phone   98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH HD  BOX full   HD   recorder   box   strong   500gig   twin   tuner,   compatible   with   VCR   &   TV   paid   $420   selling,   $250,   Phone   98703295,  RINGWOOD HISENCE  55IN  FULL  HD and   LCD,   also,   TV   stand,   video   player,   DVD   player,   set   top   box,   $1,000   lot,   Phone   0407683483,   BEACONSFIELD LASER  DISC  PLAYER with   orig   touch   screen   and   one   disc,   very   rare   and   VGC,   $1,000,   Phone   0402699547,   AH   0414979640,   ELSTERNWICK LG  106CM  PLASMA Ă&#x20AC;DW VFUHHQ ZLWK EXLOW LQ VXUURXQG sound   big   unit   on   wheels,   plastic   screen,   +LG   set   top   box,   $800,   Phone   0488035716,   AH   52358481,   GELLIBRAND LG  42  INCH  TV Rear   Projection   and   Wintal   Set   Top   Box,   both   with   remote,   Unwanted,   $50,   Phone   (03)   97812818,   FRANKSTON LG  FLATRON  51CM TV,   rear   projection   with   remote   and   manual,   $30,   Phone   0408036230,   ESSENDON LG  GOLDEN  EYE colour   TV   82cm,   home   cast   digital   box,   plus   matching   cabinet,   PCond,   very  stable  for  children  FREE,  Phone   0438188468,  FRANKSTON LG  GOLDEN  EYE  80CM 32in   TV   Homecast   digital   box,   matching   glass   fronted   cabinet,   $50   ono,  Phone  97877377,  FRANKSTON LG  TV  LCD perfect  cond,  ideal  bedroom  or  family   room   see   working,   $185,   Phone   97821424,  SKYE PANASONIC  (51CM)  AV   stereo   TV   and   set   top   box,   comes   with   remotes   and   manuals,   EC,   $35,   Phone   51278071,   AH   0402818196,   MOE PANASONIC  LASER  VISION machine,   GCond,   160   12in   laser   GLVN ÂżOPV  3KRQH  FERNTREE  GULLY PANASONIC  VCR/DVD recorder   with   remote   control,   $150,   Phone  97642909,  KNOXFIELD PIONEER  PLASMA  50IN 503PG   comes   with   DVD,   receives,   display   system,   subwoofer,   $80,   Phone  0428379051,  BULN  BULN PROJECTION  TV National   6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;   screen   (need   service)   model   TC6200,   $195,   Phone   0433563659,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS REAR  PROJECTION  TV big   screen   tv   great   sound   with   5   speakers,   digital   ready   with   remote   toshiba,   $50   ONO,   Phone   0413093185,   AH   0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH SAMSUNG  DVD-­VCR Combo   work   good   (updated)   also   working  Panasonic  TV  21ins,  $80  both   ono,  Phone  97004919,  ENDEAVOUR   HILLS SANYO  DVD  PLAYER  &  DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Sanyo   DVD   Player   -­   model:DX500-­ Perfect  Working  Order-­w/remote*plus   2   dvdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,1   brand-­new,unopened,   $20,   Phone  0406616930,  AH  0396905008,   SOUTH  MELBOURNE SANYO  TELEVISION Sanyo   Television,   $15,   Phone   95696559,  MURRUMBEENA

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12

SATELLITE  RECEIVER Dreamax   digital   dish   box   cables,   ÂżWWLQJV QHZ  FKDQQHO PHPRU\ space,   EPG   channel   information,   $180,   Phone   0428312706,   AH   98705836,  CROYDON TEAC  TELEVISION Teac   Television,   $15,   Phone   95696559,  MURRUMBEENA TELEVISION Panasonic  Plasma  42in  screen  106cm   made   in   Japan,   DVD,   dolby   digital   Vieta   link   HDMI   as   new   cond,   cost   $2500  sell,  $600,  Phone  0421181458,   AH  59768332,  MOUNT  MARTHA TEVION  19â&#x20AC;?  LCD  TV With   Set   top   box   and   remote.   Good   condition.   Great   for   kids   room   or   caravan,   $55,   Phone   0425   759   249,   ARARAT TV  AERIAL Hills   digital   fair   cond,   $20,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,   BERWICK TV  ANTENNA  DIGITAL  NEW tv   antenna   for   digital   and   analog   tv   recipition,   for   city   or   fringe   areas,   new  in  box,  $50,  Phone  0438458753,   BLACKBURN TV  PANASONIC  119CM wide   screen   rear   projection   with   HD   set   top   box,   ECond,   $80,   Phone   0402326135,  ALTONA TV  SHARP  26IN  FREE stereo,   colour   silver,   with   remote   FREE,  Phone  0432578206,  CARRUM   DOWNS TV  SONY rear   projection   95cx70cm,   needs   set   top  box,  mint  cond,  $150  ono,  Phone   0409626993,  DELAHEY TV/DVD  PLAYER and  doc  for  iphone  new  in  box,  $120,   Phone  97700993,  FRANKSTON VCR  REMEMBERING Marilyn   +   CD   the   movie   hits,   never   opened,   $35   both,   Phone   0409984330,  NARRE  WARREN  STH VHS  MAGNAVOX 2   head   high   speed   playback   PAL/ NTSC   playback,   high   quality   MVCR-­ 20,   $100   ono,   Phone   0415064076,   GRANTVILLE VIVID  HD  LCD  TV  15.6â&#x20AC;? White  TV  in  box  with  remote  VGC  with   HDMI.  Great  for  kids  room  or  caravan.   Hardly   used,   $95   ONO,   Phone   0425   759  249,  ARARAT WIRELESS  AV  SENDER  PAY  TV 2.4Gh   AV   sender   Cocoon   brand   in   GC.   Send   pay   TV   to   other   rooms   in   the   house   wirelessly,   $20   ONO,   Phone  0425  759  249,  ARARAT

SAMSUNG  HT-­Z320 DVD   Home   Cinema   system.   1000w,   full   HD   upscaling,   Anynet,   Bluetooth   &   Wireless   ready.   New   in   box/unopened.   cost   $399,   sell   $175,   Phone   0429622100,   AH   03   58622100,  NUMURKAH SLIDE  PROJECTOR Takes   round   magazines   &   takes   straight   magazines,   100W   light,   auto   $70   with   projection   screen   $100,   Phone  93389572,  TULLAMARINE SLIDE  PROJECTOR  & Self  Standing  Screen  good  condition,   $55,  Phone  0408504566,  BALLARAT THEATRE  SYSTEM Sonusfeber   hand   made   speakers   &   Witcher   subwoofer,   Yamaha   amps,   projectors   &   90in   screen,   As   new   cost   $10500   sell,   $3,490,   Phone   0411805012,  GREENVALE


could  be   used   as   a   Bar   etc,   $3,500   ONO,   Phone   0418301005,   PAKENHAM

PORTABLE  SPEAKERS enclosure   with   70x20x18cm   with   2   13cm   speakers,   and   2   tweeters,   4   OHS   impedance   200w   output,   $50,   Phone  97921386,  DANDENONG SANYO  3  DISC cassette  player  works  well  no  remote   must   sell,   $40,   Phone   0401784087,   MOOROOPNA

ANTIQUES  &   COLLECTABLES ANTIQUE  FURNITURE ANTIQUE  CHAIR Sling  back,  brown  colour,  $50,  Phone   97254042,  KILSYTH ANTIQUE  CLOCK Antique   clock,   brown   wood   colour,   $150,  Phone  97254042,  KILSYTH ANTIQUE  COUCH  1960

3  seater  Wicker  work  back  &  sides,   excellent   condition,   $650   ONO,   Phone  54295480,  ROMSEY ANTIQUE  DRAWER  SET

ANTIQUE  MIRROR   Very   Beautiful   Antique   Mirror   Quality   Plus   Size   of   Mirror   Is   55cm   across   105cm   Down,   $495,   Phone   0405206648,  WERRIBEE ANTIQUE  SEWING  MACHINE heavy   duty,   $180   ONO,   Phone   0429354050,  BALLARAT PROJECTORS  &  HOME   ANTIQUE  SINGLE   black   iron   bed,   with   orig   transfers,   THEATRE and   brass   features,   have   seen   elsewhere   for   $1400   sell,   $550,   BOX  OFFICE  MOVIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  28   Laser  Disc,  in  like  new  condition  and   Phone   0421198271,   AH   88380849,   all  with  tuff  clear  plastic  sleeves,pickup   CROYDON Fawkner   3060   or   will   post,   $120,   ANTIQUE  WHEELS   Phone  0412210725,  COBURG HD  HOME  CINEMA  PROJECTOR

McKay  Harvestor   100   years   old   (4),   ideal   for   driveway   entrance,   $250   each,   Phone   0488148462,   DOREEN

Brand  New   in   Box,   Great   for   watching   movies,   TV,   Foxtel,   Playing  Xbox,  Xbox  360,  PS2,  PS3,   Wii,   PC,   Laptop,   etc.   Can   deliver   for   $25  Australia   wide.   Comes   with   all   cables   and   access.   12   month   warranty.   Bargain   at   only   $350ea,   $350   Each,   TonerFast,   Phone   0394369925,  AH  0413679957,  MILL   PARK LED  PROJECTOR  2800LUMENS Ultra   Bright   2800   Lumens,   Contrast   2000:1,   Full   HD   1080p,   5   star   energy   rating,   $950   Each,   Phone   0404018830,  SALE LED  PROJECTOR  2800LUMS Ultra   Bright   2800   Lumens,   Contrast   2000:1,   Full   HD   1080p,   5   star   energy   rating,   $950   Each,   Phone   0404018830,  SALE LED  PROJECTOR  1080P  2800 Ultra   Bright   2800   Lumens,   Contrast   2000:1,   Full   HD   1080p,   5   star   energy   rating,   $950   Each,   Phone   0404018830,  SALE PROJECTOR Rare   portable   8   mm   projector   Elmo   FP-­A   Good   condition,   $50,   Phone   0408598990,  MACLEOD PROJECTOR/OVERHEAD Bell  &  Howell,  $150,  Phone  57621132,   BENALLA

ANTIQUES  DAWN  WOOD  VICE Number  7,  $100,  Phone  0427496550,   MAIDEN  GULLY ARMCHAIRS  X  2 dark   red   vinyl   1940/50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.   Good   condition,   one   seat   sagged   a   little,   $180,   Phone   9700   5330,   LYSTERFIELD ART  DECO  ARMCHAIRS 1  pair  with  revolving  chrome  ashtrays,   in   needof   restoration,   $360,   Phone   0417136159,  MCMAHONS  CREEK BED  BRASS/IRON  4FT   Made   in   approx   1811,   board   base,   offers   around   $1500,   Phone   0424197575,  ALBURY BRASS  BED  DOUBLE

very  old   good   condition,   $195,   Phone  0488148462,  DOREEN CHEST  OF  DRAWERS Cedar,   unusual   piece,   great   restorer,   ECond,   $1,000   ono,   Phone   0438371502,  SOMERS CHINESE  MEDICAL  CABINET CHINESE   Cherry   Wood   Medical   Cabinet  36  drawers  +  2  door  opening   ù   lovely   old   item   59cmx83cmx23cm,   $450,   Phone   0421049574,   AH   0421049574,  SHEPPARTON

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12  

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2  cupboards   below   with   3   drawers   &   2   glass   sliding   doors   on   hutch   49D   X   212H   X   151W,   $800,   Phone   0411081592,  FRANKSTON PINE  SCRUBBED  DESK 3  drawers,  122cm  x  50cm  D,  excellent   condition,   $1,000,   Phone   97088279,   MOUNT  ELIZA QUEEN  ANNE   dressing   table   with   2   matching   single   beds,   VGC   best   offer,   Phone   59762809,  MORNINGTON QUEEN  ANNE   lounge   suite   3   singles   &   1   double   good   order   olive,   $150,   Phone   0407865934,  WHITTLESEA ROCKING  CHAIRS  (PAIR) newly   reupholstered   and   recovered,   rocking  mechinism  internal,  $550  pair,   Phone  56648381,  MIRBOO  NORTH ROLL  TOP  DESK centre   locking,   solid,   3   concealed   lockable  compartments,  $350,  Phone   97271836,  MOOROOLBARK ROUND  GUTTER  TABLE needs   glue,   $50,   Phone   98019656,   WANTIRNA  SOUTH SINGER  TREADLE  MACHINE Singer   Treadle   sewing   machine   6   pull   out   drawers   &   1   long   drop   down   drawer-­Excellent   Condition,   $385,   Phone  0421049574,  AH  0421049574,   SHEPPARTON SINGER, treadle   sewing   machine,   6   drawer,   complete   unit,   VGC,   $350,   ONO,   Phone  0429622100,  AH  03  58622100,   NUMURKAH TUDOR  ANTIQUE  1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S

Antique  French   Dining   chairs,   8   chairs  &  1  queen,  in  need  of  repair,   $700   ONO,   Phone   0407536980,   WODONGA GATELEG  TABLE on  turned  tapered  legs  1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  2  drop   leaves   extended   1.5x0.9M,   $175,   Phone  0409136783,  CARNEGIE GLASS  DISPLAY  CABINETS (2)  sliding  doors  at  back  in  good  cond,   $60,   Phone   0459932128,   NYAHA   AREA HALL  TABLE   half   moon   shape   blackwood   with   drawer   VGC   best   offer,   Phone   59762809,  MORNINGTON HALL  TABLE half   moon,   timber,   $50,   Phone   0437015675,  CLYDE HALL  TABLE  JACOBEAN Half   Moon   Dark   oak,   pie   crust   edge,   70cm   W   x   35cm   D,   excellent   condition,   $1,000,   Phone   97088279,   MOUNT  ELIZA HIGHCHAIR collectors   item   55yrs   old,   chrome   and   green   laminex,   $35,   Phone   0428568420,  AH  59568420,  COWES HUON  PINE  CHEST Huon   Pine   5   drawer   chest   with   Hot   Poker  work  pattern  -­  Excellent,  $850,   Phone  0421049574,  AH  0421049574,   SHEPPARTON INDUSTRIAL  DRAWER cabinet,   H6ft9   W4ft1   D1ft6,   54   drawers   (half   of   original   number),   $1,500,   Phone   56648381,   MIRBOO   NORTH JACOBEAN   3   piece   fully   restored   as   new   heavily   carved,   $2,500,   Phone   0407865934,   WHITTLESEA LADIESâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  BUREAU Walnut,   lift   down   front,   4   drawers,   cab  legs,  excellent  condition,  $1,500,   Phone  97088279,  MOUNT  ELIZA LEADLIGHT  KITCHEN  DRESSER Leadlight   Kitchen   Dresser   Large   leadlight   sliding   doors   rare   item   154cmx122cmx38cm  Excellent,  $350,   Phone  0421049574,  AH  0421049574,   SHEPPARTON LIGHTS antique   3-­large   ceiling   lights   with   SROLVKHG FRSSHU ¿WWLQJV  D PDUEOH wallplate  for  light  switches,  out  of  old   mansion,  $250,  Phone  93663595,  AH   0400366202,  ST  ALBANS LOVE  SEAT antique   cedar   and   hardwood,   moss   green  velvet,  ECond,  beautiful  piece,   $1,000   ono,   Phone   0438371502,   SOMERS MINERS  COUCH original  old  ornate  ideal  restorer,  $400,   Phone  0477410523,  FRANKSTON OAK  GATE  LEG  TABLE 1920â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   English,   GC,   needs   re-­polish,   6   seater,   $295,   Phone   0407056960,   WEST  FOOTSCRAY OLD  ANTIQUE  TABLE needs  polishing  but  its  a  very  beautiful   piece,   chestnut   colour,   $500,   Phone   0433795990,  KEW  EAST OLD  FENDER   black  steel  with  brass  rail  around  the   top   and   brass   knobs   on   the   corner   &   centre   EC,   $70,   Phone   53482641,   DAYLESFORD

dining  table   with   6   chairs,   4ftx3ft   extends   to   5ft3in,   good   condition,   $700,   Phone   94228806,   SOUTH   MORANG WARDROBE   large   central   bevilled   mirror   1920â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   $100,   Phone   56648381,   MIRBOO   NORTH WARDROBE  MENS 1950  type,  in  good  cond,  $100,  Phone   98536091,  KEW WRITING  LIBRARY  DESK Blackwood   fold   down   top,   3   drws   below   two   glass   Georgian   doors   on   top   of   desk,   VGC   best   offer,   Phone   59762809,  MORNINGTON

REPRODUCTIONS CAST  IRON   brass   &   porcelain   repro   singlle   bed,   as   new   cost   $800   white,   sell,   $200,   Phone  0407865934,  WHITTLESEA

COLLECTABLES INDIAN  COSTUME  DOLL 1960s   indian   costume   doll   hard   plastic   body   ,   soft   rubber   head,hand   plus   p/h,   $35,   Phone   03   558   12675,   CASTERTON ABORIGINAL  ARTIFACTS spears,  club,  sheild  &  message  sticks,   7pces,   been   in   family   for   85yrs,   rare   pieces,  Authenticated,  $2,000,  Phone   0419521722,  BAIRNSDALE ABORIGINAL  BARK landscape,   by   Maurice   M   Mead,   $2,000,   Phone   97860858,   FRANKSTON ABORIGINAL  LANDSCAPE   2   or   3   dimensional   by   Colin   Cliffe   1986,   wood   carvings   etc   5x3,   lovely   piece,   $5,000,   Phone   97860858,   FRANKSTON AC/DC  BACK  IN  BLACK  PINBA brand   new   in   box,   Australian   delivered,   made   by   Stern   Pinball.   for   details   and   pics,   $10,000,   Phone   0397931359,   DANDENONG AFL  CARS  2001  12 new   all   diff   teams   (Beatles),   $48,   Phone  93981831,  ALTONA AIR  COMPRESS  1940S Working   order,   $100,   Phone   0403739447,  WANGARATTA AIR  SPEED  1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Fan,  very  large,  10ft  tall  good  working   condition,   $400,   Phone   0435944322,   BALLARAT ALAN  DIDAK  #4  2004 Guernsey,   autographed   with   FHUWL¿FDWH RI DXWKHQWLFLW\ PLQW FRQG $380,   Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,  CARRUM  DOWNS ALSATION  DOG  STATUE plaster  cast  early  20-­40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  dog  stands   on   a   rock   CA   18in   tall   no   chips   EC   good   ornament   EC,   $50   ono,   Phone   93142843,  YARRAVILLE

and  brass   blwon   torches   etc   starting   @,   $5,   Phone   0468930196,   LANG   LANG ANTIQUE  CHAFF  CUTTER Antique   chaff   cutter,   $100   ONO,   Phone  03  57989691,  EUROA ANTIQUE  GARDEN  SYTHE Very   rusty   but   complete   suit   garden   supplies   or   antique   dealer,   $40,   Phone  59889643,  BLAIRGOWRIE ANTIQUE  LAMPS  (2) Kerosene   run   1x   portable   1x   table   works   well,   $50   both,   Phone   97004919,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS ANTIQUE  TELEPHONES 1903   Ericsson   Sweden   telephone.   One  British  Ericsson  telephone  both   in  good  condition.  Neither  telephone   has   been   converted.   $500   each,   $1,000,   Phone   0356332742,   AH   0407650605,  TRAFALGAR

ARMY  TANK   remote   control,  Australian   tank   50cm   ORQJ UHYROYLQJ WXUUHW FDPRXÃ&#x20AC;DJH  weathering   added,   batteries   need   charging,   $80,   Phone   54822973,   MOAMA ART  DECO   pendant   ceiling   light,   vintage   1930-­ 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   faceted,   frosted   glass   with   cut   glass   base,   compl/w   copper   bulb   ¿WWLQJ *&  3KRQH  SANDRINGHAM ART  DECO  GLASS  FLURO covers,   2x   art   deco   glass,   Lt   yellow   curved   sides,   textured   face   760mmx310mm  C1950  arvo/evening,   leave   message,   $30   ea   ono,   Phone   95553271,  MOORABBIN ART  DECO  TABLE  LAMP with  faceted  bakelite  stand  in  mottled   colours,  with  mottled  yellow  glass  ball   lamp,  GC  needs  rewiring,  $50,  Phone   95981993,  SANDRINGHAM ASHTRAY chromed   on   stand,   solid   metal   on   stand,   $100,   Phone   98019656,   WANTIRNA  SOUTH ASSORTED  PICTURES Paul  Stanley  Kiss  framed  $40,  Crazy   (autographed   framed)   $55,   Beatles   silver   Beatles   1962   framed,   $40,   Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,   CARRUM  DOWNS ASSORTED  PICTURES Commodore   1979   Repco   trail   bar   mirro   $35,   Elvis   Presly   bar   mirror   $40,  Elvis  Presley  clock  (1956  Loving   You),   $40,   Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,  CARRUM  DOWNS AUTGRAPHS  HOLLYWOOD Australian   sports   stars   1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   40â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   more,   $20   $50   car   model   kits   mustangs   1971   $20ea,   aft6pm,   Phone  93317192,  KEILOR  EAST AWA  RETRO  60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S UHFRUG SOD\HU $:$ WUL¿ VROLG VWDWH stereo  system  with  speakers  GC,  $30,   Phone  98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH BABY  BASSINETTE  CANE 60yrs   old,   complete   with   cane   stand   on  wheels  with  crook  &  net,  VGCond,   $200,   Phone   97581446,   UPPER   FERNTREE  GULLY BABY  BOWLS  X5 English   China   incl   Royol   Winton   Falcon   Ware,   Nelson,   Wedgewood   etc,   $30   ea,   Phone   56622912,   LEONGATHA BAKER  TELEPHONES and   red   pay   phone   7   of   40   to   70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   $200,   Phone   0403739447,   WANGARATTA BAKERLITE  TELEPHONE black,   working   order,   $50,   Phone   0408385336,   AH   98791090,   CROYDON BARBERS  CHAIR Raynor   brand,   1956-­60?   good   condition,   $430,   Phone   0423682130,   GLEN  WAVERLEY BARREL  COLLINGWOOD  

wall  barrel   with   Collingwood   Log,   holds  5Ltrs  of  liquid,  ideal  for  a  pool   room,   $600,   Phone   0448300329,   VICTORIA BEANIE  KID  BEARS 36   most   with   tags   some   rare   ones,   $250,   Phone   0427434968,   EAGLEHAWK BEANIE  KID  BEARS  X40 We   have   40   beanie   kids   for   sale   some  have  tages  all  exc,  please  sms/ call,   $5   Each,   Phone   0449909384,   MARSHALL BEATLES  ABBEY  ROAD gold   record,   photos   John   Ringo,   George   &   Paul   walking   across   crossing,   record,   profesionally   framed,   reproduction,   $150,   Phone   95878027,  MORDIALLOC

Collectables  fabric   doll   22cm   tall,   new   $10,   black/white   vinyl   &   fabric   handbag   25cm   diam   pockets   inside   VGC,   $15,   Phone   93067628,   GLENROY BETTY  BOOP  SILVER   Tin   Case   19x12x6cm   B-­Boop   decorations,   $10,   Phone   93067628,   GLENROY BISCUIT  BARREL antique   marked   empire   works   Stoke   on   Trent   England,   silver   lid/handle,   Ã&#x20AC;RUDO GHVLJQ QR FKLSV RU FUDFNV no   crazing   inside,   $100,   Phone   97639171,  FERNTREE  GULLY BISCUIT  BARRELS antique,  monkey  &  bear,  circa  1920â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   35cm  each  perf  cond,  $50  lot,  Phone   59773802,  TYABB BISCUIT  TINS World   tins,   all   different   shapes   and   sizes,   very   collectable,   excellent   condition,  $1  each,  Phone  93981831,   ALTONA BOWLS  VERY  OLD with   ballerinas   all   have   gold   edging,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   HEIGHTS BRASS  LAMPS  X2 Old  brass  motor  bike  lamps,  Lucas  Ltd   patent,  Burmingham,  glass  missing  in   both   lamps,   crica   1910,   $100   Pair,   Phone  54822973,  MOAMA BRASS  SHELLS  X2 1x  40mm  Bofors  AA  1  75mm  qua  tank   will   not   sep,   plus   post,   $100,   Phone   0427223130,  KYNETON BRODIE  HOLLAND  #6 2004   Guernsey,   autographed   with   FHUWL¿FDWHRIDXWKHQWLFLW\9*& Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,   CARRUM  DOWNS BUSHELLS  PURE  COFFEE vaccum  packed  jar  6inH.  slight  green   tinge   glass   8sides   regd,   design   no   19729  AGM  tin  lid  no  paper  label,  $8,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE BUTCHER  STEEL Dick,  wood  and  brass  handle  in  VGC,   very   old   must   sell,   $150   ono,   Phone   0427223130,  KYNETON BUXTON  LIMEWORKS 11/10/1989   ICI   congratulations   plate   achieving  total  of  1000,000  man  hours   since  our  last  over  three  day  accident   by   Royal   Doulton,   $15   pp,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE CADBURYS  BOURNVILLE  COCOA heavy   duty   cardboard   advertisement   30inx19in   beautiful   colors   looks   1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   Ships   Captain   Rough   Seas   Drinking   a   cup   of   Cocoa   EC,   $550   ono,  Phone  0421453025,  ST  ALBANS CALENDARS 1963-­1993   National   Australia   Bank,   12   calendars,   all   new,   beautiful   for   framing,  $25  the  lot,  Phone  93981831,   ALTONA CALENDERS old,   semi   old,   overseas,   some   new   differnet   companies,   prefer   to   sell   as   a  lot,  Phone  54282112,  GISBORNE CANE  BABY  PRAM   with  can  hood,  75yrs  old,  hand  made  in   Melbourne,  nappy  drawer  underneath   ECond,  $750  NEG,  Phone  97581446,   UPPER  FERNTREE  GULLY CANE  CHAISE  LOUNGE circa   1950   white,   good   cond,   $65,   Phone  0459932128,  NYAH  AREA CAR  MEMORABILIA Rolls   Royce   memorabilia   and   ISIS   6   2   manuals,   $250,   Phone   98900873,   BOX  HILL  NORTH CARD  ALBUMS 3  German  albums  complete  full  cards   mint  cond,  die  malerei  etc,  $90,  Phone   93981831,  ALTONA CARNIVAL  GLASS   12   good   items,   blue   and   gold,   $450,   Phone  98900873,  BOX  HILL  NORTH CARS  CRAIG  LOWDNES &   McConuille   1991   &   1   Craig   Lowdnes  Commodore  must  sell,  $100   ono,  Phone  0427223130,  KYNETON CASSETTE  TAPES   all   oldies   but   good   50   LP   all   in   good   nick   must   sell,   $300   ono,   Phone   0427223130,  KYNETON CAST  IRON  PEDESTAL   basin  in  need  of  restoration  pink,  $380,   Phone   0417136159,   MCMAHONS   CREEK CHARLIE  MCCARTHY Ventriloquist   doll,   full   body   mouth   trigger,  new  in  sales  box,  $295,  Phone   98019235,  WANTIRNA  SOUTH CHILDRENS  RIDE coin   operated   in   good   working   order,   Dow  horse  built  1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  antique,  $750,   Phone   0468930196,   LANG   LANG   AREA CLASSIC  COLLECTABLES   1930   Guesenberg   Tourster,   $25,   Phone  95558753,  HAMPTON  EAST CLOCKS  ANTIQUES From   1900-­1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   (10   of)   French,   Germany,   Americal   &   English,   all   working   will   sep,   $1,600,   Phone   0406496676,  CRANBOURNE COBBLERS  LAST triple   foot   sizes   rare   collectors   piece,   $35,   Phone   0421856441,   FRANKSTON

Billy  Bunting   made   by   Carlton   of   England,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS COINS  AUSTRALIAN  PENNIES And   half   pennies   GC   (500)   $150,   World   coins   (500)   mainly   European   $70,  Phone  0424056763,  DOVETON COLLECTABLE  CAMERAS Approx  (40)  some  Exaktas  &  various   others,   some   pre-­war,   most   good   working   condition   sell   as   lot,   $1,800   neg,  Phone  93982031,  ALTONA COLLECTABLES  FAIR/SALE

The  Christmas   Fair,   Sandown   Racecourse,   Princes   Hwy,   Springvale.   Sunday,   9th   December,9am-­3pm.   Shop   till   you   drop!  Great  chance  to  pick  up  some   real  bargains.  One  stop  shopping  for   all   your   Christmas   gifts.   Bring   your   shopping   lists.   Get   your   Christmas   VKRSSLQJ ¿[ KHUH :LGH YDULHW\ RI vintage   retro,   modern,   collectables,   memorabilia   &   nostalgia   for   sale.   China,   glassware,   jewellery,   books,   vinyl   records,   comics,   all   trade   cards,  medals,  badges,  coins,  toys,   6FL¿DFWLRQ¿JXUHVGLHFDVWPRGHO kits,   trains,   Beanie   Kids,   dolls   and   heaps   more.   FREE   parking,   with   train   station   next   door.   Be   sure   to   visit,   for   more   information   visit,   All   Events   Victoria,   All   Events   Victoria,   Phone   95688441,  SPRINGVALE COLLECTABLES  SHOP shutting   down   all   stock   must   go   Seaford  between  10am  &  6pm,  Phone   87531186,  SEAFORD COLLECTION  OF  58   Coles   Swap   Cards,   1956   Olympic   Games,   National   Flags,   Sports   etc,   $550,  Phone  0437542372,  BENLOCH COLLECTION  OLD  TINS all   kinds   100   of   oil   cans,   tobacco,   cleaning   many   more,   $200,   Phone   0403739447,  WANGARATTA COLLECTOR  PLATES   various   Waltzing   Matilda   by   Banjo   Patterson   etc,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS COLLINGWOOD  GUERNSEYS  X5 3   Ryan   Lonie   2004   Guernsey,   DXWRJUDSKHG ZLWK FHUWL¿FDWH RI authenticity,   mint   cond,   $350,   Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,   CARRUM  DOWNS COPPER  1  &  2  CENT Coins   97%   copper   content,   have   over   500kgs   @   $6   per   kilo,   Phone   0429132936,  BALLARAT CORIO  WHISKY  CLEAR glass   with   red   printing   jug,   handle   14cm   high   $12pp,   Clear   glass   with   the   Swans   emblem   (view   dish)   ash   tray   $5pp,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE COUNTER  SCALE Ex   Deli   Avery   scale   weighs   to   2kg   suit   kitchen   or   deli   shop,   VG   cover   50yrs   old,   $150,   Phone   97004919,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS CREAM  CAN Harvey  Shaw  50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  cream  can  with  lid   and  handles,  good  cond,  $110,  Phone   0419381836,  ALTONA CRICKET  CARDS complete   sets   2007-­2008   2008-­ 2009,   2009-­2010,   $20   ea,   Phone   0412664951,  WATSONIA CULTERY  57  PIECES 42   pieces   Grosver   EPNS   and   bone   handles   15   other   brand   all   new,   excellent   order,   $200,   Phone   0439101170,  GREAT  WESTERN DEER  HEAD  LARGE Stuffed   head   &   neck,   purchased   in   Aust,   real   deer   fur,   $450   ono,   Phone   53483071,  DAYLESFORD DENNIS  LILLEE Teaspoon   World   Record   test   wickets   27-­12-­81   silver   colour   with   man   bowling  as  handle,  $12  plus  postage,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE DIDGERIDOO brown,  aboriginal  paintings,  collectable   item,   35yrs   old   approx,   $320,   Phone   95878027,  MORDIALLOC DINNER  ANTIQUE 8   setting   Heutchner   of   Germany,   incl   soup,   veg,   meat   platters,   mint   condition   l,   $300,   Phone   59773802,   TYABB DINNER  SET  MEAKIN Romney   1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   English   china,   mint   condition,  setting  for  4,  dinner  plates,   bowls,   side-­plates,   cups,   saucers,   Octagonal   design,   $120,   Phone   97639171,  FERNTREE  GULLY

Ã&#x20AC;RUDOHQJOLVKFKLQD¶VPLQWFRQG setting  for  4dinner  plates,  side  plates,   cups  and  saucers,  very  pretty,  cream,   $80,   Phone   97639171,   FERNTREE   GULLY DOLL German   16in   1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   bisque   head,   glass  eyes,  wig  composition  body,  orig   VGC,  $325  ono,  Phone  0425714248,   PRESTON DOLL German  19in  1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  A.M  bisque  head,   glass  eyes,  moulded  hair,  composition   body,   orig   VGC,   $275   ono,   Phone   0425714248,  PRESTON DOLL   very  old  baby  OK  Kader  B3529,  open/ shut   eyes,   18in,   dressed   in   layette   clothes,   VGCond,   $100   NEG,   Phone   97581446,   UPPER   FERNTREE   GULLY DOLL  66CM  TALL Evergreen   Hong   Kong   No   1027,   sleeping   eyes,   lovely   face,   short   white/blonde   hair,   VGC,   $30,   Phone   93067628,  GLENROY DOLLS  CANE  COT 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   style,   VGCond,   $50,   Phone   97581446,   UPPER   FERNTREE   GULLY DOLLS  PORCELAINS Hamilton,   Franklin   Mint   &   Heirloom   from   $50   each,   Phone   0408979150,   BEACONSFIELD DON  BRADMAN  POSTER 29  of  the  best,  put  out  by  Herald  Sun   in   2001,   black   &   white,   $100,   Phone   59418141,  PAKENHAM DR  WHO  EXPANSION Set  Chess  pces,  1  have  24  of  the  total   of   the   28   pces,   will   separate,   ECond   make   an   offer,   Phone   0411023957,   YARRA  JUNCTION DR  WHO  ORIGINAL Danbury   Mint   Chess   Set,   38   pewter   pieces   with   board   &   book   complete   VGC,   $500   ono,   Phone   0411023957   aft  6pm,  YARRA  JUNCTION DUTCH  CLOG large  size  left  hand  shoe,  $50,  Phone   0438188468,  FRANKSTON DYE  CAST Trucks   Days   Gone   By,   Track,   Post   2I¿FH IRRWEDOO FROOHFWLRQ 7UXFN IXOO set   1995   call   for   prices,   Phone   0408979150,  BEACONSFIELD EARLY  CADBURYS 2ft   chocolate   die-­cut   cardboard   advertisement   of   a   Lighthouse   yellow   red   blue   colours   3ftx1ft   wide,   advertisement   on   white   11in   Did   Lifebuoy,   $250,   Phone   0421453025,   ST  ALBANS EDISON  WINDUP gramaphone,  Gram  78  records  spare   needles,  needs  joints  re-­glued,  ratten   speaker   cover,circa   1920-­30â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   $600,   Phone  54822973,  MOAMA EGG  SPOONS Egg   spoons   X4,   $25   ea,   Phone   59734449,  MORNINGTON ELVIS  PRESLEY   Memorabilia   for   sale   call   for   more   details,   Phone   0400925419,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY ELVIS  PRESLEY collectors   plates,   The   King   and   comeback   special,   offers,   Phone   0418177526,  CHELSEA  HEIGHTS ELVIS  PRESLEY  CLOCK 1966   $40,   Elvis   Presley   Clock   1956   Loving  you  $40,  Phone  0432578206,   AH  97860736,  CARRUM  DOWNS ELVIS  PRESLEY  MIRROR in   stainless   steel   frame   62cmW   by   75cmL   older   Elvis   from   waist   up,   black   picture,   $55,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE ESKY  METAL quilted   pattern   blue   with   white   metal   lid,  brass  drain  plug,  good  cond,  blue   and   white,   $35,   Phone   0412982377,   RINGWOOD  EAST ESKY  WILLOW  METAL purple   pattern   with   white   plastic   lid   EC,   $30,   Phone   0412982377,   RINGWOOD  EAST FALCON  PLANE No   6   complete   great   condition,   $50,   Phone   0412982377,   RINGWOOD   EAST FIGURINE  POLY  RESIN wine  bottle  holder,  french  waiter,  brand   new,   $30   ono,   Phone   54822973,   MOAMA FIRE  DOGS  PAIR brass  small  very  good  cond,  rests  for   ¿UH WRQJV RQ KHDUWK 9LFWRULDQ  Phone  98807062,  SURREY  HILLS FIRE  SCREEN plaster   relief,   oak   framed   picture-­ ramses   with   chariots,   brass   feet   and   handle,   GC   29x21in   pre   WW1,   $50,   Phone  98807062,  SURREY  HILLS FIRE  TONGS semi   ornate,   Victorian   3pce,   30in   long,   steel,   gold   plated,   VGC,   $175,   Phone  98807062,  SURREY  HILLS FOOTBALL  CARDS complete  sets  from  1996  to  2011,  $20   ea,  Phone  0412664951,  WATSONIA FOOTBALL  CARDS 1996  Hall  of  Fame  complete  set,  $100,   Phone  0412664951,  WATSONIA

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beautifully  upholstered   has   been   in   VWRUDJH GRZQVL]LQJ ¿UVW WR VHH ZLOO buy   will   deiver   within   reason,   $300,   Phone  56296030,  BUNYIP CLUB  LOUNGE RQHWKUHHVHDWHUWZR[VHDWHUVÃ&#x20AC;RUDO tapestry   covered   VGC   best   offer,   Phone  59762809,  MORNINGTON CLUB  LOUNGE  FREE [VHDWHU[VHDWHUVÃ&#x20AC;RUDOWDSHVWU\ seater  has  rip  in  seat,  unique  slide  out   drink   holders   in   arms   FREE,   Phone   0407629553,  RESEARCH DINING  TABLE  &  CHIFFONIER antique   blackwood,   oval   shape   six   chairs,  covered  cushions,  VGC  seats   6,   curved   legs   matching   Chevanier,   best   offer,   Phone   59762809,   MORNINGTON DRESSING  TABLE on   legs   with   5drws   and   3   mirrors   middle   one   tilts,   side   ones   move,   used   cond,   $85,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE EDWARDIAN  LOUNGE  SUITE 2   single   lounges   needs   upholstery,   sprung   base   make   an   offer,   Phone   0411605882,  BRUNSWICK FRENCH  BEDROOM  SETTING 1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  double  bedhead  foot,  dressing   table  with  mirror  etched  with  gold  leaf,   apple  green,  $600,  Phone  97832260,   FRANKSTON  STH

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Page  24   FOOTBALL  CARDS,   cigarette,  Allens,   Hoadleys,  Ardmona   and   Weg,   Phone   0413358706,   BOX   HILL FORD  AERO max   coat   3  Aeromax   t/shirts,   1   Ford   truck   key   ring   and   chain   large   size   must   sell,   $100,   Phone   0427223130,   KYNETON FRAMED  PICTURES very   old,   of   Holden   cars   printed   in   1940,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   HEIGHTS GENERAL  ELECTRIC Hair   Dryer   1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.   Pink   &   white   with   plastic   hood.   In   white   case,   $30,   Phone  9700  5330,  LYSTERFIELD GERMAN  MANTLE  CLOCK Westminster   chime   circa   1890,   good   working   order,   $1,500,   Phone   59867438,  ROSEBUD  WEST GERRY  GEE  JUNIOR Anniversary   special   new   in   box,   also   Geraldine   Gee,   $850,   Phone   98019235,  WANTIRNA  SOUTH GINGRE  JARS  LARGE 45cm   small   35cm,   with   lids,   hand   blown   grey   glass,   peacock   design,   very   rare   cost   $650   sell,   $80,   Phone   59773802,  TYABB GIUSEPPE  ARMANI 1994   Limited   Edition   5000   world   wide,   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nicoleâ&#x20AC;?   with   signature.   Offers,   Phone   85027430,   AH   0425832142,   SPRINGVALE GLUE  POT/KETTLE rare   collectors   piece   for   antique   restorer,   $25,   Phone   0421856441,   FRANKSTON GRAHAM  KENNEDY  GOLD colour  fan  club  pin  made  by  K  G  Luke,   $12   plus   postage,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE GRAMAPHONE  HMV

KRIESLER  MULTISONIC stereo-­6,   Rosewood   cabinet,   radio   and   record   player,   lift   up   lid,   3ft6L,   $200  ono,  Phone  59814540,  SAFETY   BEACH KUTANI  CHINA  TEA  SET made  in  Japan,  mint  cond,  waterwheel   &   bamboo   leaf   design,   $300,   Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,   CARRUM  DOWNS LARGE  7  TIERED  WIRE  STAND 1200Hx900W,   $150,   Phone   0419233770,   AH   94844994,   PRESTON LARGE  SANDSTONE  WHEEL Large   sandstone   grinding   wheel,   $700,  Phone  0447638319,  CLUNES LEMA  LIU 12   collector   plates,   various   titles,   offers,  Phone  0418177526,  CHELSEA   HEIGHTS LIGHT  SHADES VHWRIJROGZLWKSLQNFHUDPLFĂ&#x20AC;RZHUV very   old   perfect   condition,   Phone   97720616,  CHELSEA  HEIGHTS LISTER  DIESEL  ENIGNE 1930   model,   650   RPM   iwth   2.5   KVA   generator,   $2,200,   Phone   0437375304,  COLAC LITTLE  SNOOPY Pullalong   dog,   Fisher   Price,   wooden   with   plastic   wheels,   wags   tail,   GC   20cmx12cm,   $15,   Phone   93067628,   GLENROY LONE  RANGER  TOYS VGC   (most   boxes),   $1,200   ono,   Phone  94996601,  IVANHOE  EAST LONE  RANGER  TOYS Full   Collection   (most   boxes)   VGC,   $1,500,   Phone   0438804333,   IVANHOE M  &  M  DISPENSERS   large  box  full,  over  20  pieces  inc  from   USA,   $100,   Phone   0418588738,   CHELSEA MANTLE  AWA 1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   radio,   not   working   aft   7.30pm,   $50,   Phone   94397283,   MONTMORENCY MARBLE  FISH  

reproduction,  some   original   parts,   VGC,   lovely   piece.   changing   house   decor,   c/w   with   1   record,   $200,   Phone  0402079023,  TYABB GRAY  NICHOLLS cricket   bat   model   GN100   scoop   1995   model,   good   cond,   $40,   Phone   0417166884,  TRARALGON GRAY  NICHOLLS cricket   bat   Excalabur   1990   model,   needs   work   done,   manual   incl,   black   &   white,   $40,   Phone   0417166884,   TRARALGON GUMBALL  MACHINE machine   cast   iron,   400H   200   base,   $50,   Phone   0403739447,   WANGARATTA HELICOPTERS  X2 1960-­62   toys,   battery   operation,   in   boxes,   by   MIC,   $60   both,   Phone   0403739447,  WANGARATTA HERITAGE  RED  LIGHT  SHADES (3)  excellent  condition,  $25  ea,  Phone   0417032950,  BERWICK HORSE  CART  WHEEL rusted   off   at   bottom,   $50,   Phone   0428379051,  BULN  BULN HUGE  48YRS collection   of   early   oil   grease,   petrol   tins,   plugs,   car   jacks   and   various   car   accessories,   $985   lot,   Phone   0419233770,   AH   94844994,   PRESTON HUMBER   Gentlemans   cycle   Circa   1905,   ex   RULJLQDOFRQGLWLRQ ÂżWWLQJVFROOHFWRUV piece  black,  $1,200,  Phone  52593781,   PORTARLINGTON HUMMEL  FIGURINES plates,   bells,   calendars,   etc   etc   all   orig   collection,   Phone   98748985,   VERMONT ICE  CHEST   steel  single  door  42inHx22inWx18inD   complete   interior   on   steel   castors   excellent   restorer,   $80   ono,   Phone   59864929,  MCCRAE INDOOR  GAME, Magna   skills   by   Murfett   Australia,   58cmx30cm,   Toss   magnetic   rings   onto  board  to  score,  hardly  used  VGC,   $10,  Phone  93067628,  GLENROY JACK  DANIELS   Picture   frame   limit   edition   (no   247   of   700)   The   Jack   Daniels   story   chapter   3   sell,   $350,   Phone   0424065525,   ANGLESEA JACOV  HULLE   Strychnine   empty   bottle   eight   sided   beautiful   colbalt   blue   colour,   no   stopper   9cmH,   $15   PP,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE JAPANESE  HIGH  CLASS Cloisonneware,  long  plate,  pink/green   orchid   design   on   white,   orig   box,   FHUWLÂżFDWHVSOXVVPDOOHUSODWHVVDPH design,   1980â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   $75   for   two,   Phone   95981993,  SANDRINGHAM JAPANESE  STONEWARE Ă&#x20AC;DW ERZO LQ RULJ ER[ ZLWK SDFNDJLQJ DQG FHUWLÂżFDWHV RDWPHDO JOD]H ZLWK gold/silver   leaf   deco   inside   edge,   as   new,   1980â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   $50,   Phone   95981993,   SANDRINGHAM JAPANESE  TEASET set   of   6,   teacups   and   saucers,   matching   jug,   metal   teapot,   teaset   in   YHU\ ÂżQH SRUFHODLQ (&  3KRQH 0433255682,  MITCHAM JULIAN  ROWE  #41 2004   Guernsey,   autogrraphed   with   FHUWLÂżFDWHRIDXWKHQWLFLW\9*& Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,   CARRUM  DOWNS KELVINATOR  FRIDGE Circa   1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   works   perfectly,   VGCond,  $100,  Phone  97297643,  AH   0417366138,  WANTIRNA

2  match   ornamental   Marble   Fish   imported   recently   from   Vietnam,   white  pink  &  black  tonings,  absolutely   beautiful,   92cmHx80cmLx20cmW,   approx   70kg   each,   $5,300   ONO,   Phone   03   52418184,   AH   0402215519,  WAURN  PONDS MARIE  BRIZARD $QLVHWWHOLTXHXUĂ&#x20AC;XLGR]VXQRSHQHG 11cm  high,  1  Mildara  Rio  Vista  Flor  dry   sherry,   13cm   high,   miniature   bottles,   $10   plus   postage,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE MARIGNY hair   dryer,   1960,   on   castors   good   cond,   $45,   Phone   56552599,   KORUMBURRA MARILYN  MUNROE set   of   12   plates   by   Delphi   set   of   8   plates,   gold   collection,   offers,   Phone   0418177526,  CHELSEA  HEIGHTS MARKLIN  LOCOMOTIVE   and   carriages,   all   steel   construction,   original  German  from  1954/55,  Offers   around   $900,   Phone   0412402984,   PAKENHAM MATCH  BOXES Approx  300  (20  -­  30  years  old),  $40,   Phone  0438804333,  IVANHOE MATCHBOX  LABELS 155   all   diff   labels   in   album   EC,   with   send   by   post   if   required,   $20   Post   paid,  Phone  93981831,  ALTONA MATCHBOX  TOY  CATALOGUES 1969,  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;81,  82,  83,  84,  87.  EC,  $63  lot,   Phone  0434026713,  PRESTON MAYFLOWER  1950 sign   340x180   $20,   Hortico   fertilisers   pesticides   800x400   $50   good   paint   on   both,   Phone   0403739447,   WANGARATTA MCDONALDS  TOYS McDonalds   1999   Happy   meal   toys,   incl   Tarzan   x   8   differnent,   $25   ONO,   Phone  03  97397459,  LILYDALE MELBOURNE  CUP  DAY Editions   of   Herald-­Sun   &   the   Age.   2003-­2011   (18)papers   in   total,   EC,   $40   ono,   Phone   94593624,   HEIDELBERG  WEST METAL  GRINDERS Universal   model   no   1   both,   $60,   Phone  0403739447,  WANGARATTA MILK  CRATE full   of   1960-­70   LP   and   some   45â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   around   40,   $60,   Phone   0403739447,   WANGARATTA MILLERS  COLLECTABLES price   guide   X2,   1x   1992/3   1x   1997/8,   $20   ea,   Phone   56622912,   LEONGATHA MOVIE  CAMERA Bell   &   Howell   super   8   movie   camera   hardly   used   PC   black/silver,   offers,   Phone  97833409,  FRANKSTON OLD  CATERING  SIGNS metal   painted,   1pr   Country   Tucker,   $50,   Phone   0419445697,   ALEXANDRA OLD  COLLECTABLE, Tools,  saws,  lamps,  old  horse  leather   harness  gear,  plus  odd  &  ends,  Phone   58531508,  KYABRAM OLD  COPPER  WASH  POT 1950   large   G/C   $100.   Cask   iron   Vintage   wheels   G/C   $300.each,   Oval   cask   iron   pot   G/C   $80,   Phone   0427845872,   NARRE   WARREN   NORTH OLD  PEDAL  CAR original  and  complete  condition,  $220,   Phone  0403276591,  FITZROY

OLD  SEWING  MACHINE  STAND old   sewing   machine   stand,   $200,   Phone  54296645,  ROMSEY OLD  THEATRE  SEATS 3  sets  of  three  need  upholstering,  $30   lot,  Phone  54672255,  BARKLY OLD  TIN  TRUCK old  tin  truck,  $100,  Phone  54296645,   ROMSEY OLD  TOYS 2   pedal   cars,   Matchbox   Artic   trucks,   cars   &   motorcycle,   Britains   60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   tractors,  tin  toys,  old  wooden  phones,   Phone  54740697,  NOOSA  HEADS ONE  SCALLOP  SHELL with   small   metal   (could   be   silver)   shape   of   Tasmania   with   paper   ad   on   back,   church   ruins   Port   Arthur   1940,   $10   pp,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE ORIENT  LINE  TO  AUST   vintage   two   small   packs   (in   box)   playing   cards   with   ships   on   cards   probable   1920-­30â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   $120,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE ORIENTAL  BRASS vintage   cigarette   dispenser   3   1/2in   high   4   1/2   inches   wide,   $15,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE ORIGINAL  INDIGENOUS  ART â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Digging   Yamsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   by   Indigenous   artist   Norma   McDonald.   Handmade   paper   and  using  dyes  made  from  all  natural   ÂżEUHV FFP IUDPHG  (DFK Phone  98488925,  DONCASTER PAINTED  PLATES Wedgewood,   Knowles,   Poole,   Tirschen   34   in   all   numbered,   will   sell   $20   each,   Phone   0403739447,   WANGARATTA PAINTINGS  VERY  OLD numbered   collector   items,   Phone   97720616,  CHELSEA  HEIGHTS PETER  BROCK Marlboro   Holden   dealer   team   jacket   white   with   red   &   black   stripes   size   large,   $40,   Phone   97205667,   AH   0438849148,  BORONIA PEWTER  75  PIECE 75   pieces,   $250   lot,   Phone   0421593495,  BENALLA PHANTOM  COMICS New   condition,   vol   1004,   1000   issue,   no:   1032,   No:   1094,   Golden   Age   Special,   Jan   94,   never   been   opened,   Offers,   Phone   0429001867,   CHIRNSIDE  PARK PHONE   Brass   stick   phone   reproduction,   $90,   Phone  56552599,  KORUMBURRA POLICE  BEARS 2005   WA   &   SA   bears   limited   edition   1st   and   2nd   edition   federal   police   bears,   offers,   Phone   0418177526,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS POST  CARDS World   postcards,   all   different,   used   &  unused,  100s  sent,  post  paid,  $50,   Phone  93981831,  ALTONA POSTCARDS World   post   cards   used   and   unused,   all  diff,  110  lots  at  $50  post  paid  ring   Ross  anytime,  $50,  Phone  93981831,   ALTONA PRAM Silvercross   Best   offer,   Phone   0424493691,  CAMPBELLFIELD PRAYER  STAND tapestry   lid   on   bible   storage   good   cond,   $350,   Phone   97426428,   WYNDHAM  VALE PRESSURE  LANTERN original   Tilley   brand   pressure   lantern   fair   cond,   $50,   Phone   0419381836,   ALTONA PRINT  ON  CANVAS Milan,  Arturo  Ferrari,  1861-­1932.  Gold   hues,  gold  frame,  Clock  Shop  in  Milan   Street/Old   Feel,   GC,   2ft7inx1ft11in   arov/eve   leave   message,   $30   ono,   Phone  95553271,  MOORABBIN PRINTS pictures   interesting   collection   approx   90,   odd   sizes   ages   in   folio,   $50,   Phone  98807062,  SURREY  HILLS PROJECTOR Hanimax   movie   projector   hardly   used   PC,   offers,   Phone   97833409,   FRANKSTON QUALITY  PERIOD  LIGHTING 5x   cloth   cord   with   halophane   glass   shades,   $30   each,   Phone   0429354050,  BALLARAT RADIO  CLASSIC R-­551B,   1969   National   Panasonic,   am/sw   band,   ac/dc,   EC,   $77   ono,   Phone  0434026713,  PRESTON REAL  WHALEBONE Bristles   small   brush   with   wooden   top   made   in   England,   $12   plus   postage,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE RECORDS old   bakerlite   78â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   approx   70   records,   $25   lot,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,  BERWICK RETRO  1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S dresser   with   3   drawers,   2top,   1   bottom,   long   legs,   Japanese   Red   wash   painted   over   orig   black,   black   handles   contemporary   look,   $50,   Phone  95981993,  SANDRINGHAM ROYAL  200  TYPEWRITER in   case,   as   new,   $25,   Phone   98705731,  HEATHMONT ROYAL  DOULTON  FIGURE   of   the   year   2010   pretty   ladies   Sophie,  BNIB,  Flouncy,  graceful  skirt,   21.5cm   tall,   $120,   Phone   97639171,   FERNTREE  GULLY ROYAL  VISIT  GLASS Royal   visit   to   Australia   glass   1954,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   HEIGHTS SESAME  STREET  BUS ideal   for   in   store   promotion   only   1   available   needs   some   paint,   offers,   Phone   0429001867,   CHIRNSIDE   PARK SEVEN  VINTAGE  JARS 4  sided  with  bakelite  black  lids  1  large   6   1/4in   high   6   smaller   ones   4   1/4in   high   VGC,   $55,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE

SHANE  Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;BREE  #11   2004   guernsey,   autographed   with   cert   of   authenticity,   VGC,   $350,   Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,   CARRUM  DOWNS SILVER  CROSS  PRAM Antique   english   pram   with   large   wheels   with   mudguards   and   storm   cover,   $2,000,   Phone   0410505993,   AH  0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA SINGER  MACHINE Pre  1945  Singer  treadle  machine  with   accessories,  $150,  Phone  58721262,   COBRAM SINGER  SEWING  MACHINE pedal,  fold  up  cabinet  type  on  castors   never  used  old  but  like  new,  dark  oak   colour,   $1,250,   Phone   95684714,   OAKLEIGH SINGER  SEWING  MACHINES X2,   in   table   top,   wooden   cabinets,   one   knee   operated   one   button   both   electric,  $50  ea,  Phone  0401216519,   BULLEEN SINGER  TREADLE sewing   machine   6drw,   good   cond,   $400   ono,   Phone   0437015675,   CLYDE SMALL  BOTTLE  OF Typewriter   oil   by   Remington   Rand   Ltd,   empty   with   green   box,   clag   bottle   by   Angus   &   Co,   empty   no   lid,   $12   plus   package,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE SMURFS  ORIGINAL 1980s  plus  McDondald  toys  form  80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   :UHVWOHUV ÂżQJHU PRGHOV IRUP ÂśV Hulk   Hogan   etc,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS SOCCER  CARDS   2009-­2010   full   sets,   $25   per   set,   Phone  0412664951,  WATSONIA SPACE  INVADERS  TABLE  TOP Ex   Cond   Collectable   Space   Invaders   Table  Top   Machine   Which   Is   working   100%  Coin  Slot  Great  For  Room  Free   Delivery,  $1,750,  Phone  0405206648,   WERRIBEE SPORTS  CARS  TOY  X7 in   cases,   number   collection   by   New   Ray   Toy   Co.   Ltd,   $50,   Phone   0403739447,  WANGARATTA STAMP  ALBUMS   2  books  many  interesting  stamps  from   all   over   the   World   including   several   Olympic  series  from  past  games,  plus   extras,   $25   ea,   Phone   98089882,   BOX  HILL  SOUTH STAMP  ALBUMS British   European   countries,   Europe   USA   mint   &   used   best   offer,   Phone   93117946,  SUNSHINE STAMPS Thousands   of   stamps   world   all   different,  new  &  used  sent  post  paid,   $15   per   thousand,   Phone   93981831,   ALTONA STAMPS  AUSTRALIAN mixed   unsorted   box,   value   unknown,   deceased   estate,   approx   1/2   kilo,   very   limited   quantity   can   be   posted,   ideal   Christmas   present,   $30,   Phone   0434049449,   AH   95831438,   MENTONE STAR  WARS  COLLECTION +XJHQXPEHURIÂżJXUHV0LQWRQFDUG IDFWÂżOHVFRPSOHWHVHWSRVWHUV lot,   Phone   0403271499,   CHIRNSIDE   PARK STATIONARY  ENGINE Sunshine   stationary   engine   1922   5HP   Type   C   engine   no   R6653,   VGC,   $1,800   ono,   Phone   52542614,   BARWON  HEADS STATIONARY  ENGINE Horwood   bagshaw   no   199   Makers   Mile   End   SA,   4hp   Hopper   coooled   restored,  $3,000,  Phone  0427434968,   EAGLEHAWK STATIONARY  ENINE Lister  3hp  tank  cooled,  $1,600,  Phone   0427434968,  EAGLEHAWK STEIFF  KNOPE  IM  OHR Ă&#x20AC;XII\ O\LQJ GRZQ GRJ ZLWK FDUGERDUG nametag   called:Tobby   &   Gold   coloured   vutton   with   yellow   tag,   15in   EC,  white,  $55  PP,  Phone  95469398,   SPRINGVALE SURFBOARD  OVER  9FT 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   longboard,   Bellarine   25   Bellarine   St   Geelong   ph   99200   on   label,  red-­white  deck  stripes,  rest  clear   'ÂżQ  3KRQH  GUNDIAH SWAP  CARDS  CIRCA 1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,  coloured,  various  series,  $150,   Phone  0412402984,  PAKENHAM SYDNEY  SWANS  GUERSEY Sydney   Swans   Framed   Guersey,   photos   signed   Paul   Roos   &   Brett   Kirk,   Authentic   new   legends   2011,   $1,000,   AH   0423078547,   ROSEBUD TEAPOTS Queen  Elizabeth  11  Corination  1953.   spoon   rest   with   queen   Elizabeth   &   Prince  Phillip  1963,  numbered  limited   edition,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   HEIGHTS TEASET  CRINOLINE  LADY marked  Empire  England  B550  1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   mint   cond,   6   trios,   milk   jug,   sugar   bowl,   yellow   dress,   $200,   Phone   97639171,  FERNTREE  GULLY TEASMEADES   by   Goblin   UK   several   models,   from   $50   all   working   in   EC,   Phone   59864929,  MCCRAE TEASPOONS  THE  QUEENS   silver  anniversary  Jubilee  1977,  silver   plated   England   never   used,   $10   PP,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE TELEVISION old   black   &   white   Astor,   $80,   Phone   9700  5330,  LYSTERFIELD THREE  QUARTER  BED incl  base,  bedends  and  mattress,  $95,   Phone  0459932128,  NYAH  AREA TIE  CLIPS 1   bowling   man,   one   small   kangaroo   and   boomerang,   on   mother   of   pearl,   1   advertising   Asea   1xsilver   coloured   w/round   red   motif,   $12   pp,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE

TIGER  MOTH  HELMET Retired   pilotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   halmet,   circa   1940,   Aussie  made,  all  leather,  $95,  Phone   59889643,  BLAIRGOWRIE TIMBER 100   year   old   stressed   split   timber,   small  slabs  &  rails  1200/2700mls  long,   $480,  Phone  54672255,  BARKLY TOBACCO  &  CIGARETTE  TINS Circa   1950   earlier,   Offers,   Phone   0412402984,  PAKENHAM TOBY  JUG  FACE small   silver   coloured   metal   with   handle,  made  in  England,  2inH  $8PP,   6   vintage   apostle   teaspoons   English   manuf,   white   throughout,   $30   PP,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE TRANSISTOR  RADIO vintage   1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,   National   Panasonic,   blue,  chrome  in  leather  case,  beautiful   tone   FC,   $30,   Phone   95981993,   SANDRINGHAM TRENCH  ART 4  lead  and  brass  jewellery  box,  ducks   $60,  1  brass  carved  one,  $30,  Phone   0403739447,  WANGARATTA TRIUMPH  BADGE Triumph   1933   radiator   badge   enamelled   and   gold   in   EC,   as   new,   $200,   Phone   52542614,   BARWON   HEADS TWO  CRICKET  BATS  VERY  OLD two  old  cricket  bats,  one  gray  nicoles   kith   miller   other   is   crockett   norman   o,neill   both   good   condition,   $50,   Phone  0438458753,  BLACKBURN TYPEWRITER  1980â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S vintage  Brother,  collectors  item,  spare   ribbon,   $50,   Phone   0408385336,  AH   98791090,  CROYDON TYPEWRITER  FOR  SPARES Brother   AX10   damaged   carriage   (electric),   cost   approx   $400   selling,   $50   ono,   Phone   0418695836,   FRANKSTON TYPEWRITER  REMINGTON antique   not   working,   $50,   Phone   0428379051,  BULN  BULN VICTORIAN  ART  NOUVEAU  SUHWW\ Ă&#x20AC;XWHG ZKLWH JODVV VKDGHV SHQGDQW OLJKWV DWWDFK WR JOREH ÂżWWLQJ 1  yellow  stripe  under  side  GC,  $10  ea,   Phone  95981993,  SANDRINGHAM VINTAGE  6  SIDED Small  carboard  box  advertising  Barker   cakes,   they   keep   the   cakes   fresher   with   a   few   in   box   for   patty   cakes,   $5   plus   postage,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE VINTAGE  ALL  WOODEN Letter   opener   25cm   with   all   good   wishes   &   Australiana   written   plus   engravings   of   birds   animals   &   DERULJLQHV ÂżJKWLQJKXQWLQJ  plus   postage,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE VINTAGE  CHILDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S sewing   machine   1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   with   clamp   table   attachment,   Peter   Pan   brand,   made   in   Austrailia,   some   parts   missing,   sews   when   complete,   $25,   Phone  95981993,  SANDRINGHAM VINTAGE  EARTHENWARE cream  bowl  with  lip  30cm,  $25,  Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE VINTAGE  HAND  HELD insect   spray   pump,   continuous   action,  Rega  brand,  copper  cannister,   brass   barrel,   wooden   handle,   works   ok   GC,   $50,   Phone   95981993,   SANDRINGHAM VINTAGE  MATCHBOX  LIDS ply  backed  ten  called  bullocks,  lancer,   the  hat,  three  surfers,  the  pistol,  three   poodles,   posthorn,   telephone,   three   pipes-­and   peacock,   $20   pp,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE VINTAGE  NEWSPAPER 1945   edition   of   Herald   The   Day   World  War  11  ended,  EC,  $50,  Phone   0417166884,  TRARALGON VINTAGE  SPRAY  PAINTING attachment   for   Hoover   vacuum   cleaner   reverse   end.   glass   cannister,   bakerlite   screw   top,   $30,   Phone   95981993,  SANDRINGHAM VINTAGE  TOBACCO  TIN OE ER[ 6W%UXQR Ă&#x20AC;DNH  LQ;LQ LV issued  by  the  Imperial  tobacco  Co.  of   Great   Britain   and   Ireland   Trademark,   $50,  Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE WEDGEWOOD plates   new   boxed   1958-­1971   1972-­ 1977-­1978,   excellent   cond,   $30   ea,   Phone  93981831,  ALTONA WOOD  OVEN   1930  IXL  fully  rebuilt  size  760W  500H   450D,   $1,350,   Phone   52501908,   AH   0409142580,  WALLINGTON ZIPPO  LIGHTER  ADVERTISING Smith   &   Wesson   silver   coloured   in   tin   container   number   D   XV   never   used,   $45   pp,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE

MEMORABILIA AFL Carlton  football   club   print,   farewell   to   princess   park,   optus   oval   1997   to   2005,   $300,   Phone   53675885,   BACCHUS  MARSH AFL  FOOTBALL  MEDALS collection   of   Centenary,   17   medals   ECond,   $200,   Phone   59418141,   PAKENHAM AFL  FOOTBALL  TEAM album   2000,   16   pages,   EC,   $200,   Phone  59418141,  PAKENHAM AFL  MEMORABILIA Richmond   tigers   the   one   and   only   Mathew   knights   sined   plate   free   postage,   $1,200   ONO,   kail,   Phone   0429371034,  APOLLO  BAY ALLAN  MOFFAT  FORD GTHO   jacket   navy   blue   with   light   blue   stripe   with   logos,   brand   new,   size  large,  $60,  Phone  97205667,  AH   0438849148,  BORONIA ANSETT  AIWAYS  P/L Time   Table   &   Fares   1948,   route   map   1948   $15   pp.   Hotwheels   small   catalogue   by   Mattel   1967   9pages   with  pictures,  $8  plus  postage,  Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12 AUTOGRAPHED  CRICKET  BAT of   2008   VB   tour   of   India,   signing   of   bat  witnessed  by  a  member  of  cricket   of   Aust,   $1,200,   Phone   95681089,   OAKLEIGH BUTTER  SCOTCH  TIN I   am   selling   an   Empty   1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Collectors   Butter   Scotch   Tin   it   is   in   vcg,   $120,   Phone   0421606709,   HADFIELD FOOTBALL  MEDALS 1989  (10),  $20  ea,  Phone  59418141,   PAKENHAM GOLDIE  PRINTS 1HZ =HDODQG 0DRUL  RQO\ GLJQLÂżHG frames   with   brass   plaques,   approx   360x410,   will   separate,   $160,   Phone   87963820,  CARRUM  DOWNS HAWTHORNE  FOOTBALL  CLUB   Hawthorne   Football   Club   1976   Premiership   Champers   Wine   (Unopened)   Only   other   bottle   (empty)  with  the  Club-­Collectors  item   fanatical   club   member,   $150,   Phone   0352749067,  NORLANE IRISH  CLOVER  PLATES Set   of   4   Franklin   Mint   â&#x20AC;&#x153;An   Irish   Blessing  â&#x20AC;&#x153;  wall  plates  in  clover  shape.   $80.   Glass   candle   holders   sets   $10. each,   Phone   0427845872,   NARRE   WARREN  NORTH JOHNNY  FARNHAM  TOUR Programs,   The   last   time,   Man   of   the   hour,  The  talk  of  the  Town  1994,  Jack   of   hearts   1996   etc,   $10   PP,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE MELBOURNE  STORM  PREMIERS Year   Of   The   Storm   1999   artist   print   signed   by   artist   and   entire   team   rare   mint   condition   coa,   $790   ONO,   none,   Phone   0481205977,   MOOROOLBARK MEMORABILLA  MECHANICS 2   x   Galvanized   Oil   Bottle   carriers,   No   brands   there   on   $35   each   plus   freight,   Phone   0439101170,   GREAT   WESTERN MONKEES comics,   bubblegum   cards,   various   scrapbooks,   sheet   music,   please   phone   for   full   list   of   itmes,   Phone   0427941749,  BROKEN  HILL MUSIC  MEMORIES  VINYL 45  RPM,  25000  song  titles  from  1950   to   1985,   Phone   0413358706,   BOX   HILL NEIL  DIAMOND 1980   LP   album   in   box,   never   used,   Phone  0404120137,  AH  0420468732,   CRAIGIEBURN OFFICIAL  AFL footy   album   1998,   16   pages,   EC,   $150,  Phone  59418141,  PAKENHAM OLYMPIC  BRICKS 1956   Olympic   bricks,   $10   ea,   Phone   54296645,  ROMSEY PETER  BROCK Marlboro   HDT   jacket   white   with   red   &   black   side   stripe,   brand   new   reproduction   original   logos,   size   large,   $60,   Phone   97205667,   AH   0409198661,  BORONIA PETER  BROCK HDT   Mobil   team   shirts   blue   &   white   red   stripe   brand   new,   reproduction   with  original  logos  size  large,  $40  ea,   Phone   97205667,   AH   0438849148,   BORONIA PIONEER  TOURS Coachline  carry  on  luggage  bag,  $15,   Phone  87877207,  CARRUM  DOWNS SIGNED  SHANE  SMELTZ  CARD   FOR  SALE:  Signed  in  the  off  season   at   Perth   Glory.   Email   daverybird@   for   pics   &   info,   $60   ONO,   Phone  0409908014,  BALLARAT SPINNING  WHEEL from   Bert   Newton   show   no   stand   VGC,   $150,   Phone   0415441843,   PRESTON UNITED  F.C. 1999   treble   cup   winners   t-­shirt.   F.A,   Premier   &   European   Cup,   red,   size   med/large.   As   new,   exc/cond.   $20,   Phone   0429622100,   AH   03   58622100,  NUMURKAH

BOOKS  &  MAGAZINES ACUPUNCTURE  BOOK â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Chinese   Acupuncture   and   Moxibustionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   Beijing,   1990,   hb,dc,   20cmx27cm,   vgc,   544pp,   many   illustrations,   an   excellent   and   interesting   reference   book,   $50,   .,   Phone  0423948645,  BURWOOD ART  OF  JACOB  EPSTEIN Great   book,   hc,gc,   23cmx30cm,   numerous  wonderful  b&w  illustrations,   251pp.,   World,   1946,   a   very   interesting   â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;artyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   book,   $30,   .,   Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD ASSORTED  BOOKS Diversity  &  multi  cultural  education  Al   Foster,   The   Partner   John   Grisham,   Vanished   Danielle   Steele,   Antony   &   Cleopatra  R.Proudfoot,  $2  ea,  Phone   0411412704,  FLEMINGTON ASSORTED  BOOKS Midnight   Whispers   by   V.Andrews,   Journey   Danielle   Steelle,   Feng   Shui   B.Hale,  Look  at  me  C.Hogan,  Silence   of   the   Lambs   P.Harris,   $2   ea,   Phone   0411412704,  FLEMINGTON ASSORTED  BOOKS Never   Love   a   stranger   H.Robbins,   A   Pasionate   Deceite   K.Proctor   Mills   &   Boon,  The   Wildlife   of   domestic   cat   R.Tabor,   $2   ea,   Phone   0411412704,   FLEMINGTON ASSORTED  BOOKS Out  of  the  Dust  K.Hesse,  Strength  to   Strength  by  Sara  Henderson,  Decider   by   Dick   Francis,   $2   ea,   Phone   0411412704,  FLEMINGTON AUSTRALIAN  AVICULTURE magazines   1976-­2004,   south   australian   mags   79-­93,   other   ag   magazines   illustrated   information   on   breeding   and   keeping   birds,   $30,   Phone  97232622,  CROYDON AUSTRALIAN  BIRD  KEEPER   magazines,   84   copies,   from   1988-­ 2003,  wealth  of  aviculture  information   beautifully   illustrated,   $50,   Phone   97232622,  CROYDON

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â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;DONALD  FRIEND  IN  BALIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Lots   of   coloured   illustrations,   vgc,   Collins,  1972,  dc,  22cmx26cm,  107pp,   a   great   book,   very   collectible,   $50,   .,   Phone  0423948645,  BURWOOD ELVIS  &  ME   by  Priscilla  Presley  1985  no  D/Jacket   72   B&W   photos   $10   PP,   The   Trapp   family  singers  by  Maria  Van  Trapp,  $8   pp,  Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE ESSENDON   Bombers  magazines  (4)  1996-­2002  4   for,  $12,  Phone  93067628,  GLENROY ETHEL  TURNER family   at   McGrule,   Phone   51548440,   ORBOST EXPLORATION  FAWCETT the   story   of   Lt-­Col   P.H.Fawcett   who   was   lost   in   the   jungles   of   Brazil   in   1925,  321pp,vgc,dc,  pub1953,  a  great   read,   $30,   .,   Phone   0423948645,   BURWOOD FOOTBALL  RECORDS Collingwood   V   West   Coast   Eagles,    TXDOLI\LQJ ¿QDO  3KRQH 93067628,  GLENROY FOOTROT  FLATS by  Murray  Ball  2  1980  2  weekenders   also   number   3,5,8,9,10,11,12,13   dated   _   sept   1983   to   1988,   $40   pp,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE FORD  MONDEO  DIESEL workshop   manual   1993-­1996,   $30,   Phone   0412982377,   RINGWOOD   EAST FOREVER  FREE   Story   of   Elsa   the   Lion   by   Joy   Adamson,  1st  1962,  VGC,  $8,  Phone   93067628,  GLENROY â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;FREDERICK  GOULDINGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Master   Printer   of   Copper   Platesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;,   1910,   limited   edition   No.145/250   gc,hb,   167pp.,   10   b&w   illustrations,   a   very   collectible   and   beautiful   book,   $120,   .,   Phone   0423948645,   BURWOOD FREEDOM  ON  THE  WALLABY Poems   of   the   Australian   People,   Marjorie  Pizer,  1954,  Pinchgut  Press,   Sydney,   18x24cm,208pp.,   some   great   Aussy   poems,   $30,   .,   Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD FROM  START  TO  FINISH by   J   Hislop   1958   hard   cover   with   DJ   a   book   to   help   the   would   be   jockey   and  others,  $12  pp,  Phone  95469398,   SPRINGVALE FULL  SET   from   1-­80   Discovery   the   Greatest   Paintings   by   Fabbri   Publication   full   colour,  $160,  Phone  0425750855,  AH   94662061,  THOMASTOWN GARFIELD   comic  strip  books  (11)  VGC  from  1987   onwards,   $4   ea,   Phone   93067628,   GLENROY GEO  MAGAZINES 58   issues   from   No.1,   $120,   Phone   98900873,  BOX  HILL  NORTH GIRLS  CRYSTAL  ANNUAL 1960  hardcover  160  pages  $8PP,  The   Snoopy  come  home  book  by  M.Shultz   1972  hard  cover  coloured  pictures  on   every-­page,  $8  pp,  Phone  95469398,   SPRINGVALE GOLD  DUST  &  ASHES   by  Ion  Idriess  1953  average  cond,  $30   PP,  Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE GRASS  ROOTS magazines   plus   early   years   family   books  etc,  most  edition  up  to  no  115,   $250,  Phone  0438631332,  EUROA â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;GREAT  AUSTRALIAN  WOMENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   by   Susanna   DeVries,   Harper   2002,   vgc,   pb,   15cmx23cm,   669pp,   a   very   interesting   and   thorough   book,   great   reading,   $30,   .,   Phone   0423948645,   BURWOOD HAGAR   comic  strip  books  (4)  VGC  from  1987   onwards,   $4   ea,   Phone   93067628,   GLENROY HARLEY  DAVIDSON The   World   of   must   have   hard   cover   book  for  any  Harley  lover  can  arrange   deliver,   $45,   Phone   0400999474,   BALLAN IN  AUSTRALIAN  TROPICS by   A.Searcy,   1909,   13cmx20cm.,   373pp.,   fair   condition   (spine   worn)   otherwise   good,   many   b&w   illustrations   (map   missing),   history   of   N.T,   $40,   .,   Phone   0423948645,   BURWOOD MAGAZINES National   Geographics   540   1950   to   2012,   will   sell   in   parts,   $390,   Phone   98900873,  BOX  HILL  NORTH

MAGAZINES Readers  Digest   340   issues   1965   to   2011,   $155,   Phone   98900873,   BOX   HILL  NORTH MAGAZINES  50 The   Masters   Complete   gallery   of   paintings  in  colour  1963  UK,  $150  the   lot,  Phone  57621132,  BENALLA MAGAZINES  FAMILY  CIRCLE (21)   early   70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   $2ea,   59   New-­Idea   early   70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   $2ea,   20   home   beautiful-­ Home&Garden/Better   homes/Belle   home   living   today,   home   journals   $2ea,   Phone   0425750855,   AH   94662061,  THOMASTOWN MAGS   Cosmopolitan   back   issues,   $1   ea,   Phone  54282112,  GISBORNE MAKE  YOUR  OWN Spanish   guitar   1957   complete   and   detailed  instructions  with  30  diagrams   and  photographs  by  A  Sharpe,  $5  PP,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE MARIANNE  NORTH  BOOK â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Some   Recollections   of   a   Happy   Lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   Helen   Vellacott,   Arnold   1986,   dc,vgc,128pp,17cmx26cm,  beautifully   illustrated,   about   a   19thC   American   Ã&#x20AC;RZHU SDLQWHU   3KRQH 0423948645,  BURWOOD MARY  GRANT  BRUCE Ward   lock   &   Co,   10   Billabong   2   Cartain  Jim  1  Jim  &  Wally,  $20  to  $45,   Phone  51548440,  ORBOST â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;MARYBOROUGHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; A   Social   History   1854-­1904,   by   B.Osborn   and   T.DuBourg,   hb,dc,vgc,   Maryborough   C.C.,1985,   420pp,   many   illustrations,   interesting   history   of   this   Victorian   town,   $50,   .,   Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD MASH  UPDATED  TO   LQFOXGH ¿QDO HSLVRGH LQVLGH VWRU\ RI TV   popular   show   many   B&W   photos   soft  cover  168  pages,  $12  PP,  Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;MELBAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; A   biography   by   John   Hetherington,   Faber&Faber,   1967,   dc,   hb,   312pp.,   vgc,   a   great   read   about   Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   famous   opera   singer,   $25,   .,   Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD MELBA  GIFT  BOOK An   amazing   book,   produced   circa   1916   by   Nellie   Melba   to   support   the   Belgians   during   WWI.   Beautifully   Illustrated,   176pp,19cmx25cm,   outstanding!,   $50,   .,   Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;MELBOURNEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;John   Batmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Villageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   by   A.Bell,   Cassell,   1965,   hb,   dc,   gc,   178   pp.,   many  b&w  illustrations,  a  great  insight   into  Melbourneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  history,  $25,  .,  Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD MELBOURNE  CUP  DAY Editions   of   Herald-­Sun   &   the   Age.   2003-­2011   (18)   papers   in   total.   EC,   $40   ono,   Phone   94593624,   HEIDELBERG  WEST NISSAN  PATROL  DIESEL workshop   manual   MQ   series   1980/1986   Gregorys   turbo   &   non   turbo,   $30,   Phone   0412982377,   RINGWOOD  EAST OLD  BOOK RI¿FLDO ERRN RI  0HOERXUQH Olympic   games,   VGC,   $50,   Phone   0417166884,  TRARALGON OLD  GERMAN  ATLAS â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Neuer   Geschichts   uno   Kultur   Atlasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   25cmx19cm,138pp,1950,   many   lithographed   maps,   pages   loose   but   in   gc,   interesting   post   WWII   item,   collectible!,   $30,   .,   Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD PRISON  WAS  MY  PARISH by   Rev.   Baden   Ball   1956   serving   18yrs  mixing  with  the  Worst  Criminals   at  Dartmoor  &  Wandsworth  Prison  $8,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE PURSUIT  THE  CHASE and   sinking   of   Bismark   hard   cover   no   DJ   239   pages   book   club   1975   with   some   B&W   photos   Ludovic   Kennedy,   $8   PP,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE QUEEN  SALOTE A   book   about   the   queen   of   Tonga   and   her   kingdom,   by   Sir   Harry   Luke,   1954,   hb,dc,gc,   136pp,   14cmx22cm.,   interesting,   $25,   .,   Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD RAC  DAY  PAPERS &   results,   Saturdays   Dec   1993till   present,   $270,   Phone   57229864,   WANGARATTA

RESTORED  CARS  MAGAS no   1   to   200   all   ECond,   $650,   Phone   59864929,  MCCRAE ROWING  BY  WG  EAST illustrated   ex   champion   sculler   of   the   thames   and   bargemaster   to   his   majesty  Kind  Edward  V11  1904  hard-­ cover   128pages,   $15   PP,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE SECONDHAND  BOOKS from   50c   to   $1,   available   Saturday   25th   August,   childrens,   adults,   fact   DQG ¿FWLRQ 3KRQH 3KRQH  BLACKBURN  SOUTH SHEET  MUSIC  BEATLES Complete  classic  hits  of  84,  Billy  Joel,   Deep   Purple,   Bad   Company.   POA.   Childrens   books   old   Enid   Blyton,   Ladybird   POA,   Phone   0416617279,   ASHBURTON SUPERB  ENGLISH  BOOKS (8)   including   The   Minic   Book,   collecting   Tin   Toys,   collecting   Toy   Trains,  etc  mint  cond,  $1,000,  Phone   93376447,  ESSENDON TANBERG  DRAWS   the   line   the   second   age   of   Tanberg   soft   cover   book   of   cartoons   about   articles   written   in   newspapers,   Aust   wit&humour   1982,   $22   pp,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE THE  AGE  OF  EARTH by   W.Sollas,   and   other   geological   studies   thrid   edition   1912   hardcover   328   pages   some   age   spots   hard   cover,   $15   pp,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE THE  ANZAC  BOOK 21cmx27cm,170pp,   hb,gc,   iconic   WWI   book   from   Gallipoli,   Cassell   1916,   exlib,   fabulous   illustrations,   map,   drawings,   photos,   highly   collectible,   sad,   humorous,   $90,   .,   Phone  0423948645,  BURWOOD THE  COMPLETE  AUST Boomerang   book   the   art   of   throwing   and   undertanding   the   boomerang   1986  soft  cover  63  pages  by  Pahlow   and  Silady,  $12  PP,  Phone  95469398,   SPRINGVALE THE  GREYHOUND   in  Australia   by   MG  Agostini   1969   no   DJ   hard   cover   135   pages   training-­ breeding   vet   care   shistory   track   records  etc,  $12  pp,  Phone  95469398,   SPRINGVALE THE  LAND  OF  THE  LYRE  BIRD About   the   early   settlement   of   South   Gippsland,   18cmx25cm,   gc,dc.,   433pp.,   many   illustrations,   1966   edition,   fascinating   insight!,   $50,   .,   Phone  0423948645,  BURWOOD THE  LIFE  OF  CAPTAIN Cook,  by  J  C  Beaglehole,  $30,  Phone   98900873,  BOX  HILL  NORTH THE  MARX  BROTHERS   by   Kyle   Crichton   1951   hard   cover   with  D  J  and  B&White  photos,  $8  pp,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE THE  OPEN  AIR  SONG  BOOK by   A.Poyser,   1947,   The   Boy   Scouts   Association,   14cmx22cm,   dc,214pp,   has   original   â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The   Scout   Song   Bookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   incorporated,   gc,   $30,   .,   Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD THE  PASSING  OF  THE Aborigines   by   daisy   Bates,   1940   a   lifetime   spent   among   the   natives   RI $XVWUDOLD VRPH ZULWLQJ RQ ¿UVW page,   $35   PP,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE THE  PICTORIAL   Encyclopedia   Railwasy   by   Hamilton   Ellis   1974   pictures   on   every   page   hardcover   591   pages   plus   separate   WLPHWDEOHIRU3XI¿QJ%LOO\33 Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE THE  SCOURGE  OF  THE   Swastika  by  Lord  Russell  of  Liverpool   12th   Edition   1955,   short   history   Nazi   War   Crimes,16pages   of   Graphic   sad   pictures,   $20   PP,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE TIME  LIFE  BOOKS 32   volumes   in   new   condition,   offers,   Phone   0429001867,   CHIRNSIDE   PARK TOYOTA  1984 L.2L   engine   repair   manual,   $12   PP,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE UNCOMMON  LAW by  A  Herbert  intro  by  Lord  Atkin  1950,   being   66   misleading   cases   revised   and   collected   one   volume   including   10   cases,   $12   PP,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE

VICTORIAN  &  EDWARDIAN Sydney   from   old   photos   hard   cover   with   DJ   200   pages,   many   B&W   pictures   dated   1975   VGC,   $15   PP,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE VICTORIAN  READERS ¿IWK ERRN VHFRQG HGLWLRQ  education   department   of   Victoria   fair   cond   and   sixth   book   second   edition,   $14   PP,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE VIETNAM  A  REPORTERS   War   By   Hugh   Lunn   1985   with   258   pages   EC   $8pp,   Joan   Sutherland   by   Russell  Braddon  1962,242  pages,BW   photos   $8pp,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE WANGARATTA   the   History   of   the   township   by   D   Whittaker  1963  hard  ocver  no  D  jacket   some   B&W   pictures,   $12   pp,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE WASEDA  UNI  YEAR  BOOK   Printed   in   Japan,   circa1920s,   gc,   35cmx26cm,   leather-­bound,   large   book,   100s   photos   about   famous   Japanese   university,   very   collectible,  wonderful!,  $120,  .,  Phone   0423948645,  BURWOOD

WAS $360

WAS $320

HOME  &  GARDEN COMPLETE  KITCHENS BENCH  TOP kitchen   2000   x850,   nice   greyish   colour,   $110,   Phone   97080474,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS


H  Cassmania,   dishwasher,   hot   plate,  rangehood  &  oven,  very  good   WE  OF  THE  TURNING condition,  $2,500,  Phone  59852014,   tide   by   David   Goodhart   1947   a   stroy   MCCRAE of  EL  Alamein  no  dust  jacket,  $8  PP,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE


WEIGH  LESS  NATURALLY 2003   by   Karen   Hobbs   over   120   BASIN  MIXER  TAP recipes,   $10   PP,   Phone   95469398,   Square   modern   chrome   tap   with   SPRINGVALE ¿WWLQJV QHZ LQ ER[  HOVHZKHUH $35,   Phone   0410505993,   AH   WESTERN-­  BOOK 65   hard   cover,   old   style   will   sell   in   0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA smaller   lots,   $3   ea   plus   postage,   BATHROOM IXL   silhouette   heater   light   &   fan   EC,   Phone  58721262,  COBRAM with   5   spare   globes,   $80,   Phone   WESTERNS  -­  BOOKS 0438540904,  LILYDALE 200   paper   back   westerns,   will   sell   BATHROOM  MIRROR in   smaller   lots,   $1   each   +   postage,   alum   frame   82x118cm,   $40   ono,   Phone  58721262,  COBRAM Phone  97814126,  FRANKSTON WINSTON  CHURCHILL BATHROOM  MIRRORS  NEW collection   six   vols,   WW11   plus   2   off   one   900mmx1M   the   other   bigraphies   various   authors   22   books   900mmx780mm   with   3/4in   white   in   all   $100   lot   or   sell   sep,   $5   ea,   frame  $30ea  or  $50  the  pair  EC  new,   Phone  54723667,  CHEWTON Phone  93142843,  YARRAVILLE


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â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;WISDEN  ANTHOLOGYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 1978-­2006   Cricketâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Age   of   Revolution,   by   S.Moss,   2006,   hb,dc,vgc,   15cmx24cm,   1038pp,   an   excellent   reference   book,   $50,   .,   Phone  0423948645,  BURWOOD WOMENS  DAY &   Womens   Weekly   late   70â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   $2ea,   10  Australia   Fashions   1970/71/72   10   books,  $5  ea,  Phone  0425750855,  AH   94662061,  THOMASTOWN WORKSHOP  MANUAL C.   J.   Cummins   160,   $75,   Phone   57219203,  WANGARATTA WORLD  BOOK Encyclopaedias   24   Dictionarys   2   year   books   8,   new,   $180,   Phone   0438804333,  IVANHOE

WAS $400

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NOW JUST NOW JUST NOW JUST 8 GORDON STREET - CRANBOURNE w w w. c r a n b o u r n e b a t h r o o m s . c o m . a u

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AUSTRALIAN  GEOGRAPHIC Issues  13-­39  perfect  condition,  $140,   Phone  97030262,  NARRE  WARREN AUSTRALIAN  GEOGRAPHICS complete  from  no  1  to  101,  95  issues,   $175,   Phone   98900873,   BOX   HILL   NORTH AVIATION  BOOKS British   Flying   Review   Intrenational,   vols   21   to   25   covers   years   65-­69   all   hard   bound,   $50,   Phone   52432407,   HIGHTON BACK  ISSUES Guinnes   book   of   records,   $5   ea,   Phone  54282112,  GISBORNE BACKBLOCK  BALLADS   by   C.J.Dennis,   1918,   15cmx19cm,   150pp,  gc,  a  great  little  bit  of  Australian   history,   fabulous   reading!,   $30,   .,   Phone  0423948645,  BURWOOD BIBLE  1804  OXFORD   by   His   Majesty   Special   Command,   $4,000,   Phone   0404120137,   CRAIGIEBURN BOOK â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Historic  Melbourne  Sketchbookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;,  vgc,   dc,   14cmx22cm,   1977,Rigby,   251pp,   many  beautiful  b&w  illustrations,  very   interesting   insight   into   Melbourneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   history,   $20,   .,   Phone   0423948645,   BURWOOD BOOKS over   50   paperbacks   &   hard   covers   popular   authors,   perfect   for   resale   at   markets  etc,  $50,  Phone  0418588738,   CHELSEA BOOKS  15  VOLUMES new   Universal   library   1969   edition,   green  binding  gold  lettering,  $40  ono,   Phone  94571462,  YALLAMBIE BOOKS  ASSORTED qualtiy   paperback   novels   and   others,   50  books,  good  cond,  $20  ono,  Phone   94571462,  YALLAMBIE BOOKS  ASSORTED 30   hardcover   &   paperback   books,   perfect  for  resale,  must  sell  $15  for  the   lot,   Phone   94593624,   HEIDELBERG   WEST BOOKS  FROM  1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S 12   qualtiy   hardbacks,   well   known   authors,   $15   ono,   Phone   94571462,   YALLAMBIE BOXES  OF  BOOKS many   Australian   authors   mostly   paperback  novels,  10  books  in  a  box   several  to  choose  from  please  ring  for   lists,  $10  box,  Phone  98089882,  BOX   HILL  SOUTH CATHOLIC  BOOK illustarated   published   1886,   623   pgs,   title  book  Pope  Leo  13th  Life  &  Letters/ poems   of   his   hollyness   in   Latin/ English,  $60,  Phone  0435883142,  AH   97001304,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS CHARLIE  CHAPLIN   hard   cover   no   D.J.   1978   with   osme   B&W   picutres   297   pages,   $12   PP,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE CHESS  WORLD  11   soft   cover   books   from   Feb   to   December   1960   edited   by   C   Purdy   world  CC  Champion  1953-­58,  $6  PP,   Phone  95469398,  SPRINGVALE CHILDRENS  BOOK Camp   Rock/Puzzlemania   (over   150   pages  of  awesome  activiities  and  fun   facts),   $1   ea,   Phone   0411412704,   FLEMINGTON CHILDRENS  BOOKS Tashi  &  the  Ghosts  by  Anne  Fienberg/ The   Woeful   of   11   world   war   Terry   Deary/The   gorgeous   georgians   and   vile   Victorians,   $1   ea   neg,   Phone   0411412704,  FLEMINGTON CHILDRENS  BOOKS Bambi   Walt   Disneys,   Team   Power   Inc.   no   where   to   run   by   Emily   Rodda,   $1   ea,   Phone   0411412704,   FLEMINGTON COOKERY  BOOKS Chinese,   Age/ANZ,   Better   Homes,   some   imperial   measures   $5each,   Phone  0418695836,  FRANKSTON CRICKET  ALL  THE  YEAR by   N   Cardus   1952   hard   ocver   with   jacket,  writing  on  inside  page  has  age   spots,   B&W   photos,   $8   PP,   Phone   95469398,  SPRINGVALE DATSUN  STANZA  SERVICE manual  Model:A10  series,  1st  revision   33+RZWRZLQIULHQGV LQÃ&#x20AC;XHQFH people,   1937   Spine   damage   age   spots   $12pp,   Phone   95469398,   SPRINGVALE DICK  FRANCIS Title   10lb   penalty   &   D-­C   1st   Edition   1997   EC,   $10,   Phone   93067628,   GLENROY

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Page  26   BATHROOM  VANITY   Double  Vanity  Measurement  1200mm   x  460mm.  No  sink  top.  White  in  colour,   two-­pac.paint,   $125,   VSTN,   Phone   0410631061,  BOX  HILL  NORTH CAST  IRON  1930;;S bath   tub   $300   cast   iron   hand   wash   basin,   $100,   Phone   98748985,   VERMONT CLAW  FOOT  CAST  IRON bath,   1680x770W   missing   one   claw   on   ball   leg,   needs   restoring,   $30,   Phone  0418490239,  KILMORE FIBREGLASS  SPA  BATHS (2)   ECond,   depth   2ftx   width   3ftx   6ft   long,   $80   ea,   Phone   97860858,   FRANKSTON FLOOR  TILES First  lot  20  metres,  2nd  lot  17  metres,   $300   lot,   Phone   0409196269,   CLAYTON SHOWER  BASE and   screen   1500x900   white,   non-­ slip   base,   clear   glass,   pivot   door   screen,   A1   condition,   $500,   Phone   0412687749,  SUNBURY SHOWER  BASE marbletrend   shw.base   white,new   in   wraping  1200x900,  $250,  Phone  0407   558118,  AH  n/a,  MACLEOD SHOWER  CORNER acrylic   shower   cornter   insert,   with   soap   holder   white,   $100,   Phone   0458626073,  STRATHMERTON

SHOWER  SCREEN   suit   820x820   base,   pivot   door,   grey   frame,  clear  glass  ECond,  $70,  Phone   97446126,  SUNBURY SHOWER  SCREEN clear  glass,  chrome  frame,  pivot  door   &  side  panel  suit  9x9  base,  EC,  $100,   Phone  97446126,  SUNBURY SHOWER  SCREEN  -­  GOLD Good  Condition.  760x760x1800,  $100   ONO,   Phone   0354284414,   NEW   GISBORNE SPA  BATH gold   trimmings,   white   with   pumps,   $100   ono,   Phone   93564582,   ST   ALBANS SPA  BATH  WHITE gold  trimmings  with  pump,  $100  ono,   Phone  0437985307,  ST  ALBANS TOILET  SUITE  FOWLER   Toilet   suite   light   beige,   Fowler   VGC.   $30   +   Toilet   suite   Caroma   white   VGC   $20ono,   $30   ONO,   Phone   0406   736256,   AH   0406736256,   MORDIALLOC TOILET  SUITES  (2) E\ 'X[ WZLQ Ã&#x20AC;XVK 6 WUDS FRPSOHWH excellent   condition,   $75   ea,   Phone   56780345,  CORONET  BAY TOILET,  VANITY  TOP,  BOWL Matching  toilet  suite,  vanity  top  (double   bowl)  +small  bowl,  all  yellow  with  taps,   $60   the   lot   ONO   0406736256,   $60   ONO,  Phone  0406  736256,  AH  0406   736256,  MORDIALLOC

VANITY  UNIT Wall   hung,   black   wood   with   pentaluma  counter  top  basin,  brand   new,   $400,   Phone   0417312814,   LALOR

ARMCHAIR Single,  Leather   like   material,   easy   to   clean.   Brown.   GC,   $10,   Not   applicable,   Phone   93981075,   AH   0419134925,  ALTONA


ASSORTED  FURNITURE Cane   Dining   Suite,   6   chairs   $700,   Leather   Queen   Bed,   Large   cube   bookcase,   plus   assorted   accessories   POA,  Phone  0419047105,  EPPING

10  SEATER  TABLE Greek  looking  Antique  table..  In  good   FRQGLWLRQ&DQEHGHOLYHUHG&DQ¿W plus  chairs.  Solid  timber,  $150,  Phone   0400944957,  WARRAGUL

ASSORTED  GOODS Lounge   suite   2x2   seaters,   timber   frame,   brown   fabric,   GC,   fridge   2dr   Hitachi   large   size   400L,   lawn   mower   Victa,   $500   lot,   Phone   0421209929,   TAYLORS  LAKES

2  SEATER  COUCH +DV D GDUN JUHHQ Ã&#x20AC;RUDO GHVLJQ YHU\ pretty,   in   really   good   condition,   no   stains,   no   rips,   not   used   anymore,   $60,  Phone  0417  542  794,  RYE

ASSORTED  HOUSEHOLD  GOODS sofa   3   seater,   fridge,   tv   microwaves,   tvtable,   dryer,   washing   machine,   computer  desk,  2Q  bed  w/mattresses,   kitchen   items,   2   computer   desks,   $2,000   lot,   Phone   0426292206,   2  X  2SEATER  COUCHES 2  matching,  2  Seater  couches  90  x   ESSENDON 140   x   100cm   each.   VG   condition.   soft   suede   like   fabric.   Robust,   BALTIC  PINE  CORNER  UNIT $400,   Phone   0359839725,   AH   very   nice   unit,   in   EC,   $1,600,   Phone   0427349489,  BITTERN 0458698926,  BENDIGO

ARM  CHAIRS  2 material   in   good   condition   both   $150,   also   leather   sofa,   $300,   Phone   0424882350,   AH   97006113,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS

BAR Corner  Bar   Glass   and   Metal   Modern   design.   Bought   from   Keeki.   Moving   Interstate   Great   condition,   $200,   Phone  0409384571,  SANDHURST


1200, 1500, 1700

120x85x220 - WAS $1650



1250 150x85x220 170x85x220


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BAR  CABINET as   new   68cmL   carved   timber   panels,   leather   trim,   glass   window,   freestanding,  many  used,  dark  timber   colour,  $220  ono,  Phone  0408797912,   KEILOR  PARK BAR  CHAIRS  (2) Captain  Seat  (2)  swivel  mahogany  bar   stools,   dark   brown   VGC,   $25   each,   Phone  0414975005,  LANGWARRIN BAR  CHAIRS  X4 in   good   cond   $150,   big   desk   for   computer,  $100,  Phone  0424882350,   AH  97006113,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS BAR  STOOLS 2x   wooden   60cmH   brand   new   still   in   box,   $10   ea,   Phone   0419138356,   PASCOE  VALE BAR  STOOLS 2   chrome   swivel   stools   with   white   padded   cushions,   $20   ea,   Phone   0428568420,  AH  59568420,  COWES BAR  STOOLS 8,   matching,   red   upholstery,   steel   frame,   $250,   Phone   54296645,   ROMSEY BAR  STOOLS   with   square   seats   and   back   rest   VGC,   $80,   Phone   0400854572,   CRANBOURNE BAR  STOOLS  X2 white   leather,   seats   and   backs   with   chrome   gas   lifted   modern   design   white,   $50   pair,   Phone   97821424,   SKYE BATHING  BOX  CABINET size   20Wx78Hcm,   blue/yellow,   $20   ono,  Phone  97814126,  FRANKSTON BED-­  SETEE Ã&#x20AC;RUDO SDWWHUQ KDG OLWWOH XVH RSHQV WR double   bed,   $50,   Phone   87963820,   CARRUM  DOWNS BOOKCASE  WITH  STORAGE  BOX Bookcase   with   four   shelves   and   storage   box   at   the   bottom.   Light   polished   wood,   $150   Each,   Phone   9728   2069,   AH   0417   318   335,   KILSYTH BOX  SEAT  (INDOOR  TYPE) all   timber   construction   with   back   frame   38cmx115cm,   as   new,   $50,   Phone  0408797912,  KEILOR  PARK BUFFET  &  HUTCH 3   glass   doors   &   shelf   on   top,   3   solid   timber  doors  &  3  drawers  on  bottom,   1200Wx430D,   ECond,   walnut-­colour,   $300,   Phone   0401819595,   AH   95806257,  PARKDALE BUFFET  &  HUTCH teak   in   colour,   3   glasses   doors   at   top,  3drws  &  3drs  on  buffet,  excellent   cond,  $500  ono,  Phone  0411053912,   KILMORE BUFFET  &  HUTCH Quality   pine   buffet   &   hutch,   7ft6x6ft,   4  bottom  doors,  2  leadlight  top  doors   dark   green,   ECond,   $650,   Phone   59674265,  HODDLES  CREEK

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12 BUFFET  &  HUTCH  UNIT top  with  glass  &  2  doors  on  each  side,   below  2  shelves  &  2  drawers,  2  doors   120cmLx177cmW,   teak   col,   $150   ono,  Phone  97765082,  FRANKSTON BUFFET  AND  HUTCH 2pac   ivory   colour,   4   glass   doors,   2drws,   4drs,   no   damage/scratches/ chips,   only   used   for   displaying   glassware,   $1,100   ono,   Phone   0425771888,  GLADSTONE  PARK BUFFET  AND  HUTCH Glass   display   new,   $900   ono,   Phone   0488227411,  WANTIRNA BUFFET  KITCHEN  CABINET as   new   2   doors   inside   shelves,   90cmLx50cmx77cm   high   all   timber,   $60,   Phone   0408797912,   KEILOR   PARK BUFFET  LARGE width   190cm   height   130cm   deep   38,   glass   doors,   3   shelves   either   end,   fawn   colour,   $300,   Phone   51766643,   TRARALGON BUFFET  SIDEBOARD drawers   glass   sliding   apartment   plus   closed   in   cupboard,   light   oak   colour,   $40,  Phone  57972628,  YEA CABINET  POLISHED Universal   1Mwx1.6Hx.6mD,   $125,   Phone  95306847,  ELSTERNWICK CAFE  TABLE  & 2   Chairs,   5M   round   table   with   wood   top   &   cast   iron   legs   (black)   chairs   same,  woodgrain  (black)  as  new,  $50,   Phone  0438804333,  IVANHOE CANE  HALL  TABLE   old   type,   $50,   Phone   0434047691,   KOO  WEE  RUP CAPTAINS  CHAIRS And   table   circular   mahogany   table   &   6xCaptains   chairs,   all   ECond,   $350,   Phone  59674265,  HODDLES  CREEK CARPET fringe   edged,   green   base,   beige   colouring,   165cmx235,   never   used,   $115,   Phone   0408385336,   AH   98791090,  CROYDON CARPET  ROLL  OFF  CUT new,  sandy  colour,  thick  approx  width   860mmx6000mm   ideal   for   passage/ corridor,   $60,   Phone   0423967398,   SEAFORD CARPET/MAT GDUN JUHHQIDZQ ODUJH Ã&#x20AC;RZHUHG paisley   pattern   162cmW   232cmL   good   cond,   $30,   Phone   97542745,   BELGRAVE CEILING  FAN  &  LIGHT  BRASS Ceiling   fan,1200   dia,   with   sculpted   timber   blades   and   suspended   light,   both  brass  VGC  $30  ono  0406736256,   $30   ONO,   Phone   0406   736256,   AH   0406736256,  MORDIALLOC CHAIR  LARGE   tub   chair   fabric   with   cushion   as   new,   $60,   Phone   0468930196,   LANG   LANG CHAIRS pair   of   black   leather   chairs,   U   type   wood   frames   OK   condition,   $25   pair,   Phone  95514748,  CLARINDA

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12   CHAIRS  PLASTIC   Stacker   chairs   12   of   $5   each   or   $50   the   lot,   Phone   97297643,   AH   0417366138,  WANTIRNA CHANDELIERS  (2)

top,  central   (5),   low   display,   as   new   condition,   $200   each,   Phone   0432272037,  LANGWARRIN

COUCH  2.5  SEATER *UHHQ Ã&#x20AC;RUDO 6DQGHUVRQ OLQHQ converts   to   bed,   $1,200.   Ottoman   to   match,   EC,   $200,   Phone   97088279,   MOUNT  ELIZA COUCH  3  SEATER with  leg  rests,  cloth  material,  EC,  $250   ono,   Phone   93612949,   CAROLINE   SPRINGS COUCH  3  SEATER gold   velvet   like,   good   cond,   $200,   Phone  54605005,  MARYBOROUGH COUCH  5  SEATER Duke   modular   chaise   brown   kingsuede   fabric,   no   marks/stains,   in   EC,  8mths  old,  plastic  still  on  corners,   $750   ono,   Phone   0458698926,   BENDIGO COUCH  AND  RECLINERS   Coutch   and   too   recliners   also   will   do   pakeage   with   plasma   tv   40inch   and   washing  machine  500  call  forore  info,   $200,   Private,   Phone   0414440207,   HILLSIDE COUCH/BED  SETTEE large   green   vinyl   3   seat   couch   with   pullout  double  bed,  heavy  duty  frame   and   springs,   new   mattress,   very   comfy,  EC,  $100,  Phone  0488440231,   BENALLA COUCHES 2  and  3  seater  black  genuine  leather   couches   for   sale,   be   quick   for   this   bargain!!,   $600,   Phone   0402722682,   WARBURTON CRITERION  BOOKCASE black   new   cond   H2020   W905   D290,   $130,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON CURTAIN  DRAPES pleated   for   big   window,   2640Wx   'Ã&#x20AC;RRUWRFHOLQJQHXWUDOFRORXU block  out  heat,  beige  caramel  new  EC   inpection   welcome,   $80   ono,   Phone   93142843,  YARRAVILLE CURTAINS coated,   pinch   pleated   rubber   lined,   pale   green,   never   used   still   wrapping,   300x221cm,   $150,   Phone   0408385336,   AH   98791090,   CROYDON DESIGNER  CHAIR From   Sydney,   black   hide   with   wood   frame  EC,  $40  ono,  Phone  98089882,   BOX  HILL  SOUTH DESK large   modern   desk/computer   desk,   ZLWK¿OLQJFDELQHWDWWDFKHGEHLJHJUH\ metal  feet,  $200,  Phone  0433795990,   KEW  EAST DESK  COLONIAL  SOLID   rolltop,   oak   colour,   pidgeon   holes   &   drawers,   unmarked   cond,   with   chair,   ideal   for   study/work,   $200,   Phone   97408198,  SUNBURY DESK  SOLID  ROLL  TOP oak   colour,   10   side   drws,   keyed   locking,   green   leather   writing   top,   pigeon   holes   46inHxW48inXD24in   ECond,   $600,   Phone   98024510,   MOUNT  WAVERLEY DINING  SETTING With  sideboard,  both  solid  timber,  dark   FKHUU\ ¿QLVK  FKDLUV DOO PDWFKLQJ VGC,   $800   lot,   Phone   0423687349,   BOX  HILL  SOUTH DISPLAY  CABINET Elegant   Display   cabinet.   Exc.   for   china   collection.   7ft   high   5ft   wide.   Detchbl   glass   shelves.   3drawers   4cupbds.   Touch   of   class.   Mahog.   colour,   $250,   Phone   0499   209036,   ROSEBUD  WEST DISPLAY  CABINET  ELEGANT mirror   backed,   4   large   glass   doors,   2   large   side   cupboards   with   3   large   drws,   222cmxW160cmD45cm,   $300,   Phone  0448006640,  BET  BET DRAPES fairy   garden   design   +   continous   curtain   matching   doona   cover   and   light   shade,   $50,   Phone   53673556,   AH  0438365601,  BACCHUS  MARSH DRESSING  TABLE   not   modern   2   drawers   at   bottom   brown,  $30,  Phone  57972628,  YEA ENTERTAINMENT  UNIT Teak   Timber,   good   condition,   200Wx   140Lx   53D,   $400,   Phone   0416478293,   AH   99311746,   HOPPERS  CROSSING ERGOMATIC  STOOL solid   timber   GC,   $10,   Phone   97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH FIREGUARD width   92,   height   67,   $20,   Phone   59742583,  MOUNT  MARTHA FRAMED  TAPESTRY Superb,  hand  production  tapestry  of   â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Achilles  in  Battleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  dragging  Hectorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   corpse   around   the   city   of   Troy. )UDPHGLQJROGEXUJXQG\¿QLVK6L]H 1.2mx1.55m,   $220   ONO,   Phone   0437357511,  LALOR FURNITURE TV   cabinet.   Baltic   pine.   2   leadlight   doors   1800WX1300H.   Cupboard   space   under.   TV   space   780X600.   Diamond  Creek.  0419-­877592,  $200,   Phone   0419877592,   DIAMOND   CREEK FURNITURE  MOVING  HOUSE 2   TV   units   1x   black   w/coffee   table,   baltic   pine   leadlight   doors,   crystal   cab  1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,  2  stereos  1  compartment   EC,   $750   lot,   Phone   0422141853,   MULGRAVE FURNITURE  WEEKENDER 3   seater   leather   lounge,   3seater   folding  double  bed,  laminex  ext  dining   table,   6   chairs,   single   bed   mattress   and  base,  bedhead/drws,  $450  lot  will   sep,  Phone  96894750,  FOOTSCRAY GLASS  TABLE  TOP 3ft2in   x   5ft10in   bevelled   edges   GC,   $150,  Phone  54296645,  ROMSEY GLASS  TABLE  TOP (smokey)   with   bevilled   glass   small   chip   on   corner,   width   92cm   length   152cm   1cm   thick,   $15,   Phone   0433255682,  MITCHAM GREY  TV  STAND with   2   glass   doors   $15,   wooden   potatoe  boy  $10  or  both,  $25,  Phone   93062451,  GLENROY

HALL  STAND  TABLE With   mirror,   new,   $300   ono,   Phone   0488227411,  WANTIRNA HALL  TABLE solid   mahogany   hall   table   with   2   small   drawers,   clear   lacquered,   new   1 7 7 0 m m X L 4 4 5 m m W x 7 7 0 m m H ,   $220,   Phone   0419308859,   BENTLEIGH HERITAGE  RED   light   shades   (3)   excellent   condition,   $25   ea,   Phone   0417032950,   BERWICK HUON  PINE   table   with   6   chairs,m   EC,   89Wx180Lx76H,   $900,   Phone   0411081592,  FRANKSTON KITCHEN  CABINET older   style,   in   EC,   $200,   Phone   0458698926,  BENDIGO KITCHEN  DRESSER dark   brown,   2   glass   doors,   2   doors   on   bottom,   H190xW102xD30,   $95,   Phone  95607778,  WHEELERS  HILL KITCHEN  DRESSER Oak  4  Glass/Timber  doors  upper  and   4  drawers  middle  and  4  Timber  Doors   lower   in   very   good   condition,   $250,   Phone   0397581878,   FERNTREE   GULLY KITCHEN  SETTING solid  table  and  chairs,  7pce,  180x900   table,   highback   chairs,   cedar   colour,   must   sell,   make   an   offer   over,   $300,   Phone  0429966601,  MELTON KITCHEN  SETTING  7PCE Oval   granite   look   table,   6   chairs,   all   perfect   condition,   $135,   Phone   97032417,  NARRE  WARREN KITCHEN  TABLE   table   with   5   padded   chairs   table   maple   colour   size   1480x870   perfect   condition,   $90,   Phone   0351276493,   NEWBOROUGH KITCHEN  TABLE round   extension   5   chairs,   ECond,   $200   ono,   Phone   0408563986,   YARRAMBAT KITCHEN  TABLE Good  cond  large  circle  shape  to  seat   6   wood   grain   look   steel   frame.   $30,   Phone  0359752130,  AH  0397702991,   FRANKSTON KITCHEN  TABLE/CHAIRS wooden   table   steel   frame,   640(25in) x600(23  1/2in)  extends  to  1200(45in) long,   2   brown   upholstered   chairs,   steel   frames,   EC,   $90   neg,   Phone   93260370,  ASCOT  VALE LAMINEX  TOP  TABLE laminex   top   oval   retro   table   very   solid   GC   original,   $340,   Phone   0477410523,  FRANKSTON LEATHER  RECLINERS  (2) Navy  blue,  very  good  condition,  $120   pr,  Phone  87724951,  WERRIBEE LOUNGE  SUITE Monty  Ottoman  Rose,  mauve  colour,   2   pce,   5   seater,   4   cushions   cost   $1500  sell,  $500,  Phone  97831167,   FRANKSTON MAHOGANY  BAR Quality   205   x   72   x   118   (cm)   Bar.   Comes   with   4   high   back   padded   VWRROV DQG Ã&#x20AC;RRU PDW  3KRQH 0359839725,   AH   0427349489,   BITTERN MARBLE  COFFEE  TABLE Small   circular,   brand   new,   marble   white,   $200,   Phone   0421346465,   LANGWARRIN MELAMINE  WALL  CABINET white   110x75cm,   $75,   Phone   94694314,  RESERVOIR MIRROR width   90cm   height   100cm   dark   timber   frame,   perfect   condition,   $20,   Phone   0415978301,   AH   97872909,   FRANKSTON  STH MIRROR large   105x75cm,   gold   surround,   as   new,   $95   ono,   Phone   0421346465,   LANGWARRIN MIRROR large   mirror   (2630x920)   doors   for   wall  drop  cabinet,  no  scratches,  good   condition,   $140,   Phone   0435738653,   NOBLE  PARK MOVING  BOXES boxes,   bags,   and   packaging,   $25,   Phone  97288979,  MONTROSE MOVING  HOUSE packing   boxes,   paper   for   wrapping   (white)  enough  for  a  4  bedroom  house   EC,  $60,  Phone  57962324,  AVENEL NZ  CRITERION  BOOKCASE black   as   new   H2020x905Wx290D,   $130,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON PACKING  CRATES   wooden,   approx   1.2x600x500,   1   metal   travelling   trunk   900x600x350,   $10  ea  ono,  Phone  51262252,  MOE PERSIAN  RUG 12x12  also  8x8  for  corridors  4  pieces,   $3,300   the   lot,   Phone   0423989461,   SKYE PINE  DRESSER Kitchen/Dining,  3  solid  doors,  3  glass   doors,  3  drawers,  VGCond,  $300  ono,   Phone   0418396030,   AH   97073476,   BERWICK PINE  DRESSER with   mirror   3drws,   VGC,   910Wx440Dx700H,   $90   ono,   Phone   0407195674,   AH   59857223,   TOOTGAROOK PINE  STUDY  DESK computer   desk,   with   access   at   rear   for  cables,  4  drawers  good  condition,   $50,  Phone  0488440231,  BENALLA PINE  TABLE length   2M   width   80cm   depth   17cm   height  78cm  has  two  drawers,  needs   resurfacing,  $50,  Phone  0433255682,   MITCHAM PINE  TV  UNIT   for   slimline   TV   only   one   year   old   chesnut   colour,   $130,   Phone   0433795990,  KEW  EAST

PLATE  GLASS  MIRROR 68cm   x68cm   mirror   with   teak   frame   (unfortunately   been   painted),   $80,   Phone  97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH PLEATED  BLIND from   Shades,   drop   1130   wide   710,   dusky   pink,   $75,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON RECLINER  ARMCHAIR  IN Lustrelle   beige   tonings.   free   local   delivery,   $50,   Phone   0434049449,   MENTONE RECLINER  CHAIR Black   leather   VGCond,   very   comfortable,   $200,   Phone   0423687349,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH RECLINER  CHAIRS  X  2 2   Recliner   Chairs,   Blue   on   Blue   Fabric.   Excellent   Condition.   $750   for   both.   Pick   up   is   in   Rosebud   Victoria,   $400   Each,   Phone   0400978975,   AH   0400978975,  FRANKSTON RECLINERS   X2   very   comfy,   as   new,   soft   pink   JUHHQÃ&#x20AC;RUDODSSUR[\RQHHGWRVHOO $350   ea,   Phone   97030262,   NARRE   WARREN ROCKER  RECLINER Jason   Lazboy   with   foldout   foot   rest   dark  green  fabric  cover,  $120,  Phone   0408036230,  ESSENDON ROCKER  RECLINER cream  vinyl  rocker  recliner  chair  very   comfortable   great   condition,   $60,   Phone  0488440231,  BENALLA ROCKING  CHAIR With   cane   seating,   good   conditon,   dark   wood,   $50,   Phone   98441748,   WARRANDYTE ROCKING  CHAIR with   foot   stool,   wooden   with   green   cushions,   $30,   Phone   0468574221,   ROSEDALE ROLLTOP  WRITING  DESK large,  deep  drawers  (6),  soft  top,  good   cond,  $300  ono,  Phone  0408463736,   EAGLEHAWK ROMAN  BLINDS 210x180,  both  brand  new,  $40,  Phone   0431235500,  SUNSHINE SIDE  BOARD  ELEGANT 3   large   drawers   2   side   cupboards   with   2   drws   above,   180cmWx82cmHx45cmD,   $190,   Phone  0448006640,  BET  BET SOCCER  BALL  CHAIR   turnable  chair,  no  mark  or  scratched,   very   god   condition,   $50,   Phone   0435738653,  NOBLE  PARK SOFA  3  SEATER good   cond,   gold   velvet   with   patern,   $50,   Phone   0434290934,   AH   59414286,  PAKENHAM SOFA  3  SEATER rolled   arms   wooden   legs   blue   in   colour  ideal  unit  or  family  room,  $50,   Phone  97821424,  SKYE SOFA  4  SEATER Converts   to   DB,   grey   light   pink   mix,   GCond,   $100,   Phone   95127529,   CLARINDA SOFA  BED folds  to  double  bed  brown  &  beige  suit   spare  room  or  holiday  home,  no  holes   no   stains,   very   heavy,   $25,   Phone   97682076,  BANGHOLME SOFABED 4   seater.   Grey   and   light   pink   combination.   Good   condition,   $100   ONO,  Phone  95127529,  CLARINDA SOFABED   folds   to   double   bed,   navy   blue,   trampoline   base,   $150,   Phone   56788538,  GRANTVILLE SOFABEDS  X3 good   condition   $170   each,   Phone   0477419964,  MOUNT  WAVERLEY SOLID  OAK  BUFFET New,   cost   $2000   sell,   $900   ono,   Phone  0488227411,  WANTIRNA SPIRIT  OF  FERTILITY water   colour   cost   over   $2000,   90%   turquiose   POA,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON STAINLESS  FRAME   coffee   table   10ml   thick   glass   1Mx1M   sq   worth   over   $500   new   cond   sell,   $250,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON STUDENT  DESK As   New   Student   Pine   Stained   Desk   side   draws   ,and   swivell   chair   EC   phoneCarol   or   email   cppoodle@,   $50   ONO,   Phone   035284094,   AH   0427284094,   NEW   GISBORNE TABLE   with   drop   sides   75x75cms   and   sides   30cm   each,   good   cond   white,   $120   ono,   Phone   0421726424,   BOX   HILL   NORTH TABLE  &  CHAIRS dining   room   table   timber   top   black   steel   legs,   6   matching   chairs,   plus   matching  unit  with  thick  glass  shelves,   $100,  Phone  97635781,  KNOXFIELD TABLE  SOLID   Pine   very   heavy   &   well   made   In   Aust   5FTx   3FT   in   Excellent   Cond   ,   selling   due   to   downsizing   House,   $250,   Phone   97581446,   UPPER   FERNTREE  GULLY TIMBER  SOFABED IDEULF¿QLVK*&RQG[VHDWHU FRXFKHVIDEULF¿QLVK(&RQGWKH pair,  Phone  92965309,  AH  93564252,   ALBANVALE TIMBER  VENEERED  DESK GC,   165x89cm,   with   rhs   double   shelved   return,   and   2drs   LHS,   $50,   Phone  97921386,  DANDENONG TV  ENTERTAINMENT   cabinet   pinewood   with   glass,   shelf   ECond,   53cmWx31cmHx36cmD,   $20,  Phone  97862527,  SEAFORD TV  HUTCH  SOLID  PINE 1800x1400Hx600D,  side  glass  timber   doors,   glass   shelving,   lower   doors   for  CD  etc,  make  an  offer  over,  $300,   Phone  0429966601,  MELTON TV  UNIT large  timber  TV  unit,  custom  made,  2   leadlight  glass  doors,  space  for  large   LCD  TV,  DVD  player  etc,  $600,  Phone   50388234,  PIANGIL

TV  UNIT black  glass,  in  EC,  hardly  used,  $50,   Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO TV  UNIT leadlight  pine  2.1Lx600wX1.2H,  $200,   Phone  0417524818,  ESSENDON UPHOLSTERY  FABRIC olive  green,  suitable  furniture/drapes,   approx   15   metres,   $55,   Phone   0438230230,  PARKVILLE VENETIAN  BLINDS x2,  105x210drop,  Panana  brand  new   $35,   and   rollup   blinds   (3)   35x165D,   (4)   83x210drop,   (2)   90x2010drop,   (2)96x2010drop   GCOND   $30each   ono,   Phone   0411605882,   BRUNSWICK VENETIAN  PVC  BLINDS 50mm  slats  walnut  colour,  EC,  still  on   window,   1800x1030,   1800x1460   (5)   600x1040,   2400x1800(2),   1800x600/ more   $100   EACH   OR,   $1,000   lot,   Phone   0419524302,   AH   93330392,   CRAIGIEBURN WALL  UNIT  3PCE Oak   display/bar   L120cm   W40cm   H180cm,   $300,   Phone   0427845872,   NARRE  WARREN  NORTH WALL  UNIT/TV  UNIT 1.8mHx43Wx93Dcm,   $100   wooden,   Phone  0417359430,  MULGRAVE WALL  UNITS  (2) walnut   stain,   both   with   glass   door   cabinet  on  top  &  timber  door  cabinet,   EC,   $140,   Phone   94694314,   RESERVOIR WALLUNIT  FOR  DVD or  decoration,  lights  inside,  $700  ono,   Phone  0423989461,  SKYE WALLUNITS  3PCE sloid  timber,  country  stain  TV  cabinet   incl   Samsung   40in   (100cm)   LCD   TV,   leadlight  side  cabinets  as  new,  $500,   Phone  0448140149,  DROUIN WHITE  PICTURE  FRAMES alum,   4   poster   size,   52cmW   X   67L   X   2cmD,   with   glass,   backing,   in   cardboard   corners,   GC,   $40   lot,   Phone  95981993,  SANDRINGHAM WINE  RACK  PINE holds   80   bottles,   good   cond   120cmHx104cmWx30cmD,   $45,   Phone   0425714870,   AH   98468095,   TEMPLESTOWE WOOD  CUPBOARD 168cmL   61cmH   35cmD   louvre   doors   both   sides,   was   overhead   cupboard,   $50,  Phone  95158237,  CLARINDA WOODEN  TABLE   60cm  x45cm  x60cm  solid  wood  table,   $60   ONO,   Phone   03   53686775,   DALES  CREEK WOODEN  TABLE 90cm   x40cm   x50cm,   $70   ONO,   Phone  03  53686775,  DALES  CREEK WOODEN  TABLE  WITH  DRAWER 100cm   x45cm   x50cm   contains   small   drawer,   $60   ONO,   Phone   03   53686775,  DALES  CREEK WOODEN  WINE  RACK  UNIT wine   rack   with   single   drawer,   place   for   12   bottles,   $70   ONO,   Phone   03   53686775,  DALES  CREEK

Page  27 LOUNGE  SUITE 3   seater   &   2   matching   chairs,   blue   &   white   check,   Excellent   Condition,   $110,   Phone   97664765,   CARRUM   DOWNS LOUNGE  SUITE 1920â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   mahogany,   cane   back   sides,   Jacobean  oak  trolley,  leadlight  doors,   oak   pot   stand,   other   sundries   POA,   AH  93037221,  ROXBURGH  PARK LOUNGE  SUITE 1x2   seater,   2x1   single,   queen   anne   legs,  dark  brown,  VGC  new  upholstery   2yrs  ago,  green  fabric  with  gold,  $499,   Phone  0411605882,  BRUNSWICK LOUNGE  SUITE 2   seater   couch,   leather,   2   recliner   chairs,   EC,   blue/grey,   $220,   Phone   0401786542,  DANDENONG LOUNGE  SUITE  (2) bone  $500,  &  black  $500,  coffee  table   $50,   black   marble   dining   tale   seats   12   $300   moving   overseas,   Phone   0439706467,  DEER  PARK LOUNGE  SUITE  2  SEATER   ZLWK  FKDLUV  VWRROV IDEULF Ã&#x20AC;RUDO on   castors,   $250,   Phone   52511306,   CLIFTON  SPRINGS MORAN  LOUNGE 2x2   Seater   recliner   rockers,   plus   3   seater   recliners   both   ends   sturdy,   VWHHO IUDPH PDWHULDO JUH\ Ã&#x20AC;RUDO covered,   good   order,   best   offer,   Phone  97231285,  CROYDON SETTEE  BEIGE  LEATHER 3   seater   &   2   matching   chairs,   good   condition,   $400,   Phone   93981321,   ALTONA SORTINO  LOUNGE  SUITE 5pce,   1x3   seater   couch   plus   2   armchairs,   2   seater   couch,   beige   velvet,   timber   frame,   $200,   Phone   98840492,  WANTIRNA TESSA  LOUNGE  SUITE Classic   design   3   Piece.   Swivel   chair   and   Armchair,   3   seater.   Chocolate   brown.  Excellent  Cond.  Timber  Arms,   leather   pads,   $800,   Phone   0499   209036,  ROSEBUD  WEST


DINING  CHAIRS 4  brown  vinyl  dining  chairs,  very  good   condition,  $10  ea,  Phone  0415978301,   AH  97872909,  FRANKSTON  STH DINING  CHAIRS  FIVE in   black   chrome   tubular   design   with   padded  seat  (good  cond),  $20,  Phone   94653747,  LALOR DINING  EXTENSION  TABLE   solid  pine  round  to  oval,  dining  table,   pine   5   chairs,   good   cond,   $130,   Phone  0418575131,  MULGRAVE DINING  JIMMY  POSSUM   Jimmy   possum   dining,   6   cream   leather  chrs,  match  mirror,  6mths  old.   Cost   $8500   Too   big   room.   Genuine   sale,   $2,500,   Phone   0438128342,   ALFREDTON DINING  ROOM  EXT  TABLE &   6   chairs,   lounge   suite   4pce,   very   nice  mirror  (italian  made)  much  more   LOUNGE  SUITES XQXVXDO LWHPV ZRRGEUDVV ¿JXULQHV oil   paintings,   Phone   94992408,   CANE  WHITE  SETTING 1x2   seater   couch,   2   armchairs,   IVANHOE  EAST 1   table,   $100,   Phone   93062451,   DINING  ROOM  SUITE GLENROY Solid   timber   1M   x2M   Lx   77cm   H,   8   rattan   chairs,   ECond   aft   6pm,   $800,   LEATHER  COUCHES latte   colour,   modern   3   seater   &   2   Phone  93791567,  ESSENDON seater,  as  new  hardly  used  paid  $2000   DINING  SETTING   will   sell,   $800,   Phone   0409381563,   DOREEN LEATHER  LOUNGE 2  armchairs  in  good  cond,  light  brown   $599neg   and   2   more   armchairs   $100ea   also   computer   desk   GC,   bar   stools  $35ea,  $199,  Phone  97006113,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS LEATHER  LOUNGE 3   seater   &   2   chairs,   made   in   Italy   perfect   condition,   $1,000,   Phone   98536091,  KEW LEATHER  LOUNGE suite   3pce,   1x2   seater,   2x1   seater   Solid   Oak   extending   dining   table   blue,   good   cond,   can   deliver   up   to   and   6   chairs,   in   ECond,   very   good   10kms,   $400,   Phone   0425806043,   quality,   extends   to   seat   8   people,   great   condition,   $250   ono,   Phone   MERNDA 97893538,   AH   0419895986,   LEATHER  LOUNGE  STE  BLACK FRANKSTON Black   modular   :The   Auditorium)   from   Leather   Republic   new   in   plastic   modular,   built-­in   recliners   cost   DINING  SETTING   $6999.  Too   big   room,   $3,500,   Phone   7pce,  cream,  padded  high  back  chairs,   0438128342,  ALFREDTON extendable   table,   GCond,   $100,   Phone  0413906944,  FLOWERDALE LEATHER  LOUNGE  SUITE x2,  1x3  seater,  1x4  seater,  red,  Danzig   DINING  SETTING leather   sofas,   in   new   condition,   extendable   solid   timber   dining   table   $2,500   both,   Phone   0427686075,   with   6   leather   chairs,   excellent   BUMBERRAH condition,   $400,   Phone   0439578580,   LOUNGE BALLARAT a   pair   large   size   single   seater,   DINING  SUITE FKRFRODWHFRORXUPLFUR¿EUHYHU\FRV\ with   6   chairs,   table   with   glass   top,   in  ECond,  $100,  Phone  0415670266,   $400,   Phone   93584104,   CAROLINE   BOX  HILL SPRINGS LOUNGE  3  SEATER pluys   1   relciner,   in   VGC,   dusky   DINING  TABLE   pink,   $150,   Phone   0400854572,   blackwood   oval   shape,   6   chairs,   covered   cushions,   seats   six,   CRANBOURNE curved   legs,   Phone   59762809,   LOUNGE  SUITE MORNINGTON 3   Piece,   2   seater   &   2   single   chairs,   maroon   shade   of   vinyl,   EC,   very   DINING  TABLE comfortable  &  spotless,  $500,  Phone   Quality   oval   pedestal   extender   table   plus   four   chairs   light   coloured   0408504566,  BALLARAT coverings  light  brown  wood  very  good   LOUNGE  SUITE   3   seater   lounge   and   2   matching   condition,   $150,   Phone   0439091933,   chairs,  brown  leather,  VGCond,  $300,   MOOROOLBARK Phone   93862959,   PASCOE   VALE   DINING  TABLE round   table,   solid   pedestal,   4   chairs,   SOUTH dark   baltic   stain   timber,   matching   LOUNGE  SUITE solid   timber,   turned   legs,   2   seater   buffet,   4   door,   4   drw,   PCond,   $500   couch,   2   armchairs,   foot   stool,   both,  Phone  0448140149,  DROUIN Victoriana   style,   dark   baltic   stain,   DINING  TABLE   deep   foam   cushions,   EC,   $500,   solid   black   and   white   granite   marble   Phone  0448140149,  DROUIN roman   style   table   marvelosly   constructed,   excellent   quality   will   not   LOUNGE  SUITE Queen   Anne,   average   condition,   disappoint  would  suit  a  variety,  Call  for   couch   &   2   chairs,   cane   ends,   $150,   price,  Phone  0415  469  020,  AH  0426   083  961,  MEADOW  HEIGHTS Phone  98462061,  TEMPLESTOWE LOUNGE  SUITE DINING  TABLE classic   modern   2   large   and   2   small   luxury   dining   table   plus   six   chairs   plus   table   complete   corner   lounge   Parker   furniture   round   table   and   six   appropriate  very  cheap,  Call  for  price,   chairs  very  good  quality,  Call  for  price,   Phone   0415   469   020,   AH   0426   083   Phone   0415   469   020,   AH   0426   083   961,  MEADOW  HEIGHTS 961,  MEADOW  HEIGHTS

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CHANDELIERS  (2) pure   crystal   with   15   lights   on   each,   nicely   hanging,   $150   ono,   Phone   93673327,  ST  ALBANS CHEVAL  MIRROR lovely   to   look   at   perfect   condition,   brown,  $100,  Phone  98536091,  KEW CHUNKY  PINE coffee   table   47inHx28inW   VGC,   $75,   Phone   98792119,   RINGWOOD   NORTH CHUNKY  PINE   stained  TV  video  &  DVD  cabinet  with   2  folding  doors  &  2  drawers,  cost  $250   VGC   sell,   $50,   Phone   93021589,   BROADMEADOWS CHURCH  PEWS 2x3  metres  very  solid  timber,  ECond,   light   brown,   no   damage,   $750   each,   Phone  59674265,  HODDLES  CREEK COFFEE  TABLE glass   topped,   steelwork   frame,   very   pretty,   in   EC,   $150,   Phone   0458698926,  BENDIGO COFFEE  TABLE Pine   square   coffee   table   600mm   x600mm   x   415mm   high.   Very   strong   and   sturdy.   Recently   made   and   varnished.   Excellent   condition,   $50,   Phone   0438   796   903,   AH   03-­5483   2342,  ECHUCA COFFEE  TABLE   tinted   unbreakable   glass   top,   solid   wooden   frame,   steel   pin   joints,   132x77x43cmH,   $90,   Phone   0469372708,  TRARALGON COFFEE  TABLE light   brown   polished,   2   drws,   $50,   Phone  93075231,  TAYLORS  HILL COFFEE  TABLE glass   top   tinted   90x35x50H   brand   new,   Gotta   see   gotta   sell,   $200   ono,   Phone  0421346465,  LANGWARRIN COFFEE  TABLE   stainless   frame,   new,   1Mx1M   10ml   thick   glass   top,   $250,   Phone   59734449,  MORNINGTON COFFEE  TABLE Round   tinted   heavy   glass   80cm   diameter   on   wooden   frame,   $50,   Phone  0402326135,  ALTONA COFFEE  TABLE ornate   metal   smoked   glass   oval   top,   excellent   condition,   $100,   Phone   0439578580,  BALLARAT COFFEE  TABLE  LONG custom  made  2.4L  820W  x  500H  good   cond,   $130,   Phone   0418575131,   MULGRAVE COFFEE  TABLES glass  top  coffee  tables  (2)  with  chome   legs,  1  small  $20,  1  large,  $35,  Phone   0404813941,  COCKATOO COMPUTER  DESK grey   with   drawers,   drawers   are   removable.   good   cond,   $50   ONO,   Phone  0413093185,  AH  0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH COMPUTER  DESK desk   with   one   drawer   and   side   cubboard,   $60   ONO,   Phone   03   53686775,  DALES  CREEK COMPUTER  DESK good  condition  slide  out  shelf,  left  side   open  shelving  right  side  120cmx72cm   on   rollers,   $40,   Phone   97953175,   DANDENONG  NORTH COMPUTER  DESK  HUTCH with   shelves   corner   unit,   timber,   EC,   custom   made   for   my   daughter   suit   teenagers   bedroom,   Rosewood,   can   deliver   10ks   radius,   $500,   Phone   0402055505,  NOBLE  PARK CONVERTABLE  COUCH   Modern,   high-­tech   metal   silvergray   with   brand   new   queen   futon   converts   to   double   bed   in   seconds.   /LJKWZHLJKW ¿UP  3KRQH 9482  1253,  FAIRFIELD CORNER  UNIT solid   Baltic   pine   6ftx6ftHx3ftW,   TV   opening   32x26in,   2   cupboards   underneath,   $175,   Phone   0434290934,   AH   59414286,   PAKENHAM CORNER  WALL  UNIT 3   units,   cocktail   unit,   corner   cub   glass   cabinet,   cubs   below,   all   units   mahogany  colour,  drawer  in  each  unit   VGC,  $200,  Phone  51262252,  MOE COUCH   and   2   recliners   selling   for,   $300,   Phone  59757527,  MORNINGTON COUCH   160cm   wide   good   cond,   $45,   Phone   97162186,  WHITTLESEA COUCH great  2  seater  couch  hardly  used  blue,   $50   ONO,   Phone   0413093185,   AH   0431233832,  DANDENONG  SOUTH COUCH    VHDWHU Ã&#x20AC;RUDO PRUDQ FRXFK ZKLFK opens   to   bed   double,   $200,   Phone   0433795990,  KEW  EAST COUCH  2  SEATER Soft   dark   brown   leather,   VGCond,   $200,  Phone  0423687349,  BOX  HILL   SOUTH COUCH  2.5  SEATER very   comfortable,   fabric,   approx   9yrs   old,   great   for   extra   seating,   caravan,   annexe   or   rented   property,   light   olive/brown   horizonatal/vertical   print,   $55   neg,   Phone   0411412704,   FLEMINGTON

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Page  28   DINING  TABLE Quality   dining   table   with   four   chairs   light   coloured   fabric   light   coloured   wood   extendable   very   good   condition,   $175,   Phone   0439091933,   MOOROOLBARK DINING  TABLE  +  CHAIRS  EXT Approx   100yr   old   extension   table   &   7   chairs,   5   in   good   condition   2   needing   repairs,   $600   ONO,   Phone   0355654568,   AH   0408516223,   GRASSMERE DINING  TABLE  BLACK folds   out,   6   chairs   okay   cond,   $100,   Phone   0437401420,   AH   87740738,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS DINING  TABLE  EXTENTION round   1.2M   modern   Fleur   type,   $35,   Phone  95306847,  ELSTERNWICK DINING  TABLE  OVAL grey,  4  steel  chairs,  $100  ono,  Phone   0408463736,  EAGLEHAWK DINING  TABLE  ROUND 108cm  extends  to  oval,  ornate  centre   pedestal   sound   timber,   $450   ono,   Phone  53483071,  DAYLESFORD EXTENDING  DINING  TABLE Colonial  style  extendable  dining  table.   3LQH HDV\ WR DGMXVW ¿WV    HDVLO\ Excellent   condition,   $100,   Phone   0435004748,  MOUNT  ELIZA KENDAL  DINING  TABLE glass   top   smoked   grey   colour,   42in,   on   chrome   centre   pedestal,   EC,   $180   ono,   Phone   0397898021,   FRANKSTON LARGE  DINING  TABLE epoxy  painted  oval  shape,  adjustable   from   70in   to   90in   no   chairs,   in   good   cond,   $75,   Phone   59955124,   CRANBOURNE  WEST SOLID  PINE  TIMBER table  seats  6,  ECond,  $100  including   protective   cover,   Phone   94694314,   RESERVOIR TABLE  &  2  CHAIRS (Cafe)  black  cast  iron  legs  &  wood  top   &   seats   new,   $70,   Phone   94996601,   IVANHOE  EAST TEAK  DINING  TABLE Extendable   teak   dining   table   seats   6   -­  8  people  very  good  condition  photos   avalable   on   request   phone   Carol,   $80   ONO,   Phone   0354333016,   AH   0427284094,  NEW  GISBORNE

BEDROOM BATMAN  BED  SMALL  SIZE 1   year   old,   only   used   for   6   months,   $300,  Phone  0428752477,  SALE BED  HEAD  /  WHITE  &  GOLD bed   head,   white   &   gold   /-­   -­1.138   wide,  $50  ONO,  Phone  0433452697,   DELAHEY BED  SPREADS *UHHQ EDFN JURXQG ZLWK Ã&#x20AC;RZHU pattern.   5   x   queen   size   $30   each   and   5   x   single   size   $15   each.Clean,   Phone  0359752130,  AH  0397702991,   FRANKSTON BED  SUITE  GIRLS white  excellent  condition  $120,  double   innerspring   mattress   $80,   Phone   0434047691,  KOO  WEE  RUP BEDROOM  SUITE Queen   Anne,   twin   beds,   wardrobe,   dressing  table  w/mirror,  bedside  table,   good   cond   burgundy   colour,   $200,   Phone  97162186,  WHITTLESEA BEDROOM  SUITE Queen   Anne   double   bed,   base   bedhead   2   bedside   tables,   dressing   table   and   mirror   Mahogany,   $200,   Phone   0417541536,   GREENSBOROUGH BEDROOM  SUITE  4PCE 2   sets   bedside   drawers,   bedhead   to   suit  DB/QS,  dressing  table  with  large   mirror  as  new  condition,  $150,  Phone   97032417,  NARRE  WARREN BEDROOM  SUITE  QS mattress  wooden,  mirrors  &  drawers,   side   tables   moving   overseas,   $200,   Phone  0439706467,  DEER  PARK BEDROOM  UNITS  X2 top  section  cupboard  3  shelves,  bottom   3   drawers,   182cmHx61cmWx46cmD,   ECond,   $50   pair,   Phone   98026998,   BURWOOD  EAST BEDSIDE  TABLE  LAMPS red   shades,   both   work   in   EC,   $30   both,  Phone  0458698926,  BENDIGO BIOMAGNETIC   underlay,   queensize   therapeutic   underlay   includes   two   magnetic   pillowcases,   nearnew   less   than   half   price,   $200   EC,   Phone   0419893494,   MANSFIELD BIOMAGNETIC  THERAPUEDIC woolen   underlay   premium   reversible   double   size   plus   2   woolen   magnet   pillow   cases   as   new,   $240,   Phone   54605005,  MARYBOROUGH BRASS  BED King   Single   with   base,   excellent   condition   aft   7.30pm,   $100,   Phone   94397283,  MONTMORENCY BUNK  BEDS  INNER spring   mattresses   with   good   quality   covers,  slept  on  5  times  as  new,  $200,   Phone  0407801411,  GEMBROOK CHARLIE  BUTTERFLY double   doona   cover,   with   matching   single   bed   sheets,   2   matching   cushions,   hardly   used   PCond,   $75,   Phone   0421198271,   AH   88380849,   CROYDON CHEST  OF  DRAWERS 3   large   drawers   with   ceramic   ornate   Ã&#x20AC;RUDO NQREV VROLG WLPEHU SDLQWHG white,   $165,   Phone   0410505993,  AH   0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA CHEST  OF  DRAWERS  (5) solid   wood   exc   cond,   90W   X   45D   X   80Hcm,   $70   ono,   Phone   97814126,   FRANKSTON CHINESE  CARVED   blanket   chest,   large   size,   could   also   double   as   coffee   table/storage   in   living   room,   ECond,   walnut   &   natural   colour,   $80,   Phone   98441748,   WARRANDYTE DB  COVER new   DB   white   broderie,   $40,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY

TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850   DOONA  COVER  DOUBLE white  embroided  pattern,  c/w  matching   pillowcase,   in   VGC,   $70   ono,   Phone   0423070167,  BONBEACH DOONA  COVER  SET King  size  white  with  large  tree  branch    EXWWHUÃ&#x20AC;\V FRVW  VHOO  QHZ in  package,  Phone  97821424,  SKYE DOUBLE  BED double   bed   base   &   mattress   on   castors,   VGCond,   $80,   Phone   97282096,  KILSYTH DOUBLE  BED head   &   foot   wire   base   if   required,   Queen   Anne   style,   $60   ono,   Phone   0421726424,  BOX  HILL  NORTH DOUBLE  BED With   head/base   spring   2   bedside   tables,  over  50years  old,  $250,  Phone   97004919,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS DOUBLE  BED  & Base,   good   condition,   $50,   Phone   0423687349,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH DOUBLE  BED  MATTRESS And   base   with   foam   overlay,   only   used   in   spare   room,   $120,   Phone   0408979150,  BEACONSFIELD DOUBLE  BEDHEAD pine   colour   wood,   $50,   Phone   97162490,   AH   0400113934,   WHITTLESEA DOUBLE  BEDHEAD with   side   drawers   and   dressing   table,   $200,   Phone   0400854572,   CRANBOURNE DOUBLE  DECK  BED 1   year   old,   only   used   for   6   months,   $250,  Phone  0428752477,  SALE DOUBLE  PINE  BED Federation  style  black  gloss  paint  one   year  old  EC,  $100,  Phone  59622962,   HEALESVILLE DRESSING  TABLE   Chestnut  colour  needs  some  sanding,   $150,   Phone   0433795990,   KEW   EAST DRESSING  TABLE UK   made   with   full   length   mirror,   6   drawers   ECond,   154cmL,   $140,   Phone   97162490,   AH   0400113934,   WHITTLESEA DRESSING  TABLE   mahogany   -­   8   draw   (2   hidden)   2   of   2  sets  of  draws  advertised.  86  x  130   x   54cm,   $250,   Phone   0359839725,   AH  0427349489,  BITTERN ELECTRIC  BLANKET   double  or  queen  bed,  3  heat  settings,   brand   new   not   used,   cost   $110   sell,   $50,  Phone  98775540,  BLACKBURN   SOUTH ELECTRIC  KING  SINGLE  BED   Can   raise   +   lower   bed.   Metal   frame.   Cream   bed   head   +   end.   Can   raise   sides.   Legs   on   wheels.VGC,   $950   ONO,   Phone   0397642360,   KNOXFIELD FOLDING  BEDS with   mattresses   good   cond,   $30   ea,   Phone  95606043,  MULGRAVE FUTON  SETTEE Black  pipe  frame,  blue  print,  converts   to   bed,   $60,   Phone   0420350257,   HAZELWOOD KING  SINGLE  BED   Antique   replica   Cast   iron   bed   head   and   foot,white   colour   complete   with   good   matress,great   condition,   $300   ONO,   Phone   0417   124   646,   BEACONSFIELD KING  SIZE bed   &   base,   Simmons   Living   Edge,   VGC,  $500  ono,  Phone  0437015675,   CLYDE KING  SIZE Mattresst  latex  with  memory  foam  top,   super  comfy,  brand  new  condition  cost   $2000  sell,  $400,  Phone  0409308371,   HEIDELBERG  HEIGHTS KING  SIZE   base   &   mattress   VGC,   $300,   Phone   0412282087,  NOBLE  PARK KING  SIZE  MATTRESS Still   in   plastic   cost   $2000   sell,   $900,   Phone  0488227411,  WANTIRNA KING  SIZE  WATERBED hard   side   with   heater   near   new   bladder   not   used   for   6yrs,   $100,   Phone  0407254337,  TRAFALGAR KS  SINGLE  BED  ENDS Wooden  slat  base,  black  wrought  iron   &   timber,   suit   male   or   female,   VGC,   $60,  Phone  0411561418,  VERMONT   SOUTH KSS  BED almost   new,   paid   $600   sell,   $200   as   new,   Phone   0411081592,   FRANKSTON LATEX  PILLOWS Solid   Latex   Pillows,   Brand   New,   Never  taken  out  of  packaging.  I  have   4  to  get  rid  of,  $30  Each,  Phone  0417   542  794,  RYE LINEN  NEW DB  sheet  set,  $10,  Phone  93062451,   GLENROY LOVELY  WOOD  WARDROBE golden  oak  6  feet  x  5.  Four  doors  two   mirrored,  2  micromesh.Four  drawers.    ¿UP  3KRQH   FAIRFIELD MATTRESS single  inner  spring  mattress,  VGCond,   $40,   Phone   0433222392,   NARRE   WARREN MATTRESS  DOUBLE no   base   used   great   condition,   $90   ono,  Phone  93317192,  KEILOR  EAST MENS  WARDROBES brown   solid   type   hanging   space   one   side   other   sliding   drawers,   $30   ea,   Phone  57972628,  YEA MONTRIAL  QUEEN  SIZE bed   baltic   pine   with   very   thick   posts   paid   $1600   sell,   $400   ono,   Phone   0419524302,   AH   93330392,   CRAIGIEBURN OLD  STYLE  WARDROBE dark   timber   wardrobe   with   drawers,   $50   ono,   Phone   0438371502,   AH   59835010,  SOMERS

PINE  WARDROBE hanging   space   and   2drws,   H180xW83xD48,   $89   aft4pm,   Phone   95607778,  WHEELERS  HILL QUEEN  ANNE white,   2x   single   bedhead   and   base,   3drw   bedside   table,   2drw   dressing   table,  mirror  and  matching  stool,4drw   dresser  VGC,  $450,  Phone  59814540,   SAFETY  BEACH QUEEN  MATTRESS Queen   Pocketspring   Mattress.   Never   VOHSWRQ0HGLXPIHHO&DQEHÃ&#x20AC;LSSHG Comes   with   FREE   SUEDE   BASE.   X-­DISPLAY   STOCK,   $900,   Phone   0417  542  794,  RYE QUEEN  SIZE  BED mahogany   timber   colonial   style,   ECond,   $100,   Phone   56289600,   NOOJEE QUEEN  SIZE  BED Pine,   VGCond,   c/w   head,   base   &   foot,   $180   neg,   Phone   0416192370,   SYDENHAM QUEEN  SIZE  BED &   base,   2   bedside   tables   and   dressing   table   okay   condition,   $150,   Phone   0437401420,   AH   87740738,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS QUEEN  SIZE  BED  SUITE Queen  Size  Slat  Bed.  Bed  Head  and   End.  Wooden  Mahogany  Coulour  with   Side  Tables.  Good  Condition.  Moving   Interstate,  $200,  Phone  0409384571,   SANDHURST QUEEN  SIZE  REPRO White   wrought   iron   brass   bedhead   &   base,   very   pretty   with   porcelain   inserts,   side   irons,   EC,   $60,   Phone   0411561418,  VERMONT  SOUTH SINGLE  BED timber   mustard   colour   head   &   foot   with   timber   slats   plus   mattress,   $50,   Phone  97635781,  KNOXFIELD SINGLE  BED steel   head   &   foot   red   timber   slats,   no   mattress,   $15,   Phone   97635781,   KNOXFIELD SINGLE  BED   for   sale,   black,   $60,   Phone   0412145047,  FRANKSTON  NORTH SINGLE  BED   with   mattress,   $50,   Phone   0437401420,   AH   87740738,   CHELSEA  HEIGHTS SINGLE  BED white   metal   with   trundle   underneath,   with   mattresses   good   cond,   $40,   Phone  0403080905,  ROSEBUD SINGLE  BED Sealy  Posturepedic  Messina  mattress   and   base   single   condition   as   new,   $110   ONO,   Phone   03   95723083,  AH   0402  032  482,  CAULFIELD  EAST SINGLE  BED White   tubular   with   mattress   and   white   glass   top   bedside   table   to   match,   $110,   Phone   0420350257,   HAZELWOOD SINGLE  BED solid   pine   wood   bed   with   mattress,   in   ECond,   can   be   delivered   in   neighbouring   suburbs,   $75,   Phone   0415670266,  BOX  HILL SINGLE  BED pine   timber   single   bed   with   mattress   in   ECond,   can   be   delviered   in   neighbouring   suburbs,   $85,   Phone   0423454380,  BOX  HILL SINGLE  BED  MATTRESS Slumber  Rest  good  cond,  $10,  Phone   94653747,  LALOR SINGLE  BED  SET stylish   solid   bed   set   comprises   with   a   single   bed,   comfortable   mattress,   3x  drawer  bedside  and  is  in  excellant   condition,   $165,   Phone   0418524689,   TAYLORS  HILL SINGLE  BEDHEAD   Taylor  made  single  bed  head,  ,  single   draw  and  cupboards  attached  to  each   side  made  from  beutiful  Tasmania  oak   timber,   $250   ONO,   Phone   0417   124   646,  BEACONSFIELD SINGLE  BEDROOM  SUITE complete   with   side   table,   table   lamp,   mattress,   feather   doona   bedspread,   timber   w/black   wrought   iron,   timber   legs,   $230,   Phone   0425776571,   SAFETY  BEACH SINGLE  BEDS 2   single   beds,   mattresses,   bases,   blankets   and   attractive   bedspreads,   VGC   (downsizing),   $40   ea,   Phone   0415978301,   AH   97872909,   FRANKSTON  STH SINGLE  BEDS two  timber  and  two  metal  beds,  single   with   very   good   mattresses,   $100   ea,   Phone  0433795990,  KEW  EAST SINGLE  BEDS Fair   condition   used   4   x   single   mattresses   cash   on   pick   up.   $50   each,   Each,   Phone   0359752130,  AH   0397702991,  FRANKSTON SINGLE  BEDS  X  2. One  tubular  steel  with  pull  out  trundle   and   one   timber.   GC,   $60   Each,   Phone   0400773177,   AH   59786727,   PEARCEDALE SINGLE  DOONAS and   curtains,   ready   to   be   hung   for   renovation   paid   $180   a   set,   sell,   $20   ea,  Phone  0433795990,  KEW  EAST SINGLE  METAL  TUBULAR  BED single  bed  up  high  with  space  below,   ladder   and   mattress   included,   $60   ONO,   Phone   03   53686775,   DALES   CREEK SINGLE  STAR  MATTRESS Brand   New,   Innerspring   Mattress,   Great  for  the  budget  conscious.  Still  in   plastic,  never  used,  $99,  Phone  0417   542  794,  RYE SLUMBERLAND  ENSEMBLE Q/S   Chiropractic   Technogel   Luxury   Ensemble   with   glides,   original   price   $2,299.00   with   receipt   &10   year   guarantee,   perfect   as   new,   $750,   Phone   03   9337   3866,   AH   03   9309   8959,  MEADOW  HEIGHTS

SPINE  MASTER  LUXURY Orthopaedic   Queen   mattress   &   base   VHW ¿UP PDWWUHVV (& VWLOO ZUDSSHG in  plastic  from  deep  steam  cleaning  &   sanitizing,  $200,  Phone  0411561418,   VERMONT  SOUTH SUEDE  BEDHEAD  &  BASE Queen   size,   Charcoal   Grey   Suede   Bedhead  &  Base,  Excellent  Condition,   Only  used  as  a  display,  $450,  Phone   0417  542  794,  RYE TALL  BOY Mahogany  6  draw  (1  hidden)  1  of  2   sets   of   draws   available.   126   x   107   x   54cm,   $250,   Phone   0359839725,   AH  0427349489,  BITTERN TALLBOY red/brown,   six   drawers,   pine   wood,   $80,  Phone  0433795990,  KEW  EAST WARDROBE   2   door,   hanging   &   shelf   space,   EC   900Wx1940H,   whaite,   $120,   Phone   59622962,  HEALESVILLE WARDROBE  DARK  WOOD Stained   190cm   Hx   93cm   Wx   55cm   D,   $30   ono,   Phone   0433255682,   MITCHAM WARDROBE  PINE   OLPH VWDLQ ¿QLVK  GUDZV DW ERWWRP L86cm   W63cm   H187cm   $180.   brown   chest   draws   (8)   $50,   Phone   0427845872,   NARRE   WARREN   NORTH WATER  BED  DBLE Very   Good   Condition,   $50,   Phone   0433776369,  MIRBOO  NORTH WATERBED   1.9x1M,   new   cond,   2   under   drawers,   Queen   Anne   bedhead   and   frame,   wool  zipper  top,  cost  $1500  sell,  $500,   Phone  95987112,  SANDRINGHAM

HOMEWARES ASSORTED  NEW  LINEN quilt   cover,   curtains,   table   cloths,   etc,   $100   lot,   Phone   93062451,   GLENROY BENDIGO  POTTERY Bread   crock,   casserole,   and   cheese   container   all   perfect   condition,   $75,   Phone  59752984,  MORNINGTON BOHEMIA  CRYSTAL   six  long  stemmed  230ml  wine  goblets   new   in   box,   $15,   Phone   98089882,   BOX  HILL  SOUTH BREADMAKER Sanyo   automatic   breadmaker,   $35,   Phone  0420350257,  HAZELWOOD BREVILLE   Breville   breadmaker,   $20,   Phone   52561462,  OCEAN  GROVE CHECKERPLATE umbrella   stand   brand   new,   $35,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON CHRISTMAS  DECORATIONS 2x   wooden   sleighs   2   reindeers,   FRORXUIXO  ¿JXULQHV FKULVWPDV carols,  snowman  &  woman  on  wood,   family   of   4   dolls,   lights   etc,   Phone   94992408,  IVANHOE  EAST CHRISTMAS  TREE 2260cm   pine   christmas   tree,   1070cmDiam,   62   colour   coded   hook   branches   for   easy   assembly,   dense   green   foliage,   sturdy   metal   base   EC,   $125,   Phone   98783396,   BLACKBURN  SOUTH CHRISTMAS  TREE bushy  approx  182cm  tall,  green,  $20,   Phone  97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH CHRISTMAS  TREE  6FT with  80  ball  balls  and  decorations  and   2  setsof  lights,  $40,  Phone  59814540,   SAFETY  BEACH CUSHIONS  BY  KASS  X4 Red,   orange   inset,   white   triangle,   $25   each,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON CUSHIONS  CONTEMPORARY  X4 Pale   pinks,   greys,   torque,   new   condition,   $100,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON CUSHIONS  X2 Lime  green,  new  condition,  $10  each,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON CUSHIONS  X2 Orange,   new   condition,   $10   each,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON CUTLERY  SET all   stainless   steel   62pce   modern   design   all   in   perf   cond,   $100,   Phone   59752984,  MORNINGTON DEUTSCHER  SLASHER Deutscher  26in  2  speed  self  propelled   slasher   complete,   ideal   for   wrecking,   $200,  Phone  97264697,  CHIRNSIDE   PARK DINNER  PLATES  ROYDON NZ   craft   wood   hanging   Indonesian   glass   plate   for   coffee   table,   Phone   98426747,  DONVALE DINNER  SETTING   39pce   including   large   serving   platter,   white  with  green  and  pink  leaf  pattern,   very   good   condition,   $120,   Phone   98783396,  BLACKBURN  SOUTH DOOR  HANGING  DOLPHINS Dolphins  hanging  separates  doorways   can  walk  through  EC,  blue,  $20  ono,   Phone  0401371965,  SALE ELECTRIC  STOVE   approx   6   months   old   in   vgc,   reason   for   sale   we   have   renovated   our   kitchen   ,   new   price   $850,   $150,   Phone  0351671731,  AH  0403974601,   YALLOURN  NORTH ELEGANT  DINNER  SET (6)  Mikassa,  microwave  &  dishwasher   proof,  lots  of  extras,  black  with  mauve   Ã&#x20AC;RZHUV FRVW  VHOO  RQR Phone  94694314,  RESERVOIR ELNA  PRESS Elna  Press  (  Lotus  )  good  cond  works   well.Great   to   Iron   sheets   &   Jeans   etc.   $80,   Phone   0359752130,   AH   0397702991,  FRANKSTON FOWLERS  VACOLA HOHFWULF SUHVHUYLQJ RXW¿W VWDLQOHVV steel,   thermostat   control,   with   100   jars,   lids   and   rings,   $220,   Phone   53381161,  BALLARAT

FOWLERS  VACOLA electrical   preserving   stainless   steel   thermostat  controlled  jars  &  lids,  $80,   Phone  0408797912,  KEILOR  PARK FRAMED  TAPESTRY. Tom   Robertâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   iconic   Shearing   of   the   Rams.   Completed   tapestry   in   excellent   condition.   Gold   frame   69   x   101   cm,   $250,   Phone   0427542580,   BALLARAT GEORGE  FOREMAN grill   and   hotplate   model   no   GF20G   VGC,   $25,   Phone   59735050,   MORNINGTON GOLD  FRAMED  MIRROR Extra   large   gold   framed   mirror   960x1400mm   with   mounting   holes.   VGC,   ex   holiday   house,no   longer   required,  $70,  Phone  9789  1847,  AH   97891847,  LANGWARRIN GRAPEFRUIT  SPOONS  X5 Viners   Chelsea   stainless   steel,   $20   ea,  Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON GRIMAC  COFFEE  MACHINE Grimac   Mia   coffee   machine   &   Ranchillio   Rocky   grinder   FOR   SALE!   Great   condition.   Selling   due   to   moving,   $1,600   ONO,   none,   Phone   0477666774,  LARA HIGH  CHAIR  ROBUST Multi   adjust   with   removeable   table   insert   padded   washable   upholstery,   $90,   Phone   0410505993,   AH   0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA IKEA  TIMBER magazine   rack   for   wall,   assembled,   never   used,   EC,   $10,   Phone   95981993,  SANDRINGHAM JUICER   Fruit/veg   domestic,   clean,   EC,   $10,   Phone  98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH KAMBROOK  BREAD  MAKER Bread   maker,   $50,   Phone   0428568420,  AH  59568420,  COWES KASS  CUSHIONS  MODERN  X4 Red,   orange,   white,   new   condition,   $100,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON KENWOOD  CHEF food   processor   model   A701A   with   juicer   VGC   white,   $80,   Phone   59864929,  MCCRAE KITCHEN  ITEMS all  in  excellent  working  order,  electric   Sunbeam   steamer,   Russell   Hobbs   Coffee  maker,  kettle,  toaster,  pancake   maker,   $50   lot,   Phone   93371801,   AVONDALE  HEIGHTS KLEENMAID  WASHING  MACHINE 7.5Kg   washing   machine   good   cond   made   in   america   by   Maytag   robust,   washes   well,   solid   unit,   $350   ONO,   Phone   95470070,   AH   0437617206,   NOBLE  PARK KNIFE  BLOCK  SET 10   piece,   new   in   box,   $15,   Phone   98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH LAMPS  ELEC   large   lamp   with   marble   base,   $40,   Phone  0427212343,  WANTIRNA LAZY  SUSAN   Made   from   durable   plastic,   works   on   a  system  of  ball  bearings.  40.5cm  and   can  support  70kg!  Cheaper  in  bulk,  $5   Each,   Phone   0402592189,   AH   (03)   97839268,  FRANKSTON MALLEYS  COPPER With   tap   white   enamel,   $100,   Phone   0409196269,  CLAYTON MOVING  BOXES Moving   Boxes   professional   moving   type,   large   quanity   mixed   sizes   low   price,   Phone   45534015,   MAROOCHYDORE NORITAKE  ROYAL  BAROQUE 52   piece,   never   used,   $400,   Phone   0448006640,  BET  BET OLD  COUNTRY  ROSES 63   pieces,   all   access,   6pc   dinner   setting,   cake   stand,   teapot   etc,   bought   at   Myers   Bourke   cost   $6750   sell   new,   $3,000,   Phone   51744284,   TRARALGON OLIVE  AND  CHESTNUT Shaker  used  once,  $900  ono,  Phone   0488227411,  WANTIRNA PEDESTAL  FAN IXL   Samford   Geelong   brand   chrome   (20in)   50cm   across   as   new,   $25,   Phone  0408797912,  KEILOR  PARK PEER  SORRENSON mobile   butchers   chopping   block   PCond,   $120,   Phone   0421198271,   AH  88380849,  CROYDON POTATOE  WOODEN  BOX potatoe   wooden   box,   $10,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY PRESSURE  COOKER Namco   7   pint   with   new   sealing   ring   good   clean   condition,   $15,   Phone   98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH PRESSURE  COOKER   Arcosteel   18/10   stainless   steel   5Ltr   good   clean   condition,   $30,   Phone   98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH PRESSURE  COOKER new   Kalserhoff   5L,   $25,   Phone   93062451,  GLENROY PUNCH  SET large   glass   bowl   7.2L   plus   12   glass   cups  &  accessories,  made  USA  in  orig   box,  also  make  great  salad  bowl,  $15,   Phone  98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH QUEEN  ANNE  SERVING  DISH silver   plated   Tarnish   resistant,   made   England,   never   used   still   in   box,   rectangle   with   glass   insert,   beautiful   decorated-­4   feet,   $149,   Phone   82010113,  BORONIA RANGE  HOOD westing   house,   6mths   ,old   vgc   no   longer   required   ,renovated   kitchen,   $25,   Phone   0351671731,   AH   0403974601,  YALLOURN  NORTH RICE  COOKER unwanted,   hardly   used,   $10,   Phone   97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH SLIM  SLIDE  OUT  BIN Kimberley  Slim  Slide  Out  Bin  -­  Plastic.   Suitable  for  installation  inside  kitchen   cabinets.   New   condition,   $35   Each,   VSTN,   Phone   0410631061,   BOX   HILL  NORTH

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12 SLIPPER  RACK with   eight   pair   of   matching   slippers,   suitable  for  home  with  shoes  off  policy   360D  1200L  450H  medium  stain,  $80,   Phone  87963820,  CARRUM  DOWNS SOMERTON  GREEN ¿QH SRUFHODLQ SFH LQFO ODUJH YDVH 3   jugs,   tea   service,   $250,   Phone   0448006640,  BET  BET STOVE  CHEF  SELECT  STOVE,   4   burners   540W,   white,   $230,   Phone   0409196269,  CLAYTON STRIDER  PLACE  3  WHEEL   2011   model,   brown   colour,   perfect   condition.  No  tears  or  damage.  Comes   with   lots   of   genuine   accessories,   $350   ONO,   Phone   0400789033,   AH   0400789033,  SALE  EAST  RAAF SUNBEAM  MAESTRO  PRO 750W   combined   blender   &   food   processor   as   new   condition,   white,   $70,  Phone  97259969,  CROYDON SUNBEAM  OSKAR food   processor   model   LC-­AC   with   juicer  new  unused  white,  $120,  Phone   59864929,  MCCRAE SUNBEAM  STEAM  IRON good  condition,  $20,  Phone  97162490,   AH  0400113934,  WHITTLESEA TEAPOT   Robur   tea   pot   4   cup   ECond,   $130,   Phone  56552599,  KORUMBURRA VERTICAL  GRILL griller   &   toaster   by   Sunbeam,   an   early   example   in   EC,   possibly   used   only   once,   $30,   Phone   87963820,   CARRUM  DOWNS WESTINGHOUSE  WARATAH Stove,   4   burners   540w   white,   $250,   Phone  0409196269,  CLAYTON WILSHIRE   burgundy   fondue   forks   set   of   6   still   in   box   never   used,   $25,   Phone   0422621723,  FRANKSTON  NORTH WINE  RACK black   metal,   1200Hx420Wx350D   hodls   45   bottles,   VGC,   $80,   Phone   0400854572,  CRANBOURNE WIRE  SHOPPING  TROLLEY 2   baskets   4   wheels,   $10,   Phone   97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH

ELECTRICAL  &   WHITEGOODS BAR  FRIDGE &   Simpson   Tuckerbox   freezer,   $120   both,   Phone   95878027,   MORDIALLOC BAR  FRIDGE small  as  new,  $60,  Phone  97664740,   SEAFORD BAR  FRIDGE VGC  large  type,  Westinghouse  brand,   $60,  Phone  0435944322,  BALLARAT BAR  FRIDGE LG  brand,  with  freezer,  48ltr,  ideal  for   powered  shed  or  pool  room  or  bar,  2   1/2yrs  old  30/3/10  white,  $75,  Phone   53675885,  BACCHUS  MARSH BAR  FRIDGE Centrex   with   freezer,   EC,   $100   ono,   Phone  0421346465,  LANGWARRIN BAR  FRIDGE Bar   fridge/freezer.   Works   great.   Can   deliver   to   Melbourne.   Can   send   photos,   $80,   Phone   0400944957,   WARRAGUL BAR  FRIDGE Fisher   &   Paykel   120L   with   freezer   2.5  star  energy  rating,  GCond,  $100,   Phone  0423454380,  BOX  HILL BAR  FRIDGE  MEDIUM as   new,   $20,   Phone   97664740,   SEAFORD BAR  FRIDGE  NEC 115L   in   good   condition,   $100,   Phone   0409967737,  BAYSWATER BEER  METTERS  FRIDGE   freezer,in   good   working   order.   Welcome  to  view  Coburg  Thank  you,   $30,  Phone  0412210725,  COBURG BLANCO  OVEN  &  RANGEHOOD Free   standing   oven,   Blanco   model   no   BRCPB9PX.   NFS   95   WFF   rangehood,   still   in   box,   oven   still   in   box,  $1,300  ono,  Phone  0414975005,   LANGWARRIN BLOWER  VAC Ryobi  excellent  condition,  $55,  Phone   0408504566,  BALLARAT BREVILLE  BREADMASTER  BIG   loaf   breadmaker.   Makes   750g-­1.5kg   horizontal  (normal  style)  loaves.  Good   reliable   machine   rarely   used   as   I   started  makng  sourdough,  $35  ONO,   Phone  0425  759  249,  ARARAT CEILING  EXHAUST  FAN electric   in   EC   off   white   colour,   $12,   Phone  95038686,  BENTLEIGH  EAST CHEF  BENCHTOP  COOKTOP Cooker   brand   new   in   box,   $550,   Phone  0410535269,  WHITTLESEA CLOTHES  DRYER Simpson  Mini  Max  5kg  little  use,  VGC,   $65,   Phone   57865284,   KINGLAKE   WEST COOK  TOP  GAS White   good   working   order,   matching   rangehood   both   good   order   white,   $100   both,   Phone   97004919,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS COOKTOPS BLANCO   Electric   Cooktops   600mm   wide   $350   each,   TECHNIKA   Gas   cooktops   FROM   $180   each,   ONLY   while   stocks   last,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone  03  9318  4155,  BRAYBROOK DISHLEX  DISHWASHER good   working   order,   white,   $50,   Phone  0403080905,  ROSEBUD DISHWASHER   Dishlex   brand   new   in   box,   2.5   Star   energy   rating,   17.8Ltrs   per   wash,   $300,   Phone   97860858,   FRANKSTON DISHWASHER Whirlpool   dishwasher   white,   $150,   Phone  97637770,  KNOXFIELD DISHWASHER brand   new   stainless   steel,   12   place   setting   free   standing   Ariston   L64   brand,  $700  ono,  Phone  0438932931,   MORWELL

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12  

FRIDGE  WESTINGHOUSE 221L,   2   door,   runs   quiet   &   cold,   4ft6inx1ft8inW,  good  condition,  very   clean,   $200,   Phone   0411279667,   BAYSWATER FRIDGE  WESTINGHOUSE   420L   good   condition,   $250,   Phone   0438952873,  SANDHURST FRIDGE  WHIRLPOOL 59cmwx156Hx60D,   $189,   Phone   0411605882,  BRUNSWICK FRIDGE/FREEZER Malleys   410lt   works   great   &   seals   WLJKW -XVW KDG 'HIURVW HOHPHQW ¿WWHG &  serviced   a  few  mths  ago.   Can   see   running,   $200,   Phone   0418378530,   GLENROY FRIDGE/FREEZER Excellent   working   condition,   $80,   Phone  0468930196,  JAM  JERRUP FRIDGE/FREEZER Hitachi   old,   suits   for   garage,   side   by   side,   working   condition   170cm   Hx90cm   W   x   72cm   D,   $300   ono,   Phone  94401070,  BUNDOORA GAS  OVEN   Rhodan   brand,   working   condition,   $50,   Phone   98795157,   RINGWOOD   EAST GAS  STOVE Chef   Premier   fan   forced,   good   condition,   $350   neg,   Phone   0407052762,  ST  ALBANS GAS  STOVE  CHEF upright   good   working   order,   no   chips   RU GHQWV ZLWK Ã&#x20AC;RRU VDIHW\ EUDFNHW 4   year   old   white,   $190,   Phone   0412982377,  RINGWOOD  EAST

GRIDDLE Cast  Iron  electric  griddle,  28cmD,  $50,   Phone  56552599,  KORUMBURRA HAIR  DRYER Heiress   new   in   box,   $20,   Phone   93140060,  KINGSVILLE HAIRDRYER Wigo  Taifun  with  long  lead,  black,  $25   ono,  Phone  97814126,  FRANKSTON HEATLAMP Twin  heatlight  with  centre  light  2  large   heat  globes,  $25,  Phone  0410505993,   AH  0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA HOME  SECURITY  SYSTEM plus   cameras,   Swan   Red  Alert,   VCR   recorder   with   card,   2gig   memory   FDUG  LQIUDUHG FDPHUDV Ã&#x20AC;DWVFUHHQ LCD/TV-­20in   monitor,   $500,   Phone   98703295,  RINGWOOD HOT  WATER  SERVICE electric,   250L   EC,   suit   3   bedroom   home,  $250,  Phone  59853974,  RYE ILVE  TRADITION   elec   wall   oven   stainless   steel,   $50,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,   BERWICK JUICER  BREVILLE Fountain   Plus   hardly   ever   used,   12mths   old,   grey   &   stainless   steel   in   shops   $240   sell,   $110,   Phone   0401371965,  SALE KITCHEN  PACKAGE including   dishwasher   Vulcan   Dishlex   Grange   used   5   times,   Westinghouse   Florentine   electric   oven   lower   grill   600x930,   Chef   gas   h/plate   720Wx470D,  $250  lot  will  sep,  Phone   98865525,   AH   0405927080,   GLEN   WAVERLEY LG  FRIDGE large   family   size,   MODEL   NO   GR5512GC,   EC,   $300,   Phone   0469744734,  RESERVOIR LG  FRIDGE/FREEZER 2   door   smaller   size,   good   working   order,   $150,   Phone   97335330,   CROYDON LG  FRIDGEFREEZER Side   by   side   fridge   freezer   with   ice   maker,   $220,   Phone   53686775,   AH   0437476292,  DALES  CREEK LG  MICROWAVE model   no   MS-­1947C,   white,   VGC,   only   2   1/2   yrs   old,   $55   neg,   Phone   0411412704,  FLEMINGTON MASSAGER  (PORTABLE) Massage  back,  lower  back,  neck  GC,   grey,   $20   ono,   Phone   0401371965,   SALE MED  /  SMALL  FRIDGEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LG  234L  good  cond  works  well  $150   clean   fridge   Westing   house   200L   Fair   cond   works   well.$100,   Phone   0359752130,   AH   0397702991,   FRANKSTON METTERS  FRIDGE  FREEZER, in   good   working   order.   Welcome   to   view   Coburg  Thank   you,   $30,   Phone   0412210725,  COBURG MICROWAVE Tappan   model   TM5430B   245mmX443mmx360mm   US   plug   2450mhz   MW   output   550w   never   used,   $50   ono,   Phone   0459218750,   MORWELL MICROWAVE  OVEN Panasonic   white   very   little   use,   spotless   inside   &   outl   in   excellent   working   cond,   $25,   Phone   0412803208,  CHADSTONE OLD  REFRIDGERATOR Westinghouse   2door   fridge/freezer   411   litres   auto   defrost   re-­gassed   works   well.1700h   x700w   x600d,   $100   ONO,   Phone   0425744469,   FLINDERS OVEN Side   by   side   gas   fan   forced   oven,   good   condition,   Chef   Regal,   $450,   Phone   0412421131,   BOX   HILL   NORTH PORTABLE  TV Small   portable   TV   with   remote   EC,   grey,   $30   ono,   Phone   0401371965,   SALE RANGEHOODS Assorted  styles  and  sizes  FROM  $80   factory   seconds,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone  03  9318  4155,  BRAYBROOK REFRIDGERATOR Westighouse   refridgerator   only   size   540w   540d   1450h   hardley   used   excellent   condition,   $150,   Phone   0439091933,  MOOROOLBARK SAMSUNG  FRIDGE 2   door   good   cond,   180L   good   cond,   $180,  Phone  97664740,  SEAFORD SAMSUNG  WASHING Machine   5kg,   topload,   good   working   order,   hardly   used,   $130,   Phone   97335330,  CROYDON SANYO  TWIN  TUB Washing   machine,   good   working   order,   $100,   Phone   59988348,   CARDINIA SHAVER Phillips  Powertouch  shaver  showroom   cond,   $55,   Phone   0406732647,   BAYSWATER SIMPSON  CASCADE Dishwasher  selling  due  to  renovation,   offers   invited,   Phone   97512668,   OLINDA SIMPSON  EZILOAD  6KG  DRYER Large   Capacity,   good   working   order,   white,   belt   just   replaced,   no   longer   needed.   Recent   model   39S600,   $90,   Phone  0425  759  249,  ARARAT ST  GEORGE  ELEC stove   66cm,   old   but   good   working   order,   $300,   Phone   56552599,   KORUMBURRA STOVE westinghouse  electric  4  burner  upright   stove   in   good   condition   ,white   in   color,   $250,   Phone   0398461637,   AH   0398461637,  TEMPLESTOWE STOVE  ELECTRIC white  with  clock  in  ECond,  fan  forced   oven   and   grill   which   has   never   been   used  as  yet,  $470,  Phone  57218115,   WANGARATTA

STOVE  GAS  CHEF Stella   elevated   benchtop   type,   electronic   ignition,   fan   forced   oven,   left   side   oven,   RHS   4   gas   burners,   1070x600,   VGCond,   $530,   Phone   0409136783,  CARNEGIE TV  TEAC  FLAT  SCREEN TV  48inch  with  LG  set  top  box,  silver,   $250,   Phone   0427496550,   MAIDEN   GULLY UPSIDE  DOWN  FRIDGE/ Freezer   Westinghouse   Freestyle,   cycle  defrost,  420ltr,  $200  ono,  Phone   0415426045,  BENDIGO VACUUM  CLEANER Quick   Kleen   commercial   Sanataire   new,   $150,   Phone   93140060,   KINGSVILLE VACUUM  CLEANER electorlux   barrel   type   c/w   all   extras   very   good   suction,   $20,   Phone   59752984,  MORNINGTON VACUUM  CLEANERS  (2) Nightingdale   1600W   max   dust   full   indicator   washable   dust   bags   both   2mths   old,   hardly   used,   both   in   boxes,   $25   ea,   Phone   0412803208,   CHADSTONE WASHING  MACHINE Hoover   750L   ECond,   $200   ONO,   Phone  0408563986,  YARRAMBAT WASHING  MACHINE   4mths   old,   excellent   machine,   top   loader,   5.5kg   Fisher   &   Paykel,   $340   aft6pm,   Phone   0401914922,   AH   93317192,  KEILOR  EAST WASHING  MACHINE Fisher   &   Paykel,   model   MW513,   5   1/2kg   capacity,   brand   new,   still   in   packaging,  $440,  Phone  0407328025,   GLEN  HUNTLY WASHING  MACHINE Homemaker   5.5   kilo,   all   digital,   good   cond,   $150,   Phone   0477279805,   FRANKSTON WASHING  MACHINE Hoover   good   condition,   $100,   Phone   56551807,  KORUMBURRA WASHING  MACHINE Whirlpool   extra   large   capacity.   good   working   condition,   $200   ono,   Phone   0400854572,  CRANBOURNE WASHING  MACHINE Fisher  &  Paykel  8kg  front  loader,  2yrs   old,   VGCond,   $350   ONO,   Phone   56231310,  WARRAGUL WASHING  MACHINE electrolux   front   loader   washing   machine   ecovalve   7   kg   model   very   good   condition,   $300,   Phone   0439091933,  MOOROOLBARK WASHING  MACHINE Ariston   front   loader   as   new   had   very   little   use,   owner   moving   to   new   premises  with  washer  installed,  $550,   Phone  0411591033,  CLUNES WASHING  MACHINE Hoover  1010  6.0kg,  runs  well,  needs   some  work,  reliable  heavy  duty,  white,   $50,  Phone  0428358544,  PARADISE   BEACH WASHING  MACHINE Fisher  &  Paykel  7.5  going  order,  $150,   Phone   0408107456,   AH   97476296,   MELTON WASHING  MACHINE Hoover   1010   6.0ltr   needs   a   little   work   but   does   work,   $40,   Phone   0428358544,  PARADISE  BEACH WASHING  MACHINE LG   intellowasher   WD-­8074FHB,   7kg   front   load,   4   star   energy   rating,   3A   water  conservation,  EC,  $420,  Phone   0415670266,  BOX  HILL WASHING  MACHINE   Simpson   Enduro   501,   top   load,   controls   turn   &   pull,   5kg,   Excellent   Condition,   $280,   Phone   97793265,   BAYSWATER WASHING  MACHINE  GE 3UR¿OH )X]]\  WRXFK FRQWUROV PHG size,   may   deliver   etc,   $100,   Phone   0414400510,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS WESTIGHOUSE  REFRIDGERATOR fridge  only  size  540x540x1450  hardly   used  excellent  condition,  $175,  Phone   0439091933,  MOOROOLBARK WESTINGHOUSE  BAR  FRIDGE 18   mths   old,   in   excellent   condition,   all   in   working   order,   a   great   little   refridgerator   for   out   in   the   garage,   $120,  Phone  0417  542  794,  RYE

FIRES  &  HEATERS ASSDORTED  SIZES ¿UH Ã&#x20AC;XHV ZLWK VHDOV DQG FXIIV  lot,  Phone  51542718,  ORBOST BONAIRE  PYROX  GAS  WALL  HE 2yr   old   Bonaire   Pyrox   WFBL   Deluxe   Wall   Heater   Natural   Gas,   electronic   VHWWLQJV Ã&#x20AC;XH GLVPDQWOHG UHDG\ WR go,  $700  ONO,  Phone  03  57921488,   SEYMOUR CONVECTOR  506R great  heater,  but  some  cosmetic  wear   and  tear,  ideal  for  shed/garage,  $200   ono,  Phone  50388234,  PIANGIL COONARA  WOOD  HEATER 2spd   fan,   $150,   Phone   0434110228,   DONCASTER  EAST COONARA  WOOD  HEATER Insert  type,  needs  door  1M  Wx1M  D,   needs   good   clean   up,   $500,   Phone   97860858,  FRANKSTON DIMPLEX  OIL  HEATER Column  Radiator  -­  Brand  new  in  box   1500w,   $30,   Phone   97877327,   AH   0422228544,  MOUNT  ELIZA DUCTED  HEATER   Vulcan   CX902   gas   furnace,   LP   gas,   excellent   condition,   will   heat   14   squares,   $400,   Phone   59674265,   HODDLES  CREEK DUCTED  HEATING Brivas   Buffalo,   good   cond,   $350,   Phone  95115751,  GLEN  WAVERLEY ELECTRICAIRE  OIL  FILLED FRORXP KHDWHU PRGHO 7  ¿QV with   timer   &   thermostat,   heats   25sqr   mts,   $30,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,  BERWICK

FIRE  HARTH   brand   new,   4ftx4ft   straight   wall,   can   be  used  for  corner,  slate,  steel  frame,   black   paid   $250   sell,   $180,   Phone   0421977012,  AVONDALE  HEIGHTS FIRE  HEATERS Atlantic   electronic   slimline   wall   KHDWHU HQHUJ\ HI¿FLHQW DV QHZ FRVW $350   sell,   $80,   Phone   97523836,   FERNTREE  GULLY FIRE  WOOD Red   gum   fence   post   can   deliver   for   fee.   $5.00   each,   $5   Each,   Phone   0418869933,  MORDIALLOC FIRE  WOOD  LOCAL  GUM  1M split  ready  to  burn,  $100,  Phone  0407   356  221,  ROSEBUD FIREGUARD   very   close   mesh,   4   panels,   64cmx30cm,   brass   coated   edging,   $50,   Phone   0408385336,   AH   98791090,  CROYDON FIREWOOD split  wood  6x4  trailer  load  delivered  to   local  area,  $250,  Phone  0421471698,   ARMADALE FIREWOOD Yellow   GCM   B   yellow   box   rounds,   pick   up   only,   Snake   Valley   area,   $140  Per  Tonne,  Phone  0418372820,   FOOTSCRAY FIREWOOD   complete   trees   &   red   gum   posts,   full   tandem  trailer  load  (4  trees  med  size)   most   cut   small   cover   costs   mainly,   $100   the   lot,   Phone   0414400510,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS FIREWOOD old   fence   posts,   $2   ea,   Phone   0429150392,  WANTIRNA FIREWOOD , KDYH D ER[ IXOO ¿UHZRRG RIIFXWV also   included   redgum   blocks   to   put   under   your   car   &   truck   when   doing   maintenance,   $35,   Phone   94653747,   LALOR FREESTANDING  NATURAL   JDV ORJ ¿UH +HDWFKDUP EUDQG VHH working,  $1,050,  Phone  0418532485,   TOCUMWAL GAS  DUCTED  HEATER brivis   buffalow   20   gas   ducted   heater   with   fan   ,no   ducting,   $300,   Phone   97644463,   AH   0428516924,   ROWVILLE GAS  HEATER   LPG   gas   round   pot   belly   stove   with   Ã&#x20AC;XHDQGDWWDFKPHQWVJRRGFRQGLWLRQ $70,  Phone  97542745,  BELGRAVE GAS  HEATER /3*-HW¿UHPRGHO-$DXWRLJLQLWLRQ &  fan  as  new,  $900,  Phone  97633004,   AH  0413044861,  ROWVILLE GAS  HEATER  FLUELESS as  new  Rinnai  ideal  garage,  shed  etc,   $100,   Phone   0468930196,   LANG   LANG  AREA GAS  HEATER  LPG Free   standing,   5yrs   old,   remote,   XOWLPDWH ORJ ¿UH HIIHFW  3KRQH 0422284827,  LARA GAS  HEATER  LPG  X2 both   serviced   ready   to   go,   Avenger   25,   near   new,   6   star   energy   rating,   $500  ono,  Phone  50388234,  PIANGIL GAS  LOG  FIRE Ultimate  Millenium  has  remote  control   and  book,  used  once,  too  effecient  for   small   unit,   VGC,   $2,100   neg,   Phone   59778773,  SOMERVILLE GAS  WALL  HEATER Braemar   Vulcan,   electronic   settings,   LQF Ã&#x20AC;XH QHDU QHZ GLVPDQWOHG UHDG\ to   go,   $990,   Phone   0412803849,   WOODVALE HEATER  ELECTRIC FROXPQ  ¿QV WLPHU $UOHF DV QHZ $25,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   WARRAGUL HEATER  FIREPLACE  GUARD 2in   sqr   mesh,   3ft   high   with   door,   $20,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   WARRAGUL KD  HARD  WOOD  KINDLING 1000L   bin   full   cut   into   25cm   lenths   will   sell   bin   aswell   for   $50.00,   $100,   Phone  0407  356  221,  ROSEBUD KD  HARDWOOD  KINDLING   5kg  bags  1  pallet  of  24  bags  will  sell  1   or  the  lot,  $5  Each,  Phone  0407  356   221,  ROSEBUD LPG  DUCTED  HEATING Unit,  Brivis  climate  systems  multiplex   series   Me20e   near   Warragul,   $150,   Phone  0428379051,  BULN  BULN LPG  HEATER 5LQQDL WLWDQ 0. XQÃ&#x20AC;XHG IUHH standing   heater,   2   heat   settings   plus   2spd   fan,   $300,   Phone   97635781,   KNOXFIELD LPG  HEATER single   burner   LPG   heater   great   for   FDUDYDQRUVPDOOKRPHÃ&#x20AC;XHOHVV Phone  0413459443,  SUNBURY LPG  HEATER  FLOOR  TYPE great  for  caravan  or  home,  $30,  Phone   95510030,  DINGLEY  VILLAGE PELLET  FIRE cost  new  is  $3000.00  ,  reason  for  sale   have   no   longer   requirement,   this   is   a   free   standing   heater,   $350   ONO,   Phone  0351671731,  AH  0403974601,   YALLOURN  NORTH RED  GUM  FIRE  WOOD  BAGS   15kg   1   pallet   of   24   bags   will   sell   as   job  lot  or  each,  $10  Each,  Phone  0407   356  221,  ROSEBUD RINNAI  GAS  SPACE +HDWHU VXLWV ¿UHSODFH RSHQLQJ  speed   fan,   excellent   condition,   see   working,   $350,   Phone   0431217672,   AH  95784927,  BENTLEIGH RINNAI  LPG convector   gas   portable   heater,   EC   cost   $800   sell,   $300,   Phone   0438540904,  LILYDALE RINNAI  RAY  HEATERS 2   burner   &   4   burner   nat   gas,   wall   KXQJW\SHÃ&#x20AC;XHOHVV 3KRQH 0419740091,  AH   93363413,   KEILOR   EAST SLIMLINE  HEATER wall   heater   low   running   cost,   $10,   Phone  97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH

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SPACE  HEATER  RINNAI model   2057   factory   LPG,   excellent   FRQG ¿YH KHDW HOHPHQWV ZLWK surround,   $350   ono,   Phone   57989604,  EUROA STRIP  HEATER 60cm   brand   new,   still   in   box,   $20,   Phone  95558753,  HAMPTON  EAST WOOD  HEATER   Wonder   Heat   (old)   enamel   EC   600H   500W   350D   (shed),   $300,   Phone   52501908,   AH   0409142580,   WALLINGTON WOOD  HEATER Maxi   Log   heater,   cast   iron,   JODVV GRRU JRRG FRQG ZLWK Ã&#x20AC;XH FP:[FP/[FP+ Ã&#x20AC;XH EDVH FP' Ã&#x20AC;XH URRI FP'  RQR Phone  0432907452,  NUNAWADING WOOD  HEATER   ¿UHSODFH&KHPLQHHV3KLOLSSHVLGHG JODVV UDGLDQW ¿UHSODFH DQG Ã&#x20AC;XH DQG copper   water   heater,   $3,000,   Phone   0427686075,  BUMBERRAH WOOD  HEATER Cast  iron  wood  heater  with  oven  very   good   condition   apprx.50h   x   50   w   x   50d,  $250  ONO,  Phone  0412381196,   WANTIRNA WOOD  OVEN   1930  IXL  fully  rebuilt  size  760W  500H   450D,   $1,350,   Phone   52501908,   AH   0409142580,  WALLINGTON

AIR-­CONDITIONING  &   COOLING AIR  CONDITINOR nobocool   airconditioner   very   good   quality  economic  white  colour  in  very   good   condition,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0415   469   020,   AH   0426   083   961,   MEADOW  HEIGHTS AIR  CONDITIONER split   system   reverse   cycle   as   new   with  manual,  $325,  Phone  97896793,   CRANBOURNE AIR  CONDITIONER ',<¿WWLQJUXQVZHOOVXLWURRPJDUDJH or   shed,   $50,   Phone   97101847,   SMITHS  GULLY AIR  CONDITIONER  WINDOW Type   new   (still   in   box)   brand   Techni   Air   model   KCR25,   $350,   Phone   0438804333,  IVANHOE AIRCONDITIONER Airwell   split   system,   6.3kw   cooling,   6.5kw   heating,   inside   unit   measures   1100Wx330H   incl   remote   control,   $550   ono,   Phone   97625747,   BORONIA AIRCONDITIONER   portable   Delonghi   Pinguino   570mmx400mm,   700mmH   240V,   plug   in   power   point,   $150,   Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL AIRCONDITIONER   Commander  Turbine,  works  very  well   ¿WV LQ EULFN ZDOO  RQR 3KRQH 0400854572,  CRANBOURNE AIRCONDITIONERS Panasonic   reverse   cycle   2HP   $220,   Hitachi   3/4HP,   $150,   Phone   0421593495,  BENALLA BRAEMAR  REMOTE  CONTROL switch  for  evaporative  ar  condition  unit   new   in   box,   $15,   Phone   95038686,   BENTLEIGH  EAST BRAEMAR  REMOTE  CONTROL switch  for  evaporative  air  conditioning   unit   as   new   in   box,   $10,   Phone   95038686,  BENTLEIGH  EAST CEILING  FAN with   light   hardly   used,   white,   $20,   Phone  97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH EVAPORATIVE  AIR  COOLER some   ducting   &   drop   box,   EC,   $700,   Phone  97637770,  KNOXFIELD EVAPORATIVE  COOLER Ice   Cap   2   Evaporative   Cooler,   3   Fan   Speed,   Auto   off   timer,   Remote   Control,  Used  Once.  EC,  $95,  Phone   (03)  97812818,  FRANKSTON EVAPORATIVE  COOLER Delonghi  EV2000  model  as  new,  $60,   Phone  0423454380,  BOX  HILL FAN white   short   or   high   stand,   $6,   Phone   97924370,  DANDENONG KELVINATOR  2.5HP r/cycle   wall   or   window   mounting   EC,   $250,  Phone  97637770,  KNOXFIELD MIDEA  2.5KW portable   airconditioner   approx   3yrs,   EC   all   access   and   manual   old   bought   $400   sell,   $200   ono,   Phone   97709166,  FRANKSTON MISTRAL  AIR  CONDITIONING   Mistral   Reverse   Cycle   Split   System   Air   Conditioning   Unit   2.5   HP/6.5   KW,   remote   control.   Complete   unit   or   for   parts,   $180,   VSTN,   Phone   0410631061,  BOX  HILL  NORTH PEDESTAL  FAN big   copper   colour   height   adjustable   3spd   HD,   oscillating,   18in   cage   on   circular   stand   EC,   $40,   Phone   93142843,  YARRAVILLE PORTABLE  AIRCONDITIONER Delonghi  split  system  ideal  for  renters   as  new  cost  $2250  sell,  $800,  Phone   0407821368,   AH   51565997,   LAKE   TYERS  BEACH



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REPCO  AIR  REFRIGERATED   mobile   air   conditioner,   designed   DOVR WR EH D ¿[HG XQLW RULJ FRVW RYHU $700   owners   manual,   installation   instructions,   perfect,   $100,   Phone   98441748,  WARRANDYTE TECHNI  AIR   window   type   airconditioner   model   KCR25   new   in   box,   $500,   Phone   94996601,  IVANHOE  EAST

ALTERNATIVE  ENERGY SOLAR  PANELS new   Dux   hot   water   solar   panels,   mod  2AP,  $400,  Phone  0424635275,   MERNDA WATER  HEAT  EXCHANGER Stainless  steel  2inch  pipe  inside  2.5in   pipe,   14ft   long,   near   Warragul,   $200,   Phone  0428979051,  BULN  BULN

MOWERS  &  GARDEN   TOOLS RARE  SIMPLEX  CYLINDER Mower  with  catcher  $80,  Atco  cylinder   mower   $70,   Phone   0414980009,  AH   95970581  after  7pm,  BRIGHTON ARIENS  6  1/2HP Mulches,   catches   &   side   throws,   self   propelled,   orange,   $650   ono,   Phone   0414559039,  VERMONT ATCO roller   mower,   self   propelled,   been   a   while   since   used,   GC   best   offer,   Phone  59762809,  MORNINGTON BLOWER  ECHO  POWER Blower  PB-­2155,  2  stroke,  cost  $350   sell,   $150,   Phone   0424065525,   ANGLESEA BLOWER  GMC  ELECTRIC Very   good   working   order   no   bag,   $50,  Phone  97004919,  ENDEAVOUR   HILLS BLOWER  VAC Cordless   2   batteries   &   charger   incl,   works   VG,   $20,   Phone   97004919,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS BRUSH  CUTTER  STIHL Curved  shaft,  as  brand  new,  $160  ono,   Phone   0414980009,   AH   95970581   after  7pm,  BRIGHTON BRUSHCUTTER   Stihl   FS90   brushcutter   under   5hrs   use,   $450,   Phone   0487351789,   MOOROODUC BRUSHCUTTER   11hp   Honda   motor   cleans   scrub   bushes   long   grass   new   metal   cords,   $1,000,   Phone   0418119784,   EAGLEHAWK CHAIN  &  BAR  OIL Top   quality   20   litres   $40,   40   litres   $75,   205   litres   $400.   Great   for   Tree   loppers  and  unlike,  WE  R  OIL,  Phone   97255880,  MELBOURNE CHAIN  SAW Black   &   Decker   works   good   electric,   $40,  Phone  97004919,  ENDEAVOUR   HILLS CHAIN  SAW  ELECTRIC Talon  14in  blade  very  good  cond,  $40,   Phone  59752984,  MORNINGTON CHAIN  SAWS  (2) Stihl   &   Husqvarna,   1   GWO,   1   not,   $350   lot,   Phone   0401637211,   MELBOURNE CHAINSAW  MCCULLOCH 3gig   nearly   new,   hardly   used,   starts   easy,   runs   perfect,   new   price   $220   sell,   $100,   Phone   0417264039,   AH   97283428,  KILSYTH CJSDETAILINGANDCLEANINGSE house   cleaning   ,   car   detailing   lawn   mowing,  carpet  cleaning  we  offer  10%   discount  to  pensioners  free  qoute,  .ph   0434075722,   Phone   0434075722,   HAMPTON  PARK COX  17.5HP  RIDEON Mower   Stockman   diff   drive,   62hrs   as   new,   40in   rotating   blades,   c/w   grass   catcher,   $3,500,   Phone   0418576711,   ALEXANDRA EDGE  TRIMMER electric   GMC   1400w   as   new,   $60,   Phone   97523836,   FERNTREE   GULLY FLYMO  ELECTRIC  MOWER good   condition,   $35,   Phone   0408351072,  AH  97461010,  MELTON FLYMO  ELECTRIC  MOWER new  bought  10/11/12,  turbo  light  350,   1400W,   $170,   Phone   0478064560,   AH  97810538,  FRANKSTON GREENFIELD  32IN  CUT Fair   Condition,   motor   requires   attention,   $400,   Phone   0418374356,   AH  87114906,  BAYSWATER HAND  AUGER   for   planting   trees   Aussie   made   EC,   $50,   Phone   59889643,   BLAIRGOWRIE HAND  MOWER   2   hand   mowers   excellent   condition,   $50,   Phone   0423444691,   RESERVOIR HAND  PUSH  MOWER old   not   complete,   Qualcast   blue   ribbon,  made  in  Australia,  $20,  Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL HAND  PUSH  MOWER Good   order,   $20,   Phone   93140060,   KINGSVILLE


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DUST  BUSTER  VAC  CLEANER Black   and   Decker   in   good   condition,   $25,   Phone   0410505993,   AH   0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA ELECTROLUX  FRONT  LOADER front   loader   washing   machine   Ecovalve   7kg   capacity   very   good   condition,   $300,   Phone   0439091933,   MOOROOLBARK FALCON  110  CERAMIC Oven,   full   electric,   green/gold,   oven   still  in  box,  original  packaging,  $6,500,   Phone  0427641326,  LEONGATHA FOOT  SPA Remington   Indulgence,   $20,   Phone   52561462,  OCEAN  GROVE FREEEZER   LG   4   drws,   50x50x80H,   works   perf,   see   it   now,   $120   ono,   Phone   0421346465,  LANGWARRIN FREEZER Hisense   80Ltr,   hardly   used,   upright,   4   drawers,   VGC,   $125   ono,   Phone   0425714248,  PRESTON FREEZER upright   Fisher   &   Paykel,   4   star   200L   perfect   condition,   $200,   Phone   98536091,  KEW FREEZER  KELVINATOR Opal   upright   135cmH,   door   opens   right   hand   side,   ECond,   clean   no   further   use,   $250   ono,   Phone   98775540,  BLACKBURN  SOUTH FREEZER  UPRIGHT Kelvinator   Impression   series   2,   freezer   150L   very   quiet   working,   EC,   only,  $140,  Phone  0415670266,  BOX   HILL FRIDGE Modern   NEC   2-­door,   self   defrost   ZKLWHFP[FP*&DSSUR[¿YH years   old,   $120,   Phone   59669030,   WARBURTON FRIDGE Westinghouse   large   fridge,   17yo   approx,   480ltrs,   still   works   well,   $80,   Phone  94694314,  RESERVOIR FRIDGE 300  litre  great  drink  fridge,  $50,  Phone   57962324,  AVENEL FRIDGE  FREEZER Kelvinator   350,   630W   630D   1485H   EC,  no  frost,  $200,  Phone  94993561,   AH  0423367650,  ALPHINGTON FRIDGE  FREEZER   2  door,  frost  free,  400ltrs  in  VGC,  $180,   Phone   93809883,   BRUNSWICK   EAST FRIDGE  FREEZER frost   free   460L   Ignis   brand,   good   working   condition,   $200,   Phone   94576847,  VIEWBANK FRIDGE  FREEZER Hoover   Contour,   work   very   well,   white,   freezer   at   top,   700mmx700mmx1630H,   $80,   Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL FRIDGE  FREEZER Westinghouse   full   size,   white,   good   cond,   runs   very   quiet   white,   $100,   Phone  95463114,  MULGRAVE FRIDGE  FREEZER Whirlpool  350L  suit  unit  owner/tenant,   EC,   ready   to   go,   $150   ono,   Phone   0421346465,  LANGWARRIN FRIDGE  FREEZER   Kelvinator   220L   cyclic,   med   size   137cmTx50cmW,   very   silent,   works/ looks   great,   $130,   Phone   59964085,   CRANBOURNE FRIDGE  FREEZER Admiral,   2   door,   cyclic   defrost   290L   in   VGC,   $140,   Phone   93809883,   BRUNSWICK  EAST FRIDGE  FREEZER fridge   freezer   300L,   $200,   Phone   0439706467,  DEER  PARK FRIDGE  FREEZER frost   free,   502   litre,   works   great,   suit   garage,   1.7H   x   800wx600D,   white,   $130,   Phone   0418575131,   MULGRAVE FRIDGE  FREEZER Sharp  Aroma  model  SJ431  A2W,  5yo   390Ltr  top  freezer,  good  working  cond,   travelling   dents   in   fridge   door,   $250,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,   BERWICK FRIDGE  KELVINATOR   600L  2dr  Kelvinator  with  water  &  ice  at   the   door,   VGCond,   $600   ono,   Phone   93584104,  CAROLINE  SPRINGS FRIDGE  OLD  CROSLEY rounded   shape,   near   Warragul,   $50,   Phone  0428379051,  BULN  BULN

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Page  30   HAND  PUSHER  MOWER GMC  Hand  pusher  mower  in  excellent   condition,   $40,   Phone   0423259635,   MCKINNON HANDMOWER  -­  REXMOW   Original   condition   50   years   old.   All   steel   self   sharpening   and   self   adjusting.   Works   perfectly,   $100,   Phone  97281437,  KALORAMA HEDGE  TRIMMER electric,   Ryobi   good   order   hardly   used,   $40,   Phone   59752984,   MORNINGTON HEDGE  TRIMMER Tanaka   THT-­2100,   2   stroke,   cost   $400  sell,  $150,  Phone  0424065525,   ANGLESEA HONDA  G300  7HP  PETROL HQJLQH  UHGXFWLRQ ¿WWHG KHDU running  GC,  $150,  Phone  56292849,   GARFIELD HONDA  GXV  160  LAWNMOWER HONDA   GXV   160   LAWNMOWER.3   sped   selfpropeled.4   blades   on   disck. Near   new.Alloy   base   21   inch.Shaft   drive,   $950   ONO,   Phone   97959086,   AH  0431135142,  DANDENONG HONDA  HRU 196   Buffalo   Classic,   4   stroke,   cost   $1100  sell,  $650,  Phone  0424065525,   ANGLESEA HONDA  HRU  196 Buffalo   Classic   196,   only   used   3   times,  c/w  spare  blades  and  oil  current   model,   cost   $1100   sell,   $650,   Phone   0433772230,  FRANKSTON  NORTH HONDA  HRU196D GXV160  motor,  hardly  used  excellent   condition   $320,   1x   Honda   GX140,   2spd  21in  cut,  VGCond  $320,  Phone   0434224166,  NOBLE  PARK HONDA  LAWNMOWER   HR14,  easy  to  start,  4  stroke,  catcher,   $300,   Phone   0478759264,   KEILOR   EAST HONDA  MOWER Self   propelled,   3   speeds   21in   cut   5HP,   used   3   times,   deceased   estate,   $1,100,   Phone   97264697,   CHIRNSIDE  PARK HUSQUVARNA  RIDE  ON r175   little   use   nolonger   need   $8000new   roughly   used   for   150hours   awesome   machine   call   for   pics,   $4,999,   Phone   0432507621,   DELAHEY JOHN  DEER  1445  2007

Ride  On   Mower,   2058hrs,   3   Cyl   Diesel,   canopy,   pump   up   air   ride   seat,   tyres   90%,   new   blades,   new   operators   manual,   ex   condition,   2058  hours.  S/No  TC1445D080139.   Contact   Owen   on,   $12,500   ono,   Phone   0417581443,  AH   59776455,   SOMERVILLE JOHN  DEERE  1445

Series  2/   4WD.   2009,   S/ No:TC1445D090170.   3Cyl   Diesel   72â&#x20AC;?  Out  Front  Deck  Side  Discharge.   Full   Set   Work   Lights,Flashing   Yellow   Light.   Fold   Down   Rear   Tree   Guard.   2650   Hrs.   New   Blades.   Excl   Condition.   Transport   Can   Be   Arranged   At   Buyers   Expense,   $12,900  ONO,  Phone  0417581443,   AH  59776455,  SOMERVILLE JOHN  DEERE  RIDE  ON

1993  model,  60Î  deck,  22hp  Yanmar   Diesel,   cruise   control,   diff   lock.   Needs   hydraulic   attention,   $2,000,   Phone  0409932650,  PAKENHAM LAWN  MOWER Victa   2   stroke   with   catcher,   160cc,   good  start,  GCond,  electronic  iginition,   new   blades,   $100,   Phone   94576443,   ROSANNA LAWN  MOWER electric  with  catcher  new  condition  for   small   nature   strip   and   front   garden   only   used   once   EC   cost   $200   sell,   $50,  Phone  93142843,  YARRAVILLE LAWN  MOWER  4  STROKE   Rover,   with   Catcher   easy   start,   Gcond,   $70,   Phone   95038271,   BENTLEIGH  EAST LAWN  MOWER  MASPORT Briggs   &   Stratton   Quattro   40   motor,   suit   parts   or   restore,   $35,   Phone   93632845,  DEER  PARK LAWN  MOWER  ROVER   Starts  Easy  goes  Good  Sold  as  Seen   With   Catcher   Ready   To   Mow   has   had   general   Service,   $100,   Phone   0406574584,  FERNTREE  GULLY

TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850   LAWN  MOWER  ROVER 550  Pro  cut,  22in  self  propelled,  mulch/ catch   or   side   throw,   suit   contractor,   immaculate   as   new   cond,   $600,   Phone  55712934,  TARRINGTON LAWN  MOWER  SIDE  THROW  20â&#x20AC;? utillity  mower  goes  great,  $100,  Phone   0406574584,  FERNTREE  GULLY LAWN  MOWER  SUPER Sweet   6hp   slasher,   24in   cut,   good   for   contract,   self   propelled,   4   stroke,   starts   everytime,   $550,   Phone   98744320,  MITCHAM LAWN  MOWER  VICTA  2  STROKE starts  easy  goes  good  ready  to  mow,   $90,  Phone  0406574584,  FERNTREE   GULLY LAWN  MOWERS full   reconditioned   as   new,   Victa   2   stroke   latest   model   engine,   Rover   4   stroke  5hp  &  3.5hp,  includes  catchers   from   $100,   Phone   94598842,   ROSANNA LAWN  MOWERS   Lawn   mowers   include   of   victa,   masport   and   rover.   They   are   all   in   excellent   condition   as   they   have   just   been   serviced,   Phone   0423259635,   MCKINNON LAWN  MOWERS  (3) Rover   x2,   Victa   x1,   with   catcher,   good   condition,   $200   lot   ono,   Phone   0478759264,  KEILOR  EAST LAWNMOWER Rover   Regal   push   mower.   190cc   4   stroke  with  catcher.  EC,  $450,  Phone   0429016004,  CRESWICK LEAF  BLOWER   gmc   will   blow   or   suck   with   bag   that   opens   hardley   used,   $45,   Phone   0351276493,  NEWBOROUGH LEAF  BLOWER Echo   power   blower   BB2155,   $100,   Phone  94576443,  ROSANNA LINE  TRIMMER Poulan  Pro  125cc  c/w  hedge  trimmer   attachment,   $250,   Phone   59752984,   MORNINGTON LINE  TRIMMER Pope   25.4cc   long   shaftr,   almost   new,   $100,   Phone   97986981,   KEYSBOROUGH MASPORT  2  STROKE   Masport   2   stroke   lawnmower   in   excellent   condition,   $130,   Phone   0423259635,  MCKINNON MASPORT  CHIPPER Mulcher   2500   as   new,   $70,   Phone   97080474,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS MASSEY  FERGUSON Ride   On   Mower   just   serviced,   new   belts   &   blades   etc   ECond,   $1,950,   Phone   0408510509,   AH   54232388,   KYNETON MOWER  BIG  BOB super  swift  wide  cut,  Briggs  &  Stratton   motor   VGC,   $200   ono,   Phone   0418820348,  MOOROOPNA MOWER  CYLINDER type   Ransomes   Sims   &   Jeffries   English,   crank   handle   start,   runs   well   a   real   antique,   $100,   Phone   0439384756,  FRANKSTON MOWER  HONDA 4   stroke,   much   and   catch,   starts   easy,   $450,   Phone   0414559039,   VERMONT MOWER  REPAIRS mower   repairs   specialist   in   repairs   and   service   mowers,   brush   cutters,   chainsaws,   blowers,   shredders,   ride   ons,  service  $35  +  parts,  Phone  chris   88029423   0429218301,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY MOWER  SUPASWIFT  4STROKE Supaswift   Lawncruiser   mower   Briggs   &Stratton   4   stroke   Quantum   XTS50   all   in   excellent   condition.18inch   cut. Hasprimer   button,starts   and   runs   easily,   $240   ONO,   Phone   0419   483   193,  STRATHMORE MOWER  TORO  6HP mulching,   mow,   self   prop,   $475,   Phone  0414559039,  VERMONT MOWER  VICTA self   prop   2   stroke,   $340,   Phone   0414559039,  VERMONT MOWERS  (3) engines,   parts   &   catcher   &   1   ride   on   mower,   Bulk   sale   only,   $550,   Phone   0419530394,  HAMPTON  PARK MULCHER MTD  lawnmower  mulcher  in  excellent   condition.   New   plates   and   starts   on   WKH ÂżUVW JR 3KRQH  MCKINNON MULCHER  FRAIL  MOWER 5ft   Howard,   $1,200,   Phone   0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE MULCHER  NOBILI 5ft   good   cond,   $1,600,   Phone   0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE MULCHER  SHREDDER Viking,  GE  110  Electric,  EC,  good  for   home   backyard   small   tree   branch,   $110,   Phone   0402055505,   NOBLE   PARK MULCHER/SHREDDER Masport   Bio   Wizz   2500,   electric,   good  cond,  $85,  Phone  0417559459,   MOUNT  MARTHA NEW  MOWER new   sprinter   mower   briggs   and   stratton   5hp   148cc   16â&#x20AC;?   1   year   warranty   free   service   fueld   and   oild   call  chris,  $199,  Phone  88029423,  AH   0429218301,  MOUNT  WAVERLEY OLD  HAND  PUSH lawn   mower,   not   complete,   Qualcast   blue   ribbon   made   in   Australia,   near   Warragul,   $20,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN  BULN OLD  VICTA  18 Victa   mower   rope   start   green,   white   wheels,   GC   best   offer,   Phone   59762809,  MORNINGTON OLD  VICTA  18  LAWN  MOWERS Collectables:   2   Victa   18   toe   cutters   for   sale.   Fully   restored,   Like   brand   new   1   Pull   start   mower   1   rope   start   mower,   ONO,   Phone   0439741002,   CRAIGIEBURN OUTDOOR  SETTING   7   piece   excellent   condition,   $150,   Phone  0434047691,  KOO  WEE  RUP

OZITO  HEDGE  TRIMMER 360mm  Ht-­501  used  3  times,  Gcond,   green,   $45,   Phone   95514748,   CLARINDA RANGER  RANCHER   Ride   on   Mower   approx   15   years   old,   11hp   Briggs   &   Stratton   mechanically   good,   new   battery,   $675   ono,   Phone   0408364618,  AH  98576819,  BALWYN   NORTH REAR  TINE  TILLER MTD   208cc   engine.   46cm   counter   rotating   cut.   Reverse   control.   Ideal   use-­  large  garden  or  professional.  As   new,   $1,100,   Phone   0359647673,   LAUNCHING  PLACE RIDE  ON  HONDA  HT3813 20HP,   2cyl   liquid   cool   engine,   runs   well,  $2,200,  Phone  0432539992,  AH   54335185,  TOOBORAC RIDE  ON  MOWER Viking,   good   condition,   2002   mdl,   $1,000   ono,   Phone   0448080180,   WARRAGUL RIDE  ON  MOWER   Ride   on   mower   Toro   12.5hp,   38in   cut,   $1,100,   Phone   0408355542,   SUNSHINE RIDE  ON  MOWER American   made   Snapper,   18hp   Vanguard   vee-­twin   engine,   48â&#x20AC;?   fabricated   steel   cutting   deck,   hydro   transmission,  well  made  and  reliable.   GC,   $1,700,   Phone   0356292849,   GARFIELD RIDE  ON  MOWER Rover   Colt   Mayor,   4   stroke   GWO,   $700   ono,   Phone   93278833,   AH   0402696210,  LAVERTON RIDE  ON  MOWER American   made   Snapper,   18HP   V-­twin   vanguard   engine,   48in   fabricated   cutting   deck,   auto   trans,   very   reliable,   GC,   $1,700,   Phone   56292849,  GARFIELD


Masport  18hp,   42in   cut   with   trailer,   $1,600,  Phone  0424898120,  WEST   FOOTSCRAY RIDE  ON  MOWER white   (MTD)   14HP   B&S   motor,   GC,   new   batt,   bades,   new   belts,   grey,   $990,   Phone   0408107456,   AH   97476296,  MELTON RIDE  ON  MOWER MTD   10HP   elec   start,   as   new,   6spd,   very   manoueverable,   3oin   cut,   red,   $1,200,   Phone   0412393831,   CAMPBELLFIELD RIDE  ON  MOWER  COX Stockman   series   2,   11.5HP,   top   condition,   suit   new   buyer,   $1,800,   Phone  93071213,  WILDWOOD RIDE  ON  MOWER  MTD  38â&#x20AC;?  CUT in   as   is   condition   needs   work   good   mtr   runs   but   deck   needs   work   ring   for   details,   $300   ONO,   Phone   0406533184,  DRYSDALE ROPE  HEAVY  DUTY 45Mx20mm   never   used   cost   $260   sell,   $150,   Phone   0424065525,   ANGLESEA ROTARY  HOE Yard   machinery   6HP   done   about   30hrs  work,  rear  tine  tiller  model  450,   $900  ono,  Phone  53461127,  DEREEL ROTARY  HOE tiller,   6HP,   50cm   wide,   manufactured   ariens   company   with   Tecumseh   engine,   good   cond,   $500,   Phone   59428494,  PAKENHAM ROVER  2  STROKE  XL mower  easy  start  Suzuki  engine,  fully   serviced,   good   working   cond,   $120,   Phone   0457634772,   AH   97695190,   BERWICK ROVER  4  STROKE  LAWNMOWER Rover  4  stroke  lawnmower,  just  been   VHUYLFHG6WDUWVRQWKHÂżUVWJR Phone  0423259635,  MCKINNON ROVER  SUPER  FOUR 53,   old   Briggs   &   Stratton   4   stroke,   siezed,  side  throw,  self  propelled,  near   Warragul,   $20,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN  BULN ROVER  SUPER  FOUR  53 old  Briggs  &  Stratton  4  stroke,  siezed,   side  throw,  self  propelled,  $20,  Phone   0428379051,  BULN  BULN RYOBI  ELECTRIC  LINE Trimmer  ELT1100  QSA,  GCond,  $50,   Phone  95127529,  CLARINDA RYOBI  WHIPPER  SNIPPER needs   some   attention   GCond   spare   line,   $50,   Phone   97162490,   AH   0400113934,  WHITTLESEA RYOBI  WHIPPER  SNIPPER works   OK,   $20,   Phone   0457634772,   AH  97695190,  BERWICK SCOTT  BONNER  590 Cylinder   mower,   15in   cut,   2.5   Briggs   &   Stratton   motor,   clean   &   runs   well,   $100,   Phone   0439384756,   FRANKSTON TORO  265  RIDE  ON  MOWER with   2   decks   1000   hours   selling   due   to   upgrade   19hp   serviced   every   100hours  good  working  order,  $2,200,   Phone  0407  356  221,  ROSEBUD TORO  INTEK  465CC Ride   on   Mower,   Time   cutter,   Z420,   $2,000,   Phone   0418576711,   ALEXANDRA TORO  MOWER as   new   only   8hrs   use   self   propelled   22in   cut   &   side   throw/mulcher   new   $1100  sell,  $595,  Phone  0407056960,   WEST  FOOTSCRAY VICTA  2  STROKE  LAWNMOWER Victa  2  stroke  lawnmower  in  excellent   condition   with   new   blates!!!,   $100,   Phone  0423259635,  MCKINNON VICTA  COMMANDO  2 Stroke   with   catcher,   electronic   ignition,   four   new   blades,   EC,   $95,   Phone   0415585021,   AH   97796629,   KILSYTH VICTA  LAWN  MOWERS 1970Ă­s   style,   collectible   items   $20   each,   $20   ea,   Phone   0432017124,   AVONDALE  HEIGHTS

VICTA  YARD  VAC Victa   160cc   Commercial   Yard   Vac   works   really   well,   $300,   Phone   97264697,  CHIRNSIDE  PARK VITA  18  VINTAGE  MOWERS Collectables:  2  x  Victa  18  toe  cutters,   Fully  restored.  1  pull  start  and  1  rope   start,   ONO,   Phone   0439741002,   CRAIGIEBURN WEED  EATER  PETROL  TRIMMER /whipper   snipper,   Model   GTI   17T   made   in   USA   would   suit   parts   or   restore,missing   petrol   cap,   line   feed,untested,in   GC,   $20,   Phone   0412210725,  COBURG WHEEL  BARROW Sherlock   heavy   duty   cost   $260   sell,   $130,   Phone   0424065525,   ANGLESEA WHIPPER  SNIPPER 2   stroke   needs   plug,   $30,   Phone   95510030,  DINGLEY  VILLAGE WHIPPER  SNIPPER Poulan   Pro   125cc   c/w   extension   hedge   trimmer   hardly   used,   $200,   Phone  59752984,  MORNINGTON WHIPPER  SNIPPER Brand   new   RYOBI   whipper   snipper,   never   used,   still   in   box.   Cost   $217.   Ring   evenings   only,   $160   ONO,   Phone  9783  7763,  FRANKSTON WHIPPER  SNIPPERS 2   whipper   snippers   electric,   $50,   Phone  0423444691,  RESERVOIR ZERO  TURN  MOWER ariens   40â&#x20AC;?cut   16   hp   kohler   motor   twin  fuel  tanks  as  new,  $4,400  ONO,   Phone  0356295223,  AH  0409215813,   BUNYIP

GARDEN  &  OUTDOOR BBQ  GAS Gas  BBQ,  good  condition,  $60,  Phone   0414980009,   AH   95970581   after   7pm,  BRIGHTON 6MM  CLEAR  GLASS 40  panels  6mm  clear  toughened  glass.   approx  920  high  x  various  Widths.  Flat   polished.   2   gates.   Pool   fencing,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0414568   625,   AH   0402634651,  TOORADIN AUSTQUIP   mulcher/chipper/shredder/grinder   takes   8-­9cm   branches,   Kawasaki   motor,  easy  start  FG300  elec  ignition   4   stroke,   loads   from   side,   $450,   Phone  0417311759,  ROCKBANK AUSTRALIAN  MADE   outdoor  setting,  50ml  stainless  frame,   merbau   slats   new,   $1,600,   Phone   59734449,  MORNINGTON BACKYARD  GREENHOUSES

For  passionate   hobbyists   &   professional   growers.   EXTENSIVE   range   of   6mm   hobby   and   semi-­ commercial   greenhouses   &   accessories.100%   Australian   Owned.  Visit  our  website  to  view  our   range:  www.sproutwellgreenhouses.  or  call  us  on  1300  657  174   for   a   quote!   Start   growing   fresh   today...   Every   backyard   should   have   one!   Available   for   immediate   delivery   Australia   Wide.   SMS   GREENHOUSE  to  0451  266  666  for   stock   list,   Sproutwell   Greenhouses,   GEELONG

BAMBOO  GARDEN  STAKES 120cm   bundle   of   12   for   staking   tomatoes   etc,   $2,   Phone   98089882,   BOX  HILL  SOUTH BANANA  LOUNGES 2x   outdoor   folding   banana   lounges,   EC   silver,   $50,   Phone   0404031581,   DROUIN BAR  TABLE stainless   frame   Merbau   slats,   L1800   W770   H150   reduced   from   $1200   to,   $900,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12

BARBEQUE  WEBER good   condition,   some   fuel,   $35,   Phone  95463114,  MULGRAVE BBQ  BEEFEATER Signature,   good   cond,   4   burner,   roasting   hood,   cupboard,   great   BBQ   new  price  $1800  sell,  $550  txt,  Phone   0407038363,  PLENTY BBQ  DOWN  UNDER 4   burner   good   condition,   no   gas   bottle,   $79,   Phone   0411605882,   BRUNSWICK BBQ  GAS   Ă&#x20AC;DW WRS DXWR LJQLWLRQ JULOO DQG hotplate,   all   black   VGCond,   $90,   Phone   0427197705,   AH   32900180,   WOODRIDGE BBQ  LARGE on   wheels   by   BBQ,   4   burner,   $40,   Phone   0419373051,   AH   97075480,   BEACONSFIELD BBQ  PORTABLE   tripod   single   burner   c/w   cylinder,   ready   to   go,   $35,   Phone   97700993,   FRANKSTON BBQ  RINNAI 2  burner  on  trolley  with  gas  bottle,  $50,   Phone  0418820348,  MOOROOPNA BBQ  TURBO  ELITE 3   burner,   new   price   $1699,   4yrs   old,   sell,  $700  ono  txt,  Phone  0407038363,   PLENTY BBQ  WEBER  Q200 and  folding  cart,  $200  ono  txt,  Phone   0407038363,  PLENTY BEE  HIVES 5  hives,  registered  quality  honey  $180   each   or,   $750   lot,   Phone   53672043,   BACCHUS  MARSH BIRD  BATH   Small   bird   bath,   $30,   Phone   0438592503,  CHELSEA BIRD  FEEDER  JARRAH new   strongly   constructed   with   weatherboard   effect   roof,   aesthetic   appearance,  310mmsquare,  400mmH   coated   with   decking   oil,   $20,   Phone   97259969,  CROYDON BLACK  SPEAR  FENCING  PANEL 10   new   fencing   panels   2.1m   high   x   2.35m   wide.   Has   some   minor   paint   but  repairable,  $1,050  ONO,  TIGANI,   Phone  0439321964,  OFFICER BLUE  STONE  OLD Quantity   42,   $140,   Phone   03   95723083,   AH   0402   032   482,   CAULFIELD  EAST BLUE  STONES  LARGE Size,   clean,   very   good   cond   $4each   or   $1400   the   lot,   Phone   59674265,   HODDLES  CREEK BLUESTONE  (30) various   sizes   for   gardens,   $100   the   lot,  Phone  94657978,  LALOR BLUESTONE  PITCHERS approx   250   ideal   paving   etc,   $4.50   each,   Phone   59832522,   BALNARRING

CHAIN  SAW Echo  model  602  very  good  condition,   $150,   Phone   0419138356,   PASCOE   VALE CHAINSAW  ELECTRIC 1x   electric   Black   &   Decker   VGC,   1x   Garden   Mate   GT900,   not   working,   $60   both,   Phone   97004919,   ENDEAVOUR  HILLS CHAIRS 6x   white   plastic   chairs,   plus   round   white  table,  $120,  Phone  0414283472,   DEER  PARK CHICKEN  MANURE For  sale:  CHICKEN  MANURE  for  only   $6  per  bag  40  litres  per  bag  -­  bag  size   is  700mm  x  450mm,  $6  Each,  Phone   0402902911,  CRAIGIEBURN CLOTHES  LINE   weather   cover.   wall   type   model,   $20,   Phone  87877207,  CARRUM  DOWNS CLOTHES  LINE  HILLS new   in   box,   expandable   pullout   clothes  line  with  poles,  paid  $140  sell,   $110   ono,   Phone   0419881397,   AH   97852148,  CARRUM  DOWNS CYCLONE  CHAIN  MESH   fencing   approx   35ML,   4   gates,   &   approx   10   galv   posts,   $300,   Phone   93827397,  ST  ALBANS CYCLONE  FENCING 1.8M  high  4  lengths  8M  5M  10M  and   20M,  $200,  Phone  0409934358,  DON   VALLEY DRUM  44  GALLON  DRUM old   heavier   steel   type,   $40,   Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL ELECTRIC  LINE  TRIMMER (Ryobi),   good   condition,   $50,   Phone   95127529,  CLARINDA ELK  HORN  FERNS all   sizes   some   on   boards,   from   $15   each,  Phone  95795348,  BENTLEIGH   EAST FARM  GATES  (2) IW ZLWK ¿WWLQJV (&RQG  Phone   0419008019,   AH   56783363,   WONTHAGGI FIREWOOD  FREE Buyer  to  remove,  Phone  0457919562,   AH  97632564,  SCORESBY FRENCH  OAK  BARRELS

French  Oak   Half   Barrels   only   $69.00.Simon   the   plantman   has   over   4   acres   of   plants   to   choose   from  including  trees,  hedging  plants,   ground  covers,  native  &  exotic  plants   BLUESTONE  PITCHERS and   much   more   all   at   wholesale   approx   100   plus,   all   sizes,   $150,   prices.  Open  Monday  to  Friday  8am-­ Phone   0407642010,   SUNSHINE   4.30pm,   Saturday   &   Sunday   9am-­ NTH 5pm.  SMS  Barrels  to  0451  266  666   to   view   our   stock   on   your   mobile!,   BLUESTONES  50+ And   assorted   rocks   &   bricks   POA,   Simon   The   Plantman,   Phone   03   Phone   0457919562,   AH   97632564,   5978  8608,  MORNINGTON SCORESBY BOTTLES  5  LITRE clear   PET   sqr   (15cmx30xmH)   use   for   tree   guards   plant   watering,   mini   hot   house   etc,   $5   for   20   ono,   Phone   GARDEN  BENCH 98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH Verdigris   and   wood   slats,   125cmL,   BRICKS  DOUBLE  SIZE garden   tent   green   and   white,   open   175x   new   double   brick   blocks,   earlty   sided,   easy   set   up,   $25   lot,   Phone   colours   pick   up   only,   $100,   Phone   0433255682,  MITCHAM 0466778369,  BAKERY  HILL GARDEN  GATE BUS  SEATS Galvanised   mesh   gate   120cms   x   85   Fabric   inserts,   poly   outer,   $50   Each,   cms.  Never  used,  stored  under  cover,   Phone  59  688252,  COCKATOO as   new,   $40,   Phone   0435004748,   MOUNT  ELIZA 4XDOLW\%%4¶V 2XWGRRU)XUQLWXUH GARDEN  PAVERS solid   clay,   cream   to   pink   32x10x5ml    90c   each   pick   up   Blairgowrie,   Phone   59889643,  BLAIRGOWRIE GARDEN  SETTING   glass   setting   glass   table   with   6   chairs,   &   cushions,   $95   ono,   Phone   0425776571,  SAFETY  BEACH )UDQNVWRQ'DQGHQRQJ5G GARDEN  SWING  CHAIR &DUUXP'RZQV Regency   garden   swing   chair   seats   3   ZZZLQVSLUHGRXWGRRUFRPDX thick,  comfortable  seats  shade  canopy    heavy  duty  hardly  used  EC,  grey,  $80,   Phone  0488440231,  BENALLA GARDEN  WHEELBARROW heavy   duty   all   metal   construction   no   rust   in   ECond,   $25,   Phone   0412803208,  CHADSTONE










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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12   GAS  BBQ   Sunbeam   Innovo   outdoor   4   burner   gas,   $320,   Phone   0427686075,   BUMBERRAH GASMATE  BBQ excellent  cond,  dome  cover  with  temp   JDXJH ULSSOH  Ã&#x20AC;DW JULOO RQ VWDQG $90,   Phone   98031352,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY GAZEBO   Backyard   Gazebo   &   2   park   benches,   $180,   Phone   0431235500,   SUNSHINE GLASS  TABLE  WITH  5  CHAIRS large   glass   table   with   5   chairs   and   covers,   $110   ONO,   Phone   03   53686775,  DALES  CREEK HEDGE  TRIMMER electric   B   &   D   41cm   GT251   new   cond,   $45,   Phone   59734449,   MORNINGTON HERITAGE  STEEL   Garden  Fencing,  17M,  GCond,  $220,   Phone  97623306,  BORONIA HYDROPONICS Tent   light   timers   fans   etc,   $350   ONO,   na,   Phone   0354285320,   CLARKEFIELD IRRIGATION  HOSES half  inch  3/4in  1in,  plus  sprinklers  and   YDULRXV ¿WWLQJV ELJ EXQGOH  ORW Phone  59428494,  PAKENHAM KELSO  TUB  CONTAINERS WR ¿W RQ D ZKHHO EDUURZ WKDWV EROWHG on   as   new,   $10,   Phone   94653747,   LALOR

OUTDOOR  TABLE   and  chairs,  minor  chip  on  glass  table   asking,   $300,   Phone   0412145047,   FRANKSTON  NORTH OUTDOOR  UMBRELLA large,   green,   with   stand,   good   cond,   $30,   Phone   59735050,   MORNINGTON OUTDOOR  UMBRELLA Jet   Stream   3x3   mtr   square   umbrella   (stone)   -­   including   bolting   plate   -­   excellant   condition   -­   15   months   old,   $175   ONO,   Phone   0398705474,   HEATHMONT OUTSIDE  DECK  OR  POOL banana   lounges   ex   cond   x2,   $50,   Phone  0404031581,  DROUIN OUTSIDE  GARDEN  BENCH seat,  1200Lx500H  (new),  $70,  Phone   0404031581,  DROUIN PALMS  


PLANTS Grown  In  Victoria.  Cold  tolerant  fast   growing,   great   for   creating   Tropical   Garden,   Giant   Bird   Of   Paradise   2.5m   tall   $30each,   American   Cotton   Palms   1M   tall   $20each,   Chinese   Windmill   Fan   Palms   1.5m   tall   $25each,   Canary   Island   Date   Palms   2.5   tall   $75each.   Discount   for   quantity,   Phone   0403170621,   TYNONG

Casey  Stoner  leadlight  window  riding   at   Phillip   Island   whilst   at   Ducati,   80cmx46cm  in  timber  frame  $1000.   Art   Deco   Rose   Tree,   traditional   design  100cmx44cm  in  timber  frame   $800.  Can  be  commissioned  to  your   own   design.   Go   to   www.tradertag.   to   see   more   designs   OR   email   sarbaywindows@waterfront.,   Phone   0419320668,   PHILLIP  ISLAND METAL  TREE  SURROUNDS 2  large  1  small,  $65,  Phone  56648381,   MIRBOO  NORTH MILK  CRATES  $10.00  EACH   colours   vary   from   yellow,   green,   grey   red/,   $5,   Phone   0412210725,  COBURG NURSERY  GREENHOUSE

PAVERS 150  mushroom   colour,   230x230x75mm,   $100,   Phone   0408582269,  FRANKSTON PAVERS 390x190x40mm   thick,   grey   colour,   approx   110   EC,   $50   lot,   Phone   95842993,  CHELTENHAM PERGOLA Pergola   new   never   put   up,   3   months   old,   3x3   metal   with   side   zip   curtains   &   canvas   roof,   was   $499   sell   $250,   Phone  54296636,  ROMSEY PIZZA  OVEN  MODULAR  KIT   ZRRG¿UH PRGXODU GRPH NLW FRPSOHWH with   base   bricks,castable   cement   VWDLQOHVV Ã&#x20AC;XH HWF PHDVXUH LQVLGH 900ml   by   650   high,   $1,000,   Phone   93363680,  KEILOR  NORTH PIZZA  OVEN(ITALIAN) :RRG ¿UHG SL]]D RYHQ IUHH standing   on   wheels,   $1,200,   Phone   0447638319,  CLUNES


3mtrs  high  call  for  more  information,   $1,200   ONO,   Phone   0404529343,   TEMPLESTOWE REDGUM  RAILWAY  SLEEPERS 3rd   Grade.   Idea   for   Garden   Beds,   5HWDLQLQJ ZDOOV RU HYHQ ¿UHZRRG each,  $10  Each,  Phone  0427341032,   MORWELL  NORTH RIDE  ON  MOWER DLX   Yardman   MTD,   22hp,   46in   cut,  serviced  regularly,  500hrs,  very   good   condition,   yellow   and   green,   $1,650,   Phone   0427803108,   AH   97452232,  MICKLEHAM

25mtx35mt,  63   sprinklers   run   by   Onga   pump   with   pressure   tank   and   fertilizer,   programmed   with   Commander  system,  $3,500,  Phone   SAW  DUST  REDGUM IRUVPRNLQJPHDW¿VKSRXOWU\HWFGU\ 0421742462,  HASTINGS &   clean   in   10L   lidded   bucket,   $25,   Phone  98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH OLD  GATE Pair   of   old   gates   for   more   SHADE  CLOTH   info.   39   High   st   st   kyneton,   $80,   green   5Mlx2Mw   VGC,   $25,   Phone   Phone  0434285488,  KYNETON 97162490,   AH   0400113934,   WHITTLESEA OLD  RED  BRICKS old   red   bricks   with   maffra   stamp,   SHEEP  MANURE approx   1800,   $1,000,   Phone   av   weight   10-­12kg   av   35L   bags,   0439654691,  MAFFRA $6   per   bag,   Phone   0448703465,   CRANBOURNE  SOUTH OUTDDOR  SETTING 3pce   space   needed,   38ml   stainless   SHEEP  MANURE frame,   Merbau   slats   price   reduced,   minimum   5   bags   FREE   delivery   $1,200,   Phone   59734449,   (Northern  suburbs),  $6  per  bag,  Phone   MORNINGTON 0408546732,  GREENSBOROUGH OUTDOOR  ABLE SHEEP  MANURE 0[0 ¿EUHJODVV DQG FHPHQW (& got   many   bags   of   SHEEP   MANURE   JUH\KDPPHU¿QLVKRQR7HUU\ bag   size   700mm   high   400mm   wide   Phone  0407474062,  TOOTGAROOK 150mm   deep   weight   of   bag   contains   40   litres,   $6,   Phone   0402902911,   OUTDOOR  OVAL Plastic  Table  $10,  Phone  0411561418,   CRAIGIEBURN VERMONT  SOUTH SPRAY  OUTFIT new  50L  on  rider  mower  trailer,  $350,   OUTDOOR  SETTING wooden,   solid   table,   150cmX150cm   Phone  0427270240,  EVERTON 8   easy   chairs,   $250   ono,   Phone   STEEL  ROPE,  NEVER  RUST, 97636112,  KNOXFIELD Steel  rope  or  Sling  for  towing  or  lifting,   9   mitre   x   17   mm,   never   rust   50.00,   OUTDOOR  SETTING 7pce  over  table  glass  top  6  chairs,  no   $50,  Phone  0433452697,  DELAHEY cushions,   steel   green   frame,   $150,   TABLE Phone   0429001867,   CHIRNSIDE   brown   round   strong   table   about   1M   PARK in   diam,   $50,   Phone   0414283472,   DEER  PARK OUTDOOR  SETTING Andora   diamond   setting   9   pce   TANK  STAND aluminum,   $210   ONO,   Phone   03   13ft   all   steel   redgum   timber   53686775,  DALES  CREEK decking,   $350,   Phone   0459932128,   KORALEIGH OUTDOOR  SETTING table  glass  top,  6  chairs  vinyl  covers,   TARP  HEAVY  DUTY,  TRUCK $85,   Phone   95510030,   DINGLEY   Heavy   duty   tarb,with   side   rings   rope   VILLAGE 8.25  x  450,  suit  truck,  cover  anything   cost  1400  sell  400,  $400  ONO,  Phone   OUTDOOR  SETTING  COMO white   lounge   suite,   7pc   dining,   0433452697,  DELAHEY table,   chairs   white,   never   been   used   TERRACOTTA  ORNAMENTAL brand   new,   boxed,   paid:$4000,   garden   edging   47   pieces   $3.50   each   Selling,   $2,300,   Phone   0432612885,   or,   $105   lot,   Phone   0412803208,   MULGRAVE CHADSTONE


Abyssinian  Bananas   $25   each,   Angel   Trumpets   $10each,   both   fast   growing   plants   that   bring   a   Tropical  touch  in  the  garden,  Phone   97757886,  LANGWARRIN AEONIUM   Schwarzkoph   succulents   from,   $10,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON AGATHANTHUS EOXH DQG ZKLWH ¿OO \RXU WUDLOHU RU XWH etc   $50   per   load,   Phone   97370106,   MONTROSE AGAVE  PLANTS (10)  all  in  large  pots  all  mature  plants   all  healthy,  $25  ea  or  $150  lot,  Phone   0412803208,  CHADSTONE ALOE  VERA plants   form   20cm   several   to   choose   from,   $2   ea,   Phone   98089882,   BOX   HILL  SOUTH ASSORTED  SUCCULENTS assorted   succulents,   from   $3.50,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON ASSORTED  SUCCULENTS 20@   $2   or   $3.50   -­   $12,   Phone   59734449,  MORNINGTON CLEVELAND  SELECT  PEAR It  has  dense  growth  habit  with  glossy   green  leaves  that  turn  reddish  orange   and   purple   in   autumn.   200   available,   $20,   Veggie   &   Bush   Tucker   Nursery,   Phone  0357747650,  TAGGERTY CLIVIAS CLIVIAS   -­   CREAM/YELLOW   1st.   Year  $10  2nd.  Year  $20,  none,  Phone   0418  323  952,  BORONIA CYPRESS  TREE In  pot  6ft  tall,  VGC,  $150  ono,  Phone   95127529,  CLARINDA DAHLIA  BULBS   Ready   to   plant,   2   colours,   2   types,   (50ea)   $1.25ea   or   $100   lot,   Phone   57721240,  ALEXANDRA DAPHNE  ODORA Glossy  foliage  bearing  tight  clusters  of   deep  pink  buds  that  open  to  strongly   OHPRQVFHQWHGSDOHSLQNÃ&#x20AC;RZHUV available,   $10   Each,   Veggie   &   Bush   Tucker   Nursery,   Phone   0357747650,   TAGGERTY DATE  PALM 20   years   old,   2M   trunk,   already   out   of  ground,  $350,  Phone  0417056411,   ALTONA  MEADOWS

DESERT  CACTUS 150   pots   with   different   beautiful   Desert   Cactus,   $3   ea   or   $300   lot,   Phone  95477291,  SPRINGVALE DIANELLA  LAVIS 60   plants   6in   pots   $2ea   or   60   plants   $100,   Phone   0432567850,   FERNTREE  GULLY FERTILISERS   50gm   Containers   of   All-­purpose   fertiliser   available   .   Other   sizes   and   varities   to   suit   plant   type   also   available   on   request.   DAVID,   $1.50   Each,   dee   +   fee   gardening   services,   Phone  0450351832,  HALLAM FLAME  TREE  (ILLAWARRA) native   Kurrajong,   Brachychiton   red   &   pink  varieties,  good  feature/specimen   trees,  1.5-­2M  high,  several  to  choose   from,  $15  ea,  Phone  98089882,  BOX   HILL  SOUTH FRUIT two   way   fruit   tree.peach   and   plum. grafted,one   metre   high,   $65,   Phone   0407300585,  SPRINGVALE GIANT  BIRD  OF  PARADISE approx   4.5mt   tall,   $120,   Phone   9700   5330,  LYSTERFIELD HOLLY  TREES 50cm   in   pots   great   christmas   table   centre  piece  or  plant  out  2  to  choose   from,   $5   ea,   Phone   98089882,   BOX   HILL  SOUTH HUGE  ELKHORN $140,   huge   staghorn   $220,   both   strong   man   lift,   Phone   0417559459,   MOUNT  MARTHA JAPANESE  MAPLE Maple  are  renown  effort  their  brilliant   autumn   color   in   shades   of   yellow   orange   or   red.150   mm   pot.   300   available!!,  $10  Each,  Veggie  &  Bush   Tucker   Nursery,   Phone   0357747650,   TAGGERTY LITTLE  GEM  MAGNOLIAS Various   sizes   available   in   pots   :   4x7ft   $300   40cm   pot   :   3x5ft.   $200   30cm   pot   OTHER   PLANTS   AT   REQUEST   phone   btw   9-­9pm,   dee   +   fee   gardening   services,   Phone   0410242355,  HALLAM LORD  HOWE  ISLAND fan   palms   14in   to   18in   high   in   pots   grows  tall,  hairy  trunks,  $10  ea,  Phone   59864929,  MCCRAE MANCHURIAN  PEAR 0DVVHV RI VPDOO ZKLWH Ã&#x20AC;RZHUV LQ spring   followed   by   small   green   brow   pears.   Bear   root   approx   200   available,   $20   Each,   Veggie   &   Bush   Tucker   Nursery,   Phone   0357747650,   TAGGERTY ORANGE  TREE 10yrs   old   very   large   tree,   2600Wx2500H,   helathy   tree,   SURGXFHV ODUJH ¿UP VZHHW RUDQJHV inground,   buyer   to   remove   good   access,   $275,   Phone   0412803208,   CHADSTONE ORCHIDS   in   large   pots,   well   established   in   bloom,   $50   ea,   Phone   0400619763,   AH  53316406,  BALLARAT ORCHIDS  CYMBIDIUM approx   60,   selling   for,   $1,500   the   lot,   Phone   0423476815,   CARRUM   DOWNS PEACH  TREES (1)   grafted,   healthy   tree   produces   large,   sweet   peaches   in   pots   $20,   Phone  0412803208,  CHADSTONE PHILODENDRON   split   leaf   inddor   or   garden   plants   in   pots  2  to  choose  from,  $5  ea,  Phone   98089882,  BOX  HILL  SOUTH PLANTERS  (2)  BLACK 4ft   high,   suitable   for   decks,   1x4ft   box   long,   aluminium,   $60   lot,   Phone   0428109159,  DALYSTON

PLANTS  lots   of   healthy   plants,   in   pots   very   cheap,   Phone   97720616,   CHELSEA   HEIGHTS PLANTS conifers,   Thuia   orientals,   20   plants   40cm   high,   $6   ea,   Phone   94781207,   KINGSBURY PLANTS  ASSORTED Honeysuckle,  Companula,  Geranium,   Yellow   Flag   Iris,   Purple   Loostrife   &   more,   most   6in   pots   $2ea   or   20   for   $30,  Phone  0432567850,  FERNTREE   GULLY REDSPIRE  ORNAMENTAL  PEAR   Tree   with   dense   growth   habit   and   glossy   green   leaves   that   turn   a   beautiful  yellow  red  colour  in  autumn.   200   available,   $20   Each,   Veggie   &   Bush   Tucker   Nursery,   Phone   0357747650,  TAGGERTY STAGHORNS assorted   sizes   $30   to,   $50,   Phone   98019656,  WANTIRNA  SOUTH SUCCULENTS  HALF  PRICE Aeonium   Schwarzkopf   from,   $5,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON TREE  FERNS  (3) approx   1.5M   high,   ready   to   go   with   tags,   $50   ea,   Phone   0433776369,   MIRBOO  NORTH YUCCA  ELEPHANTIPES   silver   star   from,   $3.50,   Phone   59734449,  MORNINGTON YUCCAS Many   sizes   available   .   All   in   pots.   Call   for   more   info.   PRICE   RANGE   $  20  -­  for  small  $  100,  Call  for  price,   dee  +  fee  gardening  services,  Phone   0410242355,  HALLAM YUCCAS 2@   $40   or   from,   $10,   Phone   59734449,  MORNINGTON YUCCAS  AND  MORE   few   small   @   $5   rest   is   from,   $10,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON

GARDEN  SHED   3Mx3Mx2M   good   condition,   $200,   Phone  5496388,  BENDIGO GARDEN  SHED 2.4x1.5   (8x5)   Skillion   roof   near   new   cost   $540   sell,   $300   can   deliver   locally,   Phone   0448165059,   ST   ALBANS HIGH  BEAM  RSJ 8mtrs   long,   16x6,   $500,   Phone   0429396398,   AH   53396398,   BALLARAT PANEL  LIFT  DOOR Primrose   colour,   2.4Mx2.4M   with   brackets,   $300,   Phone   93078608,   MELTON RETRO  KIDS  SLIDE Large   Retro   Slide,   $50,   Phone   0422621407,  HEPBURN  SPRINGS ROLLDER  DOOR  KIT c/w   backing   boards,   rails,   bolts   everything,   $70,   Phone   0403928287,   SPRINGVALE  SOUTH ROLLER  DOOR   3.95mWx4M  drop,  beige  colour,  $200,   Phone  94397960,  MONTMORENCY ROLLER  DOOR 7  1/2ft  W  x  7ft+  high,  working  ok  but   needs   clean   up   buyer   to   dismantle,   avail   2-­4   weeks,   $50,   Phone   97743233,  CHELSEA ROLLER  DOOR   with  remote  cream  colourbond  4.8Mtr   special   price   be   quick,   $600,   Phone   0419445697,  ALEXANDRA ROLLER  DOOR 2.5m,   no   rail,   still   in   good   condition,   $100,   Phone   0435738653,   NOBLE   PARK ROLLER  DOOR  2  OF 2.4M  x  std  lt  brand  new  all  brackets  &   guides  plus  1  remote  motor  Brunswick   Green,  $400  lot,  Phone  0407865934,   AH  97162618,  WOODSTOCK STEEL  WORK  FOR  SHED 2nd   hand,   75x25ft,   $1,200,   Phone   0427270240,  EVERTON



DOG  CAGE 3x3Metres,   roofed,   2   doors,   heavy   mesh,   very   secure,   priced   to   sell,   would   accommodate   several   dogs,   $750,   Phone   59674265,   HODDLES   CREEK

220  FOOD  GRADE   220   litre   food   grade   containers   previously   had   olives   size   is   about   950mm   high   x600mm   wide   rubber   seals   and   screw,   $22,   Phone   0402902911,  CRAIGIEBURN 80  LITER  FOOD  GRADE had   olives   in   them   screw   top   lid   +rubber   seal   size   is   700mm   high   x390mm   wide   330mm   diameter   opening,   $20   Each,   Phone   0402902911,  CRAIGIEBURN S/STEEL  STORAGE  TANKS 8000-­20000Ltrs,   some   insulated   in   very   good   cond   enquires,   Phone   0419331795,  PAKENHAM SILVAN  RED  PLASTIC water  tank  2000L  on  steel  frame,  $800,   Phone  0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE STAINLESS  STEEL  TANK 8000-­20000ltr   in   VGC,   Phone   0419331795,  PAKENHAM TANK  2500LTR gal   steel,   4yrs   old   in   very   good   cond,   $795,   Phone   0438515854,  AH   54332433,  HEATHCOTE TANK  55000L on   4   cradles,   painted   valved   outlet,   clean  &  ready  to  use,  $22,000,  Phone   0439479555,  TYABB WATER  PUMP  DAVEY HP45-­05,   with   a   Davey   rainbank   included,   brand   new   never   used   still   in   box,   paid   $850   sell,   $500,   Phone   0417310375,  WHITTLESEA WATER  TANK 1000ltr,   strong   plastic   in   steel   cage,   ¿WVWUDLOHUV3KRQH ANGLESEA


2x  cream   beige   colour,   1@2.5mtrs,   1@2.4mtrs.   Call   after   7pm,   $250   each,   Phone   0421472538,   GREENVALE GARAGE  ZINC   with   colourbond   front   4.9w6   1/2.9h   tiltadoor   passenger   door   louvre   window,   tube   frame,   must   remove   yourself,   $400,   Phone   0413772544,   WANTIRNA GARAGE  ZINC   24ftx14ft   tilt   door,   PA   door   &   window,   truss   frame,   $1,100,   Phone   0438515854,   AH   54332433,   HEATHCOTE GARDEN  SHED Brand   new   still   in   unopened   box,   Spanbilt,  colour  zinc,  base  size  5808   x   2922,   roof   size   5900x   3000,   $450,   Phone   0457919562,   AH   97632564,   SCORESBY GARDEN  SHED garden   shed   approx   size   2x2.5x1.9   Ã&#x20AC;DWURRIVOLGLQJGRRUDYHUDJHFRQGLWLRQ light  green  in  colour  buyer  to  remove,   $180   ONO,   Phone   0439011394,   BAYSWATER  NORTH GARDEN  SHED Steel  Chief  2.26x2,26  gable  roof  zinc,   partially   dismantled,   $250,   Phone   0409366446,  KEALBA

EX FACTORY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER! M C75 WORKSHOP 3490 x 4360 x 2400mm 3490 x 6000 x 2400mm 4000 x 6000 x 2400mm

COLOUR $2200 $2550 $2850

FULLY ENCLOSED GARAGE 6000 x 6000 x 2400mm 6000 x 9000 x 2400mm 7500 x 12000 x 2700mm

COLOUR $4650 $5650 $8000

Price includes 1 personal access door, gutter and downpipes

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Price includes 2 roller doors, 1 personal access door, gutters and downpipes

To: 0451 266 666 BALLARAT






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208 Fairbairn Road, SUNSHINE WEST Phone: (03) 9314 1245

303 Midland Hwy, EPSOM Phone: (03) 5448 3099 7833 Goulburn Valley Hwy, KIALLA Phone: (03) 5823 5233

1840 Hume Hwy, CAMPBELLFIELD Phone: (03)9357 9590

188 Argyle Street, TRARALGON Phone: (03) 5174 5311

FREE DELIVERY TO MELB METRO For all sheds ordered and delivered by 31st December



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VINTAGE  MILK  CAN has  been  converted  into  letter  box  with   post,   $300   ono,   Phone   0431487734,   BROADFORD VINTAGE  SUPER  SPREADER age   not   known   but   very   old,   can   be   restored   or   would   make   a   VG   garden   ornament,   $500   ono,   Phone   0431487734,  BROADFORD WATER  FEATURE almost   new,   pond   size   1100sq   w900   peestal,   resin   but   stone   appearance,   complete,   $550,   Phone   0432578206,   AH  97860736,  CARRUM  DOWNS WEED  EATER  PETROL  TRIMMER /whipper   snipper,   Model   GTI   17T   made   in   USA   would   suit   parts   or   restore,missing   petrol   cap,   line   feed,untested,in   GC,   $20,   Phone   0412210725,  COBURG WHEELBARROW large   size   pump   up   wheel,   exc   cond   black,   $50,   Phone   0404031581,   DROUIN WHEELBARROWS   recycled   from   $25   to,   $65,   Phone   54296645,  ROMSEY WISHING  WELL Strongly   constructed   of   treated   pine,   durable   &   aesthetic,   circular   base,   1M   Hx360mms   Diam,   $35,   Phone   97259969,  CROYDON WISHING  WELL Made   from   treated   pine   &   stained   with  jarrah  decking  oil,  brand  new,  1M   hx360mm   round   base,   $40,   Phone   97259969,  CROYDON WOODEN  OUTSIDE  SETTING 4-­   twin   forms   with   backrests,   1x4ft   round   table   on   wheels   all   painted   VGC,   $120,   Phone   59864929,   MCCRAE

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QHYHU XVHG ZLWK ¿WWLQJV$TXD /RJLF water  Billabong,   no.4,   no   power   made   by   Meird,   $1,050   Terry,   Phone   needed,   new   price   $1450   sell,   $700,   0407474062,  RYE Phone  0409146059,  BAIRNSDALE WATER  TANK  DRUMS   3  black  drums  220Ltrs,  screw  top  lids,   RENOVATION black,   $20   each,   Phone   97953175,   DANDENONG  NORTH WATER  TANKS water   tank   thous   Lts   with   frame   RXWVLGH¿WLQVPDOOWUDLOHU3KRQH 54478132,  KANGAROO  FLAT WATER  TROUGH,  Aluminium & Timber Round  plastic,  has  a  crack,  2ft  deep,   Window replacements 7ft  across  near  Warragul,  $80,  Phone   0428979051,  BULN  BULN Glass Sliding Doors WATER/SEPTIC  TANK  Sunrooms & Pergolas 5000   liters,never   used,1.95M   X   2.3M   weighs   4   tonnes,   $750,   Phone   0409937318,  TOORADIN View Our Stock On Your Mobile

ACTION  WINDOWS  &  DOORS NEW   ALUMINIUM   Assorted   Colours   &   Sizes   ñ   Direct   from   the   Manufacturer.   Sliding   Windows   500   x  600  $80...900  x  1200  $135...  900   x   1800   $180...1200   x   1800   $210....   Sliding   Doors   2100   x   1800   $595...   Non  Standard  Sizes  Made  to  Order   Replacement   Window   Service   Available   Factory   11/61   Frankston   Gardens   Drive   Carrum   Downs   Vic   3201   Email:   jo@actionwindows.,   Action   Windows   &   Doors   Pty   Ltd,   Phone   0397708600,   AH   0411751075,  CARRUM  DOWNS

Taranto Doors & Windows

CALL US TODAY 9772 0332


ANTIQUE  DOUGLAS No   4   water   pump,   restored   as   new,   $360,  Phone  59864929,  MCCRAE BORE  PUMP  BRAND  ORANGE with  45  ft  hoses  cost  me  $1000  selling   for   $500,   $500,   Phone   0403257822,   WERRIBEE DABS  PUMP pressure   pump   for   domestic   system,   $100,   Phone   59674396,   AH   0407300681,  HODDLES  CREEK ELECTRIC  WATER  PUMP Diaphra   M   type   240V   full   recondition   3in   pipe   size,   $650   ono,   Phone   93591496,  FAWKNER FIRE  HOSE  &  WATER  PUMP 06XQQ\+'LQ¿UHKRVH SRZHUMHW nozle,  twin  4.0hp  water  transfer  pump,   $190,   Phone   0466778369,   BAKERY   HILL HOSE  65MM   0RIOD\Ã&#x20AC;DWKRVHPPGLDPHWHU in   roll   still,   $250   neg,   Phone   0432582307,  SKYE ORCHARD  PUMP Silvan  orchard  sprayer  pump  APS166   3mths   warranty,   $900   neg,   Phone   0432582307,  SKYE

SMS: Windows To: 0451 266 666

ALUM  SLIDING  DOOR 4.200W   2.040H   polished   (s/hand)   3   panels   glass,   $275,   Phone   0410471757,  SAFETY  BEACH ALUM  SLIDING  DOOR 3500x2100,   4   panels   with   timber   frame,   security   doors   all   with   locks,   $500,   Phone   0404646500,   CAROLINE  SPRINGS

ALUM  WINDOW new   w/screen   Primrose-­cream,   GATES $140,   Phone   0458626073,   steel  frame  with  timber  ,2400lx1800h,   STRATHMERTON $150,   Phone   0407   558118,   AH   n/a,   ALUM  WINDOW  FRAMES MACLEOD with   venetian   blind   between   two   galsses,  Phone  94992408,  IVANHOE   1900â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  ANTIQUE  HOUSE EAST Genuine   buyers   for   removal   / demolition   1900â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   house,   red   cedar   ALUM  WINDOWS ceilings,  large  skirtings,  timber  carved   3   off   with   wooden   frames,   sliding   KDOO IHDWXUH  WLPEHU ¿UH VXUURXQGV type,   2200   1270   1500   1000   1830   Call  for  price,  0,  Phone  0418505263,   875   in   good   cond,   $220   ono,   Phone   0431304856,  THORNBURY ROCHESTER ALUM  WINDOWS   1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S  INTERIOR  DBL  DOORS 1500x2100   with   locks   &   keys,   $125,   Glass   in   hardwood   timber   frame.   Phone   0404646500,   CAROLINE   Good   Condition.   810mm   x   2020mm   SPRINGS HDFK&XVWDUGFRORXUZ¿WWLQJV:RXOG look   nice   stripped,   $60   ONO,   Phone   ALUMINIUM  ANODISED White  1Mx1M,  $50,  Phone  97860858,   0425  759  249,  ARARAT FRANKSTON 6MM  MATLUCENT  GLASS AUSTRALIAN  TIMBER  SLABS 73  Panels  6mm  matt  toughened  glass.   collectors   range   of   natural   edged   Various  sizes.  Approx  1100mm  high  X   slabs,   mantle   piece   timbers,   and   770mm  wide.  Polished.  Pool  fencing,   shelving,   species   include   acacia   Call   for   price,   Phone   0414   568   625,   mahogany   oak   &   golden   elm,   POA,   AH  0402634651,  TOORADIN Phone  59683319,  EMERALD

: + EURZQ ZLWK Ã&#x20AC;\VFUHHQ off  white,   soft   pile,   good   cond   with   2   panel   glass   s/hand,   $220,   Phone   rubber   underlay   size   approx   14x11ft,   0410471757,  SAFETY  BEACH $50,  Phone  97743233,  CHELSEA CARPET  INDOOR/OUTDOOR BALTIC  PINE  FLOORBOARDS %DOWLF SLQH Ã&#x20AC;RRUERDUGV PHDVXULQJ colour   beige   4   lengths   4.8L   1500W   150mm   wide   in   very   good   condition.   will  sep,  $50  length,  Phone  57985579,   Approximately  110  LM  @  $9  LM,  $9,   LONGWOOD Phone   0439654698,   PASCOE   VALE   CEDAR  WINDOWS SOUTH 2105x900,   with   smoked   tinted   glass,   $200   lot,   Phone   0407195674,   AH   BATHROOM  WINDOW  CEDAR Panes,   1   sliding   157x61xD   17cm,   59857223,  TOOTGAROOK ZLQGRZ IXUQLWXUH  Ã&#x20AC;\ZLUH QHZ CERAMIC  FLOOR  TILES unstained,   $150   ono,   Phone   600mmx  300mm,  black  &  white  tiles,   9   boxes,   $90,   Phone   0418793540,   97101847,  SMITHS  GULLY RED  HILL  SOUTH BESSER  BLOCKS  FREE IRUIHQFHRUPDQ\XVHVLQFOXGLQJ¿OLQJ CHIMNEY  FLUTE  FITTING buyer  to  dismantle,  Phone  97743233,   mesh   to   deter   birds   etc   from   chimney,   $50,   Phone   0469744734,   CHELSEA RESERVOIR BI-­FOLD  DOOR  PANELS COLORBOND  CORRUGATED Glass   Bi-­Fold   door   panels   four,   28.5   iron,   s/hand,   3M   to   7.5M   lengths,   cm  x  1.06cm  good  condition  $20  each,   white,   needs   cleaning,   good   cond,   $80,  Phone  0438529314,  DOVETON Phone  0410471757,  SAFETY  BEACH BRICKS COLORBOND  ROOFING  IRON 1000+   orange/brown   solids   clean,   Very  good  condition,  upto  8M  in  length   $.35   Each,   Phone   59674396,   AH   $4   per   metre,   Phone   0449182776,   0407300681,  HODDLES  CREEK CROYDON COMMERCIAL  ALUM  &  GLASS BRICKS   mixed   wire   cut   clay   bricks,   approx   sliding  doors,  2  pairs,  2100Hx2mtrsW,   25000,   $380   per   thousand,   Phone   heavy  duty,  $350,  Phone  0408804923,   0418176523,   CRANBOURNE   ESSENDON SOUTH CONCERTINA  DOOR white,   single   std   door   size   top   rail   BRICKS  110 hand  made  apricot  solids  Wangaratta   missing   easily   obtainable   VG-­EC,   area,   $90,   Phone   0427270240,   $20,  Phone  93142843,  YARRAVILLE CONCRETE  MESH&  TRENCH  MES EVERTON 14   sheets   of   f62   concrete   mesh   and   BRICKS  OLD  RED 20  lengths  of  trench  mesh  ,all  in  very   circa   1918   cleaned,   $300,   Phone   good   condition,   $1,000   ONO,   Phone   03   95723083,   AH   0402   032   482,   0359412759,  NAR  NAR  GOON CAULFIELD  EAST DOOR BULK  HEAD  LIGHT  FITTINGS front   entry   timber   frame   2100x1700   smaller   size   240V,   with   side   panels   half   glazed,   solid   170mmLx90mmWx100mmW   plastic   timber   door   2040x820   and   security   base,   glass   lense   with   wire   guard   door,  GC,  $100,  Phone  0409098094,   20   in   total,   $25,   Phone   0418149624,   SEAFORD MENTONE DOORS   interior   doors   new   2x   520x2040,   CARPET   carpet   approx   1.6Mx2.3M   Egyptian   2x   720/2040   rebated,   1/820/2340   theme  EC  paid  $180  sell,  $80,  Phone   plus   other   size   sell   lot,   $200,   Phone   0419793615,  LOGAN  VILLAGE 0404813941,  COCKATOO

Shelter Station

6m Wide

We've got you






of, flame retardant stabilised, waterpro UV e ar rs ve d will co ct produ e hardwearing an .*All Shelter Station s, these shelters ar !"#$#%&'(&)*+"%,(#ight. 2 With galvanised frame fre . d and ready to 610 or 410 gm/m are DIY, flatpacke ers elt Sh All and most are PVC il. ha luding om ather conditions inc w.shelterstation.c withstand most we full range go to ww the on ion at m For more infor

8m Wide

/0*12*3*452 60*72 80*92

10m Wide

From only

/0*72 60*<2 80*9.72

/0*452 60*4:2 80*;2

$2,800 Mutha

From only

$4,250 Man Shed

Entracce  doors,   medium   stain   solid   timber   with   amber   glass,   c/w   door   handles  &  locks  870mmx  1220H,  $50   each,  Phone  0411561418,  VERMONT   SOUTH DOORS  BATIC  PINE 4   pairs   assorted   sizes   old   styles   will   not   sep   good   cond,   $300,   Phone   0427320739,  KANGAROO  GROUND DOUBLE  TIMBER  GLASS Doors,   GC   205hx57   x   73.5cm,   b.rail   19cm,   o.rails   11cm,   door   furniture   hinges,   pet   hatch,   tinted   glass,   dark   walnut,   $200   ono,   Phone   97101847,   SMITHS  GULLY DUCTED  HEATING  BITS   UHWXUQ DLU YHQW ZLWK ¿OWHU 0.995x0.395   white   1   -­   duct   0.300   x   6m   new,   $50,   Phone   0413284222,   MOUNT  ELIZA DUX  HWS  ELECTRIC with   2   solar   panels,   2yo,   good   condition,   $900,   Phone   0419542067,   AH  0458667229,  WINCHELSEA EDWARDIAN  WINDOWS 2440x1220x140   x2,   $500   each,   Phone  0411605882,  BRUNSWICK ELECTRIC  METRE  POWERBOX 450x400x260,   galv,   weatherproof,   lockable,   including   switch,   fuses   and   meter,   suit   builder   or   shed,   $70,   Phone   0419567895,   WHEELERS   HILL ENTRANCE  DOOR 240x820x40   SPMX02,   brand   new,   $100,  Phone  95470706,  MULGRAVE EXHAUST  FAN electric   340cm   ECond,   $15,   Phone   95038686,  BENTLEIGH  EAST EXTERNAL  DOOR solid  with  2  locks  1  IS  deallock,   $15,   Phone  95038686,  BENTLEIGH  EAST EXTRACTOR  FANS (non   electrical)   red   plastic,   $25,   Phone  0408581301,  CARNEGIE FENCE   Lattice   9ft9inx3ft1   $100,   1x   5ft8x3ft1   $95,   1x   3ft5inx3ft   $70,   all   woven   as   new,  Phone  95606043,  MULGRAVE

From only

$11,550 Warehouse

10m also avail

$3,500 FREECALL 1800 199 060

/0*4;2 60*;.;2 80*;.92

From only


/0*5;2 60*72 80*<.52

$11,900 Backyarder Shadehouse

/0*4.>2 60*4.12 80*4.>9

Normally $440


Le Grande

/0*=.42 60*9.=92 80*5.12

From only



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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12  


R3.6  glass   wool   insulation,   brand   new  sealed  in  bags  ideal  for  houses   and   sheds,   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Superior   performance   -­   Combat   radiant   heat,   conductive   heat   &   convective   heatâ&#x20AC;?,   T3.6   120mm   glass   wool   rating   of   R2.5   plus   foil,   radiant   heat   rejection:up   WR  Ă&#x20AC;DPPDEOLOLW\$61=6  ÂżUH UDWLQJ FODVV  PDGH to   comply   with   AS/NZS4859.1,   complies   with   BCA,   contents:1   roll   size:8mmx1160mmx120mm,   approx   coverage   9.28mtr   VT IDFWRU\ FHUWLÂżFDWLRQ, SO9000/9001/900419011:2000,   Specs   10.03kgs/m3.   80   bags   are   available.   Pick   up   only,   $40   per   bag,   Phone   0404669444,   AH   0450876416,  BERWICK INSULATION  S/HAND in   extra   large   garden   waste   bags,   16   bags,   (used   insulation)   still   good   cond,  and  cheap  $20  per  bag,  Phone   0414400510,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS JARRAH  TIMBER 65x19   length   1900   9   pieces,   $40,   Phone  59734449,  MORNINGTON KITCHEN  DOORS $VVRUWHGVL]HV  FOHDUÂżQLVK lot,   Phone   0418793540,   RED   HILL   SOUTH LAMINATED  FLOORING ODPLQDWHGĂ&#x20AC;RDWLQJ Ă&#x20AC;RRULQJ  SLHFHV SUHPLXP UHDG\Ă&#x20AC;RU  14mmx186mmx2085mm   1.9M2   smimilar   colour   as   walnut,   also   6   small   rolls   underlay,   $40,   Phone   0418149624,  MENTONE LAUNDRY  TROUGH single   bowl   laundry   sink   excellent   condition,   $60,   Phone   0423444691,   RESERVOIR

LINING  BOARDS  CEDAR 55   metres   in   total,   180ml   cover,   used   in   good   condition,   $110,   Phone   94381153,   AH   0412329819,   DIAMOND  CREEK LINO  VARIOUS  COLOURS light  industrial  commercial  never  laid,   1/4   &   1/2   &   full   rolls,   $50   +,   Phone   0410471757,  SAFETY  BEACH LINTALS  (2)   suit   door   or   window   opening   2750   in   ex   cond,   $60ea   or   $110   for   both,   Phone  0412803208,  CHADSTONE MAKITA  PRESSURE  WASHER used   once   only,   $70,   Phone   0477059444,  FERNTREE  GULLY MDF  DOOR  UNPAINTED new   sold   timber   1/2   way   up,   2340   Hx920Wx   35mm   thick,   $80,   Phone   95683879,  OAKLEIGH MDF  INTERNAL Doors,  new,  unpainted  (2),  1/2  timber,   1/2   glass,   2340H   x   840W   x   35ml   thick,   $80   each,   Phone   95683879,   OAKLEIGH MELAMINE  WHITE New,   8   sheets   x   1.8   x   .87   x   16.   $10each   will   separate,   Phone   98594531,  KEW METER  ELECTRIC meter   box   (no   meters)   weather   proof   back,   $20,   Phone   94597857,   MACLEOD NEW  HARDWOOD  FRENCH   DOORS Brand   New   Hume   Doors   and   Timber   hardwood  framed  safety  glass  french   door   set   820mm   x   2040mm   each   door,   $120   ONO,   Phone   0425   759   249,  ARARAT OLIVERI twin   bowl   SS   sink   with   mixer,   VGC,   480x1390,   $65,   Phone   0432578206,   AH  97860736,  CARRUM  DOWNS OREGON  BEAMS  (2) good   condition,   4.2M   L   x350   x   100   $150ea,   solid   bricks   creams   &   reds,   GCond   (2200)   $800,   Phone   0402109986,  SPRINGVALE OREGON  TIMBER  HUGE  LOT Disassembled  carport,  25m  verandah   and   pergoia   including   90x90mm   posts,  200mmx50mm  beams,  fascias,   trusses  etc.  2.5tonne  beautiful  timber!,   $1,200   ONO,   Phone   0425   759   249,   ARARAT PAIR  TIMBER  SLIDING Glass   Doors   GC,   62x203cm,   brail   21cm   o.rails   12cm,   semi   transparent   glass,   walnut,   $150   ono,   Phone   97101847,  SMITHS  GULLY PARQUETRY  13M brushbox   260x65x14mm   $220   the   lot,   7M   brushbox   290x290mm   8mm   tghick,   $120   lot,   Phone   98164034,   BALWYN  NORTH PAVERS  RED brick   type   pavers   (300),   $60,   Phone   0424056763,  DOVETON PERGOLA with   roof   approx   100sqe   mtrs   size   of   small   house,   everything   supplied   excellent   cond,   buyer   to   pick   up,   bargain,   $2,000   ono,   Phone   93332105,  ATTWOOD POST  ROUND very   heavy,   7ft   easy   access,   $10   ea,   Phone  54857335,  GYMPIE


Tasmanian  Oak,   Baltic   Pine,   Kauri   Pine,  Available  all  sizes,  Buy  Direct   from   Demolisher,   Clint   Halliwell,   Phone   0408346538,  AH   95794310,   BENTLEIGH  EAST RED  BRICKS  SOLID EC,   2000,   ideal   for   garden   or   brickwork,   $40   for   100,   Phone   0437375304,  COLAC RHEEM  HOT  WATER electric   400ltr   mains   pressure   solar   convertible   as   new   condition,   $250,   Phone   0427320739,   KANGAROO   GROUND RHEEM  HOT  WATER Service   25ltr   electric,   plug   in,   good   condition,   $200,   Phone   0424247861,   MOAMA RHEEM  HWS 50L   Rheemglas   electric   GC,   $60,   Phone  97664740,  SEAFORD RHEEM  OPTIMA hot  water  unit  400L,  2006  dual  element   4.8kw,   $200,   Phone   0413771544,   WANTIRNA ROOFING 8  sheets  alum  5mtrsLx0.9mtrsW.  Can   deliver,   $200,   Phone   0408582269,   FRANKSTON ROOFING  ZINCALUME iron,   antique   corrugated   sheeting   various  lengths  up  to  6M  long  Offers,   Phone   0419962807,   DANDENONG   SOUTH SASH  WINDOWS house  lot  various  sizes,  $500,  Phone   0419542067,   AH   0458667229,   WINCHELSEA SECURITY  DOORS  (2) oatmeal   alum   treble   lock,   34inx81in   86x205ml,   6mths   old   no   scratches,   $50   ea,   Phone   59889643,   BLAIRGOWRIE SINK  ST/STEEL twin  bowl,  right  hand  drainage  drop  in   with   tap   set,   $50,   Phone   57985579,   LONGWOOD SINKS  BRAND  NEW Some   with   minor   scratches   single   bowl,   1&1/2   bowl,   double   bowl   ALL   ONLY   $125   each   IN   STOCK   NOW,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone   03   9318   4155,  BRAYBROOK SKIRTING  BOARD 60  lengths  of  5.4m  x  190mm  x  19mm   9LFWRULDQ 3UR¿OH 0') &UDIWZRRG Primed.   New.   Builder   over   ordered.   Must   go.   $1000   ono,   Phone   0438039438,  BRIAGOLONG SLATE  TILES 150  pieces,  300x200x10,  ready  to  lay   GC,   $100   ono,   Phone   0429966601,   MELTON

SLDIING  DOORS  X2 2340x770   brand   new   left   over,   $40,   Phone  0421467938,  MELTON SLIDING  DOOR  UNIT cedar,   with   smoked   tinted   glass   c/w   Ă&#x20AC;\VFUHHQ [+  RQR Phone   0407195674,   AH   59857223,   TOOTGAROOK SLIDING  PAIR  GLASS Timber   doors   EC,   202cmHx   106.5cmWx   2,   b.rail   23cm,   others   12cm,   semi   transparent   patterned   glass,   dark   oak,   $200   ono,   Phone   97101847,  SMITHS  GULLY SOLID  BRASS  LOCK with   Remington   Plague   X5   from,   $120,  Phone  0403276591,  FITZROY SOLID  TIMBER  DOOR with   2   locks   one   is   deadlock   ideal   back   door   or   garage,   white,   $20,   Phone  95038686,  BENTLEIGH  EAST STAINLESS  STEEL  SINK   VLQJOH ERZO Ă&#x20AC;DW ULPPHG  3KRQH 0423444691,  RESERVOIR STAIRCASE 15   steps,   with   landing,   inside   or   outside,  $2,750,   Phone   0405668271,   BENTLEIGH  EAST STEEL  BOX   50x50x2x2400L   mm   new   primed   40x40x3x2400   new   can   shorten   or   lengthen,  $10  ea,  Phone  0422284827,   LARA TERRACOTTA  ROOF  TILES new  black,  100+  tiles,  black  terracotta,   brand  new,  $100  lot,  Phone  94014982,   LALOR TIMBER  DOORS   Brand   New   3x720x2040x50,   glass   doors,   suit   bifold,   1x820x2040x50   entrance   door,   2   glass   panels,   $400   lot,  Phone  0404766722,  SUNBURY TIMBER  LAMINATE Ă&#x20AC;RRULQJ PWU VTG EUDQG QHZ OHIW over,   $200   lot,   Phone   0421467938,   MELTON TIMBER  LENGTHS Assorted   sizes   from   $2.00   a   length,   Phone   0433776369,   MIRBOO   NORTH TOILET vitreous   china   pan   and   cistern,   dual   Ă&#x20AC;XVK VWUDS VRIW FORVH VHDW ZKLWH $100,  Phone  98723849,  MITCHAM TOILET  SUITE   GXDOĂ&#x20AC;XVKZKLWH3RU6WUDSSDQ Phone  57985579,  LONGWOOD TOILETS  P  TRAP  BRAND  NEW Only   $150   each   STRICTLY   UNTIL   STOCKS   LAST,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone  03  9318  4155,  BRAYBROOK TRIM  DECK 5RRÂżQJ  QHZ VKHHWV P[PP $50  per  length  ono,  Phone  5496388,   BENDIGO TRIMVIEW  ALUM  WINDOWS 1974   clear   glazed   1070x1465   horizontal   sliding   1910x740   double   hung,   $25   ea,   Phone   97073636,   BERWICK WALL  TILES Ceramic   glazed   tiles   200x200,   14   box,   1   box   30   tiles,   $250   lot,   Phone   0407052762,  ST  ALBANS WATER  HEATER Elec   storage   250ltr   hot   water   system   near  new,  $600,  Phone  0448926361,   YARRAMBAT WINDOW  USED KDUGZRRG IUDPH ZLWK Âż[HG JODVV panel   size   350x1550x160,   $70,   Phone  0423967398,  SEAFORD WINDOWS   Assorted   doors   and   windows,   wood   with   glass   panels,   from,   $30,   Phone   0433563659,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS WINDOWS  NEW   Aluminium   white,   no   opening,   127cmx186cm   $120,   Cedar   window   no   opening   120cmx210cm   $70,   Phone   97080474,   ENDEAVOUR   HILLS WROUGHT  IRON  GATE single   size   2140Hx1020W,   nice   pattern,  very  heavy  needs  a  paint  GC,   $450,  Phone  95684714,  OAKLEIGH


ASSORTED  NEW  GALV bolts  nuts,  washers,  50mmL  X  16mm,   30mmx16,   220mmx16,   large   quanity,   well  below  new  price  120x12mm  and   more  POA,  Phone  97968789,  NARRE   WARREN BAY  WINDOW  FRAME old   very   well   constructed,   timber   11cmx11cms,   8   panels,   H2.12ms,   accross   ends   2.54ms   D0.78ms,   $75,   Phone  0406580116,  IVANHOE BLACKBUTT  FLOORING  [  H[FHOOHQW FRQGLWLRQ Ă&#x20AC;RRULQJ 100m   available   in   mixed   lengths,   $230,   Phone   0415   320   064,   SPRINGVALE BLACKWOOD  SLABS   3   x   Dressed   Slabs   32mm.   2   x   Undressed   Slabs   50mm.   Assorted   undressed  sizes.  Price  by  piece  or  the   LOT.  Call  Peter,  Call  for  price,  Phone   0409865903,  LANGWARRIN CHIPBOARD  &  MDF Huge   range   of   NEW   and   seconds   in   chipboard  from  $10  per  sheet,  we  also   provide  cutting  service  for  any  size  job   ranging  from  home  DIY  to  commercial   size   projects,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone  03  9318  4155,  BRAYBROOK COLORBOND  CORRUGATED   Set   lengths   3,   4,   5,   and   6m   long   in   three  colors.  Woodland  Grey,  Classic   Cream   and   Wilderness   ALL   $9.90   per   lineal   meter,   IN   STOCK   NOW,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone   03   9318   4155,  BRAYBROOK COLORBOND  QUAD  GUTTERS   Colorbond   Quad   Gutters   and   Flashing.   Gutters   6m   long   all   $30   each,   Flashing   ALL   3.6m   Long   only   $20each,   IN   STOCK   NOW,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone   03   9318   4155,   BRAYBROOK CONSTRUCTION  ADHESIVE Liquid   Nails   Maxibond.   10   for   $15.00,   $15,   Phone   98790199,   AH   0449508363,  WARRANWOOD CORRIGATED  IRON   old   style.   New   condition.   1   sheet   3.8mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  long  1  sheet  4.4mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  long,  $50   the  lot,  Phone  0406580116,  IVANHOE CORRUGATED 5RRÂżQJ ,URQ  )HQFH SDQHOV 26   sheets,   some   Colourbond   $5   per   sheet   in   GC,   4yrs   old,   Phone   54332433,  HEATHCOTE CORRUGATED  IRON VGC  4  sheets  x  10ft,  2  sheets  x  12ft,   16   sheets   x   13ft   5   sheets   x   15ft,   5sheets  x  16ft,  $475  per  metre,  Phone   0407542066,  SELBY


&RUUXJDWHG DQG ULE URRÂżQJ cladding,  cut   to   any   length,   colour   $9.90   l/m   zinc   $5.90   l/m   polycarb   URRÂżQJ FRUUXJDWHG DQG JUHFD $10.90   l/m.   All   prices   include   gst.   *XWWHU IDVFLD ULGJLQJ Ă&#x20AC;DVKLQJ insulation,   screws   etc   available,   Precision   Rollformers,   Phone   03   59756902,  MORNINGTON DECKING Merbau,   Yellow   Balau,   Itauba,   Spotted   Gum,   Blackbutt,   River   Reds,   70x19   from   $1.60p/m,   86x19,   90x19   from   $2.20,   130x19,   140x19   from   $4.00p/m.   11   Windale   St,   Budget   Timber   Market   P/L,   Phone   97085055,  AH   0411515158,   DANDENONG

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FLOORING 200M  select   Tasmanian   Oak.   63   x    ¿QJHU MRLQW 1HYHU XVHG DOO ORQJ lengths.   Excellent   condition,   $425,   Phone  0415  320  064,  SPRINGVALE

GLASS  SHEETS 193cmX117x5mm   thick,   tempered,   unused,   11   of   $30ea   or,   $250   lot,   Phone  56637379,  VENUS  BAY


HAND  MADE  BRICKS Original   1800â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Lilydale   clinkers. Cleaned   but   not   scrubbed.Good   faces.Lots   of   colour.Suit   period   ÂżUHSODFHIHDWXUH ZDOO  EULFNV  $250,  Phone  0438503867,  LILYDALE

Formply  new   secs.Aust.   Pks   only   40/s   2400X1200X17   $30/S   1800x1200x17   $22/s   del. melb/$120,   $30   Each,   cj&l   leita,   Phone  0418995518,  EUROBIN

GALVANISED  COACH  BOLTS With   nuts   110x12mm,   (350),   $340   HONDA  GENERATOR lot,   Phone   0437126087,   TARWIN   FG1500U  made  in  Japan  $300,  Phone   LOWER 0433776369,  MIRBOO  NORTH

Aluminum Powder Coated POOL FENCING

1200mm H x 2300mm W Exceeds Australian Standards How does all that sound?

$79.95 per panel

DEMOLITION  SAW Stihl   TS350   excellent   working   order,   $450,   Phone   0412402984,   PAKENHAM



Recycled  building   materials,   all   sizes   and   lengths   of   oregon   &   hardwood,we   dress   timber.   Also   corrugated  iron,doors  and  windows,   Need   anything   demolition,   please   call   Warren,   Antcient   Timbers,   Phone  0407883193,  CLAYTON FIREWOOD old   fence   posts   $2   each,   Phone   0429150392,  WANTIRNA

FLOORING Jarrah,  Blackbutt,   Ironbark,   Tallowood,   Spottedgum,   Kauri,   TIMBER  &  HARDWARE Sydney   Bluegum,   Tasmanian   Oak.   80x19,   85x19,   108x19,   130x19,   ASSORTED  NEW  COACH   133x19  from  $2.00  p/m.  Windale  St,   SCREWS Budget   Timber   Market   P/L,   Phone   1250mmLx9mm,  100x9,  750x9,  50x9,   9708   5055,   AH   0411   515   158,   45mmx8mm,   sell   half   new   price,   DANDENONG Phone  97968789,  NARRE  WARREN




Wholesale Prices! High Quality Kiln Dried Treated Pine

70 x 45mm 90 x 45mm 140 x 45mm 190 x 45mm

Decking Timber Merbau 70mm-90mm .............................. from $3.10 l/m Treated Pine 90mm ....... $1.80 l/m Treated Pine 70mm ....... $1.15 l/m

Cash Only

â&#x20AC;&#x153;A real timber yardâ&#x20AC;?

WHOLESALE PRICES High Quality Kiln Dried Treated Pine

SMS: Roofing

Selected colours only



To: 0451 266 666



9368 5400

Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm, Sat 8.00am-12.00pm, Closed Public Holidays

FAX: 9368 5499

Fax: 9794 8003

Zig Zag 1.5h x 2.365

NEW TRADING HOURS: Mon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fri 7.30AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5PM Saturdays 8AM-12NOON

61-69 Hallam Valley Rd, DANDENONG SOUTH All prices include GST


when price, service and quality count, come and see the proffesionals




Baltic Flooring 150 x 22mm .................. $3.60 l/m


Top Hat

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$2.50 l/m $3.50 l/m Weatherboards/Pine $5.25 l/m Primed Weatherboards . $2.30 l/m $7.00 l/m Plus Weatherboard Stops

â&#x20AC;&#x153;All sizes & lengths availableâ&#x20AC;?


64 x .95mm $4.00 p/mtr 120 x .95mm $6.60 p/mtr


2.4 x 1.2

Cream Only


PRICES B E STT reated Pine Premium Kiln Dried

Reeded Plastic

1.6, 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4, 6.0, 7.2, 9.0

EST for over 50 yrs

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FLOOR  TILES 7.52   sq   metres,   ceramic   unglazed   quarry   tiles   English   J   &   Johnson   152x152mm   9   boxes   Sierra   Flash/ Rosset,   $50,   Phone   98076883,   MOUNT  WAVERLEY FLOOR  TILES  19.5CM  SQ ceramic,   light   grey/blueish   tint,   matt   ÂżQLVKPWUVSHUVTPWU3KRQH 0411561418,  VERMONT  SOUTH FLUSH  PANEL  DOORS  X4 3  -­  77  x  203  h  /  l  -­  82  x  203  h  $20.00   each   or   4   $60.00,   $60,   Phone   0433452697,  DELAHEY FREE  BRICKS   Approximately   200-­300,   BYO   trailer   &   labour,   also   3   very   large   window   frames,  some  broken  glass,  also  free,   Phone  59753206,  MORNINGTON FRONT  DOOR  NEW Timber   including   hardware   1020x2040,   6   horizontal   glass   &   timber   panels,   $250,   Phone   0427562062,  BALNARRING FRONT  ENTRANCE  DOOR   frame  c/w  side  light  wood,  $140,  Phone   0458626073,  STRATHMERTON GAS  COWL brand   new   300ml   gas   cowl,   $60,   Phone  97446126,  SUNBURY GAS  HOT  WATER  UNIT 5LQQDL  LQVWDQW FRQWLQXRXV Ă&#x20AC;RZ $80,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   WARRAGUL GATE   gal   frame   with   classic   cream   sheet   4ft5in   X   3ft5in,   $40   ono,   Phone   95606043,  MULGRAVE GATES steel   frame,   plastic   coated   ring   lock   wire   mesh,   2@   2600mmx1800mm   1@  3650  X  1745mm,  $30  ea,  Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL GLASS 9   sheets.   10.38   laminated,   aproximately   2629   high.   Various   widths   from   930   to   1055   wide.   many   uses,   some   polished   edges,   $850,   Phone  0418558270,  PEARCEDALE GLASS  DOOR Aluminium   framed,   in   very   good   condition   with   lockwood   arcitectural   lock.   2040x1000,   $150   ONO,   Phone   0418558270,  PEARCEDALE HINGES Door   hinges   approx.   30   solid   brass,   $20,  Phone  59713225,  FRANKSTON HINGES Cabinet  door  hinges  (12),  $10,  Phone   59713225,  FRANKSTON HOT  WATER   Mains  Gas  instant  hot  water  unit,  $70,   Phone  0418374024,  BELGRAVE HOT  WATER  INSTANT LPG  instant  hot  water  -­wall  mounted,   $70,  Phone  0418374024,  BELGRAVE HOT  WATER  SERVICE electic   400Ltr   Rheem   Optima   series   442  good  working  order,  house  being   renovated,  $200,  Phone  0408582269,   FRANKSTON HOT  WATER  ZIPE Econo  Boil  electric  plug  in  good  cond   cost   new   $800   sell,   $300,   Phone   0424247861,  MOAMA HOUSE  BRICKS Approimaitly   200   house   bricks,   call   for  photo,  clean.  Pickup  Wallan,  $40,   Phone  0409512526,  AH  0357832472,   WALLAN HOUSE  LIGHTS bulk   lot   approx   500   itmes,   from   ceiling   to   outside   lights   etc,   $600   lot,   Phone   0408518267,   AH   53361580,   BALLARAT HWS  25L Rheemglas  240V  plug  in,  $75,  Phone   97700993,  FRANKSTON

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Page  34   INSULATED  PANELS And   doors,   27   in   total,   various   sizes,   up   to   3M   long,   near   Warragul,   $10   each,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN   BULN


sheet  size  from  2400mmx540mm  to   3000x1200mm,   thickness   from:7.5,   9mm,   15mm   &   24mm,   $200   per   pallet   $35,   Phone   53309000,   BALLARAT KEMPAS  TIMBER  FLOORBOARDS VTXDUHPHWUHVRI.HPSDVĂ&#x20AC;RDWLQJ single   strips   (14.5x140x1820)mm,   classic   tongue   &   groove.   2mm   ultra   absorb-­plus   underlay   included,   $440,   Phone  0409339061,  TAYLORS  HILL LAMINATED  GLASS 9   sheets.   10.38   laminated,   aproximately   2629   high.   Various   widths   from   930   to   1055   wide.   many   uses,   some   polished   edges,   $850,   Phone  0418558270,  PEARCEDALE LAMINATED  GLASS  DOOR Aluminium   framed,   in   very   good   condition   with   lockwood   arcitectural   lock.   2040x1000,   $150   ONO,   Phone   0418558270,  PEARCEDALE MESH  FENCING Stainless   Steel   2.4   L   x   1.5   H,   Best   offer,  Phone  98087358,  BLACKBURN   SOUTH OREGAN  BEAM 12ft   Long   12inx4in   width,   when   dressed   would   make   a   splendid   exposed   beam,   $120,   Phone   59889643,  BLAIRGOWRIE OREGAN  BEAM 1   oregan   beam   s/hand,   240mmx70mmx6200mm,  $80,  Phone   0419509044,  MACLEOD OREGAN  TIMBER Oregan   timber,   12x2x12,   $60   ea,   Phone  54296645,  ROMSEY PLYWOOD Plywood   2400x1200   CD   EXTERIOR   grade  pine  ply,  trade  prices  3mm  thick   $20ea,  6mm  thick  $23ea,  9mm  $25ea,   12mm  $27.50ea,  18mm  $65ea,  25mm   $110ea,  Kastoria  Furniture,  Phone  03   9318  4155,  BRAYBROOK POLES  

30  Iron   Bark   poles   each   10mtrs   long,   450mm   diam   at   base   250m   mm   diam   top,   will   not   separate,   $4,500,  Phone  0412515532,  LAKES   ENTRANCE

PVC  DOWNPIPES 75mm  diam  x  3M  long  12  off,  $5  ea,   Phone  0408582269,  FRANKSTON RECYLED  TIMBER  FLOORING Tasmanian   Oak,   Baltic   Pine,   Kauri   Pine,   Available   all   sizes,   Buy   Direct   from   Demolisher,   Clint   Halliwell,   Phone   0408346538,   AH   95794310,   BENTLEIGH  EAST RED  GUM  STUMPS   reproductions   3ft6in   long   $12,   shorts   less  $8  want  to  sell  as  one  lot,  Phone   59889643,  BLAIRGOWRIE RED  GUM  STUMPS   long  100  ml  4inx4in,  short  40ml  10x10   $8  $12  per  stump,  Phone  59889643,   BLAIRGOWRIE ROOFING  IRON Width   800mm   sheet   lengths   4x3.3   M   2x3M   4x2.7   M   in   brown   GC,   $72,   Phone  0408136507,  AH  0408136507,   ELTHAM ROUND  PINE  POLES 6in  round  x9ft  long,  50  @  $7  each  will   sep,  Phone  0413314071,  WERRIBEE RSJ  BEAM heavy   duty   9 M 4 0 c m L x 4 6 c m H x 2 0 c m x 2 0 m m   thick,   2   columns,   1@   5ml   1@4ml,   $500   ono,   Phone   0403643413,   AH   98594641,  RESERVOIR SANDWICH  COOLROOM  PANELS Sandwich   /   Coolroom   Panels   Colorbond   Surfmist   colour   Brand   New,   $30,   Phone   0418511799,   AH   0417164717,  STRATHFIELDSAYE SAW  MILL  LUCAS Model   M8/20,   ECond,   with   slabbing   attachment,   $8,800,   Phone   51597254,  GLEN  VALLEY

STEEL-­  GALVANISED  PURLINS Purlins   C   Section   Galvanised   1.5mm   thick  C150mm  $7.70  per  lineal  meter,   C100mm  $6.60  per  lineal  meter,  Stock   sizes   5,6,7   and   8m   long,   IN   STOCK   NOW,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone   03   9318  4155,  BRAYBROOK


TIMBER  SLABS cypress   pine   Radiata   pine,   300-­ 600mm  wide  2.4-­3M  long  55mm  thick   natural   edges,   $30   to   $100   each,   Phone  0425830221,  LILYDALE


19R  x   1.2mm   8m   Length   $6.50,   20x20x1.6mm   8m   Length   $8.52,   25x25x1.6mm   8m   Length   $10.89,   40x40x1.6mm   8m   Length   $23.40,   65x65x2mm   8m   Length   $48.00,   75x75x2mm   8m   Length   $56.51,   100x100x2mm   8m   Length   $76.22,   38x25x1.6mm   8m   Length   $18.19,   75x50x3mm   8m   Length   $67.50,   80x40x2mm   8m   Length   $70.28.   ALL   PRICES   EXCLUDE   GST,   Call   Zack  on  0433610678  or  9369  2066,   443   Old   Geelong   Road,   BOYAR   INDUSTRY   PTY.   LTD,   HOPPERS   CROSSING

TREATED  PINE  POSTS 32  @  4mtrs,  12  @  2mtrs,  used,  good   condition  selling,  $100  the  lot,  Phone   0413071832,  MOUNT  EVELYN ZINCALUME  CORRUGATED Set  lengths  3,  4,  5,  and  6m  long  $7.70   bar-­tops,   coffee   table-­tops   right   up   per   lineal   meter,   IN   STOCK   NOW,   to  large  dining  tables,  many  colours   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone   03   9318   &  shapes  to  choose  from,  Burl  Slabs   4155,  BRAYBROOK and   turning   Burls,   FROM:   $100,   Phone  0428321155,  SEVILLE STEEL  -­  GALVANISED Square   Hollow   Section   steel,   GALVANISED   ALL   8meters   long,   50x50   $65   each,   65x65   $75   each,   75x75   $90   each,   100x50   $90   each,   ALL   A   Grade   All   INSTOCK   NOW,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone   03   9318   4155,  BRAYBROOK STEEL  ANGLE  IRON 75x75,  6mm  thick,  4.5M  long  (178ins)   13pcs,  $350  lot,  Phone  97495051,  AH   0469177652,  HOPPERS  CROSSING


PLASTIC  OIL  DRUMS Free   20+   Empty   Plastic   20L   Oil   Drums,   $,   Phone   0408531508,   MORWELL RA4  GERARDS  STAPLER RA4   stapler   machine   with   extra   staples,   $150,   Phone   0423444691,   RESERVOIR




3mm 2.4x1.2 Cherry Film Plywood ........... $16.50ea 3mm 2.4x1.2m Off White color film plywood ..... $16.50ea 9mm 2.4x1.2 C/D Pine Plywood ..................... $25ea 9mm 2.4x1.2 Film Face Cherry Plywood ...... $20ea 18mm 2.4x1.2 Film Face Ply Cherry Plywood ......................................................................... $40ea 12mm 2.4x1.2 Exterior Grade Raw ........... $27.50ea 18mm 2.4x1.2 B/C Raw Pine ........................... $65ea 18mm Form ply ................................................ $55ea

NEW MDF 2400X1200

3mm NEW MDF ..............................................$6.50ea 9mm NEW MDF ................................................. $21ea 12mm NEW MDF ............................................... $23ea 16mm NEW MDF ......................................... $27.50ea 18mm NEW MDF ............................................... $30ea


12mm 3.6x1.8 MDF (in packs of 20) ............... $15ea 12mm 3.6x1.8 Chipboard (in packs of 20) ... $12ea 16mm 3.6x1.8 Chipboard (loose) .................. $30ea 25mm 3.6x1.8 Chipboard ............................... $35ea 32mm 3.6x1.8 Chipboard ............................... $45ea CUT TO SIZE and EDGING SERVICE AVAILABLE


Treated Pine 90x45 F5...................................$3.50Lm Treated Pine 140x45 F5.................................$5.50Lm Treated Pine 190x45 F5.................................$7.70Lm Treated Pine 240x45 ................................... $12.00Lm Pine 90x35 F5 2.4 ........................................... $2.20lm Pine 90x45 F5 ................................................. $2.80lm


C Channel Perlins 100x50x1.5 5, 6, 7 & 8m lengths GALVANISED ............... $6.60lm C Channel Perlins 150x50x1.5 5, 6, 7 & 8m lengths GALVANISED ............... $7.70lm SHS Galvanised 50x50x2mm 8m long ........... $65ea SHS Galvanised 75X75x2.0mm 8m long........ $90ea RHS GALVANISED 100x50mm 8m lengths ....... $90ea


ZINCALUME Roofing Set lengths 3,4,5 & 6m .. $7.70lm COLORBOND Roofing Set Lengths 3,4,5 & 6m ..................................................... $9.90lm COLORS IN STOCK â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ZINCALUME, CREAM & SLATE GREY



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25 each


To: 0451 266 666



YOU  CAN   HAVE   3   PHASE   POWER!   Run   your   machinery   now   with   Australiaís   smartest   and   most   successful  range  of  Single  to  3  Phase   Power   Converters.   Convert   Single   Phase   240v   or   480v   into   3   Phase   Y (I¿FLHQW  UHOLDEOH JHQXLQH 3   Phase   Power.   Any   machine,   any   application...AUSTRALIA   WIDE,   Power  Innovations  (2),  Phone  1300   137  510,  LONGWARRY

ACCRO  PROPS Accro   props,   have   4   in   vgc,   2.9-­   3.7   mts,   $350,   Phone   0432795174,   HAMLYN  HEIGHTS ACRO  PROPS 4   off   in   GC,   $80,   Phone   97871737,   FRANKSTON AIR  COMPRESSOR brand   new   complete   with   box,   $80   ono,  Phone  0423989461,  SKYE AIR  COMPRESSOR Hydrowave   65   CFM   15HP   3   phase   motor,   as   new,   $2,000,   Phone   TIMBER  FASHER new   prime   paint   200x30x5430,   $45,   0427223836,  WARRAGUL Phone  0419509044,  MACLEOD AIRLESS  SPRAY  MACHINE


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MONDAY TO FRIDAY 8am to 4.30pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm

236 Ballarat Road, Braybrook Ph: (03) 9318 4155

2OG¿HOG 6XSHU  IXOO\ VHUYLFHG excellent  condition,   $1,650   ONO,   Phone  0418399995,  HEIDELBERG AIRLESS  SPRAY  UNIT Ultramax   II,   795   Graco,   dual   spray   unit,   $3,500,   Phone   0413742792,   MORWELL AIRLESS  SPRAY  UNIT Ultramax   II,   795   Graco,   dual   spray   unit,   $3,500,   Phone   0413742792,   MORWELL ALUM  LADDERS  X2 1x14ft   1x   16ft,   $180,   Phone   0412163547,  BENTLEIGH  EAST ALUMINIUM  CHECKER  PLATE Aluminium   checker   plate   1640mm   long/380mmwide/5mm   thick.   NEW.   8   pieces   available,   $50   ONO,   Phone   0411055530,  KEYSBOROUGH ARM  SAW Bosch   250mm   radial   arm   saw   professional   model   as   new   used   once,   $600,   Phone   59713225,   FRANKSTON ASSORTED  TOOLS for   sale,   any   tools,   call   Michael   for   more   details,   Phone   93604787,   DEER  PARK ATTENTION  INVENTORS Ever   had   an   idea   and   had   no   where   to   built   it.   Well   now   you   can,   We   at   Tonkin   Engineering   can   help,   Phone   0413343613,  LAVERTON  NTH BAND  SAW wood   frame   17in   throat   stands   6ft   highm   cuts   excellent,   $120,   Phone   98039626,   AH   0419335850,   LOCH-­ NYORA BELT  SANDER  BENCH running   a   circular   sand   paper,   elec   motor   not   working,   adj   high,   $25,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   WARRAGUL BENCH  FRAME  STEEL 800mmx2540mm   770mmH,   $40,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   WARRAGUL BENCH  GRINDER Skil   3rd   of   HP,   150mm   brand   new,   still   in   box,   $70,   Phone   95558753,   HAMPTON  EAST BENCH  GRINDER  1HP  750WATT Ryobi  Heavy  duty  1horsepower  with  1   new  wheel,  $99,  Phone  0410505993,   AH  0410505993,  MOUNT  ELIZA



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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12


2OGV¿HOG DLUOHVV VSUD\ pump  complete   line   &   gun   $1500,aluminum   extension   ladder   9mt   $350,   aluminum   planks   5mt   $250  Terraco  grinder  $400,  Wagner   airless   $600,   aluminum   step   ladder   PW  ¿EUHJODVV VWHS ODGGHU PW ¿EUHJODVV VWHS ODGGHU PW  ¿EHUJODVV VWHS ODGGHU PW  ¿EHUJODVV VWHS ODGGHU 2.5mt  $265,  Scorpion  DY  generator   2500L   $650,   air   compressor   5.5hp   Airmascer   17   $450,   Sam   Discount   Paint,   Phone   9325   1455,   AH   0412   393  776,  YARRAVILLE BLACK  &  DECKER workmate,   as   new,   $50,   Phone   59713225,  FRANKSTON BLACK  &  DECKER alloy   circ   saw   in   Exc   working   cond,   $15,   Phone   95306847,   ELSTERNWICK BLACK  &  DECKER 9in   portable   saw,   good   cond,   $130,   Phone  87741118,  HAMPTON  PARK BLACK  &  DECKER  WORKMATE Portable   workbench.   VGC,   $40,   Phone   98790199,   AH   0449508363,   WARRANWOOD BLACK  AND  DECKER   manual  laser  level,  never  been  used,   $40,  Phone  0400601884,  SALE BOLT  CUTTERS record   brand   lge   3ft   size   for   heavy   rod,   new,   $110,   Phone   95463114,   MULGRAVE BRAKE  DRUM Machine   very   old   still   working   okay   make   Servax,   machine   only   brake   drums,   $100,   Phone   51456428,   STRATFORD BRANDREXCATEGORY  5E  CABLE Gigaplus   Grey,   length   305mtrs.   8   boxes   available.Price   is   for   1.   Boxes   are   worn   it   has   been   sitting   outside   in   shed.   Never   Used,   $70   ONO,   Phone  0393633422,  AH  0448810657,   BURNSIDE BRICK  CUTTING  SAW brand   new   never   used   heavy   duty   240V   on   stand   cost   $1500   sell,   $650,   Phone   0409795898,   ALTONA   MEADOWS BRICK  SAW Australian  made  brick  saw  with  blade,   sits   on   bench,   very   good   working   order,   $480,   Phone   0447401812,   WERRIBEE  SOUTH BRISTOL/WAGNER   super   paint   spray   model   5000,   $200   ono,   Phone   59736565,   MOUNT   MARTHA BUILDERS  PLANKS Galvanised   steel   x3   very   good   cond,   $90,  Phone  59778218,  SOMERVILLE BUILDERS  TOILET green   gibreglass,   Supa   Loo   with   basin,   $200   ono,   Phone   57989604,   EUROA CARPENTERS  BENCH in   new   cond   end   and   side   vice,   tool   well,   shelf,   cabinet,   suit   tradesman,   $450,   Phone   59955124,   CRANBOURNE  WEST CEMENT  MIXER good   condition   want   to   sell   cheap,   $250,   Phone   0435738653,   NOBLE   PARK CEMENT  MIXER   needs   motor   near   warragul,   $30,   Phone  0428379051,  BULN  BULN CEMENT  MIXER   electric,  450W  GMC,  3yr  old,  had  little   use,  drum  mouth  400mm  (16in)  gross   drum  volume  110lts,  $200  ono,  Phone   0418820348,  MOOROOPNA CHAINSAW  ECHO  68CC as   new   cond,   cut   8   cube,   safety   helmet,   chaps,   carry   case,   bar   oil,   $700   ono,   Phone   56551807,   KORUMBURRA CHAINSAW  JOHNSORED 70cc  motor  excellent  condition,  $700,   Phone  0425830221,  LILYDALE CHAINSAW  STIHL QHDU QHZ 06  VWLOO RQ ¿UVW HYHU tank   of   fuel,   comes/w   spare   chain   and   full   warranty,   $1,400,   Phone   0488050031,  MILLGROVE CHAINSAW  STIHL  056AV Magnum   11,   20in   bar,   heavy   duty,   $160,   Phone   0466778369,   BAKERY   HILL CHAINSAW  STIHL  090 133cc   motor   EC,   32in   bar,   inc   slabbing   attachment   &   rail   made   in   West   Germany,   $1,900,   Phone   0425830221,  LILYDALE CIRCULAR  SAW AEG   235mm   circular   saw   made   in   Germany,   $30,   Phone   0425830221,   LILYDALE CIRCULAR  SAW Makita   9   1/4in   VGC,   $200,   Phone   0402055505,  DANDENONG  STH CIRCULAR  SAW  SKIL 184mm  blade,  never  been  used,  $90,   Phone  0400601884,  SALE CLARK  MOBILE  FLOOR Sander,   aluminium   body,   valued   new   at  $3000  must  sell  due  to  illness,  $850,   Phone  0421453025,  ST  ALBANS

136 Fairbank Rd, Clayton South

1300 MAC GEN (1300 622 436) 03 9544 4222


Kipor GS770

Portable Generator


Unbeatable Value Sales - Service-Hire -Spare Parts

CLARKE  WOODWORKER 254mm   table   saw   &   accessories,   $120   ono,   Phone   0448838116,   DENNINGTON COMPACTING  PLATE Kelso   heavy   duty,   compacting   plate   26ft,   6hp   Japanese   Subaru   4   stroke   engine   new   never   used   cost   $2000   sell,   $850,   Phone   0409795898,   ALTONA  MEADOWS COMPRESSOR compressor   1x   2.5,   $50   ono,   Phone   51262252,  MOE COMPRESSOR   161Ltrs   per   minute,   heavy   duty   V   twin   cast   iron   compressor,   belt   drive   2.2HP  motor,  5yrs  old,  very  little  use,   new  cond,  $200,  Phone  0411211119,   WOORI  YALLOCK COMPRESSOR  AIRCRAFT (small)   not   working   but   easy   repair,   $50,   Phone   0432578206,   AH   97860736,  CARRUM  DOWNS COMPRESSOR  CASH large   size,   god   cond,   $200,   Phone   0408175914,  GISBORNE COMPRESSOR  PORTABLE In   good   condition,   $40,   Phone   95038271,  BENTLEIGH  EAST CONCRETE  CUTTING  SAW Walk  behind  concrete  cutting  saw  8HP   Robin   engine   20ft   blade   watertank   VGC,   $550,   Phone   0409795898,   ALTONA  MEADOWS CONCRETE  MIXER Westmix   3.5,   elec   motor,   VGCond,   $400,   Phone   0435944322,   BALLARAT CONDUIT  KOPEX  PLIABLE  LS1 Low  Acid  PVC  Conduit.  35mmx10mtrs   selling  with  steel  coupling  &  joiners  x   2.   Have   10   available   at   extra   cost,   $85   ONO,   Phone   0393633422,   AH   0448810657,  BURNSIDE COREDRILL coredrill   with   stand   ,excellent   cond,   $650,  Phone  0458803077,  BACCHUS   MARSH CRATE  OR  BOX  BANDING machine   English   made   cost   $1500   sell   for,   $500,   Phone   97265497,   MOOROOLBARK CROW  BAR Heavy   Duty   6   feet,   fencing   bar,   $25,   Phone  59752984,  MORNINGTON DAWN  WOODWORKING  VISE dawn   wood   working   vise   large   size   model   10,   good   working   order,   $50,   Phone  0438458753,  BLACKBURN DEWALT  HAND  DRILL new   model   D21711XE,   also   DeWalt   reversing   drill   selling   together   for,   $200,   Phone   0487351789,   MOOROODUC DIAMOND  &  BORT  GLASS

Edging  machine,   3   cutting   wheels,   1   split   Arris   the   others   2   rounded   edges   on   6mm   &   4mm   glass,   water   recycle   sump   &   pump   spare   wheels   &   spaces,   $1,000   ono,   Phone   0419509044,  AH   94597857,   MACLEOD DOWNLIGHTS   ZRUNVKRSRIÂżFHIDFWRU\ # PP DOXP UHĂ&#x20AC;HFWRUV  JOREHV LQ HDFK unit   not   supplied,   all   as   new   ready   to   install,   $80   lot,   Phone   97897064,   FRANKSTON DULUX  ACRYLIC  LACQUER Tinting   system,c/w   rack,books,bench,cabinets   Tinting   system,   $450,   Phone   0412210725,   COBURG DUST  EXTRACTION  RAPID wood   dust   extractor,   single   phase   single   bag   EC,   $350,   Phone   0409795898,  ALTONA  MEADOWS EASI  PAINT  SYSTEM no  drip  painting,  no  splash,  brand  new,   $80,  Phone  94401070,  BUNDOORA ELECTRIC  CHAIN  BLOCK 3   phase,   500kg,   $300,   Phone   0419373843,  BAYSWATER ELECTRIC  MOTOR 3  phase,  15hp,  950rpm,  400/440volts,   22amps,   50   cycles,   Cromption   Parkinson   near   Warragul,   $250,   Phone  0428379051,  BULN  BULN ELECTRIC  MOTORS GMF  3  of,  240V  quarter  HP,  $20  each,   Phone   0419567895,   WHEELERS   HILL ELECTRIC  SAW  &  BUZZER Combination,   3   phase,   heavy   duty,   $600,   Phone   0419373843,   BAYSWATER ENGINE  AND  GEARBOX  RACK tow   heavy   duty   shelves,   suit   heavy   engines  and  gearboxes,  $150,  Phone   56292849,  GARFIELD EXTENTION  LADDER Aluminium,   40ft,   ex   condition,   suit   URRÂżQJ FRQWUDFWRU  3KRQH 0419373843,  BAYSWATER EZYCUT  SAWBENCH cast   iron   185mm   c/blade,   attached,   100mm   buzzer/plane   &   sep   sanding   2   1/2HP   elec   motors,   $350,   Phone   97897064,  FRANKSTON EZYCUT  SAWBENCH 45o   tilt   table   size   600x500   extension   to   900x600   on   steel   table   space   for   planer,   $300,   Phone   97897064,   FRANKSTON FLOOR  DOGS/CLAMPS 2  sets  plus  2  sets  spare  jaws  GC,  $180,   Phone  97271836,  MOOROOLBARK FLURO  LIGHTS  RI VLQJOH  ZDWW Ă&#x20AC;XURV ZLWK OHDG &   guards   secondhand,   $50,   Phone   0466981428,  MENTONE

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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12  


%UHPQHU Ă&#x20AC;RWDWLRQ DLU WDEOH [ 4000mm  on   wheels,   $1,200   ono,   Phone   0419509044,  AH   94597857,   MACLEOD GLASS  RACK

Glass  Rack   on   wheels   one   sided   will   hold   20   sheets   of   large   glass,   rack  size  2380x2000mm,  $800  ono,   Phone   0419509044,  AH   94597857,   MACLEOD

HIRECOMPANY  CLEARANCESALE Excess   Builders   Equipment;͞   compressors,   generators,   tarps,   spray   guns,   tile   cutters,   cramps,   drills,   sanders,   jacks,   pumps,   ladders,   vibrating   plates,   mowers,   trimmers,  Call  for  price,  Bulldog  hire,   Bulldog   hire,   Phone   03   93111755,   AH  0407655123,  SUNSHINE HITACHI  AIR  FRAMING  NAIL Gun,   90mm   strip   nailer,   model   NR90AA,   VGCond   plus   4000   nails,   $240   lot,   Phone   0437126087,   TARWIN  LOWER HOMELITE  PORTABLE   generator   1100W,   10hrs   work,   $200,   Phone  0487351789,  MOOROODUC HORIZONTAL  SAW Adjustable   height,   3   phase,   ex   condition,   $300,   Phone   0419373843,   BAYSWATER HYDRAULIC  POWER  PACKS electric  and  petrol  powered,  ex  cond,   $3,000   ea,   Phone   0427223836,   WARRAGUL INDUSTRIAL  OXYGEN gas   cylinder   complete   &   torch   $200,   welding   wire   4.8mm   Murex   5   boxes   for,  $150,  Phone  57621132,  BENALLA INDUSTRIAL  SLAB  SANDER Linisher.   (Industrial)   Elec   rise   &   fall,   built   in   dust   extractor,   belt   size   160,   table   2900   x   800,   $2,500,   Phone   0351861392,  YARRAM JACK  HAMMER Detroit   1700w   in   case   2   chisels   plus   spade   bit,   EC   used   once   WT   17kg,   $300,  Phone  0418588738,  CHELSEA JOINTER Carba-­Tec  6in  bench  top  jointer,  table   length   730mm   EC,   $220,   Phone   0425830221,  LILYDALE KARCHER  PRESSURE  WASHER petrol   pressure   washer   as   new   on   wheels   honda   motor   comes   with   ¿WWLQJVDQGEUDQGQHZKRVHYHU\ORQJ $1,000  ONO,  Phone  0413093185,  AH   0431233832,  DANDENONG  SOUTH KERRICK industrial   pressure   washer   hot   water   for  detailer  use,  $3,000  ONO,  Phone   0413093185,   AH   0431233832,   DANDENONG  SOUTH KEY  CUTTING  MACHINES 3   machines;͞   1key   cuttete,2in1+   spears$   400.001   code   cutter   whit   spears  $  700.00  1automatick  key  cutte   $   500.00,   ONO,   Phone   0397557308,   AH  0414672631,  ROWVILLE LADDER Gorilla  extension  ladder  3.1  to  5.3mtrs   150kg   load,   as   new,   $180,   Phone   0487351789,  MOOROODUC LADDER  ALUM telescopic  3.6M  height,  120kg  weight   capacity   new,   $120   ono,   Phone   0418820348,  MOOROOPNA LADDER  EXT  ALUM 15ftx25ft   (Krawlt),   $150,   Phone   94597857,  MACLEOD LADDERS  TIMBER x2  over  8ft  each  sturdy,  $20  lot,  Phone   97832260,  FRANKSTON  STH LAPIDARY  SLABBING  SAW 14in  blade,  self  feed,  new  blade,  $600,   Phone  0419521722,  BAIRNSDALE LARGE  VARIABLE speed   extraction   fan   5hp   3   phase,   $1,500,   Phone   0427223836,   WARRAGUL LARGE  VICE Dawn   vice   for   metal   work   old   model,   $30,  Phone  0415441843,  PRESTON LASER  LEVEL hardly   used   Comprising   alum   tripod   alum   circle   bench,   blow   moulding   case,   laser   goggles   and   laser   level   harldy   used,   $25,   Phone   98441748,   WARRANDYTE

POWERS  NAILGUN powers   nailgun   with   charges   and   nails,excellent   cond,   $450,   Phone   0458803077,  BACCHUS  MARSH PRO  FLOOR  TECHNOLOGY Laminate   &   Parkett   Verlega   system,   IRU OD\LQJ SDUTXHWU\ Ă&#x20AC;RRULQJ ODUJH case   full   of   clamps   new,   $300   ono,   Phone  0448838116,  DENNINGTON PROFILE  CUTTING  MACHINE CIG   Flat   Bed,   Magnetic   drive,   twin   heads,1200sq.  capacity,  $900,  Phone   0409865642,  TALLAROOK RADIAL  ARM  SAW De  Walt  320  good  cond,  $300,  Phone   98723849,  MITCHAM RAST  COPPER  TUBE expanders   3/8in   to   1in,   $25,   Phone   98705731,  HEATHMONT REPCO  CHROME  VANDIUM 117   piece   toolkit   in   blow   moulded   case  includes  drive  socket  wrenchers   key  set  in  AF  and  metric,  $150,  Phone   54605005,  MARYBOROUGH ROOF  TILE  ELEVATOR With   stand   (Hytile)   very   good   condition,   $3,000,   Phone   97956804,   DANDENONG ROOF  TILE  ELEVATOR   Elite   electric,   2   storey   VGCond,   $2,000,  Phone  0432810669,  LARA ROOF  TILERS  SET  UP 2  storey  elevator  VGC,  8x4  tradesman   trailer   new,   2   tile   cutters,   ladders,   frames,   gas   gun,   plus   tools,   $7,000,   Phone  0432810669,  LARA ROTISSERIE for   cars   light   duty,   $250,   Phone   0418524101,  PARAPARAP RVR_2  WARREN&BROWN  REPCO   Cylinder   head   reconditioning   machie,adjustable   head&table,   JXLGHVERULQJVHDWSURÂżOLQJDQGPRUH Factorytooling,   $8,500   ONO,   Phone   0413  421  190,  ST  ALBANS RYOBI  TILE  CUTTER ETC450,   240V,   used   one   project,   as   new,   $85,   Phone   97552143,   SHERBROOKE SAFETY  BOLLARDS yellow   steel   1220mmH   3@   115cmD   4@  90mmD,  $15  ea  or  $80lot,  Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL SENCO  NAILING  GUN 3  1/2in  nails  as  new,  $450  ono,  Phone   97271836,  MOOROOLBARK SHAPERSAW fro   hobby   work,   cuts   hardwood   6mm   soft   woods   18mm   EC,   $45,   Phone   98039626,  AH   0419335850,   MOUNT   WAVERLEY SHELVING  RACKING steel,   adjustable,   4   shelves   per   rack   2ftx3ftx10ft   tall,   $25   ea,   Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL SIDCHROME  TOOL  KIT   for   professional   workshop   EC,   $1,200   ono,   Phone   0400160822,   RESERVOIR SITE  BOXES  LARGE  X2 $150   each,   Phone   0419373843,   BAYSWATER SLEDGE  HAMMER  14LB good   cond,   $25,   Phone   97271836,   MOOROOLBARK SPEED  REDUCTION gearbox,   worm   reduction   box,   1-­60   ratio,   3/4   input   shaft,   1   1/4in   output   GCond,   $90,   Phone   56637379,   VENUS  BAY SPRAY  BOOTH


LATHE 3  phase  fan,  size  2400x1200,  approx   0 Ă&#x20AC;XH SXUFKDVHU WR GLVPDQWOH $950   ono,   Phone   0418553223,   TULLAMARINE


3  steel   racks   on   wheels   will   hold   1   case   of   glass   on   both   sides,   1320x1600   rack   size,   $350   each,   Phone   0419509044,  AH   94597857,   MACLEOD GLASS  STILAGES  A-­FRAME Ex   condition,   x6,   paid   $1,200   each,   selling,   $500   each,   Phone   0419373843,  BAYSWATER GLASS  SUCTION  UNIT 400kg   ex   condition,   paid   $10,000,   selling,   $5,000,   Phone   0419373843,   BAYSWATER GLAZIERS diamond   wheel   4in   diam   with   motor,   $900,   Phone   0414559039,   VERMONT GRACO  AIRLESS Spray   Unit,   Ultra   Max   II,   795   model,   excellent   condition,   under   200hrs   running   time,   $4,000,   Phone   0413722792,  MORWELL HACK  SAW Bosch   elec   large   VGC,   $160,   Phone   0402055505,  DANDEONONG  STH HEAT  RESISTANT  GLASS Hedgeram  glass  super  heat  resistant   2   boxes   10   sheets   to   box   460x330   FDQ H FXW  %%4 ¿UH ER[HV  SHU box,  Phone  0419509044,  MACLEOD HIAB  TRUCK  CRANE  190AW HIAB   TRUCK   CRANE   FOR   SALE   In   full   working   order   please   call   for   details   and   pictures,   Call   for   price,   Phone   03   9399   9533,   AH   0404730705,  WILLIAMSTOWN

LINCOLN  DC  WELDER SAE300   also   with   4cyl   Isuzu   motor,   $700,   Phone   56231120,   AH   0400231377,  WARRAGUL MAKITA  9900B belt   sander   good   cond,   $110,   Phone   87741118,  HAMPTON  PARK METAL  CUTTING band   saw   with   blade   welder,   $700,   Phone   97586362,   AH   0411895878,   FERNTREE  GULLY METAL  SPARE  PARTS boxes   4inx4in   x12   200   $1.50ea,   4x   5   1/2   x   12   200   $2   each,   Phone   0412664951,  WATSONIA METAL  WORKING   (TXLSPHQW %UDPOH\ QR Ă&#x20AC;DW EDU bender   scroll   makerx2   picket   twister   blacksmiths   bonch   small   hand   shear   ECond,   $950,   Phone   59778218,   SOMERVILLE MIG  MAG  180  WELDER Mig   Welder,   single   phase,   $500,   Phone  0409865642,  TALLAROOK MIG  WELDER 135   amps,   gas   &   gasless   new   never   used,   $250,   Phone   97489955,   HOPPERS  CROSSING MIG  WELDER Transmig  300  amp  3  phase  sep  wire,   feeder   new   gun   GC,   $1,100,   Phone   0409795898,  ALTONA  MEADOWS MIG  WELDER  AUSMIC  200 needs   tri   star   also   CIG   X2   stick   welders   200amp   the   lot,   $600   obo,   Phone  0422284827,  LARA MIG  WELDER  TRANSMIG 500,  500  amps  sep  wire  feeder,  VGC,   $2,000,  Phone  0409795898,  ALTONA   MEADOWS MITRE  SAW  255MM Makita  GWO  $100,  Pressure  Washer   Karcher   modl   209   GWO   $50,   Phone   97230500,  CROYDON NAILS  AUSTRALIAN  MADE one  25kg  x100mm  ballhead  Australian   made   nails,   $125,   Phone   87741118,   HAMPTON  PARK NO  BOLT  CHARIOTS 1mtr   single   person   unit,   EC,   clean   unit,   $420,   Phone   0419373843,   BAYSWATER NO  BOLT  CHARIOTS 1mtr   double   person   unit,   EC,   clean   unit,   $490,   Phone   0419373843,   BAYSWATER OLD  WORK  BENCH Old   timber   work   bench   very   well   made   &   solid   1530x670,   $50,   Phone   0415441843,  PRESTON OXY  CIG   guages   and   hoses   no   torch,   $80,   Phone   0402055505,   DANDENONG   STH OXY  TROLLEY 2[\ 7UROOH\ ÂżWV ( VL]H ERWWOHV SXPS up  tyres,  chains  etc,  VGC,  $45,  Phone   59853974,  RYE PALLET  LIFTER  TRUCK hydraulic   Bishamon,   2500kg   210mm   between   forks,   near   Warragul,   $100,   Phone  0428379051,  BULN  BULN PALLET  LIFTER  TRUCK hand   operated   hydraulic   wont   lift,   $50,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   WARRAGUL PANEL  SAW made   in   Italy,   single   phase,   two   blades,   suit   cabinet   maker   EC,   $3,000,   Phone   0402395545,   DEER   PARK

Lathe,  3   phase,   comes   with   3   and   4  jaw  chuck,  some  tooling.  In  great   condition.   Buyer   must   organise   to   collect.   Have   Forklift   on   site.   Located   in   Keilor,   $5,000   ONO,   Phone   0418170335,   AH   039331   6872,  KEILOR LATHE  SHERATON  -­  DIPLOMA   Model   Lathe   HollowSpindle50mm   Swing200mm  BedLength500mm  auto   feed  in  Z&X  axis  MetricThreadCutting,   $2,600   ONO,   Phone   0413   421   190,   ST  ALBANS LATHE  SHERIDAN 9in   wing,   approx   1200   long,   average   condition,   $1,250,   Phone   98462061,   TEMPLESTOWE LEVEL  SOKIA  C41 automatic   20X   telescope   PDJQL¿FDWLRQ DV QHZ  3KRQH 95474137,  NOBLE  PARK LIGHTFORCE  SPOTLIGHT Lightforce   Blitz   sportlight   with   remote   handle   and   suction   cuff   bar   so   you   dont   have   to   drill   holes   in   URRI  ¿UP 3KRQH  WEDDERBURN

3  phase,   3mtr   table   with   scriber,   no   tilt,   2hp   single   dust   extractor,   excellent   condition,   $3,500,   Phone   SPRAY  BOOTH 0419029941,  HIGHETT automotive   spray   N   Bake,   full   down   draft,   diesel   heater   disassembled   PARTS  WASHER  &  DRUM   and   complete,   $4,000,   Phone   SAE26   240V   with   light,   $175,   Phone   0427223836,  WARRAGUL 94571494,  HEIDELBERG  HEIGHTS SPRAY  PUMPS PETROL  GENERATOR 2x   PS25   spray   pumps   Wagner,   will   run   ,heater   ,microwave,a/c   $1,000   each,   Phone   0417012814,   lights,fridge,   had   35   hours   work   ,   MELTON  SOUTH vgc,   easy   start,   $400   ONO,   Phone   0351671731,   AH   0403974601,   STAND  METAL all   galv   1800mmLx920W,   6legs,   sits   YALLOURN  NORTH up   from   ground   220mm   metal   mesh   PETROL  PUMPS Ă&#x20AC;RRU KGXW\ LGHDO IRU JDV ERWWOHV HWF 2   dual   &   3   singles,   perfect   order   no  rust/EC,  $55,  Phone  0412803208,   &   condition,   $2,200,   Phone   CHADSTONE 0413306370,  WANTIRNA STANLEY  BOSTITCH PIPE  BENDER coil  nailer,  model  N80C3-­1  used  also   hydraulic  to  suit  50mm,  40mm,  34mm,   coil   nails   avaiable   if   needed,   $160   30mm,  25mm  &  20mm  NB  pipe,  $400   ono,   Phone   59736565,   MOUNT   ono,  Phone  0400654072,  GLEN  IRIS MARTHA PIPE  CUTTER STEAM  CLEANER industral   100mm-­500mm+   dia   20+   industraial   steam   cleaner   great   for   thick   pumatic   nice   strait   cut   &   bevel   shop  or  home  use  as  new  hardly  used,   oil  gas  industry,  $2,500  ONO,  Phone   $500   ONO,   Phone   0413093185,   AH   0397988383,   AH   0481152543,   0431233832,  DANDENONG  SOUTH DANDENONG STEEL  &  GLASS  PLATE  GRAB PIPE  THREADING  DIES $300,   Phone   0419373843,   1in-­2in,   ridgid   no   65R   VGC,   $100,   BAYSWATER Phone  95474137,  NOBLE  PARK STEEL  CABINET  DOORS PIPE  WRENCH  48IN 1210mmx910mm   suit   too   box,   tool   Chatwin,   made   in   England,   cupboard   second   hand,   $25,   Phone   ECond,   $120,   Phone   94357492,   0466981428,  MENTONE GREENSBOROUGH STEEL  CONTAINERS small,   3   of   to   hold   nuts   &   bolts   for   POST  HOLE  DIGGER hydraulic   post   hole   digger,   300mm   garage   or   workshop,   $5   ea,   Phone   auger,   can   dig   to   1.1M   good   94653747,  LALOR machine   for   fencing,   $1,500,   Phone   STEEL  CUTTING  MACHINE   0412444210,  SUNBURY belt  type  with  stand,  automatic,  $260   ono,  Phone  93591496,  FAWKNER POWER  HACKSAW $220,   pnuematically   activated   STEEL  LOCKERS electronically   controlled   sport   2   school   type,   1x   1840x1140W   12   welder,   $700,   Phone   97586362,   AH   doors   no   locks,   1x   1840Hx760W   8   0411895878,  FERNTREE  GULLY doors   lock   no   keys,   $40   ea,   Phone   0419509044,  MACLEOD POWER  HACKSAW Heavy   duty   Parkanson   STEEL  ROPE 14inch,3phase,   $250,   Phone   16mm   diam,   2nd   hand   X60M,   $45,   Phone  0466981428,  MENTONE 0409865642,  TALLAROOK

STEEL  ROPE 13mm   diam   2nd   hand   50M,   $40,   Phone  0466981428,  MENTONE STEEL  ROPE 20mm   thick   2600mm   long   loops   both   ends,   $80,   Phone   0419509044,   MACLEOD STEEL  STILLAGES/MESH  CAGE Stackable   Open   Mesh   Cages   900   x   1,200   Good   Condition   60   available   @   $200   each,   $200   Each,   Phone   97402583,  SUNBURY STEP  LADDER Aluminium   fully   extended   10M,   $50,   Phone   0457919562,   AH   97632564,   SCORESBY STIHL  25â&#x20AC;?  CHAINSAW  BAR Professional   Solid   nose,   $75,   Phone   0410505993,   AH   0410505993,   MOUNT  ELIZA STORAGE  BOX JDOYDQLVHG ÂżHOG ER[ KHDY\ GXW\ 1440   x   510   x   470   removable   sliding   shelf   lockable,   $110   ONO,   Phone   03   95723083,   AH   0402   032   482,   CAULFIELD  EAST STUD  WELDER Used   once,   ex   cond,   paid   $4,000,   selling,   $2,500,   Phone   0419373843,   BAYSWATER SUPER  CRAFT  BENCH  SAW   Super  Craft  Bench  Saw  Ex  Condition   Great   Buy   Pick   Up   Werribee,   $140,   Phone  0405206648,  WERRIBEE SUPER  CRAFT  BENCH  SAW   Super  Craft  Bench  Saw  Ex  Condition   Great   Buy   Pick   Up   Werribee,   $120,   Phone  0405206648,  WERRIBEE TARPAULINE   12.57M   x   3.3M,   very   good   condition,   $100,   Phone   97297643,   AH   0417366138,  WANTIRNA THE  GYROSAW  TABLE model   Norwegian   made   saw   ideal   EXLOGHUV VDZ IRU Âż[LQJ HWF SULFH negotiable   or   price   on   application,   Phone  59736565,  MOUNT  MARTHA THICKNESSER Emco  Rex  2000,  made  in  Austria,  top   quality,  approx  12yo,  VGWO,  264mm   cutting  width,  1  1/2HP  motor,  $2,400,   Phone  93376447,  ESSENDON TIG  WELDER/COLDSAW 500   amp/ac   dc   water   cooled   torch   new  old  but  good  condition  $  2500.00   ono   cold   saw   300   mm   $1700.00   ono,   ONO,   Phone   0397988383,   AH   0481152543,  DANDENONG TIG  WELDERS  X2 both   CIG   250   amps   3   phase   180amps,   single   phase,   see   working   not  little  toys  $2000  &,  $1,200,  Phone   0422284827,  LARA TOP  HAT  GALV 60mmH   x   6.5L   $35ea   -­   $400   lot   13   lengths,   Phone   0458626073,   STRATHMERTON TRANS  ARK  WELDER CIG  weld  140  amp  heavy  duty  leads,   single   phase,   $120   ono,   Phone   0448838116,  DENNINGTON TRANSARC  WELDER tradesman   CIG   model   625140   long   heavy   duty   leads   single   phase,   $120   ono,   Phone   59736565,   MOUNT   MARTHA TRITON  2000  BNECH triton   2000   table   and   stand   &   Makita   235mm  saw  &  full  accessories  as  new,   $599,  Phone  97443775,  SUNBURY TRITON  MK3  WORK Centre   table   &   stand   with   Makita   235mm  saw,  wheels  good  order,  $260,   Phone  0448838116,  DENNINGTON TRITON  ROUTER  TABLE and   stand   &   Makita   router   and   accessories   and   router   bits   as   new,   $499,  Phone  97443775,  SUNBURY US102  KEY  CUTTING  MACHINE cutter   has   heaps   of   life   left   slight   surface   rust   on   SOME   PARTS   full   details   check   the   web   listing,   $300   ONO,  Phone  0430290984,  DROUIN UTLRASCAN  P1  SCAN  TOOL Mechanics   Professional   Scan   Tool,   comes   with   latest   updates   and   many   accessory   leads,   $4,000   ONO,   Phone   59820544,  AH   0417   324   253,   MCCRAE VALVE  REFACE  MACHINE low   used,   good   cond,   $1,500   ono,   Phone  93591496,  FAWKNER VICE  LARGE heavy  duty,  swivel  type,  $120,  Phone   59713225,  FRANKSTON WATTYL  CRAFTSMAN   Pigment   stain,   walnut,   4L,   brand   new,   $55,   Phone   97552143,   SHERBROOKE

WELDER  Lincoln   3ph   5tk-­Tig   275   amp   little   use,   $350,   Phone   52501908,   AH   0409142580,  WALLINGTON WELDER   EuroArc  1500  good  cond,  $80,  Phone   95558753,  HAMPTON  EAST WELDER   Lincoln   SP-­170T   Welder,   mig   as   new,   $800,   Phone   57551109,   BRIGHT WELDER  STICK  140  AMPS as   new,   $75,   Phone   97489955,   HOPPERS  CROSSING WELDERS  X4 TIG   250   CIG   3PH   Lincoln   150amp   Mobil   key   start   take   anywhere   TIG   180  CIG  S/PH  stick  200  CIG  will  sep,   $150   upwards,   Phone   0422284827,   LARA WINDOW  FRAME  STILAGES Aluminium   x2,   EC,   engineered   cert   &   current,   $500   each,   Phone   0419373843,  BAYSWATER WMS  WOODTURNING lathe   1HP   1M   between   centres,   face   plate,   safety   shield,   some   chisels,   $500,   Phone   52561462,   OCEAN   GROVE WOOD  TURNING  LATHE 90  C/C  with  sanding  disk  1/4HP  motor,   $65,  Phone  97897064,  FRANKSTON WOODWORK  MACHINE combo   250mm   saws,   ripping,   crosscut,   grooving,   15omm   planer,   doweller,   sander,   tilt   table,   4spd   electric   motor,   suit   handyman/ hobbyist,   $700,   Phone   59863752,   ROSEBUD WOODWORKING  BENCH New   condition,   made   in   South  Africa   with   2   vice,   tool   well,   shelf,   tool   cabinet   suit   tradesman   or   apprentice   call   Joseph   POA,   Phone   59955124,   CRANBOURNE  WEST WORK  BENCH 2400   x   800,   $50,   Phone   59713225,   FRANKSTON WORK  BENCH  TIMBER 1800   x   700,   $185,   Phone   59713225,   FRANKSTON WORK  SHOP  TROLLY   Oringinal   armstrong   3   tons   trolly   needs   â&#x20AC;&#x153;Attenâ&#x20AC;?   $40.00,   $40   ONO,   Phone  0433452697,  DELAHEY


Piston  action,   350   cub   ft   min,   7   outlets,   trailable,   Maco   German   made   engine,   243   hours,   new   radiator,   good   order,   $4,800   neg,   Phone   0429021315,  AH   51832163,   ALBERTON BARKER  THICKNESSER 600ml  width  3  phase,  $2,500,  Phone   0408557015,  FRANKSTON  NORTH CLEANING  SCRUBBERS   &  Buffers,  Minute  Man  Scrubbers  with   battery   charges   3   high   speed   gas   buffers   $400ea   or   $3800   lot,   Phone   0401840703,  YARRAWONGA CONFECTIONERY  COLD  TABLE On   stand.   Measures   6   foot   x   3   foot   x   1   inch.   In   good   condition   and   has   no   leaks,   $1,000   ONO,   Phone   0437987262,  FRANKSTON  NORTH CRANE  ELECTRIC  1/2  TONNE wire  rope  with  push  pull  girder  trolley   hand   control   old   type,   $100,   Phone   94597857,  MACLEOD DIESEL  ENGINES Ford   Slant   6,   360   $1800   Perkins   3-­152D,  $1,800,  Phone  0412515532,   LAKES  ENTRANCE EXCAVATOR  BUCKET 700mmx   600mmx   600mm,   3   pins   39&39&43mm,  500mm  between  ears,   190mm  &  265mm  centre  of  pins  near   Warragul,   $150,   Phone   0428979051,   BULN  BULN

1300 172 386







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FOLEY  AUTOMATIC saw   retoother,   foley   auto   saw   ¿OHU  RQR 3KRQH  MOOROOLBARK GALVANISED  COACH Screws   &   bolts   assorted   sizes,   $80   lot,   Phone   0418793540,   RED   HILL   SOUTH GAS  RADIANT  TUBE  HEATER Celmec   Heat-­ray   SP9   Radiant   tube   heaters  x4  cost  $4000  plus  new,  only   used  for  3  years,  Natural-­gas,  $2,200   Each,   Phone   0427   499   342,   AH   0447447067,  BARNAWARTHA GEAR  HOBBING  MACHINE David   Brown   Muir   MT30,   All   change   wheels,   11   hobs,   gear   diameter   up   to   700,   $7,000   ONO,   Phone   0409865642,  TALLAROOK GENERATOR Honda   9HP   4KVA   industrial   ready   for   work,   $200,   Phone   0437375304,   BENDIGO GENERATOR as  new  Honda  EU  inverter,  20i  2KVA   still  on  1st  tank  of  petrol,  $1,400  ono,   Phone  0428389288,  GRIFFITH GENERATOR Powerlite,  digital  invertor  as  new  cost   $2230   3.5KVA   silent,   key   starts,   4   stroke,   $1,100,   Phone   0409795898,   ALTONA  MEADOWS GENERATOR   petrol   1.8   kva   VGC,   $200,   Phone   0435944322,  BALLARAT GENERATOR  4  STROKE Kipor   used   twice   good   condition,   digital  inverter  GS  2600,  2800W,  $800   neg,  Phone  0407052762,  ST  ALBANS GENERATOR  HONDA  EV30IS invertor,   electric   start,   ECond,   on   trolley,   new   price   $4290   bush   block   use   only,   $2,700,   Phone   57431957,   AH  0428919577,  YARRAWONGA GENERATOR  ROBIN  BRAND 1.2KVA,  4  stroke,  very  quiet  running,   max  100  house  use,  as  new  condition,   $240,  Phone  58711208,  COBRAM GENQUIP  IG6000  GENERATOR genquip   /   kipor   sinemaster   ig6000   digital  inverter  generator  6kva  electric   start   used   for   1   hour   since   service   approx   $3300rrp,   $1,600   ONO,   Phone  0430290984,  DROUIN

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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12

Find the 8QĂ&#x20AC;QGDEOH


FR EE! Ads t eve r!




8 9850 Ph: (03) 900 - Edition 5

No cos

Vol 3



February 2012 2nd to 8th


e info For mor ure on see feate 69 Pag


6DW 6XQ S Â&#x2021;)ULGD\DPSPÂ&#x2021; x6ftW, SOLID FIBREGLAS hull 15ft long both displacement diesel motor, FIAT 450 & TRACTOR runs well. ROPS. single cylinder canopy, boat and new pram Phone PEUGOT 306 auto, 180000, air Diesel. Starts PTOs, $3,200, VGC, both registered, $5,500, P/BRED model, excelent PL. 540/1000 KOO WEE trailer ALBERT american 2000 power steering, $4,300, 3 AMERICAN BULLDOG 51832183, PORT a purebred conditioning, Phone 0412386993, 79, Here I have month old male. condition, jts307154828 AH 0359871497, RUP Phone T 4M bulldog, 18 kids, $500, Phone 0431740744, VINTAGE STACER RUNABOU fishfinder, Great aroundNANNEELLA petrol/ TRACTOR FORDSON CARRUM DOWNS 35hp Evinrude, both 14.9.26 tyres, 0411090470, $1,100, nav lights, gear, galv trailer, 2002 27N, as new rear TERRIER VGC, kero, 3pl, engine not going, all safety $5,000 ONO, PROTON PERSONA velour seats, AH 0419883461, registered, VGCond, FRANKSTON AMERICAN STAFFY 5spd, p/s, a/c,reg. RWC, spotless, Phone 97401230, 97853041, Phone REST $4,000, 136000kms, DIGGERS RPA755, NAL NORTH elderly owner, BENDIGO hole TRACTOR INTERNATIO Phone 54438184, of work, post other needs a bit carryall and Phone 1992 TINNY 3.5M SAAB 9000CS turbo, auto, green, digger, slasher, Mercury. message, 8hp leave rego. H 5dr hatch, 2.3Lheated seats, 12mths implements. plus trailer. WithPlus oars and Life Fish electric sunroof,$2,850, Art Motorsport, 58561960, RUSHWORT Swivel seats. and cover. new NORTH DEERE reg, XQK-621, As Jackets. Bimini 0412259212, TRACTOR JOHN salt water. Phone Finder. No Phone 95872686, MELBOURNE CARRUM condition, $4,000, 0413309020, AH SAAB AERO DOWNS vacc, 4 wormed & fawn/ 6 weeks, fawn/white, 3.8M females (fawn, 1 male (brindle), TINNY ALUMINIUM Phone blue, blue/brindle), $750 ea, with papers,DEER PARK 0468948086, X STAFFY

s Carboodle lease les from late model vehic ing: $155 p/w, includ Registration Tradies lease available Servicing EŽĎŜÄ&#x201A;ĹśÄ?Ĺ?Ä&#x201A; Tyres ĹŻĆ? Insurance Warranty tance Roadside Assis

ent This one low paym for 48 months. is guaranteed what we call Now thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ring! worry-free moto

AUSSIE BULLDOG only. 4 gorgeous To good homes left all with beautiful drive, airconditioned stocky males from will be 6 weeks 2100 4 wheel ps 1700 hours markings. Puppies owner, of December.Pu cab, only done condition, 1 on the 23rd vaccinated, wormed new, good made Phone 0437703100, will be sold full vet health check, Last of Scania $18,000 ONO, DROUIN 1991 turbo. grey leather interior. and with a Phone 0423455374, AH 56252964, Saab. Black, $600 ONO, New suspension 230,000 klms. BOV and boosted. BERWICK new 15hp Mercury TRACTOR LOADER tinny with brand fitted available etc. No plus all safety N CATTLE DOG SLASHERNew - 4WD outboard, fishfinder seats, AUSTRALIA puppy 8 weeks old, Receipts and Great car to restore. removable Brand and Reg or RWCert. gear, swivel canvas travel cover, 7001694, Blue heeler Tractor $15,500 Tractor with 4 in1 vaccinated checked, number Selling as is, ys3ad3513m carpeted floor, trailer plus vet 0421874407, 30 HP Diesel Slasher, 12 month Phone . microchip Phone to go registered galvanised microchipped Loader & 5 foot Buy Direct From 879. Ready Phone $3,500, $6,000 Neg, or blue bimini, AH HAMPTON is 95600000831 0407839346, parts warranty. and s dubignon, Call for information 97481237, now, $300, j LEONGATHA Pty Ltd, Phone WAGON 1989 tinted the Importer. WERRIBEE 0488169425, SUBARU 4WD inspection, Agri-Trac 1F 14inch sunrasias, PUREBRED but motor 0406350438, KNOXFIELD White, Auto, PUPPY condition weeks windows. Good BEAGLE ROOFTOP BOAT $1,200 ONO, purebred, 8 ULTRALITE vlar cons, 45kg flat vet Beagle Pup MASSEY 135 vaccinated, view, needs repair, DVB292, AH 0428343942, TRACTOR Massey female, with 2HP Honda Ferguson, Fibreglass-Ke old, parents on swivel seats, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;newâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Phone 0356266297, Fully serviced offset slasher, 150 hp floor, 2 with 9.8HP Tohatsu checked, lemon, $400, Phone WARRAGUL AH new as $3,000, personality, $11,000 diesel, Great Phone 0407821368, GT TURBO steel carry all, AH 0356261337, gear box, all Phone 0432252199, $5,000, TYERS BEACH 0400095077, SOUTH SUBARU LEGACY black autoTUBRO 51565997, LAKE WARRAGUL 1990 wagon no rego no rwc vin ONO, none, BALLARAT $2,000 AH 0432252199, D MALE 156;000KMH ROOFTOP BOAT flat BF5041424, 3 REGISTERE 45kg vin ULTRALITE home. cons, BICHON KEALBA bf5041424, for a loving Honda Phone Fibreglass-Kevlar TRACTOR TYRES14.9x38, Desexed lookingoutgoing dog. Owner ONO, Phone 0415344293, seats, with 2HP also floor, 2 swivel 9.8HP Tohatsu â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;newâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 9.5x36 yrs old. Happyill health, $400, Phone 1993 AH $3,000, with SUBARU WAGON running but poor 0428217545, COLAC selling due to 0407821368, $5,000, Phone BEACH no RWC 150K with history, 51446047, SALE and reverse, TRACTOR TYRES 50%, $250 ono, 51565997, LAKE TYERS 4 YR OLD Loving air suspensionproject/or buggy motor, Plus a tube 1428â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BISCHON FEMALE a loving home. selling or rego, good 0359855515, Phone 59683718, EMERALD cheaper Looking for Owner $2,000, Phone might find Phone TYJ209, nature.Not desexed. $300, You health, RYE due to ill SALE 0417589233,

Call: 1300 35 25 05

1300 081 488 Mornington

ton Tyabb Rd, 2/185 Morning

ite at Visit our webs www.carboodle







13500L $ 1795


5000L $ 795

3400L $ 595

8000L $ 1050


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2000L $ 795 5000L $ 1595 CALL: 1800 N FREE NEW LOCATIO RD, BROOKLYN, VIC 771 GEELONG

25000L $ 2395


UNDER DECK 2000L $ 995

1400L $ 395

3000L $ 895



dah Highway,

pump system installed


(suitable for double storey)

9312 1164 464 018 PH: www.superiorta

379a Maroon


Ph: (03) 8802




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inside the Marine


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just YOU! Design to suitTrailers We Can Custom Build time for Custom

whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been Check outthis week! biting Fishing Report


aperr Cheape Builtt Che ter Buil Bet Better S ILERS TRA TRAILER

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, Sudoku Cro sswords pag e 10 & more on



7 14 13 12



13 -






18 17 11 15 22 20

31 30

16 29










26 25


29 Behave. Maccullochella (3) (3) 30 Fish, ___. bird. (7) Murray flightless city. (7) Lawson. 51 English _______ 31 Australian (10) (3) chef, 52 TV ___ up. (3) 33 Districts.(5) group. (3,5) (5) 55 Confess, pop 34 Plenty. (food). index. (8) (9) ACROSS vehicle. 56 Norwegian settlements. 35 Sample sharemarket 1 US (8) (8) 57 Remote 37 Emergency (9) Gandhi. 6 Improves. fact, ___-opener. 58 Recommends. 38 Nomad.leader, ______ (9) 10 Surprising DOWN 39 Hindu (8) (3) pancakes. (9) (3) (7) issues. 2 Egg chillis. is (7) green 11 Record. capital destination, (7) 41 (Newsletter) 3 Hot whose (3) 12 Instinctive.and Totoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s indicators. (7) 43 Skill. 4 Country(7) map (10) City. 15 Dorothy Abuja. moon. (7) 44 Weather(7) the _____ (3) of the for 7. expensive. 5 Study runs. 45 Delay. numeral (8) 16 Less (5) as. (3) 6 Rise. one ______ 48 Roman known (7) 17 Trap. century, 7 A (3) (3) (7) 49 Formerly 20 Segregate. (5) (7) tax. (3) (flower) (3) branches. after ___. 53 Wildebeest. a treeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s it by 21 Annual of development. 8 Amount play 54 Prune 22 Stage (5) 9 Improvise, (7) (3) 23 Areas. (7) dispenser. 10 Absconded. water 39 (7) 24 Stops. (3) 13 Boiling 28 Observes. (5) (3) 14 Broadcast. fluid. 32 Rotation. 17 Plant (5) (7) (7) (5) 34 Try. all. (5) venue. 18 Humble. swords. points 36 Sportingscore, 40 (3) 19 Fencing or ___. linguine coconut 40 Tennis 25 Consume. 42 Foodstuff, (5) 26 Confectionery, tagliatelle (7) (3) (3) public. (7) of dance. Tough 45 Make Ben ______. 27 Type (5) 46 Actor, oil. (7) 56 most 47 Happening. the 50 Containing


Puzzle 6 5 4 3 1






34 44 50



46 42 55 49




54 58

53 52

out Work alphabet. off. When 57 of the start you letter of a fruit. 3 to a differentgiven you the name out represents We have to spell letter. below number each the box for which 20 fill in puzzle In this number stands included. 17 the code, which cracked the puzzle. have been bet you have er solves


the Codeword

Sudoku 4

1 - Moderate 6

4 9 7

6 1 5

3 7


8 4

7 5



8 7 7 8

5 32

9 3

7 4

1 4

3 9 69


5 4



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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12   FLOOR  SANDING Equipment   Hummell   Sander   $4500,   Edgers   $1500ea,   Poly   Vac   $500,   Festo   Sander   $400,   Phone   0419297038,  AH  94651529,  LALOR GEN  SET  PERKINS 4-­203   diesel   with   20   KVA   plus   20HP   electric   motor,   $2,500,   Phone   0412515532,  LAKES  ENTRANCE



CAT  308  CSR  2006



Reconditioned  Soil   Hopper,   new   240V   electric   conveyor   motor   and   foot   control.   Ready   to   work.   Delivery   Available,   $5,000,   Phone   0418301005,  PAKENHAM

SPINDLE  MOULDER HIAB  765  KNUCKLE  CRANE 1970  model,  7.5mtr  reach,  lists  3T  @   Wolfenden   auto   feed,   $2,500,   Phone   1.5mtrs,  $2,200,  Phone  0414925894,   0408557015,  FRANKSTON  NORTH THOMASTOWN VACUUM  FORMING  MACHINE INDUSTRIAL  DRYER  

$6937$LUFRQGFDELQKLJKĂ&#x20AC;RZ hydraulics  very   low   hours   1700   A   very   serious   loader   Tacks   and   rollers   recently   replaced   hyd   quick   hitch  4  in  1  bucket  with  teeth  nothing   to   spend   ready   for   work   tomorrow   excellent   value   at   $60,000.00   inc   GST   call   any   time   0407812444,   Aces  Boronia,  Phone  1300  422  783,   BORONIA


INDUSTRIAL  ELEC  FAN Brinmade   FS   18in   3   phase   415   volt,   1/4  HP  motor,  $50,  Phone  95683879,   OAKLEIGH JOHN  DEERE  1145   72â&#x20AC;?  cut,  4  wheel  drive,  power  steering,   ROP,   only   done   light   work   at   an   orchard,   with   trailer,   $8,000,   Phone   0409  176  162,  BUNINYONG KERB  &  CHANNEL  MACHINE SM2B2   540mm   B2   type   moulds.   SM3B3   inserts,   spare   new   motor,   honda  mixer  &  Tandem  trailer  included   (unregistered  ),  $14,000  ONO,  Phone   0401511136,  SHEPPARTON LUNA  PRESS  COLAR  PRESS air   assist:$800ono,   brother   bass   500   automatic   button   holer:$600ono,   Rinoldi   placket   machine:$200,   Zoje   coverstick   5   thread:$1300,   Phone   54971844,  DONALD PLANER 3   phase,   $500,   Phone   0408557015,   FRANKSTON  NORTH PRESSURE  CLEANER  

with  plug   assist   Ex   Nylex   Machine.   Not   in   service   at   moment   Platten   size   800x700   auto   control,   $5,250,   Phone  97705922,  FRANKSTON WEIGHBRIDGE  WALKWAYS  (2) c/w  handrails,  15  metres  long  call  for   price   details,   Phone   0408177641,   SEYMOUR WOODWORKING  MACHINERY Surplus  to  requirements  (all  3  phase),   Barker   300mm   planer   $1800,   Holz   Spindle   moulder   with   power   feed   $2800,   SCM   SI16W   with   scriber   and   tilt   digital   readout   fence   excellent   condition   $7000,   and   much   more,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone   03   9318   4155,  BRAYBROOK

FORKLIFTS CROWN  FORKLIFT model  2  MT  130A,  electric,  VGC,  new   batteries,  3M  lift  1  ton  capacity,  $6,500   ono,  Phone  0417745987,  TARADALE FORKLIFT  -­  ELECTRIC â&#x20AC;&#x153;Big   Joeâ&#x20AC;?   Special   Edition   forklift,   $600   ONO,   Phone   0415108263,   AVONDALE  HEIGHTS FORKLIFT  4  TON  ELECTRIC German   Made,   with   twin   pallet   handler,  fork  spreader  and  positioner,   2005  model  Jungheinrich,  comes  with   charger,   IN   EXCELLENT   condition,   solid   tyres,   $19,800   ONO,   Kastoria   Furniture,   Phone   03   9318   4155,   BRAYBROOK FORKLIFT  CLARK  CY500 semi   auto   trans,   lift   height   3.7mt,   1020mm,  pneumatic  tyres,  petrol  fuel,   going,   Holden   motor,   engine,   good   condition,   $3,500,   Phone   56352305,   GIPPSLAND FORKLIFT  YALE  2.5T

Spit  Water,  hot  &  cold,  13HP  electric   start   Honda   motor,   3000PSI,   very   little   use,   $5,500   ono,   Phone   0418343542,  HEIDELBERG

Solid  tyres,   new   gas,   seat   &   seat   belt,   VGCond,   no   oil   leaks,   OH&S   compliance,   $6,600   WITH   GST,   Phone  0421073613,  BRUNSWICK

Jetwave  3500PSI,   only   100   hours   use,   120mtrs   high   pressure   hose,   90mtrs  brand  new,  suit  brick  cleaner,   1x15ft   ladder,   1x24ft   ladder,   1x10ft   tressel,  all  aluminium,  lances  4,  acid   &  plenty  more  spare  parts  plus  8x4   tandem  trailer,  $5,500  ONO,  Phone   0412842583,  CRANBOURNE PRESSURE  CLEANER  JET  

HENLEY  EECTOR  FORKLIFT 1100kg  @  610mm,  charger,  dead  cell   in   battery,   best   offer,   call   after   7pm,   Phone  54296002,  ROMSEY HYSTER   95   model   forklift   .2.5   Tonne   rotator   .   Stored  at  Thomastown,  $15,000  ONO,   Phone   9331   6553,   AH   0414512261,   AIRPORT  WEST TOYOTA  FORKLIFT  3FG45 2F   engine,   broken   Bell   Housing,   dismantled,   $1,500,   Phone   0409865642,   AH   0357938115,   TALLAROOK

BACKHOE  JOHN  DEERE  CYLIND Backhoe  John  Deere  Cylinder  950mm   Long,   Bore   inside   100mm   overall   1200mm.   $400,   Phone   97363519,   MOUNT  EVELYN

BACKHOE  PARTS(JCB) Easy   Reel   Air   Hose,   Adaptors,   &ODPSV -3  7\UH ,QĂ&#x20AC;DWRU DV New.$250.   Vickers   Hyd.   Pump   26   VQ   21A   OC   20   AU03.$500,   Phone   97363519,  MOUNT  EVELYN BACKHOE  TYRE New   Rear   Tyre:   16.9-­28   12ply   R4   Industrial   JCB   Sitemaster.   Call   John,   $700   ONO,   Phone   97363519,   MOUNT  EVELYN CASE  410  BOBCAT 2010  case  410  bobcat,  270  hrs  only.  4   in  1  bucket,spreader  bar,  plus  ramps.   Machine   in   excellent   condition,   $30,000,   Phone   047111938,   BUNINYONG

USED EQUIPMENT STOCK CLEARANCE BACKHOES FROM Blaster  Honda,   11HP,   very   good   condition,   $1,200   ono,   Phone   0418343542,  HEIDELBERG PROFILE  CUTTING  MACHINE magnetic   drive   free   standing,   $500,   Phone  0407254337,  TRAFALGAR PUMP Flextool   Pump,   new,   5.5hp.   TWM   engine,   $400,   Phone   0409865642,   TALLAROOK PYE  UNI  CAM PU900   Atomic   absorption   spectrum   photo   meter   analyser,   with   extras   used   condition,   instruction   book   call   for   price,   Phone   0438932931,   MORWELL ROLLER  TWIN  DRUM Vibroll,  32RE,  6HP  lifter,  electric  start,   needs  work,  $750,  Phone  98462061,   TEMPLESTOWE SCIZZOR  LIFT 15mt   Houliet,   excellent   condition,   serviced   regularly,   $45,000,   Phone   0419373843,  BAYSWATER


$15,000 $26,000 $17,000 (1.8â&#x20AC;&#x201C;22 TONNE)



Phone 03 9797 3444 or visit

JCB  8TON  EXCAVATOR JCB   8ton   Excavator2004   model   2500  hours,Zero  Tail  Swing  $68200   0409   349   828,   $68,200,   JCB   Construction   Equipment   Australia   -­   VICTORIA,  Phone  03  97973497,  AH   0409  349  828,  DANDENONG  STH

JCB  BACKHOE Serial   no   413716.   Leg   Stabiliser   Cylinder   Reconditioned   $500.   Front   Axel   Pivot   Pin   Bushes   New   $225.   Hydraulic   Pump   Seal   Kit   New   $200,   Phone  97363519,  MOUNT  EVELYN

JCB  MINI  EXCAVATOR  4TON JCB   Mini   Excavator   4ton   2006   model   under   3000   hours   $34100   phone  0427  193  317,  $34,100,  JCB   Construction   Equipment   Australia   -­   VICTORIA,  Phone  03  97973497,  AH   0427  193  317,  DANDENONG  STH

FRONT  END  LOADER  KIT ECHO  EARTH  AUGER  4 only  came  off  70HP  Belarus  suit  other   6  &  8in  Auger  bits  plus  pare  blade  for   makes,  bucket  &  forks,  $2,000,  Phone   KOBELCO  EXCAVATOR  2.5TON   Backhoe   JCb   4   in   1   bucket,   fuel   cab,   automatic,   side   shift   hoe   with   8in,   less   than   50   holes   dug,   $1,400,   0417392291,  BALLARAT Low   hours,   very   nice   machine,   Phone  0487351789,  MOOROODUC mud   bucket,   $18,500   ONO,   Phone   3   buckets,   rubber   tracks   in   good   FUEL  TANK  ON  A  TRAILER   0421865630,  GREENVALE condition,   auxiliary   piping,   4   post   EXCAVATOR  BUCKET   canopy,   fully   refurbished,   $28,500,   700mmx600mmx600mm,   3   pins   Phone   0414   228627,   SOUTH   BACKHOE  JCB  EQUIPMENT   39&39&43mm,  500mm  between  ears,   MORANG Chain   Block   1t   x   3m   Drop   as   New.   190mm   and   265mm   centre   of   pins,   $100.   Chamberlain   Mark   2   Gear   &   $140,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   Shaft   Drive   For   Hyd.   Pump.   $300,   WARRAGUL Phone  97363519,  MOUNT  EVELYN KUBOTA  B26   EXCAVATOR  CASE  CX17  MINI   BACKHOE  JCB  EQUIPTMENT Digging   Bucket   225mm   Width.   $500.   Also   Clean   Up   Blade   1000x200   to   go   on   Digging   Bucket.   $150,   Phone   97363519,  MOUNT  EVELYN 650L   tank   on   new   trailer,   large   lockup  toolbox,  new  12/24V  electric   pump,   LED   lights,   lockaway   fuel   BACKHOE  JCB  PARTS   nozzle   &   electrical   connections,   New   Rear   Tyre   16.9-­28   12ply   R4   $2,600,   Phone   0419515245,   Industrial  JCB  Sitemaster.$700.  Back   BACCHUS  MARSH Hoe   JCB   Serial   No.   413716   Leg   Stabiliser   Cylinder   Reconditioned.   $500,   Phone   97363519,   MOUNT   HI-­DOTT  DOZER  RIPPER Backhoe/FEL   2012   model,   4   in   1   EVELYN 1000hrs   only,   comes   with   trailer,   Hi-­Dott   Dozer   Ripper,   good   bucket,   only   100   hours   use,   suit   mud  bucket,  300,  450  buckets,  VGC,   condition   good   teeth,   2ft,   call   John,   new  buyer,  cost  $52,000  quick  sale   BACKHOE  JCB  PARTS $30,000  +  GST,  Phone  0422639811,   $400   ONO,   Phone   0398082336,   sell,   $37,000,   Phone   57511115,   Front   Axle   Pivot   Pin   &   Bushes   FRANKSTON  AREA SPRINGVALE WANGARATTA New.   $225.   Hydraulic   Pump   Seal   Kit   New.   $225.   Clean   Up   Blade   1800mmx400mm.   $500,   Phone   97363519,  MOUNT  EVELYN

BACKHOE  PARTS  (JCB) Side   Cutters   as   New.   $120.   John   Deere   Hyd.   Cylinder   950mm   Long   Bore   Inside   100mm,   Overall   length   1200mm.   $500,   Phone   97363519,   MOUNT  EVELYN


CAT  308   CSR   2006   model  Aircond   35/7A   2012,   500   hours,   5   buckets/ cabin  very  popular  8  ton  digger  very   ripper,   quick   hitch,   airconditioned   ODUJH FDELQ ¿WWHG ZLWK  cab,   c/w:hammer   breaker,   tilting  hitch  full  set  buckets  ,we  sold   hyropower   augers   600/400/300   this   machine   5   years   ago   previous   &   1.5   extension,   suit   new   owner  has  traded  in  on  a  new  digger   buyer,   $64,000   incl   GST,   Phone   very   reliable   full   service   history   0408582226,  MELBOURNE available   ready   for   work   now   real   value   at$60,000.00   inc   GST   call   EXCAVATOR  RIPPER 0407812444,   Aces   Boronia,   Phone   Make   :   HKE   Pin   Diameter   :   50mm   1300  422  783,  BORONIA Centre   of   pin   to   pin   :   315mm.   Hitch   width   195mm,   $900   ONO,   Phone   0419870254,  ROWVILLE CHAMBERLAIN  MARK  2 Vickers   Hyd.   Pump.   $400.   Gear   &   EXCAVATOR  YANMAR Shaft  Drive  for  Hyd.  Pump  from  Gear   VIO3.0,  en  no  43471,  rubber  tracks   Box.  $300,  Phone  97363519,  MOUNT   75%   good,   blade   offset   boom,   3   EVELYN buckets   1200,   500   &   300,   hook,   auger   700   &   500,   good   working   DIGGA  POWER  HEAD condition   $19,500.   Hino   Truck   17ft   including  cradle  to  suit  3.6T  excavator   tray,  tare  cap  gross  9700  with  ramps   plus  3  augers  350,  450,  600,  $2,000,   $18,000   or   buy   the   lot   $35,000,   Phone  0418576711,  ALEXANDRA Phone   0412054381,   DANDENONG   AREA DOZER  DROTT  FEL Case   450   GP  Bucket  &  rippers   good   FRONT  END  LOADER   farm  machine,  trade  3  ton  excavator,   bucket,   1.2Wx600Deep,   may   suit   $16,500,   Phone   59982337,   Excavator,   $400,   Phone   59674371,   CRANBOURNE HODDLES  CREEK

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Primus  75LB   gas   dryer   (reversing)   single   phase,   excellent   working   order,   would   suit   Hotel/Motel,   Drycleaners,   Commercial   Laundry,   Horse   stud/farm   etc.   Price   Negotiable   contact   Glen,   Phone   95278833,  ST  KILDA

HITACHI Hitachi  20   ton   excavator   Suit   farm   Runs   well   1xbucket,   $25,000,   Phone   0438661510,  MORIAC JBC  BACKHOE  PARTS New   Rear   Tyre   16.9-­28   12   PLY   R4   Industrial   JCB   Sitemaster   $700.   Clean-­up   Blade   1800mmX400mm.   $500.   Digging   Bucket   225mm   width   $500,   Phone   97363519,   MOUNT   EVELYN


BARGAIN  SALE   -­Heavy   Duty   Skip   Bin   -­   2metre   and   3metre   Bins   available.   Newly   made   and   unpainted,   ready   to   go.   Can   make   more   if   wanted.   Call   us   for   a   great   price,  Sunrise  Aluminium  and  Steel,   Phone  9357  0656,  AH  0421349432,   CAMPBELLFIELD

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FORD  1984  4610




29/11/12  -­  05/12/12 CASE  HEADER  ROTOR  BELT.   Suit  1600  series.  Excellent  condition.   Picture   and   numbers   on   belt   available,   $460,   Phone   0896611171,   AH  0428305750,  DALWALLINU CASE  IHI  HEADER  SIEVES Good   condition.(   3).   Suit   old   pto   models   ,   710,711,726,   $350,   Phone   0896611171,   AH   0428305750,   DALWALLINU

1.5  ton  Yanmar  all  buckets,1/2  hitch,   rubber   tracks,   2,500   hours,   tandem   plant   trailer,   ramps,   $19,000   ONO,   Phone  97963579,  HALLAM MINI  EXCAVATOR  1.5  TON   mini   excavator   1.5ton   yanma   plus   plant   trailer.hours   2,600.   3   buckets,1/2  hitch  rubber  tracks,ropes,   $19,500   ONO,   Phone   97963579,  AH   0429904313,  HALLAM MINI  EXCAVATOR  KX41 good   working   order,   9000   hours,   $12,000   ONO,   Phone   0408770578,   IVANHOE TOPCON  MM  LASER/GPS Contains   gps   components;;   Pole   receiver   pzs-­1   s/n   940   730   Laser   pzl-­1   s/n   0w0   782,   $7,000   Each,   Phone  0417953649,  AH  0427758095,   WARRAGUL TRENCHER  VERMEER  RT450

Purchased  new   2007,   model   mid   2007,   trouble   free,   trencher   depth   1.2mtrsx300mmW.   Machine   has   done   very   minimal   work   &   is   no   longer   required,   immaculate   condition,   $27,000   NEG,   Phone   0428505751,  ECHUCA

RURAL  &  FARM TRACTORS ALICE  CHALMER tractor  early  50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  petrol  Kero,  runs  very   well,  $4,000,  Phone  0448575999,  AH   54232287,  CASTLEMAINE

registered,  Kelfad  4  in  1  bucket,  hay   forks,   rear   remotes,   ROPS,   very   tidy,  $18,500,  Phone  57431957,  AH   0428919577,  WANGARATTA

Hst.hydro  drive,   3400   hours,   new   front   end   loader,   48hp,   mid   mount   GHFN ¿UVW WR VHH ZLOO EX\FRVW QHZ $56,000,   sell,   $29,500   ono,   Phone   0418380141,  DOREEN

FORD  3000  TRACTOR goes   well   3PL   brakes,   need   work,   good   tynes,   $4,000,   Phone   JOHN  DEERE  D,  C  1930 Rare   1930   D   model,   runs   well,   good   0448802359,  CRANBOURNE compression,   tyers   ok,   $8,000,   FORD  4600  463HP Phone  0418515139,  AH  0418515139,   diesel,  p/s,  full  restore,  suit  new  buyer,   RIPPLEBROOK $8,900   ono,   Phone   0438564393,   BAIRNSDALE KUBOTA  BX2350 FORD  5000   super   Major   tractor   front   hyd   blade,   2009  model  230hrs  work,  5ft  slasher,   remote   hyd   plus   Howard   rotary   hoe,   front  bucket,  rear  counterweight,  rear   $10,000,  Phone  54752252,  MALDON stick   rake,   immaculate   condition,   $16,500   ONO,   Phone   0351   750422,   AH  0429040536,  TRARALGON FORD  DIESEL   3PL   ROP,   slasher,   ripper,   harrows,   suit   small   holding,   $4,975,   Phone   MASSEY  35  TRACTOR 0419591534,   AH   56821078,   4  cylinder  diesel,  good  working  order,   FOSTER $5,500,  Phone  97230500,  CROYDON FORDSON  MAJOR  E27  TRACTOR Good   old   tractor   still   runs   and   turns   MASSEY  FERGUSON over.   will   need   some   work   to   tidy   up   290  excellent  working  condition,  most   but  overall  strong,  $1,400,  nil,  Phone   sought   after   classic,   $18,900   ono,   0403  332  562,  BACCHUS  MARSH Phone  0419331795,  PAKENHAM FORDSON  TRACTOR E27N  Tractor  has  pto  and  would  suit   enthusiast   or   farm.   Reduced   to   sell,   MASSEY  FERGUSON  135 $1,200,   nil,   Phone   0403   332   562,   High  Clearance  multi  power  3pl,  need   paint   goes   well,   $5,000   ono,   Phone   BACCHUS  MARSH 0448802359,  DEVON  MEADOWS FORDSON  TRACTOR  E27N Tractor  for  sale  has  PTO  good  for  farm   or  hobby.  Reduced  to  sell,  $1,300,  nil,   MASSEY  FERGUSON  148 Phone   0403   332   562,   BACCHUS   MARSH FORKLIFT   front   mounted   tractor   4x4   MF   194-­4   3pl   remotes   resprayed   80HP   good   cond,  may  trade  small  tractor,  $8,500,   Phone  59982337,  CRANBOURNE GALE  1460 round   baler,   very   good   order,   $2,500   ONO,   Phone   0457186406,   PORT   CAMPBELL GREY  FERGEY rebuilt   engine   and   cylinder   head,   4   148   Diesel   tractor   in   excellent   new  tyres,  god  cond,  approved  safety   restore   condition.   Looks   and   runs   rollbar,   circa   1947,   $4,000,   Phone   as  new  with  professional  paint  work.   Complete   with   multi   power   and   51567202,  PAYNESVILLE remotes.   New   rear   tyres,   radiator   GREY  FERGIE  TEA-­20 new   front   tyres,   rear   tyres   90%   and   suspension   seat.   Only   4500   currently   not   running,   $1,800   ono,   hours   from   new,   $14,000,   Phone   Phone   0434235770,   MOUNT   0418595540,  DROUIN WALLACE GREY  FERGUSON  TRACTOR MASSEY  FERGUSON  148 very   tidy   16in   front   wheels,   new   battery,  3PL  PTO  in  original  condition   Very   good   condition.   Tyres   starts   and   runs   well,   $1,985   ono,   50%+.   Carryall   included.   Has   Phone   0427044029,   LAKES   hydraulic   remotes,   $8,800,   Phone   0417409029,  MODELLA ENTRANCE GREY  FERGUSON  TRACTOR  T. MASSEY  FERGUSON  165

BELARUS belarus  tractor  60hp  front  wheel  assist   cabin  3ptl  pto  power  steering  very  tidy   tractor   only   2200hrs.   can   deliver   at   cost,  $6,000,  Phone  0427689083,  AH   0355725673,  HAMILTON CROPMASTER  1949 model,   David   Brown   Magneto   model   runs   well,   suit   hobby   farmer   or   collector   reapir   manuals,   $1,500,   Original,   6   Volt   system,   very   clean,   Phone  57972628,  YEA $2,400,   Phone   0419508465,   AH   53413456,  BALLARAT CROPMASTER  1951 not   going   good   for   spare   parts   good   GREY  FERGY  PARTS turf   tyres,   $400,   Phone   57972628,   manifold   and   gasket   hand   starter   YEA tow   bar,   Phone   0356295223,   AH   0409215813,  BUNYIP DAVID  BROWN  770 Tractor,   suit   restoration   or   parts,   HIGH  WHEEL $1,000,   Phone   56682124,   MIRBOO   NLWWR¿W)HUJXVRQRULQWHUQDWLRQDO tractor,   call   for   more   details,   Phone   NORTH 0428217545,  COLAC DAVID  BROWN  990 HOWARD  TRACTOR  2000 1HHGV DWWHQWLRQ  ¿UP 3KRQH 54611956,  MARYBOROUGH INTER  B  275 4cyl  diesel,  2  stage  clutch,  3PL,  new   rear  tyres,  good  orig  condition,  $3,000,   Phone  0417392291,  BALLARAT

165.front  end   loader.diesel   Perkins   motor.power   steering   roll   frame   .Runs   good,   $10,500   ONO,   Phone  0418380141,  MELBOURNE MASSEY  FERGUSON  168 Massey   Ferguson   168   front   loader   with   bucket   and   hay   forks   gc   reg,   $8,500   ONO,   Phone   59   786052,   PEARCEDALE MASSEY  FERGUSON  35


front  end  loader,  buckets  and  forks,   sound  strong  tractor,  $6,800,  Phone   0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE DAVID  BROWN  990 4cyl  diesel,  2  stage  clutch  3PL,  remote   hydraulics,   ROPS,   canopy   good   goer,   $3,500,   Phone   0417392291,   2   wheel   drive   with   cabin,   tyres   BALLARAT 85%  very  tidy  tractor,  $9,800  ONO,   DAVID  BROWN  CROPMASTER   Phone  0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE 1953  runs  well,  still  in  use,  suit  hobby   farmer   or   collector   repair   manuals,   JOHN  DEERE  3130 $1,500,  Phone  57972628,  YEA

4cyl  diesel,   2   stage   clutch,   3PL,   repainted,   rear   tyres   95%,   PTO,   ROPS,   good   working   order   $5600   also   disc   harrow   selling   $600ono,   Phone  0438612563,  WERRIBEE MASSEY  FERGUSON  40

FERGUSON  TRACTOR  BOOK Instruction   Manuel   for   Ferguson   Tractors  TE  -­A  20  and  TE  -­D  20  lots  of   useful.  information  and  pictures,  $18,   Phone  0432013375,  INALA FERGY  TRACTOR   Fergy   Tractor   TEA18   original,   6   volt,   $1,800   OBO,   Phone   0428638400,   DUNOLLY FIAT  TRACTOR 55HP   3PL   PTO   remotes,   mech   excelletn   new   battery,   good   tyres,   Phone   0427044029,   LAKES   ENTRANCE

front  end  loader,  85hp,  8000  hours,   good   tyres,   runs   good,   ideal   to   run   a   round   baler,   $13,950   ono,   Phone   0418380141,  VICTORIA

front  end   loader,   Perkins   motor,   power   steering,   runs   good,   needs   a   good   paint   and   clean   up,   $5,500   ONO,   Phone   0438346324,   WOODSTOCK

CATTLE  CRATE hoops   to   take   crate   on   and   off   tray   front   end   loader,   diesel,   power   80hp,  loader,  bucket  &  forks,  motor   truck,   $550,   Phone   0438564393,   VWHHULQJ3/YHU\FOHDQWUDFWRU¿UVW rebuild,   new   hydraulic   pump   good   BAIRNSDALE to  see  will  buy,  $11,750  ono,  Phone   condition,   $8,700   ONO,   Phone   CATTLE  CRATE 0418380141,  MELBOURNE 0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE for   tray   truck   17ftx8ft   with   sheep   decks,   well   made   good   condition,   $2,600   ono,   Phone   0438564393,   NEW  HOLAND  TZ24DA  TRACTOR FARM  MACHINERY  &   BAIRNSDALE with   FEL   mid   mower   800   hours   has   EQUIPMENT con   rod   throu   side   of   block   good   CATTLE  CRUSH project   in   good   order   otherwise,   sliding  gate  (s)  new  cattle  yard  sliding   5FT  HEAVY  DUTY  SLASHER $5,000,   Phone   0407   356   221,   gate,  2200x850  &  side  gate  2100x850   ROSEBUD steel   never   used,   $300,   Phone   0466778369,  BAKERY  HILL NEW  SOUCY  RUBBER  TRACKS CATTLE  HEAD  BALE steel,   $30,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR  WARRAGUL CATTLE  LOADING  RAMP 3   metres   long,   $800,   57789531,  MERTON

suit  most   tractors,   $25,000   ONO,   Phone  0418301005,  PAKENHAM

with  6mm   top   plate,   never   been   used,   been   too   big   for   my   tractor,   paid   $3450,   sale   price   $2450,   $2,450,  -­,  Phone  0435  119716,  MILL   PARK

AJAX  piston  water  pump  A2  complete  near   NUFFIELD  1060   Warragul,   $250,   Phone   0428379051,   diesel   tractor   with   cabin,   3PL,   p/s,   BULN  BULN 60HP,   $4,050,   Phone   0432539992,   AJAX  PISTON AH  54335185,  TOOBORAC water   pumps   A1,   2   complete   pumps   for   parts,   $100,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR  WARRAGUL NUFFIELD  460 AJAX  PISTON  WATER  PUMP A3  complete  for  parts  near  Warragul,   $150,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN   BULN ASV  POSITRACK  RC60 2007,  cab  aircon  ,heat,  4n1  2100hrs,   owner/   operator,   ready   to   work,   ramps,   auger   and   forks   available,   $35,000   ONO,   Phone   0438262263,   AH  0404773071,  ELTHAM BALE  WRAPPER  COMBI diesel,  new  rings,  new  sleeves,  rear   tyres   fair,   front   tyres   new,   $6,000,   Phone   56231477,  AH   0419231455,   WARRAGUL

Phone Â

CATTLE  SCALES Tru   Test   EsiWay   MP600   2000kg,   weigh   bars,   HD   gal   platform,   done   little   work,   $1,900,   Phone   52613610,   BELLBRAE CATTLE/SHEEP  LOADING  RAMP

Cattle/  Sheep   loading   race   Brand   QHZ QHYHU XVHG +DUZRRG Ã&#x20AC;RRU 3.6m   long   Ramp   900mm   fully   adjustable.   Via   winch,   $2,500,   Phone   0407846089,  AH   51861285,   YARRAM CHAMBERLAIN  TRACTOR  RIMS 2.  Both  rims  suit  24.5  x  32  tyre.  Picture   available,   $300,   Phone   0896611171,   AH  0428305750,  DALWALLINU CHERRY  ELEVATOR  WASH

OIL  PUMP Brand   new   oil   pump   for   International   to   suit   B250-­434   fully   imported   from   UK,   $330,   Phone   51460647,   LOCH   SPORT RIDEON Yardman   rideon   deck   removed   new   PXIÃ&#x20AC;HU SDLQWMRELGHDOIRUWKHIDUP $450,   private,   Phone   00355992044,   AH  0409672414,  MORTLAKE

VICON  2160,   excellent   condition   in   shed   new   Sept   2008,   spare   belt   wrapper   removal   kit,   rear   colour   camera   &   bale   tipper,   done   11200   bales,   inspect   Nov   &   Dec   baling   &   wrapping   silage,   $71,500   INC,   SAME  FRUTTETO  75 Phone   0427302773,  AH   56632218,   Tractor   1992   low   hrs,   new   clutch   SOUTH  GIPPSLAND good   condition,   goes   well   4WD,   fold   down  ROP  good  rubber,  $16,500  ono,   BAMFORD  BALER Phone  0417745987,  TARADALE Small   Square.   Good   condition.   Working,  $800,  Phone  0428816353,   TRACTOR  CASE  970 TOORA cab   3PL   plus   front   hydraulic   blade   BIN  TIPPER plus  front  end  loader,  $15,000,  Phone   fruit  bin  tipper  ,  suitable  for  any  bins,   0407544893,  BENDIGO it   can   carry   two   bins,   $1,000,   Phone   0409491139,  AH   0409491139,   LAKE   TRACTOR  CHAMBERLAIN   3380,   reco   motor,   a/c   cab.   3PL,   BOGA remote,   $8,000,   Phone   52338208,   BINS 12   wooden   bins   ,   suitable   for   stone   BARONGAROOK fruits  in  good  condition,  $300,  Phone   0409491139,  AH   0409491139,   LAKE   TRACTOR  JD  8630 4WD   tractor,   275HP   ,   tyres   90%,   BOGA complete   engine   rebuild   EC,   BLADE $16,000,   Phone   0429909210,   grader  blade  for  tractor,  3pl  6ft,  heavy   duty,   $650,   Phone   0428379051,   WARRACKNABEAL NEAR  WARRAGUL BLOWER  &  MISTER TRACTOR  MITSUBISHI  D1650 approx  20HP,  4WD,  runs  well,  $3,500,   Back   Pack,   2   stroke   motor,   good   condition,   $200,   Phone   0408549193,   Phone  0407041074,  GIPPSLAND PAKENHAM BOOM  SPRAY  COMPLETE TRACTOR  TRANSPORT 10   ton   max,   operating   from   Central   approx   150   gallons,   $450,   Phone   Victoria   please   ring   Phil   for   a   quote   0409146059,  BAIRNSDALE 0402621624,   Phillip   Reed   Tractor   BOOM  SPRAY  UNIT Services,   Phone   0402621624,   AH   800ltr   silvan   tank,   hose   reel,   spray   54764477,  GUILFORD gun,   10M   boom   galvanised   like   new   negotiable,   $2,000,   Phone   TRACTOR  TYRES  14.00X24 0432582307,  SKYE 12ply  X2,  50%  tread,  have  had  sleeves   BRISTOL  25  TRACTOR  1956 ¿WWHGLQWKHPEXWDUH2.3KRQH 4   cylinder   Perkins   Diesel   Motor,   3   54387275,  TARNAGULLA speed  gearbox,  Runs  well,  Perfect  for   a   collector   or   restorer,   $5,000   ONO,   TRACTORS Phone   0488295500,   SPLITTERS   Fiat   211   RB   hiclear,   farmall   A514   CREEK Super   A,   AV,   Inter   AOS6,   B414,   BUCKET  FOR  TRACTOR Allis   270   Farmall   cub,   B,   Phone   6ft   new,   $600,   Phone   0409146059,   0428217545,  COLAC BAIRNSDALE CALF  CRATE TYM  T503 6ftx4ft,   galvanised   to   go   on   6ftx4ft   50HP  cab  tractor  2010  model,  as  new   trailer,   $600   ono,   Phone   56682124,   only   180hrs,   16spd   3PL   2   remotes   MIRBOO  NORTH Perkins   4cyl   diesel,   $26,000   ono,   CALF  FEEDER  HEAD   Phone  0431487734,  BROADFORD bales,   gal   steel,   2ft   high,   6ft   long,   holds   6   calves,   near   Warragul,   $20,   VALPADANA  DT6055  FEL Phone  0428979051,  BULN  BULN with   Burder   FEL,   Lombardini   3cl   dsl   eng   runs   well,   broken   rear   drive   CALF  MARKING  CRATE shaft,   $2,750   ono   after   7pm,   Phone   new,   $375,   Phone   0409146059,   BAIRNSDALE 54296002,  ROMSEY CARRYALL  6FTX3FT VWHHOIUDPHZRRGHQÃ&#x20AC;RRUSWOLQNDJH VINTAGE  DAVID  BROWN Cropmaster  VAK  IC  series  new  paint   well  made,  $220,  Phone  0428379051,   job,   looks   as   new   VGC,   $3,400,   WARRAGUL Phone  0413919156,  MINCHA ZETOR  6011  TRACTOR zetor   6011   tractor   ,not   running   due   to   hole   in   engine   block,new   rear   tyres,good   interior,60hp,power   s t e e r i n g , 3 . P . L , i n s p e c t i o n   recommended,   $2,200,   Phone   0409937318,  TOORADIN


post  binger,  reversible  discs,  spring   tyne   cultivator,   no.2   linkage,   small   cultivator,   rotary   hoe,   mareboard   plough,   industrial   welder   no   motor.   Call   for   more   details,   Phone   0428638400,  DUNOLLY

3800mm  longx770mm   widexheight   to   top   of   the   belt   1300mm,   trough   height  800mm,  width  of  belt  500mm,   9 HOHFWULF PRWRU ZDWHU ¿OWHUV ¿WWHG *&  RQR 3KRQH 0428257057,  FLOWERDALE CHISEL  PLOUGH Excellent   condition   Chisel   Plough,   $400,   Phone   0418672393,   AH   0409992218,  TOORA  NORTH CHISLE  PLOW  BERENDS 7  tyne  spring  loaded,  suit  category  1  &   2  GC,  $800,  Phone  53420852,  ROSS   CREEK COMPRESSOR   372 GULYH WZLQ SLVWRQ ¿WV RQ WUDFWRU PTO   rear   drive   shaft,   $100,   Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL CONNOR  SHEA   disc   seeder   18   row   trailing   VGO   shedded,   everything   works,   $4,000,   Phone  0431191638,  WANGARATTA CULTIVATOR  3PL 10ftW,   4   rows,   spring   release   tynes,   VGC,   $650,   Phone   0407544893,   BENDIGO DEHORNER Large   Dehorner   for   Bulls.   Made   by   James  Scully.  Ballan.  Call  Joe,  $170,   Phone   0408-­059-­772,   AH   03   5368-­ 2207,  BALLAN DIESEL  FUEL  TANKS 2   plastic   tanks   in   steel   frames   with   forklift   skids,   1000   litre,   $350   ea,   Phone  51443708,  SALE DIESEL  MOTOR  & 2x2in  water  pump,  electric  start,  good   condition,   $399,   Phone   0408549193,   PAKENHAM DIESEL  TANK Approx   1000ltres   on   stand,   $400,   Phone   0419440009,   BACCHUS   MARSH DIESEL  TANK 1200L   slide   in   truck   type,   with   pump,   $700,   Phone   0409366026,   BROADFORD DIESEL  TANK 1250Ltr,   ideal   for   farmer,   missing   small   lid,   solid   ground   frame,   yellow,   $200,   Phone   0428358544,   PARADISE  BEACH DIESEL  TANK  1250LTR ideal   diesel   tank   for   farmer,   sits   on   ground   frame,   $200,   Phone   0428358544,  PARADISE  BEACH DISC  PLOUGH   2  discs  International  reversible,  A1.35   GCond,   $700,   Phone   0438564393,   BAIRNSDALE

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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12  

GRAIN  HANDLING/ grain   auger,   mobile   on   wheels,   bent,   13M  long,  $300,  Phone  0428379051,   NEAR  WARRAGUL GRASS  TEDDER excellent   condition,   $200,   Phone   0418672393,   AH   0409992218,   TOORA  NORTH GREY  FERGUSON  TEA20 R.O.P,  great  working  order,  New  front   tyres,   $3,750,   Phone   0409260512,   ARARAT HAMMER  MILL 20  plate  International  with  hydraulic   good  machine,PTO  driven,has  surface   ram   good   condition,   $2,900   ONO,   rust,   $350,   Phone   0409937318,   TOORADIN Phone  0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE HAY  BAILER  NEW  HOLLAND DITCH  WITCH Small   Squares   Bailer   in   excellent   Self  drive  see  working,  $1,800,  Phone   conditions   always   shedded,   $2,100,   0422284827,  LARA Phone  0418672393,  AH  0409992218,   DRIVE  SHAFT TOORA  NORTH tractor  to  slasher  with  clutch  suit  70HP   HAY  BALER unit  VGC  Italian  made  170cmL,  $250,   Phone  0432582307,  SKYE DUNCAN  SEED  DRILL Duncan   Seed   Drill   19   Run   Mark   1   Comes   with   rubber   tyre   roller,   $22,000,   Phone   0357666151,   AH   0407951585,  MOLYULLAH ELECTRIC  MOTORS Electric   motors   RUCON   3   PHASE   new   still   in   boxes   1HP,   $200   Each,   Phone  0447638319,  CLUNES DISCS  TRAILING


FARM  GATE  14FT   Excellent   condition,   $110,   Phone   0419008019,   AH   56783363,   WONTHAGGI FARM  PRO  ROUND   bale  hay  buggy  can  be  towed  by  ATV   or  ute  in  EC,  suit  new  buyer,  $1,320,   Phone  56231310,  WARRAGUL FARM  WATER  TANKER  ON  TRAI farm  water  tanker  on  trailer,galvanized   tank,approx   4500   liters   heavy   duty   steel   frame,was   used   to   water   trees,   $1,500,   Phone   0409937318,   TOORADIN FENCE  ENERGISER Thunderbird   electric   fence   energiser,   M100   10km   mains,   new   still   in   box,   $100,  Phone  0427591686,  SALE FERGIE  JIB   suit   gray   fergie   3PL   comes   with   8ft   extension,  $220,  Phone  0428379051,   WARRAGUL FERTILIZER/SEED  5  IN  ONES Excellent.  2  bins  on  hobbs  hoist,  third   on   single   truck   chassis.   Roll   tarps,   side  chutes,  honda  engines,  $16,500,   Phone  0896611171,  AH  0428305750,   DALWALLINU FIRE  FIGHTER  PUMP new  6.5HP,  $300,  Phone  0427270240,   EVERTON FIRE  FIGHTING Pump,  5HP  Briggs  &  Stratton  engine   with  Davey  pump,  red  $180  no  hoses,   Phone  0414221875,  INVERLOCH FIRE  FIGHTING  TANK on   stand,   including   petrol   pump   and   hoses,   $700,   Phone   0409146059,   BAIRNSDALE FORAGE  HARVESTER NewHolland   forage   harvester   and   Tikki  silage  trailer  both  VGO,  $3,000,   Phone  0431191638,  WANGARATTA

HAY  BALER   small   sqrs,   New   Holland   275   in   excellent   working   cond,   always   garaged,  $4,500,  Phone  0428379051,   BULN  BULN HAY  BINDER Hay   Binder   Massey-­Harris,   ground   driven   to   suit   restoration   or   for   parts,   $200,  Phone  0353682207,  BALLAN HAY  ELEVATOR For  small  square  bales,  7M  long,  will   lift  6M  high  on  wheels,  near  Warragul,   $500,   Phone   0428979051,   BULN   BULN HAY  ELEVATOR   for  small  square  bales,  7M  long  will  lift   6M   high,   on   wheels,   near   Warragul,   $250,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN   BULN HAY  ELEVATOR  FOR Small  square  bales,  7M  L,  will  lift  6M   high,  on  wheels,  near  Warragul,  $500,   Phone  0428979051,  BULN  BULN


3PL  drum   mower   VGCond,   New   Holland   trail   rake,   Hay   Loader,   Hay   elevator,   $2,575,   Phone   0419591534,   AH   56821078,   FOSTER HAY  MOWER  6  DISC VGC,   $3,000,   Phone   51277908,   NEWBOROUGH HAY  MOWER  KUHN 5   disc   excellent   working   order   all   new   h/duty   skids,   $2,800,   Phone   0407865934,  WHITTLESEA HAY  RAKE hay   rake   4   wheel   three   point   linkage   vicon   very   good   condition   ready   for   the   hay   season,   $300,   Phone   0427689083,   AH   0355725673,   HAMILTON HAY  RING suit  round  bales,  bent,  near  warragul,   $55,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN   BULN HAY  SILAGE  HYDRAULIC  



Lifter  as   new,   $1,500,   Phone   0409146059,  BAIRNSDALE HAYBALER   Gallgher   2mtr,   good   condition,   $1,400,   Phone   0438564393,   BAIRNSDALE FORD  TRACTOR  BELT Pulley   suitable   5000,   $180,   Phone   54611956,  MARYBOROUGH FRAME   for   lifting   pasture   harrows,   4ftx6ft,   3pt   linkage,   railway   iron   weight,   near   Warragul,   $80,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN  BULN FRONT  END  LOADER  KIT TXLFN ¿W EUDQG EXFNHW DQG IRUNV WR suit  4cyl  Ford  tractors,  very  little  use,   $6,000   ono,   Phone   0438564393,   BAIRNSDALE FUEL  BOWSER11FT high   on   legs,   tank   is   4ftH   x   4ft   across,   round   shape,   $80,   Phone   0428379051,  NEAR  WARRAGUL GALV.  LATTICE  TOWERS  X9 9x  galv  steel  lattice  towers10.3m  high/ long   x   600mmx600mm.   Suit   shed   framing   application,   architectural   or   general   use,   $15,000   ONO,   Phone   0407111332,  AH  0438269069,  OMEO GENDORE  ROTARY  HAY  RAKE gendore   rotary   hay   rake   3.6m,good   condition,one   owner,complete   with   pto   shaft,spare   tyre   and   towing   hitch   good   machine,   $3,250,   Phone   0409937318,   AH   0359983674,   TOORADIN GRADER  BLADE  6FT heavy   duty   $850   grader   blade   6ft,   $500,   Phone   0438564393,   BAIRNSDALE

New  Holland  69,  lightly  used,  always   shedded,   small   squares,   old   but   good,   $1,500,   Phone   0408588348,   AH   0408588348,   YARRA   JUNCTION HD9  ALLIS  CHALMERS  DOZER 471GM,   runs   well,   new   sprocket   rings,   pins   and   bushes.   Le   Tourneau   Westinghouse   logging   winch,   cable   driven   angle   blade,   $15,000,   Phone   0427648325,  MIRBOO  NORTH HEAD  BAIL Excellent  condition  never  used,  $500,   Phone  0418672393,  AH  0409992218,   TOORA  NORTH HEAD  BALE galv,   $150,   Phone   0409146059,   BAIRNSDALE HEAD  BALE  GAL head   bale   gal,   $175,   Phone   0409146059,  BAIRNSDALE HEADER  TYRE  SAVERS.   Excellent   condition.   This   is   2   large   rollers   that   are   attached   in   front   of   tyres.Picture   available,   $350,   Phone   0896611171,   AH   0428305750,   DALWALLINU

Brand  new   only   done   200   posts   with   3   augers,   $10,800,   Phone   0428816353,  TOORA MULBOARD  PLOUGH Fergy   3   furrow   GCond,   $500,   Phone   0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE MULBOARD  PLOUGH 4   furrow,   Overum   Sweden,   heavy   duty   good   cond,   $1,400,   Phone   0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE MULCHER 2.6   heavy   duty,   Omarv   made   in   Italy   GC,  $4,500  ono,  Phone  0438564393,   BAIRNSDALE MULCHER  6IN  PTO Tractor   driven   as   new   spare   blades,   drive   belt   30-­50HP,   $1,500   ono,   Phone  51460647,  LOCH  SPORT MULCHER  MOWER 5ft   Howard,   good   condition,   $1,400   ono,   Phone   0438564393,   BAIRNSDALE OLD  ROTARY  HOE 24in   Howard   jnr   rotary   hoe   1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   vintage   with   books,   $395,   Phone   0407056960,  WEST  FOOTSCRAY ORCHARD  SPRAY  PARTS Silvan   spray   pump   &   small   parts   &   controls,  fans  spray  tubes  &  jets,  some   new   some   used,   price   negotiable,   Phone  0432582307,  SKYE OVER  HEAD  PETROL  BOWSER Approx   1000   Litres.   Needs   small   repair,   $150,   Phone   0419365980,   BUNYIP PAGE  SLASHER 6ft  heavy  duty,  100HP  gearbox,  trailing   with   hydraulic   ram   lift,   $1,900   ono,   Phone  0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE PASTURE  HARROWS 12ft   good   cond,   $350,   Phone   0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE

PASTURE  HARROWS 3point   linkage   lifting   frame   good   condition,   $100,   Phone   0418128708,   AH  56783278,  ARCHIES  CREEK PHILLIPS  20ML  AUTO Drencher,   1   earmarker   MOW   both   $100   lot,   Phone   95683879,   OAKLEIGH PLASTIC  LAYING  MACHINE  

SPOT  SPRAYER FARM  &  COMMERCIAL   Rapidspray   200L   12v   professional   SHEDS Spot  Sprayer  Electric  pump  replaced   5   hrâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   usage   ago   excellent   conâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d,   GRADER  BLADE   $1,000   ONO,   Phone   0418180479,   for   tractor,   3pl   6ft,   heavy   duty,   near   WARRANDYTE Warragul,   $650,   Phone   0428379051,   BULN  BULN SPRAY  UNIT GREENHOUSE  PROFITABLE

Hardi  1500   Litre   air   blast   sprayer,   2   spped   fan   PTO   pump,   fair   working   condition,   $2,500   ONO,   Phone   0427320739,   KANGAROO   GROUND

Commercial  Polyethylene   Hydroponic,   1200   m2,   twin-­skinned   Harford   design.   Computerised.   Hanging   gutters.   Drippers.   Heating   rails.  Gullwing  vents.  Boiler.  Pumps.   SPRAY  UNIT  HARDI PLATFORM Filters.   Tanks.   Trolleys.   Bonus   -­   30   in   very   good   condition   with   200  ltr  &  400  ltr,  boom  plus  hand  spot   roof   trusses,   Phone   57752106,   compressor  and  suitable  for  3  people   spray   good   cond,   $700   ono,   Phone   MANSFIELD and  3  bins  on  side  MAKE  AN  OFFER,   0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE SHED $7,000  ONO,  Phone  0409491139,  AH   STOCK  CRATE   7ft6Lx6ft6Wx5ft6H,   sliding   door,   Dismantled   shed   6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;   x   8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;   for   chooks,   0409491139,  LAKE  BOGA covered   in   weld   mesh,   $180,   Phone   tools,   cubby?   Wood/   aluminium   POLLY  TARP sides   &   roof   panels,   joists,   $140,   28   foot   long   by   10   foot   wide   heavy   54611956,  MARYBOROUGH Phone   59669030,   AH   0418132836,   duty  tarp  with  a  hydraulic  cover  insert   SUNBEAM  ULTRA  PRO  AQUA ideal   for   a   grain   truck,   $450,   Phone   motor   has   bell   housing   for   cone   WARBURTON attached  to  motor,  no  downtube,  motor   0458209442,  GIRGARRE SHIPPING  CONTAINER only,  near  new  in  storage  5yrs,  $650,   PRESSURE  PUMP   centrifugal   PTO   rear   drive   shaft,   Phone  0418460446,  HOWLONG $50,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR   SUPER  SPREADER   New   Holland   205   half   tonne   WARRAGUL ECond,   $700,   Phone   0438564393,   PUMP  4IN  EC dredge   will   pump   1ml   per   11hrs   BAIRNSDALE 65PSi  16HP  B&S  motor,  $750,  Phone   SUPER  SPREADER Mobilico   trailing   chain   driven   3/4   0418119784,  EAGLEHAWK ton   capacity   ideal   small   farm,   $550,   PUMP  HONDA   )LUH ¿JKWLQJ  3KRQH Phone  0448638883,  INVERLOCH SUPER  SPREADER  CRUMP 0409146059,  BAIRNSDALE 5ftx5ft  trailing,  PTO  needs  work,  $100,   RAILWAY  IRON 20ft,   clean   and   waterproof,   outside   20ft   lengths   60lb   good   straight   Phone  0428379051,  WARRAGUL needs  paint,  suit  storage  or  country   lengths,  10  available,  $220  per  length,   SUPER  SPREADER  SYLVAN   3  bag  3pt  linkage,  VGC,  $400,  Phone   property,   can   deliver,   $1,300   ono,   Phone  0429824278,  DENILIQUIN Phone   0438388580,   DINGLEY   52613610,  BELLBRAE RIPPERS/SCARIFIER  11  TYNE VILLAGE chisel   type,good   working   TAILGATE  LOADER condition,3.P.L   can   assist   in   Tieman  steel  ex  furniture  van  24V  no   SITE  OFFICE  20FTX10FT loading,   $750,   Phone   0409937318,   further   use   complete,   $1,000,   Phone   $4500,  16ftx10ft  $4000,  power  points,   0431191638,  WANGARATTA TOORADIN lights,   switchboard,   1   door   sliding   windows   GC,   Phone   0424247861,   TANK  STAND   RONALDSON  &  TIPPET Piston   pump   2   vertical   pistons,   galv   2   1/2in   piping,   solid   wooden   MOAMA suitable   for   spraying,   $350,   Phone   decking   height   11ft6in   to   top   of   dekcing   suit   over   2000   gallon   tank,   54611956,  MARYBOROUGH LIVESTOCK $600,   Phone   0459932128,   NYAH   ROTARY  HOE LAMBS  FOR  SALE Howard   Junior   MKII   good   working   AREA Second-­Cross   heavy   lambs   /Ready   order,   reverse   &   PTO   also   JNR   TANKS For   Freezer.   6   Month   Old   $   95.00   non   reverse   complete   not   going,   Each.  14-­15  Month  Old  $120.00  Each.   model   noâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s:30246/19841,   $2,000,   2-­5  Year  Old  Wethers  $150.00  Each,   Phone   0417527017,   AH   57969130,   Phone  0439324410,  GEELONG SEYMOUR AAA  CROSSBRED  EWES ROTARY  HOE in   lamb   due   December   8   ewes   plus   Made   in   Italy   4ft8in   wide   3PL   good   1   ram,   $1,200,   Phone   56788836,   working   order,   $1,500,   Phone   ALMURTA 0422284827,  LARA ALPACA ROUND  BALER beautiful   brown   male   14mths,   great   GEHL   1470   5x4   GC,   $5,000,   Phone   guard   or   just   a   pet,   $250,   Phone   58871318,  WAKOOL 0488770780,  BEECHWORTH ROUND  BALER Gehl   model   1475   sting,   good   cond,   Tanks  selling  for,  $250  each,  Phone   ANGUS  &  BLACK  BALDY &   red   Angus   13   months   old,   steers   $11,900,   Phone   0448638883,   0407642010,  SUNSHINE  NTH &   Heffers   weined,   very   quiet   $2   per   INVERLOCH TOYOTA  SKIDSTEER  4SDK4 kilo   on   farm,   Phone   57978404,   AH   SCARIFIER 2003  good  condition  4in1  bucket  good   0437901034,  GLENBURN 16   tynes,   3PL,   $550,   Phone   tyres   everything   works,   $13,800,   ANGUS  FRESIAN 0432539992,   AH   54335185,   Phone  0425616696,  BORONIA Heffers  (4)  10mths  old,  bucket  reared   TOOBORAC TRACTOR   quiet,   can   deliver,   $500   ea,   Phone   SCARIFIER  LEYLY   Massey   Furgeson   grey   petrol   in   54222324,  KYNETON 34  tyne,  3.6mL  ECond,  $1,400,  Phone   good   original   condition   and   excellent   ANGUS  HEFFERS 0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE working   oder   ideal   for   hobby   farmer   (6)   1yo,   weaned,   good,   can   SCOOP  3PL pto   ,hydraulic   good   ,canopy,towbar,   deliver,   $500   ea,   Phone   54222324,   quarter   metre   reversibnle,   has   dept   $2,900,   Phone   93363680,   KEILOR   KYNETON skids   category   2,   $300   ono,   Phone   NORTH 97895960,  LANGWARRIN ANGUS  HEIFERS  WITH  CALVES TRACTOR/TRUCK  TOW  CABLE SEED  DRILL   10   tonne   plus   spliced   eyes   and   Good   quality   2   year   old   Angus   Conershae   18   row   in   working   order,   thimbles,   never   used,   every   tractor   KHLIHUV ZLWK ¿UVW FDOI WR H[FHOOHQW $2,500   ONO,   Phone   0438564393,   needs   one,   $150,   Phone   59889643,   Angus  bull.  Calving  over  this  month.   20  available.  Call  Greg,  $700  Each,   BAIRNSDALE BLAIRGOWRIE Phone  0409  805  436,  AH  97148060,   SHEEP  HOOF  PORERS TRAILING  GRASS  RAKE air   powered,   VGCond,   $380,   Phone   excellent   condition,   $500,   Phone   ARTHURS  CREEK 52613610,  BELLBRAE 0418672393,   AH   0409992218,   ANGUS  X  CHAROLAIS TOORA  NORTH SHEEP  MARKING  CRATE heifers   (2)   with   bull   calves   at   foot   $80,   $80,   Phone   0409146059,   VACUUM  PUMP lovely   big   quiet   heifers,   $1,500   BAIRNSDALE Vacuum   pump   antique,   $50,   Phone   ea   delivery   arranged,   Phone   97230500,  CROYDON 0400619763,  BALLARAT SILAGE  HAY  GRAB Ritchie   hydraulic   as   new,   $1,500,   VACUUM  PUMP ANGUS  X  HEIFERS Phone  0409146059,  BAIRNSDALE lefthand   good   cond   $70,   irrigation   with  3  month  old  calves  at  foot.  Been   metre   200m   (8in)   Waltman   turbine,   running   with   Angus   bull.   Delivery   SLASHER 5ft,   buyer   to   pick   up   call   for   more   LQFO 39& Ã&#x20AC;DQJH YDQVWRQH  can   be   arranged,   $1,210   Each,   details,   $250,   Phone   0409355178,   gasket   never   used,   $850,   Phone   Phone   56266244,   AH   0418123082,   0459932128,  NEAR  NYAH WARRAGUL ROSEBUD VILLIERS  ENGINES BANTAMS SLASHER  4FT   2   to   3HP   3   of   some   runners,   $150,   silver   laced   seabrights   2x   pair   hens,   Australian   Made   John   Berry   heavy   Phone  0417104718,  LITTLE  RIVER $100,  Phone  0448441939,  TATURA duty,   only   10   hours   work,   $1,350,   BEE  HIVES Phone  59643832,  WANDIN  NORTH WALLACE  PLOUGH soil   aerator,   5   tyne   with   coulters   Registered,   good   condition   7   dbles   VGC,   $1,800,   Phone   52613610,   $150  each  4  triple  $180  each  discount   SLASHER  6FT  PAGE 10%   lot,   Phone   0417180306,   3PL   trailing   scoop,   5ft   Howard   BELLBRAE CRANBOURNE rotary   hoe,   3PL   super   spreader   WATER  CARTAGE  TANK (new),   Phone   0427044029,   LAKES   rapid  spray  2000  litres,  $1,200,  Phone   BEE  HIVES ENTRANCE 0418524101,  PARAPARAP 10   available,   single   $120   double,   $150,   Phone   93066315,   PASCOE   SLASHER  FOR  TRACTORS WATER  PUMP 4ft   as   new   Australian   Made   heavy   Robin   engine   can   handle   heavy   VALE duty,  55hp,  $1,275,  Phone  57872037,   matter   3in   outlet   GWO,   $400,   Phone   BEEF  CALVES AH  0438515854,  KILMORE 0422284827,  LARA from  4mths  old,  heifers  &  steers,  $400,   Phone  0428379051,  WARRAGUL SLASHER  GEAR  BOX WATER  PUMP Italian   made   reduction   gear   box   Honda  Petrol  easy  start,  VGC,  $300,   BEEHIVES PTO   driven   double   V   pulley   suitable   Phone   0409020502,   AH   94013479,   Honey   Bees.   X   8frame   SINGLES   for   slasher   or   saw   EC,   $120,   Phone   EPPING with   new   Italian   Queens   .   $120.00   59778218,  SOMERVILLE each.   Doubles   with   new   Italian   WEED  SPRAYER SLASHERS weed   sprayer   pump   &   petrol   motor   Queens   with   honey   $180.00   each,   5ft  heavy  duty  $1400  slasher  5ft,  $850,   unit,  Silvan  3mths  warranty,  $900  neg,   Phone  0421885908,  AH  0351832413,   TARRAVILLE Phone  0438564393,  BAIRNSDALE Phone  0432582307,  SKYE BELGIUM  BLUE  HEIFERS/BULL SMALL  WIRE  ROPE  WINCH WELDER/GENERATOR Small  wire  rope  winch  approximately3   Lincoln   DC   with   240V   outlets,   belgium   blue   heifers   and   bulls,1st   metre   of   cable,   $30,   Phone   Lombardi   diesel   good   reliable   cross,10  and  18  month  old,by  A.I.bull,   0408598990,  MACLEOD unit,   $1,500,   Phone   0431191638,   Phone  0419870427,  AH  0359983674,   TOORADIN WANGARATTA SMUDGER BERKSHIRE  X  PIGS heavy   rail   2.9Mx1.9M   double   WOODSPLITTER   Berkshire   x   pigs   from   8wks   to   9   sided,   $1,200,   Phone   56745544,   tractor   mounted   with   pipe   bender,   months.   Girls   and   Boys,   $130   Each,   LEONGATHA $1,500,  Phone  57551109,  BRIGHT Phone  0400931717,  TALLANGATTA SOUTHERN  CROSS  MOWER IW ¿QLVK PRZHU UHDU GLVFKDUJH KDV WOOL  PRESS BILLY  GOAT done   about   20hrs,   2010   model   with   Maclodge   hydraulic   manual   pin,   on   South   African,   2.5   yrs   old,   $75,   books,   $1,100,   Phone   0431487734,   transport   wheels,   240V   good   order,   Phone   93127777,   AH   0419677444,   BROADFORD $1,650,  Phone  0427895131,  MOAMA SUNSHINE brand   new,   will   lay   900mm   plastic   &  T  Tape,   $4,700   plus   GST,   Phone   0407094894,   AH   0350372997,   LAKE  BOGA

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Wire  spinner   star,   Picket   remover   and  Ramer.  All  brand  New.  Painted   in   Red   enamial,   $200,   Phone   0400505172,   AH   97415795,   WERRIBEE

New  Holland   275   small   square   baler   alwayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   shedded   suit   small   acres   or   lucerne   good   condition   for   age   $2,300..   rake   and   centipede   available  as  well  phone  0419701146   gippsland,   $2,300,   Phone   0419701146,  STRATFORD

HEATING  OIL  TANK Approx   100   gallons   on   stand,   $70,   Phone   0419440009,   BACCHUS   MARSH HIGH  WHEEL  KIT WR ¿W )HUJXVRQ RU LQWHUQDWLRQDO  tractor,   call   for   more   details,   Phone   0428217545,  COLAC HONDA  MOTOR 8HP   elec   start   brand   new   horizontal   shaft   cost   $1600   sell,   $1,000,   Phone   0438540904,  LILYDALE HONDA  MOTOR elec   start   S/H   good   cond,   $300,   Phone  0438540904,  LILYDALE HYDRAULIC  HOSE  1/2IN 36M   long,   $50,   Phone   0428379051,   NEAR  WARRAGUL HYDRAULIC  POWER  PACK 3   phase,   twin   cyl   14HP   vanguard   on   hydro   power-­pack   long   hoses,   jack-­hammer,   chisel,   temp   fence   dollies,  very  little  work,  $3,500,  Phone   0407508455,  MARYBOROUGH IRRIGATION  PUMPS Harland   4x3in   high   pressure   14in   impella   high   pressure   $800   Ajax   Elite   100x80   12.5   bronze   impella   VGO,   $1,000,   Phone   0431191638,   WANGARATTA KEMPER  BALE  WAGON heavy  duty  rollers  on  chain  some  after   sales   service   assistance,   $5,000,   Phone  58871318,  WAKOOL KNIFE  GUARDS forged   steel   new   set   of   24,   suit   New   Holland,   Gehl   Heston,   and   other   windrowers   and   mower   conditioners,   $400,  Phone  53592266,  MARNOO KUBOTA  ALTERNATOR 12  volt  alternator,  been  rebuilt,  $250,   Phone  59688252,  COCKATOO LARGE  GEAR  BOX Large   gear   box   60.1   ratio,   $400,   Phone  0447638319,  CLUNES LISTER  SHEARERS  GRINDER Excellent   condition.   Has   new   grinder   course   paper   as   yet   unused,   1   hangar.   Picture   available,   $450,   Phone  0896611171,  AH  0428305750,   DALWALLINU LOADER Forked   (Pettibone),   4WD   rear   hydraulic  steer,  14.00x24  tyres,  Alison   3SPD   AUTO,   3   CYL   GM,   runs   well,   hydraulic   levelling   and   extendable   boom,   $5,000,   Phone   0427648325,   MIRBOO  NORTH MCNAUGHT  12V  FUEL  PUMP to   suit   mobile   fuel   trailer,   or   205lt   drums,   $300,   Phone   0429909210,   WARRACKNABEAL MILKING  MACHINE Simplex   Milking   machine.   240v,   $750   ONO,   Phone   0438918489,   AH   0351918484,  TRARALGON MILKING  MACHINE DeLaval   portable   milking   machine   with   new   cup   liners,recently   been   serviced,   $1,500,   Phone   03   51749957,  TRARALGON MITSUBISHI  GENERATOR Top   quality   Mitsubishi   5KVA   Generator.   Little   use.   Petrol   run.   Pull   start.   EC.   Good   for   farm,   camping   or   home,   $600   ONO,   Phone   0431463416,  WENDOUREE MITSUBISHI  MOTOR 7HP   horizontal   shaft   ex   pump   GC,   $75,   Phone   0418119784,   EAGLEHAWK MOBILE  MILK  TANK  200  LT Used   one   only   season   excellent   mobile   milk   tank,   $750,   Phone   0418672393,   AH   0409992218,   TOORA  NORTH

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TraderTAG -­  The  home  of  the  FREE AD            Call:  (03) 9008 9850  

Bringing Back The Bargain!

BLACK  HEADED Dorper   rams,   12mths   old,   very   quiet,   $180   each,   Phone   0409161633,   MARYBOROUGH BLACK  LIMOUSINE  X   heifers   (2)   GC   dehorned,   tagged   ready   to   join   20mths   old,   quiet   hand   reared,   $730   ea,   Phone   59982391,   CRANBOURNE  SOUTH BLACK  SUFFOLK  RAM 10   month   old   purebred   black   sufolk   ram.   ready   to   work.   nice,   solid   type,   $150   ONO,   Phone   03   57989691,   EUROA BOAR  NANNY  GOAT With   3   kids   at   foot   $180,  A/B   Nanny   with  2  kids  $120,  Male  Goats  $50ea,   Phone  0428709541,  SHEPPARTON BOER  GOATS  -­  FULL  BLOOD Boer   Goats,   fullbloods,   Reg   BGBAA   breeder.   Mixed   ages,sexs,   grades.   Vaccinated,drenched,   health   history.   See   brooklandboergoats.   webs. com  for  photos,  Call  for  price,  Phone   0260595106,   AH   0449184585,   WODONGA BRAHMAN  BULLS Brahman   Bulls   registered,   imported   bloodlines,   ET,   $1100   Call   Chris   0427686542,   $1,100,   Phone   0427686542,  KYNETON BULL  &  3  COWS   2yearold   bull   2   females   angus   1   murygrey   female   must   sell   property   sold,  $4,400,  Phone  0411045074,  AH   0401214025,  MELTON  WEST BULLS  (4)   Brangus  FI  age  2  1/2  years,  paddock   reared   well   handled   can   assist   with   delivery,   $1,250,   Phone   57721592,   ALEXANDRA BULLS  FOR  HIRE  OR Sale   Angus,   Freshian,   Murray   Grey,   Hereford,   semen   tested,   vacc   with   Pestigard   Vipriovax,   Phone   56231310,  WARRAGUL CATTLE  &  HORSE  GATES  

5  bar,   3mt100Lx1.8H,   pinned   corners   for   easily   assembly.   Can   arrange   delivery,   $170   per   panel,   Phone   0407094894,   NORTHERN   VICTORIA CHARALOIS  COW with  steer  calf  at  foot  cow  back  in  calf   DJDLQWRSXUHEUHG$QJXVEXOOWRSRXW¿W del   arr,   $1,650,   Phone   0400619763,   BALLARAT CHEAP  CATTLE farm  sold,  Angus  heifers  (10)  $375ea,   4   Angus   X   $450ea   4x   Charlois   heifers   $475ea   1x   Hereford   cow   $595,  hereford  cow/calf  $795,  Phone   0488148462,  DOREEN CHICKEN  COOP with  2  layers,  portable,  suit  back  lawn,   free  eggs  for  your  scraps,  Isa  Browns,   very   quiet,   $350,   Phone   52419369,   AH  0429637543,  BELMONT CHICKENS 20x  10wk  old  multi  coloured  chickens,   Deloraine   Tasmania   area,   $200   lot,   Phone  0488699097,  TASMANIA


CHICKENS  -­   Vaccinated   and   Sexed,  REDS,  BLACKS  &  WHITES.   Day  oldes  -­  $3.50  through  to  layers   $17.00   Adult   Peakin   and   Khaki   Campbell   ducks   $10.   All   poultry   supplies   available,   now   selling   automatic   solar   powered   chicken   coop  doors,  open  8am  to  12  Monday   to   Saturday.   www.wagnerspoultry.,,   Wagner   Poultry,   Phone   97391460,   AH  0413309062,  COLDSTREAM

Call: (03) 9008 9850

CHICKENS  BUSS  COCHINS Barnevelders   trios,   $75,   Phone   59897524,   MORNINGTON   PENINSULA CHICKENS  FOR  SALE   CHICKENS   FOR   SALE   ISA   BOWN   20  Weeks  point  of  lay  Bulla  area  north   of  Tullamarine  Airport  $23  9740  0718,   $23,  Phone  9744  0718,  AH  0413  968   280,  BULLA CHICKENS  SILKIES   breeding   pair   $45,   1   black   silky   hen   $20,   Bantam   Pekin   Frizzle   Trio   $85,   Bantam   Pekin   5mths   old   hen,   $20,   Phone  0407562077,  NOOJEE COWS  (2) Red   fresian   x   heiffers,   in   good   condition,   very   quiet,   $750   each,   Phone  52346230,  BEEAC CROSSBRED  LAMBS 6,   very   good   condition,   can   deliver,   very   good   quality   ready   for   freezer,   can   deliver,   $100   each,   Phone   0448320745,  BENDIGO DAIRY  HEIFERS 12   to   15   weeks   old   weaned   ,   vaccinated   ,   drenched   very   quiet   currently   in   paddock   being   grain   fed,   $380   Each,   Phone   0458209442,   GIRGARRE DAMARA  SHEEP coloured   shedding   bottle   lambs,   wethers  young  rams  and  3yr  old  ewes   from   $100   can   deliver   Melbourne,   Phone   0408181054,   TURTONS   CREEK DORPER  EWES x25,   2   to   3   years   good   cond,   good   shedders   just   had   lambs   taken   off   them,   $60   ea,   Phone   0428709541,   SHEPPARTON DORPER  RAM Black  head,  purebred,  registered  with   papers,   excellent   blood   lines,   $500,   Phone  59622962,  HEALESVILLE

DORPER  RAM   well  bred,  papers  avail,  2  Ewes  $450   the  lot  will  separate,  Phone  56251219,   DROUIN DORPER  RAMS White   good   shedders,   2-­3   years,   $80   each,   Phone   0428709541,   SHEPPARTON DORPER  RAMS  AND  WETHERS 2   year   old   &   5   month   old   Black   face   ram   $150   each.   Wethers   3-­5   months   old   $100,   $100   ONO,   Phone   0402245711,   AH   0417725385,   CRAIGIEBURN DORPER/WILTIPOL  WETHERS 12-­14   months   old   ready   to   eat   $110   each,   Each,   Phone   0458048542,   TALLANGATTA DUCKS Muscovy   drakes,   white,   healthy,   free   range,   $16   ea,   Phone   97362581,   MOUNT  EVELYN DUCKS  MUSCOVY  WHITE Muscovy   ducks   females   $30   males   $35.00   also   ducking   3weeks   old   $9.50,  $30  Each,  Phone  0403552467,   WERRIBEE FAT  LAMBS Cross   breed   lambs,   12mths   old   $80-­ $100  can  deliver  call  for  more  details,   Phone  0400719620,  IRREWILLIPE FEED  BOSS

THE  TOUGHEST   SALIVA   LICK   FEEDER   Supplement   cattle/   sheep   grazing   with   a   Feed   Boss.   No   feed   waste,   labour   saving,   3200L   capacity,   adjustable   feed   rates,   durable   &   weather   resistant.   Designed   by   farmers,   for   farmers... AUSTRALIA   WIDE,   Power   Innovations   (1),   Phone   1300   799   036,  LONGWARRY FERTILE  EGGS Araucana  &  Silkies,  mixed  colours,  DL   Barnavelder,   $30-­$35   Muscovy   Eggs   $25,   can   arrange   postage   extra   $15   Kilmore/Thomastown   area,   Phone   57822776,  KILMORE FREE  RANGE  POULTRY Chickens,Ducks,   Geese   &   Pigeons   for   sale,   various   breeds   &   ages,   Call   for   price,   Phone   0359673742,   AH   0359673742,  LAUNCHING  PLACE FREE  TO  GOOD  HOME 1   young   bearded   modern   game   bantam  x  rooster,  Phone  0260774295,   CUDGEWA FREISIAN  STEERS (4),   hand   reared,   approx   6   months,   very   quiet,   drenched   &   tagged.   Can   deliver,  $380  each,  Phone  56251219,   DROUIN FRESIAN  STEERS 5  months  old.  Great  for  hobby  farmers,   $400   Each,   Phone   0458048542,   TALLANGATTA GOAT  1  BUCK tri   colour,   &   2   nanies   all   1yr   old,   all   taught   to   tether,   $60   ea,   Phone   57952342,  EUROA GOATS   baby  goats,  pure  breed  British  Alpine,   parents   have   papers,   2   males,   black/white,   $50,   Phone   97452112,   SUNBURY GOATS   mixed  breed  male  &  female,  all  ages,   sizes   and   colour   50   plus   $1000   the   lot,   lawnmowers,   pets   or   meat,   Phone   57431957,   AH   0428919577,   YARRAWONGA GOATS  (10) Good   goats,   suitable   grass   eaters   or   pets   $50   each   or   $450   lot,   each,   Phone  0407544893,  BENDIGO GOATS  9  YOUNG good   colours,   make   great   pet,   grass   eaters   etc,   can   deliver,   $50   each,   Phone  0448320745,  BENDIGO GOATS  BABY   bottle   fed   Saanens   and   Alpines,   from,   $100   ea,   Phone   98081152,  AH   0417081152,  TURTONS  CREEK


males  and   females,   all   ages   and   sizes,   for   pets,   lawn   mowers   or   meat,   also   bottle   fed   babies   from,   $60,  Phone  0408714445,  BAXTER GOATS!  PUREBRED We   have   purebred   Saanen,   british   alpine   and   toggenburg.   most   have   been  shown,  with  reg.  papers,  friendly   and   great   milkers,   $450,   Phone   0413723173,  NARRE  WARREN HAND  REARED  CALVES Steers   and   heifers,   3   -­   5   months   old,   all   beef   x.   From   $280   each.   Please   call   mobile   after   6pm,   Phone   0468328170,  SMYTHESDALE HAY Oaten   hay   5x4   net   wrapped,   round   bales,   good   cond   500   avail,   Phone   0419225155,  KYABRAM HAY  FOR  SALE Good   quality   hay   for   sale   Small   Sqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   from   $8.80   -­   $11.00ea,   5x4   Round   bales   from   $44   -­   $77ea   delivery   aval,   Phone   0438772541,   WANDIN   NORTH HAY  FOR  SALE 300   small   square   bales   of   hay   for   sale,   $4   Each,   Phone   0427523706,   HASTINGS HAY  GOOD  QUALITY for   sale   $8   per   bale,   this   season   in   shed,   Phone   0407250413,   LANGWARRIN HAY  GRASS 5x4   rolls   nett   wrapped   baled   December   2011,   $18.50ea   inc   GST,   Phone  0419331795,  PAKENHAM

HAY  GRASS 5x4   rolls,   net   wrapped,   bales   December   2011,   $18.50   including,   Phone  0419331795,  PAKENHAM HAY  LARGE  ROUND  BALES net   wrapped,   last   season,   good   quality,   $25,   Phone   0418607289,   KOO  WEE  RUP HEIFERS 2   m/grey   x   friesian   heifers,   1   angus   x   friesian   heifer,   bucket   reared   about   10   mths   old,   $450   each,   price   neg,   Phone   0418141789,   AH   03   54332421,  HEATHCOTE HENS  FREE  RANGE  ISA Browns   1st   year   layers,   $15   ea,   Phone  0400619763,  BALLARAT HEREFORD  AND  BALDY  COWS 3   yo   Hereford   heifer   +   baldy   cow   with   angus   heifer   calf   at   foot,   very   quiet  good  home  only,  $2,000,  Phone   0409247150,  LOCH HOBBY  PET  FARM Goats   and   Lambs   for   sale.   All   ages   all  breeds.  Also  large  male  goats  from   $100.   Please   ring   contact   number,   $100   Each,   Phone   0412144460,   CRANBOURNE INCUBATOR Watson   Victor,   4ftH   x   2ft7W   X   2ft4D,   approx   150   egg,   $450,   Phone   0409146059,  BAIRNSDALE ISABROWN  FREERANGE   Wormed   &   vacc.healthy   girls   20weeks  old(point  of  lay)come  learn   how  to  keep  them.  Chickens  always   available   all   year   round.   Coops   avail.  Call  for  questions,  $22,  Phone   0427624665,  CARRUM  DOWNS JERSEY  CALF  (HEIFER) jersey  heifer  6wks  bottle  fed,  quiet  calf   on  mild  and  solids  tan  colour  healthy   condition,   $185,   Phone   97362581,   MOUNT  EVELYN JERSEY  COW big   framed,   quiet   make   good   house   cow,  running  with  hereford  bull  had  1   calf,  $650,  Phone  53543264,  ARARAT JERSEY  HEIFER born   july   2010-­   ready   for   joining,   $650,   Phone   0401034769,   MIRBOO   NORTH JERSEY  X  GUERNSEY  COW   in   calf   to   Jersey   bull   GC   can   deliver,   $720,  Phone  56251219,  DROUIN LAMBS 2   lawn   mowers   woolless   Sep   2011   Drop,  $110  each,  Phone  0418554953,   ROCKBANK LAMBS   50   white   Suffolk,   ewes,   June   drop,   drenched   and   shorn,   good   cond,   $100   ea,   Phone   0432539992,   AH   54335185,  TOOBORAC LAMBS  &  2  TOOTH VGCond,   ready   to   kill   $60ea,   Phone   0428709541,  SHEPPARTON LAMBS  CROSS  BRED 8-­9   months   old,   good   quality,   good   lawn   mowers,   $95   each,   Phone   93666752,  TRENTHAM LAMBS  DAMARA bottle   babies,   3   black   wethers,   1-­6wkd   old,   great   pets   organic   lawn   mowers/weedeaters,   easy   car   sheep   no   shearing/crutching,   can   delivery   Melbounre,   Phone   0408181054,   AH   56646517,  FOSTER LAMBS  FOR  SALE Cross   bred   lambs   for   sale.   All   in   excellent  condition,  $75  Each,  Phone   0418102897,   AH   0397400327,   BULLA LAMBS  X  BREED 10mth   old,   good   condition,   good   lawn  mowers.  Can  deliver,  $90  each,   Phone  0438347667,  BALLARAT LARGE  WHITE  PIGS 2   Sowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   and   Bore   Great   breeders,   $500,   Phone   0429685707,   AH   0429686707,  WAKOOL MALE  PIGS 2  male  pigs  10  months  old.  Landrace   x   Bershire,   both   white,   $130   Each,   Phone  0458048542,  TALLANGATTA MAREMMA  PUPPIES Livestock   Guardian   dogs   Maremma   puppies-­working   parents   Wormed,   vacc,   microchipped,   vet   checked   981020005494209,   6838,   9054,   Phone  0458048542,  TALLANGATTA MERINO  X,  EWEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S   For  sale.  One  is  3yrs  the  other  is  1yrs   old.  Need  Shearing  other  wise  in  good   condition,   Neg,   $180   ONO,   Phone   0408480234,  NYORA MURRAY  GREYS  X5 3yr  oold  in  cast  Dextor  bull,  beautiful   cows   extremely   friendly   sad   sale,   $1,000  each,  Phone  0428149480,  AH   51696597,  BOOLARRA MUSCOVERY  DUCKS drakes,   ready   to   breed   free   range,   excellent  quality  white,  $25  ea,  Phone   0433700007,  FLOWERDALE MUSCOVEY  DUCK  TRIOS $90,   healthy   free   range   young   birds,   Phone  57721592,  ALEXANDRA MUSCOVY  DUCKLINGS blue   pied,   black   pied,   4   weeks   old,   please  leave  message  its  a  business   number,   $12.50   Each,   Phone   0421640044,  BOOLARRA MUSCOVY  DUCKS Muscovy   Ducks   &   Geese.   White   &   coloured.   Chickens   also   available,   Phone  0359673742,  AH  0359673742,   LAUNCHING  PLACE MUSCOVY  TRIO blue   drake,   silver   pied   ducks,   please   leave   message   its   a   business   number,   $70,   Phone   0421640044,   BOOLARRA MUSCOVY  YOUNG  MALES young  muscovy  breeders  males,  $15,   Phone  0409863913,  INGLEWOOD PEACOCK male   turning   2   in   November,   $180,   Phone  0407562077,  NOOJEE PEKIN  DUCKS day   old   $5   each   or   add   $1   each   week   after   that,   $5   Each,   Phone   0409863913,  INGLEWOOD

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12 PIGLETS (7)   piglets,   various   colours,   ready   to   go  now,  buyer  to  collect,  $50,  Phone   0449971177,  HASTINGS PIGLETS 8   large   white   cross   piglets,   9   weeks   old,   ready   to   go,   $90   each,   $90   Each,   Phone   0418141789,   AH   03   54332421,  HEATHCOTE PIGLETS Landrace   $120ea   sow   $300,   ea,   Phone  0459449729,  MERBEIN PIGS Large   white   cross   sow   (joined)   and   boar   breeding   pair,   each   18   mths   old,   quiet   to   handle,   proven   breeders,  $600  the  pair,  $600,  Phone   0427648325,  MIRBOO  NORTH PIGS  LANDRACE 3  2year  old  pigs  1  boar  2  sows  great   for   breeding   all   130kg+   pigs   must   sell  due  to  property  sold,  $280  Each,   Phone  0411045074,  MELTON  WEST PIGS  SADDLEBACKS Male   and   female   breeding   pair.   8mths  old  120  kg,  $480  PAIR,  Phone   0437113178,  TARWIN  LOWER RAMS   Dorper  Ram,  good  shedder,  1.5yr  old,   excellent   quality   $250,   1x3.5yr   old   Dorper,  very  good  Ram  $120,  Phone   0407544893,  BENDIGO RHODE  ISLAND  REDS rhode   island   reds   young   layers,   $18   Each,   Phone   0409863913,   INGLEWOOD ROAD  ISLAND  RED  PULLETS x2,   nice   birds,   been   laying   approx   1   month,   $20   each,   Phone   95467068,   NOBLE  PARK ROOSTERS various   colours   from,   $10,   Phone   0459449729,  MERBEIN SHEARING  STAND   on   table   plus   leather   harness   gear,   Phone  58531508,  KYABRAM SHEEP 4   wiltshirehorn   rams   2   x   3yrs   2   x   4yrs   $100   each   or   lot   $320,   Phone   59674396,   AH   0407300681,   HODDLES  CREEK SHEEP  (15)  CROSSBRED Ewes   &   Lambs,   18mths   old,   very   good   quality,   can   deliver,   $140   pr,   Phone  0448320745,  BENDIGO SHEEP  GOATS four   young   goats   (1-­2yrs)   3   wethers   1   female   boar   cross,   tame,   2   sheep   1   ewe   (18mths)   1   lamb   (10mths),   $70   ea,   Phone   97362581,   MOUNT   EVELYN SILKIE  ROOSTERS young   various   colours,   Phone   0438609149,  LANGWARRIN SILKY  BANTAMS white,  with  purple  cone  and  red  cone   variety,  10mths  old  ideal  pets,  $20  ea,   Phone  57721952,  ALEXANDRA STEERS 4   friesian   steers,   1   angus   x   friesian   steer,   1   m/grey   x   friesian,   bucket   reared  8-­12  mths  old.$400-­$500  each   price  neg,  Phone  0418141789,  AH  03   54332421,  HEATHCOTE SUFFOLK  RAM 18mths   suffolk   ram   good   worker,   $100,   Phone   97362581,   MOUNT   EVELYN SUSSEX  CHOOKS   young   sussex   roosters   colors   are   black   /white   &   orange   $35   each,   $35   Each,   Phone   0409863913,   INGLEWOOD SUSSEX  CHICKENS started   laying   2   weeks   ago.   free   range,  $20  Each,  Phone  0487388894,   AH  0401150599,  LARA TB  MARE 5yrs,   broken   in,   good   to   handle   and   FDWFKÃ&#x20AC;RDWVZHOOYHU\JRRGFRQGLWLRQ still   a   bit   green   to   ride,   $1,000   ONO,   Stewart,   Phone   0400170187,   AH   0400170187,  BOOLARRA TURKEYS   for   sale   Hens   $38   and   Toms   $45,   Phone  0429546489,  WONTHAGGI TURKEYS Bourbon/Slate   turkeys   4   months   old.   Very   quiet,   $40   Each,   Phone   0458048542,   AH   0458485360,   TALLANGATTA TURKEYS  PAIR breeding   $70,   Gobblers   $30,   big   healthy   birds,   white   gander   $30,   peacocks   pair   $75,   peacock   $35,   Phone  0459932128,  KORALEIGH WANTED  2  PET  CALVES desexed   or   females,   human/horse   &   goat   friendly,   pref   leadable,   pay   up   to  $450  both  delivered  to  Mt  Wallace   Vic,   Phone   0434235770,   MOUNT   WALLACE WANTED  BEEF  X  CALVES on   the   bottle,   $50-­$100ea   neg.   please,  Phone  0408480234,  NYORA WARMBLOOD  X  TB  MARE \UVKDOWHUWUDLQHGEHHQÃ&#x20AC;RDWHGFDQ EH D OLWWOH Ã&#x20AC;LJKW\  6WHZDUW Phone  0400170187,  AH  0400170187,   BOOLARRA WILTIPOL  RAMS Top   quality   bloodlines.   Excellent   conformation.  Must  be  viewed,  $350,   Phone  0412185592,  SUNBURY WILTIPOLE  EWES  &   lambs,   $200,   Wiltshire   horn   ewes   &   lambs   property   sold,   $150,   Phone   58641370,  WAAIA WILTSHIRE  PURE  WOOLLESS Rams   September   2011   drop,   2   to   choose   from,   $200   each,   Phone   0418554953,  ROCKBANK

CLEARING  SALES BOER  GOATS Stud   &   Commercial   Clearance   Sale.   All   must   GO!   Great   Prices,   Phone   51571958,  BAIRNSDALE DIESEL  FUEL  TANK plastic   tank   in   steel   frame   with   forklift   skids   1000ltr,   $800,   Phone   0351861392,  YARRAM STAINLESS  TANK 980w,   1600l,   700d,   $500,   Phone   0351861392,  YARRAM

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November N ovember b 2 29, 9 2 2012 012 01 2

WAGON WHEEL MOTORS Family owned and operated since 1986

1385 Sydney Rd, FAWKNER



Phone: 9357 4447



2009 NISSAN PATROL TURBO DIESEL A/Con, P/Steer, Airbags, Alloy Tray, Winch & much more! SN5872

FORD XR6 Grey, A/Con, P/Steer, P/Windows, Cruise, ABS & More. TSM-427

Cheaper than the banks

from 7.99%*

FROM $12,990

VW BEETLES AUTOMATICS A/Con, P/Steer, P/Windows, A/Bags, Cruise and more. In stock NOW! PINK27



HOLDEN VE SPORTWAGON 22” Alloys, sports suspension, driving lights. CND07P


2002 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER Diesel, A/Con, P/Steer, Alloy Tray, Bars. 728-HZX


MAZDA 3 Black, Air Con, Power Steer, Alloys, only 79,000klms, all electrics, Air bags, ABS. WBW-791

FROM $17,990

HOLDEN VE BERLINA A/Con, P/Steer, P/Windows, Cruise, 2 In Stock and More. UMG-635






HOLDEN VY UTE Carry Boy Canopy, Air Con, Power Steer, Alloys – Many utes in stock! XRP-987



HOLDEN WL STATESMAN V8 EFI, Sunroof, Leather Trim, Navigation System & More! ZHX-504



HOLDEN VZ ACCLAIM Low Klms, A/Con, P/Steer, P/Windows, Airbags, Cruise & more luxuries. AQ38AT


2007 TOYOTA HILUX Turbo Diesel, Dual Cab, A/Con, P/Steer, P/Windows, Airbags, Hard Top. ATHIMU



FORD FAIRMONT Maroon, A/Con, P/Steer, P/Windows, Airbag, Alloys etc. RNU-003


HOLDEN CRUZE CDX LUXURY A/Con, P/Steer, P/Windows, Airbags, Cruise, Abs, Alloys, Low Klms 51,000, Leather trim, Reverse Sensors & Camera Plus More BUG03Q

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Fu ll stor y in side Nissan Unveils the 2013 Nissan Altima V8 Supercar Stylish New-Look Mazda MX-5 Available Now

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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12

Index Automotive Cars  Up  To  $1,000  ...................... 42 Cars  $1,001  -­  $5,000  .................. 43 Cars  $5,001  -­  $10,000  ................ 45 Cars  $10,001  -­  $15,000  .............. 49 Cars  $15,001  -­  $20,000  .............. 50 Cars  $20,001  -­  $30,000  .............. 50 Cars  Over  $30,000  ...................... 50 4WDs  .......................................... 50 People  Movers  ............................ 53 Sports  &  Performance  Cars  ........ 53 Classic  &  Unique  Cars  ................ 53 Utes  &  Panel  Vans  ...................... 54 Commercial  Vans  ........................ 55 Trucks  &  Buses  ........................... 55 Cars  Damaged  ............................ 56 Parts,  Accessories  &  Service  ...... 56 Wheels  &  Tyres  ........................... 60 Aircraft  ......................................... 62

Trailers,  Campers  &  Caravans Trailers  ........................................ 62 Caravans  &  Camper  Trailers  ....... 63 Motorhomes  &  Campervans  ....... 69 Mobile  Homes  ............................. 70 Parts,  Accessories  &  Service  ...... 70

Motorbikes  &  ATVs Scooters  ...................................... 71 Go  Karts  &  ATVs  ......................... 71 Mini  Bikes  .................................... 71 Trail  Bikes  ................................... 71 Road  Bikes  .................................. 72 Parts,  Accessories  &  Service  ...... 72

Marine Power  Boats  ................................ 73 Jet  Skis  &  PWC  ........................... 76 Yachts  &  Sailing  Boats  ................ 76 Outboard  Motors  ......................... 76 Houseboats  ................................. 76 Canoes  &  Kayaks  ....................... 78 Parts,  Accessories  &  Service  ...... 78

Trades  &  Services Boat  &  Marine  Services  .............. 78 Bricklaying  &  Paving  Services  .... 78 Bridal  &  Wedding  ........................ 78 Building  &  Construction  ............... 78 Concreters  .................................. 78 Electricians  .................................. 78 Garden  &  Landscaping  Services   78 Housekeepers  ............................. 78 Lawn  Mowing  .............................. 78 Painter  &  Decorating  Services  .... 78 Party  Hire  .................................... 78 Pest  Control  ................................ 78 Plumbers  ..................................... 78


JUST CARS GEELONG REVIVAL. Motor Show and Judging12 noon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5pm. Saturday 1st December and 12 noon to 4pm. Sunday 2nd December at The Pier, Geelong Waterfront. Just Cars Geelong Revival 2012 brings the spirit of the speed trials back to the Geelong Waterfront. Along with the Speed Trials for both cars and motorbikes, there will be a Classic Motor Show full of exciting and rare machinery, a Gala Dinner, a Pre-tour, Music, Markets, Fashion, Displays and weekend entertainment for all. Phone 03 5273 4777 ext 410 Email: au Web: The Pier, Geelong Waterfront.

DECEMBER 01 WHITTLESEA SWAP MEET. At whittlesea showgrounds. Public entry 7.30Am.

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Catering on grounds. Admission $5.00 {$1.00 Goes to r.C.H cancer ward} car display. $10.00 Donation to r.C.H. Cancer ward includes diver only. Outdoor site $25.00. Indoor $35.00. Set up saturday from 7am or friday by appointment [after 6pm] car for sale. $15.00 Call 0419 128 969. Yea rd whittlesea.


December for our Show and Shine fundraiser! 100% of money raised on the day will be donated to our community partner, Yooralla Narre Warren Central Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Centre. Come along and supporting local families by joining us at this great event! Registrations are now open so get in quick! Time: 11am - 3pm. Where: Grassed area, near NQR. Cost: $10 per car / $5 per bike. For further information or to register for this great event, please contact Sarah Taylor at Westfieldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Narre Warren

01 GIPPSLAND MOTORCYCLISTS Toy Run. Breakfast from 9.30 am. departure at 11 am. All goods & toys to be presented to The Salvation Army & St Vincent de Paul for their Christmas Appeal. Meet Latrobe City Offices. Kay Street, Traralgon. Ride through Traralgon, Morwell & Moe to Old Gippstown.


JUST CARS GEELONG REVIVAL. Motor Show and Judging 12 noon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5pm. Saturday 1st December and 12 noon to 4pm. Sunday 2nd December at The Pier, Geelong Waterfront. Just Cars Geelong Revival 2012 brings the spirit of the speed trials back to the Geelong Waterfront. Along with the Speed Trials for both cars and motorbikes, there will be a Classic Motor Show full of exciting and rare machinery, a Gala Dinner, a Pre-tour, Music, Markets, Fashion, Displays and weekend entertainment for all. Phone 03 5273 4777 ext 410 Email: au Web: The Pier, Geelong Waterfront.

02 SWAP MEET MOTORCYCLE ONLY. Fee $10.00 includes one entry Buyers/

Lookers Entry $5.00 Saturday Camping on Site $5.00 Food available at site. No Dogs Please. Bendigo Historic Motorcycle Club Inc. Rex 03 5441 4473 / 0407 683 376. Llanelly Reserve. Wimmera Highway. (40ks West of Bendigo). (Melways 43- F5)

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SMS: CODEWORD To: 0451 266 666


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a great day in the Yarra Valley. Bring a picnic and soak up the sun! Entrants prizes, raffles, kids activities. Music, food and trader stands. Rachel 0407 864 966. Email: Melbourne Gun Club. Victoria Rd. Lilydale. Melways 274 E9

02 WILD VIOLET ANNUAL CHARITY CRUISE 2012. Ph. 0499 779 644.

Call: 1300 35 25 05

Departs 10.30am from BP Service Station. (Pakenham Bypass Outbound) to The Tool Shed Bar. Noogee

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FORD  FALCON  EA  1988 63DF/3*¿WWHGJRRGPHFK  KDV EHQW VWXE D[OH ¿[ RU SDUWV FYZ597,   $550,   Phone   0422079881,   LEOPOLD

FORD  FALCON  WAGON  1996 rego   till   May   13,   nees   little   work   for   RWC   $1000   or   will   swap,   Phone   0434229272,   The  Best  $$$  Offered..We  Pay  You   $1,000,   Up  To  $1000  Cash  For  Trucks,  Utes,   AMPHITHEATRE Vans,   4WD,   Cars,   For   all   kinds   of   metal   &   copper   scrap   we   remove   FORD  FALCON  XF  1986 free.   Metro   &   Outer   Suburbs.   6  cylinder,  Tbar  auto,  p/steer,  a/cond,   CASH   PAID!!,   Aussie   Motor   245000klms,   white,   vin   JG23GY   Recycling,   Phone   0424   925   627,   86330C,  $500  ono,  Phone  58622114,   WUNGHNU KEYSBOROUGH FORD  FESTIVA DAEWOO  CIELO 2   door   hatchback,   auto,   no   reg,   for   parts   or   reregister,   needs   minor   no   RWC,   $1,000   ono,   Phone   work   for   reg   &   RW,   inspections   welcome,  green,  UZO612,  $500  ono,   0412533949,  LAVERTON Phone  0404333059,  LOVELY  BANKS FALCON  XF  UTE/TRAY  1990 Straight   body   with   no   rust.   No   FORD  FESTIVA  1998 roadworthy/rego,   $850,   Phone   unreg,   manual,   runs   good,   a   couple   glenn   on   0466243724,   VIN   -­   of   dents   otherwise   fairly   neat,   6fpaaajl4olu55545,   HEIDELBERG   knadb1225w6360505,   $1,000   ono,   Phone  0400991890,  WERRIBEE HEIGHTS


Mazda 323 Protege Sedan 1998

Ford Falcon BF XT Sedan 2006





Aroma Red, a/cond, p/steer, p/wind, dual airbags, travelled 158,400kms, PIM-338 Charcoal, auto, a/cond, p/steer, p/wind, cruise, airbags, dedicated gas, complete with RWC & 12mths extended wty, XKI-723

Mazda 323 SP20 Hatch 2003

$5,999 EGC

Mitsubishi Pajero GLS Wagon 1995 $4,999 EGC

Holden Commodore VT Acclaim Sedan 1998

$3,499 EGC

Red, alloy wheels, airbags, a/cond, p/steer, p/wind, long reg, complete with RWC & 12mths extended wty, SIM-948

White, auto, a/cond, p/steer, p/wind, CD player, long reg, complete with RWC & 12mths extended wty, QUI-748

Nissan Navara 2000 Tray with Canopy $6,999 EGC

Nissan Pulsar ST Sedan 2002

Black, auto, a/cond, p/steer, airbags, ABS, traction control, with RWC, RIQ-840



Blue, a/cond, p/steer, dual fuel, with RWC, QPI-409

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Burgundy, auto, a/cond, p/steer, airbag, alloy wheels, complete with RWC & 12mths extended wty, amazing price, RZO-782

SMS: Skygrove

Bayswater TEL: 9738 1000

FORD  LASER  5D  HATCHBACK   1986 Reco-­Engine,   Good   Tires,   PWR-­ STER,   A/C,   no   Reg,   no-­RWC,   $399,   Phone   0439764934,   VIN   -­   uk8rfe84345l,  FRANKSTON FORD  LASER  GHIA KB   1984,   auto,   a/cond,   p/steer,   no   reg,   no   RWC,   UK8RCY42552Q,   $400,   Phone   0402572269,   MONTMORENCY FORD  XR6  1994 LPG   auto,   cruise,   climate,   blown   head   gasket   NTF587,   $950,   Phone   0428379051,  WARRAGUL HOLDEN  CAMIRA  1983 st/wagon   runs   well,   5   good   tyres,   no   plates   best   offer,   Phone   93097836,   BROADMEADOWS HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D  SEDAN   1979 Holden   Commodore   1979   Original   no   rust   straight   body   very   good   interior.   Not   running   0438346723,   $450,   Phone   0438346723,   VIN   -­   8L69LJJ649939B,  OAKLEIGH  EAST

HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D  SEDAN   1984 brown,   straight   body   on   gas.   leaking   RENT   TO   OWN   TODAY!dual   fuel. transmission   oil   and   power   steering   pwr   steering.R.W.C.   12   month   reg. Ă&#x20AC;XLG H[FHOOHQW IRU SDUWV  212 from   $15   a   day   conditions   apply.   Phone  0425796246,  VIN  -­  vk458392,   call  Michael,  Call  for  price,  Aall  CAR   KURUNJANG RENTALS,   Phone   9310   1299,   AH   04,  REGO  SKM-­340,  SUNSHINE HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D  


To: 0451 266 666 246 Canterbury Rd

email: web: LMCT 7857

FORD  AU  2002 Ex   Taxi   on   gas,   unregistered,   XIO-­ 272,   clean   &   tidy,   drive   away,   $750,   Phone  0407365103,  BALLARAT FORD  FAIRMONT  GHIA  1989 needs   work,   car   will   run   but   needs   attention   to   wiring   &   oil   leaks,   mag   wheels,   vin:6fpaaajg32kg53168,   $450,   Phone   0427112262,   PORTARLINGTON FORD  FAIRMONT  GHIA  1990 full   electrics,   usual   Ghia   options,   velour-­interior,   used   daily,   needs   work   or   great   parts   car,   no   reg/or   roadworthy   en:JG32LR74752,   $500,   Phone  0423235131,  RINGWOOD FORD  FALCON  4D  SEDAN  1994 Ford  falcon  ed  classic  sedan  in  g/c  no   UHJUHTZDWHUSXPSUHDUPXIĂ&#x20AC;HUYHU\ neat   for   age,   $1,000,   Phone   0412751679,   VIN   -­   6fpaaajg458903,   BACCHUS  MARSH FORD  FALCON  4D  SEDAN  1996 Mech   sound,   with   a   very   straight   body   and   good   tyres,   wouldnt   take   much   to   get   over   roadworthy,   $600   ONO,   Phone   0412489930,   VIN   -­   6fpaaajg3wtc38053,  COLAC

FORD  FALCON  4D  WAGON  1985 4spmanual   rebuilt   motor,   elec   windows/mirrors   ghia   rims,lowered   springs  extractors  sports  exhaust,rear   air   shocks   lots   of   extra   parts,   $800   ONO,   Phone   0439   953   340,   VIN   -­   JG31FU43170C,  EUROA

SEDAN Â 2003

RENT  TO   OWN   TODAY!   pwr   steering,auto,air   con.R.W.C.   From   $20  a  day.  Conditions  Apply  Michael,   Call   for   price,  Aall   CAR   RENTALS,   Phone   9310   1299,   AH   04,   REGO   ZCF-­787,  SUNSHINE

HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D   WAGON  1983 gold   wagon,   good   old   car,   runs   well,   teenager   cant   b   bothered   with   the   tlc   it   needs,   $600   ONO,   Phone   0406335428,   VIN   -­   BVH014182A,   NUNAWADING HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D   WAGON  1995 Vs   station   wagon,   low   kâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.   Good   gearbox.  Only  need  a  little  to  get  rwc.   Offers  welcome,  Phone  0400944957,   VIN  -­  look  at  it  tonight,  WARRAGUL HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VK   dual   fuel   sedan,   runs   well   on   both,   6cyl   auto,   clean   straight   car,   no   reg   or   roadworthy,   unregistered   vehicle   permit,   $850   NEG,   Phone   0425765374,  CROYDON HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VL 1986,   good   runner,   no   reg,   auto,   white,   AVL005991A,   alloy   wheels,   $600,   Phone   0411758279,   BENDIGO HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VR  1994 Series  II,  a/c,  p/s,  c/control,  cl/control,   ABS,   runs   well,   no   reg/RWCert,   was   registered   but   transferred   to   other   vehicle,VH1433787,   $500,   Phone   0477537485,  MELTON HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VS 1996   Exec,   red,   auto,   air,   steer,   285000kms,  reg  23/9/12,  no  RW,  hail   dints,   CD,   lowered,   alloys,   oms922,   $850,   Phone   0400841986,   REGO   o,   MILL  PARK HOLDEN  GEMINI  1980 4cyl   auto,   blue,   no   reg   or   RWCert,   vin:ATE36038B,   $1,000,   Phone   0487393976,  SHEPPARTON HOLDEN  KINGSWOOD  4D  SEDAN   1970 Interior   Good,   Runs   Well,   Plenty   of   Rust.   Good   Restorer!,   $600   ONO,   Phone   0398120750,   VIN   -­   803.69. G128.3801,  DONVALE HONDA  LEGEND  COUPE  1988 no   RWCert,   auto,   champagne   good   cond,   $1,000,   Phone   0428675842,   REGO  TTB850,  TRARALGON HYUNDAI  GRANDUER  XG 2003,   5spd   auto,   silver,   woodgrain,   full   electrics,   sat   nav,   CD,   191000kms,   needs   work   as   is   KMHFT41DRYAO63658,   $990   ono,   Phone  0434379276,  CROYDON HYUNDAI  SONATA  1999 sedan,   no   reg   and   close   to   RWC,   green,   auto,   $450,   Phone   0427988444,   REGO   PIV497,   CARDINIA MITSUBISHI  COLT  1989 good   condition,   red,   auto,   no   reg   en:   PP71Y13204,   $1,000,   Phone   97418751,   AH   0415170218,   WERRIBEE MITSUBISHI  MAGNA   1992   4cyl   auto,   straight   body,   good   paint  clean  car,m  blue,  EVN286,  $400,   Phone  0403739447,  WANGARATTA

29/11/12  -­  05/12/12  

FAIRLANE  GHIA 1993   plus   1   NC   Fairlane   1990   complete   cars,   $1,400   lot,   Phone   0449201174,  CLAYTON FORD  1977  LTD 351   FMX   9inch   reg   IQV424,   GC,   $2,000,   Phone   0424489408,   COBURG FORD  AU  1999 XR8,   5   ltr,   03/13   reg   QDN900,   goes   well,   little   hail   damage,   needs   little   for   RWC,   $5,000   obo,   Phone   0401885729,   AH   93646331,   DELAHEY FORD  CAPRI  1990 Auto,   fuel   injection,   convertible,   clean  car,  no  reg,  148,000klms,  multi   mags   extra   white,   $2,000,   Phone   0422284827,  LARA FORD  FAIRLANE  1997 LPG,  whiate,  record  gearbox,  leather   interior,   10mths   reg,   380000kms   best   offer,   Phone   97362581,   REGO   QLN674,  MOUNT  EVELYN FORD  FAIRLANE  4D  SEDAN  1993 v8  duel  fuel,  ,everthing  works,runs  and   drives  very  well,all  original  with  books,   $1,650   ONO,   Phone   0400181501,   VIN  -­  6fpaaajg64nr88352,  KILSYTH FORD  FAIRLANE  4D  SEDAN  1995 Ford   fairlane   Ghia   NF   V8,duel   fuel,reg,rwc.clean   tidy   car.everything   windscreen/gastank/ tyres   must   sell,   $3,900   ONO,   n/a,   Phone  0404895457,  REGO  owp  713,   CRANBOURNE  NORTH FORD  FAIRLANE  GHIA sportsman   1994,   cardinal   red,   RWCert,  03/2013,  ECond,  4L  Tickford   motor,   Michellin   tyres,   e/sunroof,   HR   towbar,   ROO469.   Urgent   Sale,   $3,800,   Phone   0425714870,   AH   98468095,  TEMPLESTOWE

FORD  FALCON  AUIII  SR  5LTR  V8   SEDAN  2002 Auto,   NavyBlue,   2â&#x20AC;?Exhaust,   NewTyres,   17â&#x20AC;?Rims,   Towbar,   Spoiler,   Bodykit,   6   monthsRego,   277000km,   Great   V8,   $5,400,   Ford,   Phone   0410065727,   REGO   RSM965,   DALLAS FORD  FALCON  ED  1994 LPG   12mths,   unreg   much   for   RW,   good   car,   auto   column,   4L,   5   star   mags,   spent   a   lot,   $1,500,   Phone   99311812,  LAVERTON FORD  FALCON  GLI  1995 st/wagon,   excellent   running   cond,   bonnet   needs   paint,   4new   tyres,   serviced   regularly,   petrol,   aircond   serviced,   maroon   6fpaaajgwase89902,   $2,500,   Phone   0402064949,  KILSYTH FORD  FALCON  WAGON 7   seater,   reg   &   VGC   vin   6STAAAJGWAPG33938,   $1,750,   Phone  0416317739,  GEELONG FORD  FALCON  XF  1987 sedan,   white,   4.1L,   dual   fuel,   drives   excellent,   very   reliable,   CD   player,   reg   end   Dec,   WJR-­024,   $1,800   ono,   Phone  97111186,  KEYSBOROUGH FORD  FESTIVA  TRIO good   cond,   180K,   RWC,   radio/cass,   good  tyres,  car  service  papers,  4mths   reg  blue  SCS250,  $1,600  ono,  Phone   94694413,  RESERVOIR FORD  FESTIVA  TRIO  2000 Blue   sky   colour,   3dr   hatch,   auto,   a/c,   reg   Jan   2013,   GCond,   PYQ953,   $2,700   neg,   Phone   0435947091,   SUNSHINE FORD  FIESTA  2000 2dr   hatch,   man,   red,   6mths   reg,   1   owner,   170,000kms,   TKM-­193,   transfer   into   your   name,   $1,650,   Phone  0407365103,  SNAKE  VALLEY FORD  FUTURA  1994 FORD  FAIRLANE  GHIA  1998 Good  condition,  225,000klms,  close  to   V8,   auto,   burgundy,   leather   interior,   RWC,   reg   31/1/13   NRC720,   $2,250,   181,000KMS,   e/windows,   a/c,   p/s,   Phone  0414261826,  DUMBALK 12   mths   reg,   RWCert,   THO-­272,   Good   Condition,   $4,500   OBO,   FORD  KA   Phone  0428381925,  BENDIGO

TOYOTA  CRESSIDA  1982 sedan,   brown,   body   good,   mechanicals   good,   to   sell   as   is   no   RWCert,   $1,000,   Phone   93596958,   FORD  FAIRLANE  GHIA  SEDAN   AH  0409968081,  FAWKNER 1992 A/Con,   P/Steer,   P/Windows,   C/ TOYOTA  PASEO  1992 coupe,   164546kms,   runs   well   Lock,   Cruise,   ABS,   Alloys,   CD.   needs   some   work,   no   reg   no   RWC   Immaculately  presented,  drives  well  -­   vin:jt763el4400120027,   $1,000   ono,   wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  last!,  $4,999,  Abcar  Auto  Centre   LMCT7864,   Phone   03   9355   8222,   Phone  0437923822,  AVOCA REGO  XZX-­180,  COBURG  NORTH FORD  FAIRLANE  ZL  1987 CARS  $1,001  -­  $5,000 EC,  148,000kms,  white,  sedan,  only  2   owners,   ex   Premiers   car,   reg   till   mid   AUDI  1994   2.8Ltr   V6   auto,   191000kms,   reg   Feb,   DLW122,   $2,500   ono,   Phone   till   07/13,   FSG653,   $2,000,   Phone   93067631,  GLENROY 0423764146,  KURANJANG FORD  FAIRMONT  1993 AUDI  A4  1999 new   tyres,   exhaust,   brakes,   V6,   4spd   tiptronic   auto,   gunmetal   windscreen,   registered,   SFJ-­ grey,   black,   leatherw,   w/grain,   065,   RWCert,   $2,350   ono,   Phone   sunroof,   good   tyres,   reg   05/13,   0417141886,  YARRAWONGA smooth  &  powerful,  no-­RWC,  $4,999,   FORD  FAIRMONT  4D  SEDAN  1997 Phone  0418107262,  REGO  SRA549,   V8   5.0Lt   Automatic   clean   non-­ VERMONT PRGLÂżHG YHKLFOH LGHDO ÂżUVW FDU IRU AUDI  A6  1995 YOUNG   hotrodder   to   customerize   auto,  A6   sunroof,   leather,   wood   trim,   to   his/her   appreciation,   $2,800   300,000kms,   reg   til   April   13,   great   ONO,   Phone   0413   421   190,   VIN   -­   to   drive,   good   tyres,   gunmetal-­grey   6FPAAAJGSWVR52829,  ST  ALBANS QXS219,  $2,570,  Phone  0401412998,   FORD  FAIRMONT  ED AH  03  52592552,  PORTARLINGTON Ghia,   176000   new   exhaust,   tyres,   BMW  1994  E36 fuel   pump,   battery,   RWC,   8mths   reg,   318is   2dr   coupe,   black,   1.8L   twin   very  good  cond  blue  FOZ603,  $1,700,   cam,   5spd   man,   cloth   int,   RWCert,   Phone  94694413,  RESERVOIR over   $1500   spent,   beautiful   to   drive/ FORD  FAIRMONT  GHIA  1995 own,   $4,890   obo,   Phone   53671644,   AH   0413379099,   REGO   SXA209,   BACCHUS  MARSH BMW  318I runs   well,   new   tyres,   $3,500   ono,   Phone  0425834356,  LAVERTON BMW  525I 6   cyl   auto   red   sedan,   elec   sunroof   &   windows,   grey   leather   trim,   M   series   steering   wheel,   suspension   package,   EZZ433,  $3,750,  Phone  0451048975,   LILYDALE BMW  735I  1985 charcoal,   black   leather,   all   gold,   auto,   sunroof,   mag   wheels,   electrics,   VGCond,   RWCert,   all   electrics   work,   just   spent   $700   WBAFH820407873639,   $3,500,   on   brakes,   lights,   new   tyres,   no   Phone   0422583758,   FERNTREE   reg,   as   is,   $1,400   ONO,   Phone   0418555731,  HIGHETT GULLY CHRYSLER  NEON  4D  SEDAN  1998 FORD  FALCON  1982 Good   Condition,   4   Speaker   Sony   Stereo,   Power   Steering,   Power   XE   S   Pack,   mild   reco   302,   tripped   up   C10   auot,   lowered   mags,   clean   Door   Mirrors,   Dual   Airbags,   Central   Locking,   Air   Conditioning/Heating,   cond   throughout,   colbolt   blue   in   $5,000,   Phone   0413314071,   REGO   colour,   sprint   gas   &   petrol,   drives   well,   SMI-­430,   As   Is,   $2,500,   PJJ146,  POINT  COOK Phone   54431710,  AH   0401915906,   CHRYSLER  REGAL  4D  WAGON   BENDIGO 1981 CM   Chrysler   Factory   STRETCH   FORD  FALCON  1995 Station   Wagon,Unique   Project   sedan   yellow,   LPG,   drives   well,   car,complete   car   minus   motor   reliable,   reg   till   june   2013,   new   head   and   gearbox,   $2,500,   Phone   03   gasket,   urgent   sale,   $1,500   ONO,   53852251,  VIN  -­  dont  know,  MURTOA Phone  97111186,  KEYSBOROUGH COMMODORE  VS  V8  HSV FORD  FALCON  4D  SEDAN  1996 enhanced  5spd  +$1600  worth  of  new   rare   ford   v8   under   50   made   auto   suspension,   brakes,   wheels,   short   cruise  power  steering  power  windows   shift   included   no   reg   or   RW,   dark-­ swap   ba/bf   or   vt/vy   or   offers,   Phone   green  6H8VSK19UVL235931,  $3,600   0412346061,   REGO   nqv288,  TANJIL   ÂżUP3KRQHDANDENONG SOUTH DAEWOO  CIELO  1996 FORD  FALCON  4D  SEDAN  2000 one   owner,   no   CD   player,   in   good   Well   maintained,   mags,   spoiler,   C/C   cond,   burgundy,   rego   till   Feb   2013,   elec   windows,   some   slight   paint   NZH223,  $1,500,  Phone  0414398004,   damage   on   rear   bumper,   $3,700   FAWKNER ONO,   Phone   0410103339,   REGO   DAEWOO  LEGANZA  4D  SEDAN   QOD  791,  WODONGA 1999 Reg   till   sept   2013   Good   FORD  FALCON  4D  WAGON  2005 conditition,auto,all   electric,   $2,700,   purple  wagon  duel  fuel  high  Kâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  alloys   Phone  0427694071,  REGO  PSC  279,   tow   bar....In   Trafalgar,   $2,200   ONO,   Phone  0499596815,  AH  0427828319,   CRANBOURNE REGO  ywx243,  TRAFALGAR DAEWOO  NUBIRA  2001 auto,   p/winds,   a/cond,   reg   6mths   FORD  FALCON  AU   RDW175,   white,   RWC,   $4,000   ono,   2000   model,   dual   fuel,   alloys,   rear   Phone   0419297038,   AH   94651529,   wing,  RWC,  CBA891,  $4,999,  Phone   0411805012,  GREENVALE LALOR FORD  FALCON  AU  2002 DAEWOO  NUBIRA  5D   sedan,  auto,  black,  mags,  230000kms,   HATCHBACK  1999 -­no   reg   -­no   Roadworthy   -­drives   RLN379,   $3,500,   Phone   97040875,   really   well   -­needs   minor   repairs   NARRE  WARREN -­inspections   welcomed   Great   car   FORD  FALCON  AU  WAGON Selling   due   to   buying   a   new   car,   runs   great,   reg   till   1/4/13,   good   $1,500,   Phone   0404929852,   VIN   rubber   all   round,   great   car,   dark   red   -­   KLAJA486EXK243807,   NARRE   ZAU199,  $2,000,  Phone  0488050031,   WARREN MILLGROVE

¿UVWUHJUHGERG\VSGPDQ black  mudgurds,  82,000kms,  6mths   reg,   a/c,   p/s,   WRO-­165,   current   RWCert,   good   condition,   $3,400,   Phone   0427094363,   ROSEBUD   WEST FORD  LASER  1991 5D   auto   RWC,   12mths   reg,   economical   to   runs,   good   learner   car,   black   ZKL150,   $1,900,   Phone   0401029884,  DANDENONG FORD  MONDEO  4D  SEDAN  1996 Auto,   silver,   good   condition,   non   smoker   car,   no   rwc.   call   for   more   details,   $1,700   ONO,   Phone   0417054510,   VIN   -­   WF0FXXGBBFSP82754,  HASTINGS FORD  SEDAN  1994

blue,  auto,   alarm,   c/locking,   p/s,   perfect   interior   cloth,   reg   20/12/12,   good   condition,   $1,800,   Phone   0435738653,  NOBLE  PARK FORD  TELSTAR  TX5   Ghia   1990,   auto,   low   kms,   car   maintained,  white,  2.2L  fuel  injection,   12V,  EIL-­119,  VGCond,  $2,200  ONO,   Phone   93836468,   BRUNSWICH   WEST FORD  TELSTAR  TX5 turbo   resprayed   jet   black,   1988   model,   reco   motor   as   is,   $2,500,   Phone  0478822344,  TULLAMARINE FORD  WAGON  1998 spotless,   auto,   alloy   wheels,   new   tyres,   RWCert,   towbar,   drives   well   JGWST43168,   $2990   rent   to   buy   low  deposit,  pay  $100pw  TAP,  Phone   0418885886,  MORNINGTON FORD  XF  1986 excellent   condition,   monza   red,   401   Tbar   auto,   Monroe   suspension,   full   chrome   mags,   chrome   mirrors,   12   months   reg,   $3,500   ONO,   Phone   0425758152,  GLEN  HUNTLY HOLDEN  ASTRA  1996 hatchback   in   great   cond,   new   battery,   clutch,   service,   running   very  well,  1st  to  see  will  buy,  no  reg,   woloooo58t8215057,   $2,500   ono,   Phone  0408187389,  STAWELL HOLDEN  BARINA  3D  HATCHBACK   1994 powersteering   5   spd   cd   player   alloy   mags  selling  with  reg  &  rwc  low  kms,   $1,900,   mr,   Phone   0437344739,   REGO  fpc750,  FRANKSTON  NORTH HOLDEN  BARINA  5D  HATCHBACK   1996 Car   has   a   current   Road   Worthy   &HUWL¿FDWH GDWHG IURP  plus   2nd   care   for   spares,   $2,000,   Phone  0358292719,  AH  0448042277,   VIN   -­   W0L000078T4105421,   SHEPPARTON  EAST HOLDEN  BARINA  5D  HATCHBACK   1997 Low   kilometres,   very   economical   little   car,   in   very   good   condition   full   service   with   RWC,   $2,750   ONO,   Phone   0408546765,   REGO  TTR466,   ROXBURGH  PARK

HOLDEN  BERLINA  VS 1996,   reg   &   RWC   XZA484,   $3,000,   Phone  0478822344,  TULLAMARINE HOLDEN  CALAIS  VK  1986 auto,   GC   inside   and   out,   blue/grey   stripes,  RHD719,  $5,000  ono,  Phone   0407683483,  BEACONSFIELD HOLDEN  CALAIS  VN 1990,   no   reg.   no   RWC,   everything   works,   RPJ120,   $1,400,   Phone   0449201174,  CLAYTON HOLDEN  CALAIS  VN  1990 auto,   V8   5Ltr,   quick   shift   auto,   EC,   reg,   $3,200   ono,   Phone   59983062,   REGO  WSS430,  TOORADIN HOLDEN  COMMODORE 1993   s/wagon,   gas/petrol,   auto,   V6,   needs   RWC,   175,000klms,   reg   16/8/12,  goes  well,  NKO125,  $2,000,   Phone  0407521119,  SANDRINGHAM HOLDEN  COMMODORE   Wagon   VR,   auto,   RWCond,   12   mths   reg,  ZGQ306,  towbar,  $2,350,  Phone   0434248798,  BALLARAT HOLDEN  COMMODORE White,   auto,   sedan,   1999,   tinted   winds,   lowered,   18in   mags,   12mths   reg,   TRV317,   just   had   new   engine,   $2,850,  Phone  0481134954,  ALTONA   NORTH HOLDEN  COMMODORE VP   S   Pack,   auto,   GCond,   runs   well,   good   reg   &   RWC,   ZCR418,   $2,000   ono,  Phone  0424530277,  BELLFIELD HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VS 1996   auto,   green,   sedan,   clean   car,   tyres   80%   no   RWCert,   $1,400,   Phone   0408054072,   VIN   -­   6h8vsk19hvl990781,  BAYSWATER HOLDEN  COMMODORE  1995 auto,   burgundy   sedan,   240000kms,   a/c,   p/s,   18in   alloys,   runs,   very   reliable,  no  RWCert,  reg  11/12,  VGC,   $3,600  ono,  Phone  98984066,  REGO   XJJ302,  BLACKBURN  NORTH HOLDEN  COMMODORE  2001 Exec   auto,   reliable   family   car,   200000kms,   price   to   sell   as   it   is   SBQ630,  $4,200,  Phone  0424882350,   AH  97006113,  ENDEAVOUR  HILLS HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D  SEDAN   1993 need   to   sell   asap   $3,000   no   less   if   wanting   to   have   a   look   give   call   me,   $3,000,   Phone   0466118304,   AH   0421565845,   VIN   -­   6H8VRK19HRL682935,  KARINGAL HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D  SEDAN   1998 1998   50th   anniversary   model.   Low   kms,   rego   until   December,   no   rwc.   Sold   as   is,   $3,000   ONO,   Phone   0404987723,   REGO   YTO190   ,   DRYSDALE HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D  SEDAN   1999 tidy   car   with   books,   $4,750   ONO,   Phone   0418580313,   REGO   TIE302,   HEIDELBERG  WEST HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D   WAGON  1992 Factory   Manual   VP   Wagon,Very   Clean,RWC   was   done   22/9/2012   so   wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t   need   anything.   For   more   info   call   Shaun,   $3,500   ONO,   Phone   0415545775,   REGO   YQX583,   CARRUM  DOWNS HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D   WAGON  1996 For   Sale   -­   $3000   neg   with   rego,   no   rwc   -­   can   get   at   a   charge   Please   contact   Brandon   on   0400897602,   Phone  0400897602,  REGO  ONT708,   CRAIGIEBURN HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D   WAGON  1998 VT   V6   Auto,   Cruise   control,   Traction   control,  Twin  airbags,  ABS,  Reg,  RWC,   $3,800   ONO,   Phone   0412616095,   REGO  OLE569,  MELTON HOLDEN  COMMODORE  4D   WAGON  2002 will   supp   rwc,   $4,000   Call   for   price,   Phone  0449133010,  AH  0449133010,   REGO  ndh  857,  DEER  PARK  EAST HOLDEN  COMMODORE  ACCLAIM 11  wagon  1997,  orig  books,  all  custom   mats,  roofracks,  towbar,  elec  mirrors/ cr/cont,  reg/rwc,  EC,  Kenwood  stereo   mechanically  sound  QGX050,  $5,000,   Phone  0421826190,  NORTHCOTE HOLDEN  COMMODORE  BERLINA VK   V8   w/wagon,   faded   paint,   grille,   front   bumper   cracked,   8mths   reg   no   RWCert,   DWC059,   $1,500,   Phone   0409316967,  KEILOR  PARK HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VH SLX  wagon,  3rd  owner,  V8  253  auto,   p/s,   a/s,   d/fuel,   good-­body,   alarm,   c/ locking,   ,   reg   expired   27/7,   no   reg/ RWCert-­en:vr393105,   $1,600,   Phone   0415204494,  MORNINGTON HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VK 4dr,   petrol/gas,   reco   308   blk   motor,   gas   heads,   ready   to   paint   no   rust,   very   clean,   no   reg   vin:BVK055313a,   $4,000   ono,   Phone   0488035716,  AH   52358481,  GELLIBRAND HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VK 1985  sedan,  5  ltre,  manual,  GC,  no  reg   or   RWC   eng   no   VJ534616,   $4,000,   Phone  0425792185,  CRANBOURNE HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VN 1989   sedan,   black,   no   reg,   no   RWCert,   LPG,   310,000kms,   mags,   vin:6h8vnk19hkl344942,   $1,500,   Phone  0418502282,  GREENVALE HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VN SS,   1989   mdl,   auto,   suit   cleanup   or   restoration,   vin   no:   6H8INK   19ULL374,   $3,500   ono,   Phone   0401543065,  MELTON


auto,  only   128,000kms,   blue,   a/c,   p/s,  DZE-­780,  12mths  reg,  RWCert,   Excellent   Condition,   $3,000,   Phone   0419006533,  AVONSLEIGH HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VP 1993   V6,   man,   white,   6mths   reg,   as   is   YQI427,   $2,500   ono,   Phone   0487393976,  SHEPPARTON

HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VR   1993  white,  rebuilt  5ltr,  5spd  lowered   full   extractors,   3in   exhaust   twin   cats   alloy   radiator,   clean   no   reg   no   RW,   en:6h8vrk80up1657780,   $3,350,   Phone  0431105925,  MILL  PARK HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VS 1996  5spd  man,  white,  sedan,  3.8L  V6   engine,  291000kms,  GC,  clean  inside   and   out,   NQW205,   $2,000,   Phone   0438167783,  ROSEDALE HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VS 1996   series   2   Executive,   straight   car   with   statesman   seats   and   alloy   wheels,  ABS,   RWC,   green,   YTU720,   $3,500,   Phone   0418566127,   SUNSHINE  WEST HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VT Acclaim   wagon   1998,   5mths   reg,   PDS629,  towbar,  good  cond,  $3,000,   Phone  0447596864,  KEILOR HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VT 2000   Executive,   white,   auto,   a/ cond,   p/steer,   alloy   mags,   airbags,   t/ winds   &   towbar,   136,254klms,   reg   26/9/12   QGP552,   $2,300,   Phone   0449144754,  LALOR HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VT white,  auto,  air  cond,  p/steer,  excellent   cond,   rego   wlx561,   $2,500,   Phone   0419222299,  MELBOURNE HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VT   white,   runs   well,   A1   condition,   WLX-­ 561,   $2,500,   Phone   0468588357,   FOOTSCRAY HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VT  1998 sedan,   Clubsport   look   a   like,   worked   engine,  Pioneer  DVD  surround  sound   system,   18in   Clubsport   rims,   no   reg,   Vin:6H8VTK69HWL325217,   $5,000,   Phone  51341158,  MORWELL HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VT   ACCLAIM  SEDAN  1998 Black,   auto,   a/cond,   ps/teer,   airbags,   ABS,  traction  control,  with  RWC,  view   more   of   our   stock   on   your   mobile   SMS   skygrove   to   0451   266   666,   $3,499   EGC,   Skygrove   Car   Sales   LMCT7857,  Phone  97381000,  REGO   RIQ-­840,  BAYSWATER HOLDEN  COMMODORE  VX  2002 Equippe,   218,000kms,   new   radiator,   good   tyres,   auto,   $4,500   ono,   Phone   0404100941,   VIN   -­   va127445,   WARRAGUL HOLDEN  VR  STATESMAN 6   cylinder,   auto,   maroon,   overall   GCond   inside/out,   new   motor,   extractors,   exhaust,   chip,   lowered,   tinted   winds,   full   elecs,   p/steer   WZO526,   $3,000   ono,   Phone   0466891185,  BALLARAT HOLDEN  WB  CAPRICE  1981

5L  V8,   new   engine,   new   carpets,   QHZ H[WUDFWRUV  PXIĂ&#x20AC;HU 6LPPRQV wheels,   lots   of   money   spent   to   much   to   mention,   no   RWCert   or   reg,  Genuine  callers,  $4,900,  Phone   0433472817,  FRANKSTON

Page  43 HYUNDAI  EXCEL  3D  HATCHBACK   1998 Automatic,   195,069km.   Runs   ZHOO IXHO HIÂżFLHQW 6OLJKW FRVPHWLF damage,   nothing   major.   Selling   as-­is,   no   Rego   or   RWC,   $1,900   ONO,   Phone   0423961131,   VIN   -­   KMHUD11NPWU414699,   NEWCOMB HYUNDAI  SX  1997 man,  2dr  coupe,  4cyl,  twin  cam,  16V   head,   5spd,   dark   blue,   e/windows,   mags,   new   tyres,   CD,   p/s,   OQA-­ 862,   $2,900,   Phone   0413774612,   WANGARATTA KIA  RIO  5D  HATCHBACK  2004 New   engine   done   20,000.   Recent   safety   report   indicates   little   needed   for   rwc,   $3,000,   Phone   0409512526,   AH   0357832472,   REGO   XFK467,   WALLAN KIA  RIO  LS  SEDAN  2001 RWC,  low  klms,  great  on  fuel,  Tinted   Windows,  $3,999,  Abcar  Auto  Centre   LMCT7864,   Phone   03   9355   8222,   REGO  RFS-­312,  COBURG  NORTH LAND  ROVER  DISCOVERY  4D   WAGON  1994 Blue   7   seater   4wd   pwr   str   A/con   V8   Man  LPG  GC  Reg  No  RWC,  $3,500,   Phone   0418   997   570,   AH   03   9354   7116,  REGO  FFP990,  WALLAN MAGNA  1988   Sedan,  manual,  reg  till  12/2012,  goes   VG   on   LPG/petrol,   tyres   as   new,   inside   is   good,   radio/cass,   towbar,   cream,   DOD186,   $3,200   ono,   Phone   52346230,  BEEAC MAZDA  121  4D  SEDAN  1991 Mazda   121   for   sale   ,   no   reg   or   roadworthy   ,   in   excellent   condition,call   0408787538   for   more   info,   $1,500,   Phone   0408787538,   VIN   -­   jmodb103100104217,   WARRNAMBOOL MAZDA  121  4D  SEDAN  1994 very   reliable.regularly   serviced.   very   cheap   to   run,   has   mag   wheels,   power   steering,seat   covers   and   mats,   regretably   selling,   $3,200,   3KRQH  5(*2 Ă&#x20AC;J PAKENHAM MAZDA  323  PROTEGE 2001,   sedan,   1.6L   man,   maroon   metallic,   a/c,   p/s,   CD,   c/locking,   new   tyres,   einge   100,000kmd,   new   clutch,   VGCond,   RWCert,   $4,700,   Phone   0401683246,   AH   32005934,   WATERFORD MAZDA  323  PROTEGE  SEDAN   1998 Aroma   Red,   a/cond,   p/steer,   p/wind,   dual   airbags,   travelled   158,400kms,   view  more  of  our  stock  on  your  mobile   SMS   skygrove   to   0451   266   666,   $3,499   EGC,   Skygrove   Car   Sales   LMCT7857,  Phone  97381000,  REGO   PIM-­338,  BAYSWATER MAZDA  323  SHADES   1998,   1.8L   Blue   Sedan   VGC,   187000kms,   Jan   2013   REGO,   most   reliable   car,   $4,200   NEG,   Phone   0409867773,  WARRAGUL

MAZDA  MX6  1993

Sports  Coupe,   fully   reco   auto,   under  12mths  20,000klms  warranty,   fully   optioned,   p/steer,   p/winds,   p/mirrors,   p/sunroof,   V6,   cold   a/ cond,   mags,   spoiler,   tint,   CD   radio,   4   wheel   steering,   genuine   very   low   134,000klms,  ECond  inside/out,  reg   &   RWCert,   WXK461,   $4,990   ono,   Phone  97542694,  BELGRAVE

HONDA  CIVIC  1990 auto,   sedan,   white   duco,   180,000kms,   reg,   RWCert,   ETK-­ 338,   $2,600,   Phone   0418597753,   MAZDA  MX6  2D  COUPE  1989 good   clean   car   goes   well   no   further   BENTLEIGH use   bought   new   car,   $1,500,   Phone   61356299044,   AH   61356299044,   HONDA  CIVIC  VTI 1995,   5spd   man,   blue,   sunroof,   REGO  urz909,  LONGWARRY tinted   winds,   CD   stacker,   alloys,   a/ MAZDA  MX6  2D  COUPE  1997 cond,   p/steer,   10mths   reg   UEK779,   Clean   car   no   Rego   or   rwc   but   VGCond,   reliable   car,   $3,600   ono,   needs   very   little.for   rwc,   $2,250,   Phone  0403856016,  SHEPPARTON Phone   0418580313,   VIN   -­   6e91importvht67001,   HEIDELBERG   HONDA  LEGEND  2D  COUPE  1990 WEST V6,   2   door,auto,White   duco,   leather   interior   all   electric   inc,   sunroof.New   MAZDA  MX6  X2  1992 tyres  and  windsceen.  RWC,  runs  well,   white,   5spd,   spoiler,   sunroof,   V6   vin:jnoge10l100114024,   $2,200   ONO,   Phone   0449588723,   4WF,   burgundy   duco   faded   VIN   -­   JHMKA32500C200132,   auto,   vin:jmoge10l100143781,   $4,950   pair,   FRANKSTON Phone  0412059810,  MORWELL HYUNDAI  5  DOOR MAZDA  PROTEGE  1995 sedan,   150,000kms,   c/locking,   p/ windows,   CD,   a/c,   auto,   champagne   duco,   NJZ-­724,   12mth   reg,   RWCert,   good   condition,   $4,000   ONO,   Phone   0470388635,  ST  ALBANS MERCEDES  BENZ  1986 300E,   3ltr   petrol   injection,   auto,   reg   XSG436,   dark   navy   blue,   $4,000,   Phone  0407542066,  SELBY MERCEDES  BENZ  280  SE   1981,  Emerald  green,  tan  interior,  regt   Hatchback,   1995,   auto,   runs   well,   till   01/2013,   XVP619,   570000kms,   232,740klms,   good   condition   t/ EC,   good   tyres,   no   RWCert,   $2,500,   out,   family   car   since   new,   serviced   Phone  0417507547,  KEILOR  EAST regularly,   reg   12/12   NLR608,   non   MERCEDES  BENZ  280E  1979 smoking,   no   RWC,   $1,200   ono,   468000kms,   rebuilt   16000kms   Phone  0428140218,  MOUNT  ELIZA ago,   new   tyres,   sunroof,   p/s,   fuel-­ injected,   immac,   unregistered,   HYUNDAI  EXCEL  1986 1.5L,   5mths   reg,   manual,   VGC,   $2000   or   will   swap   for   Suzuki   YFX111   white,   $1,250   ono,   Phone   Sierra   12303322048997,   Phone   0427742601,  ORBOST 56299076,  LONGWARRY  NORTH MERCEDES-­BENZ  SEDAN  1980 HYUNDAI  EXCEL  1998 Manual,  hatch,  blue,  rear  spoiler,  CD,   very   clean   &   tidy   vehicle,   reg   Feb   clean   inside,   good   tyres,   test   drive   2013,   no   RWC,   engine   good   diesel   welcome,   12mths   reg,   OXT871,   no   motor,   $600,   Phone   0402660837,   RWC,  $1,750  ono,  Phone  93052214,   REGO  TSZ010,  DANDENONG AH   0407878368,   MEADOW   MERCEDES-­BENZ  230E  1988 HEIGHTS auto,  4cyl,  dark-­blue,  cloth  int,  special   Japanese   import,   17in   Mercedes   HYUNDAI  EXCEL  2000 twin   cam,   3dr   hatchback,   a/c,   p/s,   wheels,   CD,   very   nice   car,   drives   98,295kms,   Excellent   Condition,   reg   well,   SXN343,   $2,990   ono,   Phone   till  Feb  2013,  RCK-­747,  $3,500  ONO,   53671644,   AH   0413379099,   REGO   SXN343,  BACCHUS  MARSH Phone  56342828,  YARRAGON HYUNDAI  EXCEL  3D  HATCHBACK   MERCEDES-­BENZ  300E  1987 1998 dark  red  leather  int,  6  CD  stacker,  18in   'ULYHV JUHDW 3HUIHFW ¿UVW FDU 1R chrome   AMG   wheels,   DVD,   VGC,   reg   or   Rwc.   Call   0400464970,   reg,  lots  spent  on  car,  $3,850,  Phone   $1,500,   Phone   0400464970,   VIN   -­   53671644,   AH   0413379099,   REGO   5679863356424,  KANGAROO  FLAT YOV410,  BACCHUS  MARSH

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MITSUBISHI  MAGNA  1994 Sedan   rego   till   Sept   2012,   clean   and   tidy   6mmts4d41rt005513,   $800   ono,   Phone   0407508455,   MARYBOROUGH MITSUBISHI  MAGNA  2000 Executive,   auto,   white,   e/winds,   CD,   2  new  tyres,  235,000klms,  needs  new   transmission,   reg   07/12,   RHW936,   $1,000   ono,   Phone   0439325780,  AH   95513638,  DINGLEY MITSUBISHI  MAGNA  4D  SEDAN   1996 exc  auto  cruise  a/c  new  tyres  sold  as   is  great  1st  car  call  for  details,  $1,000   ONO,   Phone   0406533184,   VIN   -­   6g72ii34590,  DRYSDALE NISSAN  PINTARA  WAGON   1989   model,   goes,   new   brake   pads   &   disc,   Vin:6F4WPRR314OJ27136,   $500,  Phone  59427286,  PAKENHAM   UPPER NISSAN  SKYLINE  4D  WAGON  1988 88   Nissan   Wagon   Duel   Fuel,   towbar   and   6   month   rego,   $600,   Phone   0425740764,   AH   93057936,   REGO   PCV796  V,  CRAIGIEBURN TOYOTA  CAMRY  1988 maroon,   auto,   p/s,   good   cond,   close   to   RW,   lots   of   new   parts,   eng   358024567,   as   is   no   reg/RW,   $990   ono,  Phone  0434379276,  CROYDON TOYOTA  CAMRY  1994 auto,   green,   sedan,   VGC,   no   reg   no   RWC,   $900,   Phone   0470596516,   DOVETON TOYOTA  CAMRY  WAGON 5spd   man,   4cyl,   a/c,   good   tyres,   3   months   reg,   good   body   and   interior,   great   engine   clutch   problems,   WIY   353,   $800,   Phone   94895418,   FITZROY  NORTH TOYOTA  COROLLA  HATCHBACK   1989   5dr,   5spd   manual,   white,   fair   cond,   4AGE   good   motor,   needs   new   clutch   &   battery,   best   offer,   Phone   98485853,  DONCASTER  EAST

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29/11/12  -­  05/12/12

Nissan Unveils the 2013 Nissan Altima V8 Supercar 1LVVDQKDVXQYHLOHGLWVDOOQHZ1LVVDQ$OWLPD96XSHUFDUIRUWKHÂżUVW time  in  a  spectacular  launch  event  in  Melbourne,  Australia  today. 7KH$OWLPDLVWKHÂżUVWDOOQHZ96XSHUFDUPRGHOXQYHLOHGLQWZRGHFDGHV as  Nissan  joins  the  V8  Supercars  Championship  from  next  season  with  the   four-­car,  factory  Nissan  Motorsport  team. Nissan  Australia  Managing  Director  and  CEO  William  F  Peffer  Jr  joined   team  co-­owners  and  Bathurst-­winning  drivers  Todd  and  Rick  Kelly  to  unveil   the  spectacular  Altima  V8  Supercar. Âł7KLVLVDSURXGGD\IRU1LVVDQDQGDVLJQLÂżFDQWRFFDVLRQIRUWKHVSRUWRI V8  Supercars,â&#x20AC;?  said  Nissan  Australia  Managing  Director  and  CEO  William   F  Peffer  Jr. Âł8QYHLOLQJRXU1LVVDQ$OWLPD96XSHUFDUWKHÂżUVWQHZ96XSHUFDU model  in  two  decades,  brings  Nissanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  special  brand  of  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Innovation  and   Excitementâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  to  the  V8  Supercars  Championship. â&#x20AC;&#x153;2013  will  be  an  enormous  year  for  Nissan  in  many  ways,  with  several   important  new  models  set  to  launch  next  year.  One  of  those  will  be  the   DOOQHZ1LVVDQ$OWLPDWKHÂżUVWWLPHWKH$OWLPDQDPHSODWHKDVJRQH on-­sale  in  Australia,  and  what  better  way  to  introduce  Altima  to  Australia   than  to  have  it  on-­track  in  the  V8  Supercars  Championship  from  the  start  of   next  season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everyone  at  Nissan  is  right  behind  our  team,  led  by  Todd  and  Rick  Kelly,   and  we  are  excited  about  hitting  the  track  next  season  with  this  spectacular  

Altima  V8  Supercar.â&#x20AC;? The  Nissan  Altima  V8  Supercar  has  been  designed  and  built  to  the   categoryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  new  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Car  of  The  Futureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  regulations,  which  include  18  inch   wheels,  transaxle  gearbox  and  independent  rear  suspension. Nissan  Motorsport  will  use  the  production-­based  VK56DE  engine  in  the   Altima  V8  Supercar,  the  same  engine  that  powered  Nissan  to  FIA  GT1   World  Championship  glory  in  2011.  The  VK56  engine  also  powers  the   all-­new  2013  Nissan  Patrol  that  goes  on  sale  in  Australia  from  1  February   2013. 7KHVLJQLÂżFDQFHRIWKHRFFDVLRQZDVQRWORVWRQ7RGG.HOO\%DWKXUVW 1000  winner  and  team  Racing  Director. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This  is  the  proudest  day  in  the  relatively  short  history  of  our  team,  as   ZHOODVRQHRIWKHPRVWVLJQLÂżFDQWGD\VLQUHFHQWWLPHVIRUWKHVSRUWRI9 Supercars,â&#x20AC;?  said  Todd  Kelly. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our  team  has  done  a  tremendous  job  to  design  and  build  an  all-­new  V8   Supercar,  including  a  new  engine,  in  roughly  nine  months. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The  Nissan  Altima  V8  Supercar  really  is  like  no  other  V8  Supercar.  Not   only  does  it  look  spectacular  but  its  unique