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CAMP I NG TR I P PACKI NG L IST Girls: 2 changes of clothes (check the weather to know what to pack) Extra pair of shoes (No open toe or open heel shoes at camp) Sleepwear Jacket or sweatshirt for a cool evening Hat or bandana (hair ties to keep hair out of the campfire) Personal Hygiene Items: toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant (no aerosols) Flashlight and extra batteries Raincoat or poncho Sunscreen and Insect repellant (no aerosols) Sleeping bag, small pillow and/or small stuffed animal, if desired. Mess Kit with DUNK BAG (Mesh bag with cord) which contains: Unbreakable plate, cup and bowl, Unbreakable mug, Unbreakable eating utensils. (I have seen simple mess kits for $5 at Wal-Mart and nicer ones for $15 at Sporting Goods stores.) Reusable water bottle An inexpensive compass, optional No electronics (DS’s, ipods, phones, etc.)

Famil ies: Snacks & Drinks (bring your own cooler) for the weekend (Milk and OJ will be provided for Folding Chairs A Tent to accommodate your family Any Other Camping Gear (lanterns, etc). Hand sanitizer/Baby wipes Fishing rod, if you have one There is NO hunting allowed on the property, please leave any firearms at home. Reusable water bottles for your family (We’ll provide paper products for parents/siblings for meals, but scouts should have mess kits) $5 per person for food. (Girl Scouts are FREE).


FY I: There is no r unning water at the campsite. There is only a l at r ine and a handpump well.

GS Packing List  
GS Packing List  

What to bring to camp.