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Ricky Broussard at 2013 Nationals, Orlando, FL

Curtis Green at 2013 Nationals, Orlando, FL



Words From the Presidents—Past, Present, and Elect Past President . . . Ricky Broussard Life is all about change. It turns out so is being part of the leadership team of a professional association. I am amazed at the many unexpected learning opportunities I have had over the last three years. The chance to learn humility, conflict management, patience under fire, public speaking skills, and on the rare occasion how to keep my mouth shut and let others speak. For all the special moments you have 2

allowed me to have as one of your T E2 officers

I say “thanks”. So here is what we, as an organization, have accomplished over the last few years. 

We have created a new organization built of the traditions and best practices of ATTE. This includes the development of a new constitution, a new financial struc-

wards one large CTE conference during the summer. If we do not make our presence felt, and in a large way, we will be taking steps backwards. Lastly, I believe that we have strengthened our relationship with Texas TSA. I understand that some of our members choose not to participate in TSA and we must honour that choice.

But for our long term

growth and in order to develop our own future replacements, we must continue to stand firm and promote TSA as THE student organization that is best for our members and their students. There are still a lot of things left on my list 2

for T E2, and I hope to maintain a strong

relationship with the leadership of our organization through the upcoming years. I encourage you to make sure you play your part and encourage your friends and colleagues to become a part of our organ-

ture, budget, and website.

ization. Make sure you attend the Texas

We have positioned ourselves to have a

Career Education Conference - July 14-17,

greater voice in the on-going discussion about the future of Career and Technology

2014 in Houston, TX.

education in the state of Texas.

Step up, show up, volunteer, be a leader in your own region, and most importantly

We have aligned ourselves with friends


and other organizations within the CTE family, many who are also struggling in this new frontier that our state legislature 2

is creating. T E2 is working to be one of a

chorus of voices in the state of Texas promoting the impact of CTE as a whole in our schools. The days of being the lone wolf and defending only our turf are gone. 

We have strengthened our relationship with ITEEA, through the leadership of Bob Behnke, and created a unified membership option.

We have seen an increase in participation and attendance of people in our clusters at the Texas Career Education Conference hosted by CTAT during the summer. We have not achieved the numbers I would like, but we are moving in the right direction. From my perspective, it seems inevitable that Texas will eventually move to-


TTEE JOURNAL / January 2014

President . . . Jim Kimberly Welcome back! Once again we start another school year. This makes number 19 for me. I look back over that time and see we have had many changes in public education. Many of those changes were welcomed and some not so much. This year with the loss of my department head, I have had to adapt and overcome. All of a sudden, I find myself in the driver’s seat at school. Not to say I cannot handle it, but to say that the changes have been great on the local level for me. Beginning last summer I found myself in the driver’s seat of the Texas Technology and Engineering Educators. As president, I realize that I am, along with the executive com-

mittee, responsible for all we do or fail to do. Having said that, we are looking hard at why we cannot keep, maintain, and recruit new members to our organization. After much discussion with a lot of individuals, we came to the conclusion that we are not offering what is wanted and needed to our members. So how do we fix this? Our answer was offer applicable training in as many of the clusters areas as we could. Now we on the executive committee are by no means experts in all the clusters areas, but the ones we are, we will try to offer meaningful training in that area and recruit experts in other areas. In December, Bob Behnke from Hawkins will offer robotics training in North East Texas. This information is posted on In February, I will offer CNC training in Carthage. In late spring, a school in Region 7 will offer laser engraver training. Our goal is to offer meaningful training in our field from a classroom teacher’s perspective. Look for other training opportunities in your areas in the months to come. Another thing that could improve our membership is to simply “invite a friend”. In our fields, there are some 5000 teachers teaching at least one course in CTE. Many of them are in your schools but not everyone is a member. We may find ourselves teaching with 3 or 4 other teachers who teach a course in one of our cluster areas. Invite them to meet with you at your next regional meeting. Talk to them, tell them who and what we are and what we are about. We are a great organization! Finally, we have partnered with ITEEA for membership purposes. If you are a member of TTEE before December 31, 2013, you will automatically become a member of the International Technology and Engineering Association. This membership comes free with the paid TTEE membership. At $55, it is a bargain—what a fantastic bonus! After that time, the membership cost will be $100 until December 31, 2014. I can only hope we move forward and grow. President Elect . . . Mark Manley As I sit here, contemplating my thoughts about how to begin, I am suddenly awoken by the sound of change. Eve-

Meet the Secretary | Review Summer Board Meeting Notes ry year at about this time, the Gulf Coast is greeted with the sounds of change as fall moves in and winter approaches. Coastal flatlanders are greeted with the hum of hummer’s wings, the honk of geese, and the boisterous rattling of Sandhill Cranes. As in nature, change is a constant to Career & Technology Educators and like nature we must adapt to the changes. Currently, we are facing changes within our membership and changes in student’s graduation requirements (HB5) First of all, I am concerned by the enrollment numbers of TTEE, yet encouraged by the number of potential members. Like most other professional organizations, participation has declined over the last several years, mostly due to the recession and cutbacks. However, we are also dealing with a problem that all businesses face and that is the loss of the “Baby Boomers” in the work force. I am relatively new as a Career & Technology teacher; however, I got a much later start than most and hopefully will be around for the next ten years or so. As I participate in conferences and organizational meetings, I cannot help but notice that our profession is full of teachers who are knocking on retirement’s door and wonder what we will do. I’m not so concerned about actually finding teachers to fill those shoes; I’m more concerned with who’s going to be there to support those teachers. I was very lucky, Mic Comley, of Gulf Coast Technolgy Education Association, took me under his wing and introduced me to our organization and TSA. In addition, he was always there to help me out or provide advice when educational storms popped up. In addition, countless others (you know who you are) in TTEE have been there to guide me, push me, encourage and support me, and I owe these people a big THANK YOU for doing what they do naturally. As an organization, we must reach out and support the newer generation of CTE Instructors and be open to change that will encourage participation and provide the support these instructors need. Secondly, due to recent events at the state capital, students will face new graduation requirements next year that allow students alternative pathways (endorsements) to graduation. In the end, this should be good for

Career & Technology and its students. As with any change coming out of Austin, we will have to wait for all the details to be worked out and will have to do the Texas Two-Step to try and figure out how to prepare for next year and the years to come without fully knowing what is in store. Many of you have probably already been approached by your district to put together a plan for next year to provide various pathways for endorsements. Here is a hint for teachers that work in the smaller districts that don’t have a CTE Curriculum Director; there are quite a few schools that have already published some of their endorsement pathways online that may be very useful to you. In the mean time, the state is preparing to review and re-write the CTE TEKS, seems like I am just starting to get things ironed out from the most recent changes! Changes are a coming, but hey it’s okay; because we are part of an organization founded in a tradition of teaching students how to rise to the challenges and to face change. Just as the seasons revolve through their cycle of change, it would appear that the circle of life is poised to give Industrial Arts the opportunity to bloom again in Career & Technology. In conclusion, for the next two-in-half years I would like to continue recent efforts of growing our membership and providing professional development opportunities for our members. Over the summer, ITEEA has stepped up to offer a special deal to TTEE members. I hope you are taking advantage; it is well worth the no extra cost. In addition, some of our members are making efforts to provide regional professional development opportunities that are both beneficial and affordable. If you have not attended our summer conference recently, you do not know what you have been missing, and I urge you to join us in 2014. Our future is in the hands of each and every member, so I encourage you to join me and be there for someone new, just like so many of you were there for me.

Secretary . . . Kathy Belcher Board meeting roll call by Secretary Kathy Belcher, TTEE Secretary . . . Present Billy Howard – Region 4B – San Jacinto, Mark Manley – Region 4C – Gulf Coast, Proxy Robert Leiper – Region 5 – South East Texas, Michael Bennett – Region 6 – Brazos Valley, James Mason – Region 7 – East Texas, Curtis Green – Region 10 – North Central Texas and TTEE Conference Liaison, Proxy Ricky Broussard – Region 12 – Heart of Texas, David Mallon – Region 13 – Hill Country, Keith Thomas – Region14 – West Central, Pam Cook – Region 19 – Far West Texas, Gail O’Quinn – Suppliers Representative, Michael High – Texas TSA Representative, Proxy Charles Reed – TATERs Representative, Ricky Broussard – TTEE President and Web Master, Jim Kimberly – TTEE President-Elect, Don Herrington – TTEE Treasurer and Awards Coordinator, Kathy Belcher – TTEE Secretary, Shyla Vire – TTEE Past President, Bob Behnke – TTEE Executive Secretary, Data Manager, Elementary Contact, and ITEEA Representative; Bud Worley – TTEE Election Chair and Parliamentarian. Absent Robert Love – Region 4A – Houston, Ralph Szydlik – Region 11 – North Texas, Terry Nelson – Region 16 – Panhandle, Don Bell – Region 17 – South Plains, Jeff Vogel – Region 20 – Alamo Area, Tracy Shea – TTEE Journal Editor, John Ellis – TEA CTE Director. Regions with No Representatives Region 1 – South Texas, Region 2 – Coastal Bend, Region 3 – Mid Coast, Region 8 – Sulfur River, Region 9 – Red River, Region 15 – Brownwood/San Angelo, Region 18B – Wild West Texas. Total Present: 18 Quorum: Yes ———————————————————— President Ricky Broussard confirmed a quorum. Parliamentarian Bud Worley explained the rules of the meeting – we follow the constitution, by-laws, and Robert’s Rules. Presentation of the minutes from the 2013



Board Meeting Notes Continued . . . Winter Board of Directors Meeting by Ricky Broussard: Members were asked to review minutes for corrections. Motion: A Motion was made by Jim Kimberly and seconded by Don Herrington to approve the minutes. X – Passed □ Failed Ayes:18 Nays:0 Abstain:0 ____________________________________ TTEE Treasurer’s Report, Don Herrington: Financial Report – Assets/Income was submitted by Don Herrington and is on record. $33,000 was transferred from a non interest bearing checking account to an interest bearing savings account. 2013 Budget was submitted for the record. Printing and Reproduction should be $240 instead of $200. 2013-2014 Proposed Budget was submitted by Don and is on record. Motion: A Motion was made by Jim Kimberly and seconded by Michael High, to accept the changes made to the 2013-2014 Proposed Budget. The motion passed. TTEE President’s Report, Ricky Broussard: It has been an eventful two years; there have been hurdles to overcome; and we still have some, but we are in a good position to move forward. TTEE Executive Committee had a meeting with the conference groups on Sunday, with good conversation and suggestions made. TTEE needs more training and presentations directed towards areas of interest. There was success in bringing in SolidWorks. Autodesk and Adobe did not respond, but may for a future conference. TTEE discussed moving to TIVA conference, but the committee felt it would compromise TTEE’s identity, be a negative, and not do TSA a service sharing space with SkillsUSA. We need to continue building our own identity and the conference. The TTEE website works and members can pay for memberships with credit cards now. No written report was submitted at the meeting. TTEE Past President’s Report, Shyla Vire: Shyla was pleased to have served as President and Past President. She is willing to help as needed and has started a list of 15 classes needed to ensure attendees will come to the conference. No written report was submitted.


TTEE JOURNAL / January 2014

Texas TSA Representative, Michael High’s Report: At the national convention in Orlando, there were 42 top ten finishes in the nation by Texas. They talked about how to reach people across for state. July 15, 2013 Summer Board of Directors Meeting 3

year. We could pay CTAT $500 so they will lobby CTE for TTEE as an association affiliate. The key point is membership. Members need to have something at the conference to see, and bring other teachers with them. Bob submitted a written report for the record.

TTEE Executive Secretary’s Report, Bob Behnke: Tracy Shea will be teaching in Cleburne ISD. Send articles, information, and photos to Tracy for the journal. A bulk mail permit is not cost effective. There are some issues with the accountant but he is confident the accountant will get things worked out. Nothing much to report at this meeting. Bob discussed some items that were approved but didn’t get done such as the bulk mailing with the PEIMS list that UNT provided. The cost for a flyer is estimated at $9,000-$11,000. Texas TSA, National TSA, ITEEA, TTEE, and VEX (maybe) may split the cost with each having ¼ advertising space. The goal is to mail the first of September, 2013. It will be glossy, colorful, and we will plan to get the CTE Director addresses from Robin Painovich (CAE Executive Director). Split four ways, the cost should be about $2,000 to $2,700 per group. Bob presented potential workshop ideas as a benefit to members and asked members to complete a form with names of potential workshops and presenters you would like to see at the conference next year. Bob asked members to complete a TTEE Board of Directors member information sheet and turn in to him. Bob discussed a new TTEE/ITEEA dual membership program and encouraged members to sign up again. Those who brought the completed membership form to the booth received a very nice gift for their classroom from Pitsco, valued at $150. The dual membership offer ($55) is available until September 1, 2014. ITEEA waived their membership the first year; the second will be around $80 for dual membership. TTEE gained 12 members at this year’s conference. Bob recommends continue sending $1,500 to TCTC. If you know of someone who has money to give for scholarships, let Bob know. The lobbyist was dropped from the TTEE budget last

TTEE Conference Chair, Curtis Green: Ricky covered most of what was discussed in the CTAT conference meeting. They have a Call for Presenters and TTEE members need to submit presentations. Curtis says no one is presenting. Good topics to present on are leadership, teamwork, and the common threads in the TEKS that cross all courses and clusters. Michael Bennett said the perception is this conference is for administrators and not teachers. Ricky said it is branded as an education conference. Robin Painovich says administrators come to see what teachers are presenting to know what they are doing. If we want to grow the conference, we have to encourage teachers from our regions to come. Reports from Regions: Region 04B, Billy Howard: They have eight or nine schools involved with San Jacinto Technology Association, 10-12 teachers attending regional meetings, and they are holding their own. A written report was submitted. Region 04C, Mark Manley: One of the teachers in the region moved to Boerne to take another teaching job; a couple of teachers may not be back next year. Region 05, Robert Leiper: Membership is going down; most of their members have other interests; they are trying to hold it together. Region 06, Michael Bennett: Things are looking better at Region 6 and they are seeing new faces and new growth. Region 07, James Mason: They have four to five high schools at nationals and had three 1st place winners. They picked up an old school with a lot of students and teachers. Region 14, Keith Thomas: They have had one meeting and it is dwindling. They had five teachers last year and four active teachers this year.

Board Meeting Notes Continued . . . | Executive Secretary Report Region 19, Pam Cook: They are seeing a lot of growth; 13 new members; the regional contests doubled this year. TATERs, Charles Reed: Their numbers are decreasing. They have a social, but he doubts they will have three to four at this year’s conference. Suppliers Representative, Gail O’Quinn: She would like to see some new faces at the conference next year to share the load with present TTEE members. *****Seven Minute Break at 8:30pm***** Old Business: A. Mail out - the advertising flyer mail out will be discussed during new business. B. Recap of area representatives - was dropped. New Business: Officer Elections for 2013+--2014: Bud Worley inducted the new officers. President – Jim Kimberly Past President – Ricky Broussard President Elect – Mark Manley Secretary – Kathy Belcher Executive Secretary – Bob Behnke Treasurer – Don Herrington A. TTEE/TSA recruitment – We need to be part of a professional organization. Jim Kimberly went to a TSA meeting Saturday; it would be good to man a booth at TSA state contest. TTEE has about 80 members now and needs more. Michael High asked for feedback for events like the national contests. Shyla Vire said every event will have a feedback form and Jim is addressing the issue. B. ITEEA expenses - It is expensive to send members from Texas to the conference. TTEE will continue funding the President Elect, Executive Secretary, and award winners. The award winners will have a funding cap, split between maximum of six award winners. TTEE spent $2450 for members to travel to the 2013 ITEEA conference. C. Budget – The 2012 Budget was copied over to create the proposed 2013 Budget presented by Don Herrington. Members reviewed it line item at a time. President travel was reduced from $1,500 to $500;

Secretary and Treasurer travel was reduced from $800 to $500; Public Relations/ Promotional was increased from $1,500 to $3,500; Lobbying Program was reduced from $3,000 to $500; Awards Program was reduced from $400 to $200; Website was reduced from $1,000 to $200; ITEEA awards was increased from $200 to $250 per award (not person) with a maximum of $1,500. The total proposed budget was decreased from $18,855 to $17,255.00, which will require 314 paying members. There was a required roll call vote with Ayes: 14; Nays: 1. D. Scholarship fundraising – Michael High, TSA representative said they need more scholarships. TTEE needs to have items for the auction and tickets sold at the conference. Ricky Broussard was asked to look into a plan. E. Survival – It is critical to get new members. Training is good for the conference. SolidWorks was a positive this year and well worth the cost. TTEE could get vendor paid training and needs to be proactive with new members and new ideas. July 15, 2013 Summer Board of Directors Meeting 5 F. More new business - Charles Reed, TATERs asked what would happen to scholarship fund if TTEE disbanded. David Green said it would probably be donated into TSA’s scholarship account. The principal would never be spent, as required by the terms of the donation. The date for the next winter Board of Directors meeting (January 19, 2014, 10:30 a.m., Waxahachie, Texas) may be changed. _____________________________________ Motion No. 1: Moved by: Keith Thomas, Region 14, WCTEA Seconded by: Curtis Green, Region 10, NCTTEA Motion: I move that the budget be approved with changes. Ayes: 14 Nays: 1 Abstain: 0 X - Motion passed □ – Failed _____________________________________ The meeting was adjourned by Jim Kimberly at 10:05 p.m.

Executive Secretary . . . Bob Behnke Hope this issue of the TTEE Journal finds you and yours doing well. Since the CTAT conference this past summer in Houston, your executive committee has been very aggressive in the areas of membership and helping our members earn CPE credits. I hope each of you will take full advantage of membership benefits and attend some our workshops (offered on weekends) to help you in the classroom. Last summer Board Meeting, your regional board members approved a unified due structure between ITEEA and TTEE. For $55, you can join both organizations, a savings of $75 over regular dues. This offer is good through midnight December 31, 2014 this year. National TSA and ITEEA also offered a discount to TSA advisors who joined ITEEA when they affiliated their chapters this fall. After December 31st, the joint membership with ITEEA and TTEE will jump to $100 which is still a savings of $35. It will remain at the 100 dollar level until the board decides that a unified due structure is not in our best interest. I would hope we continue to align with our national organization. The benefits of having over 5000 lesson plans at your fingertips online, is well worth your membership. To announce this new joint membership, ITEEA, TTEE, National TSA and Texas TSA put together an amazing advertisement to promote all four organizations. This was sent to every CTE teacher in Texas who taught at least one class in our five cluster areas. Over 6,200 teachers received this information. Teacher names came from PIEMS data from 2011. Most if not all of you received this mail out. Sadly, to date, we have not picked up large numbers of new members. If you know a teacher in your region who is not a TTEE member, share with them what is going on. Mail is one thing, and a personal invitation is another. Jim Kimberly says it well, “Inviting them to church in one thing, taking them with you in entirely different,” and I



TTEE/TSA Upcoming Events agree. Only you can help us grow in membership. That includes me. There are a very large number of teachers out there to be reached as new members. Together, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. Next, I represented TTEE at the new CTE conference in Austin. We offered the new membership plan to new teachers and many took forms, but none joined on the spot. Thank you Rachel Baxter for helping run the booth in Austin. At that event, there were 78 teachers who teach a course in one of our areas. We have requested the data from the conference to send a follow up reminder to those 78. Your TTEE board members talked about and agreed to host at least two regional workshops for our members during this school year. So far, only one has happened to my knowledge. We suggest charging $30 for TTEE members and $80 for non-members (this would let them become a TTEE member). A beginning robotics workshop was held at Hawkins High School on November 16th. Three teachers from Ennis HS attended. We had a great day sharing and learning how robotics can enhance our STEM programs. TTEE picked up 3 new members as well. Another workshop on beginning CNC concepts will be offered at Carthage HS on February 1, 2014. Jim Kimberly is the contact person for that event. I hope that others will jump in and offer something in your part of the state. With some intense leg work on my part, we have our CPE provider number updated so our teachers can earn continuing education credits for attending these workshops. In had been 2003 since we last gave CPE credits for our conferences/workshops. A special thank you to Chris Riola for digging up some past dates to help me get this task completed. If you know someone in your region, who is willing to serve as a TTEE officer, they need to complete the TTEE officer application (on the web) by March 1, 2014. We will be electing a President-Elect and a Treasurer this year. I have one person who has stepped up to run for the President-Elect position. Please encourage folks to run….or


TTEE JOURNAL / January 2014

better yet, run yourself. March 1st is also the due date for our TTEE awards and scholarships for seniors in your program. Those awards are listed on along with the forms for nominations. Once again, I am sad to say we only gave one award last year and no scholarship applicants were received. We had very few regional outstanding teacher recipients. I know there are great teachers and individuals out there. Please send us nominations and help us give credit where credit is due to people who have helped you in your region. We should receive nominations from every region in our state. The process is pretty simple and will only take you a few minutes. The Winter TTEE Board meeting will be Saturday, January 18th in Waxahachie. The meeting will begin at 8am and we should be finished by noon that day. If you need a room, contact Curtis Green at Waxahachie High School. TTEE will not pay for board member rooms, but we will hold them for you if you ask. Curtis’s email is He needs to know ASAP if you need one. In closing, have a great year. Help us increase membership. Run for an office. Nominate award recipients. Attend a TTEE sponsored workshop. And as always, keep kids first in all that you do. ————————————————————

Treasurer . . . Don Herrington My name is Don Herrington and I live in Abilene, Texas. I graduated from Abilene Christian University in Industrial Arts Education with my BSEd degree in 1980. I also have a Master's Degree from Grand Canyon University in Instructional Technology. I have been teaching Technology Education for the past 34 years, 27 at Lincoln Middle School and seven at Craig Middle School. I currently teach Principles of Manufacturing and Gateway to Technology. I enjoy working with students and challenging them to solve real-life problems. I have been involved with TTEE/ATTE for about as

long as I have been teaching, and have enjoyed working with other educators across the state. ———————————————————— TTEE Conference Director . . . Curtis Green

This year’s conference will be held at the Westin Galleria Conference Headquarters at 5060 West Alabama, Houston July 14-17. The following is a link to the conference website. We encourage members to join the mailing list/ listsrv at the following link. technology-events/

By signing up you guarantee information will be sent to you when any updates are made.

TTEE/TSA Upcoming Events



Texas TSA Board Meeting Waxahachie HS, Billy Bates Bldg. January 18 Email Curtis Green for details. TTEE Winter Board Meeting Waxahachie HS, Billy Bates Bldg. January 18 Email Ricky Broussard for details. TTEE Awards Are Due. See website for details, You can also March 1 contact Bob Behnke. TSA State Wide Conference April 10-12 Waco, TX National TSA Conference, Gaylord National Resort and Convention CenJune 27-July 1 ter – National Harbor, MD CTAT/TTEE Summer Conference Westin Galleria Conference HeadJuly 14-17 quarters, Houston, TX



TTEE/ITEEA Joint Membership Form


TTEE JOURNAL / January 2014

TCTC Insurance Enrollment Form



2012 TTEE Summer Conference Awards | Technology Student Association News Texas TSA President . . . Michael High Being in TSA has changed my life. I have met many amazing people from all across the United States. I have also visited many different places, all because of TSA. Being the Texas TSA state president has given me new goals in life and helped me achieve things I could have never achieved on my own. TSA has affected my life in many different ways. Last year at the TSA National Convention, I met at least one person from almost all fifty states. I even talked to students from Germany. I have also traveled to Nashville, Tennessee and Orlando, Florida. TSA has instilled determination, ambition, and the drive to achieve my goals. It has also greatly influenced my life. As the president of Texas TSA, I have great goals that I want Texas TSA to achieve. The most important goal as president I have is to host a great statewide leadership conference in Kerrville this winter. I also want Texas TSA to be the best state when it comes to national competitions. These are just a few of my goals as president that I have. Thanks to TSA I have learned many leadership skills that I will use for the rest of my life. The experiences I had and the places I have been have greatly influenced my life. I know this is an awesome organization and every goal that I set is achievable. TSA will carry with me the rest of my life.


2012-13 Texas TSA Officers President—Michael High Vice-President—Allison Bain Secretary– Manuel Navarro Treasurer—Ariana Castanon-Leos Reporter—Elizabeth Vargas Sargent-at-Arms—Trevor O’Connor


TTEE JOURNAL / January 2014

Help Change the Future! See Membership Form, Pg. 9 See Insurance Form, Pg. 10


Executive Committee PRESIDENT Jim Kimberly, Carthage HS # 1 Bulldog Dr. Carthage, TX 75633 903-693-2552 Ext. 1124

ESC 4C—Gulf Coast Mark Manley, Sweeny JH/HS 1310 North Elm St. Sweeny, TX 77480

PRESIDENT ELECT Mark Manley, Sweeny JH/HS 1310 North Elm St. Sweeny, TX 77480

ESC 5—South East Texas Harry Gardner, Silsbee HS 1575 Hwy. 96 North Silsbee, TX 77656 409.980.7800

979.491.8200 WK| 979.236.4723 Cell TREASURER Don Herrington, Craig MS 702 S. Judge Ely Blvd. Abilene, TX 79602 325.794.4100 SECRETARY Kathy Belcher, University of North TX UNT Discovery Park 3940 North Elm Street, G150 Denton, TX 76207-7102 940.369.8204 WK| 940.368.8846 Cell PAST PRESIDENT Ricky Broussard, Mesquite HS 300 East Davis Mesquite, TX 75149 972.882.7846 WK|214.632.5163 Cell

979.491.8200 WK| 979.236.4723 Cell

ESC 6—Brazos Valley Michael Bennett, Cypress Woods HS

16825 Spring Cypress Rd. Cypress, TX 77429 281.213.1909 ESC 7—East Texas James Mason, Nacogdoches HS 4310 Appleby Sand Rd. Nacogdoches, TX 75965 936.564.2466 Ext. 2404 WK 903.720.2652 Cell ESC 10—North Central Texas Curtis Green, Waxahachie HS 1000 Hwy. 77 North Waxahachie, TX 75165 972.923.4600

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Bob Behnke, Hawkins HS P. O. Box 1430 Hawkins, TX 75765-1430 903.769.0571 WK|903.253.6090 Cell

Regional Board members ESC 4A—Houston Robert Love, Barbara Jordan HS 2351 Edwards Church Rd. Houston, TX 77026 713.636.6900 ESC 4B—San Jacinto Billy Howard, Atascocita MS 1880 Lake Houston Pkwy. Humble, TX 77346 281.641.4600

ESC 14—West Central Keith Thomas Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science (ATEMS) 950 E. Hwy 80 Abilene, TX 79601 325.794.4140 Ext. 5523 ESC 15—Brownwood/San Angelo OPEN ESC 16—Panhandle OPEN ESC 17—South Plains Don Bell, Dimmitt Middle School 1505 Western Circle Dr. Dimmitt, TX 79027 806.647.3108

ESC 19—Far West Texas Pam Cook, Chapin HS 7000 Dyer El Paso, TX 79904 915.832.6730 ESC 20—Alamo Area Jeff Vogel Boerne Samuel V. Champion HS 201 Charger Blvd. Boerne, TX 78006 830.357.2600

Sub Committee members

ESC 11— North Texas Ralph Szydlik, Flower Mound HS 13200 Skyhawk Flower Mound, TX 75022 469.713.5192

TTEE Conference Director Curtis Green Already Listed

ESC 12— Heart of Texas George McAllister, Alvarado HS 1301 South Parkway Dr. Alvarado, TX 76009 817.783.6940

TTEE Membership Coordinator Bob Behnke Already Listed

ESC 13— Hill Country Chris Riola, Pflugerville HS 1301 W. Pecan Pflugerville, TX 78660 512.594.0584

TTEE Awards Coordinator Don Herrington Already Listed

TEA CTE Director John Ellis Statewide CTE Coordinator Curriculum Division Texas Education Agency 512.463.9581 512.463.8057 Fax TTEE Journal Editor Tracy Perez Shea/Cleburne HS 1501 Harlin Dr. Cleburne, TX 76033 817.202.1200 ext. 2188 WK 817.915.0041 Cell

——————————— Special Thanks Thanks goes to Michael Bennett for submitting all of the pictures for this volume.

Special Note If your region is not listed in our directory, and you would like more information on how to get involved, please contact Ricky Broussard, President, or Bob Behnke, Executive Secretary, for more information. Their contact information is listed to the left. We look forward to working with you.

TATER Representative Lloyd Gober Retired from Round Rock ISD 512.273.2432 WK | 512.273.2432 Cell



TEXAS TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING EDUCATORS PO BOX 967 Hawkins, Texas 75765-0967 Address Correction Requested

TTEE 2014 Winter Journal  
TTEE 2014 Winter Journal  

TTEE (Texas Technology & Engineering Educators) publish two journals annually to better communicate to its members on upcoming events and go...