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Speaking From Experience by Marcy S. Yaffe, National Trade/Training Director Congratulations! You have been selected to be the recipient of new customers, improved cash flow and greater prosperity for your business. There is no gimmick or sweepstakes attached. The fact is, as a Tradebank client you are postured to receive all three benefits in a straightforward, no strings attached manner. Bartering your products and services through Tradebank provides you with an additional source of revenue through new customers who will bypass your competitors to do business with you. When you use this new incremental revenue, rather than cash, for your purchases you improve your bottom line. Most of you know, I have been in the barter industry for 25 years, 26 years in May. I have seen the methods others in the industry use to attempt to build their client base. Enticements for encouraging their clients to spend more than they have earned, condoning part cash/part

trade transactions and asking for brokerage fees on sales are the warning signs of someone who does not have confidence in their business model and ability to provide additional sales and purchases through a strong network of diverse and quality business owners. Decades ago, the founders of Tradebank recognized that the way to build a solid trading network was on a foundation of integrity, mutual respect and accountability. Proof of our commitment is evident in how we charge brokerage fees. You don’t pay Tradebank until you complete the full trading cycle, both selling and purchasing, through Tradebank. We are a performance-based company. We know both are critical to your trading success. Likewise, trading done on a part cash/part trade basis or at inflated prices means those bringing in new clients do not have the capacity or ability to attract solid reputable business owners who truly understand barter. Tradebank made the decision at the beginning not to accept just anyone as a client for the sake of a number. We are structured to work with the business owners in each community who are progressive, conscientious and dedicated to fair trading practices. In doing so, Tradebank obligates ourselves to deliver superior barter services to our clients and we will continue to do it everyday, thereby enhancing the trading opportunities for our clients.

Marcy S. Yaffe is the Vice President of Trade and National Training Director of Tradebank International. She has over 25 years experience brokering barter transactions. Contact myaffe@ or 888.568.5680 ext 118.

The Trade Street Journal - March 2010 • 3

A Tradebank Broker Replies by Marcy S. Yaffe building to expand to a second gallery. What isn’t mentioned in the article is what took place so he could use Tradebank to pay for his renovations. While he was in the planning stages, Aaron made a list of what products and services he would need. He then met with us and we reviewed who among our Tradebank network could provide what he needed. Then we took it a step further, and for everything we didn’t currently have in our trading network, Ross went out and focused his efforts on finding quality businesses who were looking for additional work with Aaron’s help. Often times Aaron would get a couple quotes on the work and then tell the contractor that he would hire him to do the work, but only if the contractor would accept Tradebank as payment. Inevitably, the contactor would ask “What’s Tradebank?” and Aaron would introduce them to Ross. Ross explained how Tradebank works, that he could bring them new business, not only from Aaron but also from other Tradebank clients. We added painters, electricians, the person who installs sheet rock, HVAC equipment and a carpet installer all based on client needs and introductions. Also, some of the clients Ross was able to bring to the Fascination St. Gallery remodeling project were former colleagues from Ross’s days as a General Contractor. Ross had established relationships with many of these business owners before we purchased the Tradebank of Denver region. These relationships are what keep our organization strong.

Jennifer Porter Photo by StudioPRIMETIME

Jennifer Porter is the Tradebank Broker for Tradebank of Denver and Colorado Springs MY: Jenni, last year you and Ross (Porter, Jenni’s husband) purchased two Tradebank regions that had huge potential to grow. Over the past year everyone has seen tremendous growth in the Denver area both in terms of trading opportunities and new accounts. As the Tradebank Broker, you have been instrumental in working with the existing clients to introduce them to Tradebank barter opportunities. At the same time, the clients in your area have also been strong supporters of Tradebank. Together, you and the clients have built the region based on client’s needs and through their recommendations and introductions to other business owners. What factors contribute to your success? JP: This month’s issue of the Trade Street Journal includes a profile on Aaron LaPedis, a Tradebank client in Denver. Aaron tells how he worked with Ross and me to renovate a The Trade Street Journal - March, 2010 • 4

We are continually building relationships between the clients, as well as between each client and us. Each month we host networking events featuring different businesses. For example, “Ladies Night” at Cuttn’ It Loose Salon and “Barbershop and Billiards and Beer” for the guys at Cutter’s Den, so that Tradebank clients can meet the business owners, get to know one another and break down any barriers that trading clients might feel. We had our first networking event with guest speaker Dave Block of Make-It-Fly who gave us important tips on how to effectively network through building relationships. Protect and Serve Driving Academy hosted the event and co-owner, Imtiaz Stephen (former law enforcer and certified to identify drug use in the body’s system) shared his passion for saving the lives of young drivers and identifying drug and alcohol problems in teens for parents before they get out of hand. Baker’s Way provided delicious food and Mrs. Fields provided a variety of melt in your mouth cookies for dessert! We had participation from both the Denver and Colorado Springs regions. Our mission is for Tradebank clients to know one another, refer one another and view Tradebank an asset.

Tradebank - Another Treasure your competition in buying, valuing and selling your collectibles for substantial profits,” explains LaPedis. LaPedis’s methodology and passion for art and collectibles is also carried over in his approach to trading and Tradebank. “My life has been much more fulfilling because of the trading I have done. I have learned to be patient and ask for what I need, even if it not listed. It never hurts to ask someone who has what you want if they would be willing to trade. All they can say is no.” Furthermore, LaPedis pays tribute to and respects the efforts of Ross and Jenni Porter, Regional Owners of Tradebank of Denver, “They are great go getters and make it easy, fun, and profitable for all of us here in Denver to use Tradebank. Most recently, Jenni and Ross were instrumental in facilitating the publication of The Garage Sale Millionaire and opening a second location of my art gallery.” The Porters introduced LaPedis to Barb Pullin, owner of Reed Photo Imaging, whose company typeset his book through Tradebank. “I also worked closely with Ross and Jenni using Tradebank to open a second location for our art gallery. We used Tradebank Dollars to pay for approximately 30% of the renovations and remodeling including the frame work, electrical, painting and plumbing. Those four things alone represented a huge cash savings for us,” says LaPedis.

Aaron LaPedis has been a Tradebank client since 1998. He owns Fascination St. Gallery in Denver. However, gallery owner is just one of the many titles he has. LaPedis is an avid art collector and recognized by his peers as an expert in the field of collectible art and hard-to-find secondary market animation artwork and collectibles. The FBI calls LaPedis when they need an expert in collectible art. In addition to art, LaPedis is considered one of the world’s greatest collectors and treasure hunters. LaPedis is the host of “Collect This!” the number one rated show in Denver on PBS and is the author of the just published book, The Garage Sale Millionaire, which of course is available through Tradebank. “In The Garage Sale Millionaire you will find everything that you must know along with the insider’s tips you’ll need to track down those hard to find treasures, hidden gems and those collectible items which, upon resale, will make you money. You will have a definite advantage over

“In addition to selling my products and collectibles from my stores, I list items in the Classifieds on, which has been very successful for me. I recently sold an antique chest to someone in Greenville, South Carolina through the Tradebank Classifieds. I encourage others to do the same. I value my Tradebank Dollars and want to trade with Tradebank clients across the country. I sell my artwork and collectibles through my stores and on the Classifieds. Tradebank clients can purchase autographed copies of my book and DVD through the Tradebank of Denver office (, explains LaPedis. Contact Information: Aaron LePedis Fascination St. Gallery T: 303.333.1592 E: W: W: W: The Trade Street Journal - March 2010 • 5

Taste Buds Chef Rian Macdonald was introduced to Tradebank through Tradebank client and barter advocate Susan Smeelser, owner of The Bookworm Bookstore in Powder Springs, Georgia. “Last year Rian stopped in my store and told me about his just published cookbook, Taste Buds. I saw Tradebank as a great fit for Rian as a way to grow his catering business as well as sell cookbooks, so I introduced him to Ashby Green, the Regional Owner for Tradebank of Atlanta. When someone has something to sell, it is a natural progression for me to recommend barter and specifically, Tradebank. I had just completed Tradebank’s Trade UniversityTM where I met another Tradebank client, Bryan Menendez owner of Crepe Masters, and learned how well Tradebank had helped him grow his catering business,” explains Smeelser. Macdonald agreed, “I saw Tradebank as a long term association that would build my national exposure and expand my catering business, as well.” Macdonald brings strong and impressive credentials to the table. He is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona and worked several years at the Phoenician Resort’s five star restaurant. Macdonald is currently a chef recruiter at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts of Atlanta and has shared a kitchen with celebrity Chefs Emeril, Wolfgang Puck and Paula Deen. On a national scale, Macdonald offers consulting services through Tradebank for restaurateurs and caterers and those looking to enter the food service industry. “We offer assistance to existing restaurant owners who are looking for ways to improve their bottom line as well as start ups. Our consulting includes the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of running a restaurant from the back of the house to the front of the house. Based on the needs of each individual, our consulting covers everything from hiring to payroll to menus to décor to inventory purchasing and management to marketing strategies and everything in between.” “Ultimately my first love is cooking and always will be. Although we can do large catering jobs, our niche for Tradebank is a plated event for groups of 50 or under. Whether you're looking for classical French dishes or other worldly styles, we can work with you to design a menu perfect for your special occasion. We also offer Personal Chef services when you want to have an intimate or family dinner prepared by a Certified Chef. We can prepare anything from a three to five course meal just like you were eating in a restaurant, but with the luxury and convenience of eating in your own home,” offers Macdonald. Most recently Macdonald introduced a special ladies night out called “Girls Gone Wild” that takes place in the host’s home. The special includes a three to four course meal with wine and teaching session by Chef Rian as to why he chose the ingredients and how to prepare the meal. There is a choice of four menus with a price per person The Trade Street Journal - March, 2010 • 6

of T$20 to T$45 and is prepared for three to eight people. Chef Rian has published one cookbook and is in the process of writing his second. Authorhouse describes Taste Buds: The cookbook leads you through the world of culinary arts as if you were in a private cooking class, learning terminology, techniques, and the use of ingredients easily found in your local grocery store. Chef Rian helps aspiring “culinarians” start with easy dishes, including the prerequisites of the recipes, like knife skills, and takes them right up to the classical French delights. Chef Macdonald insists the recipes presented in the book should be seen as guide lines upon which to "throw your own spin". The over arching message is to have fun with cooking while improving your palate, and sharing your cooking with friends and family. Taste Buds sells for T$30 each. To order, email Chef Rian. Contact Information: Chef Rian Macdonald Chef Mac T: 770.883.6666 E: W:

How Barter Works for... The Advertising Industry

The advertising industry and barter are practically synonymous. Tradebank alleviates the cumbersome nature of managing direct barter transactions. As a Tradebank client, you are able to take full benefit of trading excess inventory without all the hassles associated with one-on-one barter. Furthermore, you are able to keep your sales staff concentrating on generating cash business and focused on client retention. In a tight economy when less and less is being spent in advertising, Tradebank provides our clients with the financial resources to keep their name in the marketplace. From the media’s perspective you are still able to do business with those companies who have rejected your cash proposals. As a Tradebank client, our barter professionals act as your purchasing agent when you need to acquire products and services. This non-traditional revenue enables you to purchase advertising specialties, printing, property maintenance, office equipment, signs and banners, fine dining and entertainment and all the other products and services that “just aren’t in the budget”. As a Tradebank client you have an alternate revenue source, and most importantly, someone outside your staff to focus on barter, allowing you to reap the benefits of barter without distracting you or your staff from making cash sales.

Contact Information: T: 888.568.5680, ext 119 The Trade Street Journal - March 2010 • 7

Horse Trading Is Alive And Well With Tradebank Trading anxiety for confidence is Tradebank client Kim Smith’s passion and motivation for her businesses. As the president of Another Chance Equine Rescue and CowKids, Inc., Smith brings together her life long love of horses and children and provides each with a protected and healthy environment that fosters a sense of love, purpose and well being. Smith joined Tradebank not only to expand her financial resources to take in and maintain rescue horses, but also to provide children in central Alabama with the opportunity to participate in riding lessons and experience the personal growth that the lessons and interaction with the horses provide. Establishing CowKids was a natural business progression for Smith. She had a farm of rescued horses that she had nurtured and nourished back to health. “Offering horseback riding lessons and competition training is a way not only to provide the horses with additional human contact, it is also is a way to generate income to maintain the horses,” explains Smith. “There is a unique and special bond that develops between a child and a horse. The subsequent self confidence the children develop is invaluable and will stay with them their entire lives,” explains Smith. CowKids is a for profit business. Smith’s other business, Another Chance Equine Rescue, is a 501(c)3 that provides safe and secure homes for unwanted, neglected, abandoned and abused horses. “Due to our unusually cold and extreme weather, this past year was especially hard for horses and their owners as a result of the additional care backyard horses required. Many owners were not prepared for the additional financial burden, so they had to give up their horses. In addition, our country’s economic conditions forced many people to tighten their belts. Unfortunately, pets are often viewed as an unnecessary expense. Horses are particularly vulnerable because of their costly upkeep; the result was an abundance of homeless animals in varying degrees of health left to fend for themselves,” Smith sadly reports. The Trade Street Journal - March, 2010 • 8

Smith is widely known in the Valley, Alabama community for her compassion and understanding of the nature of horses and is often asked by the Sheriff’s Department to take in abandoned or abused horses. “What some people don’t understand until it is often too late, is besides the high financial investment required to properly care for a horse, each horse has a unique personality. Just as with people, horses have different demeanors, quarks and personality traits and must be properly matched in order to have harmony. Like with people, marriage, and divorce, there are times when there are personality clashes and the relationship needs to be changed. As we make available needed medical and physical care to our rescue horses, we also identify their personality needs and provide them with well-matched human partners in our riding students and adoptive homes. We look for compatible styles, skills and temperament,” Smith explains. She continues, “All that comes with a very high cost and it is my hope that we can educate Tradebank clients to our needs and they will respond with generosity through Tradebank Dollar donations.”

The 10 Commandments of Anim

1. When you adopt me, remember that years. Please don’t forsake me, any

2. Please give me time to understand w Change can be more difficult for me

3. Please don’t be angry with me for a alone as punishment. You have your entertainment and I ONLY HAVE YO

4. Please trust me and help me to trust well as your, well being.

5. Talk to me . . . even if you think I don understand your voice and love whe me.

6. Before you hit me remember that I h easily hurt you but I choose not to bi you.

mal Guardianship

t my life is likely to last 15 to 20 y separation from you is painful.

what it is you want from me. e than for you.

Tradebank client, Mustang Alley Riding Stables in Greenville, Tennessee offers riding trails, lessons and horse and pony riding for birthday parties and special events. Their trails are located in the beautiful Cherokee National Forrest and all their proceeds go to Mustang Alley Horse Rescue, Inc. The rescue side of their business is dedicated to providing a safe and secure home for traumatized and unwanted horses, mules, donkeys and ponies in Tennessee and the surrounding states. “Since 2006, we have been advocates for rescued horses that are unwanted, abused, neglected, slaughter-bound and abandoned. In addition, we accept healthy horses from owners who wish to relinquish ownership due to financial hardship, moving, divorce and a variety of other reasons and work to place them in new homes,” explains Kathy Grant, owner of Mustang Alley. Whenever possible Mustang Alley rehabilitates the animals and works to place them in qualified homes that have been pre-screened and inspected. In addition, Mustang Alley has partnered with a local shelter to provide therapy to victims of domestic violence, using equines to enhance the victims’ level of independence, self-esteem and emotional reconstruction. “Tradebank provides us with another avenue for exposure and awareness of our business. We welcome Tradebank Dollars for our lessons, trail rides and outdoor guided tours. They are enjoyable for adults and children who live in our area and those visiting. We are always in need of additional revenue and accept and welcome your Tradebank Dollar donations as well,” confirms Grant. Grant continues, “The 10 Commandments of Animal Guardianship was given to me by someone who adopted one of our rescue animals. To me, it sums up the motivation for the work we do here at Mustang Alley and what other rescue shelters are doing across the country. As you think about those ten statements, I am sure you will perceive, as I do, a strong correlation between animal and human compassion.” Contact Information: Kim Smith CowKids, Inc. Another Chance Equine Rescue T: 706.590.2524 E:

Contact Information: Kathy Grant Mustang Alley Riding Stables & Horse Rescue T: 423.552.5988 E: W:

7. Be aware, that however you treat me, I WILL NEVER FORGET!!! 8. Before you scold me for being uncooperative or bad, ask yourself if maybe something is wrong and there is another reason for my behavior. Perhaps I am sick, hot, old or just plain tired, frustrated and weak. PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE ME AND PUT YOURSELF IN MY PLACE.

long time, and don’t lock me up r human family, your friends, your OU!!! 9. Please take care of me when I get old and don’t abandon me, for you too will grow old. Please notice when I am ill because I need you t you . . . it is crucial for my, as to take me to the vet for help when I am ill just as you need to see a doctor.

n’t understand your words I en you speak to me and stroke

have teeth and claws and could ite and scratch you because I love

10. Go with me on the most difficult journeys. Never say, “I can’t bear to watch” or “Do it when I leave” because I need you with me even at the end of my journeys. Please always do what is best for me even if it is unbearable for you to do so because I love you and trust that you will. -Author Unknown The Trade Street Journal - March 2010 • 9

Tradebank Franchise Opportunities Available

Are you or someone you know looking for a new career opportunity? Tradebank is a leader in the barter industry with a proven track record of success. Barter is both recession proof and timeless. Those with previous barter experience know the value of trading and have an intrinsic desire to continually increase trading opportunities for themselves as well as others. A Tradebank Franchise provides an opportunity to own your own business and be part of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic industries in the world. The ideal Tradebank franchise owner is someone with previous business ownership experience, deep community roots and the desire to build their own business and control their own destiny. Todd Gerry, President of Tradebank International Franchising Corporation, announces the availability of franchise opportunities in several key markets throughout the United States including: San Antonio, TX Jacksonville, FL

New Orleans, LA Cincinnati, OH

Raleigh, NC Phoenix, AZ

Kansas City, MO Detroit, MI

Savannah, GA Chicago, IL

Montgomery, AL Charleston, SC

For more information on these markets, as well as others that may be available, contact Todd Gerry at 678.533.7119 or email To download the franchise brochure, go to and click on Franchising.

We Want To Know! Who Do You Like Doing Business With Through Tradebank? We want to hear your compliments about others in the Tradebank network. Email us the name(s) of the Trading Partners you like working with through Tradebank. Include their business name and your experiences along with your name and contact information. The Trade Street Journal - March, 2010 • 10

Time Management

Time is worth more than money. You can always increase or replace your money, but you cannot replace or earn more time. Tradebank offers you many diverse opportunities to make best use of your time by working with your fellow Tradebank trading partners to help manage your responsibilities at work and home.

Don’t be handcuffed by time consuming activities that you can have completed through Tradebank

Use cleaning and lawn care service available through Tradebank to help offset the time you spend doing routine chores. When you need maintenance services, call a Tradebank client. If you are strong in sales but not in managing details, let someone else take care of your accounting needs. Consider hiring a bookkeeper, payroll specialist or CPA through Tradebank. Virtual assistants are gaining credibility and popularity. VAs are entrepreneurs who provide administrative, technical and social assistance for your home or business tasks and are trained to get to know you, your strengthens and weaknesses, and fill in the gaps. Preventative care is so important…keep your computers, property, vehicles, yourself, family and staff all healthy with routine check ups and TLC. Drooping sales can be equalized with the help of those who specialize in advertising, marketing and sales. Your Tradebank Broker can introduce you to specialists who want your Tradebank business and can provide you with more quality time.

Tradebank Open 2010

Sponsored by Tradebank Atlanta Fore All Golfers



4 Man Scramble

Friday July 16, 2010, 11 AM T$125 per golfer T$400 per foursome Greens Fees Give-Aways Food & Beverages

RESERVE THE DATE PUT A FOURSOME TOGETHER CALL 706.677.3333 TO SCHEDULE PRACTICE TIME For more information contact or look under Events at

Why not make it a golf weekend…limited accommodations available

Protect The Intellectual Properties Of Your Business by Bradley D. Crose

You’ve worked hard to create and perfect the products and services your business

offers. How do you protect yourself from others taking your ideas and techniques and capitalizing on your efforts? How do you know if your intellectual property, the creation of your mind, is capable of legal protection? In the eyes of the law, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets generally all are categorized under the umbrella of intellectual property law. Each area has its own set of rules and unique protection that provides to the owner an exclusive, monopoly right to an intangible asset, for a certain period of time, which can be enforced to prevent use by others.

Trademark: Trademark rights enable the owner to prevent others from use of the same or similar mark in a manner that is likely to cause confusion. A trademark protects the original or unique characteristic of your product and/or service that distinguishes it from other products or services. A trademark is a symbol of goodwill and identifies the origin of goods and services. It is also a symbol of quality assurance. A trademark allows a consumer to identify your product or service and differentiate it from others. It usually includes a name, symbol, insignia, emblem, logo, phrase, image or a combination of these things. Trademarks can include slogans. Patent: A patent provides exclusive rights to the inventor of new, useful, and non-obvious inventions that prevents others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing the invention. For example, the invention may be chemical, electrical, mechanical, software, business methods, or visual designs.

We live in a world in which the creations of the mind, or intellectual property, can be protected. Are your ideas and innovations each protected by a patent? Are your brand names representing the goods and services of your business each protected by a trademark? Are your original works of authorship each protected by a copyright? Are you maintaining the secrecy of your trade secrets? As you build and expand your business, consider the value in protecting your various intellectual properties.

To obtain a patent, a patent application must be filed that includes one or more claims defining the invention and how it is new, inventive, and useful. Copyright: Copyright law provides protection for original works of authorship or creation. For example, a copyright can be used to protect an original artistic, literary, dramatic, or musical work, such as a book, a play, an article, lyrics to a song, sound recordings, and the like. A copyright owner is granted certain exclusive rights to reproduce the work, to create derivatives of the work, to distribute or sell the work, to perform or display the work publicly, to license the work, etc. Copyright protection begins at the point an owner creates the work in a fixed form. s

Contact Information: Bradley D. Crose, Attorney Crose Law LLC T: 678.521.4060 E: W: W:

Crose Law provides clients with legal services for patent and trademark prosecution, as well as other related intellectual property matters. Crose Law works with both companies and individuals in protecting intellectual property rights, The owner of a trade secret must make reasonable efforts to maintain the secrecy of the obtaining patents, and protecting business names, product names, services names, intellectual property. Each state has laws that prohibit the theft of such trade secrets. logos, and taglines with trademarks. Trade Secret: A trade secret, unlike a trademark, patent, or copyright, is not something you file to secure a right. A trade secret is an item, such as a formula, process, or design, which is kept secret by a business to obtain a certain economic advantage over competitors. Trade secrets are confidential and/or classified information that is guarded so that the information does not become public.

The Trade Street Journal - March, 2010 • 12

We are a referral-based business…we view introductions as a two-way street. We provide you with introductions to new trading opportunities and would like you to do the same for us. Who do you know that owns a company and is in a position to accept new business? Who has what you want? Who do you want as a customer, but they are currently doing business with your competitor instead of you? Introduce us to business owners you know and them to us. The result will be more trading opportunities for you.

Respect and follow the Tradebank calling statuses of “Client Call Direct” and “Broker Only” as listed in Client Directories and Visitor’s Guides in Tradebank provides barter services to a diverse group of business owners offering a myriad of products and services with various methods of distribution requiring different methods of client contact. When you see Client Call Direct it means the client wants you to speak to the trading contact listed regarding Tradebank. When you see Broker Only, that means the client does not want to be contacted directly by other clients (via telephone, email or personal visit) and has specified to Tradebank that they want their Tradebank Broker initiating all trading contact.

It is important to Tradebank that everyone is paid for services rendered. Therefore, Tradebank’s business model is such that our clients only pay their Brokerage fees when the trading cycle is complete. This means you have made both a trade sale and purchase before you are billed Brokerage fees. Other barter exchanges ask for payment up front. We want you to profit first.

Only the Seller is able to obtain an authorization for a Tradebank transaction. The authorization number you receive is your verification that funds have been transferred from the Buyer’s account into the Seller’s. For your convenience you can processes a transaction and obtain an authorization number with your merchant number at, with your merchant or account number at or by calling Tradebank’s automated authorization system at 800.899.1111. You will need the Buyer’s 16-digit account number, your account or merchant number and the amount of the transaction. (All applicable taxes are to be collected and paid between clients in Tradebank Dollars.)

As defined in your Client Agreement, gratuities paid to restaurant servers must be paid in cash at a minimum of 18%. Your generosity sends an important message to the restaurant that you value their participation in Tradebank. Gratuities are also applicable and appreciated in other service industries such as limousine service, massage therapy, hair care, etc.

Tradebank Brokers are not travel agents. The trading opportunities we have are based on our independent relationships with hotels, timeshare owners, private individuals with rental properties, area attractions and other accommodations. Our reservation process is usually done through one or two barter contacts managing the property. Successfully facilitating your travel request requires that you have filled out the Travel Request form (found in the Client Library at and provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Since many Tradebank clients use barter to fill unsold inventory, each has established their own time frame for advanced booking and must be considered when making a travel request. Your Tradebank Broker can assist you in your planning. Posting your travel requests in the WANTED Section of the Tradebank Classifieds on is another avenue for identifying great vacation destinations. The Trade Street Journal - March 2010 • 13

Tradebank Welcomes New Clients UNITED STATES

Atlanta Metro, GA B2B CFO Bark & Beg Big Canoe Mountain Rental Burden Moving Service Cloud 9 Tea Defender Pest Protection Electric Ink Tattoo G&R Upholstery and Refinishing Herman & Russo, P.C. Homeworks JLS Management Man’s Best Friend - Norcross Needleworks Sewing & Upholstery Roly Poly Royal Designs Steve Montgomery Company Maintenance Tadpoles TCI Landscaping Services TLC Rents Event and Tent Rental Upscale Digital Designs Vital Computer Services, LLC Wine Accessories Mart Birmingham, AL Old Country Thrift Store Terraplan Charlotte, NC Blu Basil Carolina Office Cleaning Charlotte Christian Chamber Essential Kneads Therapeutic Massage Gay Mitchum Design Group, LLC IMIGpro, Inc John A. McCole, CPA March Forth With Hope Foundation Personal Success Partners Pretty Postures Solstice Window Tinting Sports Clips The Trade Street Journal - March, 2010 • 14

Charlotte, NC (cont’d) Stonefish Marketing WSI Net Revenue Zapata’s Cantina Chattanooga, TN Detail Roofing and Sheet Metal Diana Simpson Photography Focus Therupeutic Massage Grace In Action Ministries Killian Daisy Floral Design Recognize A Miracle Foundation Red Rock Grill Riverside Catfish House Inc Robert N. Meeks, Esquire The Ice Cream Show Wendy A. Stanfield Attorney Colorado Springs, CO 1 800 Ding Guy A Little Catering Company All About Merchants Arthur’s Towing Best Drywall Company Betty Carlson Art Business Furniture Systems Collinson Chiropractor Clinic Eagle Eye Vision Center -North Garvens Group La Quinta Inn & Suites LJM Photography Summit Group Columbus, GA Kokomos Denver, CO American Satellite Bestway Insulation LLC Crown Plumbing Inc. Franchising Service Greater Englewood Chamber of Commence Images by Brinley Mark Christiansen Associates LLC The Wellness Group

Greenville, SC Cakes & Wicks Denny Shortt Photography Inspired Productions Jireh Services Mancini Plumbing Performance Home Improvement R & J Tree Service Huntsville / Decatur, AL All Needz Rental Bubba’s Catering Knoxville, TN Bullington Repair Shop DeBot Computer Services Exclusive Fitness Paula’s Cleaning Service Petrie’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Riverstone Rentals, LLC SendOutCards Simply Clean Sundance Studio Sunny Dayz Tataru’s Gymnastics, Tumbling & Cheerleading The Appraisal Firm, LLC Two Scoops Designs Webster’s Deli Louisville, KY BDM Roofing Commonwealth Chocolate Student Success Center Venture Elite, LLC Nashville, TN Anytime Fitness Ashbusters Chimney Service Inc. Community Law Group LLC Grillers Choice Marble Life Inc. Nashville Concrete Artist Pro Massage Skin Care By Kathy The UPS Store #6148 Truepix Productions Wm Massey Electric LLC.

NW Arkansas Arkansas Tool And Auto Repair Bob Morey’s Auto Body Inc Dairy Queen Metro Service Mr. General Services Omaha, NE Designs By Red JB Electric Omaha Headache Clinic Orlando, FL All Points Boating Club, LLC Amazing Transportation Auto Electric & Air Conditioning, Inc Bountiful Lands, Inc Dr. TD Leidigh Optometrist English Communications, Inc Eve Meikle Got Website? Master Elevator Inc Miller’s Alehouse My Big Postcard Inc North Trail Stor-It Park LLC Pine Castle Autobody Inc Tee It Up Florida

Wichita, KS Ace Landscaping & Fencing Air Capital Plumbing Baron Carpet Cleaning Corporate Cuts


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The Trade Street Journal - March 2010 • 15

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The Trade Street Journal - Vol 4  

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