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New Business Since 1987

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The Trade Street Journal™ Published by Tradebank International, Inc. Executive Editor TODD GERRY Trade Editor MARCY S. YAFFE Creative Editor BRENDA L. JAMESON Graphic Design BRENDA L. JAMESON Special Photography StudioPRIMETIME Printer MPrint USA, Inc. Mailing VIP PERSONALIZED COMMUNICATIONS Page 9 - Over 130 Years Experience in the Barter Industry The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 2

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Speaking From Experience by Marcy S. Yaffe

I am continually impressed with the caliber and character of our Tradebank clients. Our trading network is comprised of quality business owners who operate their business with intelligence and integrity. Every day I see new examples of how your good business practices transfer into positive Tradebank relationships. Equally important is that you have insisted on only doing business with other like-minded Tradebank clients. You understand the competitive edge Tradebank offers and work diligently to not only uphold fair trading practices in your trading, but also try to ensure others follow the same protocol. Thank you. The corporate staff and regional offices of Tradebank make a conscious decision everyday to distinguish ourselves from others in our industry by placing our clients’ needs

first and upholding a standard of excellence unparalleled in the barter industry. We are so confident in our ability to deliver quality barter services to you, that we only ask for our brokerage fees after we complete both components of successful trading…bringing you new business and assisting you in using that incremental revenue to purchase the goods and services of your choice. In barter jargon, maintaining a “hard trade dollar” within your trade exchange means clients have the ability to buy and sell a vast array of products and services 100% trade at competitive prices. At Tradebank, we call it doing good business and we settle for nothing else from ourselves and from our clients.

We want you to remember we are committed to providing the platform for mutually profitable barter transactions, and we ask you to be as well. Just as your reputation is directly on the line every time you do business with someone, it is our reputation as well. We must all work together to continue our individual success as well as our success as united trading partners. Marcy S. Yaffe is the Vice President of Trade and National Training Director of Tradebank International. She has over 26 years experience brokering barter transactions. Contact myaffe@ or 888.568.5680 ext 118.

The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 3

A Tradebank Broker Replies by Marcy S. Yaffe

Faythe Willis, CTB, is a Tradebank Broker for Tradebank of Metro Atlanta and is the Regional Owner of Tradebank of North Georgia MY: Faythe you have been a Tradebank Broker since 1988. Over the years how has your job as a Tradebank Broker changed? What trends do you see in the relationship between Broker and Client?

FW: I think it is fair to say I was the first Tradebank Broker and full time employee. I have worn numerous hats over the years, however brokering became my number one passion and remains so today. When I started as a broker 20 years ago there were no fax machines or computers. Clients could not email me, text message me, instant message me or call me on my cell. Since I was the only broker on the trade floor, I became the ‘go to’ for just about everything. When a client needed: an authorization, a phone number, their trade balance, or any type of trade request, they called me. I was their main source of trading information. During those early years, whatever the client needed, they had to call on the telephone. They called before spending cash. They called when birthday and anniversaries came around. They called for anything and everything! Today, I still regularly speak with clients I spoke with my first day on the job. These clients call me weekly to assist them in their trading. To this day, I remember the initial advice given to me as a new broker, “Faythe if you do these two things you will be successful. One, always do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it, and two, return all of your calls”. I still broker this account and we speak almost daily. I continue to practice his valuable advice. Today’s technology has changed a lot of how we do business here at Tradebank. Our clients can go online to and see their latest transactions, update their account information, and search for anything they want to purchase. Our client base has grown to over 10,000. One thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for getting to know the clients and finding out what is going on in their businesses and lives. Seeing them trade for braces for their kids, printing brochures for their companies, and finding just the right gift on The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 4

Faythe Willis, CTB

trade. I take great pride in knowing that what we do here at Tradebank makes a difference and that we have worked hard to generate the additional income our clients need to do these things. Building relationships with our clients is as important today as it was on the first day I came to work at Tradebank. Today things are different from yesterday and tomorrow they will be different yet again, but trading remains the same. The relationship and open lines of communication between you and your Tradebank Broker are key to making trade work. The best advice I can give any Tradebank client is to communicate with your Tradebank Broker. Use all the means available to you whether it is your telephone, your cell phone, your fax, your email, your Facebook or your Twitter account. Communication is the key to your success as a Tradebank client.



by Todd Gerry, President Tradebank Franchising Corp.

Since starting its franchising efforts in 1995, Tradebank International has grown to over 80 offices across the United States, Canada and East Central Europe. Surprisingly, Tradebank has experienced this success without having used traditional advertising campaigns to attract the interest of perspective franchisees. Instead, Tradebank has grown through word-of mouth advertising, either from: clients who get involved with Tradebank, catch the ‘barter bug’, and learn what a tremendous business tool Tradebank is when implemented into their business plan; or from existing franchisees who share their success stories with others who become enamored with our business model. The result is an organization of franchisees dedicated to providing world-class service and improving the bottom line of each of our clients.


As Tradebank continues to expand globally, our goal is to create cashless commerce without borders, providing our clients with unlimited trading opportunities. In May 2010, Tradebank opened our 55th office in the United States, Tradebank of Oklahoma City. Tradebank of Oklahoma City will work closely with successful neighboring franchises in Kansas (Topeka, Wichita, and Lawrence) and NW Arkansas (Bentonville) as well as the other regions within Tradebank. Andrew Muchmore, Regional Owner of Tradebank of Oklahoma City, is looking forward to educating local businesses on how to barter for products and services they would otherwise pay cash for. Muchmore states, “There is always a need for barter representation in any city as it helps to create an additional stream of income for businesses.” There has never been a better time to get involved in the barter industry either as a client interested in receiving new, incremental business or as a franchisee. Since the downturn in the economy, barter has become more main stream as business owners realize that they are going to have to be innovative in terms of how they attract new business. Marc Davis, Regional Owner of Tradebank of Knoxville, states, “The thing I enjoy about the barter industry and Tradebank is that it is applicable to every company regardless of the product or service they are selling.” Tradebank certainly provides a business service with few restrictions, making it an attractive business venture for those looking for an opportunity with unlimited potential.


For more information on franchising opportunities that are available, please contact Todd Gerry at 888.568.5680 ext. 119 or by e-mail at

The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 5

Are You In A Position To Accept New Business? by Marcy S. Yaffe

Many successful traders have told me they love Tradebank and love trading, but get frustrated when they try to explain barter to someone else who is unfamiliar. “Marcy, we know lots of people who should be part of Tradebank, but when I try to tell them about it, they just get confused. I know they would benefit, and I know I do, but somehow the message gets lost in the conversation. The most exasperating part is these people are no dummies; they are successful business owners and professionals. They end up confused and I feel bad because I lost a potential good trader for Tradebank. Help!” Marc Davis, the Regional Owner of Tradebank of Knoxville, explains, “Introductions are key to referrals. They are as important to our business as they are to yours. The best referral someone can give me is simply introducing the prospective new client to me. If you are talking to a business owner or professional who you think is a prospective Tradebank client, the first question to ask them is: ‘Are you in a position to accept new business?’ Most businesses are. Once it’s been determined that that business owner is able to handle more business, a good follow up question is: ‘Have you done any bartering?’ Either way, if they answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, the next question is the same, ‘May I introduce you to Tradebank?” Davis has been adding new trading partners in Knoxville since 1995 and is recognized nationally as a consistent leader in building the Tradebank client base. Davis elaborates, “I don’t expect them to explain all the ins and outs of Tradebank, that’s our job. Simply introducing us, providing me with the business owner’s name and number, and giving my contact information to them is the perfect referral.” Tradebank values our client’s introductions because we know that business owners tend to know and do business with people like themselves. You know who the reputable business owners are in your community. As Tradebank continues to grow, we recognize that referrals are a two way street. Your referrals help increase the number and diversity of trading partners, but also the business owners you introduce to Tradebank are now able to increase their sales, conserve The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 6

their cash, and strengthen their business. We look to you to introduce us to businesses you want to be part of Tradebank. Your local Tradebank office will welcome your introductions and reciprocate by introducing new clients and purchasing opportunities to you. Consider taking your introductions and referrals out of your own community. Which of your vendors, customers, friends, family and neighbors own businesses in other Tradebank markets, including our new markets such as Colorado Springs, Oklahoma City, Tampa and Indianapolis.

How Barter Works for...

The Health & Medical Industry

Tradebank knows those in the medical and health care fields must combine their medical practice with sound marketing and business practices. As a Tradebank client, our barter specialists work with you to gain a return on the investment you‘ve made in your practice and create that balance between patient retention and growth.

Tradebank’s experienced sales and marketing personnel provide you with patient referrals and increase your billable hours. Many of today’s business owners must rely on self-insurance programs to offset high medical premiums. Tradebank clients can use their Tradebank Dollars to pay for their preventive, acute and chronic medical care. Not only does the cost of receiving medical care continue to increase, the cost of delivering medical care is also continuing to rise. More and more physicians and health care professionals are looking for ways to increase their bottom line without reducing patient care and staff. Tradebank provides you with an additional source of revenue to help increase your profitability and be more efficient. As a Tradebank client you are able to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, boost your sales and improve your cash flow by offering your services to our clients. The new revenue generated from Tradebank enables you to offset overhead costs such as printing, accounting, building and property maintenance, advertising and marketing, professional services, travel and many needs that you currently pay cash to acquire. Tradebank provides an alternative so you can conserve your cash. Contact Information: 888.568.5680 The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 7

Over 130 Years Experience In The Barter Industry

The Smarter Way To Barter

Tradebank International, Inc.

Tradebank International, 1000 Laval Boulevard, Lawrenceville GA 30043 678.533.7100

Tradebank International is headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia on a seven-acre corporate campus with over 40,000 square feet of corporate offices including a training center and television studio. Tradebank provides bartering opportunities for clients locally, nationally and internationally with over 80 regional offices in the United States, Canada and Eastern Europe. Tradebank continues to expand and franchise. Opportunities are available for experienced entrepreneurs. The staff of the corporate office has barter experience dating back to 1978. Tradebank International was founded in 1987.

The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 8

Tradebank Is More Than Brick & Mortar Tradebank is People: the Corporate Staff, Franchise Owners, Tradebank Brokers and, most importantly, Tradebank Clients. Tradebank’s corporate management team includes: John Davis, CEO and President; Todd Gerry, Senior Vice President of Marketing and President of Tradebank International Franchising Corp.; Valerie Hale, Senior Vice President of Operations; David Hayden, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; and Marcy Yaffe, Vice President of Trade and National Training Director. The unique and distinguishing aspect of Tradebank is the corporate staff has over 130 years of combined experience in the barter industry covering all facets of responsibilities required to operate an international barter exchange. In addition, their past experiences in sales, marketing, economics, finance and business management enhance and improve Tradebank’s approach to barter. In 1978, John Davis, CEO, was one of the first entrepreneurs in the United States to open a L:R Marcy Yaffe, John Davis, Valerie Hale, David Hayden and Todd Gerry retail barter exchange. Tradebank Photo by: StudioPRIMETIME International was formed in 1987. In 1995 Davis opened the first franchise office in Macon, Georgia. Today Tradebank has grown to over 80 offices. Todd Gerry’s barter experience includes 10 years as a Trade Broker, Sales Agent and Director of Sales and Marketing, prior to his current position with Tradebank International as Senior Vice President of Marketing and President of Tradebank Franchising Corp. Gerry joined Tradebank in 2006. Valerie Hale has been with Tradebank since 1996 and was a customer service representative in the Operations Department and a Tradebank Broker. In 2000 she was named Senior Vice President of Operations. David Hayden was a former Tradebank client and owned Tradebank of Kansas City prior to becoming Tradebank’s Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President in 2006. Marcy Yaffe was a Trade Broker and Regional Manager for 23 years prior to joining Tradebank and is now Vice President of Trade and the National Training Director. She joined Tradebank in 2006. The senior management of Tradebank International, along with the entire corporate staff, share a vast knowledge of the barter industry. This, combined with business, customer service and accounting experience, translates to an understanding of the expectations of Tradebank clients, as well as a passion for the barter business, and the ability to delivery unsurpassed barter services.

The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 9

Tradebank Welcomes New Clients UNITED STATES

Athens & NE, GA Flowers and More Sm-a-rt Business Atlanta Metro, GA Basil’s Restaurant Cafe Intermezzo Critter Catchers Glass King Great Harvest Bread Company Northwest Periodontics Pump It Up Raintree Pestguard LLC Repairing Atlanta The Stanley House Town & Country Upholstery VP Automotive William David Salon Wire Guy Your Chosen Path Coaching & Custom Retreats Atlanta-Dekalb, GA EM2 Xchange MorFloor, Inc Birmingham, AL Smith & NeSmith, PC

Charlotte, NC Apollo Graphics & MKT Back Office Specialist Bloom Health and Life Carolina Christian News Cartridge World Clickcom, Inc. Crossroads Pub J M Home Improvement Market Face Group, LLC Metro Real Estate Services, Inc. Mix Masters Entertainment Riley and Riley Electric Sayago’s USText, LLC Word Of Mouth

Denver, CO Boogie Machine INC. Brad`s Pit BBQ Cornerstone Financial Svc, LLC. MJ Contruction and Remodeling Old Style Towing LLC. One Business Connection Tanglez and Attitudez, LLC University Sports Grill

Chattanooga, TN 1 Text Nation A Green Carpet Clean Christian Chambers of America Kingdom Press

Greenville, SC Bark Busters Brown 2 Green Landscaping Easley Mulch & Landscaping Products Foot Hills Deli Insource Executives Jean Calvert Marine Engine Repair Pound Cake Man Rainbow Billiards Showcase Publishing Turn Over A New Leaf

Colorado Springs, CO A Broken Wind Shield Excel Printing Services, Inc. Fhk, Inc Legend Motor Works Pappy`s Golf Ski & Hockey Shop Patriot Carpet Cleaning Inc. Purple Haze Entertainment, Inc. Quick Gym S & K Service Top Banana Events Vaughan Electric Very Direct Marketing Vic`s Clips Columbus, GA CTI Columbus GA His Place Trenter Bail Bonding

The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 10

East Central Florida, FL Technigrafix Gadsden, AL Yarbrough & Associates

Indianapolis, IN David D. Ellis Hoosier Carpenter Keywerx LA LEY - 1590AM Mercy Springs Cleaning Services Mid-West Comfort Express Mr. Electric N2 Publishing Pinpoint Multimedia Radio Brownsburg XRB 1610AM Residence Inn by Marriott Indy Airport SPIFFY Techno Advantage

Knoxville, TN Canine Chiropractic Cookeville Rescue Mission Curves Lenoir City / Oak Ridge Global Loan, Inc. Kerby Painting Liberty Tax Service Rita’s Italian Ice Southeastern Turf Tubular Skylights Tupperware Memphis, TN Che’s Massage Therapy Middle Georgia Macon Computer Mid Georgia Cleaning and Restoration, Inc. One Stop Shop Nashville, TN Adventureworks Inc Curves Experteez Advertising Specialties Extol Painting and Drywall Furniture Depot Home Center Network Print Slingers Ron’s BBQ and Fish Oklahoma City, OK Acre View Pet Hospital & Laser Cntr Best Western Edmond Inn Suites JJH Media King’s Limousine Western Plastics Omaha, NE Alotta Brownies Funny Bone Omaha Hamilton CPA, LLC JTS Midwest

Orlando, FL Airbrush Magic Auto Fast Sales & Service Autocar Specialties, Inc. BM Consulting Boca Raton Bridge Hotel Bridges of Light Foundation Cariera’s Cucina Italiana Celebration Golf Club Discount Dollars, Inc DJ’s Details Florida Home Buyer Media, LLC George Upholstery HJ & R Development LLC IGT Embroidery, LLC Infusion Tea LLC Investment & Real Estate Solutions Inc JR Kilgore Inc. Kenneth W Colley Kingsridge Golf & Country Club Legends Golf & Country Club Merchant Option, Inc Modern Protection Consulting Inc My Orlando Directory, LLC Richard Fetter Sandler Training Shayralee Picorelli Shepherd’s Hope Stogies, LLC The Enhance Group The Wrench Connection Inc YourHostNet.Com Tampa, FL Here Fishy Fishy Bait and Tackle, LLC Topeka, KS Fatherhood Action Nancy Goodall Design Sparkling Homes LLC Sunflower Heating and Air

Tri-Cities, TN All Seasons Tree Service Better Man’s Plumbing Fuller Paving Maintenance LogoPro MyChoice of Tri-Cities Rheatown Market & Cafe Tuscaloosa, AL Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe Wichita, KS AAA Appliance Repairs, LLC Aquasizer’s Pool Company Newbase The Burger Barn CANADA

Edmonton Chateau Tropika Malaysian and Thai Cuisine Halton Mambrino Inc. Nickel Brook Xzibit Solutions Hamilton Dr. Aceti Frisco’s Stonechurch Moneysaver Brantford Stonewalls Gastro Pub Niagara Bowen’s Healing Hands Phoenix Landscaping Simcoe County Dunlop Office Furniture Gum Busters Wear Your Brand

The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 11

Tradebank of Atlanta Welcomes Travelers The metro Atlanta area offers a plethora of tourist and vacation opportunities easily within driving distance for many Tradebank clients. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport serves most major airlines and is conveniently located to enable you to explore and enjoy. Whether you are looking for a family vacation or a big city get-a-way, Tradebank can assist you with accommodations, dining and attractions. Atlanta offers family favorites such as the world famous Georgia Aquarium, Coca-Cola Museum and CNN headquarters and the Atlanta Braves; while the suburbs of Atlanta offer a less hectic, more relaxed pace. Please email or contact your local Tradebank Broker for more information on using Tradebank Dollars with these and other Tradebank clients in the metro Atlanta area.

Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts

All reservations made via Travel Request found in the Library at or contact your local Tradebank Broker Best Western (Lawrenceville) Beverly Hills Inn (Buckhead) Big Canoe Mountain Rental (North Georgia Mountains) Claremont House (Rome) Comfort Inn (Kennesaw) La Quinta Inn (Newnan) Marriott Courtyard (Roswell) Ren Stone Bed & Breakfast & Spa On The Lake (Lavonia) The Stanley House (Marietta)


There are over 40 restaurants in the greater Atlanta area available through Tradebank ranging from fine dining to pizza to sports bars. Here is a small sampling of where you can use your Tradebank card. Please email for a complete list. Altobeli’s (Alpharetta) Bar-B-Cutie (Woodstock) Brett’s Casual American Restaurant (Athens) Cuerna Vaca (Lawrenceville) Family Tradition Restaurant (Woodstock) Grand Stands Bar & Grill (Hampton) Los Arco’s (Stone Mountain) Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes (Marietta) Right Wing Tavern (Woodstock) Roly Poly (Woodstock) Sweetreats (Marietta) The Epicurean (Stone Mountain)


(Please contact your Tradebank Broker for specific ticket information.) Alliance Theatre (Midtown) Atlanta Braves – when available Atlanta Lyric Theatre (Marietta) Aurora Theatre (Lawrenceville) Fernbank Museum (Atlanta) Georgia Shakespeare (Atlanta) Gwinnett Braves (Lawrenceville) Hammers Glen Golf & Country Club (Homer) Holiday Harbor Marina & Resort (Lake Allatoona) Pump It Up (Marietta) Strand Theatre (Marietta) Sun Valley Beach (Powder Springs) The Georgia Trail Golf Course (Duluth)

Shopping Atlanta Office Furniture (Buckhead) Deljou Art Group (Midtown) Hope Jewelry (Marietta) Tadpoles Children’s Clothing (Kennesaw) Tadpoles Children’s Clothing (Lawrenceville) The Bookworm Bookstore (Powder Springs) W Kleinberg Leather Goods (Buckhead)

Health & Wellness Beverly’s Day Spa (Woodstock) Farlows Salon (Buckhead) Georgia Beautiful Image (Woodstock) Main Street Nails (Woodstock) Massage Therapist (Marietta, Lawrenceville, Fulton) William David Salon (Buckhead)

This is just a sampling of the Tradebank opportunities in the Atlanta area. For more information go to and look under the Client Directories and Visitor’s Guide for Athens & NE GA, Atlanta: Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett. Your local Tradebank Broker can introduce you to the Tradebank Broker in each specific region. The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 12

If so, use your Tradebank Dollars to introduce your company in new markets. Use your Tradebank Dollars to spread your company’s message to help you reach your potential target audience. What improvements can you do through Tradebank to increase the value of your home? What property and other assets can you purchase with Tradebank Dollars that helps improve your net worth?

PART 2 (Last month we focused on ways to make sure that your Tradebank trading partners understand the products and services you sell. We discussed ways for you to create a loyal customer base through Tradebank in order to generate the additional barter revenue you need to meet your purchasing needs and improve your bottom line. In Part 2 we will focus on purchasing strategies.)

Each time you make a Tradebank sale you are accumulating wealth and posturing yourself to maximize your barter buying advantage. Each purchase you make with Tradebank Dollars enables you to conserve, rather than spend, your cash. When making Tradebank purchases consider these two objectives in developing your barter plan: WHAT YOU NEED: Save cash on overhead expenses: Go through your payables for your business and home, and identify your overhead expenses. When you go to your Tradebank account at and click on the “Categories” tab, you will find a detailed listing of products and services. Mark which categories are a fit for you and review the list with your Tradebank Broker on a regular basis. See how many ways you can eliminate a cash expense by converting your purchases to suppliers who accept Tradebank Dollars. The result? More cash in your pocket. Increase your sales: What products and services from other clients can you add to your current operation to enhance and build your sales? Are you maximizing the advertising opportunities available through Tradebank to attract new cash customers? Can you boost your cash sales by marketing your products or services outside your local area?

Identify purchases you are avoiding because you do not have the capital: Everyone must prioritize their expenditures based on the resources available. There are certain things we all must purchase and we usually find a way to do so. Having Tradebank Dollars available enables you to fulfill the needs you have that fall just below those “musts”. These three tactics enable you to improve your bottom line and keep your business healthy. There is also another consideration when developing your barter plan: WHAT YOU WANT: Enhance your lifestyle: The incremental revenue you earn from your Tradebank sales enables to you “splurge” and make purchases that you normally would not make. Consider using your Tradebank Dollars for vacations, jewelry, artwork, and limousines. When you use Tradebank Dollars for things such as massages, trips to the day spa, dining out, and entertainment you are able to re-connect and relax without having to spend a lot of cash. Other things like hiring a Tradebank client to maintain your lawn, keep your house cleaned, and maintain your property allow you to reduce your chores and have more time for fun. Tradebank provides an abundance of trading opportunities and they grow each day as new clients are added. The client directories, classified ads and announcement of events are all services available to you at myTradebank. com. However, nothing replaces the benefits of a personal relationship with your Tradebank staff. Get to know them and most importantly let them get to know you so they can alert you to new trading opportunities.

The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 13


Brochures Business Cards Flyers Prescriptions Medical/Health Supplies Sleep Apnea Supplies Office Machines Computer Maintenance Accounting Services Vehicle Maintenance Property Maintenance Legal Services Glass Replacement Graphic Designers Website Developers Website Hosting Social Media Tax Advisor Financial Planner Water Purification

WHAT YOU WANT Restaurants Fishing Trips Hotels Day Spa Massages Hunting Trips Manicures/Pedicures Cosmetics/Skin Care Magazine Subscriptions Artwork Leather Goods Gift Certificates

Air Purification Storage Units Printer/Copier Ink Fencing Window Cleaning Tree Service Child Care TV & Radio Advertising Wood Floor Refinishing Carpet Cleaning Furniture Cleaning Grout/Tile Cleaning HVAC Towing Service Marketing Services Tree Service Electricians Plumbers Hair Care Chiropractic Care

Weed Control Glass Tinting Telephone Answering Service Appraisals Veterinary Services Signs Banners Direct Mail Billboard Advertising Company Parties Dental Services Eye Care Optical Goods Sales Training Chimney Cleaning Restaurant Hood Cleaning Power Washing Warehouse Space Mattresses Office Furniture

Hearing Aids Coffee Service Fire Extinguishers Safety Equipment Forklifts Monuments Rubber Stamps Awards/Trophies/Plaques Janitorial Service Janitorial Supplies Vacuums Vehicle Lettering T-Shirts Embroidery Collection Agency Employment Services Credit Card Processing Equipment Delivery Service Printing Charitable Donations

Limousine Service Vehicle Detailing Golf Courses Jewelry Wedding Cakes Bakeries Catering Florists Boat Rental Pawn Brokers Personal Chef Gym Memberships

Landscaping Dry Cleaners/Alterations Photographers Recording Studio Magicians Entertainers DJ/Music Vacations/Travel Vitamins/Supplements Fitness Training Banquet Facilities Swimming Pool Maintenance

Chocolate/Nuts/Candy Gift Baskets Tuxedo Rental Baby Accessories Clothing Tanning Salons Patio Furniture Interior Designers Drapery/Blinds Picture Frames Nursery/Plants/Trees Outdoor Lighting

These are just a few categories of the thousands available through Tradebank. If what you need or want isn’t currently available through Tradebank, work with your local Tradebank office and introduce them to someone you would like to do business with. (See page 15.)

Also consider: If you own a hotel or restaurant use artwork from a Tradebank client as décor and then make it available for sale. Consider working with a bakery who is part of Tradebank to supply you with baked goods. Do business with a florist who is part of Tradebank to enhance the ambiance of your establishment. If you are a printer use the services of a graphic designer who is part of Tradebank; offer graphic design services to your customers. If you are a hair salon/day spa sell skin care, cosmetics and jewelry you purchase with Tradebank Dollars. Use Tradebank Dollars to pay for storage units/warehouse space to house extra inventory. Buy in larger quantities for better pricing. If you own a vehicle maintenance shop work with those Tradebank clients who provide the services you don’t, such as windshield replacement, body work, vehicle towing.

The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 14

TRADEBANK Client Trade Purchase Order HELP US KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO PURCHASE THROUGH TRADEBANK. Please complete this Trade Purchase Order and fax or email it to your local Tradebank office.

Complete Description of Requested Product/Service (Residential or Commercial, Size, Quantity, Price Range, Location, etc—Please Provide Full Details) ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ One time order

On-going purchases

Companies You Would Like To Do Business With Company



Do you want us to contact your current vendor?




Current Vendor: Contact Phone Additional Comments/Special Instructions to Sales Agent: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Your Contact Information Client Contact:


Telephone: _________________

Company Name: _________________________

Merchant #: _________________

email Address: ________________________________________________________ The Trade Street Journal • Volume 6 • 2010 • 15

TRADEBANK 1000 Laval Blvd. Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Presorted STD U.S. Postage Paid Permit No 165 Lilburn, GA

Tradebank Franchise Opportunities Available

Are you or someone you know looking for a new career opportunity? Tradebank is a leader in the barter industry with a proven track record of success. Barter is both recession proof and timeless. Those with previous barter experience know the value of trading and have an intrinsic desire to continually increase trading opportunities for themselves as well as others. A Tradebank Franchise provides an opportunity to own your own business and be part of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic industries in the world. The ideal Tradebank franchise owner is someone with previous business ownership experience, deep community roots and the desire to build their own business and control their own destiny. Todd Gerry, President of Tradebank International Franchising Corporation, announces the availability of franchise opportunities in several key markets throughout the United States including: San Antonio, TX Jacksonville, FL

New Orleans, LA Cincinnati, OH

Raleigh, NC Phoenix, AZ

Kansas City, MO Detroit, MI

Savannah, GA Chicago, IL

Montgomery, AL Charleston, SC

For more information on these markets, as well as others that may be available, contact Todd Gerry at 678.533.7119 or email To download the franchise brochure, go to and click on Franchising.

The Trade Street Journal - Volume 6  

Barter's Premier Publication

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