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Speaking From Experience

by Marcy S. Yaffe, National Trade/Training Director

As a Tradebank client you have an enormous competitive advantage over other business owners. While others struggle to retain and attract new customers, you are in a position to expand your current client base by trading. As a Tradebank client, you have an inherent alliance with other Tradebank clients who have the opportunity to introduce you to others in their own circle of influence of non-barter customers. The Tradebank clients you trade with represent a new center of influence with the ability to drive new cash customers to you. If you avoid that Tradebank client, that center of influence will be endorsing your competitor rather than you.

We all know that word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. When a

Tradebank client has a positive experience with you and tells someone else about your business they are providing a personal endorsement for your company. People trust other people in a manner far beyond what they trust in a message in other forms of advertising. The value of your partnership with Tradebank represents a far greater potential to the sustainability of your business than just the amount of the trade sale.

What do you have to do in return? 1. Maintain the highest level of quality in your products and services. 2. Sell your products and services at a fair price.

3. Provide superior and consistent customer service. 4. Let others know you want their business.

5. Educate your potential customers on the problems you solve for them.

Post Script: Its lunchtime. As I am finishing this column a colleague came in to my office and said, “Sara told me about this wonderful new restaurant. Here is their brochure and menu. Do you want to try it for lunch today?� How apropos. The impact of word of mouth advertising never ends. Marcy S. Yaffe is the National Trade/Training Director of Tradebank International. She has over 24 years experience brokering barter transactions. Contact or 888.568.5680 ext 118.

6. Encourage your trade customers to refer other nonTradebank customers to you.

Have respect for your Trade customers and the power of the word of mouth advertising they represent. Value and cultivate your Tradebank trading partners. Provide your trade customers with a reason to want to continue to do business with you through Tradebank and to encourage others to do business with you as well. Every new customer you gain, trade and cash, gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The Trade Street Journal • 3



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A Regional Owner Replies by: Marcy S. Yaffe

Aubyn Fowler is the Regional Owner of Tradebank of Omaha

MY: Aubyn, even though your region is just three years old, Tradebank of Omaha represents a steadily growing client base of business owners and professionals who understand the benefits of trading and working together to expand the success of each other’s businesses as well as to assist you in building yours. What’s your business philosophy? How does your approach translate into your dealings with others?

Photo Credit: billsitzmann/

AF: First of all, you referred to “clients” in my region. A better description for me is “Trading Partners”. I feel I am in a partnership with the other business owners. We are all in this together to become more successful. Tradebank provides the link and the means for us all. As far as building my business, the Trading Partners I manage know I am always willing to go the extra mile to assist them. I care about the welfare of their business and they respond the same way to me. My referral base is incredible. We are all neighbors and have a tremendous opportunity to open new doors for each other.

The Trade Street Journal • 4

When we lived in Wichita we owned a restaurant/lounge and were very involved in Tradebank working closely with Trudy and John Schott. From our experience as a client, we moved back to Omaha in 2005 to open our own region. We immediately began to re-establish old relationships and build new ones as well. I am extremely proud to be associated with the other business owners who trade through Tradebank. When seeking new companies to expand our trading network, I look for other business owners who share the same level of respect and integrity for their own business as I do my own. Tradering Partners in our area will accept nothing less than fair trading.

I stress to my Trading Partners the importance of recognizing the tremendous opportunities Tradebank offers, supporting one another, and also knowing that I will be there to assist them. Many of the Trading Partners here have had previous experiences with other trade groups, but they are quick to tell me about the superior delivery of trading services by Tradebank in comparison. And, even more important, they tell other business owners in the community. I take great pride in hearing the positive experiences our Trading Partners have when trading. For instance, when D & H HVAC and Sandler Sales rave to me about the wonderful experiences they’ve had at Red Zone BBQ and Tom Crow, owner of Red Zone BBQ independently thanks me for referring the new customers, I know that it’s all worth it. I see and hear it everyday.



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It’s More Than a Magazine

The Trade Street Journal is a barter industry magazine published and mailed monthly to our clients. Our goal is to provide educational and entertaining articles that equip our readers to better utilize barter and to gain and maintain a competitive edge in today’s challenging marketplace.

The most recent 12 issues are available to the public, as well as our clients, online at Additionally, Tradebank clients can download previously published articles addressing specific issues from the Client Library located at Clients simply login to and click on the Library link in the upper menu bar for a list of these resources. Advertising in The Trade Street Journal provides the perfect opportunity to promote your products or services nationwide. For information on advertising rates and how you can reach over 5,000 business owners in the United States contact Brenda Jameson @ 770.822.2785 or

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Jane Bellefeuille’s business strategy and philosophy provides a clear example of how others can increase their market share and profitability by thinking outside the box and creating your own success.

When you speak with Jane Bellefeuille you will find out she knows how to recognize opportunity in places where others may not. Furthermore, once she sees an opportunity, Bellefeuille knows how to take action. And, just as important, she knows how to build on each opportunity to maximize its potential and her success. Bellefeuille has done it all her The Trade Street Journal • 6

life and trading has always been part of her ventures. As a child, Bellefeuille grew up on a farm in Vermont and traded eggs for piano lessons. Today, Tradebank clients know her as the owner of JB Sales, Inc., a Tradebank client in Conyers, Georgia, who has been selling her candy and gift baskets to Tradebank clients across the country since 1993. However, her trade business is just one example of how Bellefeuille grows one opportunity into another. This retail side of her business is an off shoot of her main business, a wholesale candy distributor.

Jane Bellefeuille

Over 25 years ago Bellefeuille found out about the concept of warehousing and chose candy as her product. Why candy? “Because candy is a consumable, which equates to repeat purchases”, explains Bellefeuille. However, sitting back waiting for orders was far too complacent for Bellefeuille. So she took her business to the next level and created in her own store displays from which the retailer could sell her candy. “Once they had the displays in their store, they had to keep it filled so they’d buy more candy from me.”, says Bellefeuille with a shy smile. She elaborates, “The next thing I did to



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further expand my business was set up training sessions with retailers who never sold candy before and taught them how to be profitable by selling my products, all the while increasing a demand for what I was selling. I created my own new market.”

While selling her candy, Bellefeuille saw the opportunity to continue to expand her business and taught her retailers how to build gift baskets using her candy. In addition to using candy in the baskets, she decided to expand her product line further and also included gift items, which the retailers they could obtain from her, of course. Furthermore, her wholesale business was just one side of the coin. Bellefeuille sought additional customers who were not in a competitive situation with her wholesalers, thus creating another niche market, the retail gift basket business, on which she has built her successful Tradebank reputation. Bellefeuille was also a school teacher years ago. Although no longer in a school setting, Bellefeuille continues to teach others in workshops, seminars and videos how to capture her entrepreneurial spirit. Those learning opportunities extend to her own family as well. At the

recent Tradebank of Chattanooga Holiday Trade Expo there were three generations of Bellefeuilles working

right there beside her selling, make that “upselling”, to the shoppers. Working with their grandma is a regular occurrence and gives her grandchildren, Jesse and Emma Kate, the opportunity to learn self confidence, self worth and how to take pride in themselves as they develop an understanding of the basics of business and selling. According to Bellefeuille, “No

matter what you do in life, first you have to sell yourself before you sell your products. And because they work with me in my business, I am convinced my daughter and her children have a stronger foundation on which to reach their maximum potential.” When asked about Tradebank, Bellefeuille will tell you she has used trade dollars from the practical such as dental and eye care and business related purchases to the pleasurable such as her vacations and jewelry purchases and how beneficial Tradebank has been for her.

Contact: Jane Bellefeuille JB Sales, Inc. T: 770-483-4654 E:

The Trade Street Journal • 7

Can You Ever Be TOO WEALT



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Page 15

Wealth is the accumulation of resources. As a Tradebank client you have the opportunity to become very wealthy. Barter is re as well as financial and business advisors as a method to stabilize and grow your business. This is especially true in times like television news all include barter in their discussions of how to cope in today’s economic climate. Trading what you have for beyond the simple exchange of goods and services. Tradebank offers you an opportunity to build revenue and also to expand lead to wealth far beyond the initial trade sale.

“But, I need cash business” is sometimes heard from struggling business owners. All business owners need cash business. An Tradebank clients know that when they make trade sales, they accumulate wealth and that wealth is in the form of additional chasing power they wouldn’t have if not for Tradebank. Sindo Mayor, Regional Owner of Tradebank of Charlotte advises clients to always remember, “One of the most important things for business owners to understand is that trade represents a steady reliable source of new business and additional sales. Business owners trade in addition to their cash business. They do not replace cash customers rather they expand their customer base.”

John Schott, co-regional owner of Tradebank of Wichita takes it a step further, “Businesses that recognize the benefits of bartering use their trade dollars to make improvements in their business such as upgrades to their office equipment, building improvements and maintenance, give great incentives to their employees and use their trade dollars for advertising to lure cash business.”

Mark Caldwell, regional owner of Tradebank of Nashville encourages all businesses to investigate co-op advertising dollars avai reimbursed through a co-op program creates promotional opportunities that may not otherwise be feasible”. Furthermore, Caldw employees feel the more willing they will be to work to make your company successful. These two things are vital to a business

A unique benefits of trading with Tradebank is that you do not pay any brokerage fees until you complete the trading cycle. The ness but also using that purchasing power as well. Savvy Tradebank clients know that they cannot afford not to trade. The Trade Street Journal • 8

ALTHY? 0901:2008


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Page 16

hy. Barter is recommended by economists, marketing and adverting gurus, ue in times like we are experiencing today. Radio, print and t you have for what you need is timeless. But it goes lso to expand your resources, both of which

h business. And, savvy of additional pur-


Consider This!

Having an additional stream of revenue enables your business to build wealth in a myriad of ways. When you augment and replace cash expenditures with trade you also expand your wealth further.

First, you have new purchasing power in the form of both trade and cash. Second, the wealth you accumulate in the form of trade dollars enables you to conserve your cash dollars and still accumulate additional assets. Third, the cash you save becomes a liquid asset. Fourth, when you purchase tangible assets such as buildings, machinery, furniture, tools, etc. on trade they will add to your wealth by increasing your ability to increase your earnings and profits. Furthermore, many of these assets can be leveraged to obtain additional cash.

ng dollars available from their vendors. Using trade dollars to pay for advertising to attract new customers and then being ermore, Caldwell sees one of the merits of having trade dollars is to reward employees. “The happier and more valued your l to a business’s success yet often not included in a cash budget.”

ing cycle. Therefore, you truly profit first before ever paying Tradebank a dime. That means not only receiving new busirade.

The Trade Street Journal • 9



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Page 3

A “Black Tie” Benefit by: Bill Treat, Owner Best Net, Greenville, South Carolina

In early 2007 George Clooney, Renee Zellweger, and other Hollywood stars were in the Carolinas to film the romantic comedy Leatherheads, based on the beginnings of professional football in the 1920s.

My wife, son, and I were privileged to spend six days filming with these Oscar-winning stars and others. In the past I have had the privilege to be photographed with celebrities and dignitaries. As I went over in my mind these past photo-op's and how they came about (including pictures with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Art Linkletter, Pat Boone and others, I came up with a plan.

I asked a friend, an artist who was also an extra in the film, to do a caricature of Mr. Clooney for me. This was a barter deal; I cleaned the gutters of his home in exchange for the terrific drawing. Attempts to get a copy of the drawing to Mr. Clooney during the filming proved unfruitful, however when he and Miss Zellweger returned to the Carolinas to promote the film, my association with Tradebank proved invaluable in an unusual way!

Tradebank of Charlotte Sales Agent, Vicki Carnes, invited a prospective member to a Tradebank luncheon. Sue and I were in attendance and I mentioned that we were extras in Leatherheads, which would soon be in theatres. Later in the day, Vicki called to say that her prospect, Jennifer Tremblay (who is now a Tradebank client trading her business consulting services and time shares), had tickets to a sneak preview for that night and we could have them! We were quite excited since we didn't even know there was a sneak preview! Nor did we know that "fate" would have us sitting on the front row of the theatre where Clooney and Zellweger would be presented with Carolina Panthers jerseys by Panthers Quarterback Jake Delhomme. I had a framed copy of the caricature with me and showed it to Mr. Clooney as he departed the room. He shook my hand and said, "That's great!" The next day in Salisbury, NC, (where we had spent three days filming at the train depot) I was able to get an autograph from Mr. Clooney and present him with several copies of the drawing. The Trade Street Journal • 10



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Page 6

All in all this was an unusual and exciting event that we experienced as a direct result of our association with Tradebank; and while meeting George Clooney was a special treat, we are fortunate to be involved in Tradebank where we have formed business partnerships with many clients. This experience alone extended to other Tradebank clients. The autographed picture was later framed by a Tradebank client in the Greenville area. While in Greenville, we attended the premier dressed in our "Leatherheads period" outfits and later stayed at a hotel on trade. The following day we dined at Trio Brick Oven Cafe, another Tradebank client.

Bill and Sue Treat

Do you have an exciting or unusual story that involves Tradebank? We want to hear about it!

Submit your story to Trade Editor, Marcy Yaffe @

The Trade Street Journal • 11




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for REAL ESTATE! an Appreciating Asset



to Purchase a Homesite in 2009 and Pay 50% in BARTER! Developer Financing Available

We Invite YOU to Visit the Beautiful North Georgia Mountains as our Guest!


CONTACT MIKE HUEBNER - 440.821.8404 or Mountain Resort Properties, LLC

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Page 10

How Trade Works for.... The Restaurant Industry The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries in which to be involved. It is an industry that takes a great deal of business savvy in order to be profitable. Restaurateurs are constantly faced with pressures of competing with other independent restaurateurs in addition to corporate owned restaurants with virtually endless advertising and marketing budgets. Then comes the challenge of turning new customers into repeat business.

As a Tradebank client, restaurateurs can add a powerful marketing tool to their business which is guaranteed to bring you new customers. These new customers will simply be filling otherwise empty tables, allowing you to the opportunity to maximize your resources and showcase your restaurant to a larger audience. Also, this new business will provide you with valuable word-of-mouth advertising which will inevitably result in new cash customers as well. Are you finding that your restaurant is open but often under capacity during the weekdays or weekends? Tradebank brings you the additional customers you desire while assisting you in lowering your overhead expenses, improving your cash flow, and increasing your cash profits. This new trade revenue can be used on your most common overhead expenses such as advertising & marketing, restaurant equipment & supplies, printing, building & property maintenance, uniforms, health care and employee incentives allowing you to keep your cash in the bank.

For additional information contact Todd Gerry at 678.533.7119 or The Trade Street Journal • 13



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Tradebank Welcomes New Clients

Athens & NE, GA Bretts Casual American Restaurant I85 North Coffee News Atlanta Southeast, GA Eastling Electric Little Black Book

Atlanta-Gwinnett Accolade Pools and Spas Inc. MyChoice Networks, Inc. MyChoice, Inc. Niche Graphics Inc. Windows P 3 Inc. Xtreme Boot Camp Inc.

Charlotte, NC At Your Service Therapeutic Massage Bellingers Consignments Diversity Den Cafe Jamie Lee Carmichael Medi Weight Loss of Ballantyne, LLC Medi Weight Loss of Southpark Steltzner Law Firm LLC The Latin Focus Think Ink Columbus, GA Springer Opera House

Greenville, SC Achille's Landscaping Blueberry Frog Carolina Rod Shop Southeast Transportation The Flyer Man

Knoxville, TN Allied Services ARG Financial Staffing At Your Service Heat & Air Big T Graphics City-State Logistics ECI ENVIROSAFE of TN Ingleby Chiropractic Isenberg's Oddities Jenny Mason, ND, Master Herbalist Kenneth D. Ivey Evangelistic Association Knoxville Thunderbolts My Family Dentistry PLLC The Groovy Pad, Inc. The Ratliff Law Firm Travel Host of Greater Knoxville Virtually Knoxville The Trade Street Journal • 14

Louisville, KY Evans Monument Company, LLC

Memphis, TN Capital Construction Edible Arrangements of Germantown Engineered Management Solutions Middle Georgia, GA Clear Channel Communications Macon Flowershop LLC Nashville, TN Associated Business Services Chris Macer The Nashville Source TNT Chem Dry West End Lock Co. Inc. Who Cooks For You

New Braunfels, TX EMG Visa/MCard Merchant Services NW Arkansas Brown's Collision Center

Omaha, NE Dancer Marty Donner Digital Photography TargetOmaha Marketing Inc. Topeka, KS Hope, Help, Health House 2 Home Leonia Limousines Liberty Tax Service Liberty Tax West Say Cheez Photobooth

Tri-Cities, TN Cozy Cuts Hair Salon Riverview Backhoe Service Robert's Motor Group Unbound Digital Tuscaloosa, AL Full Media Solutions

Wichita, KS A - List Limousine LLC Air Capital Contractors, Inc. Amber The Muralist Country Bumpkins of Wichita


Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Black Media Legacy Card Edmonton Berube Enterprises Little Spa On The Prairie Wild Rose Vacations

Halton Bronte Art Academy and Gallery Marianna's Flower Island Hamilton Ervin's Flooring & Paint Lakeshore Living People In Connection

Midwestern Ontario AK Cleaning Floral Keepsake Hardcore Fitness Plaza Signs S.K. Renos Telinet Digital Networks Peel ECM Foresthill Contracting

Sudbury BMI Custom Apparel Carpet King Cleaning



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Found Money Do you have one of a kind items you’d like to sell?

Tradebank provides an interactive forum on our website,, dedicated to Classified Advertising. The Classifieds are an excellent way to sell your one of a kind items such as boats, property, vehicles, jet skis, golf clubs, office furniture and equipment, china, collectible stamps and coins, household appliances or other items you no longer want. With the additional trade dollars you earn, you can turn around and make new trade purchases. The Classified Ads are not limited to just selling products or services. The Wanted section is beneficial when you are looking for a unique item that is often difficult to find on trade. Many boats, cars, trucks, guns, and other specialty items have been purchased through the Classifieds.

Everything For Sale and Wanted on the Classifieds is 100% trade. Larger ticket items over $10,000 may now also be listed, as long as the FIRST $10,000 of the price is full trade. Posting an ad is a simple online process with step-by-step directions. The site allows you to include a photo, and complete description along with contact information. For more information on posting an ad to the Tradebank Classifieds contact your local Trade Broker or go to

The Trade Street Journal • 15



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