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College of Optometry ​this presentation for new chapter regions in the state of Tennessee is a capstone project for the Tennessee visions course while most sections could be applicable to a chapter region in any state the focus will be on those from Tennessee I want to thank the facebook group of chapter regents vice regent and X chapter regents these ladies provided excellent comments and suggestions and along with my experience arenas tractor Regent helped inform this presentation today regent's come in all shapes and sizes there are no two alike some are retired others still working some have grown children while others have young children at home some have been a dar for many years while others have only recently joined and the common thing we all share is that we all started overwhelmed acknowledging that no Regent knows everything when they start is important this training is designed to give you a knowledge jumpstart and provide a central place for you to refer back as needed throughout your term as region the best way to be an organized chapter regent is to start organized may Bruce a chapter Regent from Texas shared her organizational ideas in 2014 on the president generals blog this is only a summary of each item visit her website for full details of what she suggests you included in each tab of the three-ring binder and a hanging file box for the three-ring binder the first item on the list lists sounds so simple but how many of us have our chapter verse members birthdays state officer contact information or chapter magazine subscription lists immediately available in an easy to find format these suggestions will help you to start organized and stay organized for the hanging file box see suggest items you will most frequently be referring to there are 12 items on the list in each one would be a separate hanging file take her advice and you will be very thankful for the state and national information packets I recommend taking those a step further in the next slide I refer to these two items frequently during my term and often had to make copies of pages for others in the chapter there are a few more tricks to keeping you organized for both the short and long-term purchase 22 inch three ring binders and hole punch your sip and nip or your state information packet and national information packet when you receive them that way you can flip through the pages and they won't get out of order if you want to go the extra step purchase clear pics leaves for the pages also purchase or repurpose a plastic tote or a box and place mementos from each activity in it throughout the year this includes news clippings awards from state conference programs agendas and minutes this way everything will be in one place at the end of the year when you have to complete the year-end reports at the previous Regent for a flash drive or CD with past chapter files including programs agendas treasure reports and minutes so you won't have to recreate everything and remember to save your electronic files to pass on to the next region Tennessee is known as a volunteer state and our da members have volunteered spirits remember everyone is a volunteer be kind be supportive and remember no one's perfect every member is important and has a contribution to make we all have value the understanding most members are doing their best no one gets up in the morning planning to do a bad job some members have been with dar for many years and have varying views of how things should be done this can be difficult for a regent who may want to make some changes invite those members to serve on committees for which they are making suggestions so that they feel included and heard the goal is to give opportunities for all members who want to help or that meanwhile and you can definitely do this through your committee as regent you can't do it all choose a focus for each year year in office possibly even a signature project for each year of your term or for all three years smaller chapters should not expect to be active in every dar committee it's okay to not do everything if no one wants to participate in a committee and don't worry about having that committee or nominating the chair having a list of committees without chairs they spur remember to take ownership instead of having committee chairs in name only ill committees where there is interest and do those well dar is all about the committee nominate chairs who want the task and will be passionate about it this will translate to the membership and invigorate both older and newer members as committee chairs to complete their sections of the state and national reports for new committee chairs you need to share a copy of the previous year's reports for that committee this will help provide context for the information they should be collecting or give them a target to reach or exceed at the end of the year you can provide access to the National master questionnaire or the mq for each chair to fill in their committee reports it is great training for others who may be interested in being Regent one day the region is still the only person that can submit the final and Q so don't worry about that part remember you can't be everything to everyone keep your sense of humor and don't forget to have fun now we will discuss some more detailed information regarding the operation of the chapter chapter bylaws may include specific information on the duties of each office an officer meeting and forum information and when elections for state conference and Continental

Congress delegates should occur you will want to request copies of at least one year of state and national reports from the former Regent these reports are not a mandatory checklist of activities your chapter ms participated rather you should see them as a guide for what possibilities there are for your chapter and as such you only complete information from the committee's and activities for which you had active participation the state master questionnaire includes sections for most dar committees and request information from the chapter on the activity of those committees the state chapter achievement rewards report assigns points for completing certain activities there were 12 sections for reporting in 2015 the national master questionnaire in Chapter achievements in 2015 were combined into one online document this online system requests greater detail than the state report as to the activities of the chapter and members none of these reports are required to be completed by only the regions you can request assistance from your officers and your committee chairs with the national master questionnaire you can provide a pin number for each committee chairs or complete their own section for committees where your chapter is not active and simply select no report it is interesting to note here that the state and national master questionnaires follow the calendar year january through december well most chapters follow a fiscal year of September through May this can make collecting information for your first year's Regent difficult if you are not prepared once you complete your reports and submit then you are requested to send supporting documentation to the state committee chairs such as news clippings program samples in photographs in the state of Tennessee the deadline for submitting all three reports is january fifteenth of each year this state varies by state and because of this may be listed differently on the national site as regent you should also review the treasurer's report on contributions this document lists the required national and state contributions presidents general project information and the optional national and state contributions your chapter can make these will help you in planning and budgeting for the year all of these documents can assist you in planning your term as chapter regent and what you would like to focus on review your state information the state members-only website provides information on the state officers committees and copies of the master questionnaire CAA and the SIP there is also a calendar with important state deadlines and events the state information packet is the local equivalent of the national information packet and includes information on state specific committees and contests as well as the state submission instructions for national contests the packet will also have the state contact information for each committee the online chapter Regents manual is a great resource for committee descriptions and the duties of officers and chairman there is also a suggesting calendar for the chapter Regents and a suggested order of business for chapter meetings there is additional information that you may also find valuable so take a look at the whole document the national information packet provides detailed information on the goals of each committee for each year including contest information deadlines and who to contact this information is essential to participating in the DAR committee the daughters newsletter is sent along with the DAR magazine six times per year the newsletter has sections on with our chapters and the reports of state activities seize this chance to promote your community involvement honor your devoted daughters or relate the history of your part of the country with an advertisement in the magazine in the newsletter the members-only website provides up-to-date information on committees an excellent resource for chapter development and leadership training and really anything you want to know about dar and the DAR fact sheets also known as PG 2000 provides a summary of the organization as well as all of the committee's it is a conceited convenient format to provide the members and prospective members of your chapter don't wait until December of your first year to access a membership it is a great tool to use your round despite means something you may not have heard about yet you can use a membership to manage all of your chapter business for chapter updates you can enter new chapter officers upon election with the date they will take office use the dues invoice ER and a resigned or deceased member or view an update chapter member records a membership has complete membership lists including information you can download for your yearbooks with a built-in yearbook export function both the national master questionnaire and the chapter achievement analysis can be accessed through a membership this is where you find the pin access code to share with committee matures who you would also like to be able to access the master questionnaire several of the reports any membership will help you to complete the chapter achievement analysis for reports there are over 20 different types of reports you can access including chapter magazine subscriptions membership cards for members new member lists and a list of online applications and supplements for your chapter members an often overlooked feature is the prospective member database which contains the listing of prospective members who have been assigned to your chapter these individuals have contacted the state or national dar office and are interested in joining they are assigned based on their address you can use the database to track your contact with potential members you can also enter attract perspectives that you have met through your own ways you can assign prospective member management to any chapter members through the use of a pin code during your term of office you will want to set goals for participation a member development or some other topic that's its importance to you

along with the treasurer determine a chapter budget and work with your program committee or the person assigned the task in order to develop programs that are in line with meeting your chapter goals don't forget to assign your committee chairs to most Regents will have three types of meetings planning meetings board meetings and chapter meetings for planning meetings I highly encourage you to attend the August district workshop and to encourage as many chapter members to attend as well I would especially encourage all new officers and new committee chairs to attend and if you can get them all to attend you're doing a great job this is where you'll pick up your state directory and the state information packet plus information on all of the committee's and their goals for the year you will hear from state leaders and be able to shop various tables you can also purchase additional copies of the state information packet I highly recommend purchasing at least one extra pit to distribute the pages to your committee chairs rather than making your own copies you could usually purchase copies for under five dollars since those chapters in Tennessee use a September to make calendar only the summer board meeting and planning meeting will also be useful I would try to schedule mine after the district workshop but before the end of August this is the time to discuss your goals for the year lay out your program and discuss what activities and committees your chapter should focus on for board meetings you'll want to have a monthly standing meeting if possible being too accommodating on dates and times may leave you missing a median or to some board members will recommend the board meeting be held immediately before the chapter meeting this can be very difficult on the region as it limits the length of the discussions it does not allow you to have items on the agenda ready for chapter discussion it also does not give time for further research before an item is proposed to the chapter for chapter meetings it's important to stay organized write a script or at least follow a schedule there are several examples of a one-hour meeting to help you stay in adult on I know Regents who have a printed program for their meeting that includes the agenda treasurer's report registrar's report minutes from the previous meeting and the president generals minutes which this saves time during the meeting that will keep you to your one hour goal in metropolitan areas with multiple dar chapters there are sometimes entities called regions councils these groups were formed by the current Regents from their member chapters most have a do structure and plan events central to the entire area for example the Knox County Council Regent is comprised of the regions of the five chapters located in Knox County they come together to plan an annual george washington birthday luncheon coordinate constitutionally naturalization ceremonies and parade participation four of the five districts in tennessee have regents councils and as your chapter regents you will most likely have a seat on one of those the context for each council are listed in the state directory use your passion to motivate others and don't forget to have fun this is a volunteer position for you you're bored and your members you do this because you enjoy it don't lose sight of that and if things do become too overwhelming ask for help a happy Regents makes for a happy chapter thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed the webinar Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt.