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Securing an Overseas Supply Chain


The Retail Importer The business

The TradeRiver USA solution

The client is a business supplying cosmetics to retail chains in the USA. It has its products manufactured and packaged in China.

By registering as a Buyer with TradeRiver USA, the client would find that they were able to drive significant discounts from their Chinese suppliers by releasing partial payment prior to manufacturing the goods and funding the remainder upon dispatch. By taking the full 120 day credit period available from TradeRiver USA, it would ensure it does not have to repay the facility until its retail customers have settled their invoices. This eliminates the need for supply chain working capital completely.

The challenge The Chinese manufacturer requires partial payment prior to the start of the manufacturing process and full payment before releasing the finished products from its factories in China. Previously, the client funded its partial payments in cash and the remainder using documentary credits to resolve the funding gap in its supply chain.

Pre-export finance facilities such as these are proving attractive for importers; hence, crossborder business is seen as one of the main attractions to TradeRiver USA.

To learn more about how TradeRiver USA can help your business, as either a Buyer or Seller, please contact us on +1 (410) 385-5255 or visit TradeRiver USA 111 South Calvert Street Suite 2700 Baltimore, MD 21202 U.S.A.

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+1 (410) 385-5255

TradeRiver USA is a non-bank, online funding solution which finances trade – both cross-border and in the USA. An off-spring of a successful UK-based company, TradeRiver USA is ready to serve a fast-growing community of forward-thinking businesses looking for an alternative to traditional trade finance.

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