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Getting Smarter About Barter In this issue... 2.............. Index 3.............. Speaking From Experience 4.............. A Regional Owner Replies Mark Willis, Tri-Cities, TN 5.............. Topeka’s New Regional Owner Nick Baumgartner 6 & 7....... What Every Tradebank Client Should Know 8 & 9....... Price vs Cost - Will That Be Cash or Tradebank? 10............ Lend A Helping Hand - Tradebank’s Non-Profit Organizations 11 & 12... Client Purchasing Plan 13............ Dr. Burton Benefits From Broker/Client Partnership 13............ Margarigal Discovers $15,000 in New Revenue 14 & 15... Welcome New Clients, March, 2009 16............ Tradebank Franchise Opportunities

“If I had my life to live over again, I would elect to be a trader of goods rather than a student of science. I think barter is a noble thing”. -Albert Einstein


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Speaking From Experience by Marcy S. Yaffe, National Trade/Training Director The first step to getting smarter about barter is to educate yourself about the opportunities available through Tradebank. The next step is to be willing to recognize and utilize the goods and services available to you to increase your profitability and improve your standard of living. This requires you to adapt your thinking toward a “How can I utilize the resources available to me?” state of mind. I speak with business owners across the country and listen to how they are managing their companies in today’s economy. Many are struggling; some have closed their doors. Yet, there is a common denominator among those business owners who are holding their own and becoming more profitable. They now approach their business from a new perspective. These business owners have included new strategies in their business plan. They have increased their efficiency and reduced their costs; and they have added new product lines in order to meet the consumer’s purchasing preferences. Successful business owners have recognized and adapted their businesses to meet the needs of the marketplace. They fine tuned their products and services on an ongoing basis to offer what consumers are buying. Furthermore, successful business owners are always looking for new ways to make money and save money. Tradebank presents unlimited opportunities to do both.

café market, has added breakfast foods to their beverage offerings. Both companies are spending millions of dollars in advertising and marketing to educate and allure potential consumers. How does this translate to Tradebank clients? As business owners, you are facing the same challenges as McDonald’s and Starbucks such as retaining existing customers, acquiring new customers, amd stabilizing and increasing your profits. You can respond with the same strategies. However, one advantage you have over the big boys is your ability to respond and adapt more quickly and by trading your products and services, you are able to generate an additional revenue stream at your own wholesale cost of goods to fund your development.

Tradebank clients represent an abundance of diverse opportunities to help your business adapt and grow while increasing your profitability. Your trading network is expanding at a record breaking pace as new businesses are added each month. Through Tradebank’s Referral Program, we continually seek your introductions to progressive business owners who you think would be valuable trading partners. Read through this issue and research the clients through the online directories at Work closely with your Trade Broker and Regional Owner to see how you can incorporate new trading opportunities that save or make you money and start get smarter about the way you barter. Marcy S. Yaffe is the National Trade and Training Director of Tradebank International. She has over 24 years experience brokering.

For years McDonald’s was known for their Big Macs. Now McDonald’s coffee sales are skyrocketing as more consumers are looking for value, price and efficient service. “This is really all about giving our customers yet another reason to come into our restaurants in addition to the great tasting food,” says McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman. In an effort to regain lost market share, Starbucks, once at the top of the coffee The Trade Street Journal • 3

A Regional Owner Replies by Marcy S. Yaffe Mark Willis is the Regional Owner of Tradebank of Tri-Cities

up on time, providing good customer service, and doing what they say when they say it will be done), then they are a valuable asset to

we take the rules serious and we are trying to protect them.

our trading network. This works hand in hand with good trading practices. Those same people tend to honor agreements like no cash/ trade blends, selling at fair market value and keeping their account in good standing by paying their fees.

what Tradebank means to their business in terms of increasing their customers and saving their cash then they will go out of their way to do things right.

When people really understand

MY: Mark, Tradebank of Tri-Cities (located in the Northeast corner of Tennessee comprised of Johnson City, Kingsport and Bristol) has seen phenomenal growth in the past few years. I know you and your Trade Broker, Rebecca Harless, work closely with the clients in your region to maintain the highest level of trading integrity. You both work hard to maintain a region of business owners and professionals who are fair traders, only participate in transactions that are done at 100% trade, and keep their accounts in good standing. How and why do you maintain such high standards? How do the clients respond when you hold them accountable to the trading terms in the Client Agreement? MW: It all starts with signing up quality people. Tri-Cities is a small market and therefore a good reputation is very important. If you have a bad reputation it is very hard to hide your reputation from others. This holds true for the clients’ businesses as well as my own. Therefore, I am committed to honorable business. I am not going to knowingly expose my clients to someone who will try to take advantage of them. Good or poor business practices are a habit. If someone takes care of their business well (i.e. showing The Trade Street Journal • 4

I have learned that bad business is worse than no business. I have also learned that a problem does not just go away, it either stays a problem or it usually gets worse. By taking care of a problem when it occurs, the headache does not last as long. When someone is being dishonest, we work them out of the system as soon as possible. This also sends a message to all the other clients that

The old saying “Treat people the way you want to be treated,” sums it up best. If you want to spend your trade dollars at fair market value then that’s the way you should take trade.” Contact Information: Tradebank of Tri-Cities Mark Willis T: 423.773.6886

Topeka’s New Regional Owner Nick Baumgartner, Regional Owner Tradebank of Topeka Tradebank of Lawrence “One of the primary reasons I became a Tradebank Franchise Owner was to help my fellow Tradebank clients and other business owners get smarter about barter,” explains Dominick (Nick) Baumgartner. Baumgartner is the new Regional Owner of Tradebank of Topeka and Tradebank of Lawrence, Kansas. Three years ago Baumgartner was just starting his advertising business. When he needed a computer, he approached EZ PC and proposed trading his advertising services for the computer. Jesse Kleinfelter, the owner of EZ PC, agreed. After their trade was complete, Kleinfelter said, “If you like trading with me, I can introduce you to a whole group of traders through Tradebank of Topeka.” Soon thereafter Baumbartner became a Tradebank client. After being a client for a few weeks Baumgartner attended Trade University. That night he signed a contract with a new advertiser that represented a $1,500 trade sale for him and he met a couple of other Tradebank clients who committed to $1,500 trade each month in advertising for the next year. Baumgartner states, “Not only was I happy to have the new business, but that extra revenue meant I no longer had to choose between going to the grocery store or expanding my staff. I could afford to expand my staff and I was able to still eat. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at The Pad Restaurant, always paying with Tradebank during those start-up days. I KNOW the value in trading.” Baumgartner credits the new exposure in the marketplace and additional source of income, coupled with his hard work and commitment to suc-

cess, as major factors involved in his business now being a profitable and thriving enterprise. Of course, he continues to proudly accept and use trade as a vital part of his business. “Tradebank was a tremendous foothold for my wife, Violet, and me. Now, we are fortunate enough to expand our trade purchases to include all the fun things too, like jewelry, travel and entertainment. I know from personal experience the benefits of being a Tradebank client, and that is what I want to convey to existing and potential Tradebank clients.” Baumgartner is eager to tell you that he was always a believer in the benefits of trading. Soon after he became a Tradebank client. He knew he wanted to own a Tradebank region someday. When the Tradebank of Topeka and Lawrence regions became available he was first in line. Todd Gerry, President of Tradebank Franchising Corp. recalls, “The more I spoke with Nick, the more I saw his strong business ethics and approach to trading, as well as Tradebank, were what I was looking for in the next franchise owner for the Topeka and Lawrence regions.” “I believe in fair trading. I am going to manage the areas with a ‘family’ of traders who understand and appreciate the value of trading and are committed to trading with integrity. As we grow, I am adding quality business owners who recognize the value of Tradebank. Tradebank clients in our area know I am looking to them to introduce me

to the people they want to do business with, as this is a referral based business,” explains Baumgartner. Baumgartner has a strong commitment to his client’s prosperity. The opportunities for success are limitless with Tradebank. The Tradebank of Topeka and Lawrence Kansas regions are poised for rapid growth and expansion. Baumgartner encourages all clients to expand their local trading opportunities to include clients in other cities as potential buyers and sellers whenever possible. Contact Information: Nick Baumgartner T: 785.207.2380 E:

The Trade Street Journal • 5





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The Trade Street Journal • 6

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Client Should Know Gratuities

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TRADEBANK has contracted with our clients to leave a minimum of 18% cash for grat uity in restaurants. if the diner feels the servi ce does not warrant an 18% gratuity, contact the restaurant management before leaving the prem ises. tipping practices vary from industry to indus try. if

gratuities are a standard practice, then all tips and gratuities are to be paid in cash to thos e providing the service. we stress, when you do business with someone with whom tipping is appropria te, be generous. let the provider know you value their participation in tradebank and ensure they look forward to seeing you again.

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The Trade Street Journal • 7

Price vs Cost - Will That Be Cash or Tradebank? It is important that every Tradebank client identify and understand your true cost of doing business by trading. Once you determine your actual investment in the products or services you sell, you are able to determine the actual cost of your trade dollars, recognize the purchasing power they provide, and make wise purchasing decisions.

Step 1 Know Your Cost Of Goods Every business who sells a product has an acquisition cost for the goods they sell. The acquisition cost, otherwise referred to as your cost of goods, refers to the actual replacement cost of the product that is sold. If you provide a service, you have no real cost of goods related to your time. For those who say, “my time is money”, remember, no matter how much you charge, you are only able to collect your fees when you are performing your service for someone. It doesn’t matter if you charge $10 an hour or $300 an hour, until you have customers your fees are a moot point.

EXAMPLE - STEP ONE Retail Selling Price Of Your Product


Your Wholesale Cost of Goods

($ 50)

Tradebank Brokerage Fee*

($ 12)

Total Cost of Your Trade Dollars

$ 62

For every $100 you have in trade sales, your investment is only $62. *When You Spend Your Trade Dollars

Step 2. Your Gross Profit Margin Once you know your acquisition cost, you can figure out your gross profit margin. For instance, if you sell vacuum cleaners, how much do you pay your supplier for each unit you have for sale? When you pay your supplier $50 for the vacuum and sell it for $100, your gross profit margin is 50%, or $50. Your gross profit margin means that for every dollar generated in sales, your company has 50 cents left to cover basic operating costs and profits. Remember, we are talking about gross profit margins not net profit margins.

Step 3 Gross Profit Margin=Wholesale Purchasing Power One of the best reasons to trade is to conserve your cash and turn your new trade revenue acquired into a purchasing discount and new purchasing power.

Step 4 Make Wise Buying Decisions Once you have figured the cost of your trade dollars based on your own business model, you can evaluate your purchasing opportunities based on price versus your actual cost. For example, the business owner who sells vacuums wants to purchase an office chair. A comparison of two purchasing scenarios is shown in the box to the right.


TWO PURCHASING SCENARIOS FOR OFFICE CHAIR Cash Price at Wal-Mart - Retail Price $199/Sale Price


TRADEBANK Merchant’s Retail Price


CONSIDER: THE CASH COST vs YOUR ACTUAL COST • Paying CASH at WAL-MART costs $179 out of his cash flow. • Paying with TRADEBANK at retail price costs him $123.38. (See Example - Step One) Which is better? USING TRADEBANK, OF COURSE!

Trade business represents NEW, incremental business Without the additional trade revenue source, all purchases would have to be made with cash, thus reducing the cash you have in your pocket With the additional source of revenue earned from trade customers, purchases can be made with trade dollars rather than cash, thus improving your cash flow When you identify the cost of your trade dollars you can determine your personal discount and can evaluate the PRICE of your purchases versus YOUR ACTUAL COST and determine which represents your best buying decision. The Trade Street Journal • 8

Every business has overhead expenses. These expenses are omnipresent and many can be paid for using trade dollars rather than cash. As a Tradebank client, you are able to conserve your cash and take advantage of your wholesale purchasing power. Here’s how:



Office Expense


Building Maintenance














Lawn Maintenance


Lawn Maintenance


Health Care 12% Brokerage Fee Total Operating Costs

80 0 $5,000

Health Care


12% Brokerage Fee Total Operating Costs


600 $3,100


The Client Purchasing Plan on pages 13 and 14 will enable you to identify areas where you can conserve cash. Please complete these worksheets and fax to your local Trade Broker who will introduce you to new trading partners.

My mo n out of thly overhea d co flow is ntrol. My c is ash next t o zero .

...hmm. Wish some one had told me about TRADEBANK earlier.

K. I’m Call TRADEBAN Y MONTH saving $1,900 EVER some of my just by trading for expenses. monthly overhead

*Assuming a 50% Gross Profit Margin

The Trade Street Journal • 9

Lend A Helping Hand Charitable and non profit organizations need your generosity now more than ever. Donations are decreasing while demand is increasing. When it comes to philanthropy, many people have to make financial decisions that are based on their wallets rather than their hearts. Trade dollar contributions enable you connect your heart and your financial resources and reach out and help those who need it most. The strong personal commitment Jurgen Mootz, Tradebank of Chattanooga Regional Owner, has toward helping others is reflected by the many faith and community based organizations included in the Chattanooga client base. “The Marine Corps League serves wounded and disabled Marines and their dependents and we have several churches and other non profit organizations as well who value the trade dollar donations they receive.� The same holds true for every Tradebank region and the charitable organizations who participate throughout the trading network.

Tradebank has always been a benevolent organization and has structured it so that our clients can be as well. All brokerage fees are waived on your contributions to participating non-profit organizations. Furthermore, remember when you are donating trade dollars they are tax-deductible at the face value of your donation even though your cost of acquiring those dollars is far less. This allows you to bestow more generous contributions. For a complete list of 501(c)(3) organizations, please contact your Trade Broker or go to the Client Library at

The Trade Street Journal • 10

The Trade Street Journal • 11

The Trade Street Journal • 12

Dr. Burton Benefits From Broker/Client Partnership “The close partnership I have with my local Tradebank staff is a huge part of my success as a Tradebank client,” says Dr. H. Carl Burton, Jr. “The key to the successful client/broker relationship is to keep your Broker informed about what you’re doing, where you’re going and even what you’ll need for Christmas. In return, they keep me continually updated on what is going on and potential trading opportunities.” Burton continues, “The Tradebank Broker/Client partnership is unique because it is all encompassing. Whether I am looking for travel, my office painted, or someone to repair storm damage to my property, when I call my Trade Broker, Andi Nichols, she introduces me to someone who wants my trade business.” Burton was first introduced to Tradebank in 2007 by a friend who worked for a Tradebank client. Burton explains, “I have a full service dental office in Greenville, South Carolina, and offer my services, including my lab fees, on a full trade basis. I do so because I value the trade dollars I am earning. This year I am looking to increase my trade business in anticipation of all the ways I can utilize the trade revenue.

McGarigal Discovers $15,000 in Previously Unidentified Revenue Paul McGarigal is a top RE/MAX Agent in the Orlando area and is among the top ten producers in Florida for the past ten years. He joined Tradebank in January to trade his real estate commissions, property management and maintenance services. However, his real success story began when McGarigal told Tradebank of Orlando’s Regional Owner, Tait Carson, that he owned a vacation condo in Cocoa Beach, Florida and he was so busy, he only used it less than 30 days a year. Carson recognized the immediate earning potential the vacant unit represented for his new client. Carson proposed that McGarigal rent the condo to other Tradebank clients as an income source. “We advertised the condo on the Tradebank Classifieds and immediately I had 3 rentals,” declares McGarigal, “And it keeps building.”


“I am delighted that Tait showed me this opportunity for new income. It truly represents additional revenue that I wouldn’t have had if not for being part of Tradebank. And, now I am saving my cash and using that trade revenue for printing, limousines, client promotions, HVAC maintenance and of course my wife loves going to SGI Massage using trade dollars.”, explains McGarigal. McGarigal’s approach to trading demonstrates the potential virtually all Tradebank clients have to turn under performing assets into trade revenue, and then use the added earnings to make trade purchases. Condos, boats, office equipment, vehicles, commercial or residential rental property and forklifts, etc. all represent untapped earning potential. Evaluate your own situation, keep your Trade Broker informed, and use the Tradebank Classifieds at to buy and sell in addition to your day-to-day trading. The Trade Street Journal • 13

Tradebank Welcomes Ne UNITED STATES Atlanta Northwest, GA Fast-teks Atlanta Southeast, GA Canterbury Cabinet Shop Mallery Hall, LLC T & T Landworks, Inc. The Sandwich Shop Atlanta-Cobb Absolutely Cakes Bradley’s Bar & Grill Clix Portrait Studios Concord Designs Florist Great Garage Immune Recovery Foundation Kennesaw Dental Associates P.C. Pamela H. Little, CPA Shop Barter Snug A Book, LLC The Arcadia Group The Broel Law Firm, LLC Atlanta-Dekalb Creative Order Atlanta-Fulton, GA Burgeon Marketing Group Jasper Curb, Inc. JSA, Inc. Media Brokers Media Matters Triple T Heating and Air, Inc Atlanta-Gwinnett Takedown Sportswear Inc. The Leash Birmingham, AL Adams Eye Care, PC D.J.’s Fine Meats Lake Heather Reserve Print Smart

The Trade Street Journal • 14

Charlotte, NC Doolittle’s Grattan Pest Solutions Jill Triantis Media Perspectives On The Fly Concierge Tuckered Out Dog Daycare and Boarding Chattanooga, TN Dogwood Manor Bed & Breakfast Masterline Mobile Pet Grooming Printmasters, Inc. Columbus, GA Bean Consulting Gadsden, AL Discount Building Supply Guntersville Pizza & Restaurant Greenville, SC 605 West Main Street Advanced Chiropractic Ashley Gosnell - Fifth Avenue BelleAve Chick Hampton Building Easley Electric Fountain of Youth Minuteman Press Postal Annex RedHype Up In Smoke Knoxville, TN Absolute Combat Events, LLC Artistic Applications Embroidery Audibel Hearing Aid Center BBC Trio Comet Cleaners Graphics Imaging Advertising On The Move Hickory Creek Construction J.W. Wilburn True Value Hardware Keystone Consulting Group Magnolia Manor Old Town Grill Surface Doc

USA Tans Versatile Landscapes Volunteer Princess Cruises, LLC Louisville, KY Dinner At Crespo’s Donald’s Baked Goods & Catering Incentives Kim’s Cleaning Pink Door Noodles & Tea Lounge Renier Janitorial River City Tire Company of Louisville Travelhost Greater Louisville Memphis, TN Captain John’s BBQ Env-air-oment Flexible Tape & Label Co., Inc. Funquest Family Entertaiment Center Jump In Party Rental Juudyy Mikes Memphis Tours Premier AutoSports Residence Inn By Marriott Service Master Landscape Shepherd’s Haven Ministries Inc. Sky’s the Limit WellWorx Middle Georgia, GA Buffalo’s of Warner Robins Nashville, TN Cost Segregation Study, LLC Dr. Lauretta Connelly NW Arkansas North Side Restaurant Omaha, NE Alarm Equipment, Inc. Barnhart Press Fred’s Office Furniture, Inc. Heidelberg’s Mid-America Placement Svc.

ew Clients - March, 2009 Orlando, FL Affordable Printing & Signs Americas Home Specialist, LLC Lach Orthodontic Specialist, Inc. Main Street Mowers, Inc. Party Flavors Custom Cakes RDV Homes Corporation Rocker’s Lockers LLC Rohr Balloons, LLC Sam’s Music Bar Bistro Sunstate Fire Equipment, Inc.

Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Fred’s Work Wear Kim Bailey - Century 21 Grand Realty Liftway

Topeka, KS AnnounceIt Capital City Christian Chamber of Commerce Drew Markham E2 Communications KCVT-FM Kuehne Family YMCA Marketing Concepts Silverwearable Topeka Value Book

Halton Cyclepath Oakville DJT Tire Mojo Music

Tri-Cities, TN Appalachian Stone Works LLC Chef’s Pizzeria Family Eye Care Center of Johnson City Kingsport Heating & Air Conditioning Lawn Doctor of Kingsport Jonesborough Unique Crete


Edmonton Anderson Custom Builders MEHco Inc. PFG Electric and Constructors Village Glass and Mirror/ Rogers Cellular

Hamilton Fast Signs Full Throttle RC and Hobby The Grand Olympia Midwestern Ontario Dymond Design Monsoon Lounge Niagara Fight Fit Precious LaPlante Photography Vital Signs

Tuscaloosa, AL Red Top Tree Service Touchdown Alabama Magazine

Ottawa Independent Garage Door Service The Arrow and the Loon

Wichita, KS Absolute Custom Car Care Crown Uptown Dinner Theatre GracePoint Church Hurricane Maintenance LLC

Toronto Main Street Productions Inc. Rhythm Spa

The Trade Street Journal • 15

TRADEBANK International, Inc. 1000 Laval Blvd. Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Presorted Std U.S. Postage Paid Marietta, GA Permit No 7

Tradebank Franchise Opportunities Available

Are you or someone you know looking for a new career opportunity? Tradebank is a leader in the barter industry with a proven track record of success. Barter is both recession proof and timeless. Those with previous barter experience know the value of trading and have an intrinsic desire to continually increase trading opportunities for themselves as well as others. A Tradebank Franchise provides an opportunity to own your own business and be part of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic industries in the world. The ideal Tradebank franchise owner is someone with previous business ownership experience, deep community roots and the desire to build their own business and control their own destiny. Todd Gerry, President of Tradebank International Franchising Corporation, announces the availability of franchise opportunities in several key markets throughout the United States including: San Antonio, TX Jacksonville, FL

New Orleans, LA Cincinnati, OH

Raleigh, NC Indianapolis, IN

Kansas City, MO Detroit, MI

Savannah, GA Chicago, IL

Montgomery, AL Charleston, SC

For more information on these markets, as well as others that may be available, contact Todd Gerry at 678.533.7119 or email To download the franchise brochure, go to and click on Franchising. The Trade Street Journal • 16

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