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P.O.P. market in Poland 2007/2008



P.O.P. MARKET IN POLAND by Jacek Kotarbiński




According to research made by Starlink company total value of advertising market in Poland exceeded 1,8 milliard EUR, which is rise of 14,5 %. The highest dynamics had Internet advertisement (40,7% increase), cinema advertisement (35,1% increase), outdoor advertisement (19,4% increase) and television (17,4% increase). Traditionally most investments were located in television. It was 50,9% of total value of investments. According to forecasts, during year 2008 television share in advertising market can be 52,6%, press 34,3%, radio - 7,8%, a internet 5,3%. In June 2006 Millward Brown SMG/KRC company published market research of BTL agencies market studied for 1st quarter of year 2006. This research confirmed tendencies in increase of expenses on BTL and greater importance of these marketing services. Companies existing on BTL market noticed 20-, 30-, or even 100% increase. The rise is also confirmed by 60% of inquired. In the same time until today we lack with professional research and unambiguous data according value of out of media advertisement. It

concerns not only P.O.P. market value but also dynamically developing branches as digital signage, merchandising or events in place of sales. Polish trade marketing market is changing constantly and marketeers more often can appreciate tools of integrated marketing. TRADE MARKETING Trade marketing in Poland evolved from sampling and tasting to more professional interaction with customers. According to different types of research concerning e.g. merchandising, custo-mers much easier accept activities supporting sales in trading centres, rather than aggressive television campaigns. Trade marketing in organised way appeared in second halt of 90’ last century. The synonym was appearing of first sales animators and hostesses encouraging to promotion. Their meaning was less than symbolic. Television advertisement effectiveness broke records each following year and 3-digit sales dynamics after intensive media campaign was no surprise. Trade marketing activities has gone through dynamical evolution – there were promotion stands appearing, first solutions “shop-in-theshop� and integration with merchandising techniques. Additionally it was accompanied with more professional displays. Trading area made merchandising agencies, P.O.P. manufacturers, events organisers, shops’ designers or





companies with speciality of visual merchandising more integrated. Their aim was professional, effective products presentation. Trade marketers went further – first “street marketing” projects appeared and after year 2000 – first ambient projects are developing. Breakthrough was the year 2004. Its synonym was one word – “Heyah” with “red hand” brand symbol. This sign spread through Polish towns and cities. Unknown logo appeared everywhere: on standard outdoor billboards with 3D elements, on vinyl bags, it shined on skyscrapers and was shown as graffiti on streets and buildings, on mysterious black Trabants, on cinema armchairs and floors, on balconies in the centres of cities, railway stations, airports, parks or minor sales points. In this most spectacular BTL action taken in Poland, conscientiousness marker has been at 90% level brand awerness… for 3 months. It is one of the most important case studies in Polish marketing history. “Marketing budget structure is changing”, says Ms. Joanna Kotarbińska, editor-in-chief and publisher of the only in Poland specialists magazine – “Trade Marketer”, “investments into integrated activities are higher and field marketing becomes very important element of every campaign, especially FMCG. Also local companies, which find media too expensive for them, start to use out of media advertising tools. We can also watch intensive growth of customer’s promotion, mobile marketing or loyalty programs. Shopping centres more often resemble small towns where increased activity of variable

forms building relationship with customer is noticeable.” Also according to branch specialists, market is growing very dynamically. “During last 2 years we have been noticing trade marketing market development. I am surprised with huge dynamics of P.O.P. solutions as well as companies within this branch. Trade marketing gains importance in Polish companies and also in foreign companies working on Polish market,” says Mr. Przemek Mik, president of McHayes & Steward Group. This company is specialised with training and consulting only for FMCG branch. It has completed hundreds of projects for thousands of managers from more than 150 companies and almost 75% of all companies present on Polish market make advantage of their services. P.O.P. IN POLAND First companies developing P.O.P. solutions appeared on Polish market in years 1993-1994. After economic system was changed and first period of business confusion, marketing services field started to develop. P.O.P. market grew unbelievably dynamically and constantly absorbed all needs for materials supporting sales. At the beginning there were most simple solutions: advertising overprints, first advertising boards, printing orders. As branch gained more experience the realisations became more complicated and sophisticated. First market areas especially interested in distinguishing in places of sales were beauty products and various drinks. It is natural process for all growing

Alrec Sign & Display

Alrec is one of the leading companies for In-Store Brand Experience Solutions in Europe. We offer: • Creation (design) • Development (engineering & prototyping) • Manufacturing (extensive inhouse facilities in Poland) • Logistics Our proposition is: • 50 years of experience in European POP industry • Design factory in Holland (design, development, engineering, prototyping) • Production and assembly facilities in Poland (Production partnership in China) • Warehousing in Poland & European installation service, from Poland Quality level; World Class Performance Partnership, ISO 14001 certificate (unique in our sector) Our mission: Providing innovative and exciting consumer product experience solutions for brands at retail. Transparent process from creation, project management, through to logistics, sealed by an unique World Class Performance Contract based on operational excellence. In-Store Brand Experience Solutions: • Signs • Displays • Digital Retail Media • Shop in shop Systems You are most than welcome at our booth at the “Euroshop” Fairs, Hall A3 stand F53.

ul. Krzemieniecka 2 94-030 Łódź POLAND ph.: +48 42 6803100 ph./fax: +48 42 6803107 Ondernemingsweg 11 3641 RZ Mijdrecht The Netherlands ph.:+31 29 7291000 ph./fax: +31 29 7288167

Contact person: Mr. Rafał Łuszczyk Business Development Manager Telephone: +48/426803111 Mobile: +48/509204485 E-mail:





and developing markets where most competitive FMCG parts of business are. Leader in this field is Willson & Brown. Over 450 employees, 16 designers, 20 sales managers, and 21 engineers – sales network in 13 European countries. Still 70-80% sales market share is in Poland. Sales over year 2005 reached almost 14 million EUR. “Getting into European Union markets a few years ago most of all allowed us to overcome limitations in our mentality. It was proven we can do something pretty well and we can compete with the most important competitors in the branch”, says Mr. Dariusz Rutczyński, co-owner of Willson & Brown company. W&B is real confirmation that most greatest influence and impact in high-class standard P.O.P. production is people – specialists in many different fields. One of big producers is international concern Alrec Sign & Display. Company located in Łódź employs 300 well-qualified specialists now and is still growing fast. Polish division (thanks to beneficial company European sales representatives network) can serve middle Europe market while Dutch division is focused on Western Europe recipients. Alrec group includes also Alrec “In-Store Service” responsible for P.O.P. materials installation all over Europe. Company created through-Internet ordering system and e-logistic resource management system where stock availability can be checked at any time. Another dynamically developing company is Arteo Design & Production. It is distinguishing for “shop-in-the-shop” solutions productions



that are awarded in international competitions. “P.O.P. market in Poland is heading towards materials dedicated to products. There is less ready to use, conventional solutions that in fact kill products’ promotion and sales increase. We are seeking for individual solutions dedicated to specific brands to support them effectively,” says Mr. Tomasz Kacprzak, Arteo company owner. “Our customers more often invest into specialist experts’ arrangements, more “Premium”, building customer’s trust, allowing the consumer for solving problem in place of purchase: testing, experiencing the product in comfortable environment. I can point at 3 main trends around which future of P.O.P. will be concentrated. One of trends are for sure multimedia presenting devices and using most modern medial and communication techniques in POP. There will be more interactive objects providing consumer with set of complete information on product involving into customers’ programs at the same time. Second one are mentioned earlier conventions of exclusive experts areas. The third trend is meant to be taking care of ecological aspect during design and production process.”


design & production

05-092 Łomianki ul. Warszawska 114 POLAND ph.: +48 751 47 09 ph./fax: +48 751 37 74

We specialize in design and production of POS materials, indoor public spaces, outdoor advertising and many other utility forms. We have at our disposal a great team of professionals: designers, graphic artists, technology specialists who are always willing to advise on the type of materials to use to make the project meet your technical and quality requirements.

There has been Art-Reklama in the market since 1993, mostly concentrated on complete systems to create sales stands, product lines for HORECA field or advertising displays. Mr. Dariusz Świątek, company co-owner says, “In my opinion there is dynamical growth of P.O.S. market in Poland. We notice 20-30% rise in orders placed. Customers are more often looking for technologically advanced displays. They pay great attention to design and utility values.

Our own professional manufacturing facilities and means of transport allow complex servicing of the most complicated orders both inside and outside the country. In project executions, we are not afraid of combining various technologies. We aim to approach each new project individually to obtain original and unique outcomes that are consistent with the concept of the brand we work for.



Displays are first of all to sell their products.” In the range of carton displays, most important companies are Marin`s Central Europe (“Lama” systems), Branaldi, SCA or Hermes AB Print/UDS. Success in the market gained worldwide patented “Lama” system which created new quality in the field of visual advertisement, displays, promotion kits or mailing materials. Main feature of the system, which author is François L’Hôtel, is that its size allows to place it into envelope and that it can be folded and unfolded in a few seconds. François L’Hôtel created first Lama in 1997. Today Marin’s is the company operating in 90 countries, including Poland. Its activity raises also “Branaldi” – the company present on many Eastern and Central Europe markets. “We have been observing Polish market for 3 years here in Branaldi. Rising trend is highly noticeable – especially in carton displays.”, says Mr. Jan Melichar, chief of Polish company branch. ” We expect this trend to be kept. We also can notice higher activity of companies ordering P.O.P. materials, especially these that have ordered them never before. There is also a lot of new manufacturers in the market.” Among metal displays, distinguishing is “ProdMet” – existing since 1984 and employing 130 people now. According to Mr. Damian Czernik, metal displays market is still evolving. “We can see growing interest for these solutions. Customers expect more developed constructions. We start to make use of modern technologies. Our research are towards using



metal in combination with other types of materials as plexiglass, glass or wood and wood derivatives”, he says. In Mr. Filip Grudziński’s opinion, coowner of AdShop company, there are new solutions appearing in the market and customers become more demanding. “I think that during next years there will be constant rise of electronics based systems sales. But also traditional systems will keep their customers as well”, he states. „Demodesign” offers full service in P.O.P. Starting from idea, through design, simulation, calculation, packing, logistics, storage, just in time deliveries, installation, merchandising, maintenance or after‑sales service. Nowadays every big P.O.P. producer offers these types of services as standard. “ A huge step has been made on this field for last years. Production has been evaluated: because of constant care for technology details, we are now able to transform ideas into functional medium. We provide clients not only with sophisticated projects, but also with service in areas like transport, assemblage, storage or maintenance. This branch requires more and more, so if one wants to be updated, needs to search new materials, ideas, technologies... it is not enough to follow trends, one needs to be ahead of them, to create supportive environment in point of sale. Every day is a new challenge. Quality is number one! Special ideas for more demanding products, e.g. ones that must be chilled? Why not, we are able also to produce advertising coolers, in any shape or size. Everything to present client’s product in such

Art Reklama S.J. ul. Żeromskiego 12 a 05-250 Słupno k/ W-wy ph.: +48 22 763 07 61 POLAND ART Reklama was founded in 1993. Our mission is to fulfill our Customers’ needs, which is possible due to our Team and its passion. Team work is the key word which we use on a daily basis, also getting our customers to participate in every product. Due to this we work efficiently and precisely. Our experience, flexibility and being receptive to new challenges combined with highly skilled Team and modern machines allowed us to create materials, which became our flag products on the European market. Our customers are mainly international corporations and our suppliers, of materials used in production, are leading Polish and European companies. We successively acquire funds from the European Union, which support continuous development of our company and especially improving our production efficiency. We work in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.



way, that no-one will pass it by indifferently. “ says Mr. Marcin Iwulski - Managing Director Demodesign. NEW TECHNOLOGIES Most branch representatives confirm that P.O.P. branch is immediately adapting latest technologies and solutions. Mr. Michał Szymaniak, president of BS Extreme, says: “ The most interesting development in this field concerns new technologies, new lighting sources, multimedia, interactivities, stands which purpose is not only to expose but fully communicate.” Extreme company is author of innovative solution for 3D presentations, making possibility to watch the product at any particular view customer wishes. Digital signage development is involved in using mechanical and semiconductor elements (light sources, switches, displays) as well as wireless systems (bluetooth) into construction. Separated thing is higher interest for multimedia devices based on visualisations showed on LCD or plasma displays or on high format LED matrices. But carriers themselves are only parts of system. The example can be “narrowcasting”. “Narrowcasting” is digital distribution of multimedia issues through centrally managed network of displays. Narrowcasting network is in other words network of digital dynamic signage which can be compared to private television channel aimed at people who are out of their homes. Very important operator is DDS company. Company offers a few software solutions



including author’s one written fully by own team of programmers. It acts as representative of narrowcasting software supplier serving more that 150 airports around the world. DDS POLAND is introducing simple off-line systems (self-service automatic information points) along with very complicated central systems, remote controlled, based on RSS technology. “Digital signage market in Poland is very difficult, there is many challenges waiting for companies that wish to introduce these systems into market. Not only simple solutions are highly appreciated based mostly on changing memory cards but there is growing demand for systems allowing to remotely operate displayed contents. More companies, like banks or hotels, are willing to buy precisely dedicated solutions”, says Mr. Mariusz Krawczyk, AB Media vice-president – company operating in this market as well. IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP WITH CLIENT Main feature, which seems to be dominating, is heading to contact product or trade directly with interested customer. The need to gather more information is sometimes satisfied by technically complicated but easy to operate solutions. According to “Extend Vision” company there is potential on information points market requiring not only professional technical construction but also high quality displays and professional software.

Boint sp. z o.o. ul. Balicka 100 30-149 Kraków POLAND ph.: +48 12 3572007 ph.: +48 12 2571474 ph./fax: +48 12 2571474 int. 15 We have been existing on the market for 5 years. Instead of offering standardized Point-Of-Purchase materials, our products are designed to tailor the customers’ concept of BTL materials. Our graphic designers use all their creativity to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We carry out all the stages of the development of the project: prototyping, technological documentation and production. To do these, we use our own machinery (a laser, moulding machines and a thermal forming machine). We work with wood, plastic, metal and glass. The projects can be equipped with LED lightning systems. They are being more and more frequently used due to being attractive, catchy and effective. We apply them to our cosmetic display stands, expositions stands, presentation stands. Thanks to their small size and high energy-efficiency, they are being received well by the final customers.



According to Mr. Paweł Paszek from Willson & Brown interaction is necessary. “We can see strong pressure on innovative technologies development such as LCD technology or sound systems. There is more displays that force contact, interaction with customer”, he says. Similar attitude presents Ms. Gabriela Żółtaniecka, editor-in-chief of “Chief Marketing Officer” magazine. “Everything that is direct and cannot be turned off is in field of interest for marketeers. What is happening on Polish market - more beautiful presenting of product and better interactivity - assures high level for market itself. Shops are less boring and more effective because trademark is more effectively communicated. The more display becomes interactive, the more information we can deliver through it.” HANDLING STRUCTURES According to reports of “The Gdansk Institute for Market Economics” – investment in handling sector make 10% of all investments in Polish economics field. Important part of sector investments are direct foreign investments which since 1994 has achieved the value of 9,5 billion USD. Saturation of Polish market with large area shops is nearly half of average in so called old European Union. According to Cushman & Wakefield consulting research results until the end of year 2005, shopping centres covered 4,3mln m2 what gives 7th position among European countries. When taking into consideration only sales areas, which had been



given to use only during last five years, Poland reached third position in Europe (2,0 million m2) right after Spain (2,9 million m2) and Italy (2,3 million m2) what gives proof that Polish market is highly attractive. Despite constant increase sales area per 1000 people coefficient (111m2) is still significantly lower below European average (171 m2). During years 2006/2007 112,1 m2 counted per 1000 people of sales area was given. Handling structure in Poland is highly scattered. Around 95% of total number of shops are the ones with area less than 100 m2 while objects with area of more than 400 m2 are only 1,5%. Great popularity gained discounts. Based on database of Ernst & Young consulting company it can be estimated that among shops of 11 biggest networks more than 60% are discounts (35% - Biedronka) and only 25% are supermarkets.

DDS Poland Sp. z o.o. ul. Kościerska 5 80-328 Gdańsk POLAND ph.: +48 58 524 17 37 DDS Poland’s the polish leading integrator of digital signage systems used in retail, finance, education, entertainment, government and other markets. We’re official Partner of SCALA Inc., the world’s leading provider of software for digital signage (50 000 installations, 20 years on the market).

Mr. Jacek Kotarbiński, MBA POPAI Poland General Manager Sources: Instytut Badań nad Gospodarką Rynkową Millward Brown SMG/KRC Trade Marketer Magazine Polska Organizacja Handlu i Dystrybucji Brief Optimum-Media Urbanista



DEMODESIGN ul. Rynek Kleparski 4/13 31-150 Kraków POLAND ph./fax: +48 12 292 88 13 mobile: +48 502 675 543

POPAI Poland Awards 2007 The Winners

Demodesign is member of Dekor Group, which was established 17 years ago, and has become one of the leading POP cooling and non-cooling display companies in Europe.

Grand Prix - Gold Statue company: Willson & Brown entry: Jack Daniels Display client: Brown Forman Polska

Our mission is to create and implement for our customers sophisticated projects with accent on top design, new materials and technologies, skilled technical engineering, reliable production and professional POP services. Thanks to narrow cooperation with specialist from various industries, that are specialized in putting together unique design, feature, decoration and modular eye catching communication items, we are able to offer creative and attractive designs, but as well transform them into functional point of sale “medium“. In our offer, one may find also customised advertising cooling devices to use in promotion of products that need to be chilled.

2nd place - Silver Statue company: Idrium Kolektor Group entry: Omni Display client: Omni Display

3rd place - Bronze Statue company: DDS Poland entry: Samsung stand client: Samsung





The winners by category: AUTOMOTIVE company: MARIN`S CENTRAL EUROPE entry: Lama Tire client: Pirelli

BEVERAGE company: WILLSON & BROWN entry: Jack Daniels Display client: Brown Forman Polska

ERGO Sp. z o.o. ul. Romanowicza 2 30-702 Kraków POLAND ph.: +48 12 26 10 200

company: ERGO entry: Burn Dispenser client: Coca-Cola HBC Poland FRAGRANCE company: WILLSON & BROWN entry: Pierre Cardin client: Coty

Serviced tendered by Ergo: - POSM materials - shop furnishings - installation and maintenance in shops Our strenghts: - efficient management of new products implementation - multi - stage quality control - innovative solutions increasing sales - optimal cost proportionally to effect

Grand Prix • Willson & Brown • Jack Daniels Display Popai Poland 2008, gold medal in food cathegory

Ergo provides you with a versatile service in sale support materials (POSM), brand identification as well as shop furnishings. Good management and immediate reaction to our clients’ changing needs help us be innovative and always on the cutting edge.

Our creative team of designers using CAD CAM tools, is supported by our Brand Strategy department, Implementation Department and Production. Multi - stage system of quality control ensures accuracy in solutions provided by Ergo.

BEAUTY & CARE company: PLEXIFORM entry: Aqualia Thermal client: L`Oreal


Superstar Poland 2007, bronze medal in solid installations 2 cathegory

Cooperation with ERGO is possible on various levels, from sales support ideas, through product design, implementation, production, up to installation and maintenance.



Superstar Poland 2007, bronze medal in solid installations 1 cathegory

Certificates: ISO 9001:2000, Gost - R, Russian Sanitary Certificate. We issue CE signature.



PUBLISHING & LEISURE company: ARTEO DESIGN & PRODUCTION entry: Mediatak client: Mediatak ELECTRONICS company: ARTEO DESIGN & PRODUCTION entry: GPS World client: Smart Electronic TOBBACCO company: WILLSON & BROWN entry: Checkout Kaufland client: Imperial Tobacco Poland CONCEPT DISPLAY company: ART REKLAMA entry: Diageo client: Diageo Poland EXCLUSIVE company: DEMODESIGN entry: Knorr client: Unilever Poland

2nd place • Idrium Kolektor Group • Omni Display



HI-TECH company: Idrium Kolektor Group entry: Omi Display client: Omni Display

NOEX WALDEMAR NOWAK ul. Fabianowska 128 62-052 Komorniki POLAND ph./ fax: + 48 61 810 88 21/15 NOEX is company with traditions, established in 1986. We specialize in plastic items production using the injection moulding technology. NOEX company introduced many novel solutions into Polish market, one of them being promotional cash trays. Leading position among cash trays producers in Poland is an obligation for constant development. Therefore NOEX works continuously on perfecting new solutions, introducing new technologies, exploring new materials (glass, metals, PET) and innovative methods of advertising both for products and information. Our Company tries its best at addressing the demands of the market. We have a capacity to work out projects, design injection moulds and start serial production of articles desired by our Clients within a very short time. Thanks to modern machine park and highly qualified staff we are able to supply our Client with any order.




CARTON DISPLAY company: MARIN`S CENTRAL EUROPE entry: Maxi Sherpa client: AVON

WB SP. Z O.O. S.K.A. 224 Krakowska Av. Warsaw 02-219 POLAND ph.: +48 22 868 03 30 (~33) fax: +48 22 868 29 35

INNOVATION OF THE YEAR company: Idrium Kolektor Group entry: Omni Display client: Omni Display

Since 1994 Willson & Brown is effectively promoting sale by projecting and producing P.O.S. materials. We always follow cultural and social changes, what enable us to predict new market trends and adjust our projects to the present market’s needs. All this helps us to be more efficient and organized at work, to create innovative projects and high quality products as well. We understand consumers’ behaviors and sales processes. By emphasizing personality and value of the product we are able to create a new space for it. We have leader position, big experience and what is even more important, knowledge and strong willingness to meet new challenges.

DESIGN OF THE YEAR company: WILLSON & BROWN entry: Jack Daniels Display client: Brown Forman Poland

Distinctions company: Hermes AB Print entry: Display Nivea client: Nivea Poland company: BS EXTREME entry: Canal + client: Canal + Cyfrowy company: EXTEND VISION entry: Stand Sony client: Sony Ericsson

3rd place • DDS Poland • Samsung stand



company: NOEX Waldemar Nowak entry: Ads holder with LCD client: Noex



The Winners - POPAI Poland Awards Warsaw 6th February 2008

[POS materials’ designs and production]

[advertising fridges producer]


[devices’ management: transport, assemblage, service]



P.O.P. Market in Poland  

P.O.P. Market in Poland (2008)

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