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Page 10, Having The Right Talent The Trade Street Journal -•F2ebuary, 2010 • 2

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Speaking From Experience by: Marcy S. Yaffe, National Trade/Training Director We are all looking for solutions. We seek solutions to situations large and small ranging from how to increase the profitability of our business to what we will feed the kids for dinner. Each day we are faced with a myriad of situations, and the more responsibilities we have, the more others look to us for solutions to their problems. Barter in general, and specifically Tradebank, offers solutions to many of the situations we face. •

Need more customers? Add Tradebank and expand the method of payment you accept for your goods and services beyond cash. The number one reason business owners join Tradebank is to use barter as the solution to the continual need to attract and acquire new customers and to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Many of you remember when credit cards were first introduced as a method of payment. Cardholders were eager to shop with businesses displaying the MasterCard and Visa logo on their doors in order to temporarily conserve their cash. Those merchants accepting credit cards had a competitive edge over those who didn’t. Tradebank offers an even greater incentive for potential customers to do business with you as part of the Tradebank network; they can save their cash and use Tradebank dollars which provides a huge incentive to bypass your competition and do business with you.

How do you reduce cash overhead expenses and improve your quality of life in general? I once heard the amusing statement “All I want is the opportunity to prove that money won’t make me happy.” None of us are so shallow that we think having money is a be all, end all, to all our problems. But we have to admit when we don’t have to be concerned how to acquire the funding, implementing the solution to any situation can be much easier. Tradebank provides solutions to your funding concerns by providing an additional revenue stream—You control the faucet. How much additional revenue do you want to have available for your purchases? Remember, you don’t trade instead of cash; you trade in addition to cash. When you continually look for opportunities to use your Tradebank dollars rather than cash you will find unlimited solutions. Consider using Tradebank dollars for everything from printing to employee benefits to property and vehicle maintenance. We stress it over and over, but using Tradebank dollars to fund advertising and marketing programs to expand your presence in the local, national and international marketplace are two of the best ways to use Tradebank dollars. Tradebank has web designers, branding specialists, graphic artists and legal and financial advisers as part of your trading network. From a personal perspective, Tradebank dollars can be used for vacations, hair caret, dental makeovers and eating at restaurants just to name a few.

How do you use Tradebank to give you peace of mind? Reaching out and connecting with others is important to give our lives balance. Tradebank provides many solutions whether you are reaching out to new customers, employees, family or your extended global brothers and sisters. When you have Tradebank dollar resources you can establish the marketing programs your competition cannot afford. You can offer additional sales and efficiency training and seminars to advance the education of your employees. You can have more quality time with your family because you have someone you’re paying with Tradebank dollars cut your grass or paint your house or be your accountant rather than you trying to do it all yourself. Memorial headstones, family portraits, and family DVDs are ways to perpetuate the spirit of those we cherish, all of which are available through Tradebank. Included in this magazine is a feature about how Tradebank clients joined together to provide water and other supplies to those experiencing the devastation in Haiti, all paid for from the donation of Tradebank dollars. There are many churches, ministries and and other nonprofit organizations that are part of Tradebank who need your support and welcome your Tradebank dollars to enhance their efforts. Tradebank clients even offer addiction and abuse recovery programs for those in dire need.

Tradebank offers you solutions to business, personal and family situations adaptable to your own situation. Our promotional materials, website (, Trade University, and other special events are designed to keep you informed of the vast array of products and services available as solutions for you. In addition the Tradebank client base represents an additional marketplace for you to sell your products and services and expand your word of mouth advertising. Your Regional Owners, Tradebank Brokers and the entire Tradebank staff is solution oriented. In return, we ask that clients trade fairly, at competitive prices and offer their products and services on a 100% trade basis and that you only do business with likeminded clients. As Faythe Willis, Tradebank Broker/Regional Owner states it so succinctly, “If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” Marcy S. Yaffe is the National Trade and Training Director of Tradebank International. She has over 25 years experience in brokering barter transactions. Contact or 888.568.5680 ext 118.

The Trade Street Journal - February 2010 • 3

A Tradebank Broker Replies by: Marcy S. Yaffe Pam Chenault, CTB, is the Tradebank Broker for Nashville and Clarksville, Tennessee. MY: Pam you have been a Trade Broker since 1996 and been with Tradebank since 2005. During the past 14 years you’ve worked with a lot of business owners to facilitate their trading. What do you see as the difference between successful traders and those who may not reap all the benefits barter has to offer? PC: Trading is pretty tough to mess up as long as you are a fair trader and only do business with other fair traders. If you have a good product or service that others want to purchase, you will see new customers because people want to pay you with Tradebank dollars and conserve their cash and they will refer you to others. When you use the income from the new business to purchase things you need and save your own cash, it becomes a win-win situation. What amazes me is when business owners pay to belong to a barter exchange such as Tradebank, and then shoot themselves in the foot by alienating their customers and be greedy by not trading fairly. Here are a few examples of how I have seen barter clients sabotage themselves: Treating trade customers differently than cash customers: Remember you are dealing with other business owners who deal with the public and can recommend you, or not recommend you, based on how you do business. Charging part cash: Everyone has a cost of doing business. If everyone follows the rule of full trade then there are never any concerns. For instance, if you eat in a restaurant full trade and then that restaurant owner comes to you for printing and is asked to pay part cash, then based on his negative experiences with you, he may ask for part cash when you and others go in to eat, and the downward spiral begins. You should sell just as you would like to purchase, 100% trade. Increasing your prices just because payment is trade dollars: When you increase your prices just because someone is paying you in trade, it defeats the purpose of doing trade! If you up your price and the client you buy from ups their price, there is no winner. The whole purpose in trading is to save money! It seems odd but true; often the business owners who complain that someone charged more on trade are the very ones that try to do it themselves. Again, remember, Tradebank is an advertising tool and that advertising can be both positive or negative. The way you treat others will depend on what they The Trade Street Journal - Febuary, 2010 • 4

have to say about you. Poor communication with your broker: Your Tradebank Broker will help you in anyway they can. The job of the Tradebank Broker is to help you buy and sell! The more information they have the better they can help you. Let them know as much as possible about your business so they know how to promote you. Also, let your Tradebank Broker know where you spend your cash dollars so they can help you pay for those purchases with Tradebank dollars. Expecting to buy everything on trade: Some things do not have a strong enough profit margin for business owners to trade. Flip the scenario. Buy what is available with Tradebank dollars. Let us help you save your cash on the items you can get on trade, so that you will have the cash you saved to buy the things that are not available on trade. Not getting a written bid or signed contract: If you are having construction work done, get a bid just like you would for cash so you can make comparisons. Also, if the work is agreed upon, get a signed contract so both of you know the duties that will be performed and the cost. Remember, there are good and bad people in business whether you pay cash or trade. Protect yourself! Not appreciating the hard work your Tradebank Broker does for you: We assist you in being successful. It makes us happy to know we help you accomplish your goals. However, trade brokers are human and when you thank us and let us know you appreciate our efforts it goes a long way towards our morale and respect for you.

What It Takes To Be A Great Trader by: Tonya Wilde, Tradebank Broker, Tradebank of Knoxville •

Communicate with your Tradebank Broker on a monthly basis. Don’t wait for your Tradebank Broker to call you. Communication between Tradebank Brokers and the clients is the key to successful trading.

Think of your Tradebank Broker as someone on your sales team. Would you send a sales rep out without the proper understanding of your business and the goods and services you offer? Educate your Tradebank Broker about what you do and how you do it.

Learn about the other Tradebank clients. By learning as much as you can about your fellow clients, you’ll be in a much better position to sell your products and services and also know who has what you want to buy. The more you know about Tradebank and the other clients the smoother your transactions will go.

Tell your Tradebank Broker what you need. Make a list of the items you want and need. For example, I had a client tell me he was looking for a complete bedroom suite. Once I had all the details I introduced him to another Tradebank client who had what he wanted.

Tell your Tradebank Broker about one-of-a kind items you have. One-of-a kind items are items in your warehouse, showroom or household just sitting and collecting dust. Turn your non-income producing items into instant revenue. This includes like new household items, coin and stamp collections, antiques or unused vehicles, property or equipment. Look around and see what you have that you can sell through Tradebank.

Keep good records of your barter income and expenditures. Just like you do with your regular banking services. Also keep your payments up to date.

Be a Tradebank ambassador. The more you talk up the advantages you’ve found with Tradebank, the more business owners will be inclined to also join Tradebank and the more likely you will be able to fulfill more of your barter needs. Who are you doing cash business with right now? Would you like to pay them in Tradebank dollars? If so tell them about Tradebank. Also you get paid a T$200 referral fee when the business you contacted signs up. The more trading partners you have that are active and happy the better off the whole exchange will be.

Reduce your cash outflow. We have seen many debts paid with Tradebank dollars. Payments have been used for dental and healthcare visits and the list goes on. If your business does not offer employee health insurance please call your Tradebank Broker today and ask about an Affiliate Account. Be creative and make the system work for you.

Review your Tradebank Client Agreement. We have these policies and procedures in place for everyone’s benefit. If you deal with a client who is not playing by the rules please contact your Tradebank Broker right away. If you do not report the problem back to the Tradebank staff we won’t be able to address it. We have to pick out the weeds in order to maintain the integrity of our network.

You get out of Tradebank what you put into it. Ultimately, it’s up to each business owner to make trading work for them. The big traders communicate with their Tradebank Broker often and network with other Tradebank members. The Broker can only do so much; so learn the system and start getting new business on a continual basis, and most of all save your cash!

Call your Tradebank Broker today to get started on becoming a great Tradebank Trader and receive all the advantages Tradebank can offer you and your business. The Trade Street Journal - February 2010 • 5

Open Mindedness-An Essential Element Of Successful Trading Paul Richards, owner of Armstrong Air & Heating, Inc, was one of the first clients to join Tradebank of Orlando. “We did business for many years with Tait Carson prior to Tait purchasing the Tradebank of Orlando franchise last year. Like everyone else, we felt the effects of the economic downturn and saw Tradebank as the opportunity to pick up new business and be another revenue stream for our company,” states Richards. Armstrong Air & Heating has over 35 year’s experience in the HVAC business and is primarily a multi-family mechanical contractor specializing in restaurant refrigeration service and repair, along with heating and air conditioning equipment and service. Many of the Tradebank sales Richards makes are in the thousands of dollars range and include an out of pocket cost for Richards when the job requires equipment. When asked how he successfully manages his trading with cash flow, Richards says it’s all about balance. “I look at my cash flow on a quarterly basis. I look at the quarters, because the months are too cyclical. Based on our cash sales and cash flow, I pre-determine each quarter how much trade business I can afford to do. I value the additional revenue Tradebank brings to me.” Richards has used Tradebank to remodel his office; including the painting, flooring, landscaping, purchasing meals for clients and gifts for employees.

Tradebank and they have an open mind to think outside the box as to how to use Tradebank to overcome things like economic downturns or to grow a segment of their business. Cash is king, the key is to conserve your cash and Tradebank allows you to do that.” Richards’ Tradebank Broker, Jacquie Oliver, explains, “What makes Paul a great Tradebank client is his approach to Tradebank. We speak on a regular basis regarding his business goals and plans and what type of Tradebank work is a fit for him. But it extends even further than that. Not only can we depend on Paul to set the example and provide quality service at a fair price on a timely basis when doing business through Tradebank, but Paul also helps us teach new clients the fair and correct way to trade. He is great about introducing us to business owners who are looking for new business and would be an asset to Tradebank.” “I urge all Tradebank clients to commit to understanding the principles of barter and be willing to commit 100% to making Tradebank a viable part of their business. You’re only going to get out of Tradebank what you give.”

“The only way Tradebank will work”, Richards offers, “is when Tradebank clients truly understand the benefits of barter and

Contact Information: Paul Richards Armstrong Air & Heating T: 407.251.0980 E: W:

Doug Sleeth Named Regional Manager Maureen and Tony Edwards have been the Regional Owners and Tradebank Brokers for Tradebank of Middle Georgia since 2005 and their relationship with Tradebank goes back to 2002. The Edwards are proud to announce they have partnered with Tradebank client Doug Sleeth who will be the Tradebank Regional Manager for the Middle Georgia, Dublin, Savannah and South Georgia markets.

“Doug brings much business experience with him to Tradebank and as a Tradebank client for three years with INKSHOPPE and PrinterShoppe of Warner Robins. An entrepreneur since 1999, Doug was an Independent Distributor with Hunt Brothers Pizza, selling, opening and servicing nearly 250 pizza outlets within convenience stores throughout South Georgia. Doug sold that business in 2006. Doug has founded and owned several companies in the past and built these businesses reaching new highs of sales such as INKSHOPPE, three stores that refill ink cartridges and toner, all independently owned and Tradebank members. Another is PrinterShoppe, a graphic design The Trade Street Journal - Febuary, 2010 • 6

and printing business and a Tradebank member, expanding into a national group of 81 affiliate retail stores which he is selling to put his full effort into Tradebank. Doug also has 15 years experience in management and multi-unit supervision of restaurants for McDonald’s and Golden Corral. Doug’s experience, focus and true passion is in helping businesses find ways to build their business through marketing and business development,” offers Tony Edwards.

Edwards continues, “Regrettably, due to my current health issues and the time Maureen needs to devote to pursuing her dual degree in elementary education and special education, we can no longer be involved in the day to day operations of Tradebank of Middle Georgia. Our passion for trade, our clients and for Tradebank will remain with us and we say ‘thank you’ to all the clients for their friendship, support and trust over the years.” Farrah Hancock, Tradebank Broker for Middle Georgia since March 2009, working along with Sleeth, will be diligently working

L:R Farrah Hancock, Doug Sleeth with the clients in Middle Georgia, Dublin, Savannah and South Georgia to increase their trading options locally and nationally. “I’m grateful for the relationships I have with my clients and I want all the clients to know that I am here to help them with anything I can,” states Hancock. Contact Information: Farrah Hancock, Tradebank Broker T: 478.225.5214 E: Doug Sleeth, Regional Manager T: 478.955.8474 E:

Extiende Tu Mercado – Acercate a La Comunidad Hispana Expand Your Marketplace – Reach The Hispanic Community “Hispanics represent the fastest growing minority population in the United States. As Tradebank and our clients continually expand our presence in the marketplace and gain market share, it was a natural progression for us to reach out to the Hispanic community through the Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,” say Mark Caldwell, the Regional Owner of Tradebank of Nashville and Memphis. “The Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (TNHCC) provides our members with the leadership and support required to create opportunities for Hispanic companies and individuals, while also opening new markets for non-Hispanic organizations,” says Tera Vazquea, TNHCC President. The greatest percentage of Hispanic owned businesses, roughly three in 10, are in construction or other service sectors, such as repair and maintenance. There are also sizable numbers of Hispanic-owned firms in the fields of health care, retail trade (which includes mom-and-pop stores) and transportation, according to Census figures. All of whom can benefit from trading with Tradebank and our clients. Hispanic owned firms in the U.S. are expected to grow 90% to three million businesses and Hispanics will make up 29% of the U.S. population in 2050 compared to 14% in 2005. U.S. Hispanic purchasing power surged to nearly $870 billion in 2008 and is projected to reach as much at $1.3 trillion by 2015. “Having TNHCC as part of our Tradebank trading network provides a wonderful opportunity for Tradebank clients throughout Tennessee to broaden their business contacts while reaping all the benefits that membership with the Chamber of Commerce offers. In turn, like the other Chambers who are Tradebank clients, the TNHCC will be able to use the additional revenue source to offset their overhead expenses and increase their services and benefits to their entire membership,” reiterates Caldwell. For many of us, the extent of our ability to communicate in Spanish ended in high school after we fulfilled out basic foreign language requirements. Since Spanish is Leonor Fyre’s native language, she recognized a niche to use her skills to provide Spanish lessons, interpretations and translations for Tradebank clients and their staff and family. Frye’s husband, Rick owner of Rick’s Computer Help, has been a Tradebank client in Charlotte since 2007. The Spanish lessons Frye offers are available to people in her local area. However, Frye will work with anyone, in any region, who needs marketing and promotional materials created or translated into Spanish. She will also interpret Spanish documents and provide interpretation services from Spanish to English. Tener la capacidad de comunicarse en Español y usando Tradebank dollars es una forma mas en la que Tradebank le ofrece a sus miembros competitividad y una oportuidad de incrementar su prodcucion. Being able to communicate in Spanish and using Tradebank dollars is an additional way Tradebank gives your business a competitive edge and a way for you to increase productivity. Contact Information: Tera Vazquez Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce T: 615.221.0316 E: W: Leonor Frye T: 704.604.1782 E:

The Trade Street Journal - February 2010 • 7

2009 National Sales Marathon Awards

TOP GUN AWARD Tait Carson Tradebank of Orlando

SILVER AWARD Ashby Green Tradebank of Atlanta

BRONZE AWARD Kyle Walters Tradebank of Atlanta


Tradebank of Nashville Tradebank of Greenville

Tradebank of Chattanooga Tradebank of Tri-Cities


Tradebank of Orlando

Tradebank of Atlanta-Cobb

Congratulations To All Our Winners! The Trade Street Journal - Febuary, 2010 • 8

2009 Achievement Awards

PRESIDENT’S CUP Mark Willis Tradebank of Tri-Cities




ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Tait Carson Tradebank of Orlando

ROB VERKIAK MENTOR AWARD Marc Davis, CTB Tradebank of Knoxville


Having The Right Talent - The Key To Productivity Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever so you must have a staff of talented individuals in place who are committed to excellence and have the skills necessary to do their work effectively and work together as a team. When things aren’t going well, often times it requires you to take a hard look at your organization and analyze where the weaknesses are. If it is a personnel issue, it’s in your best interest to get the best people in place who have the proper attitude, work ethic and skills to increase your productivity. However, finding the ideal staff can be a daunting endeavor. That's when Tradebank clients who specialize in personnel management and recruiting can assist you. Anyone who has posted a help wanted ad in the newspaper or on the Internet can tell you, you will be inundated with responses from hundreds of people; the majority of whom have no experience in your industry and just send their resume to every ad. After you take the time to weed out prospects, you have to trust your gut to choose the right person to hire. Finding the right individual is extremely time consuming at best and overwhelming and costly at worst. “Making the wrong choice proves to be very expensive. Not only don’t you get the performance you need, you’ve lost the time and effort of whoever took time from their responsibilities to hire and train the individual. Then you have the lost the productivity during the new hire’s learning curve, and that cannot easily be recovered. It costs you approximately two and half times the person’s salary when things don’t work out,” warns Constance Krause, Vice President of BaxterKrause Executive Placement. BaxterKrause is based in Atlanta and works with clients throughout the United States. Professional recruiters get to know your company and your overall needs and objectives. They learn about your company’s “personality”, your management style and objectively work with you to develop the profile of the ideal candidate. Beyond that, professional recruiters work with you and their candidates to uncover the characteristics beyond technical skills and experience such as likely behaviors, key cultural sensitivities, aptitude for complex problem solving, leadership capabilities and motivation to succeed. Professional placement firms don’t hire for you. They introduce you to the best of the best and assist you in the hiring process. The recruiters with BaxterKrause work primarily with small to medium size businesses and provide placement services to fill mid and upper management positions with a salary starting at $50,000. Ronald Distransky, President and Executive Recruiter of Mid-America Placement Service, Inc in Omaha has over 33 years in the executive placement field performing local, regional, and national executive search assignments for all size companies throughout the nation. “I am always seeking to assist any organization looking to improve their working environment by hiring qualified individuals to further enhance and make a difference in the work place, while adding to the bottom line of profitability,” explains Distransky. “Mid-America works with both applicants and employers. In addition to our placement services, we offer 90 minute training seminars for employers regarding all facets of proper interviewing. For candidates, we have employment counseling on such topics as resume building, interviewing preparation and skills, follow-up procedures.” Professional placement and recruiting services offer Tradebank clients a way to conserve cash by helping you focus on your business and what you do best and allowing those who specialize in human resources management handle your staffing issues. There are also Tradebank clients across the country who offer seminars and coaching to help enhance your skills and those of your staff. Contact Information: Constance Krause BaxterKrause Executive Placement T: 770.485.9999 E: W: Ronald Distransky Mid-America Placement Service, Inc. T: 402.341.3338 E: W:

The Trade Street Journal - Febuary, 2010 • 10

We’re Here To Facilitate Each Other’s Success Prior to joining Tradebank in 2007 Jeff Coen, owner of the C-Team Studios, did limited one-to-one trading in the Topeka area. His friends knew Coen understood the benefits of barter and introduced him to Tradebank which enabled Coen to take his trading to the next level. “Often, trading on my own didn’t work because I didn’t always need what they had to offer. However, as a growing company, we were always looking for ways to meet and network with other business owners. Tradebank gave us immediate exposure to over 100 local business owners (which has since grown to over 170) which was a huge shot in the arm for us. The best part of Tradebank was that we didn’t have to directly reciprocate the trade. In addition, the local Tradebank office had immediate new business for us. They were looking for someone with video production services and had a few jobs waiting to be shot. We signed up immediately. The web design and website/email hosting service we offer was an extra bonus to our Tradebank region,” explains Coen. He continues, “The first purchases I made with the new revenue I received through Tradebank were taking cash clients out to lunch at Tradebank restaurants. We also did what every other Tradebank client does and purchased business cards, fliers, pens and vinyl banners. In addition, as I became a more savvy trader, I purchased a flat screen monitor and a couple portable DVD players. Then I combined efforts with

another Tradebank client and purchased a heavy-duty pickup truck with Tradebank dollars. For us, it didn’t take long to figure out that purchasing hard goods with Tradebank is a no-brainer if you’re patient, flexible and know where to look. We are still looking for a Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit, and a couple Tippmann paintball guns. Know of any for sale? My wife and I always keep our eyes and ears open for the ‘next big thing’, and a big opportunity came knocking. Our regional owner, Nick Baumgartner, told us another Tradebank client had a wide-format printer for sale. After taking a look at it, I saw three major problems. It smelled like solvent, was a little complicated to operate and was very big. Even though I was a ‘computer guy’, I was quite intimidated by this machine. Most of all, I knew my wife would never let this machine in our basement or garage. So I told Nick, I would have to pass on the deal. A few days later Nick called and said that Tradebank client, iView Security, had some warehouse space that they were looking to fill through Tradebank. The space was perfect to house the printer and we moved in the next week. Not only did we purchase the printer through Tradebank, our rent is also paid with Tradebank dollars. We felt like we really hit the jackpot! This machine can print on almost any material you can feed through it, so we started printing and installing full color vehicle wraps, banners and signs. A new

Jeff Coen, C-Team Studios cash revenue stream was created because off Tradebank. In addition to expanding our web business to include printing, in conjunction with another Tradebank client, Trinity Marketing Group, an advertising firm, we have created several locally produced TV shows. I couldn’t have done any of it without the networking available through Tradebank.” Coen and Baumgartner work together to assist one another in building their businesses. “It’s just how we do business here in Topeka. We’re a family, not just a collection of businesses. We foster and facilitate each other success,” explains Baumgartner. Contact Information: Jeffrey Coen The C-Team Studios T: 785.234.4286 E: W: the W:

The Trade Street Journal - February 2010 • 11

Tradebank of Topeka Spearheads Haiti Relief Efforts When Nick Baumgartner, Regional Owner of Topeka, woke up thirsty in the middle of the night, all he had to do was walk to his refrigerator and open an ice cold bottle of water. That’s when the significance of the devastation of the earthquakes in Haiti struck him. Baumgartner didn’t get a wink of sleep that night as he developed his plan to utilize the powerful network of Tradebank clients in Topeka and throughout the country to assist in the Haitian relief efforts that were just forming in the midst of the crisis that happened less than 24 hours prior. Baumgartner’s first call Monday morning was to Sean Williams, Tradebank client and owner of BETO Junction Wholesale asking, “What would it take for you to sell me 10,000 bottles of water to go to Haiti? This would be with Tradebank dollars of course.” Williams assured Baumgartner that he would assist in every way possible; and he did by setting up arrangements with his suppliers to reduce the price

The Trade Street Journal - Febuary, 2010 • 12

of the water significantly and assist Baumgartner in getting the water to Haiti. By 9:00 am Monday, Baumgartner launched his plan and contacted the Tradebank clients in Topeka and asked the Tradebank Brokers across the nation to let the other clients know they could use Tradebank dollars to offer help to Haiti. Three hours later, clients had donated the Tradebank dollars needed to purchase substantially more than Baumgartner’s initial goal of 10,000 bottles and the support kept pouring in from clients across the country. In three days total, the donations enabled Baumgartner to purchase more than 36,250 gallons of water and clients were still offering additional donations. Baumgartner teamed with the Topeka Rescue Mission, a Tradebank client and 501(c)(3), to maintain the financial integrity of the donations and serve as central clearing to facilitate the purchase of

the water. At press time, Baumgartner and Williams have arranged for the water to be on a ship that was previously scheduled to sail to Haiti. The water will travel with over 40,000 pounds of rice and enough canvas, nylon and nylon rope to build several small tent villages. Baumgartner has also arranged with Tradebank clients who sell safety hats, masks and latex gloves to use the additional Tradebank dollar donations and to continue to offer additional help for the recovery efforts. “A heartfelt thank you to all of you who helped us reach and exceed our initial goal of 10,000 bottles of water and send over 36,000 gallons to Haiti. That is something that should make you proud. Not only because of your own efforts, but also proud to be involved in such a great organization as Tradebank. This is just more proof to me that you all are the kind of people I want to do business with,” declares Baumgartner.

How Barter Works for... The Home and Garden Industry Today, the home and garden industry is dominated by corporate stores with expansive advertising and marketing budgets and ad campaigns designed to capture the lion’s share of business in the marketplace. This leaves other independent business owners in the home and garden industry with the dilemma of how to acquire new business without offering steep discounts or increasing their advertising and marketing budgets beyond their means. Tradebank provides that solution. Tradebank clients receive additional new business, business that they would not have received if not for Tradebank. Tradebank clients use this new revenue on business and personal expenses, allowing them to conserve their cash. Whether you have a need for new customers or a desire to move some of your excess inventory, Tradebank brings you the customers you need to allow you to start maximizing your resources and improving your bottom line.The wholesale purchasing power you acquire once becoming a Tradebank client provides you the opportunity to purchase your most common overhead expenses at your cost of doing business. Overhead expenses such as advertising and marketing, printing, building and property maintenance, vehicle maintenance, health care and travel can all be purchased through Tradebank. Wouldn’t you rather purchase these items with new sales as opposed to your hard earned cash? Now you can with Tradebank. Contact Information: T: 888.568.5680 W:

The Trade Street Journal - February 2010 • 13

Tradebank Welcomes New Clients UNITED STATES

Athens & NE, GA Downtown Interiors & Gifts L-Scapes Atlanta-Metro Artifact Brand Advertising Classic Cuts Landscaping Cobb News & Views Crose Law, LLC Designer Faux Finishing Dogma Dog Care Don’s Tree Service Dry Cleaning Atlanta Dryer Vent Wizard of Atlanta Elite Techs Group, Inc. Exit Realty Georgia GA Commercial Flooring & Janitorial Georgia Beautiful Image Hope Jewelry & Gifts Hygrade Electrical Services John Tompkins Handyman Marketplace Digital Printing Nesnick Family & Sports Chiropractic Painting by Trees People You Need to Know, Inc. Ratliff & Associates CPA’s

The Trade Street Journal - Febuary, 2010 • 14

Alanta - Metro (cont’d) Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal SS Graphics, Inc. Vineyard Imaging

Atlanta-Dekalb Maintenance Unlimited Charlotte, NC Preferred Printing Services Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga Home Improvement Ellison Electric LLC. Monteagle Inn & Retreat Center On-Site Drapery Cleaning LLC Raggedy Ann’s The Green Pages Denver, CO Ange De La Mer Baldwin Heating And A/C Broadsighted Design Buffalo Wild Wings Carmen`s Kitchen Colorado Promotional Resource Cookies in Bloom Emerald Advertising Life Time Tans Peak Painting The Airplane Restaurant Thermal Shields and Shades

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The Trade Street Journal - February 2010 • 15

TRADEBANK 1000 Laval Blvd. Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Presorted STD U.S. Postage PAID Permit 615 Orlando, FL AUTO

Tradebank Franchise Opportunities Available

Are you or someone you know looking for a new career opportunity? Tradebank is a leader in the barter industry with a proven track record of success. Barter is both recession proof and timeless. Those with previous barter experience know the value of trading and have an intrinsic desire to continually increase trading opportunities for themselves as well as others. A Tradebank Franchise provides an opportunity to own your own business and be part of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic industries in the world. The ideal Tradebank franchise owner is someone with previous business ownership experience, deep community roots and the desire to build their own business and control their own destiny. Todd Gerry, President of Tradebank International Franchising Corporation, announces the availability of franchise opportunities in several key markets throughout the United States including: San Antonio, TX Jacksonville, FL

New Orleans, LA Cincinnati, OH

Raleigh, NC Phoenix, AZ

Kansas City, MO Detroit, MI

Savannah, GA Chicago, IL

Montgomery, AL Charleston, SC

For more information on these markets, as well as others that may be available, contact Todd Gerry at 678.533.7119 or email To download the franchise brochure, go to and click on Franchising.

The Trade Street Journal  

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