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United States • VOL. 3 • March 2009



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Page 3 - Speaking from Experience Learn the “Nuts and Bolts” of Trading

Pages 10, 11, & 12 - How to® Use myTradebank

Pages 8 & 9 - 2008 Achievement Awards Jeff Jones, Knoxville - Top Sales - Bronze

The Trade Street Journal™ Published by Tradebank International, Inc.

Page 4 - Regional Owner Replies Trudy Schott, CTB

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Speaking From Experience



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Page 12

by Marcy S. Yaffe, National Trade/Training Director

Those of you who know me personally know I frequently use the phrase “adding layers” to describe the learning process. I see that to be especially true in barter. When you initially met with your Tradebank sales representative, the words they spoke to you regarding trade made intellectual sense. You trade in ADDITION to cash not instead of it. And you save your cash by using the new trade revenue to pay for things that you otherwise would have paid cash for or done without. You experienced the transition from concept to action when you made your first trade sales to customers who were introduced to you specifically by Tradebank. As you continued to make trade sales, you saw how Tradebank not only brought you new customers, but the new business provided an additional source of revenue that you wouldn’t have

had if not for your participation in Tradebank. The first time you used your trade dollars rather than cash to make a purchase you saw how valuable trade was in keeping cash in your pocket so you could “save for a rainy day”. Saving for a rainy day and other popular idioms may date back in time, yet they still hold true today. and even more so in our current economic cycle. Everyone from personal finance expert, Suzy Orman, to your grandfather, echos this same advice. They caution you to have a financial reserve available for emergencies. Every where we look the message is the same: look for every way possible to conserve your cash so that when an emergency or opportunity comes your way you will be able to act. Yet, like most advice, it is easier said than done.

Your active selling and buying through Tradebank helps bridge the gap between rhetoric and reality. Conserving your cash is the very core of Tradebank’s mission with our clients. This issue of the Trade Street Journal provides you with information on how to learn the nuts and bolts of trading and provide a critical step toward your financial security. Once you have mastered the basics, you can add layers and build on the assets you have to enhance your business and personal life. Marcy S. Yaffe is the National Trade/Training Director of Tradebank International. She has over 24 years experience brokering barter transactions. Contact or

888.568.5680 ext 118.

Learn the “Nuts and Bolts”of Trading The Trade Street Journal • 3



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Page 9

A Regional Owner Replies by Marcy S. Yaffe

John and Trudy Schott, CTB, are the Regional Owners of Tradebank of Wichita

MY: The two of you bring a wealth of experience to Tradebank from a variety of perspectives. Tradebank of Wichita is one of the founding Tradebank regions. You are both long time regional owners, stockholders, former clients, and you each handle the sales and brokering responsibilities. Please comment on how to be a successful trader.

John Schott, CTB Regional Owner Tradebank of Wichita

Trudy Schott, CTB Regional Owner Tradebank of Wichita The Trade Street Journal • 4

TS: I believe first and foremost, I need to know the client and what I can bring to the client in the form of trading opportunities, any goods and/or services that will help him with his bottom line and what the client wants me to sell for him. Communication with your broker and sales person is the best way to help a business to utilize their trade revenue. By contacting your Broker, before you spend cash, you will find our trading network has the potential of getting that good or service from one of our many valued Trade Clients.

What are you paying out in cash on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis? You have to be willing to think outside the box, and realize that by converting any of these expenses over to a trade business, you are freeing up your cash that can be used for goods or services that we don't offer on trade.

Tradebank brings you new business that you would not have received otherwise. Tradebank also brings cash business to your door from word of mouth referrals. We help businesses shrink their excess inventory by offering their goods on trade at prevailing retail prices. JS: In order to become a pro active trader you must know what is available to purchase on trade. Participate in monthly Tradebank mixers and network with other traders. Communicate with clients and your Tradebank Broker. Find out what they have to offer and in turn share with them what you have. Can't find it on trade? Give the Tradebank sales person a referral of who you've used in that industry. Call that company and tell them about Tradebank. Let them know that they are losing business by not being part of Tradebank and you would like for them to talk to the Tradebank sales agent. Let them know that Tradebank is always working for you to help grow your business and increase your bottom line.

TS: John and I teach our clients the real value of their trade dollars, the associated cash savings trade purchases represent and the direct positive impact trading has on their bottom line. Understanding this is critical.

For more information about Tradebank of Wichita contact: John and Trudy Schott T: 316.683.0132

How to...



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Page 8

...Grow Your Business

...Travel on Trade

...Work with Your Trade Broker

Let’s talk new business and customers first. Promote your business to Tradebank Clients. These will be new customers and business that you would never have had otherwise. Every new Tradebank client who has a great experience with you represents a new line of “word of mouth” referral business. This is one of the reasons you need to treat Tradebank clients like GOLD because that’s what they are – GOLD to your bottom line.

There are a few key rules to remember when using your trade dollars to travel. The most important would be giving your Trade Broker plenty of notice before you plan to travel. A two week window if a hotel needed, and a month or more for a timeshare, condo or cabin is recommended. Remember, there may be blackout dates during holidays, spring break or any peak season when trading is not an option because the property’s rental capacity is filled via cash renters.

Developing and maintaining a good relationship with your Trade Broker is an important aspect to your trading experiences. Communication between Brokers and our clients is key for successful trading. I have found the clients who talk to us on a regular basis, return our calls, pay attention to our emails, look at our Trade Flashes, and attend our events are typically our best traders. In addition, it is important that you keep us informed about your business. Be sure your Trade Broker is kept up to date on the products and services you want to sell, what you want to purchase, as well as any additional locations. Also, add us to your mailing list, make sure we get a copy of your company newsletter, etc. Take the time to meet your Trade Broker personally.

by Lorraine Harrison, Publisher, About Conyers Magazine

Increasing you market share with the Tradebank trade dollars you have received from those new customers can grow your business more rapidly than you could on your own. Use those dollars to market and brand your business. Services like advertising, website design and hosting, marketing consulting, graphic design for brochures, flyers, and media kits, printing for those marketing pieces are just some of the things that can help grow your business with CASH customers. Tradebank is a valuable tool to improve your business success. You just need to use it.

by Cyndi Welker, CTB, Tradebank of Nashville

Keep in mind, Trade Brokers are not travel agents. We facilitate your travel by providing you trading options. However, it is up to you, prior to booking, to do the background research on the facilities to ensure they will meet your needs and expectations. Remember, what we have in the way of travel destinations and opportunities available on trade are based on what the other Tradebank clients offer. If you have a timeshare, condo or cabin, call your Trade Broker and we can include that in our trading options and turn your unsold time into additional revenue for you.

Most travel is considered “Broker Only” meaning contact your Trade Broker first; be prepared to discuss where you want to go, flexible dates, and size/type of the accommodations you want. A Travel Request form can be found in the Client Library at

Travel: Timing Is Everything

by Vanessa Caja, CTB, Tradebank of Knoxville

Over the years, I have learned that when a client says "I can't spend my trade dollars", it's not a matter of "can't spend". Rather, it is a signal for them to communicate more with their Trade Broker to find out the many different ways to utilize their trade dollars.

Support and communication go hand in hand when working with your Trade Broker. Supportive traders know that helping grow Tradebank by providing introductions to potential Tradebank clients and speaking positively about trade and Tradebank helps them just as much as it helps us. When we work together we grow together.

Communication: A Two-Way Street

The Trade Street Journal • 5

How to...



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Page 5 a Pro-active Trader

by Marcy S. Yaffe

We often speak of successful traders being “pro-active traders”. Here are some specific ways for all Tradebank clients to be pro-active:

Work with your Regional Owner/Trade Broker to introduce you to other Tradebank clients whose business you would like to have and who are currently working with your competitors. Have your Regional Owner put the two of you together so you can show the prospective customer how they can benefit from doing business with you. Tradebank also offers you a tremendous competitive edge in attracting customers who are not currently Tradebank clients and are doing business with your competitors for cash. You wield an extremely powerful offer when you can say “Stop spending cash with my competitor and pay me in trade dollars instead.” Once you pique their interest, introduce your new prospective client to your Regional Owner and have them fill in the details regarding Tradebank. At a time when everyone is trying to conserve cash, other business owners will be even more attracted to doing business with you.

The same is true for your own purchasing. How many missed opportunities are there for you because you are spending cash rather than using trade dollars? Each Tradebank region and the entire Tradebank network represent a vast array of opportunities to save your cash. Target your purchasing to that which is available in the system. Do not fall into a trap of “I can’t spend my trade dollars”, when the truth is you won’t spend your trade dollars. Pro-active Traders make the effort to learn about what is available throughout Tradebank’s trading network and incorporate those opportunities into their business plan.

When you wish to make a major purchase work closely with your local Tradebank staff to find out who offers the product or service you need. It may not be listed in the client directory or in your region, but still available and useful to you. If not, then work with your Regional Owner to use the same selling strategies for identifying someone who seeks to have your business. The Trade Street Journal • 6



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Page 4

Introductions…introduce your Tradebank representative to those in your circle of influence. You never know what products and services others are seeking that could represent new business to someone you know. Also, Tradebank offers a generous referral program as an appreciation for your introductions.

Become an active participant in Tradebank. Make sure you communicate with your Trade Broker on a regular basis. Tell your Trade Broker specifics regarding the products and services you want them to promote for you. Invite your Trade Broker to tour your facility. Provide them with your literature. Add Tradebank to your mailing list. Also, make sure they know what you are looking to purchase so when they hear it is available they let you know immediately.

Attend Tradebank events. Trade Universities are not just for the new clients. By attending you will pick up new trading ideas, meet the new Tradebank clients and have the opportunity to network with existing clients. Open houses, Holiday Expos, and Networking events are all designed to keep clients involved. If you are not networking, you’re “not working”. Make sure your Tradebank window sticker is displayed in a prominent location. Do you have the Tradebank table tent by your cash register? Do you display the Tradebank literature rack? Let others know you are proud to accept the Tradebank card and welcome their business.

Ask your customers from Tradebank to introduce you to others in their circle of influence who are not in a position to Trade. Be pro-active in developing a loyalty program to encourage your trade customers to recommend you to others, both cash and trade.

These are just a few of the strategies to employ to be a “pro-active trader” and to reap the maximum return on your Tradebank investment.

The Trade Street Journal • 7



Jeff Jones Knoxville

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Page 15

SALES AWARDS Vicki Carnes Charlotte


Top Gun

Jeremy Rash Nashville


Awarded to individuals making the highest number of New Account Sales in the USA.


The Presidents Award is awarded in recognition of an outstanding level of excellence achieved in the operation of a regional office of Tradebank USA.

The Ace Award is awarded in recognition of extraordinary vision, dedication and commitment in the continued development of Tradebank USA.

2008 Achiev

Marc Davis, CTB

Tradebank of Knoxville Presidents Award - Marc Davis, CTB Ace Award - Marc Davis, CTB Bronze Sales Award - Jeff Jones Million Dollar Circle Silver - Vanessa Caja, CTB Million Dollar Circle - Connie Caple, CTB Million Dollar Circle - Tonya Wilde Century Club Millionaire Club

The Rookie of the Year Award is awarded in recognition of exceptional achievement in the performance of a USA Tradebank Franchise Office during the first year of operation.

The Rob Verkiak Mentor Award is awarded in recognition of service to Tradebank in addition to helping others within the community reach their full potential. The Century Club Award is awarded in recognition of the exceptional achievement of acquiring One Hundred New Account Sales for the year.

The Millionaire Club Award is awarded in recognition of USA Tradebank Franchise offices that produce over One Million Dollars in Trade Volume. The Million Dollar Circle Award is awarded in recognition of USA Tradebank Trade Brokers who produce over One Million Dollars in Trade Volume.

The Honorable Mention Award is awarded in recognition of USA Tradebank Trade Brokers who produce at least T$250,000 in Trade Volume.

The Trade Street Journal • 8

Trudy Schott, CTB & John Schott, CTB

Tradebank of Wichita Million Dollar Circle - Trudy Schott, CTB Millionaire Club

Tradebank of Co Millionaire C



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Page 16

chievement Awards

avis, CTB TB Jones Vanessa

e Caple, CTB Wilde


Sindo Mayor

Mark Caldwell, CTB

Jurgen Mootz

Brian Smith

Jerry Holley

Tony Edwards, CTB

Tradebank of Charlotte Rookie of The Year - Sindo Mayor Top Gun - Vicki Carnes Honorable Mention - Summer McCall Century Club

Tradebank of Greenville Schott, CTB Million Dollar Circle - Andi Nichols Millionaire Club

debank of Columbus Millionaire Club

Tradebank of Chattanooga Tradebank of Nashville Million Dollar Circle Bronze - Alicyne Roth Rob Verkiak Mentor Award Millionaire Club Mark Caldwell, CTB Top Gun Silver - Jeremy Rash Top Trader - Cyndi Welker, CTB Honorable Mention - Pamela Chenault, CTB Millionaire Club

Tradebank of Atlanta South Million Dollar Circle - Janet Stackhouse Millionaire Club

Tradebank of Tri Cities Honorable Mention Rebecca Harless

Tradebank of Middle Georgia Honorable Mention - Tony Ewards, CTB

Tradebank of Birmingham Honorable Mention Charmaine Dye, CTB The Trade Street Journal • 9

How to...



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Page 3

by Valerie Hale, Sr. VP Operations, Tradebank International When asked by clients how to maximize their trading experiences, my answer is to be sure they have logged into www.mytradebank,com. I encourage clients to make it a priority to familiarize themselves with the tools and features of our website. Our website and Trade Brokers work hand in hand to provide comprehensive trading data and opportunities to our clients. We have built an online community of communication and information to provide 24/7 access to your Tradebank account as well as marketing tools to assist you in buying and selling your products and services.

Register for Online Account Access First time users should register to access their Tradebank account through our website at, using the account and pin* number assigned when your account was opened.A You will also need access to your email to retrieve a validation code sent during the registration process.

What You Need



1. Tradebank Account Number 2. Assigned PIN* 3. Access to your email account

During this process you will be asked to create a User Name and Password that you will use for further access. It is important that you record this information in a safe place.B A confirming email will be sent to your registered email address. This email will contain a code you will use to verify your account and gain access to

Once on line, you are encouraged to update your profile to represent your company to other clients. The Media tabD enables you to upload an image whether it be a photo or company logo for your business.



When you click the CategoriesE tab you can list all the products and services you have available for trade along with those you wish to purchase. Our online matching system will display other clients who have what you want or want what you have. The Trade Street Journal • 10

How to...



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Page 6

Access Your Account Information Your personal page summarizes who you are, what you trade and your account activity. To update any of this information, click on the edit button to the right of the section you wish to update.F Each month Tradebank sends email notification to those clients registered in that your monthly statement can be viewed online. Online statements are accessible through your Tradebank account the first working day of the month. Paper statements are mailed first class from the Corporate Office in Lawrenceville, Georgia the first week of the month. To view past statements or current transactions you can click the Statements/Account Activity link.G



Make a Payment

We have also expanded your options to make a payment on your account. For those clients who wish to participate in Tradebank’s EasyPay program, upon completion of the simple form available in the Library on our website or from your local Tradebank office, payment will be deducted from the checking account or credit card of your choice on the 10th of each month. All payments are to be received by the Corporate Office (Tradebank, 1000 Laval Blvd, Lawrenceville, GA 30043) no later than the 20th of each month. Your options for making online payments have increased. We now accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Google Checkout and PayPal.H The payment will be posted to your account within two business days.


The Trade Street Journal • 11

How to...



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Page 7

Process a Transaction Online

It is the Seller’s responsibility to obtain an authorization. Tradebank has two options for you to access the online transaction screen. 1. The Authorize link on the home page of 2. The Process Transactions link in the Account Services Section of


What You Need

1. Your Merchant Number 2. Buyer’s Account Number 3. Transaction Amount

You can also obtain transaction authorization by calling 1.800.899.1111. Your authorization number verifies that funds from the Buyer’s account have been transferred to your account. In addition to providing their Tradebank account umber, the Buyer’s signature on the transaction slip or other supporting documentation authorizes Tradebank to process the Seller’s request for payment.

How To Get Paid T$10 Every Month

Participate in the Tradebank WebLink Program and receive T$10 per month for having the Tradebank logo displayed on your homepage. In addition, Tradebank will pay you T$200 for every business owner or professional who becomes a Tradebank client as a direct result of having the Tradebank WebLink appear on your website. The T$10 WebLink bonus will be credited to your account on a monthly basis once Tradebank verifies that the web link is active and in accordance with the guidelines established for the program.

The Trade Street Journal • 12

Tradebank of Louisville Dominates Local Market



12:17 PM

Page 10

by Marcy S. Yaffe at, Owner Best Net, Greenville, South Carolina

Roger Williams Regional Owner

On behalf of everyone at Tradebank, Roger Williams, Regional Owner of Tradebank of Louisville and his staff welcome the clients of Kentuckiana Alliance of Trade Exchanges (K.A.T.E.) to Tradebank. Williams' recent acquisition of the two formerly independent trade exchanges in Louisville has expanded the trading network both locally, as well as for clients throughout Tradebank, and makes Tradebank of Louisville the predominant trade exchange in it’s marketplace.

In addition, Lavonda Henry and Charlene Lawrence join the

Charlene Lawrence Regional Sales Director

Tradebank of Louisville trading team. Both of whom have strong trading backgrounds and were instrumental in building K.A.T.E. prior to its acquisition by Tradebank of Louisville. Charlene Lawrence will assume the duties of Regional Sales Director and Lavonda Henry will serve as Executive Director. Both will continue to build on their successes by adding new clients in the Metro Louisville and surrounding markets. Tradebank of Louisville Roger Williams T: 502.413.6968 E:

Lavonda Henry Executive Director

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The Trade Street Journal • 13



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Page 11

Tradebank Welcomes New Clients UNITED STATES

Atlanta Southeast, GA Discover Point Church Ray McBerry Enterprises Atlanta-Gwinnett Action Hospitality Events

Charlotte, NC Ageless Remedies Lake Norman Albemarle Hearing Center, LLC Charlotte Dog Walker Charlotte Photography Jean Gettys Nevole's Pizzeria Premier Accounting Service Space Kidets

Greenville, SC Brian Smith Law Firm Chartwell Mortgage Funding, LLC Gault's Clean House The Painting Pros Vision Screenprinting & Graphics Kansas City, MO Massage Envy

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Nashville, TN Dependable Image Delivery Inc. Nashville Free Press Volunteer Light & Sign NW Arkansas Elite Cleaners

Orlando, FL Armstrong Air & Heating, Inc. Armstrong Carpet & Tile, Inc Armstrong Garage Doors, Inc. Diva's Salon & Spa, Inc. Hollister Stone Realty Immaculate Landscape, LLC Remax Properties, SW SGI Massage, LLC

Topeka, KS Capital City Christian Chamber of Commerce La Carib Catering Riverside Marketing

Tri-Cities, TN Luke's Pizza Pop-A-Lock of Tri-Cities Precision Transmission The Posy Shop Tuscaloosa, AL Gean La Tiendo

Wichita, KS Climate Control Heating & A/C Designated Driver From Me 2 You Lift Networks Rhino Transport Superior Home Services Inc

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Halton Amazing Results Shirzad Ginwalla

Hamilton Little Green Tree Ltd. The Reptile Store Zeke Wines Midwestern Ontario Better Than Flowers Front Desk Canada Niagara Orange Hot Tubs Rudan Holdings Studio Tile

Ottawa Blaze Renovations Toronto No Dunks Inc.




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Page 14

Successful Traders enjoy the advantage they have over the competition in the fact that they have additional sales and profits from a network of customers dedicated to trading with them on a continuous basis. After all, successful traders want to generate additional sales by trading to offset their cash purchases. Successful Traders accept trade at 100% in line with the fact that they are in the trade exchange to generate barter motivated sales. Anything less than trading 100% can turn customers away and defeat the purpose of trading. They may, as a matter of prudent management, establish limits overall for their trading, but the limits that they set do not apply to individual sales, except in cases where they must decline the sale due to the fact that they have reached their maximum trading limit. Successful Traders accept trade for what it is, a method of payment, and price their products or services at its retail price. They recognize that unfair pricing will drive customers away and ruin their reputation and status with their trading network of customers as well as with potential cash customers. They know that, at fair market value, trade will provide the purchasing power for products and services they need at an optimum cost realized by increasing their own sales. Successful Traders will only pay a fair price for products or services that they need. They will switch to a different supplier or even change their spending to a different product or service in order to maintain the integrity of the system. Barter must be equitable for both parties, and the trade exchange, or it is not practical for anyone. After all, the trade exchange is chartered as a third party for the exchange of goods and services for the benefit of the entire client base. Successful Traders make communication with the Trade Broker a priority in both areas of spending and selling for optimum performance of the system. Successful Traders utilize every opportunity to spend trade dollars, including the use of trade dollars personally. This, of course, must always be properly accounted for, but by doing so, can be very profitable for both the business and the individual. Successful Traders may have some frustrations, but know that overall, the bartering system will provide additional sales and profits within a network of dedicated clients with a common empathy for all.

Successful Traders constantly measure their trading compared to cash flow to make certain that trading volume results in improvement for their cash flow and provides optimum business momentum. Successful Traders know that trade will expand their cash business through participation in advertising programs through the various media available on trade, and most importantly via word of mouth advertising to potential cash customers. Successful Traders enjoy trading, fully understand the benefits of trading and view their association with the Tradebank staff, as well as other clients, as a partnership committed to overall profitability and achievement.

by Marcy S. Yaffe and Les Snodgrass

The Trade Street Journal • 15



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As CONTACT MIKE HUEBNER 440.821.8404 or The Mountain Resort Properties of Georgia, LLC

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Developer Financing Available

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BARTER 20% Down Payment on Homesites BARTER Down Payments on Cabins and Commercial Properties IRA APPROVED - Ask about our Real Estate IRA

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