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Cash in on Car Wraps Which Offer a Distinct New Advertising Strategy On average, Americans spend approximately 20 hours per week in an automobile. That comes to about 9-10% of our lives spent in a vehicle. And as we venture to work, run errands, or head home on major roadways, we view hundreds of other cars and trucks. As a business, have you ever considered how to utilize the time your possible customers spend in their cars? You may be considering things like radio commercials or billboards; but radio is slowly losing listenership due to the popularity of iPods and satellite radios and depending on where you’re located, billboards may not be accessible. But there is another new way to reach out to your frequently traveling customers that is becoming more and more popular every day. Specially designed vehicle wraps can put your businesses name out there as fellow drivers view your company automobile. Big Splash Graphics of Freehold, New Jersey, offers professionally designed and applied graphics to either a single vehicle or an entire fleet of your company vehicles. Potential customers will suddenly have the chance to view your business just by simply observing your vehicle(s) on the road during their commute, quickly raising the profile of your business. Your vehicle basically becomes a travelling billboard. And averaging at only $40 per month, you’re paying less than some standard print advertising listings. There’s no more economical form of advertising available today. The process of acquiring advertising car wraps for your company vehicles is made easy when working with Big Splash Graphics. You begin with the design process; you may choose your design from their files or work with a representative to design something completely unique. Using the make and model of your vehicle, the wrap is designed to your specifications. Vehicle graphics are then printed using comfortable, removable vinyl and then are over-laminated with a UV-resistant coating that offers protection from fading, salt, sand, road grime, and physical abrasion. This assures that your car wrap will last as long as possible. Once the wrap is printed, it is installed on your vehicle by our experienced professional team. When you consider the current economy and how so many companies are experiencing decreased sales numbers, it is extremely important to be aggressive with your advertising techniques. This is why car wraps have begun to explode as a form of advertising, and it’s the only way your company can be viewed in various locations depending on where your wrapped vehicles are traveling. If you’re ready to introduce your company to hundreds of potential customers traveling on roadways each day, connect with Big Splash Graphics beautifully designed car wraps. Big Splash Graphics is a high end design company specializing in car wraps, spot graphics,

wall murals, graphic installation, banners, promotional products, and so much more! To contact Big Splash Graphics about how they can increase your advertising abilities through car wraps or any other graphic design technique, visit them online at race car wraps or call (888) 414-WRAPS. Don’t miss out on your chance to increase consumer views of your company!

Cash in on Car Wraps Which Offer a Distinct New Advertising Strategy  
Cash in on Car Wraps Which Offer a Distinct New Advertising Strategy  

On average, Americans spend approximately 20 hours...