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In this Edition: We Dine Locally, invite you to a 60s 70s 80s Reunion, take the BMW 320d for a Road Test, Travel to Nerja and we look after your Health with our article on sunburn. 10,000 Copies Distributed FREE to Households and Businesses in Blythe Bridge, Forsbrook, Meir Park, Meir Heath, Caverswall, Weston Coyney, Dilhorne, Cresswell, Saverley Green, Tean, Checkley, Draycott, Hilderstone, Fulford, Rough Close, Lightwood, Trentham & Barlaston.

It`s our First Birthday and looking back though it has been hard work we are delighted with the way the first 12 months have gone and the level of interest and support we have received. Trade Locally has established a place as The Community Magazine and Business Directory in the south of Stoke on Trent and neighbouring villages. We have increased frequency from bi monthly to eight issues per year and distribution from 7500 copies to 10,000 copies each issue. Our goal for the next twelve months is to make Trade Locally bigger and better whilst sticking to our core aims and values which are to increase awareness and support for the diverse range of existing local independent businesses and new ones starting up, the success of which can benefit us all whilst at the same time supporting local facilities and intiatives within our Community. How do local businesses help us? Successful and growing independent businesses offer better local services, create genuine local jobs, put money back into the local economy by supporting other local businesses, attract new businesses to the area, and frequently take an active interest in local affairs and charities. By supporting local independent businesses we all save time and money and reduce our carbon footprint by travelling less – it`s worth doing.

trade locally north staffs

Going forward we will continue to offer affordable advertising and marketing opportunities to our Local Business Partners including the opportunity to showcase their own business, discount vouchers etc. For our readers the range of topical features including gardening, fashion, motor tests, IT, puzzles and competitions is to be supplemented by more Local Content. If you have any ideas as to how we can improve or enhance Trade Locally or further assist Local Business we would like to hear from you. Enjoy the Summer – perhaps by the time we have dominated the Olympics the Sun will be shining.

Ian Thirlwall

Contact Us: Trade Locally is wholly independent and is published by Leaflets Ltd, 207-209, Grindley Lane, Blythe Bridge, Stoke on Trent ST11 9JS. Next Copy Deadline: 24th August 2012 Editor: Ian Thirlwall Adverts: Admin & Accounts: Email: Website:

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Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of material in this publication, the editor can accept no responsibility for the veracity of claims made by contributors in either editorial or advertising content. Copyright: All text, images and design in this publication are subject to copyright. Any unauthorised duplication is strictly prohibited.


trade locally north staffs

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LOCAL MATTERS TO PUBLICISE YOUR LOCAL NEWS or EVENTS FREE on our COMMUNITY PAGES in the next edition of TRADE LOCALLY Call 01782 392355 or GET INVOLVED Got a bit of spare time and a talent for writing, design or photography. We could always use a bit of help now and again. If interested give us a CALL on 01782 392355 OTHER BUSINESS SERVICES If you would like to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS in areas Trade Locally does not currently cover our Low Cost Leaflet/Brochure design, print and distribution Services may be the answer. For further Details CALL 01782 392355


@ the Kings Hall, Stoke,Stoke on Trent Friday, August 10th During the 60’s-80’s, the Potteries was key component in the UK entertainment scene. From the early days at the Kings with promoter Chris Burton delivering The Beatles, Stones, Hollies and the like to the emergence of venues such as The Golden Torch(Tunstall) ,The Place(Hanley) and Crystal Ballroom(Newcastle) through the super club era of the 70’s with Jollees(Longton), Top Rank, Steam Machine(Hanley), Newcastle Tiffs and pre-rave boom of the 90’s with Robateau’s, Maxims, Wayfarer(Stone) and Ritzy.

weekend frequented various night scenes! On Friday, August 10th, the Kings Hall,Stoke hosts ‘one helluva revival’ playing the music from those 3 great decades in the company of Pete Conway(MC), Barmy Barry(The Torch), Kev Roberts(Signal Radio/Kings Hall), Dave Plumb, Keith Minshull, Colin Curtis, Chris Williams and Special Guests.

A collective of local celebrities will be in attendance to help raise funds for the nominated charity, the Donna Louise Trust. ONE NIGHT ONLY…… Reuniting Staffordshire the world over in the famous Kings Hall. Don’t miss it!

Where did you start your journey….Quenchers, Flickers, Candles, Heroes, Chicos, Top of the World??? More than 20,000 every

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Local experienced accountant Friendly service and all fees agreed in advance Specialising in small businesses/companies Personal and Corporation Tax Returns VAT and Payroll Subcontractors/CIS Give me a call or drop me an email to discuss your requirements

Mobile: 07816 147753 Email: To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355


ROAD TEST BMW 320d Modern Writing up a road test of a new BMW 3 Series is very difficult. I could tell you that it’s the best-selling family car in Europe, but you already knew that. I could tell you that it’s the best compact prestige saloon in the world and has been for the past 20 years, but you already knew that too. Even a simple fisherman in remote Siberia would recognise a 3 Series if he saw one and, in fact, probably aspires to own one. So I’ll start by looking at what was wrong with the last model. Actually, there was very little wrong with the last model; all I can think of was the rather bland styling – a bit like an upmarket Nissan Primera – and that it had slightly less room in the back than some of its rivals. Even so, BMW has taken these shortcomings to heart and has made some significant improvements with the latest version. Let’s start with the styling; where the old car was bland and dumpy the new one is sinuous, sculpted and sleek with a hint of aggression in the nose. It looks like a man’s car, even though a big chunk of its drivers will be women. In the two days I had the car I asked everyone I came across what they made of the styling and it met with universal approval. In the back seats you will find four inches more leg room and a bit more headroom, making it more capacious than a Mercedes C Class, up until now the class leader. The seats, faced with cloth and leather in Modern spec, are extremely comfortable and supportive and the quality of materials, fit and

finish is virtually flawless. As with any BMW, the best seat in the car is the driver’s seat; the controls wrap around you and the ergonomics are close to perfection. Only Audi has stalks and switches that operate with more satisfying precision. The level of kit is reasonable by BMW standards too, with ESP, climate control, blue tooth and an MP3 connection all as standard. It is in the driving experience that BMWs stand head and shoulders above the competition and the latest version takes this to a new level. The 2.0 litre diesel engine is a work of genius; just look at the numbers: 61.4mpg, 0-62mph in 7.5seconds, 146mph top speed. In this car this is all the engine you will ever need. It doesn’t drive like a diesel either, you can hang onto the revs without it dying on you and the power delivery is smooth and even. The only downside is that it makes a bit of a racket, particularly under load. Then take the handling, precise, controlled and satisfying – short of an Impreza WRX I cannot think of a four door saloon that

handles better than this one does. Even the ride has been improved; with the exception of a foot deep pothole taken at 60mph, there is practically nothing that will unsettle it. At £28,300 the price might seem a little high, but it isn’t. By any reckoning this is a £30k car, so it’s actually a bargain. You could say that there are quieter cars out there but that doesn’t make this one noisy. I have only one problem with the new 3 Series; it is too good and too inexpensive. If any middle level manager can look to acquire this level of perfection, what is there left to strive for? More than that, anyone else who has made anything of their life can have one of these – what’s the point in trying anymore? How can you stand out from the crowd other than deliberately paying more for something that is not as good? Kit Johnson

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01782 388120 For all your latest DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and game rentals. Disc repairs also done instore

Kodak Digital Print

Digital prints - Same day, 24hr and instant service available Canvas prints, poster size prints, 35mm processing also done instore

Dry Cleaning Service Alterations and repairs


FLA @ME TAN CE 01 38

Tanning Tanning Centre with Vertical UV Sunbeds OPENING TIMES MONDAY - SATURDAY 9.30AM - 9.00PM SUNDAY 11.00AM - 9.00PM

Opening Times: Mon – Sat 9.30 – 9.00pm | Sun – 11.00 – 9.00pm Free Parking Join us on facebook videodaysmeirpark Follow us on twittter videodaysstoke


•Burn Fat •Anti Agi •Lose Weig •Reduce C •Build Mu •Increase •Promote •Increase •Improve •Minimise •Look Fab


TRAVEL Just go with the flow in Nerja Twenty five years ago my father bought a villa on the Costa del Sol in a place I’d never heard of. At the time the Costa was known for glitzy Marbella, British career criminals who had run away to a sunny place with no extradition treaty, and Terrible Torremolinos, forever immortalised by Monty Python. For some reason my father had chosen to buy in Nerja, a sleepy little town huddled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Nerja had just started to take off as a tourist destination and he chose it for two reasons – it was the third most expensive place in Spain, so he reasoned his villa would appreciate in value, and the town council had recently passed a civic ordnance forbidding the building of anything more than three storeys high. This guaranteed that the town could not become just another line of hotels packed with package holiday tourists. I’ve been holidaying in Nerja on and off ever since and watched as this sleepy little town burgeoned into a snazzy, upmarket and extremely cosmopolitan resort. The town is centred on the Balcon de Europa, a sandstone promontory that is topped with a broad boulevard and lined with restaurants and bars. There is always something happening on the Balcon, particularly in the evening. Artists will paint your portrait while fire-eaters and jugglers entertain you and the kids scoff down ice creams from a stall. To one side, a crescent of beach lies at the foot of the cliff and the local fishermen pull up their boats on the gravel,

though they’re more of a tourist attraction than an industry these days. The Balcon is at the heart of the old town which features a 17th Century church and narrow cobbled streets. The town radiates out in a semicircle and is largely pedestrianised. There are hundreds of restaurants and bars catering to all tastes, from Pizza to Tandoori, from Tapas to fine dining. Most restaurants have tables at the side of the street and there is a real café society feel to the place at night. Although Nerja has a few nightclubs, it is certainly no Benidorm; only the Germans get noisily drunk and then in a completely good natured way. There are eight miles of beaches around Nerja but the main one is the Playa Burriana which is a ten minute walk east of the Balcon. There is a path to it that winds its way along the cliff and provides truly spectacular views. A promenade runs along the back of Burriana beach with

restaurants running the entire length. A couple of them cook paella in a huge pan suspended over a bonfire – eating a plate of it is almost a rite of passage. There are pedaloes to be hired and water sports to be indulged in, but most people are content to lie in the sun while the waiters from the restaurants bring them the occasional drink. If you get tired of pottering, sunbathing and eating out, there are plenty of other things to do in the area. Almunecar a few miles up the coast has an excellent water park and the dramatic Nerja Caves are well worth a visit. The Moorish splendour of Granada and the Alhambra is a couple of hours drive away, as are Gibraltar and the jet-set resort of Puerto Banus. At heart Nerja is still just a sleepy Andalusian fishing village and that’s what I like about it best; everything is very laid back and there is literally nothing that can’t wait until mañana. Jennifer Bright

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HEALTH Sunburn Sunburn is damage to the skin caused by overexposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays from sunlight or tanning beds. Skin becomes red and painful as it tries to repair cells when the DNA is damaged; it may later peel or blister as the damaged DNA cells are destroyed. Damaged DNA can cause cells to start growing out of control leading to skin cancer, so it is extremely important to avoid sunburn in order to reduce your risk in the future. Skin can burn in intense sunlight but don’t be fooled – it may also burn when light reflects off snow or through a cloudy sky. Minimise the risk by wearing a wide brimmed hat, light protective clothing and applying high factor sunscreen to exposed parts. Moderate

sun tanning without burning can prevent subsequent sunburn as it increases the amount of melanin in the skin; melanin absorbs the UV radiation to help protect your skin and the skin becomes darker, indicating damage by UV rays. Whilst melanin stops you burning so easily, it does not prevent premature ageing or cancer. The less melanin you have, the less protection you will have; if you have not been in the sun much or are fair skinned you will have less melanin and so have a greater risk of burning. Always use a good quality cream, sun protection factor (SPF) 15 minimum, whatever your skin type; a higher factor is recommended for fair and sensitive skins. Apply cream

before going outside and reapply frequently, at least every two or three hours and always after going in water. Keep babies and children out of direct sunlight. If a child or adolescent acquires blistering sunburn, their risk of developing a melanoma later in life is more than doubled. Good quality sun glasses are essential for the whole family. Keep an eye on any moles and seek advice straight away from your GP if there is any change in colour, size or texture. Enjoy the sunshine and please be sun safe! Phoebe Hodge

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Airport Transfers Quarter_Quarter Page 03/07/2012 11:59 Pa

Book Locally


TRANSFERS All UK Airports & Seaports






East Midlands £85










Prices are return based on up to 4 sharing vehicle

Minibus available from



Trade Locally Business Services 209, Grindley Lane, Blythe Bridge, Stoke on Trent ST11 9JS.

Telephone: 01782 392355 anytime. E:

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YOUR GARDEN IN JULY & AUGUST After the spell of recent wet weather some plants in the garden are not at their best. But don’t despair! If you can nurture your crops through to some warmer, dry weather then they will reward you with a good show in late summer and well into autumn. Keep removing faded flowers on bedding and basket plants to prolong the flowering period. Early flowering Perennials such as Dicentra should be pruned back hard now. These will re-flower again in about 4 to 6 weeks time. Remove old flowering wood on Philadelphus and Deutzia shrubs now. This will keep the shrub compact and it will flower well again next year. Because of the wet weather the slug and snail population has grown in recent weeks either use an organic control such as beer traps or use slug pellets sparingly to try to reduce this pest. Because of the moist soil as of late there should be a good crop of root veg such as Potatoes and Carrots. Keep checking and harvest these as soon as they are ready. If you leave them in the ground too long then they can become diseased and also loose some of their flavour. Veg crops to sow in July include

Beetroot, Carrots, Turnips and Spring Cabbage.

continues to crop for the rest of the season.

Feed all your plants regularly to keep them healthy. Feeds with a high potassium level are good at promoting flowering and good leaf colour. Pick Beans, Peas and Sweet Pea on a regular basis to ensure that the plant

Hope the weather picks up for us all soon. By Robin Harper Mount Nurseries at Spot Acre

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We Work Hard to Promote Local Traders Tel: 01782 392 355

from j ust


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Members of HTA. National Garden Gift Tokens Sold and Exchanged Situated 800ft above Sea level on a North Facing Slope if it grows here it will grow anywhere We specialise in specimen shrubs and trees plus everything for the water garden including around 500 fountains and features. Planting and landscaping schemes are our speciality. Trees and Plants hired out for weddings and corporate events. All major credit cards accepted Hanging Basket Moss 30 Litre Bags

will do 9/10 x 12” Baskets £ 5.00

Multi Purpose Compost 3 bags for £ 10.00 7 bags for £ 20.00

Telephone 01538 722 566 Email.


Stone Pavers Half Page_Layout 1 21/05/2012 12:43 Page 1

Stone LandScapeS Your local block paving specialist

Block paving l decking l Fencing l patios and driveways l Gravel Features l l


For a free no obligation quotation call:

dave: 07810 118991 Mike: 07825 911505 or telephone: 01785 817180 Stone Landscapes | Walton Way | Stone | Staffordshire | To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

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£6.00 £3.00





NOW £3.00 £1.50



C&D Tree ServiCeS aPruning aCrown Thinning aCrown Reduction aFelling aDismantling aHedge Maintenance aGrass Cutting

T: 01785 615351 M: 07970 241085 Fully qualified and insured with 20 years experience.

GARDEN AND TREE SERVICES SHE:Chell Contractors_Quarter Page 22/06/2012 12:48 Page

SJ CHELL groundwork contractors

For all your groundwork and drainage requirements - Domestic - Commercial - Industrial -

Site Clearance Foundations New Builds Extensions Drainage Repairs & Renewals Septic Tank Installations Rainwater Harvesting Storm Water Attenuation Systems Driveways Concreting - Fully licenced for Vehicle Access Crossings -

for a free no obligation quote call:

T: 01538 751136 Simon 07970 711249 Jane 07973 837610 E:

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Medium Sudoku 8




3 1 7



















5 3







8 6

How to play

How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every in the grid so that every row, every 5column, Fill and every 3x3 box contains the column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, to with no no repetition! digits 1 through 9, with repetition!

3 7


4 8








is to it. You solve the That’s allThat’s thereallisthere to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning logic - there’s puzzle with reasoning and and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! It’s Challenging! It’s addictive!

It’s fun! It’s Challenging! It’s addictive!

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PROPERTY Is now the time to buy a villa in Spain? Over the past decade the Spanish property market has been a financial rollercoaster. From possibly the greatest boom in European history at the beginning of the century, Spain has now experienced one of the greatest ever busts. Uncertainty is everywhere; will Spain stay in the Euro? Has the market hit rock bottom? I have no more idea of the answers to these questions than anyone else, but here are a few things to consider. Spanish properties are typically changing hands at 60% less than their 2008 peak, so this market has not got much further to fall. The odds of Spain leaving the Euro are about the same as the Euro splitting up altogether – ie: very long indeed. Spain is mired deep in recession

and many previously wealthy Spaniards are looking to offload their assets for whatever price they can get. This means that upmarket properties that rarely come on the market at all are suddenly available at a knock down price Even so, there is still a lot of dross on the market in Spain, shoddily built apartments that were thrown up in the middle of nowhere, often illegally. If you are going to buy, take the same approach as if you were buying in the UK. Remember the old adage “location, location, location” and buy in the smart well-established areas such as Marbella or Estepona. It is even more important in Spain than in the UK to get all your searches done properly before you part with your hard earned cash.

There are too many people who have bought properties in Spain that have then been torn down because the developer didn’t have the right to build them in the first place. Finally, when you view a property, consider whether you would want to live there rather than the projected rental income. If you want to live there, so will someone else when you sell it on. Get it right and you will find this is the best possible time to buy your dream Spanish holiday home. Craig Brown Estate Agent

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Construction that builds the benchmark of quality. Construction Construction that that builds builds the the benchmark benchmark of of quality. quality.

We provide a range of services that include:

We provide • New Build a range of services that We provide a range of services that • Bespoke Dwellings include: include: • Refurbishment • •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •

•New Extensions Build BuildDwellings •New Maintenance Bespoke Bespoke Dwellings •Refurbishment Fit-Out Conversions •Refurbishment Commercial Extensions & Retail •Extensions Domestic Maintenance •Maintenance Hotel Conversions & Leisure Fit-Out •Fit-Out SocialConversions Housing Commercial & Retail •Commercial Education Domestic & Retail •Domestic Local Authority & Health Sector Hotel & Leisure •Hotel Healthcare & Retirement Leisure Social&Housing •Social Regeneration Housing Education •Education Churches Authority & Health Sector •Local Custodial & Justice Local Authority & Health Sector & Retirement •Healthcare Project Management Healthcare & Retirement Regeneration •Regeneration External Wall Insulated Render System Churches Churches Custodial & Justice Custodial & Justice Project Management Project ExternalManagement Wall Insulated Render System External Wall Insulated Render System

Welcome to XCEL Construction Limited, we would like to assist you in helping to complete projects, on time and onLimited, Welcome Welcome to to XCEL XCEL Construction Construction Limited, budget. we would like to assist we would like to assist you you in in helping helping to to complete projects, time and on • We are customer focused on and offer a solid background of complete projects, on time and on construction knowledge and experience. budget. budget. • We offer a fully comprehensive construction package and

professionally manage all ofand ouroffer projects frombackground inception toof We are customer focused a solid We are customer focused and offer a solid background of completion. construction knowledge and experience. We provide solutions from a single source and our values construction knowledge and experience. We offer a fully comprehensive construction package and enable usatofully deliver a best value construction high quality service. and We offer comprehensive professionally manage all of our projects frompackage inception to We have experience in all managing projectsfrom up toinception a value ofto professionally manage of our projects completion. £14m. completion. • We provide solutions from a single source and our values • enable We provide single source and our values us tosolutions deliver a from best a value high quality service. usexperience to deliver ainbest value high quality • enable We have managing projects upservice. to a value of • £14m. We have experience in managing projects up to a value of £14m. For more details please contact us on 01782 413777

• • •• • •

For more details please contact us on 01782 For more details please contact us on 01782

413777 413777

XCEL Construction Limited Trent House, 835 London Road,Trent Vale, Stoke on Trent ST4 5NZ T. 01782 413777 email: XCEL Construction Limited Construction Trent House, 835 London Road,Trent XCEL Vale, Stoke on Trent Limited ST4 5NZ Trent House, 835 London Road,Trent Stoke on Trent ST4 5NZ T. 01782 413777 email:Vale, T. 01782 413777 email:


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HEALTHY FEET ARE HAPPY FEET Feet – just where would we be without them? Probably lying down and unable to get up. Our feet have two main functions, firstly to act as a flexible support to our lower limb and, secondly as a rigid lever to help propulsion during locomotion, in other words to enable us to walk. Unfortunately we tend not to think about our feet until something goes wrong. When young we do not worry about the footwear we wear as long as it is in fashion. We may be in agony but we still wear them simply because it is the current fashion. We are then in a vicious circle that can last for years and for the unfortunate few, for a lifetime. The human foot is a complex structure made up of 28 bones and 40 joints, that’s 25% of the bones in the human body all located in our feet so it is no wonder that we can have problems. Foot movements are controlled by muscles and there are three positions for the foot during walking, namely HEEL Strike, Midstance and Toe Off (not literally). Some of us when walking put too much pressure on the Midstance which is not uncommon but can cause Flat Foot, Bunions, Chronic Foot Strain, Nail Problems, Corns, Callouses and Fungal Infections. Yes – unfortunately walking can give you all these problems before you even put your footwear on.

We have three principal veins in the foot that pump blood around our bodies which is why we need to move on a regular basis so that the blood does not clot. We hear a lot about this in connection with air travel which is why it is particularly important to keep mobile. People who are housebound or in wheelchairs need to move their feet and ankles regularly. Flat feet can be caused by a failure of the leg, foot or ankle to form correctly though most cases are acquired and can affect up to 80% of adults to some degree. The main causes are:

1. Ill fitting footwear which restricts the function of the foot which could relate to most people. 2. A prolonged period of non use, for example a long hospitalisation. 3. A medical condition or deformity of the back or leg. 4. Aversion of the foot due to poor posture or bad habits. 5. Excessive weight bearing caused by carrying heavy weights, pregnancy or obesity. If you have problems or would simply like advice or reassurance seek the advice of an expert. You could be saving yourself trouble in the future.

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in partnership with...

Your guide to great food in Staffordshire... is your exclusive restaurant guide for Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. We are passionate about local food experiences, from small, niche producers of fine preserves and condiments, to specialist oils and sauces, to quality, qualit organically grown vegetables to hand reared meats, we aim to bring you the very best that Staffordshire has to offer. Working closely with restaurants, suppliers and diners, Dine Local brings together the most comprehensive guide to eating quality, everyda We believe local, sustainable food everyday. that local food is fresher than food that has traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to reach your plate. When you choose to Dine Local you are supporting local businesses, such as restaurants, local food producers and hospitality service staff. sta Local communities and economies are the lifeblood of industry in this country, vote with your feet, make that change today and visit your local butcher, baker, ice cream maker! Eating local food is good for you, good for your town, good for everyone. To view our full local dining out directory please visit our website below.


Stop The Bed Bugs Biting!

Did You Know? That Having Your Duvet Cleaned Every 6 Months Reduces The Risk Of Bed Mites! Get Fresh In Bed With Iron Maidens We Will Clean Your Duvet Cover For Free With Every Duvet Cleaned...

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Are We Mad?

We Mad? Not ToAre Be Missed This Month!

Not To Be Missed This Month!



Contact us for a free quotation today.

Tel: 01782 392541 Mob: 07737 503254 Mr Washer (fenton domestics) bc:Layout 1


Fenton Domestic Appliances Ltd 82-84 Victoria Road, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2JX

Domestic Appliance Sales and Repairs LONGTON SHOP 01782 594614 Russell :- 07787 881150

FENTON SHOP 01782 410333 / 744766 Andy :- 07779 827237


Refer Your Friends And Family & As A Thank You To You, A Loyal Customer, When Is And Completed, ReferTheir YourOrder Friends Family &We AsWill A Lighten LoadA For Half Price! YouYour To You, Loyal Customer, 16:58 Thank P

When Their Order Is Completed, £10.00 off We Will Lighten YourYou LoadRecommend, For Half Price! The More

your first order The More You Save. T&C`s apply

T/C Apply - Based On Your Average Amount.

The More You Recommend, The More You Save.

Tel: 01782 414515 T/C Apply - Based On Your Average Amount.

Tel: 01782 414515

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Websites... You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Your website is your shop window to the world, make sure you make the right impression.

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USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS Staffordshire Police Non Emergency Calls/General Enquiries 101 Emergency Calls eg: Life in Danger/Crime in Progress 999 Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service General Enquiries 08451 22 11 55 Free Home Fire Risk Check (freephone)

0800 0241 999

University Hospital of North Staffordshire (UHNS) 01782 715444 Stafford Hospital

01785 257731

NHS Patient Advice & Liaison Services (PALS) Stoke on Trent (freephone) 0800 783 2865 North Staffordshire 0800 030 4563 (freephone)

NHS Direct

0845 4647

Staffordshire County Council

0300 111 8000

Stoke-on-Trent City Council

01782 234567

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

0345 605 3010

Jobcentre Plus

0800 055 6688

The Pension Service (part of the Dept. for Work & Pensions)

0845 60 60 265

deals with benefits for people 60 and over


0300 123 45 55

National Rail Enquiries

0845 748 4950

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Classified Adverts Accountants/Bookeepers RFS Accountants 07816147753


Airport Transfers & Private Hire (UK)

Childrens` Daycare

Foot Care

Raindrops Nursery Blythe Bridge 07761910354 P29

Mobile Foot Clinic Blythe Bridge 01782 926223 P30

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French Polishing

Dine Out Locally

Trade Locally Business Services Blythe Bridge 01782 392355 P17 Airport Transfers (Overseas)


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P 21

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Dry Cleaning

Chantelle Blinds Longton: 01782 599529

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Westbridge Factory Outlet Meir Park 01782 310267


Gardening C & D Tree Services Stone 01785 615351


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T.B. Garden Maintanence Draycott 07742 379411


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Staybrite Driveways 01782 321672


Michael Coburn Dilhorne 01782 396044

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P12 & P44

Building Repairs

Hylands Stone 01785 812019

Mount Nurseries, Spot Gate 01889 505627 P18 & P19

P12 & P44

Kev Wotto Meir: 01782 333379

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Neil Taylor Tree Surgeon Stone 07528 938 126


Paradise Nurseries Winnothdale 01538 722566


Jacksons Nurseries SOT 01782 502078


Xcel Construction Ltd SOT – 01782 413777



P12 & P44

Business Parks

Hylands Hanley 01782 319950

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Panasonic P39

Car Repairs & Servicing AA Silencers Cheadle 01538 752345


Carpets & Flooring Green Tree Flooring Whitebridge Stone: 01785 818772 P10 Victoria Carpets Meir: 08000264313



Gates & Railings

S W Clarke Ltd - Blythe Bridge 07725415934

Metalcraft Fabrications SOT 01782 822255


Gold & Silver Buyers

Modern Engraving SOT 01782 849055


Longton Jewellers Longton 01782 320382

Farm Shop Bolton Gate, Weston Coyney 01782 312824

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Classified Adverts Groundwork X-Cavate Ltd Tean. 01538 722526


SJ Chell Cheadle 01538 751136


Hair & Beauty The Hair Room Blythe Bridge: 01782 388838


Local Marketing

Plumbing & Heating

Trade Locally Blythe Bridge 01782 392355

Kev Wotto Meir 01782 333379


Aqua Tight – Bentilee 01782 213325

Lock Around the Clock Blythe Bridge 01782 392245


Mobile Telephones Mobile Trader SOT 01782 331771

Home PC Services

Motorcycle Service and Repairs P7

Insurance MEM Insurance Brokers Ltd SOT - 01782 315181


In Car Ent, Phones etc Matrix Cheadle 01538 757482

P9 P11



P34 & P35

Jewellers P36

Jobs Avon Rep Blythe Bridge


Kennels & Cattery

Sarah Thirlwall Clarinet Rough Close 07706652225 P11

Smokers Requisites and Gifts

Night Out

Mr C`s Blythe Bridge 07825 391205 P4 & P5

Office Rental




Takeaways Ovilash (Indian) Stone 01785 813137


Paintball, Quads, Shooting

Tenerife Accommodation 01782 392355


Whitebridge Tiles Stone 01785 818570

Michael Jones Tean Cedar Pest Management Lower Tean 01538 724277 P25

Web Design

Pet Foods & Accessories



Pest Control

TP Media Blythe Bridge



Weight Loss P34


Leaflet Distribution Leaflets Ltd Blythe Bridge 01782 392355

Lasersave SOT 01782 746204

X-Cavate Ltd Tean. 01538 722526

Fords of Blythe Bridge 01782 302125

Lesley Goodall Tean 01538 724259

Printers & Cartridges Etc

Musical Tuition

Ashcroft Park Bramshall 01889 502508

Longton Jewellers 01782 320382


Skip Hire

Trade Locally Blythe Bridge 01782 392355

Iron Maidens Ltd SOT 01782 414515

Leaflets Ltd Blythe Bridge 01782 392355

Peter Jenkinson Tean 01538 724691

The Ultimate Reunion

Icebeat Fenton 01782 323500


Print & Design Services

Me Times – Blythe Bridge 01782 388838

Click It Hixon Staffs 01889 270024

ASLK - Yarnfield Stone 07971 077283


Talbot Plasterers Blythe Bridge 01782 392541 P35

Flabelos – Videodays Meir Park 01782 388120 P13 Zoological Park Blackbrook Zoo Park Winkhill Leek 01538 308293 P36

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panasonic store hanley now owned and operated by


Louise Hazel. British Heptathlete

Panasonic Domestic Appliances • Personal Care • Cameras & Camcorders • Blu-ray/DVD

open late

relaunched with incredible opening offers

Mon - Fri 10.30am - 7pm sat 9am - 5.30pm sun closed

patrons car park behind store

Fast Free deliVery we also offer a comprehensive installation plus TV wall mounting service 74 piccadilly hanley st1 1eF

T: XXXXX319950 XXXXXX W: Temporary Phone Number: 01782 operated by:

Trade Localy Issue 8  

The 8th edition of Trade Locally Magazine

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