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Trick or Tradebank

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“We have been members since 1995 and have had so many great people to work with. It has been a blessing to be able to buy gift items and gift certificates. We have found Tradebank to be profitable and, yes exciting.” Roberta Ayres Trophies Plus Inc Wichita, Kansas

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The Trade Street Journal™ Published by Tradebank International, Inc. Executive Editor TODD GERRY Trade Editor MARCY S. YAFFE Creative Editor BRENDA L. JAMESON Graphic Design BRENDA L. JAMESON Printer FIDELITY OFFSET, INC. Mailing ATLANTA BUSINESS CIRCULATORS © 2009 Tradebank International, Inc. Page 13, Stick With Tradebank, Flexible Label Group The Trade Street Journal • 2

Speaking From Experience by Marcy S. Yaffe, National Trade/Training Director What determines whether an experience turns out to be a treat or a trick is usually determined by a couple of basic things. The way the agreement was put together, clear communication of each party’s expectations and the final execution. When both parties have a complete understanding and are in agreement as to the terms, and each party carries out their part of the deal as promised, most things in life turn out to be “treats” and neither party feels tricked. It is critical that both parties ask questions and get answers rather than making assumptions regarding the terms of any transaction. Call it respect, following the Golden Rule, or just good sense. No matter what we label it, when each person respects the other and does what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it potential problems can be avoided. And most important, if the other party isn’t willing to follow these principles, walk away from the deal. Don’t knowingly ask for trouble as another opportunity will come along. My 87 year old daddy uses the question, “What happens if I do, and what

happens if I don’t” as a litmus test and guiding principle. It works every time. I was recently called to intervene in a situation where a Tradebank client wasn’t happy with a painter who painted his offices. The client said even though the walls were painted to his satisfaction, the painter didn’t paint the ceilings and the buyer was refusing to pay until the job was complete. The painter said he painted the walls as he agreed to and was entitled to payment. Of course my first question to them was: what was defined in your contract? Each replied there was no contract, the painter said, “He asked me to paint his three offices and I gave him my price. He accepted and I did the painting the very next day. Nothing was ever said about the ceilings. We only talked about the walls and I did the walls.” The buyer replied, “Well I assumed he would

know the ceilings were part of the job.” It is disturbing that for some, it is easier to deflect their own mistakes to others rather than assume responsibility for their own oversights. In this instance, it was the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to obtain a written clarification of the scope of the project, cost, and payment terms. Creating an agreement in writing is just prudent business practice. How many of you have heard the term or ever had to pay “stupid tax”? Stupid tax is the penalty we all have had to pay (some more often than others) when for whatever reason we didn’t do the right thing in the beginning. We made assumptions rather than obtain definitive answers; we didn’t get things in writing and gambled that things would work out or we wouldn’t get caught. Our best recourse to avoid paying stupid tax is to make sure we take the time to define and document each agreement. Transactions through Tradebank are no different. Make sure you and your trading partner have a complete understanding of the terms of the transaction. Do your homework, make sure you are in agreement with all the components of the deal and put the terms in writing. For larger jobs, contact your broker and secure the funds through Escrow for jobs that are not completed at the point of sale. We all need to do our due diligence to ensure successful transactions and avoid paying stupid tax. Marcy S. Yaffe is the National Trade and Training Director of Tradebank International. She has over 25 years experience brokering barter transactions. Contact or 888.568.5680 ext 118.

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A Regional Owner Replies by: Marcy S. Yaffe Lavonda Henry and Charlene Lawrence are the Regional Owners of Tradebank of Indianapolis. MY: Lavonda and Charlene, you both have been in the barter industry for many years. One of the best “treats” of being part of Tradebank is acquiring new business. What do you want our clients to know about how to best market their products and services locally and throughout the Tradebank network? LH: It is impossible to communicate too much. Communicate with your Tradebank Broker and local office staff. Communicate with other Tradebank trading partners. Let them know the type of work that is a fit for you. Who are your potential customers? What products and services do you want to sell? From there the list goes on how to best market your company. Be sure you have logged in and completed your information in Update your Client Profile. This includes the categories of the goods and services you sell, accompanied by solid key words and a complete description of what you trade and how to trade with you, your ‘haves’ and ‘wants’, and post your products and services in the Classifieds.

Charlene Lawrence

Lavonda Henry

company in Tradeflashes and monthly national broker teleconferences. Utilize advertising opportunities in the Trade Street Journal. Plan ahead, be flexible and patient and let Tradebank work with you. It is important for you to understand trade is a limited currency, but if utilized correctly it can keep your cash in the bank. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. (Oh, I already said that…but it can’t be said enough.)

CL: As far as treats, our clients that can sell out of market get excited to be able to market themselves nationwide without the extreme cost associated with national advertising exposure. Our local clients also realize the same benefit of cutting out their competition and getting customers from different areas of the city. This is exposure to a customer base they normally would Attend monthly networking not have pulled from, except through Tradebank. meetings and Trade Universities. Contact Information: Call local trading partners and Lavonda Henry & Charlene Lawrence introduce yourself. Provide your T: 317.837.6010 Tradebank Broker with information E: regarding your company along with E: images they can use to promote your The Trade Street Journal • 4

Introducing The New Owners of Tradebank of Atlanta-Dekalb A strong sense of responsibility, the ability to overcome challenges and commitment to setting and achieving goals are the mutual personal characteristics that motivated Julius Green and Lance Melon to form a partnership and purchase the Tradebank of Atlanta-DeKalb franchise from Steve Watson. Both Green and Melon did business together in the past and both gentlemen know the hard work required to run a successful business and are eager to duplicate their successes as Tradebank Regional Owners. Green was introduced to Tradebank through his friend and Tradebank client, Mark Taylor. Green saw the tremendous opportunities barter provided for business owners and recognized how his own marketing company could benefit from being part of Tradebank, so he immediately joined Tradebank. As an entrepreneur, Green knew in addition to trading through his company, he could help others by assisting them in replicating what he was doing and they could use Tradebank to grow their businesses, too. So he contacted his partner in another business venture, Lance Melon. It didn’t take long for both gentlemen to decide they wanted to own a Tradebank franchise. Since Melon lives in Stone Mountain, they set their sights on owning Tradebank of DeKalb. The timing was right; the previous owner was in a position to sell, and Green and Melon were in a position to buy. The transfer was effective September 1st when the Tradebank baton was passed from Jerry Holley who was managing the region for Steve Watson to Green and Melon. Neither of the gentlemen shy away from getting down to basics as both have a “can do” approach to growing the DeKalb region. “We work with a Tradebank broker experienced in customer service and business management and our team is dedicated to making Tradebank a valuable

Lance Melon

Julius Green

part of our existing and new client’s world,” says Green. “Linda, our Broker, is working hard to get to know the clients and what they trade, and equally important, assisting them with saving their cash. Our objective is to make and save money for Tradebank clients. We take a pro-active approach to our new partnerships with Tradebank clients.” “We’re in a people business and we understand how to get to know people, find out what challenges they face and help them become more successful,” explains Melon. Both gentlemen have strong business backgrounds and understand the demands business owners face on a day-to-day basis based on their own experiences. Green holds a degree in Accounting from Alabama A & M University in addition to being a mentor to business owners and individuals throughout the world. Melon has owned businesses since he was 18 years old. He has extensive experience in retail management and served on a United States Naval submarine. Both gentlemen are strong family men, each having two children.

Contact Information: Julius Green, Regional Owner T: 678.997.7342 E:

Lance Melon, Regional Owner T: 404.786.0094 E:

Linda Melon, Tradebank Broker T: 770.876.2313 E: The Trade Street Journal • 5

Tradebank Clients Reply “How I Benefit From Tradebank” “Tradebank of Charlotte has been a great blessing for us and our business! When we joined Tradebank a little less than 2 years ago, we were new first time business owners. With no extra cash to advertise, we joined Tradebank and used our Tradebank dollars to put toward business advertisement and other company expenses. Because of our advertisements going out the first year through Tradebank, it has brought us new cash customers, saved us money and our business is doing great! Thank you Tradebank!”

“Tradebank has helped my cash flow by using it for a number of different expenses, including employee bonuses. It also has helped me travel to places I probably would not have gone because of cash expenses. It brought me new business that I would not have received if I wasn’t a trading partner, and I have received cash business due to word of mouth referrals.” Dewey McFeeters Four Star Lawn Care Wichita, Kansas

Greg & Mary Broom Citrusolutions Carpet Cleaning Charlotte, North Carolina

“We have been members since 1995 and have had so many great people to work with. It has been a blessing to be able to buy gift items and gift certificates. We have found Tradebank to be profitable and, yes exciting.” Roberta Ayres Trophies Plus Inc Wichita, Kansas

To link your web site to ad earn T$10/month, click on Weblink in the Account Services Section at The Trade Street Journal • 6

“Tradebank has been a very important part of our business strategy since the first of this year. When times were tough in the rough economy, Tradebank members were still going strong here in Omaha. Tradebank income was coming in and when emergencies came up, the members of Tradebank were there to help. Thanks to Tradebank, we were able to keep our restaurant functioning and survived the tough first half of 2009.” Tom Crow Red Zone BBQ Omaha, Nebraska

“What Tradebank has done for me is to turn idle time and inventory into revenue. These Tradebank clients have helped us fill our day on many occasions. I’m also a partner in a beachfront condo. My broker helps me keep an eye on upcoming vacancies and we’ve managed to produce trade dollars where before it sat empty, generating nothing. We’ve learned to utilize those Tradebank dollars to our benefit for a wide variety of expenses that we previously paid in cash, now paid for by new customers we’ve gained through Tradebank.” Tracy Honea Honea Mitsubishi Albertsville, Alabama

“My business benefits from being a member of Tradebank. Tradebank has brought us new customers, some of which have also done cash business with us. We’ve been able to use barter to offset expenses and conserve our cash. Some of the ways we have used our trade dollars include: purchasing a new laser printer for my office, purchasing replacement cartridges for printers and taking beach vacations including going to Disney World. I feel Tradebank delivers a big benefit to businesses.”

“Tradebank enabled me to remodel an old garage and turn it into a working shop for my sign and banner printing business and remodel a rental house this past summer. I was able to pay for the labor and find many of the materials needed on the rental house through Tradebank. That was in addition to eating with Tradebank and using Tradebank for dry cleaning, vacations at the beach, oil changes and more. I received an email from a member of my church who is actively involved in a non-profit organization working with recovering drug addicts. They needed new tires and brakes for the van they use to transport the people to their jobs. I was able to take care of their needs all with Tradebank.” Ron Sharit

Sharit Accounting/Royal Printing Albertville, Alabama

“Tradebank has helped my business keep rolling on in this recession by exposing me to a new network of business owners who find value in my services. Not only am I finding new clients throughout the Tradebank network, I am finding services that I need to run my business and my life. Tradebank has actually helped me to succeed through their bartering connections!” Roshie Jones Roshie Photography Orlando, Florida

Jim Burris Burris Creative Charlotte, North Carolina

“Besides conserving cash, trading for goods and services that were often not expected expenses, one of the benefits I appreciate the most about the Tradebank community is the networking with other business owners. For every trading client, there is usually several cash paying referred customers. Another client even referred some of the business relationships I now have, that are not Tradebank members, to me. My banker, attorney and even several of the limo drivers were all referred to me by someone within Tradebank.” Dave Jones Celebrity Limousines Nashville, Tennessee

Let us know how Tradebank has benefited your business. E:

The Trade Street Journal • 7

Find and Be Found - A Guide to Successfully Using myT

In order for you to appear in the Directory section of review their profile and update as necessary. The inf the products and services you trade and how to trad searches and Visitor’s Guides. Take a moment now listed. Click on the various Searches and make sure Broker.

How To Update Your Client Information: After logging in to go to the Account Services tab. Under the Accounts Services tab: You will find information on your company in two sections. The top section includes your basic information including trading contacts, address, phone numbers and fax number. This information can be changed by clicking on the EDIT link. Below that you will see the MTB (myTradebank) Directory Information. It is from the EDIT link that you can update: • Your Screen Name • Password • Email • Account Signature • Additional Info • Map Locator • Keywords Each section provides further instructions. Be sure to save your changes. Then click on the General tab. This is the place for you to enter your haves and wants. Click on EDIT and there will be over 1100 categories of products and services listed. The Trade Street Journal • 8

Tradebank’s Client Directory your Client Profile must be complete in each field. It is important for each Tradebank client to formation you enter into your profile serves as your billboard in promoting your company and letting others know de with you. It is important that all fields have been complete. Your Client Profile interfaces with all the Directory w to go to your computer and go to and review your information and how your company is your company appears as you want it to appear. For additional information, please contact your local Tradebank

How to Search for Products and Services Using After logging in, go to the Client Directory tab. From that location you can search for goods and services several different ways, by: • Category • Keyword • Region • Near Me • Visitor's Guide Each section has a drop down menu that will provide you with both an on line and printable directory with both alphabetical and category sorts. The on line directory searches do not replace communication with your Tradebank Broker. Brokers have additional information regarding clients and sometimes additional trading options beyond that which appears in the directory.

•Note, Client and category listings may be affected by the trading status of your account. Please contact your local Tradebank Broker for more information.

First time users go to, click login at the top of the screen and enter your 16-digit account number and you-4 digit PIN. If you do not know your PIN contact your Tradebank Broker.

The Trade Street Journal • 9

Tradebank Expands Trade University “Tradebank is committed to establishing a solid barter foundation for our clients and developing long term mutually profitable interactions among Tradebank clients. Trade University is instrumental in facilitating winwin-win-win relationships with our clients,” says Tradebank’s National Trade and Training Director, Marcy S. Yaffe. Over 25 years ago John Davis, founder and CEO of Tradebank International, began Trade University as a program designed to teach clients how to be successful traders. Davis saw a learning curve with new traders in their awareness of how to best use trade to improve their business and enhance their personal lifestyle. He realized that while traders love the concept of barter and want to trade, they often lack the practical knowledge of how to be part of the Tradebank trading network and maximize their trading potential. Davis initiated Trade University as a teaching tool to help accelerate client’s awareness of trading in general and specifically how to realize the full benefits available through Tradebank. “One of the things we teach at the Trade University is the concept of “found money”. While clients understand they trade the goods and services their business offers to generate additional revenue, they don’t always realize another source of revenue can be earned from what we term “found money”. Found money includes, boats, vacation rentals, cars, furniture, collectibles (such as stamps and coin collections), furs, jewelry, motorcycles, office The Trade Street Journal • 10

equipment, etc. anything that you Purchasing Plan. It’s a program have accumulated that you no unique in the barter industry.” longer want and can sell through Tradebank to generate additional While the trade dollar bonuses are trade revenue,” according to Davis. “Trade University is presented to Tradebank clients by Tradebank International and the Tradebank Regional Staff as an intensive course in understanding the power of Tradebank and using barter as a new business tool. During the two to three hour course, business owners learn how to be successful Tradebank clients, the opportunities trading through Tradebank represent, the policies and procedures associated with Tradebank’s fair trading practices, and how to use Tradebank’s interactive website, Trade University also places a strong emphasis on developing long term relationships and networking with the Tradebank Regional Owners, Brokers and fellow trading partners. “I know of no other company, barter or otherwise, that pays their clients to learn how to be successful using their product,” explains Yaffe. “First time participants in the Trade University class are incentivized to complete the course and receive trade dollar bonuses upon graduation. We offer trade dollar bonuses for making sales and purchases during our trading session along with additional bonuses for introductions to other business owners and completing the Client

only paid once to graduating clients, the value of attending the Trade University is such that it encourages clients to continue to attend the classes. “We have clients who have graduated from Trade University yet they attend every time we hold the class,” says Jeff Jones, a Trade University Certified Tradebank Instructor. They tell us each time they attend they learn something new that will help them be more profitable, they like to meet the new clients and build additional trading relationships. Our clients learn from each other.” For more information on Trade University classes look at the Events Section on or call your local Tradebank office.

E xhibitor R equest F orm

Atlanta Holiday Trade Expo Booth Preference Each booth includes: 1table, 2 chairs

_________ Booth(s) 10’ x 10’ - T$225 _________ Premium Booth(s) - T$300 _________ Additional booth(s) - T$125 _________ Additional tables - T$25 _________ Electrical Access - T$25

Saturday, November 7, 2009 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Mansour Center 995 Roswell Street (Off Cobb Parkway Look ForThe Big Chicken)

Marietta, GA 30060 Phone: 678.642.6680 Fax: 678.533.7129

Date of Registration Request: ________________ Date Received/Approved: ________________

Company Information Company:

_____________________________ Account #: ___________________________


_____________________________ Phone:



_____________________________ Email:


List, in general, the products and/or services you will offer: __________________________________________________________________________________ Products and services must be sold on a full trade basis at fair market prices. All products must be new, unless approved by the Expo committee. All exhibits must be set up by 9:30 am. Exhibitors, products and services are subject to approval by the Expo Committee. No refunds will be made for cancellations within 30 days of the Expo. Booths are assigned at the discretion of the Expo Committee, although every effort will be made to accommodate your location request. Booths shall remain set up and selling during the entire Expo. All Tradebank rules and regulations apply. Authorized Signature:


For additional information contact your local Tradebank Broker or Ashby Green 678.642.6680 Fax completed form to 678.533.7129

The Trade Street Journal • 11

2009 CHRISTMAS MERCHANDISE TRADE SHOW Hosted by Tradebank of Chattanooga Saturday, December 5 Hours:  Saturday 9am – 5pm • Set up on Friday Afternoon (noon to 9pm)  Location:  Gateway Business Center, 4031 Cloud Springs Road Ringgold GA (1 Mile from Chattanooga I-75 Exit 353) SHOP OVER 100 BOOTHS REGISTRATION FORM

________ Yes, I Will Attend the Merchandise Trade Show. Number of Guests Attending: ____________ COMPANY NAME: ___________________________

ACCOUNT #: _____________________________


One (1) 10’ x 8’ space

Center Booth: T$200.00 Regular Booth: T$100.00

One (1) 8’ draped table and two (2) chairs

Additional Table: T$25.00 Additional Chairs T$ 2.00

________ Yes, I Want to Reserve Booth Space. The total number of Booths that I will need is: ________ ________ I will need __________ Center Booth(s)

I will need __________ Regular Booth(s)

________ I will need __________ Additional Table(s) I will need __________ Additional Chair(s) Special Requests or Needs: ________________________________________________________________ Electrical:

_____ Yes _____ No Product or service represented by your booth: __________________


ONCE BOOTH SPACE IS CONFIRMED PAYMENT IS NON-REFUNDABLE I understand and agree that I will be responsible to staff my booth and that Tradebank is not liable for any lost or broker merchandise. COMPANY NAME: ___________________________

ACCOUNT #: ______________________________

SIGNATURE: _______________________________

DATE: ___________________________________

Fax this form to: (423) 877.2271 or mail to: Tradebank of Chattanooga, 3835 Hixon Pike, Chattanooga TN 37415 Phone: (423) 877.2202 CONTACT YOUR TRADEBANK BROKER FOR ACCOMMODATIONS RESERVATIONS The Trade Street Journal • 12

Stick With Tradebank Take a moment and think about everything you encounter with a sticker or label. There are price stickers and identification labels, and window stickers and stickers to update printed materials. Your business may use shipping labels, reorder stickers and stickers on your products. Purchasing your stickers through Tradebank client Flexible Tape and Label offers you another opportunity to save your cash. Flexible Tape and Label Company located in Memphis sells all type of labels that are used on equipment and disposable products. They even make custom labels for the printing industry. However, when Flexible Tape and Label was founded in 1951, their primary customers were lumber companies. In the 1950’s Memphis was the hardwood flooring capital of the world and printing of tape that tagged the lumber was the main source of income for the Magnus family business. As the demand for their services changed, so did the capabilities of the second generation family owned business. Over the past 58 years, in keeping with the demands of the marketplace, their equipment has been continually upgraded to allow them greater flexibility in the product lines they carry, all the while providing generations of experience in supplying most kinds of adhesive labels. “Ingredients labels, product instructions, political stickers, identification stickers are just a few of the labels we provide for our customers. We print on gloss, matt, fluorescent, foil, vinyl and polyester. The adhesive can be permanent or removable. The shape can be rounded corners, rectangles, circles, ovals, or butt-cut. Colors can be from one to seven. The labels can be printed in rolls, sheets or fanfold and can be used in thermal, laser, ink jet and dot matrix printers. We can even number and bar code them if you’d like. There is not much we can’t do,” says Alan Magnus, company President. For complete product information, go to Magnus was introduced to Tradebank through his friends Terri and Tim Cobb, owners of Diversified Products, a long time Tradebank client. Coincidently, Magnus was having dinner at the same restaurant where the Cobbs were attending a Tradebank meeting. “I asked the Cobbs about their meeting so they told me about Tradebank and asked if I wanted to join the meeting or have someone set an appointment with me to explain more about how Tradebank could benefit my company as it did with theirs. I have known the Cobbs for years and knew if they were participating and said there would be a benefit to me, of course I’d listen,” Magnus recalls. Magnus continues, “I have been both surprised and pleased at the new customers I have developed since joining Tradebank. Usually we have to seek new customers, now people are calling us inquiring about our products. It is a welcome thing to see. I have found Tradebank to be comprised of reliable business owners who want to trade to benefit their business. Now that we have accumulated trade dollars we are actively exploring purchasing the things we need in order to conserve our cash. There are plenty of purchasing options, so this is working out very well for us.” Contact Information: Alan Magnus T: 901.522.1410 E:

The Trade Street Journal • 13

Tradebank Welcomes New Clients - August, 2009 UNITED STATES

Athens & NE, GA Limestone Gallery Atlanta Northwest, GA A1 Reliable Limo and Taxi Service Ace Construction Custom Technologies, Inc Family Pet Hospital Family Tradition Restaurant Fiber Masters of Georgia Hugh Edwards Landscaping Main Street Nail Studio Nothinshort, Inc Photography By Dwight Wesley Wylie Electric Atlanta-Cobb White Flower Photography Atlanta-Fulton, GA Kwazmo, LLC Signarama Sandy Springs Atlanta-Gwinnett Castellucci Hospitality Group Herbmom Organics Immaculate Carpet Kevin Wilson Master Locksmith Radio Union Birmingham, AL Ai Corporate Interiors Charlotte, NC AllTech Sign Service, LLC Clean Planet Inc. Small Business Management Solutions Support Local Vendors, LLC Tidds Roofing LLC Wach Marketing Inc. Chattanooga, TN AAA Bonding Co. Remodeling & Renovations Somo Enterprises I-Spy Investigations The Trade Street Journal • 14

Columbus, GA Flirt Lash Lounge Inc. Lisa A. Strickland, DMD, PC

Greenville, SC Converse Deli & Coffee Bar Glass Doctor Rio Grille Town Planner

Knoxville Premier DJ Services Powermax Transmissions TFS Construction Louisville, KY Brandon’s BBQ & Pizza Business Integrated Communications Coffee News Kentucky Doug’s Computer & Networking Systems Repair Gleam Clean Carpet & Upholstery Mercury Flooring & Handyman Scherrica’s Dusting Dymond Superior Art & Photography Today’s Chiropractic Venture Capital, LLC

Huntsville / Decatur, AL Oasis Dental Services, P.C.

Memphis, TN Mr. Sandless

Indianapolis, IN American Mold Experts Business Leader & Icon C & S Consulting, LLC Chillax Massage & Wellness Studio Current Publishing, LLC Daniel Lusk Magic and Entainment Fitness Now! J. S. Reutz Cafe MBP Marketing Group, Inc. Paintman Auto Body RECC Promotions Ritter’s Frozen Custard Salon Nouveaute SIGN Here! Time - Managers WALLPE DESIGN Yates Expert Services Zimmer Success Group

Middle Georgia, GA Smith Sales & Services

Denver, CO 24 Hour Sewer and Plumbing Frank Realty Hammond Tree Care Juice Plus Voilá! Mobile Spa

Knoxville, TN Ace Transmission & Automotive Center B & C Custom Saw Milling Baby Mackenzie Foundation Chuck’s Car Care Center Clinton Bedding Company

Nashville, TN Cee Productions & Promotions Dale Jr’s Auto Repair Daniels Remodeling Lewis Flooring Sales Executives LLC Sunnydale Productions Tennessee Narcotics Testing NW Arkansas Cross Timbers Boot & Saddlery

CANADA Omaha, NE Deals At Your Door Maple 85 Mulch Center Personalized Fitness SayCheez Omaha Sheridan’s Frozen Custard Orlando, FL Bartlett Construction Services, Inc Betty J’s Florist, Rilla A Tomyn Bill Auld Company Bob Duran, Just Purses and Much More Business Savings Direct Grecos Landscape LLC Little Reds Cleaning Macro Dental Labs, Counterpoint Crown & Bridge Mike Jones, Jones Landscape & Tree Service Quality Works Landscaping Someplace Else Catering Stefanos Italian Grille, SIG I, LLC Suwannee River Ranch The Pour House, LLC Timeshare Professionals Inc White Glove Hand Car Wash Inc Topeka, KS ATS Accounting & Tax Services Downtowner Cafe Mike’s Machine Shop & Automotive Repair Ozark Integrated Pest Services Inc

Tri-Cities, TN Acme Dry Cleaning & Laundry Appliance Delivery Corp. Aunts B’s Bella Dona Eastern TN Coffee News Grace Dental Play Power Toys Woodworking Plus + Tuscaloosa, AL Bama Tan Hair Shack Wichita, KS Absolute Core Cleaning Timesavers Zig’s Tropical Sno

Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Bell City Brands Ltd. Royal Shredding Inc. Halton Anil Jain Hamilton A Cleaning by Janise Roxy’s Hair Salon for All West Lincoln Barnboard & Antique Flooring Midwestern Ontario Emils Auto Body Techline Motors Zook, Zook, Body, Mind & Spirit Niagara D’Agostino Marble & Tile Legwork Promotions Provincial Stucco & Siding Rita Vail Sun Collision Centre We Drive Ottawa RaCas Technology Inc. Peel Multi Union Express Trade Sudbury Brush & Roll East Side Mario’s - Sudbury Toronto 24/7 Tech Inc.

The Trade Street Journal • 15

TRADEBANK 1000 Laval Blvd. Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Presorted Std U.S. Postage Paid Marietta, GA Permit No 7

Tradebank Franchise Opportunities Available

Are you or someone you know looking for a new career opportunity? Tradebank is a leader in the barter industry with a proven track record of success. Barter is both recession proof and timeless. Those with previous barter experience know the value of trading and have an intrinsic desire to continually increase trading opportunities for themselves as well as others. A Tradebank Franchise provides an opportunity to own your own business and be part of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic industries in the world. The ideal Tradebank franchise owner is someone with previous business ownership experience, deep community roots and the desire to build their own business and control their own destiny. Todd Gerry, President of Tradebank International Franchising Corporation, announces the availability of franchise opportunities in several key markets throughout the United States including: San Antonio, TX Jacksonville, FL

New Orleans, LA Cincinnati, OH

Raleigh, NC Phoenix, AZ

Kansas City, MO Detroit, MI

Savannah, GA Chicago, IL

Montgomery, AL Charleston, SC

For more information on these markets, as well as others that may be available, contact Todd Gerry at 678.533.7119 or email To download the franchise brochure, go to and click on Franchising. The Trade Street Journal • 16

The Trade Street Journal  

Barter's Premier Publication Trick or Tradebank

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Barter's Premier Publication Trick or Tradebank