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Online Dir

2 Hello again Well – what a change a few weeks makes. From thermal underwear and central heating up at the end of May to blistering temperatures some 5 weeks later, let`s hope it lasts. It is a fact that sunshine gives us a feel good factor but it`s not just the weather that is responsible. Looking at the economy recent surveys report a rise in business optimism on the back of growth in the service sector and confidence in the housing market. The Treasury comment that the UK economy is now moving from rescue to recovery following an upward revision of our growth forecast from the IMF. On a sporting front its` a great year to be British with Andy Murray being the first Brit to become the Wimbledon Mens Singles Champ for some 70 years, the British and Irish Lions winning the Test Series against Australia, Justin Rose winning the US Open Golf, Team Sky amongst the leaders in the Tour de France and our Cricketers favourites to beat Australia in the Ashes series just beginning as I write this. Unlike the BBC and some of our newspapers who seem to look for the downside with everything let`s just take pride in our national success and achievements albeit modest in difficult economic circumstances for there are many others worse off. Enjoy it while it lasts. Have a great summer.

Ian Thirlwall

trade locally north staffs

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When you’re next looking for Goods or Services ...


r at: are looking fo Find what you


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Saturday 14th September

Fenton Manor Sports Complex, 3.30pm

Will you be part of history in the making? Register now at Or pick up a registration form from any of our Hospice shops!

Supported by:

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Swynnerton Arms July 2012_Layout 1 08/07/2013 13:55 Page 1


THE SwYNNERTON ARMS Windmill Hill, Rough Close, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 7PP

Traditional English Pub/Restaurant

New Menu Coming Soon

Bring this advert to e e receive a frith dessert w ll every fu lt u priced ad meal

-DIARY DATESSunday 14th July 2013

Open Mic

Quality Home Cooked Food Served: Monday-Friday 12pm-12.15pm & 5pm-9pm Saturday & Sunday All day 12pm-9pm

Saturday 27th July 2013


Car Boot Sale


Please call for details


For bookings and parties call:

T: 01782 392283 T: 01782 395950 M: 07970 250393

Functions catered for: Birthdays, Christenings, Funerals etc. Please enquire for buffet menu.

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SUMMER SPECIALS nge of Great ra s for the activitie during families r summe s y holida

Open 7 Days a Week - 364 Days a Year

Evening sessions until dusk

70 acres of varied terraine

Fort Apache. Bootcamp Extreme.


For a fantastic fun-filled day out

Castle,village, sandbags, missile

25% Off Lasers*

Under cover seating for 200

Host to the UK Master Paintba ll Champio nships

Multi activity competitions

Purpose built quad tracks

Junior Birthday Parties 6 years plus

Established for over 25 years Excellent customer service

Themed corporate events

is advert. ction of th ots on produ m-7pm sl am or 5p * 9am-11

If button isn’t working call:

01889 502508 or 07966 264725 Open 8am-8pm every day Ashcroft Park Issue Edi Ad A5.indd Trade Locally 13.indd 6 1

10/07/2013 14:20 10/07/2013 15:07:30

UK tball hips

e ad

ies s


2013 14:20

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Travel The eternal appeal of Rome I must be the most predictable holidaymaker in the world; for the last 25 years I have taken 2 weeks in the same Spanish resort either in June or July; I even stay in the same villa. But in the last few years money has not been so tight and I have started taking a second holiday each year with my partner, usually a short city break. Last year’s was the best so far, a trip to Rome in August. People say that Rome is too hot in August but it’s nothing compared to the Costa del Sol. The good thing is that, as with Paris, the locals head to the coast in August and leave their city to the tourists, meaning that there are bargains to be had. By the time you’ve shelled out for a flight it seems a false economy to skimp on hotels, particularly if you’re just staying for 3 nights as we were. I surfed around the comparison sites and secured a deluxe room in the Rome Cavalieri Hotel for 200 euros (about £170) per night. This may sound like a lot but, believe me, for a place like the Cavalieri it’s a bargain. This huge hotel sprawls over a hilltop outside the city and features lush grounds with three swimming pools, spectacular interiors and the most fantastic health and beauty spa I’ve ever seen. The downside is that it takes half an hour to crawl through the traffic to the centre of the city, but at least there is a free shuttle bus. We arrived at midday, checked in and had lunch followed by a dip in the pool; then it was time to head into the eternal city. It was without doubt the most spectacular bus ride I’ve ever taken, creeping past the Vatican and on into the historic centre of the city where over 2000 years of history surround

you. We didn’t have any specific plan; we just wandered about soaking up the atmosphere. Rome is an incredibly vibrant city; everyone mills about, shouting, hugging and waving their arms, in total contrast to London where everyone basically ignores each other. Eventually we found a family run trattoria down a back street and had a very romantic and delicious meal that was remarkably inexpensive. After that we took a taxi back to the hotel (not so inexpensive) and went to bed, exhausted by our elongated day. The next day we set out to do some serious sightseeing, taking in the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum all in one morning. The Spanish Steps are impressive and the Colosseum is remarkably intact for such an ancient building, though there’s a long queue to get in. My favourite was the Trevi Fountain, gorgeous baroque architecture and so romantic. After a light lunch we headed south from the Colosseum to the Villa Celimontana which sits on top of yet another hill. It has a lovely park and glorious

formal gardens. The villa itself is beautifully restored and features some fine sculptures. Not as well known as many of Rome’s landmarks, Celimontana is relatively quiet and is a peaceful way to spend an afternoon. We dined in one of the hotel restaurants that night. The Cavalieri is home to the renowned La Pergola restaurant and we were very tempted to indulge ourselves. However, the 200 euros a head price tag put us off and it was booked up anyway; the bar and grill we ate in was still perfectly good and not nearly so pricey. For our last full day we took to the famous Via Condotti, a kind of cross between Oxford Street and Rodeo Drive. With the Italian economy in free fall most of the shops had a sale on and I picked up a sublime pair of shoes at less than half price. Our last afternoon was spent lounging round the pool drinking wine. Rome is romantic, vibrant and full of culture, history and superb food. I can’t wait till I go again. Debbie Rose

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ÂŁ23 For the Best Local Deals visit Home Holistics Qrt_Quarter Page 01/07/2013 11:50 Page 1

find us on facebook


Home-Holistics presents

all abilities welcome

More classes coMing

A complete workout for your mind, body and soul lose Weight & Tone Up


relieve aches and Pains increase Fitness & Balance relaxation & Meditation

Tuesdays 6pm - 7.30pm saturdays 8.30am - 10am

St Michaels Church Hall Bucknall Old Road Northwood, SOT

T: 07887 818028

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10/07/2013 15:07:33


FASHION How to fake it like a jet setter! Last week I was travelling Stateside and this week I’m in China. This has prompted me to take some steps to organise my perpetually motioned self! We’ve all been there, wearing scruffs for travelling in. STOP, this really has a negative effect on one’s demeanour. Ditch the leggings and don’t even think about leisure pants of any description. Travel in style, put a little effort in, don those pretty summer wedges – you can still walk in them A swing style top will hide any bloating and stretchy Capri trousers with a neat side zip will be perfectly practical. As for a coat - do you really need one? Grab a pashmina instead - light, compact and warm as toast.

Get that luggage sorted too. Hand luggage is the most important as it stays with you throughout the journey and complements your outfit. I have finally purchased two much sought after Longchamp bags, (admittedly, one was by accident because it looked so much bigger on the website). This means, however, that I now have a cute compact sized one for everyday purposes and a larger ‘daddy’ version that is the perfect size for a weekend away or for stuffing large sketch books and files into! Both fold up completely, which means they pack away in your suitcase when not required!

what will no doubt be tired eyes and a light scent that lifts your spirits, particularly on those long haul flights. Favourite lippy, flip flops (preferably sparkly to perk up those swollen feet), hairbrush, a notepad plus pen (because all the best thoughts/ worries/ ideas come to mind in mid-air) and a good book are all must haves. I am now going to try very hard to take my own advice as I pop off to pack for my next flight tomorrow! Hope you have a holiday destination booked; I certainly am in desperate need of one! Love and lipstick xx

Edited essentials should form the basis of your on board packing: cream, especially for

Michelle Hoines-White Frontcover Cosmetics

occurs only if you cross at least three time zones; the more time zones crossed during a longhaul flight, the more severe the jet lag can become. It tends to be more of a problem if you’re flying east because your body finds it harder to adjust to a shorter day than a longer one.

light will help your body adjust. The hormone melatonin can be useful for people who are travelling across more than five time zones, but it has not been licensed for jet lag. A doctor who specialises in travel may occasionally prescribe it as an off-licence medication.

Jet lag symptoms usually pass after a few days and there is no need for treatment but you can help reduce the effects. Ensure you are well hydrated before and during the flight and avoid drinking large quantities of alcohol. Try to take short naps during the flight but don’t nap on arrival. Establish a new routine as soon as possible, eating and sleeping at the correct times for the new time zone. Spend some time outdoors as the natural

If you take medication at specific times of the day, such as oral contraceptives or insulin, your GP or pharmacist can advise on when to take these.

HEALTH Jet Lag Jet lag is a feeling of tiredness and confusion after a long aircraft journey. It occurs when our internal body clock (circadian rhythm) is disrupted after crossing time zones; sleeping patterns are affected and also digestion, hunger, body temperature and blood pressure. It can take a few days to adjust to a new time zone. The body clock is governed by daylight; we get used to a regular rhythm of daylight and darkness. Then, when we travel to a different time zone, our body clock is out of sync with local time. We may feel drowsy and lethargic during the day and unable to sleep at night. Symptoms can also include clumsiness, irritability and indigestion. Jet lag usually

If you are travelling to faraway shores this summer, have a great trip! Phoebe Hodge

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10/07/2013 15:07:33


Goodfellaz Barbers has now been established for 13 years. We first opened our door way back in 2000, and we are still going strong today. We would like to say a big thank you, to all our customers, past and present, who have made goodfellaz barbers the success it is today. We pride ourselves on providing a first class barbering service, offering a huge range, from traditional haircuts, to the most up-to date styles. We also offer cut throat shaving, which is all the grooming a man could want, using hot towels and toners. We have vouchers available for “the full works” priced at only £15.00. This includes a haircut and a cut throat shave. We also stock a wide range of specialist hair care products. Our prices are very competitive: haircuts are £7.00, and for the gentlemen who have reached that age of 65 years young, they are £5.00. And for the young dude, under 12, who wants a haircut, or an up to date style it’s £6.00. We are located opposite the Windmill pub on Hilderstone Road, Meir Heath, ST3 7PB. Many thanks again to our loyal customers. There are going to be some very exciting changes within Goodfellaz Barbers in the very near future. We look forward to seeing you very soon, old and new faces. Gino

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Opinion Where did it all go wrong? As you read this I will (hopefully) be sunning myself on a beach in Spain. To get to my beach I will, of course, have had to get on a plane. The problem is that my nearest airport is East Midlands which forces me into the arms of the “low cost” airlines and, in turn, the living hell that is their online booking system. East Midlands Airport was abandoned by Easyjet a couple of years ago and I categorically refuse to fly on Ryanair. That leaves Jet2; let me talk you through the delights of booking some flights with them. It all starts off reasonably well; they have flights that depart when I want to go on holiday and they do actually fly to Alicante – this is a major step forward from Ryanair who would probably drop us off in a remote corner of Portugal and leave us to fend for ourselves. Unfortunately, flights on a Saturday are far more expensive than those on a Sunday so I have to book the villa for an extra day to take advantage of the Sunday “discount.” Then I am asked if I want to bring any luggage with me. What a stupid question; of course I want to bring luggage. Let’s go large, I decide; suitcases all round! Imperiously, I click the appropriate button… and watch the price leap up by £164. I have a sudden rethink and decide we can fit all our belongings into one case. The website is not happy about this; there are four of you and you’re going away for two weeks, it reminds me. I

override it and press on with the booking process… only to get into a pitched battle about travel insurance. I booked an annual travel insurance policy earlier in the year so I don’t need to be upsold a policy by Jet2. Even so, the website thinks that I should at least have the common decency to tell it about this and consider whether Jet2’s policy might be more comprehensive. We then have a similar argument about car hire. Finally, I have the temerity to expect my family to sit together rather than be scattered around the plane. This can be arranged – but at a price; another £40 please. Of course, that is not the end of the matter because I still have the untrammelled joy of the online check-in process to look forward to. How did we get to this state of affairs? When I was young, an international jetsetter was a glamorous, beautiful person heading off to Cannes for the festival or to Bermuda for some sun. Now it is some fat bloke jetting off to Riga with his mates to drink beer and go to a strip club. We are constantly told that air travel is so much cheaper than it used to be and that now anyone can afford to nip over to Barcelona to watch a football match. We are also

told (generally by Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary) that this is all thanks to the low cost airlines. But here’s the thing, if you compare the price of a flight with British Airways with the cost of the same flight with a low cost carrier with all the “extras” that are included in the price with BA, you will find there is very little difference. In fact, a lot of them are cheaper. And here’s another thing, if nobody took up any extras above the basic ticket price, Ryanair would lose money on every seat they sell. So, maybe it’s all our own fault. We want the convenience of flying from a regional airport and are prepared to disregard the fact we are sometimes flown to an airport miles away from where we actually want to go. We want cheap flights but are then prepared to stump up hundreds of pounds for “extras” that should be included in the price. Perhaps I should stop moaning and start looking forward to my holiday instead. Howard Clemmow

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BARKING MAD The Alternative To Kennels For many dog owners, the thought of their pet being abandoned in a kennel while they’re on holiday is enough to put them off their sangria. But Barking Mad is offering a home from home for your dog When I go on holiday, I am very lucky that the in-laws actually look forward to dog-sitting, but for lots of pet owners, this isn’t the case and they are forced to put their dog in kennels. For many, this puts a dampener on their holiday because they are worrying about the welfare of their final family member. Barking Mad offers an alternative to dog boarding kennels, and provides a home-from-home holiday for your canine friend.

Craig Cotterill, who runs Barking Mad across Stoke on Trent and surrounding areas, said: “We know everyone needs to get away every now and then, so we thought it was about time dogs had a holiday too. “We initially come to your house and get to know you and your dog, and you can tell us about your dayto-day routines for feeding and exercising so we can replicate this for your dog. “We’ll chat about likes, dislikes and any healthcare requirements, and then we will select the right host family for your dog.” Barking Mad takes on dogs of all sizes, and promises to find a host family to match your pooch’s needs. “We know owners will want to know exactly where their dog is going, so we will go

The perfect alternative to kennels

through everything to ensure the host family is suitable for the dog and for the owner. “Our service includes door-to-door, chauffeur driven transport for your dog, as we find being collected from home is far less stressful, and overcomes the anxiety caused to dogs when left behind by their owners. “For me, the best bit for us is seeing dogs happily settled in and comfortable with their host family.” For more information on customer enquiries or being a host family visit or contact Craig Cotterill on 01538 702704, or email craig.

Let us arrange for your dog/s to stay with one of our local, carefully selected, very special families – because at Barking Mad we believe your dog deserves a holiday too!

For more info or to find out how to become a Host please contact Craig Cotterill

Tel: 01538 702704 Email:

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Technology A cautionary tale In a dark corner of our spare room sits a desk with an elderly desktop computer on it. This computer is so ancient that it runs Windows XP but it works perfectly well and, besides, I like Windows XP; it is very simple to use and is infinitely superior to the dire Windows Vista system that replaced it. This sturdy old computer is used by the kids to do their homework and by my wife to surf for cheap holidays and buy shoes. The other day I fired it up to do some online banking and as soon as I opened Internet Explorer I noticed some strange things. The first thing was that random bits of text were underlined and highlighted in blue. This was rather distracting when I was trying to read an article about the cricket and, to add to the annoyance, every time the cursor went over one of these highlighted bits of text a small advert popped up offering me anything from a cheap hotel room to saving money when I renewed my car insurance. The second was that every time I went on a new website, another window opened up inviting me to take part in an online survey on something I wasn’t remotely interested in. Curious as to what was going on, I took a closer look at a couple of the popup adverts. At the bottom of both of them was the legend “Powered by Top Arcade Hits.” I did a quick bit of research on Top Arcade Hits. It is a fairly common bit of software that downloads itself onto computers without the owner’s permission, usually when a free game is downloaded from Download. com. Some interrogation of the family pointed the finger of blame fairly at my youngest son,

who had downloaded a free version of the arcade classic, Pacman – can’t hold that against him. Strictly speaking, Top Arcade is a form of malware but it is not a particularly vicious form; it just bombards you with unwanted adverts every time you go online. My Google search advised me that it was very easy to remove Top Arcade; I just needed to download a programme called Malwarebytes and it would take care of it. Now, I know all about Malwarebytes; it is probably the leading antimalware programme on the market and, better still, there is a free version that is perfectly good for most user’s needs. I hit the download button. Then catastrophe struck. I’m not sure whether something went wrong with the download or if Malwarebytes is incompatible with XP or whether I was downloading from a dummy site that actually redirected me to another piece of malware, but the download completely froze the computer. I switched it off and rebooted it, but it was still operating at glacial speed. Eventually though, I managed to persuade the control panel to open, then the add/remove

software pane and, finally I removed Malwarebytes. The computer returned to normal and I breathed a sigh of relief. A thought struck me; I scrolled down the list of installed software and there was Top Arcade, sitting there as bold as brass. I removed that too and got rid of the annoying popups. There are three morals to this tale. The first is to be very wary of downloading free games from the internet; this is one of the most common ways for malware to get onto computers. The next is to install a good anti-malware system on your computer now, rather than waiting to get an infection and responding to it. A traditional anti-virus programme is no longer enough; the vast majority of infections are malware rather than viruses now. There are plenty of good free systems out there. Finally, once you have chosen an antimalware system, make sure that you download it from the official website. There are a lot of dummy sites out there just itching to put some intrusive malware onto your computer. Happy surfing! Graham Iek IT Consultant

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Cheadle Computer Retail Centre Half June_Layout 171 27/06/2013 13:52


Computer Repair Centre Cheadle

PC & Laptop Repairs aServicing/formatting aOperating system upgrades/downgrades aOverheating/crashing/blue screen solutions aSoftware installation/recovery aData/pics/video backup/recovery aDC jack repair & other power issues aScreen/keyboard replacement aVirus/spyware removal aAll repairs/upgrades udertaken aWe sell new and used PCs and Laptops

Mobile Phone, Tablet Repairs

Vapour Station We now stock: E-Cigarettes E-Liquids E-Vapours

Numerous Flavours / Strengths Available And all associated E-Smoking accessories. The Computer Repair Centre, 57 High St, Cheadle ST10 1AN

T: 01538 750400 M: 07547 532226 To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

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prOperTy Flood risk insurance – a ticking timebomb After the widespread flooding of 2007 the government struck a deal with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) which was entitled the Statement of Principles (SoP). Under the scheme, the ABI undertakes to provide flood risk cover as part of the standard buildings insurance to any house not at significant risk of flooding. Houses at risk of flooding will still be insured provided the environment department has submitted plans to reduce the risk within 5 years.

stipulate that the property must have valid buildings insurance which includes flood cover. If a house cannot be insured against flooding, it is virtually impossible to raise a mortgage against it. More problematically, if insurance cover is withdrawn, an existing mortgage would become invalid and the lender could call in the loan. There are thousands of properties in the UK potentially at risk of this scenario.

There is no complete database of properties that are at The problem is that the SoP significant risk of flooding and, expires on 30/6/13, although at in practice, insurers tend to rely the time of writing the deadline on the last survey that was done has been extended by a month. on the property, even if it has It will not be renewed. This flooded several times in recent Builders Half 128x90_Layout 1 08/08/2012 13:13 Page 1a isWGR potentially a disaster in the years. This means that, unless making. Virtually all mortgages property floods again, insurance

is unlikely to be withdrawn. The ABI has proposed a new scheme to guarantee insurance cover for properties that are at risk of flooding and it would be funded by a small levy on all buildings insurance policies provided by ABI members. Unfortunately, the government has yet to agree the proposal and negotiations continue, a worrying situation for a housing market that is still extremely fragile. If you are concerned about your house flooding, a good first step is to have a risk survey performed which will include recommendations on what you can do to limit the risk. Securing your home against flooding is one of the best investments you can make. Craig Brown

wgR BuildiNg & RoofiNg CoNTRaCToRS l l

Brickwork l Roofing l Joinery l Plastering l Extensions l Renovations l

Call Billy Rogerson

fReephoNe: 0800 956 1056 56 m: 07778 472251 No 24 Hour e:

Job T oo Small !

Call Out

WGR Building & Roofing Contractors Woodview, Hilderstone Road, Meir Heath, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 7NT

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19 99.0mm




For all your groundwork and drainage requirements - Domestic - Commercial - Industrial -


JB Improvements Half Page July_Layout 1 09/07/2013 12:30 Page 1 Reference: KH3431

This is suggested artwork only. Please feel free to supply or amend the artwork to your satisfaction. If you are sending artwork we can accept the following formats: PDF, JPG, TIF, BMP, EPS, PNG. If you are posting artwork for us to scan please make sure the quality is high and has no folds or staples. PLEASE NOTE: All artwork or changes to be received within 14 days from invoice date.



Home Improvements Please select one of the following Artwork Approved.


Please amend and email new proof.

Please amend and post new proof.

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering supplied and email:...................................................................................... fitted TERMS AND CONDITIONS

We request that any amendments to your artwork (above) to be made within 14 days date. This is for the benefit of the advert BOofOtheKinvoice Give your home a fresh new look with: NOW failure to do so may result in your artwork going to press as displayed above. b ef o re within It is the responsibility of the customer to check and amend any artwork to your satisfaction end the specified time. August 2013 of Fascias, Soffits & Guttering Almos......................................................................... Name: ......................................................................... Signature: * Date: .................................................................... t no qualify for to overheads FREE Gutter so savings Full Replacement Boards Protectors passed on to (*h

Fully Qualified Tradesmen

you !

edgehog subject to av ailability)

For more information or a free no obligation quote call:

Find Us On Facebook

T: 01782 336565 M: 07540 925984

Find Us On Facebook

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Property Are property investors driving the market? Recently released mortgage figures show that buy to let mortgages have accounted for a record share of the market, just over 17%. Property investors and landlords are clearly having a major impact on the housing market; if you are selling your house, how does this affect you? The first thing to remember is that property investors are just that, investors, and they are looking for a return on their investment. With prices still flat outside London and the South East, the best way to maximise that investment is to buy cheap and rent dear. This is why landlords tend to prefer Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) where each bedroom is let to a separate tenant; they

maximise the rent yield. They also focus on inner city areas where a lot of the properties are in poor condition and demand for relatively cheap rentals is high, particularly student areas. Houses in such areas are usually cheap. A high proportion of houses bought by property investors are sold at auction. It is interesting that sales volumes for houses sold at auction have held up well during the downturn, far better than for the housing market as a whole. Property auctions are focussed on achieving a quick sale at a reasonable price rather than getting the highest possible price for a property, which is what many sellers aim to do.

that is in very poor condition and making improvements to bring it up to the standard required by their target market; for instance a HMO will be refurbished to a lower standard than an apartment intended to be let to young professionals. They normally have a good working relationship with a range of builders and trades. It is clear that landlords and property investors operate in a different market to the one most estate agents’ customers experience. Their increasing influence in the market is down to a combination of circumstances including mortgage rationing, increased demand for private rentals and depressed house prices.

NC Platt_Layout 1 15/08/2012 23:36 Page 1 Finally, property investors are Craig Brown not afraid of taking on a property

NC PLATT LIMITED LATE SUMMER Special Offer £40 Single Car Drive £50 Double Car Drive **Offer covers jet washing and re-sand only**

Professional tradesman in all aspects of roofing Specialising in: Slating & Tiling Felt Alwitra (Rubber) & fibre glass flat roofing systems Lead Fabrication Chimneys Velux Skylights Guttering Porches and Canopies UPVC Facia and Sofits

All work fully guaranteed. For a FREE survey and quotation

07970 790747 / 01782 385256 For a FREE no obligation survey and quotation Partridge Close, Meir Park, ST3 7FL

Call Neil:

T: 01782 388173 (Meir Heath) M: 07564 501449

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Allan Bellfield Qrt_Layout 1 28/02/2013 11:58 Pagecarlton 1 upholstery quarter portrait nov12_Layout 1 16/11


established. 1979


Allan Belfield

upholstery ~ Re-upholstery & Repairs ~

Painter & Decorator

three-piece suites

Many years experience

All types of: paintwork, paper hanging, ceilings papered, airless & conventional spraying

odd Chairs & sofas headboards bedroom Furniture re-springing replacement seat foam cushions/fibre repairs to upholstery antique restoration

Call now for a free, no obligation quote:

also undetaken

T: 01782 396075 M: 07889 405463

For a FREE Estimate call Carlton Upholstery on:

T: 01538 756274 or M: 07976 794811

Upholstery, 1 Rawle Close, Rectory Fields, John Anthony Interiors_Layout 1 05/07/2013 10:48 PageCarlton 1

Based in Draycott, Staffordshire

John Anthony

Interiors Ltd A small family run business, John Anthony Interiors take pride in all work undertaken from start to finish. 30 Years Experience

FREE No Obligation Quo te Fully Guaranteed

Cheadle, Staffordshire ST10 1UX




All new fitted Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Worktop, Tiling, Appliances and Flooring Why not transform your existing kitchen/bedroom at a fraction of the cost!

We will BEAT any genuine like-for-like quote!

T: 01782 393404

01782 395950 M: M:T: 07967 488190 or 07740 091393

07970 250393


To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 21

10/07/2013 15:07:38

All Domestic & Commercial Electrical Work Undertaken Property Rewiring Specialist 24 Hour Emergency Callout Landlord Certificates Quality Assured & All Work Fully Insured



SUPPLIED & FITTED ONLY ÂŁ370* *Domestic fuse boxes only maximum of 8 circuits

Choice of Top Brands including

SW CLARKE LTD, UTTOXETER RD, BLYTHE BRIDGE, STOKE ON TRENT Tel: 01782 393 036 Mob: 07725 415 934 Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 22

10/07/2013 15:07:41

Barker Electrical_Layout 1 19/06/2013 12:08 Page 1


BARKER ELECTRICAL Specialist in Integrated Applicances

Domestic Appliance

Repairs & Sales

Washers Free l Tumble Dryers l Cookers l Dishwashers l Vacuum Cleaners l




ing & Even end k Wee s Call

T: 01782 388613 M: 07801 727141

in the Moors Ian ThorleyDraycott Chimney Sweep_Layout 1 08/07/2013 14:18 Pa


Ian Thorley, trading as

Chimney Sweep

Same Day Service Industrial Boiler Cleaning Chimneys swept and unblocked Birds Nests Removed Agas, Woodburners & Liners Cleaned

T: 01782 392366 oR 07761 330995. R.Holding, Roughcote Lane, Caverswall ST11 9EG


To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 23

10/07/2013 15:07:42

Cash for Clothes A5 Advert_Layout 1 28/06/2013 00:28 Page 1

nOw OPEn AGAIn In FORSBROOk we pay cash for your reusable clothes, paired shoes belts and handbags.




-wE ALSO SELL4000 Less Chemicals ELECTRIC CIGARETTES Same smoking sensation Smoke indoors - legally & LIQUID S L REFIL Bring this lea flet into the shop and

SAVE 10%


£3000 PER YEAR


07950 039137 AT CASh FOR CLOThES, 2 ChAPEL STREET, FORSBROOk, STOkE On TREnT ST11 9BY OPEn TImES: mOnDAY - SATURDAY 9Am-5Pm. Accepted books 5p per kilo. Electrical items 5p per kilo.

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 24

10/07/2013 15:07:42





from j ust


We Work Hard to Promote Mr Washer (fenton domestics) bc:Layout 1 Local Traders Tel: 01782 392 355 motorbike courier quarter portrait_Layout 1 01/10/2012 The

Motorbike Courier




Fenton Domestic Appliances Ltd 82-84 Victoria Road, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2JX

Domestic Appliance Sales and Repairs Trained to Institute of Advanced Motorists riding standards and CRB checked l

Fitted GPS navigation enables the most cost effective routes l

Goods are collected, couriered and delivered by the same person ensuring they arrive in exactly the same condition they left you l

Proof of delivery with date, time and recipients signature

LONGTON SHOP 01782 594614 Russell :- 07787 881150

FENTON SHOP 01782 410333 / 744766 Andy :- 07779 827237


Silvardo Flowers Eigth Page_Layout 1 10/01/2013 14:06 Pa

Silvarda Flowers

Flowers and Gifts for all occasions


No out of office hour's restrictions We are ready when you are

Same Day - Overnight & Next Day Delivery

M. 07413 773631

Weddings, Funerals, Births, Congratulations, Birthdays, Anniversaries or ‘just because’... T: 01782 926223 M: 07787 415026

Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Hangin g Baskets & Planters Alw ays Available

“The tiny shop with the big heart”

Silvarda Flowers & Gifts - Meir Heath - Stoke-on-Trent

To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 25

10/07/2013 15:07:43


YOUR COMMUNITY PAGES WHAT`S GOING ON IN OUR AREA Every edition of Trade Locally includes details of forthcoming events within easy reach but space is limited and publication is every 6 weeks. For a larger selection updated weekly throughout the year have a look at our website, and our Facebook page. Why not share your news, views and events with our local readers? If you would like to contribute any news, stories or photos of interest to our readers please email to or call us on 01782 392355. We`ll do our best to publish relevant articles in the magazine or online.

TAKE PART IN OUR LOCAL WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT The Douglas Macmillan Hospice are holding a DANCEATHON and WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT on Saturday September 14th to raise funds for your Local Hospice. To get the World Record DMH need over 600 people taking part but the target is 800 people this year. Why not give it a go – have fun and support a very worthwhile local cause. The event is to be held at Fenton Manor Sports Complex beginning at 3pm and you can register online at or pick up a registration form from any of the Hospice Shops. See the DMH notice for the event on Page 4.

GET THE LATEST LOCAL BUSINESS DEALS & DISCOUNTS AS WE GET THEM For the latest deals and discounts from our Local Traders and Business Partners plus important notices of Fraud and Scams operating in this area log on to where we publish details as received throughout the year. If you are one of our Business Advertisers you can currently have your Special Offers or Discounts published FREE on our website - or call Ian or Sue for details on 01782 392355.

trade locally north staffs

LOCAL MATTERS - TO PUBLICISE YOUR LOCAL NEWS OR EVENTS FREE ON OUR COMMUNITY PAGES OR WHAT’S ON LOCALLY SECTIONS in the next edition of TRADE LOCALLY and on our website Call 01782 392355 or Please mention Trade Locally when responding to Adverts

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 26

10/07/2013 15:07:43

chantelle blinds_Layout 1 12/11/2012 13:31 Page 1


Chantelle Blinds Huge Discounts off top quality blinds

A family run business, Chantelle Blinds, based in the heart of the Potteries, have been manufacturing and supplying blinds for over 48 years. We offer an unbeatable selection of:

Vertical, Venetian, Roller, Wood Slat and Conservatory Blinds Free Measuring and Fitting. DIY Discounts also available Come visit our large showroom

T: 01782 325014 599529 or 314016 23 Commerce Street, Longton, Stoke on Trent

Advertise here Your Sales Message delivered into 10,000 Local Homes & listed FREE on from just £40

Call Now 01782 392355

To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 27

10/07/2013 15:07:44


WHAT`S ON - Locally 20-21 July

Foxfield Railway Summer Steam Gala.

Preservation can be seen in all its glory, during this weekend as we stage our show topping, ‘Steam Gala’ event Caverswall Road Station, Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST11 9BG, United Kingdom. Tel: 01782 396210 22 July - 30 Aug Summer, Teapots & Parties - Children’s Workshop, Wedgwood Museum. Join the team at the Wedgwood Museum for a summer holiday full of tea pots and parties. Weekly workshop with tea as the theme, enjoy painting, Making & Decorating Venue: The Wedgwood Museum Phone: 01782 371902 27-28 July

The Shugborough Game & Country Show.

All day entertainment including birds of prey, working dogs, heavy horses, medieval village plus The Knights of the Damned Jousting Team, children’s entertainment as well as arts, crafts, gifts and food marquees. Also on Sunday The Companion Dog Show – so bring along a canine friend and have a go! Admission: £7, concessions £6, Children age 5-16 £3, Family Ticket: £18 (2 adults and 2 children)Accompanied children under 5 – absolutely FREE Venue: Shugborough Estate Phone: 0845 459 8900 Address: Milford, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST17 0XB 27 July

Beatles and Oasis Tribute.

Bring a blanket, a picnic for a night of live music in the lakeside Amphitheatre, Bar and refreshments available. Venue: Trentham Gardens Estate Phone: 01782 646646 Address: Stone Road, Stoke-On-Trent, ST4 8AX 3 August

Murder Mysteries - Shugborough Estate.

Enjoy an evening of tongue-in-cheek suspense and drama as a brilliant murder mystery unfolds before the serving of each dinner course, leading to a climatic whodunit. Venue: Shugborough Hall Phone: 0845 459 8900 Address: Milford Common, Nr. Stafford, Staffordshire, ST17 0XB 4 August

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - Dorothy Clive Gardens.

Alice-in-Wonderland themed afternoon for children and families. Enjoy activities such as face painting, a March Hare garden trail, storytelling, a bouncy castle, colouring, giant garden games and picnics. Best hat wins a prize. Free admission for children. £3.50 admission for adults wearing hats. Venue: The Dorothy Clive Garden Phone: 01630 647237 Address: Willoughbridge, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 4EU 9 - 11 August

Retro Stop Over - retro cars, bikes & clothing at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

It’s the event for classic cars, VW`s, scooters, motorbikes, BMX, bike, retro clothing, lifestyle & music.Family friendly weekend with quality live bands & DJ’s, car & bike displays, our Retro Roller Disco, Pedal Powered Cruises, Advanced tickets start at just £15 per adult, kids are free available online at Venue: Uttoxeter Racecourse Phone: 01889 562 561 Address: Wood Lane, Uttoxeter, ST14 8BD 11 August

Classic Car Show - Shugborough Estate.

This popular event will feature over 800 vehicles dating back to the 1920’s with vintage and classic cars, sports cars, motorbikes, commercials, auto jumble and trade area. Venue: Shugborough Hall Phone: 0845 459 8900 Address: Milford Common, Nr. Stafford, Staffordshire, ST17 0XB 14 August

Teddy Bear`s Picnic – Foxfield Railway.

Fantastic all-round entertainment for the family… Venue: Caverswall Road Station Address: Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST11 9BG Tel: 01782 396210

More details of Whats On locally at Please mention Trade Locally when responding to Adverts

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 28

10/07/2013 15:07:44

29 Meir Heath & Rough Close Village Hall – Regular Events Mon

GKR Karate 5pm - 7pm Painting For Pleasure 6.30pm - 8.30pm Aerobics 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Sean Anne Jackie

07947 771772 01782 396079 07977 416004


Miss Lou’s Dance World Ages 3 - Adult 4pm - 6pm Zumba Fitness Dancing 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Louise Jackie

07540 279611 07977 416004


Indoor Bowling Afternoon / Evening Lace Making 7pm - 9pm

Margaret Maureen

01782 394838 01782 394922


Tumbletots 6 mths - 7 Years Morning / Afternoon GKR Karate 6pm - 7pm Zumba Fitness Dancing 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Julie Sean Jackie

07734 455510 07947 771772 07977 416004

Fri For Hire

01782 396037 01782 394922

Sat For Hire

01782 396037 01782 394922


07947 771772 01782 396037

GKR Karate 9am - 12 noon Sean Available For Hire After 12 Noon


USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS Staffordshire Police Non Emergency Calls/General Enquiries 101 Emergency Calls eg: Life in Danger/Crime in Progress 999 Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service General Enquiries 08451 22 11 55 Free Home Fire Risk Check (freephone)

0800 0241 999

University Hospital of North Staffordshire (UHNS) 01782 715444 Stafford Hospital

01785 257731

NHS Patient Advice & Liaison Services (PALS) 0800 783 2865 Stoke on Trent (freephone) North Staffordshire (freephone) 0800 030 4563

0845 4647

NHS Direct Staffordshire County Council

0300 111 8000

Stoke-on-Trent City Council

01782 234567

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

0345 605 3010

Jobcentre Plus

0800 055 6688

The Pension Service (part of the Dept. for Work & Pensions)

0845 60 60 265

deals with benefits for people 60 and over


0300 123 45 55

National Rail Enquiries

0845 748 4950


0800 1111

To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 29

10/07/2013 15:07:44

Paradise Nurseries A5 Advert_Layout 1 17/04/2013 10:16 Page 1

Paradise Nurseries Winnothdale, Near Tean ST10 4HB

Paradise Nurseries and Water Garden Centre is situated in the beautiful Staffordshire dales 800 ft above sea level on a north facing slope. We say 'If it will grow here it will grow anywhere!'

al Nation t Gif n e rd a G Tokens SOLD & D NGE EXCHA

Specialists in specimen shrubs and trees, planting and landscaping schemes b

Everything for the water garden including around 500 fountains and features b

Our trees and plants can be hired out for weddings or corporate events


45 yeating rs at Pa radis Nurseri e es this ye ar


We can also carry out all landscaping work from small planting projects to larger water gardens Come explore our wide range of plants, shrubs, trees and much more set in a beautiful location

Tel: 01538 722566

Major credit cards accepted

Paradise Nurseries, Winnothdale, Near Hollington, ST10 4HB Staffordshire E:

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 30

10/07/2013 15:07:45


In partnership with

Does your Bank no longer offer an advised service? Are you happy with your existing Financial Advisor’s service? Are you and your family adequately protected against the financial strains caused by a death or serious illness? To book an appointment or for further information please contact Crystal Clear Financial Planning Ltd:

Charlotte Braund DipFA 07501 878075 or e-mail: Specialising in:

     

Savings and Investments Life Assurance Critical Illness and Income Protection Inheritance Tax Planning Retirement Planning General Insurance Fully qualified, female Financial Consultant providing personal, honest, clear and concise financial advice locally and within the comfort of your own home.

Crystal Clear Financial Planning Limited is registered in England under company number 7789490 The registered office for Crystal Clear Financial Planning Limited is 4 St. Andrews House Vernon Gate Derby DE1 1UJ

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 31

10/07/2013 15:07:45


Please mention Trade Locally when responding to Adverts

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 32

10/07/2013 15:07:46


Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 33

10/07/2013 15:07:48




We Work Hard to Promote Local Traders Tel: 01782 392 355

from j ust


Please mention Trade Locally when responding to Adverts

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 34

10/07/2013 15:07:49


GarDeNING TIpS Your Garden in July Now is the time to give your lawn a high Nitrogen summer feed. Mow on a regular basis but during hot, dry spells, raise the blades slightly to reduce stress on the grass. Keep hanging baskets and patio pots well watered, this will need to be done every day or even twice a day in very hot weather. At the same time remove faded flowers to encourage new growth, this will keep your display looking fresh. As the first flush of flowers fade on your roses it is vital to deadhead them. Prune

back the flowered stem to just above a leaf or sideshoot, this will lead to new shoots, followed by new flowering stems. Keep greenhouses from getting very hot by leaving vents and doors open, also damp down the path to raise humidity, in the greenhouse, keep a close check for signs of greenfly, whitefly and spider mite. Check your garden every week for weeds and take action to control them. If you can keep on top of this task at this time

of year then this will prevent them from seeding and being a bigger problem later in the summer. The season has been very late this year because of the late spring, this has meant that Violas and Pansies have lasted longer than normal. However it is not too late to plant summer bedding plants, there are plenty of fresh plants still available. Robin Harper Mount Nurseries

CD Garden Quarter:Quarter Page 07/03/2012 13:47 Page 1

C&D Tree ServiCeS

Quality Fencing supplied & fitted

aPruning aCrown Thinning aCrown Reduction aFelling aDismantling aHedge Maintenance aGrass Cutting

Concrete or wooden posts Gravelboards Block Paving - Patios - Ponds

T: 01785 615351 M: 07970 241085 Fully qualified and insured with 20 years experience. E:


Decking - Pressure Washing

OTES FREE QU ES LOW PRIC JOB ITY ED QUAGULAR ANTE Local Family s. Busines d he Establis 1998


Tel: 01782 594796 Mob: 07917 167576

To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355 Straightline Fencing Quarter.indd 1 Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 35

09/07/2013 09:48 10/07/2013 15:07:50

XKG-874-79479-Staffs North-145x210-15jan13-PRINT.pdf

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 36




10/07/2013 15:07:51






£6.00 £3.00





NOW £3.00 £1.50




To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 37

10/07/2013 15:07:52

Every Pary




DC Vehicle Repairs are a friendly, reliable garage with an excellent reputation for a genuine, honest, quality, cost effective service at very fair prices.

Servicing all makes and models – Car, 4X4 and Light Commercial

07739 570094 Caverswall Common Stoke on Trent ST11 9EU

Please mention Trade Locally when responding to Adverts

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 38

10/07/2013 15:07:54


Every Pary Acounts A5 Flyer_Layout 1 21/06/2013 10:11 Page 1

Every Party Counts Party Supplies

Make your next party one to remember Here at Every Party Counts we specialise in making your parties stress free and fun. We aim to be your One Stop Party Shop with our carefully selected range including all the latest party themes. We have something for Boys, Girls & Adults including the following:l Themed

parties for Boys, Girls & Adults l Party Games l l First Birthdays l Prefilled Party Bags l l Pass the Parcel l Award Ribbons l l Cake Stands l Cupcake Cases l Paper Plates l l Balloons l Banners l Invitations l FREE DELIVERY

on all orders over ÂŁ50 or within a 5 mile radius of Stoke-On-Trent

Pass the Parcel

Girls Birthday Parti

es Supplies

rty Supplies.

Boys Birthday Pa

Cake Accessories

For competitive prices and a professional service from people who care visit our online party shop at Delivery normally 3-5 days – Next Day Delivery at surcharge.

For enquiries telephone: 01782 367895 or email: Based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 39

10/07/2013 15:07:54

Care and Fun Club A5 Advert July 13_Layout 1 09/07/2013 12:21 Page 1

Toy Libra

Welcome to Ofsted Registered & Charity Registered


A unique organisation that works in partnership with the ever changing and developing needs of its community About the Nursery The Care & Fun Club is a highly regarded and well established childcare facility supporting families in the local community. As a registered Charity we offer quality, flexible and affordable childcare for children from the age of 2 upwards. All our staff are highly qualified and support your children in readiness for school life. Where can you find us? The Nursery is based on the William Amory Primary School, our private entrance is off Uttoxeter Road just opposite the Co-operative (Late Shop) in Blythe Bridge.

FREE 2 year old c care ava hildcare il (t&c's ap able ply)

When are we open? Open 7.30am-6.00pm 51 weeks of the year closing only for one week at Christmas Free Childcare For eligible children aged 2, and all 3 & 4 year olds, the Government currently offers 15 hours of free care - which you can use flexibly. Talk to us about funding options and eligibility.

The Care & Fu

n Club is a n non-profit

committee ru

voluntary orga nisation. OFSTED regi stration No. EY356027 Charity No.11 21966. Registered in England and Wales No . 6229534

*Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for further details and to ensure you are eligible.

Give us a call and arrange to pop in for a friendly chat

Tel: 01782 399877 Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 40

10/07/2013 15:07:55

Toy Library Full Page Ad July 13_Layout 1 09/07/2013 12:22 Page 1

The Toy Takeaway Toy Library

- Come along & visit us -

36, Cheadle Road, Forsbrook The Toy Library is a friendly meeting place for both parents and carers. Bring your children along for a FREE play session, whilst you sit back and relax. Maybe have a cuppa* and browse our extensive catalogue which offers a wide range of educational and sensory toys - all available to hire, for as little as ÂŁ1 per box. We also have a selection of large play equipment. Why not come along - a great chance to meet other parents/carers.

& Toy Hire s e s ttle a Gam as li

ox er b p 1 k ÂŁ wee r e p





NEW ity/

iv Act essions ft S Cra ailable av

We also support the Health Visitor at the Baby Weighing Clinic. Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at Blythe Bridge Health Centre 1pm-3pm. The Toy Library Service is also available to Schools, Nurseries and Childminders

For more information pop in or call

Tel 01782 398988 *All we ask in a small voluntary donation to cover your hot drink. Registration fees apply, please call for details

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 41

10/07/2013 15:07:56


Websites... You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Your website is your shop window to the world, make sure you make the right impression.

Please mention Trade Locally when responding to Adverts

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 42

10/07/2013 15:07:58


Tel: 01782 392355


Promote YOUR BUSINESS in the next Issue of

trade locally north staffs

Delivered FREE to 10,000 Local Homes & Businesses Every 6 weeks

Display Ads from just ÂŁ24 CALL NOW: 01782 392355 If you would like to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS in areas Trade Locally does not currently cover our Low Cost Leaflet/Brochure Design, Print and Distribution Services are the answer. For further Details CALL 01782 392355 To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 43

10/07/2013 15:07:59

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 44

10/07/2013 15:08:00




Required to promote sales of display advertising in the Trade Locally Magazine, our online marketing opportunities and our design, print and leafleting services to Local Businesses and Organisations. We are looking for someone with some sales experience, ideally both Inbound and Outbound, with the ability to generate leads in addition to those supplied by the Company. A good telephone manner and familiarity with computers and internet are also required and own transport is necessary for visiting clients. Hours are regular but flexible by arrangement and part time or free lance arrangements possible.

TEL: Ian on 01782 392355 during business hours or email: (No Agencies)

To advertise in Trade Locally please call 01782 392355

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 45

10/07/2013 15:08:02


Business Classified Accountants/Bookeepers Advertise your business here

Chimney Sweep Brushvac Caverswall 01782 392366

Aerials,Satellite & CCTV Advertise your business here Airport Transfers & Private Hire (UK) Trade Locally Buisness Services Blythe Bridge Tel: 01782 392355 P9 Barbers Goodfellaz Barbers Meir Heath: 07531 895882

Clothes Bank Cash for Clothes Forsbrook: 07950 039137

Bathrooms Advertise your business here

Couriers The Motorbike Courier SOT 07413 773631

Beauty Advertise your business here

Curtains Advertise your business here

Bed Warehouse Trentham Bed Warehouse Trentham: 01782 461824

DJ`S Advertise your business here P14

Blinds & Curtains Chantelle Blinds Longton: 01782 599529


Building & Repairs WGR Building & Roofing Meir Heath 07778 472251


Car Repairs & Servicing AA Silencers Cheadle 01538 752345


Car Wash & Valeting Regent Car Valeting Centre Meir Heath: 07577 361000 Carpets & Flooring Tailored Floors – Blythe Bridge 01782 395950 S. Pritchard Longton: 01782 312188 Carpenters & Joinery WGR Building & Roofing Contractors Meir Heath 07778472251 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Nigels Cleaning Service SOT 01782 866535

P 32

DVD Rental Videodays Meir Park 01782 388120 Dine Out The Swynnerton Arms Rough Close 01782 392283



Hylands Longton 01782 342609 Panasonic Hanley 01782 214069


Fencing Straight Line Fencing SOT 01782 594796


Financial Advisors Crystal Clear SOT 07501 878075 Florist Silvarda Flowers Meir Heath 01782 926223




Foot Clinic Mobile Foot Clinic Meir Heath 01782 926223 Funeral Directors Harry Dawson Longton 01782 313428


Furniture Retailers S. Pritchard Longton: 01782 312188


Fenton Domestics SOT 01782 594614


Drives & Paving S & J Chell Boundary: 01538 751136

Westbridge Factory Outlet Meir Park 01782 310267



Straight Line Fencing SOT 01782 594796


Gardening C & D Tree Services Stone 01785 615351


Drives & Forecourts Pegasus Property UK Meir Park: 01782 385256

Straight Line Fencing SOT 01782 594796

P 32

DVD Rental Videodays Meir Park 01782 388120

Child Care & Nurserys Care & Fun Club Blythe Bridge 01782 399877


Electrician SW Clarke Ltd Blythe Bridge 01782 393036

The Toy Takeaway 01782 398988


Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 46


Domestic Appliance Repairs Barker Electrical Draycott 01782 388613 P23

Staybrite Driveways SOT 01782 321672 P 18

Hylands Stone 01785 812019

Computer Repairs & Services The Computer Repair Centre Cheadle 01538 750400 P17 Click It Hixon: 01889 270024



Electrical Goods Hylands Meir 01782 319402

P20 P37 P35

Garden Co Uttoxeter 01889 508718


Green Thum SOT 01782 824549


Mount Nurseries, Spot Gate 01889 505627


Neil Taylor Tree Surgeon Stone 07528 938 126 P13

P 22


Paradise Nurseries Winnothdale 01538 722566 P30 Pegasus Property SOT 01782 385256


T.B. Garden Maintanence Draycott 01782 399811


10/07/2013 15:08:02


Business Classified Gates & Railings Metalcraft Fabrications SOT 01782 822255 Gift Shops Mr C`s Blythe Bridge 07825 391205



Gold & Silver Buyers Longton Jewellers Longton 01782 320382 Groundwork SJ Chell - Cheadle: 01538 751136 Hairdressers Advertise your business here

Home Improvements J B HomeImprovements SOT 01782 336565 In Car Ent, Phones etc Ice Beat Fenton: 01782 323500


Roofing NC Platt – Meir Heath 01782 388173


WGR Building & Roofing Meir Heath 07778 472251



Musical Tuition Sarah Thirlwall Clarinet Rough Close 07706652225 Nurserys The Care & Fun Club Blythe Bridge 01782 399877

Secretarial Services Blythe Bridge Secretarial Services 07811 175107 P9



Ironmongers Baileys DIY Stone 01785 813312



Painters & Decorators Allan Belfield Draycott 01782 396075


Party Suppliers Every Party Counts SOT 01782 367895


Paving S & J Chell Boundary 01538 751136


Straight Line Fencing SOT 01782 594796


Pest Control Cedar Pest Management Lower Tean 01538 724277


Pet Food & Accessories Fords of Blythe Bridge 01782 392125 Plasterers Advertise your business here


Leaflet Distribution Leaflets Ltd Blythe Bridge 01782 392355 Local Business Directory Blythe Bridge 01782 392355 P3

Trade Locally Issue 13.indd 47


Mobile Telephones Mobile Trader SOT 01782 331771

Paintball, Quads, Shooting Ashcroft Park Bramshall 01889 502508 P 6 & P7

Interior Designs John Anthony Interiors Ltd Blythe Bridge 01782 393404 P21

Lawnmower Repairs & Servicing SL Servicing Stone 01785 815585

Pegasus Property UK SOT 01782 385256


Indian Restaurant & Takeaway Ovilash Stone 01785 813137

Kennels Barking Mad Alton: 01538 702704

Locksmiths Advertise your business here

Office Rental Trade Locally Blythe Bridge 01782 392355

Matrix Cheadle 01538 757482

Jewellers Longton Jewellers 01782 320382

Property Maintenance J.B. Home Improvements Blythe Bridge 01782 336565 P19

Mortgages Direct Mortgages Blythe Bridge 01782 398828 P19

Home-Holistics SOT 07887 818028

Local Marketing Trade Locally Blythe Bridge 01782 392355

Plumbing & Heating Kev Wotto Meir 01782 333379 Print & Design Services Leaflets Ltd Blythe Bridge 01782 392355


Smokers Requisites Mr C`s Blythe Bridge 07825 391205


Cash For Clothes Forsbrook: 07950 039137


The Computer Repair Centre Cheadle: 01538 750400 P17 Tanning Centre Videodays Meir Park 01782 388120


Taxis Lucky 7 SOT 01782 333333 Tiles Whitebridge Tiles Stone 01785 818570


Toy Library Forsbrook 01782 398988


Upholstery Carlton Upholstery Cheadle 01538 756274


Vehicle Repairs DC Vehicle Repairs Caverswall 07739 570094


Web Designers Thomas Paylor Blythe Bridge


Weight Loss Flabelos – Videodays Meir Park: 01782 388120


Whats on Locally


Windows & Conservatories Tailormade SOT 01782 327426 Zoological Park Blackbrook Zoo Park Winkhill Leek 01538 308293


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Trade Locally Issue 13  
Trade Locally Issue 13  

July/August Edition 2013