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Sound is Power The digital revolution valued convenience and compromised the sonic integrity of the music. Beats by Dr. Dre is out to change that. We believe that people want to hear the details and emotion of the tracks they play. They want to be moved by their music. That’s why Beats have been engineered to the exacting acoustic standards of Dr. Dre to deliver a dynamic, front and center sound. Like you’re listening in the recording studio. We are determined to elevate the sound of today’s audio products. So everyone can hear the way music really feels.

The Story of Beats Three years ago, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre were talking about the digital music revolution and what went wrong. Though technology had made music more accessible, the sound had suffered. People weren’t hearing it the same way the artists intended. For two people so passionate about music, this was inexcusable. So they embarked on a journey to create better sound and steer digital music back in the right direction. It started with headphones. They hooked up Monster Founder Noel Lee who shared their vision, and collaborated with him to reinvent headphones for the digital age. Beats was born. Music was reborn.

“People aren’t hearing all the music. Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound. but people can’t really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can’t handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics. Bottom line, the music doesn’t move you. With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do.” Dr. Dre


Beats Studio is the flagship, and the product that started it all. Beats Studio features an exclusive design that showcases every detail of sound and advanced noise cancellation to take you deep into the music. Powerful amplification brings sound to the next level, making you feel exactly what the artist felt in the studio. Comfortable, solid and stylish, Beats Studio’s signature sound profile was crafted through fine tuning by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine to bring you music like you’ve never heard it before.

The new definition of amazing sound, Beats Solo HD breathes fire into your listening experience, bringing music, movies and sounds of your favorite artists back to life, just as they intended during production. Our leading Beats Studio technology is alive inside Beats Solo HD, resulting in high-performance, quality sound that will spoil you for any other experience. Enjoy your music giving back; part of the profits from Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT) RED go toward the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

With hand tuning, precision engineering and sleek design, Beats Solo stay true to our Beats Studio roots while providing a lighter weight, more portable option for your active lifestyle. Hit the sidewalk, take the train, go anywhere – you’ll always be right there in the music with Beats Solo. Nothing connects you more deeply with the sounds that move you and bring you closer to your favorite artists. The portable design makes traveling a breeze, and gives you full-size comfort while folding up for easy storage. When you’re in need of studio-quality sound at a moment’s notice, slip on Beats Solo.

Beats Pro brings the Beats Studio philosophy to music professionals and fanatics alike who refuse to compromise when it comes to sound. A stunning statement product featuring true attention to detail, Beats Pro delivers the deepest bass, natural mids, crisp highs, and distortion-free sound all around. Whether you’re making music in the studio or at home, with Beats Pro you’ll enjoy full sound that touches every note. Exceptionally designed for both performance and style, Beats Pro is unmatched in every way.

When you’re on the go but need the Beats Studio sound, you need Beats Tour. Beats Tour highresolution in-ear headphones deliver full spectrum sound in a tight, compact size that goes anywhere you go. With Beats Tour you get everything you love from your music with no outside noise or distractions. Studio sound and full portability, Beats Tour are designed to perfectly fit your ears and you’re on the go lifestyle.

Everyone deserves better sound. iBeats go far beyond the basic earbud, and are precisionengineered to pull rich, full-bodied sound out of your favorite mp3 player or mobile device. Equipped with ControlTalk™, iBeats deliver deep bass, elevated highs, and an ultra-clear midrange, ensuring an authentic listening experience. Lightweight and compact for people on the move, iBeats are ultra-durable and ready to go when you are.

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NBA superstar LeBron James needed Beats Studio sound in a court-ready headphone, so we brought him Powerbeats by Dr. Dre. Music is a driving force for people who work out, so Powerbeats have two drivers in each ear to immerse yourself in sound. A unique over the ear design makes sure they don’t fall off. Sweat-proof and UV-resistant, Powerbeats go where you go and move with you. Sleek and ultradurable for hardcore play, the hybrid-fit is snug but comfortable for hours of full-spectrum sound and full mobility. At the gym, on the court or on the field, you can play hard and listen harder.

Passionate artists who believe in the Beats Movement are inspired to bring superior sound quality to their fans. Justin Bieber listened to the Solo and knew this was how his fans needed to hear music. Justbeats are inspired by Justin Bieber’s favorite color, purple, and they were built to get you closer to Mr. Bieber. Justbeats are solid yet lightweight, providing cushioned comfort for hours of listening enjoyment. The compact design offers go-anywhere versatility, sealing in the full spectrum of sound, so it’s always just you, the music and Justin.

Lady Gaga is a champion of the Beats philosophy. She is an artist devoted to sound, pours her heart into everything she creates and pays attention to every detail. Heartbeats in-ear headphones are no exception. Heartbeats by Dr. Dre add an element of unmistakable Gaga style to the Beats Studio sound. Fueled by Beats dynamic audio speakers, Heartbeats put you right in the heart of the music, experiencing the depth of emotion hidden in every track – Lady Gaga simply wouldn’t have it any other way. Available in three luscious colors, Heartbeats unite sound and fashion in a way that no other headphones ever have before.

Diddybeats by Dr. Dre brings fashion and music together to fuse the Beats Studio sound with head-turning style. Diddybeats by Dr. Dre, inspired by the music mogul and tastemaker, bring sleek chrome and leather styling, while offering the same advanced Beats Studio engineering that unlocks the power and passion hidden inside the music. Equipped with ControlTalk™ you can make everything you listen to sound as good as you look - even your phone calls. “If these powerful in-ear headphones don’t put you deep inside your music, nothing will.” -Dr. Dre


When you want to share the Beats sound from your headphones, it’s time for Beatbox. Beatbox is our premier audio speaker dock with iPod® and iPhone® capability, designed to take the spectacular Beats sound far beyond just one person. Turning the legendary Beats Studio experience inside out, Beatbox expands beyond a true studio-quality sound experience, filling the room with an explosive sound that hits the whole party hard. Beatbox reaches breathtaking levels, creating a lush soundscape filled with the fullest bass, natural mids and clearest highs. Bring the party home.

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As audio file sizes get smaller, sound quality diminishes. Perfecting sound on your computer, Beats Audio takes the same handcrafted methodology found in Beats Studio and applies it your audio files, helping to restore the music from the studio to the laptop. Optimized for use with Beats headphones or external speakers, Beats Audio brings computer audio back to life, amplifying sound and revitalizing music. Sound is essential, and with Beats Audio computer sound quality is no longer an afterthought - it’s the only thought.

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