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Be Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise With Tradebank

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Speaking From Experience by: Marcy S. Yaffe, National Trade/Training Director The connection between Tradebank owners and professionals both in and the notion of health, wealth and your community as well as across wisdom boils down to opportunity and the Tradebank trading network who options. As a Tradebank client you want to do business with you through have the option to accept an additional Tradebank. Tradebank assigns each form of currency in order to attract new client a Tradebank Broker to assist in customers and develop an additional making and saving you money and source of revenue beyond the means of helping you achieve your goals. Your others who are limited to cash. You also Tradebank Broker is an important have the opportunity to work closely business contact for you to have. with a Tradebank Broker who can be one Tradebank Brokers are the central hub of of your most valuable trading partners. your trading activity and point of contact Furthermore, you have the opportunity to facilitate your Tradebank trading. to be introduced to, develop relationships Your Tradebank Broker is your personal and do business with, other Tradebank researcher, match-matcher, business and clients who are experts in virtually every creative consultant, networker, marketer, line of work imaginable in order to help concierge and event planner, all roles of you achieve a healthy, prosperous and a Tradebank Broker when it comes to happy life. introducing you to others who want to share their expertise with you through All you have to do is pick up the Tradebank. telephone or email your Tradebank Broker and say, “I am looking for a (fill The one thing your Tradebank Broker in the blank). Will you please introduce is not, is a mind reader. Your Tradebank me to a Tradebank client who can help Broker is most effective when you’ve me?” and your Tradebank Broker will shared your personal interests and introduce you challenges, your business goals and to business the obstacles you face in achieving the goals. It is vital that you communicate this through frequent contact with your Broker. Call your Tradebank Broker while you are in the planning stages of your projects and let them know what you want to accomplish. Include your Tradebank Broker in your mailing lists. When you attend and participate in networking events, Trade University and other special events you establish a greater rapport with your Tradebank team. Also, be sure your online profile is continually updated on However, nothing

automated can replace the value of the one-to-one personal connection between a Tradebank Broker and client. In addition to having such an influential and supportive Tradebank team on your side, you also have access and opportunity to use organized barter to generate the revenue you need in order to obtain the products and services you need. We have all heard horror stories about someone trying to do something themselves rather than obtain the assistance of a professional because either their ego or their budget motivated them to cut corners. You don’t have to be the one in those stories. When you need health services, turn to the physicians, dentists, ophthalmologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists, and fitness instructions that are part of Tradebank. When you need ways to boost your wealth, Tradebank has business, marketing, financial, legal, real estate and investment professionals to work with you. And happiness? Developing strong family bonds through shared activities, on going education, family memories during special vacations, expressions of love, appreciation and gratitude can all be expressed through Tradebank with small gestures like flowers, jewelry, family portraits, and charitable donations. The opportunities to continually be healthier, wealthier and wiser are abundantly available and affordable to you as a pro-active Tradebank client. Marcy S. Yaffe is the National Trade and Training Director of Tradebank International. She has over 25 years experience brokering barter transactions. Contact or 888.568.5680 ext 118.

The Trade Street Journal - January 2010 • 3

A Regional Owner Replies by: Marcy S. Yaffe Ross Porter is the Regional Owner of Tradebank of Denver MY: Ross, everyone wants to be healthier, wealthier and wiser, but it is often easier said than done. What advice do you give clients and prospective clients on utilizing the resources Tradebank offers to improve their health, wealth and wisdom? RP: Living healthy, wealthy and wise is the goal for every business and family. Each piece of that triangle depends on the other for complete success. For example, without optimum health, it is difficult to work to your full potential which takes away from both your business and family life. Wise decisions are critical for growing a business and keeping a family strong through the joys and adversities in life. Finally there is wealth; its definition for each business and family is different. Where do you define the line of wealth? We all need some wealth to keep us going. We must invest in our family and business to achieve the goals we have set and help those around us reach their goals as well. How can we achieve this complete triangle? When I first joined Tradebank, my wife and I viewed our trade dollars as fun money. We spent our trade on things we didn’t routinely purchase. Our family was young and it was fun to indulge ourselves with these new found products and entertainment. We NEVER had a problem finding ways to spend our dollars! As the Regional Owner of Denver and a businessman, I have come to view things differently. Because of the relationships my family have developed with many of the businesses inside and out of our Denver region through Tradebank, things have changed. We are a family! We are bonded together with a common thread of need that is commonly met through barter. I believe what was once viewed as “fun money” is now a necessity to every business in Tradebank and has become vital for keeping every business healthy. Small businesses, the backbone of America, are struggling in this economy. We must continue to find a way to fill the holes. Henry Ford once quoted, “Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service.” We all have useful services, and when we function as a team, we can succeed together, and weather the stormy economy by trading with one another. It is not The Trade Street Journal - January, 2010 • 4

Ross Porter only about trading, but serving another member. These relationships make our group special and the strength from these relationships will carry us forward when so many around us will fail. In conclusion, wise decisions include keeping as much wealth in your business as possible! If you haven’t looked at the client directory in lately, you may be missing out on the goods and services from new businesses in your region. Use your trade account to advertise your business, maintain your commercial building, visit the dentist, dine out, and so much more! Communicate your needs with your broker. A wise pastor once said, “adversity is inevitable, stress is optional.” We have the option of making good decisions in an adverse time. The commitment my wife and I have made locally extends to those outside of our region. If you need help, please call us. PS: If you want to stay healthy use a Tradebank doctor! Contact Information: Ross Porter Tradebank of Denver T: 303.331.7967 E:

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Tradebank client, Dr. Trella Dutton has structured her practice so that her patients receive the most up-todate treatments and a less stressful experience when it comes to their dental care. “I did not immediately see how Tradebank could help a dental practice, but with a little imagination, researching and thinking outside of the box, many opportunities became more and more obvious. The more acquainted that I become with Tradebank the more benefits I discover,” says Trella Dutton, DDS. Just mention the word “dentist” and many people cringe. Some dislike the experience because they are afraid of pain and had past experiences that were unpleasant. Others know that the visit will cost them and don’t want to spend either their time, or their money, at the dentist’s office. Dr. Dutton has created her dental practice, Oasis Dental Services, to be able to address and alleviate a patient’s most common concerns. From a financial position, joining Tradebank enables Dr. Dutton to reach out to Tradebank clients and provide proper preventative care, treatment associated with periodontal disease, and cosmetic dentistry to those who otherwise may avoid visiting the dentist because they do not have insurance or the cash resources to pay for their care. “I joined Tradebank because it was recommended to me by a friend and marketing expert who said it would help increase traffic and overall awareness about my practice. It has,” explains Dr. Dutton. She continues, “In addition, I want to provide my dental services in the most comfortable setting possible. Oasis Dental Services is a cosmetic and general dentistry dental spa. In addition to our general and cosmetic dentistry we

offer complimentary spa procedures in a relaxed and soothing environment. We offer warm fuzzy blankets if you should get chilly. Warm neck wraps with lavender or cool eye masks to soothe tension. Some patients say the complimentary massage and warm paraffin hand wax really makes them feel cared for and pampered. It makes going to the dentist a little less stressful, too! In this hard economy any money saved is beneficial for both my patients and me. In November and December I participated in Tradebank’s Holiday Trade Expos in Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga and met hundreds of Tradebank clients from across the southeast. I understand there is a bit of a learning curve and talking with other seasoned clients was a real benefit. My Tradebank Broker, Mike Hardin, has been especially helpful in always looking for things I can purchase with Tradebank that I would find useful in my office and will help me to achieve the long-term goals that I have set for my practice. So far, I have used Tradebank for gifts, dining and lodging. However, that is not the primary way I will be using the trade dollars. My office is evolving and discretionary cash is tight everywhere, but thanks to Tradebank I am now able to use my Trade dollars for billboard advertising, embroidery, T-shirts, advertising the practice, additional office furniture, logo design, organic soaps, coffees and spa products for my

office. I can even use my trade dollars to acquire new dental equipment for my practice.” Although many dental practices and dentists offer a more traditional approach to providing dental services, using trade dollars for dental and other medical care is another wise use of Tradebank. Tradebank is always looking to add additional dentists into our trading network. So if your current dentist is not a part of Tradebank please introduce them to your Tradebank regional owner, show them this article, and as Dr. Dutton recommends, “Save your cash, do your due diligence and give Tradebank a try.” Contact Information: Dr. Trella Dutton Oasis Dental Services T: 256.864.9571 E: W:

The Trade Street Journal - January 2010 • 5

Make More Money Through Partnered Marketing By Tana Torrano, Owner of Market Vision and Founder of Organization Supporting Business Owners It is always important to with multiple vendors or a fundraiser with many sponsors. maximize your marketing and Most business owners don’t realize they can use these same coadvertising dollars. One of sponsoring strategies for their own business through Tradebank. the best marketing strategies to make your dollars go further is Create marketing events at your business location such as a Partnered Marketing. Partnered networking function, open house, featured seminar, etc. Ask other Marketing is nothing more businesses to participate through having displays, giving door than understanding who your prizes, helping market the event or even providing a speaker. If customer is, what your product everyone involved invites their own database then everyone should is and what other businesses end up with a lot of new prospective customers. Tradebank offers are complimentary to your a lot of great resources for Partnered Marketing opportunities. Postcards and magazine advertising can be shared by multiple business. businesses, signs and banners can be co-branded, radio and If you have a product or service television advertising can feature multiple businesses and even that is sold primarily to business owners, then think of what other resources for developing your website or marketing and public companies offer complimentary products or services for business relations can be acquired through Tradebank. owners and find ways to share your marketing efforts through referrals, events, joint advertising or direct promotions. By Don’t wait to sponsor someone else’s events. Start thinking outside working together with multiple companies you will not only share the box and create your own events and marketing promotions the cost of the marketing and advertising but also your databases. where you are the star. When you use your Tradebank dollars to fund your marketing Contact Information: and advertising projects you are able to turn the additional trade Tana Torrano revenue generated from your new Tradebank customers into Market Vision & Organization Supporting Business Owners endeavors to introduce your company to new cash customers. T: 256.829.2208 E: A great example of Partnered Marketing is a business expo W:

The Trade Street Journal - January, 2010 • 6

“What’s the Secret for Success in 2010?” By Brian Hilliard, President Agito Consulting As a person who tours the country talking about sales and marketing for a living, I’m often asked what’s the secret for success when it comes to getting more business. While I don’t have a silver bullet, one size fits all answer, I can say this: Successful entrepreneurs are constantly marketing, generating more exposure for their business while their less successful counterparts are not. In other words, successful business owners are doing things like: • Creating/Publishing an online newsletter to increase exposure and stay top of mind with prospects. This is something everyone has heard about, but for some reason not everyone is doing. In talking to people, I think most perceive a newsletter as signing up for some gargantuan size project, and that’s simply not the case. In terms of content, a quick article or answer to a frequently asked question would be a great start. Combine that with a “clean” looking layout and some links back to your website, and you’ll be well on your way towards generating more exposure for your business. • Adding pages to a highly functional, easy to navigate website. With all the attention social networking has recieved over the past two years, and how much the internet has become a part of our lives, I can’t think of one reason why a business wouldn’t have an online presence in 2010. Again, this doesn’t have to be hard. Start off with a simple four page site: Home, About Us, Contact Us, and Products/Services. From there you’ll want to spend a couple of hours writing up a quick description of yourself (for About Us), your product/services (for Product/Services), along with your contact information and other relevant info (for Contact Us and Home, respectively) and that’s it. Sure you can “fancy it up” a bit later on, but for now just getting something decent up is a great start. Because remember, most of the time your website is the first place people go when they’re considering doing business with you. Which begs the question: If you don’t have one, what does that say about your business? •

Creating a diversified advertising campaign. This could include radio, print or even time on your local television station. Now just to be clear, buying ad time isn’t something I’d recommend to everyone. CPAs, consultants and other “service providers” probably won’t see as much benefit with pure advertising. However, if you’re a restaurant, florist or other “B to C” retail establishment (a business selling services to consumers), then putting together an ad campaign is a terrific way towards getting the word out in the community.

Make no mistake about it, if you want to be successful in today’s highly competitive landscape, you have to have these things in place, which is why being a part of an organization like Tradebank is such a good thing. It allows you to trade your services, in exchange for things your business needs to be successful. So instead of paying $3,000 in cash for a website, you can contact your local Tradebank Broker and be introduced to web designers in your market as well as from across the Tradebank network, and leverage your trade dollars with them to save your cash. Instead of searching high and low for a quality art/logo designer, you can call your Tradebank Broker and tap into your local and the national network of Tradebank designers and get that card or brochure taken care of without paying cash. You see, the beauty of Tradebank is that it allows you to leverage your “down time” (something every business has), and turn it into an asset for the marketing of your business. And when you truly understand and use that on a regular business, I’m almost certain you’ll experience more health, wealth and success in 2010. Good luck! Brian specializes in helping business owners market their business in less than 90 days. Some of Brian’s clients include Tradebank Atlanta, several Tradebank clients as well as the NY Giants. Contact Information: Brian Hilliard Agito Consulting T: 678.313.5601 E: W: The Trade Street Journal - January 2010 • 7

THE SMART MONEY Everyone loves to use Tradebank when dining out, to purchase jewelry and take vacations. Anytime you can use Tradebank to enhance your quality of life, it’s a good thing. In addition, savvy Tradebank clients strategically plan how, when and where to use Tradebank to help strengthen their business and increase their overall prosperity. They do this in many ways. Paying for advertising/marketing/public relations with Tradebank ranks at the top of the list of most valuable ways to use Tradebank to obtain the best return on your investment. Use your new Tradebank revenue to fund programs to attract new cash customers. Remember, you don’t trade instead of cash, you trade in addition to cash! Tradebank clients offer an array of marketing, advertising and sales training options from logo design, to writing and printing of marketing materials to enhanced networking and closing techniques. While your competitors struggle to find the revenue to keep their business prominent in the marketplace, as a Tradebank client you don’t have that concern. By accepting new Tradebank customers you have a method to generate additional revenue and the resources available to you (without a cash outlay) to attract new customers and keep the ones you have doing business with you. Tradebank’s role is to make and save you money. The same is true for your accountant and financial advisor. If you are not currently using a CPA who is also a Tradebank client ask yourself, why are you paying cash to someone who is not part of Tradebank when your whole objective The Trade Street Journal - January, 2010 • 8

is to reduce your cash expenses and save your cash (and yo who offer accounting and financial advice approach trading well as in a professional capacity. Michael R. Williams, C “For my clients I review the balance sheet and income state use Tradebank to maximize their profits. I recommend busi expensing strategy. Each business should review their purch which items could be purchased with Tradebank verses spen

Have you taken inventory of your business? What products pocket costs? Make your analysis knowing your overhead e customer. Have deeper pockets and are able to invest a sma the $60 who wouldn’t want to turn it into $100 from buying

Now is not the time to stop spending, but rather to be pruden reinvesting in your business using Tradebank. What are othe your business? You can hire a subcontractor with Tradebank example if you are a printer, why not hire a graphic designe

your cash customers. You pay the graphic designer with Tradebank and earn additional cash. The same is true for artists/picture framers, consultants/DVD producers, and carpet cleaners/janitorial services. What can you acquire with Tradebank and re-sell for cash? The Classifieds on are an excellent way for you to find one of a kind items. Also, turn what you have and don’t need into extra revenue by posting “For Sale” items. Network with other Tradebank business owners in similar industries, perhaps in other regions, who are updating equipment or machinery that you can purchase to enhance your own business? Have you considered investment property? Tradebank clients offer property ranging from mountain top lots to income generating rental property. Certainly we encourage you to explore the opportunity to pay for office and warehouse space with Tradebank rather than cash.

One of the most critical factors to strategic trade planning is to be aware of the trading possibilities available. Keep in contact with your Tradebank Broker and let your Broker know what your upcoming projects are. Discuss your goals and what obstacles you face in fulfilling them. The more your Tradebank Broker knows about you, the more they can keep you informed of new trading opportunities. Keep yourself in your Broker’s minds eye. Someone has to be called first when new things become available, let your Broker know you always welcome and appreciate their calls and emails. The same holds our financial advisor’s should be as well)? Tradebank clients true in your networking with other Tradebank clients. Be g from both a personal perspective as a Tradebank client as open to creative trading—how can you take what exists C.P.A. has been a Tradebank client since 2002. He advises, and make it more valuable? ement for their business and initiate discussions of ways to inesses use this process as part of their budget planning and Be able to act when something is available. All too hases such as supplies, office expenses and inventory to see often clients miss out on one of a kind trading or limited nding cash.” opportunities because they took too long to think it over and by the time they decided they wanted it, someone and services can you sell more of without substantial out of else who thought faster made the purchase. expenses will continue whether or not you have a Tradebank aller amount to obtain a greater return? As long as you have Long ago barter was the only method of doing business. g wholesale and selling retail? Buyers and sellers had to be strategic in their approach to trading in order to survive. Today, cashless commerce nt in your spending. Look for ways to take full advantage of is not the only method of survival. However, for those er Tradebank clients selling that you can purchase to enhance who understand and leverage the dollars and sense of k to provide services/goods that you don’t currently offer. For participating in Tradebank, the rewards are unlimited. er through Tradebank and offer layout and design services to The Trade Street Journal - January 2010 • 9

Don’t Kill The Goose That Lays Your Golden Egg By Marcy S. Yaffe, National Trade/Training Director Tradebank is your “goose”, and managed correctly will lay an abundance of “golden eggs” on an on going basis for you and your business. Tradebank is here to help you grow your business, conserve your cash and provide you with a phenomenal networking opportunity. The Tradebank Brokers, Sales Agents and Regional Owners are dedicated to bringing you new business and helping you establish long term business relationships with both trade and cash customers. You, as a Tradebank client, also have a responsibility to us and the rest of the Tradebank trading network, to trade your products and services on a full trade basis at prevailing retail prices and to follow Tradebank’s trading procedures. I am sure you will agree that trading works best when everyone is pricing their products and services fairly at 100% trade and providing professional service. We understand the challenges our local and national clients are facing due to the economic climate, and we want you to know we face these challenges with you. Tradebank, together with our clients, provides you an unparalleled opportunity to attract new customers and obtain an additional source of revenue in order to improve the prosperity of your business. In order to maintain our high trading standards and maximize the benefits of trading for you, it is important that Tradebank have rules and defined expectations. Specifics are discussed on our application, as well as in our Trade Universities, promotional materials and in your conversations with your Tradebank staff. We must insist that everyone respect and follow these trading procedures and require your Tradebank trading partners to do so as well: • Products and services sold through Tradebank must be done so on a 100% trade basis. (The balance over T$10,000 may be negotiated between the buyer and the seller, however, the FIRST T$10,000 must be full trade). If a transaction becomes cost prohibitive, please contact your Tradebank Broker rather than introducing a cash component.] • Sales tax should be collected and paid in trade dollars. • Clients must adhere to the Calling Statuses found in the client directories found in When the instructions are to “contact this client’s broker” please do not contact the client directly. If you do so, you jeopardize your ability to spend Tradebank with that client and may be subject to cancellation. • Gratuities are to be paid at a minimum of 18% in cash for all industries where tipping is appropriate. If in doubt, ask your Tradebank Broker or the owner of the business what is appropriate. We want Tradebank clients in the hospitality industry to welcome your Tradebank business. • Timely payment of your cash fees ensure your account and purchasing privileges will be maintained. Tradebank offers EasyPay automatic debit and online payments available through for your convenience. Let's renew our commitment to each other to grow our businesses together as fair trading partners. The Trade Street Journal - January, 2010 • 10

What Is Being Said About You?

Common Sense: Often Uncommon In Our Hectic Lives

We know our clients talk and we encourage our clients to share their trading experiences not only with the Tradebank staff and fellow Tradebank clients, but also with their friends, family and business associates. With that being said, the question for you to consider is, "Based on their Tradebank experiences with you, what will your Tradebank customers say about your company and the way you conduct your business?”

John and Gwen Paul areTradebank clients and owners of Your Health Solutions in Cookeville, Tennessee. They remind us that achieving health and well being involve physical, emotional and spiritual balance. From their personal experience and professional research they offer this common sense approach help improve our well being:

Tradebank is a tremendous networking organization. As a Tradebank client, you are able to develop new business contacts and provide potential clients and customers with a valuable incentive to do business with you rather than your competitors. Tradebank provides one of the most powerful forms of promotion available-word of mouth advertising. The “golden eggs” you are able to develop are limitless.

Get plenty of hydration. Drink purified water. You need your body weight divided by 2 in ounces per day.

The Tradebank staff is here to enhance your advertising and marketing efforts by recommending and promoting your business as often and to as many people as possible. Our reputation is important to us and we know yours is important to you as well. If you encounter someone who is not honoring their fair trading commitment to Tradebank and our clients, do not proceed with the transaction and call your local Tradebank office so that we can either solve the problem or find you another trading partner. You are our eyes and ears and we want to hear your trading feedback—both positive and negative.

Practice breathing deeply from your diaphragm. Each morning and evening practice 3 sets of 10. Sleep naturally. Everyone needs 7-9 hours per night. Preferably 9 hours of peaceful sleep. Eat nutritious foods. Strive for 70% raw fruits & vegetables, whole grains, & nuts. Enjoy an active lifestyle. Participate in community projects, favorite hobbies, and exercise programs. Learn to love. Use this powerful emotion to advance your health and become a better you.

Your Tradebank customers are personal ambassadors for you and your business. When you treat your fellow Tradebank clients with Learn to forgive. Forgiveness is a key cornerstone to having professionalism and do what you agreed to do, when you agreed to good health; learn to forgive and be at peace with yourself and do it, they will recommend your company to potential trade and cash others. customers alike. Be thankful. Learning to be thankful will change your outlook We encourage you to be pro-active and fully utilize the influential on life and your perspective about life. Tradebank network. Let your Tradebank customers know you are eager to accept new business and would like to form a reciprocating Learn acceptance. Learning to accept what you can't change referral arrangement with them…they introduce you to potential new will help you become a better person. customers and you will do the same for them. Exchange business cards and brochures. Use your Tradebank trading network to expand Build a relationship with God. Our spiritual nature has an important need to be nourished (Biblically) daily. your business, both cash and trade! Word of mouth advertising is always working either for or against How many of these principles do you follow? What minor you. Remember, you determine what is being said about you and adaptations to your lifestyle can you make to include these in your company by the way you and your staff conduct yourself in each order to make you happier and healthier and wiser? Tradebank transaction. Contact Information: John and Gwen Paul Your Health Solutions T: 931.979.6172 E: W:

The Trade Street Journal - January 2010 • 11

Avoiding Trouble “What happens if I do and what happens if I don’t?” is one of the wisest questions you can ask yourself. That question becomes especially critical when entering into any type contract or determining whether or not a written agreement is necessary. "I find that many times people are trying to pinch pennies and don’t consult an attorney prior to entering into a contract. However, it is proven over and over again, that people pinch their pennies in the wrong place. They spend ten times the amount to get them out of trouble, than they would have spent avoiding the trouble in the first place", says Darren W. Kennedy, Esquire. It is extremely important, and for different reasons, to have an attorney draft and review any business to business and business to consumer contracts. Laws tend to favor the consumer in a business/consumer dispute because there is a certain assumptive leniency for the naïveté of a non-business person. If you are the business, your contracts need to be designed with this in mind. A good thorough business to business contract defines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties and includes what to do when/if a discrepancy does occur. Consulting an attorney prior to entering into any agreement helps keep friendships and families in tact and helps avoid the ugliness and bitterness that can arise during disputes. "I have been a Tradebank client for almost a year, and represented clients who ask me to review contracts such as

their home security, rental agreements, business proposals, real estate loan and purchase agreements prior to signing. I have also represented clients who come to me for consultation so I can assist them in preparing their contract by clarifying expectations and terms, making sure the language of the document represents the intent of what they want, and to avoid any unanticipated liability," explains Kennedy, an attorney based in Chattanooga. In addition to protecting you in a business transaction, Tradebank provides you with the resources to obtain routine, but necessary, legal documents such as wills, living trusts, living wills and medical and financial powers of attorney. These documents support the living as well as the deceased. No one wants to have to go through probate court or have to guess medical directives in times of crisis. Everyone is urged to make it a priority to consult with an attorney through Tradebank and make sure you have these documents in place. Even though cash may be tight this time of year, we urge you to allocate trade dollars to acquire these important documents and not make financial excuses for not meeting with the attorney. Virtually every Tradebank region has attorneys who accept Tradebank for their fees. Legal representation for partnership agreements, business formations, criminal law, estate planning, family law, wills, collections and the sale and purchasing of property are available through Tradebank from attorneys each with individual areas of specialization. The Yacobi Law Firm is a general practice law firm located in Greenville, South Carolina. While Stephen Yacobi continues to practice general law and has seen his practice grow since becoming a Tradebank client in 2007, his true passion is in Adoption and Family Law and his services can be utilized by Tradebank clients across the United States. "The adoption process fulfills a vital role

The Trade Street Journal - January, 2010 • 12

in helping birth parents find a loving and supportive home for their child, while at the same time allowing adoptive parents to find children to complete their families and answer their prayers. Adoption can and should be readily available and an easily understood option for both birth parents and prospective adoptive parents," explains Yacobi. The Yacobi Law Firm handles Domestic, Foreign, Inter-state and step-parent or related party adoptions. Mr. Yaccobi has been a fellow in the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys since 1995 and has 29 year’s experience in the practice of law and extensive knowledge of South Carolina’s adoption laws. "South Carolina’s adoption laws are different than most states and make it more difficult for a birth mother to withdraw her consent which is a comfort to the adoptive parents" explains Yacobi. The process of adoption can be complex and expensive and having The Yacobi Law Firm, PC as a member of Tradebank can help make adoption affordable to Tradebank members with a desire to expand their family through adoption. For more information on trading with a legal firm in your area, please contact your Tradebank Broker. If you know of an attorney who has the ability to accept new clients, there is always a demand for attorneys specializing in collections, patents, medical malpractice, and immigration. Please introduce them to the Regional Owner in your area. Contact Information: Darren Kennedy Kennedy & Associates PLLC T: 423.648.7865 E: darrenkennedy@ W: Stephen Yacobi Yacobi Law Firm, PA T: 864.242.3271 E:

Ways To Use Tradebank To Be Healthier, Wealthier & Wiser

Your Local Tradebank Office Can Introduce You To Other Tradebank Clients Who Can Assist You To Achieve These Objectives. Healthier Join a fitness center Work with a personal trainer Use fitness videos See your dentist regularly Get your eyes checked Shop at vitamin and health food stores Learn to manage your stress Keep your vehicle in good condition Take time to pamper yourself Get a good night’s sleep Get routine medical check ups

Health Wealth and Wisdom

Quick Review: Did you spend cash in 2009 for any of these products and services? Use Tradebank and save your cash in 2010!

Wealthier Develop a trading strategy for buying and selling Know the cost of your trade dollar Convert as many cash expenses to Tradebank as possible Turn Tradebank purchases into a cash revenue stream Use Tradebank to market your company to generate cash customers Network, network, network Offer bonuses and commissions using Tradebank Use Tradebank for dental, optical, legal, financial and other professional services Review what excess inventory (products & capacity) you have-start trading Pay rent with Tradebank-lease out your empty space with Tradebank Buy and sell on the Classifieds at Introduce new products and services through Tradebank Wiser Call Your Tradebank Broker before spending cash Educate your Tradebank Broker about what you want to trade Take educational courses Offer sales training for your staff Consult with experts who can assist you in improving your business and life Keep your spouse happy with gifts and pampering Read the correspondence from your Tradebank Broker Show appreciation with gifts and recognition for your staff Update your “Haves” & “Wants” at If something you want is available through Tradebank-buy it. Don’t procrastinate Attend Tradebank special events Refer others to Tradebank; enhance your trading options Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by being greedy or short sighted Keep informed on trading opportunities so you can plan your purchases accordingly

Accounting/Bookkeeping Advertising Carpet/Furniture Cleaning Charitable Donations Chiropractic Care Day Spas/Massages Dental Services Entertainment Florists Gift Items Gift Certificates Hair Care Jewelry Lawn Maintenance Legal Services Pet Care Printing Residential/Commercial Property Maintenance Restaurants Seminars/Classes Signs/Banners Special Events Travel Vehicle Lettering Vehicle Maintenance Website Design

Contact your Tradebank Broker for information on using Tradebank to save your cash on these and other purchases throughout the year. Online client directories are available 24/7 at The Trade Street Journal - January 2010 • 13

Tradebank Welcomes New Clients - November, 2009 UNITED STATES

Athens & NE, GA Hurdle Enterprises, LLC The Tax Shelter Atlanta Metro, GA Andale Advertising Cabins For You, LLC Cookies by Design Derek Shane Fotos Guven’s Fine Jewelry Kasandas Properties LLC Keith Pritchett Roofing, Inc Legacy Garage Doors Leslie Knight Tax & Business Service Life Enhancement R & D Mechanical Services Right Wing Tavern Roly Poly Rosemary Parks NMT Shillings on the Square SOAR Physical Therapy The Knowledge Shop The North Atlanta Group Trevor Hawkins, Artist Atlanta Southeast, GA Metamorphasis Health Club Woodlee’s Christian Academy Woodlee’s Christian Childcare

The Trade Street Journal - January, 2010 • 14

Charlotte, NC Cramer Pest Control Culp’s Body Shop Curves Paladin Merchant Services Tom James Co./Sarah Bentley Chattanooga, TN Breathe EZ Technologies LLC Fitness Together Goldsmith Enterprize Mid South Heating and Air Money Mailer Of Chattanooga R & R Custom The Spot Restaurant And Bar Denver, CO All Pro Cement Inc. Colorado Vertical Advertures, LLC Flags Unlimited Inc. Ink Slinger Phil Long Ford L.L.C. Repair I.T. Services The Boardroom at Cherry Creek The Expo Pros Wizbee Com Greenville, SC Electronic Merchant Systems of the Upstate Huntsville / Decatur, AL Paul’s Tree & Stump Service

Indianapolis, IN Abda Window Fashions Danville Downtown Dentistry El Arado 2 Green Dragon Healing Kessler Investment Group Midwest Balloon My Car Doc Residence Inn Indianapolis Fishers Smarter Flush Knoxville, TN Absolute Electric Company ACS Enterprises Adams Telecom Systems, LLC Blackberry Bramble Cottage Brickyard Bar-B-Que Cookeville Fitness Center Kay’s Krafts Lalka Tax Services, LLC Law Office of Russell L. Egli LBE Office Solutions Leisa A. Stanberry, CPA Mountain Home Veterinary Hospital On Target Training Center, Inc. Volunteer Marine Louisville, KY Absolute Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning David Snyder Consulting, LLC Memphis, TN Better Sounds Emerald City Painting Super Suppers

Nashville, TN Don Ho Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Garageworks Grace Pregnancy Resource Center Holiday Inn the Crossings Nashville Ballet Nashville Holistic Pet Proforma Printelliegence Serious Magic / Funny Business North Georgia North Georgia Environmental Services TEK Foundation, Inc. NW Arkansas Hawkins-Silks/Wellness World Garden Orlando, FL A Pink Cleaners, Phoenix Pereira Alpine Trading Institute Andrich Investments Inc Art Options Inc BJ Construction II, Inc BJ Enterprise II, Inc Caputo Realty CDE Development Group Christopher Anthony Salon & Spa Eberly Enterprises Inc Gross Communications Corp Highvoltage Extreme Entertainment & DJ Services Hurst Construction, Inc Legacy Fitness, Inc Music by Melody

Orlando, FL (cont’d) Nicole Mitchell The Greater Davenport Chamber of Commerce, Inc Verona Installations, Inc Woods-Hill Affordable Housing Corporation Topeka, KS Baker’s Dozen Donuts Iwig Plumbing Raindrop Janitorial Results Focus Schnacker Drain Cleaning and more Seven Eight Five Designs Tri-Cities, TN A J Graphics Appliance Repair & Sales Blue Moon Dinner Theatre Cosby Creek Cabins Johnson City Country Club KCB Consulting Tuscaloosa, AL H2 O Scott’s Pest & Termite Control


Halton Mayan Couture Point Blank Communications Unique Cabinet Concepts Hamilton Cheese Shoppe on Locke Dog Dooty Waste Management Kathryn Smith La Jardinere Locke Street Audio Ontario Home Entertainment Red Sky Design & Communications The Hive Yuk Yuks-Hamilton Midwestern Ontario BYCORP Contracting Ltd. Designs Your Sign Source Elizabeth Fry Society Niagara All Around Roofing Cardinal Painting Group Habitat for Humanity - Niagara Larry McKenzie Peel Mackereth Contractors Toronto Voloper Creations Inc.

Edmonton Michelle Faye Photography / Big Unit Productions Snap Fitness - Granada Sherwood Park The Cleanery

The Trade Street Journal - January 2010 • 15

TRADEBANK 1000 Laval Blvd. Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Presorted STD U.S. Postage Paid Permit No 165 Lilburn, GA

Tradebank Franchise Opportunities Available

Are you or someone you know looking for a new career opportunity? Tradebank is a leader in the barter industry with a proven track record of success. Barter is both recession proof and timeless. Those with previous barter experience know the value of trading and have an intrinsic desire to continually increase trading opportunities for themselves as well as others. A Tradebank Franchise provides an opportunity to own your own business and be part of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic industries in the world. The ideal Tradebank franchise owner is someone with previous business ownership experience, deep community roots and the desire to build their own business and control their own destiny. Todd Gerry, President of Tradebank International Franchising Corporation, announces the availability of franchise opportunities in several key markets throughout the United States including: San Antonio, TX Jacksonville, FL

New Orleans, LA Cincinnati, OH

Raleigh, NC Phoenix, AZ

Kansas City, MO Detroit, MI

Savannah, GA Chicago, IL

Montgomery, AL Charleston, SC

For more information on these markets, as well as others that may be available, contact Todd Gerry at 678.533.7119 or email To download the franchise brochure, go to and click on Franchising.

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